Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 16


Chapter 16, like the earlier chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.
I always say it: `Please don't try the harsh punishment that I write about' it needs to remain fictional like the story?

Thanks to those who wrote to say that they enjoyed the earlier chapters.

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Chapter 16:

Both Adam and Ben had very sore backs after receiving six strokes each from Tyler's whip, but they were massively exhilarated by the experience. They would never have imagined such intense pain as was felt during a bare-back whipping, and even now, they could hardly comprehend that they had taken the punishment largely voluntarily. Equally as incredible, was the realisation that they had very happily submitted to having their cocks sucked, in public, by two younger guys. The fact was however, that they did consent, and to a large extent they had been begging for it after being flogged - such was the sexual intensity caused by the `public' whipping.

The twins were stood at the door to the farmhouse, wearing nothing but their damp briefs and they each proudly displayed their six scarlet raised welts across their muscled backs. Ben's back showed only five welts, but one was huge and seeping a small amount of blood as Tyler had purposely struck two strokes in exactly the same place on Ben's back.

"OK, apart from getting a shower, you need to wash your pants before you set off home," said Luke. "I'm still a bit worried about you lads being seen around the town with those beauties on your backs and they'll be around for a few weeks. It's gonna' cause quite a stir when the locals see your battle scars."

"No sweat Luke," reiterated Ben. "We can fend off any difficult questions and most folks will see these stripes and love the thought of two good hard-working kids getting some fuckin' pain. They'll be gagging to get a better look."

They went into the kitchen and Tyler continued to be intrigued. He asked Ben and Adam to tell them more about the judicial punishments that were being handed out locally.

"Well," said Adam, "it's fast becoming quite normal for young lads to be either privately or publically punished for a whole host of crimes even minor things if the police are in that kind of mood, or if the lads' guardians believe they'd benefit from some pain. I guess that sometimes the lads don't deserve the punishment and they are just set-up by some sadistic-bastard. Then it must be hard to take. I've heard of many harsh punishments being dished out on a whim, and totally outside the normal proceedings of law. It's getting rather like the old wild-west, but most ordinary folks see many tangible benefits and most will happily turn a blind eye to the odd travesty of justice."

"So what sort of punishments are you talking about?" asked Tyler.

"Often it's a bloody hard butt thrashing with the leather strap that the cops all carry in their patrol cars," replied Adam. "Sometimes, if it's more serious, then they use long canes which, if used in the right manner, will always render even the hardest of lads to tears of anguish."

"Fuck, is that all you're talking about?" sneered Shane.

"It can get worse once a lad is sixteen," said Ben. "Once he's that age, he can be given a flogging, though they usually restrict floggings to those who are eighteen and over at least the courts restrict them in that way."

"Bare-back?" asked Shane.

"Yeah it's what they call part of the humiliation process," answered Ben.

"Now you are talking," smiled Shane and the others looked more interested.

"As we mentioned before," said Adam, "if anyone that isn't being detained in one of the new correction centres is flogged, then after the punishment, he must go about his normal life shirtless for at least three weeks. During that time he has to walk to the nearest police station to report every day. He can't use a car or bus. This way everyone gets a good look at him."

"Does the corporal punishment work then?" asked Luke.

"Well, there aren't many who re-offend after a public flogging," conceded Ben. "Though, on any second offence, the lad disappears into the correction centre and there aren't yet many who have been released to tell us what it has been like."

"As we said though, there aren't many guys around with welts on their backs that match ours," said Adam smiling.

The others smiled, proud to be the masters of giving and taking the pain.

"It all sounds like a lot of sense," said Jimmy.

"Yeah, that's what's been needed for a long time," agreed Luke.

"So," concluded Adam, "we can sure go about and show off our lashed backs, secure in the knowledge that everyone will assume that we've both been given some harsh judicial or parental punishment."

"The other guys in town will be in awe of our strength and courage," grinned Ben.

"Have you ever witnessed a public punishment?" asked Jamie.

"Just one," replied Adam.

"When, where, and how was it?" asked Jamie.

"It was quite good really at the time," stated Ben, "but now, I'd probably say that it was quite tame."

Tyler grinned.

"They did it in the town square," said Adam.

They gave three kids a good bare-arse caning," said Ben.

"Yeah and one got flogged," interjected Adam with a smile.

"Go on," said Shane.

