Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 17


Chapter 17, like all the earlier chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.

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Chapter 17:

Joe went back to his front gate as dusk came. Adam and Ben accompanied their father.

The police officers had ordered that Marco must remain tied to the tree on the front verge throughout the night. They had stated that they'd return in the morning.

Marco was a sorry sight to behold. He looked quite wretched with his battered and bruised back. By the look of things, the welts that criss-crossed his bare back must have been throbbing dreadfully.
Despite the torment, Marco remained on his feet and he seemed quite determined, and very resolute.

Not surprisingly, Adam and Ben had little sympathy for Marco after his antics earlier. Ben taunted Marco, and Adam suggested that he didn't seem so mouthy and brave now that he was without his mates.

Their father was tired of this aggression and he ordered the twins to go back in the house.

Joe gave Marco some words of wisdom and some water to drink, and then he left him.

Once inside the house, Joe lectured his eldest sons on the need to be honest, sensible, hardworking, a good example to their younger brothers -- and above all to have some compassion and forgiveness in their hearts. Joe suggested that some young people didn't have the love and guidance that the twins had. He also told them that he believed that most kids had lots of goodness inside of them if they were treated right.

"Yeah," agreed Ben, "and we know how that punk Marco needs treating -- plenty of leather across his puny back. Look what he did to Adam."

Adam turned and showed them his striped back, complete with the small painful craters which were testament to the two lashes that Marco had inflicted upon him with his studded belt.

Adam's back was very tender and painful, and he certainly didn't feel particularly compassionate towards his assailant.

"That kid took some horrible treatment from the cops -- the like of which no man should ever have to endure," stated Joe. "I could barely watch what they did. He's certainly taken his punishment and he stood up to them well. He has apologised and he will be a better kid for it, but right now, he doesn't deserve any more pain in his young life."

Later, the twins went outside to check on Marco before they went to bed. They remained shirtless as they were most of the time. They had to concede that Marco presented quite a pitiful sight. He was quite small and slender with his shirt off and he had taken some awful treatment to his young back. It was red, blue and yellow as the bruising started to come out.

Adam asked Marco if he was OK.

"What do you think?" was the curt response.

"Not too good eh?" stated Adam.

"Not too good," agreed Marco.

"You don't smell too good," said Ben looking rather disgusted. "Have you pissed yourself?"

"Not yet," replied the kid, "but I have just been pissed on by six twats who just happened to be walking past. They seemed to think that it was really funny."

"I'll get the hose," said Adam. "You'd better have a piss now so that we can wash that off whilst we're at it."

Marco looked dejected but knew that he had to relieve himself before the night was over. A tear ran down his face as he gently emptied his bladder into his pants wondering whether life could get any worse. He kind-of knew the answer as the morning promised to bring further retribution to his back.

Adam soon returned with the hose and he quickly got to work in giving Marco a thorough cold-shower which was really very welcome now. The night was hot and sultry, and his back was aflame. The cold water helped ease his grief, at least for a few minutes.

"Where are you from Marco?" asked Adam.

"The East-park district," was the response.

"Oh, right," said Adam as if to indicate that this told a whole story.

The twins knew that East-park was a run-down and very rough area of town and many people avoided going anywhere need the area -- even in the daytime.

"Will your folks not be wondering where you are?" asked Adam.

"No," was the curt response.

"Who the fuck would worry about this piece of shit?" sneered Ben.

Adam recalled his father's words and he was much more benevolent.

"You must have someone who'll notice that you haven't come home tonight," suggested Adam.

"There's just my old-man and he'll be too full of liquor to realise that I'm not there," said Marco factually and with no hint of self pity.

Ben was studying Marco.

"Is your dad Chinese?" asked the straight talking Ben.

"No, he's from South America -- Mexico," replied Marco. "My ma' was Chinese."

"Was?" asked Adam.

"Yeah - was," stated Marco without any further elaboration.

Adam now realised that Marco had a slight Spanish-American lilt to his voice.

"Do you go to college?" asked Adam.