"They had arrested four teenage lads who'd got drunk and messed with a couple of local girls and one girl had later complained to her parents," explained Adam. "Two of the lads were seventeen and two eighteen. They were put in court on juvenile trial and they actually pleaded guilty to some low-grade misdemeanours. They were sentenced there and then, and the punishment was ordered for the next day. The lads were brought out already shirtless with their hands tied in front of them. They were all quite skinny, and three of them looked scared shitless, but one of them looked quite buff and rather cocky. Apparently, the first two, one eighteen and one seventeen had just been watching the action with the girls and they were found guilty of aiding and abetting the `crime'. They just got four strokes of the cane each. The third had felt one of the girl's tits and his sentence was six strokes on his arse. The other eighteen year old was found to be the ring-leader and he had put his hand up another girl's skirt. He got six strokes too, but because he was eighteen, he'd been sentenced to be flogged. I guess that the guy being flogged was quite pleased because he didn't need to drop his pants. The others looked mortified when they were called one-by-one and they had to drop their trousers and then their pants. They were ordered to bend down and grab their ankles and their bollocks were dangling for the entire world to see. Those first two were crying and screaming out on the first stroke across their arses. It did look fuckin' painful though."

Ben picked up the story; "The third lad had obviously been observing the commotion with the treatment to the first two, and he seemed to be braver and he settled down for his strokes and took two before he started to cry out. His arse was a mess when they had done. When the main event came around, we were quite excited and there was quite a lot of cheering as they tied the teenager's arms to the posts. He looked really good and appeared brave. They sorted him good and proper though by bringing up the girl that he'd touched and she was asked to undo his jeans and pull down the kid's pants. It was total humiliation for the kid, especially as he had the beginnings of a boner. The crowd screamed with laughter when they let the girl smack the lad's dick and balls with a small strap. It only seemed to get him harder, and you can understand that," said Ben.

"The lad was well prepared, and he was brave as he took to the lash very well. They used a leather belt, and it was only on lash four that he started to beg for mercy. They certainly made the kid suffer and at the end he was a jabbering mess just like the others. The flogged kid had some good wide lash marks and they left him tied up there for a couple of hours as a warning to everyone else. They did pull his trousers up though. There was a lot of interest from the other young bucks in town, and they all gathered round to have a good look at the lads' stripes particularly the flogged one who was known as a hard stud locally. They took the piss out of him something awful, but you could see in their eyes that they didn't relish the thought of taking his place. I guess that the punishment was having the desired effect."

"Things certainly seem to be looking up in the big world outside," concluded Luke.

"Yeah, perhaps we ought to get out more," laughed Tyler. "There might be some really good jobs for guys like us in those juvenile detention centres."

"I'd rather have the buggars sent here for us to sort `em out," grinned Shane. "We could stripe the twats and they wouldn't return here in a hurry."

The others nodded and laughed.

"Well, if you ever sort that, then you must call me and Adam to help you police the farm," smiled Ben.

They all went upstairs and cleaned themselves up before the twins set off home with a new found radiance and inner strength they also had some humility. In the wagon on the way home, they were very careful not to rest their throbbing backs on the hot leather seats.

As they had fully expected, upon their arrival home, the twins got a thorough grilling from their father, Joe. He was both shocked, and also very inquisitive to know what had happened to his sons.

The lads told their father the story that they had concocted but Joe saw through it immediately, particularly as he knew they had been at Luke's place most of the day. He guessed that they had received their stripes at the farm and he loved the idea that his eldest boys were proving to be real men who could take a lashing. He also knew that on the strength of their tale, he'd be able to have some further sport himself with his boys later in the day.

Joe immediately despatched the twins to town with the rocks. They were told to unload the wagon at the stone yard, then get back home pretty damned quick or else!

The men at the town stone yard were amazed to see the twins with the very fierce looking stripes across their big backs. The workers were secretly gagging in admiration and most got a lazy lob on their dicks when the twins told them the story of how they'd been punished by the cops.

The two boys unloaded the wagon manually in the late afternoon sun, and they again lost a lot of sweat in the process.

Many people passed-by the toiling teenagers and many mysteriously came back a couple of times to check them out fully. Different people came by and they all admired Adam and Ben's muscular bodies and their stripes. A couple of the guys in the yard had to disappear for a wank when the twins got a real sweat on and their muscles pumped up fully upon shifting the rocks. The lads looked incredibly hard and the sexual aura that emanated from them was too much for many of the observers to take. Everyone wished that they had actually witnessed, or better still, taken part in the lashing of these two young beasts.

As directed, the twins got themselves home as quickly as possible, just stopping at the filling station for a couple of bottles of orangeade. This caused yet another stir with the other customers. One middle-aged woman nearly passed-out such was her giddy excitement at the vision of these incredible stud-boys.

The twins soon got home, and they parked up before seeing their father who waited in the doorway to the barn with his belt in his hand.

The twins strode over towards their father without faltering, safe in the knowledge that more pain was coming their way.

"I'm not having two sons of mine causing trouble and having to be wupped by the police," stated Joe. "I expect more from you two and I'm gonna' ensure that your stupid hides get some discipline beaten into them. Get inside the barn."

Adam and Ben were now quite worried about their Pa's intentions. He'd wupped their butts before, when they were younger, but he hadn't ever punished them since they were bigger and they certainly hadn't ever seen him look as mad and mean as he did now.

The twins hurried into the barn where their four younger brothers were sat waiting on a big hay bale.

"Stand facing your brothers," ordered Joe. "Hands on your heads."

The twins felt humiliated. They were loved and admired, almost to the point of being revered, by their kid brothers who they now faced like naughty schoolboys. One of the younger brothers was just past his seventeenth birthday. The next was, fifteen, then thirteen and eleven respectively. They were all hard little guys for their ages who helped out in the business when they weren't at school, but the twins were on a completely different level of strength and power.

Joe spoke to the seated boys; "Adam and Ben have needed to be punished by the police today which brings shame and disrepute on all of our family. Turn around and show the boys what happens to stupid kids who do stupid things," ordered Joe.

The twins turned round and showed their big lashed backs to their four brothers.

"Wow!" was all that they heard.

The two brothers who were seventeen and fifteen looked at their big brothers' muscular and lash covered backs and they felt slightly embarrassed when their dicks started to swell.

"Not good eh?" said Joe.

"Not bad," said the eldest of the four seated brothers.

"You think that this is good do you son?" asked Joe, as he brandished his belt in front of the lad's face.

" dad - it's definitely bad," stammered the kid.

"Humph," was Joe's response as he turned back to Adam and Ben. "Bad indeed," said Joe.

"OK," said Joe. "We need to ensure that this kind of thing never happens again, and you younger boys need to learn what the consequences are if you ever consider doing anything bad yourselves. Rob and Matt come here and assist me, you two young-`uns just watch and learn. Your big brothers are going to suffer this day for their sins"

The two boys went across to their father's side, wondering what part they were to play in the twins' punishment.

Rob, the seventeen year old and Matt his fifteen year old brother were ordered to get some rope from the other side of the barn.

"We are gonna' tie your brothers' wrists together and hang `em up," stated Joe.

Rob looked very, very interested. Matt was simply going to do exactly as his father told him.

"Oh come on dad. Haven't we been punished enough already?" asked Adam.

Ben added; "Yeah dad, if you have to give us some more, surely we don't have to have the lads watchin'."

"You do need some more correction from me, and your brothers need to learn. They'll learn by seeing you being thrashed," stated Joe. "If they see that I'm serious with their big brothers then they are much less likely to do something stupid themselves. Now shut up and take your medicine like men, not like soft kids. Show your brothers that you are not babies."

Joe told Rob and Matt to rope the twins' wrists together. Adam and Ben were told to face one another and to put their palms together. Their wrists were tied together - Adam's right to Ben's left and Ben's right to Adam's left.

"OK now, I'll bring the two chains down on the hoist and you lads put the hooks through each of the ropes," stated Joe.

They soon did this, and then Joe hoisted the chains, complete with the lads' wrists and arms, high into the air. Their feet dangled just an inch from the floor and their sweaty chests and groins rubbed together.

"Now they are ready for some medicinal treatment from us," declared Joe, looking at Rob.

Joe picked up his leather belt and walked towards Ben, eyeing up his already striped back.

"Stand back boys," he told Rob and Matt.

Joe was left handed. He raised his belt and lashed it into Ben's red back with an almighty crack.

The two youngest lads watched, but seemed quite unconcerned, probably because they have no perception of the agony that Ben felt.

Joe gave Ben six very hard strokes.

Ben didn't scream or shout, but his writhing body told a story of real fortitude under very severe pain.

Adam was excited and he wondered how he would cope. He knew that he couldn't scream under any circumstances or his younger brothers would consider him to be a girl. His dick was very, very hard as he rubbed his groin into Ben's.

Ben's back was aflame.

Joe certainly wasn't a cruel man, but he did now feel invigorated at being able to lash his strong sons. He had never ever punished his boys like this before, and he knew that he'd probably never do it again, so he savoured every moment.