"Do you have a job then," continued Adam.

"What the fuck is this?" asked Marco. "Twenty fuckin' questions? No - I don't have a fuckin' job -- who'd employ me?"

Adam shook his head at hearing the venom in Marco's reply.

"Fair point," said Ben. "Who the fuck would employ a twat like you?"

Marco glared at Ben.

"Do you want anything before we go in?" asked Adam.

"Yeah, some bolt cutters to get these cuffs off," replied Marco seriously.

"Sorry, no can do soft twat," stated Ben. "We've been ordered to leave you here till the cops return in the morning."

"Yeah, so they can give my back another lashing," replied Marco.

"I don't think that another lashing is on the agenda," said Adam.

"It might not be on your agenda but it's certainly on theirs," replied Marco. "They told me in no uncertain terms, that they'd be back in the morning for the second instalment and that my back needed some more pain. They said that I wouldn't be bothering anyone else ever again when they'd finished with me tomorrow. They said that my mates would also realise that violence isn't an option in this neighbourhood when they see the state of me."

"They have a point," stated Ben.

The twins left Marco to his thoughts, and went back to the house. They questioned their father about Marco's fate in the morning and Joe admitted that the officers were coming back to give Marco another thrashing.

Even Ben shuddered at the prospect.

Joe quietly explained to the twins how he'd been shocked to witness the torture that had been dished out to young Marco. He suggested that even though he was blazing mad at what Marco had done to Adam, he still couldn't condone the level of violence that was used on the kid. Joe explained how Marco had mentally fought against the lash and how incredibly strong he'd been until finally breaking under the extreme pain of the studded belt across his slender frame.

Joe certainly didn't relish the prospect of witnessing more violence, but he knew that things might get out of hand if he wasn't around when the officers came back. He had an uneasy and troubled night thinking about young Marco's plight. He wondered how he'd react if it was one of his sons in this situation.

Joe woke early the next morning. Once he was dressed, he went outside to check on Marco's condition.

Marco must have had a very uncomfortable night but despite everything, he still stood firm and he looked very determined.

"How's your back son?" asked Joe.

"Terrible," was the reply.

Joe studied the lad's mangled back. It was aflame and raw in parts, and badly bruised all over. Joe knew that the kid was in no shape to be flogged again. He sat on the wall adjacent to the front path and waited for the police to return.

A few people began to emerge and pass by as they set out for work. Some crossed the street when they spotted Marco tied to the tree, and so badly beaten. Others came up close to take a good look at the kid. One or two even advised that they knew Marco as `a bad `un', and someone said he well deserved to have the shit knocked out of him at last.

"That's what he needed," said one old guy from up the road. "They want to give him some more."

It wasn't too long before the police car came slowly up the road, ultimately pulling up adjacent to Marco.

The two officers who had attended the day before got out of the car. One towered over the shuddering Marco, making the kid look tiny and rather pathetic.

The big fellow advised Marco that he'd had sufficient rest and that he was now in for some real treatment.

The second officer went to the car and brought out the big leather strap and showed it to the trembling Marco. Marco's slight frame and battered back made him appear extremely vulnerable.

"Are you ready for some medicinal treatment punk?" asked the big guy.

Marco looked up and shrugged. "It doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not, you'll do it anyway. I'll not be giving you the satisfaction of hearing me scream, so you'd best just get on with it."

"Oh, I'm sure that you'll soon be screaming for our mercy punk," said the officer with the strap.

Joe cringed.

"That's a real colourful back that you have kid," stated the big cop. "It's amazing how twenty good stripes can transform a boy's back, and his mind for the better. Now we just need to finish our work with another ten to ensure that you don't go botherin' good folks again."

Marco hugged tight to the tree and tears again ran down his face.

"You'd better apologise to Joe here before we begin because you'll not be talking much when we've done with you. After your punishment we'll be taking you down to the precinct to display you so that the town's folk can appreciate your pain," advised the smaller cop.

Marco was visibly shaking now but still he remained defiant towards his tormentors.