Because Joe was left handed, the wide impressions of his leather belt were slanted down the other way to the original welts that Tyler had earlier given Ben. This presented a magnificent lattice effect right across Ben's big body.

Joe couldn't wait to lash Adam's back in the same manner, and he hurried round to the now cringing and flexing Adam.

Joe was well aware that Adam was the more sensitive of the twins but he also knew that he must be given the same punishment as his brother and Joe wanted to harden Adam up.

Adam thus took six mighty lashes from Joe and by the end the lad was dripping with sweat and tears ran down his face. He hadn't cried out however, and he took the lashing like a man despite the fact that his back was already brutalised and heavily bruised.

"Well done boys you took the first part of your punishment well," stated their father.

Adam and Ben thought that the belt lashing was all that they'd be given, so they were horrified to hear that there was more to come.

Adam felt Ben's massive boner straining to escape from his cut-offs.

The twin's backs were bright red with their tremendous crimson stripes.

"Here Rob and Matt, feel these lashed backs of your brothers, there is a furnace going on here," said Joe.

Rob and Matt ran their hands across Ben and Adam's muscular backs. They were amazed to feel the ridges and peaks of the whip and belt marks.

"Wow," said Matt.

"They are red hot," said Rob.

"Yeah, and I can assure you that they hurt a lot," said their father.

"OK lads," said Joe, "unfasten your brothers' jeans and drop them and their pants down; their butts need some treatment as they have been such naughty boys."

"Wow," said Matt.

"Yes sir," said Rob with a grin, and rather too enthusiastically for Ben and Adam's liking.

The lads went quickly to the twins and they prised their bodies apart grabbing at their buttoned jeans.

"Oh God, no dad, please don't do this, we'll be mortified to be seen like this by the kids," gagged Adam.

"Please, dad no," said Ben.

"Don't be so damned soft. They've seen everything that you two have many times before," stated their father.

"Give us more on our backs if you must," begged Ben.

"I'll be the one who decides your punishment, and it is a final decision," stated Joe. "Now be quiet or it'll be much worse."

The twins went silent and waited, feeling very embarrassed.

"Get their pants down quick," ordered Joe to Rob and Matt.

"Wow!" gasped Matt as he struggled to drag Ben's pants down.

"Wow!" gasped Rob as he also tussled with Adam's pants.

The twins felt dejected and utterly humiliated to have their pants dragged down by their young siblings. The fact that they each had huge throbbing boners made the whole procedure a million times worse.

Rob was astounded at the sight and smell of Adam's huge dick, and the aroma of his rampant teenage brother at these close quarters was the making of the kid. He knew that he too needed to experience being tied up naked and punished. For now though, he was very happy - almost deliriously so, to be able to contribute to these fantastic proceedings.

Rob and Matt looked at their father wide eyed as they revealed the twins in all their rampant naked glory.

"Carry on, I said get their pants right down, and if I have to do it, then you two might get some too," stated Joe.

Rob considered refusing, so his dad might hang him up with the twins, but he decided better of it and the young lads fought and struggled to get the big twins' pants fully off.

Adam and Ben's dicks fought one another for the space to spring to attention. Ultimately, the ram-rods lay side by side pointing to the roof. It was very uncomfortable for the big lads, both physically and mentally.

Joe said nothing about the twins' boners but he was very happy to see how much his boys were enjoying the experience. He knew that he'd be exactly the same in those circumstances. It was a good thing that Joe wore tight pants and baggie trousers.

"OK, Matt you can sit down with your brothers, ordered Joe. Rob get your shirt off - you have some hot work to do."

Rob was amazed, but totally unfazed by his father's words. He wondered what his role would be as he pulled his tee-shirt off before tossing it to Matt.

The seventeen year old was beautiful. All the family knew that Rob was the star in terms of looks, and as each year went by, he grew even more enchanting. He was very buff for his age due to his work with the older lads and his father. He was blond like the twins, with light, but nicely tanned skin. His cheek-bones were high like a model and his lips were plump and pink - almost girl like. He had the most perfect complexion for a teenage boy. His body wasn't greatly muscled but its symmetry was beyond imagination. His nipples were particularly big and firm and he had an almost hypnotic outie belly button. He carried no fat whatsoever. His chest was totally free from hair.

"Pull your stomach in and tighten your belt," ordered Joe as he admired his son.

Rob did as ordered and his chest pushed out tantalisingly as he tightened his belt two notches.

Joe walked across the barn and returned with a long cane. He swished it hard in the air, causing the twins to flinch. Joe handed the cane to Rob.

Rob was excited and amazed to realise that it was to be him who would administer the cane to his elder and much bigger brothers. His dick had been erect since they started to hang the twins up and he felt like he might cream his pants now.

Even young Matt was hard as he watched his brother swish the cane in practice.

Rob had been smacked a few times with a slipper by Ben - under orders from their dad, so he now felt that this was payback time. It felt great, and he flexed his shoulders and rubbed his pecs with his left hand, enjoying the sensation of his dry hand across his nipples.

"OK, start with who you want, and give them both ten of your very best Rob," said Joe, "and remember that they have been very bad today, so they deserve everything they get. I want you to make it hurt real bad, and you should pause a few moments between each stroke until you see the welt on the lad's arse raise and flame. They need to appreciate every stroke."

Rob began with Adam and he gave his brother a thorough thrashing of ten lightning-like shots before dishing out the same to Ben.

The twins were quivering and in tears when they were told by Joe that they had taken sufficient.

Rob was a bit disappointed, but he was amazed at the devastation that he had caused on the hard, and previously unblemished butts of his big brothers. Each arse was bright red and blue with ten vivid crimson stripes. One or two of the raised welts had minute signs of blood seeping from them.

"I am going to leave you there for an hour whilst I go and get a coffee," said Joe. "You can contemplate your ways and your brothers can observe your pain."

The twins were beyond caring, they were just mightily relieved that their punishment was over.

"Watch `em," Joe told the younger brothers.

Joe disappeared and Rob put the cane down. The lad was absolutely rampant and his dick felt like it had never felt before.

Matt felt almost as good, but he couldn't quite understand why this was. He certainly had a massive boner, but why? For some reason unknown to himself he dragged his own tee-shirt off to reveal his slim, tidy young body.

Rob grinned at his younger brother.

The two youngest boys now hopped off the hay and came closer to observe their older brothers. They were fascinated by their big brothers' mangled arses and backs and they giggled as they ran their own hands over the fiery flesh of the big twins.

"Hey look at this bugger," laughed Rob to Matt as he dragged his great veined boner from his pants.

"Wow!" exclaimed Matt.

Rob grasped his dick in his right fist and laughed as he gesticulated as if to be wanking his meat.

Matt grinned and dragged his own boner out to show Rob.

The youngest two lads also giggled, but they weren't sure what was going on. They'd seen their brothers with boners before, but they weren't sure what to make of it. They just seemed mildly curious and were much more interested in Ben and Adam's lashed bodies.

"Do this with it," Rob told Matt as he pulled back his foreskin with a shudder and wanked his knob in earnest.

Matt looked on at first, then copied his brother.

"Oh, fuck you two you are totally gross," exclaimed Adam as he hung there and watched the youngsters who were now comparing their dicks for length. They did a proper measure when the first attempt was inconclusive, now checking their size against the cane.

Rob was declared the winner - `by a mile' as he put it.

Adam and Ben had to laugh, until the youngsters looked across at them hanging there, and advised that they would check out the length of the twins' dicks.

There was no hesitation Rob and Matt had neither embarrassment, nor reticence in their quest and they prised their big brothers apart and then they joined forces one grasping a dick and the other using the cane as a measuring stick. Rob decided that their brothers needed a `bit of a wank' to ensure that they were at their best before the final check.

The twins loved it and went along with their brothers' game as they were getting some welcome relief. Once they were declared to be fully aroused, the twins were properly measured, and with a smile, Adam announced to the world that Adam was the biggest by almost half an inch.

Adam felt very smug, but Ben, not unexpectedly, was less than pleased.

"Fuck off," was Ben's curt retort to Rob and Matt.

The four younger kids all grinned, wondering what to do next.

"Hey twins, here's something that me and Matt can do that you can't," laughed Rob, again grabbing his own boner.

Adam and Ben could only look down and laugh when they say Rob begin to wank right in front of them.

Come on Matt, cried Rob, do it like this.

Matt didn't need much encouragement, and he followed his brother's example, making quite a spectacular visual performance as he began to wank his meat.

Rob was in another world now, and Matt was on much the same planet within moments. This wasn't going to be a performance of much duration by these rampant boys, but it was bound to be explosive.

The two younger kids watched with their eyes wide open wondering exactly what was going on.

Within a few more moments, Rob did explode with a fantastic spurt that shot up in the air like a geyser blowing off.