"Just do it for fuck's sake," shouted Marco.

Joe had seen enough.

"Can I have a word before you begin please officer?" asked Joe of the big police officer.

Adam and Ben were watching from a distance. Even Ben didn't really relish seeing the kid being thrashed totally senseless.

The two officers wandered across to Joe.

"What is it Joe?" asked the big guy.

"Do you think that we might try something else with this kid?" asked Joe.

"What are you proposing Joe?" asked the cop.

"What about giving him the option of working for me and the twins?" suggested Joe. "This way he really gets to pay off his debt to us and we get some return from his labours. In the process I guess that he's kept off the streets and we'll straighten him out -- one way or the other. If I hand his care over to the twins, and let them work the kid, he'll not have any time for thoughts of further badness. They will teach him some respect for folks."

"He wouldn't last five minutes with your proper discipline, and then he'd be absconding," suggested the cop.

"Well we could try it, and anyhow, where would he run?" asked Joe. "You guys would soon catch up with him if he did do a runner and I'm sure that you'd then soon sort him out once and for all."

"Well you're sure right there Joe. I guess that we could give it a try," said the smaller officer.

"I don't believe that this kid will ever understand anything but one master, and that's this strap," said the big cop, sensing that he was in danger of losing the opportunity to thrash the life out of Marco.

"Maybe he's never known anything other than the strap and pain," suggested Joe. "Anyhow, as you witnessed yourselves yesterday, my own lads have tasted the lash across their backs so you know that I'm not afraid to give them some leather when it's needed."

"Yeah we like to see this Joe," said the big guy. "You certainly sorted your twins out yesterday -- and they are basically good, hard working kids. It's good to see a young lad with some proper stripes across his body."

The big cop was obviously warming to Joe's suggestion now that he realised that the kid might get even more discipline with Joe's family.

"In some ways it would be better if we did hand the punk over to you and the lads Joe," said the cop. "That way you could keep him off the streets and out of our hair, and it would certainly slow his gang down if they didn't have their leader around."

"What about the legalities?" asked Joe.

"Not a problem really," replied the officer. "The kid's just past his eighteenth birthday, so we can legally decide what to do with him. If he doesn't want to work for you and the lads, then that's his choice and he gets his ten stripes and a day in the town square. After that we then hand him over to you anyway."

""What about his parents?" asked Joe.

"He's just got his old man -- Pepe," replied the office. "His mother's long gone, since she got slapped about by Pepe every time he got drunk."

The second cop added; "Marco became Pepe's punch-bag as soon as his mother left them. That's how it's always been, and I guess that's why he's like he is."

"It's a no-brainer really," said the first cop. "If he ultimately goes home, then he gets a load of shit from his old man after a load from us. Why wouldn't he elect to stay here and at least have a chance of some normality?"

Joe smiled. He had been quite surprised to hear Marco was eighteen. From the look of the kid's half naked body he looked more like sixteen. Joe concluded that he was undernourished and that he needed feeding up. Joe wasn't planning to use Marco as a whipping boy -- he wanted to reform him. He knew that the process might be difficult and that the twins would be less benevolent towards the kid, but then so be it. If he asked for a thrashing he would get it.

They returned to Marco.

"Right soft twat," said the big cop, "Joe here is proposing that he and his boys take care of you."

"No, please don't leave me with them -- they'll crucify me. Just lash me yourselves - let's get on with it," pleaded Marco.

"One step at a time boy," said the big cop. "You are being given a life-line here."

The smaller cop explained the situation; "Look kid, Joe here is a very good man and he is offering to give you the chance of a job working for him and his boys. If you agree to live here and to do everything they ask, and stay out of any trouble, then they'll house and feed you and teach you some skills that might serve you well in life. If you do a runner when the going gets tough then we'll search you out and ensure that you never darken our town's streets again. We are willing to postpone your second instalment if you want to take up Joe's kind offer. Do you want time to consider?"

"No," said Marco.