The twins looked at Matt now, who by the look of his rolling eyes was fast approaching the point of no return. He let out a wonderful shudder, and his eyes closed as he too emptied his young load spectacularly high in the air. He shook all over, and groaned in absolute delight. His face was a picture of utter ecstasy.

Adam and Ben smiled, proudly realising that their kid brother might have just had his first proper wank. He was certainly a chip off the old block.

"Come on Matt let's wank the twins," grinned Rob who was obviously still full of it.

The two youngest brothers seemed to like this idea, and they moved in close, as Rob and Matt reached out to the big twins.

Adam and Ben half-heartedly tried to stop the violation, but the reality was, that they were massively horny themselves and in real need of relief. Who were they to argue with their kid brothers, and even if they did argue, there wasn't really much they could do about it. They decided that they might as well `lay back and enjoy it' as it were. They were getting increasingly desperate to unload, so when their brothers began to wank them, they just concentrated upon holding out as long as they possibly could.

Rob and Matt seemed to enjoy the experience almost as much as the twins, and when the big lads did start to shake, rattle and roll, there was much excitement from the two doing the wanking.

Not surprisingly, the twins unleashed their loads in perfect unison. The eruption cascaded everywhere, but mostly it spattered across their own adjacent bellies and chests.

All six lads laughed like drains and they were still grinning and laughing as their father walked back into the barn.

Rob and Matt quickly stepped back, and the twins quickly calmed down.

Joe could see exactly what had happened, and inwardly he smiled to himself it was just as he had anticipated. He struggled to put on his stern face before speaking.

"After all that I've said and done today it still doesn't seem like there's much remorse here," said Joe. "Let the twins down Rob."

The big lads looked surprised, but relieved, as Rob rapidly lowered his brothers to the ground whereupon they pulled on their pants and jeans.

"Come outside," ordered Joe to all his sons.

They trooped out of the barn quite subdued. They were directed to the hose-pipe that was usually used to clean the yard.

"All four eldest boys strip off," ordered Joe.

They all realised that they were to be hosed-down and they didn't argue, they just dropped their kit and tossed it to one side.

Joe was very proud of his lads, and the fact that they all obeyed him without question demonstrated their respect for their father. Joe wished that he was in his own youth once more with the strength and vigour of his lads it was wonderful for him to see. He liked to see the big twins with stripes on their backs and with lashed arses. He hosed the lads down and smiled as they squirmed and shrieked as the icy water played on their hot bodies.

Joe laughed as their dicks and balls retracted and shrivelled under the icy blast.

Once done, the lads were ordered to get their pants and cut-off jeans back on which they quickly did despite Adam and Ben's sore arses.

"Come over to the front gate," said Joe, directing his words to Adam and Ben.

The twins looked puzzled.

Joe wanted the world to see that he was willing and able, to correct his big sons and he wanted everyone to see how strong, brave, and hard his boys were.

Joe ordered each of the big lads to stand facing a gate-post each with their backs to the outside road.

They complied without question.

"Now hug the posts," said Joe.

The twins felt the rough concrete to their chests as the hugged the big posts.

Joe produced some rope, and tied each of the lads' hands together, firmly fastening each son to a post.

"Your thrashed backs are now exhibited for all the passing town-folk to see," stated the twins' father. "A couple of hours there should be sufficient to teach you some remorse once and for all, and it'll let the neighbours see that old Joe can still sort his boys."

The twins grimaced, but they quite liked being exhibited. They were proud of their big strong backs and they could flare their lats out and enjoy the adulation of anyone passing by.

Adam looked across the drive to Ben and liked the sight of his brother's strong resolute presence and he particularly loved seeing the bright red stripes on his back. He knew that he looked just the same.

Joe gathered the younger lads together and took them inside to get some dinner going.

Each time that a car approached, and particularly when a pedestrian was heard, the twins gripped the post hard and flexed their backs. They flared their wide lats out to their max. They were an impressive sight, and everyone got a very good look at the sweating lads with their striped backs.

A couple of women stopped and talked to the boys and sympathised with them as they inwardly fantasised about the possibilities that their predicament could offer.

A couple of teenage lads passed by, then quickly returned and passed again before dashing home for a fantastic wank. Someone else that they didn't know questioned the lads about how they'd been punished. He seemed very interested to hear that they had been strung up and whipped. He too dashed off with a big bulge in his pants.

The twins again had massive boners, but, fortunately, their jeans contained their excitement and they were able to keep close to the posts to avoid any prying eyes.

After about an hour, a noisy bunch of teenage lads came jostling down the street. As soon as they spotted Adam and Luke, they were over and inspecting the two as they laughed and joked about their predicament. There were seven in the gang, with the obvious leader of the pack being a particularly mouthy punk with jet black hair. He was an Asian (probably Chinese), kid with striking features. He was slim and of fairly small stature, but his mouth made up for any physical limitations and he sounded a hard-nut. The other lads were noisy and boisterous, but they all seemed to follow the lead of the kid they referred to as Marco.

Marco wore long baggy shorts and distinctive red trainers. He had a simple black tee-shirt that clung tight to him, accentuating his slim and slightly muscled torso.

"What have we got here lads?" asked Marco, grinning at the sight of Adam and Ben.

"Why don't you just fuck off," said Ben angrily.

Marco shot off a stream of strong language that immediately confirmed to Adam that there might be trouble here.

"What are you two?" asked Marco loudly. "Are you queer boys who like being tied up? Are you into funny business?"

Adam was quite willing to take whatever the lads said, and their taunts didn't particularly bother him, but Ben wasn't so accommodating despite his vulnerability.

Ben recklessly fired back a series of expletives that just made the gang of lads more determined to have some sport with the twins. They became even more rowdy, and Marco was egged on to `sort out the mouthy kid'.

"What's that you're sayin' queer boy?" shouted the kid to Ben.

"Fuck off twat face," replied Ben. "We both know that if I wasn't tied to this post I'd fuckin' thrash the lot of you twats."

"But you are tied to the post queer boy," sneered Marco. "What you bin wupped for boy?"

"Because I like it," was Ben's off-the-cuff response.

"Oh, well, let's see if you like this then," said the punk as he started to take his own black leather belt off.

A few of the other members of the gang looked a bit uneasy at this potentially violent turn of events, but the others continued to laugh and jeer, and generally encourage their leader.

Adam looked across, horrified to realise that Ben was making trouble for himself once again. He saw something glint as Marco brandished his belt at Ben.

"Just fuckin' try it and you'll regret it," stated Ben to the kid.

The punk walked up to Ben and shoved his doubled over belt into his face.

Ben immediately saw the single row of steel studs that stood proud from the belt and his heart sank.

"Like this do you twat boy?" asked Marco with some real aggression. "You like being lashed do you? Let's see how you like this twat across that big mangled back of yours muscle-fucker boy."

Now Ben knew that he was in real trouble. He was totally helpless, and everyone there knew it.

The other gang members were shouting and encouraging Marco who seemed to be under some unspoken obligation to do as the others wished.

Marco looked at Ben in a very threatening manner.

"Give his back a blitzing," one of the lads cried out, and the rest shouted their encouragement.

Most of the kids were in awe of the twins' great bodies and their obvious bravery and they were gagging to see how they'd react to Marco's studded belt.

"I'll tell you what," said Marco. "I'll consider sparing you from a real horror lashing if you apologise for your disrespect and beg me to leave you and your soft brother alone."

"No way am I begging to a little shit-fucker like you," snarled Ben, rather foolishly under the current circumstances. He continued; "What is there to respect about a little twat like you? I expect that this is the first time in your puny life that you've had a real man in front of you who can take anything that you can dish out."

The lads screamed with derision and laughter, telling Marco to give Ben a lashing.

"You really do love being lashed don't you," said Marco to Ben. "I'll tell you what simple boy this is too easy, and why would I give you what you are really gagging for maybe I'll give yours to your pussy-boy gutless brother and see how you enjoy watching that."

Adam cringed he should have expected this.

Marco walked across and began threatening Adam with the studded belt.

Ben shouted and swore at Marco, threatening him with all sorts of awful deeds.

"Fuck off gob-shite," shouted Marco, as he raised the belt in the air above Adam's bare back.

Adam flexed his body and closed his eyes just as the belt crashed across his beefy back. It was absolutely excruciatingly horrible and thoroughly sickening. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before from either his father or even from Tyler.

Adam sank to his knees, grazing his chest down the rough stone post. Yet another big ugly red welt now appeared across Adam's back, but this one oozed with blood where the studs had pierced his flesh.

Without mercy, the punk struck again, and Adam sank lower, shuddering and shaking.

Ben was shrieking and swearing and he begged Marco to stop torturing his brother.

One of the gang stepped forward and grabbed Marco's arm to stop any further lashing of Adam and Marco took a step back. He moved across to Ben, now setting his sights on a different back.

Ben finally gave in to his fears, having seen Adam's treatment and he quietly asked Marco to see sense and to just go away and leave them alone.

The lads tormented Ben, and called him a coward.

"Have a fuckin' good look at your brother's back," said Marco, "because yours is soon gonna' be a whole lot worse."

Ben could see that Adam was in a bad state, and near collapse, and he cringed in the knowledge that his mouth had caused all this pain to his brother.

Ben said nothing more, but he gripped the post and stood erect and proud, waiting for his own torture to begin.

"That's better soft fucker," said Marco, "there's plenty of muscle and meat on that back to enjoy my studs."

Marco raised his arm and Ben closed his eyes.

There was an earth shattering shout, and Marco looked up in horror, stopping dead as he saw a big guy rushing at him with a huge baseball bat above his head.

Marco looked mortified as he saw Joe with Rob and Matt who were at either side of him brandishing big five-pronged pitch forks.

Joe screamed that he'd kill Marco if he moved an inch.

The other lads took a couple of steps back.

Joe wondered what the hell to do. He wasn't really going to kill anyone whatever the circumstances, but how did he and two kids sort out a gang of seven fit teenage lads?

Fortunately, Joe didn't need to do anything more. His two youngest sons had watched the sudden commotion from their bedroom window and they'd had the sense to call the police.

The patrol car screeched up the street, and came to a skidding halt right adjacent to the gate. Two big officers quickly got out.

"Hello Joe, what's going on here?" asked the first police officer.

Joe quickly summarised the situation to the officers.

It was obvious to all, that the twins were in no position to provoke any trouble, or to protect themselves. The fact that Marco still had his studded belt in his hand and Adam had two vivid imprints of the studs across his back were all the irrefutable evidence that was needed to decide who was the guilty party. The second officer had already drawn his gun, realising the potential for further trouble, or perhaps anticipating that a couple of the punks might make a run for it. He lined the lads up against the wall and they didn't argue when the gun was brandished towards them.

The senior officer spoke with Joe and agreed that some swift judicial corrective punishment was appropriate under these circumstances. He walked to the car and returned with a big heavy leather strap.

Joe ordered Rob and Matt to release the twins, and for them all to get inside the house and to ensure the young ones were OK.

The gang of lads were ordered to the barn. They suddenly looked rather young, and very scared.

Joe followed, and firmly closed the barn door behind them.

It was no more than forty minutes later when the lads quietly started to file out of the barn. Each of the six who emerged, was stripped to the waist and glistening with sweat. They all had boyish physiques even though they seemed to be about eighteen years old. They walked down the drive, a few yards apart and the first teen knocked at the house door. Ben and Adam answered and the lads each said that they were truly sorry for what they had done before turning and walking down the drive towards the street. As they each turned around, they displayed six massive raised red stripes across their slender backs.

About ten minutes after the last of the six lads had left the barn, the big door opened again and Marco was led out. He too was stripped of his shirt. Marco was being supported by the two police officers and it was obvious that he could barely walk.

Joe walked a few paces behind the three.

They all approached Adam and Ben, and now Marco stammered his apologies for what he'd done. Adam had little sympathy and Ben looked like he might give the kid a kicking.

They dragged Marco round and began to walk very slowly to the gate. The twins now saw the devastation done to Marco's back by the cops. He had a similar six stripes running diagonally across his back that the others had displayed. In addition, Marco had six vivid red stripes running across the opposite diagonal. These were adorned with the unmistakable imprint of the studs from Marco's belt. His brutalised back was covered in blood, having been thrashed with his own belt.

Adam and Ben cringed and took a step back, looking round to ensure that their young brothers weren't observing the awful sight.

The two officers continued the long, slow, walk to the street with Marco staggering uneasily in between them.

The cops hadn't yet finished. They led Marco to the big tree just outside the property's gate. Though he was obviously suffering a great deal, Marco was pushed with his slim chest against the tree and his arms were stretched around it and cuffed together. Marco was shaking and tears rolled down his face but he stood firm.

The officers ended up by calling Joe over and advising him to leave the kid there all night, and that they'd return in the morning to give him `his next instalment'.

Marco looked mortified and almost broken. He suddenly seemed a very pitiful boy.

Inwardly, Marco remained strong and resolute. He still had something left in reserve. He was used to suffering. He had endured much pain and sorrow in his own home, and he was determined that these sadistic bastards were not going to break what was left of his teenage spirit.

The end of Chapter 16.