"No?" gasped the cop. "Are you saying that you don't want to accept this life-line?"

"No. I mean that I don't need any time to consider the offer. I want to do it. Please sir?" stated Marco with tears of absolute relief streaming down his face.

"I'm wondering whether to give you the ten anyhow you piece of crap," snarled the big officer.

Marco went even paler than he was before.

"That really won't be necessary," stated Joe. "I need the kid in a fit state to work."

"Good point Joe," answered the smaller guy. "Anyhow, your lads will no doubt be willing to do our job for us if Marco here steps out of line."

"No doubt about that," smiled Joe looking across at Ben and Adam in the distance.

The cops grinned at the thought.

"You must totally commit yourself to Joe and the work he gives you," stated the big guy. "You must cut out all the crap in your life including your old man and your so called friends."

"I'll do whatever he wants," replied Marco, thankful to be getting a chance.

"You sure that you ain't going to cause Joe any trouble and that you'll work your fucking little-boy bollocks off for him?" asked the cop, menacingly.

"Anything," replied Marco.

"You understand that we'll come and get you if you let Joe and us down?" asked the smaller cop.

"I know and I won't let you down," replied Marco with some conviction.

"OK Joe," stated the big fella; "Here's the key to young Marco's new life. Enjoy him. We'll keep a close eye on things and if you ever have a moment's problem that you can't handle, then just call us and it will be our pleasure to come and re-educate Marco with our little corrector."

"Keep his back bare Joe," stated the smaller officer. "That way he'll better respond to all of your orders."

Joe took the key to Marco's cuffs and he thanked the officers.

The big one walked over to Marco and he couldn't resist slapping his raw back hard, making the lad shake and grimace.

"Just remember, I just need the slightest reason to come for you son," he threatened before heading to his car with his partner.

The twins frowned in the background, wondering what was going on.

Joe called them over to explain the plan.

"You have a new apprentice lads," he advised Ben and Adam. "Marco here wants to come and work for us and we are going to grant his wish. I'd like to hand his education over to you two. You need to take good care of him and ensure that he understands the value of hard work and discipline."

The twins smiled as Joe handed the key to Marco's future over to Adam.

"Oh, by the way," said Joe, "big Luke at the farm has asked us to pick up some more stone the day after tomorrow. He's especially asked if I can spare you two to go over there and I naturally agreed. I'd suggest that you call Luke and ask if you can introduce Marco to the lads. I've little doubt that the lads on the farm can help you to integrate Marco into our more disciplined society."

The twins smiled and went over to release their new assistant.

Ben and Adam towered over Marco's slim frame. They each now looked massive and incredibly muscular at the side of the undernourished punk grasping the tree.

Adam unlocked Marco's cuffs and the twins supported him as he composed himself and then staggered with them to the barn to begin his rehabilitation.

"I suppose that you are gonna' start by thrashing the fuck out of me," suggested Marco.

"What?" asked Adam.

"To pay me back for yesterday," said Marco.

"Look kid, you've had your punishment. That's it. It's considered over. Debt repaid," stated Adam. "Your new life starts here, the slate's clean."

Marco looked gob-smacked.

"We could give him a few more lashes couldn't we?" suggested Ben with little real conviction.

"He's had sufficient. I'm happy that he's suffered enough and it's me that he lashed yesterday," stated Adam.

Ben nodded indicating his slightly reluctant agreement.

Adam advised Marco of how it would be; "You'll have days when you get some shit. Some real shit, but Ben and me will try to ensure that you only get treatment that is fully deserved and we'll ensure that you are conditioned and better prepared. You'll have a very good and fulfilled life with us providing you comply with what's necessary. Show us all respect and we might get to respect you too one day. You must work dammed hard -- till you drop if we ask you to. You will benefit by growing stronger in both body and mind. You might even find that there are some pleasures in life if you earn them."

Marco seemed a bit puzzled but he was inwardly happy that, for the first time in his life, someone was willing to accept him and give him a chance to better himself. He had no idea how to express himself positively, let alone show any kind of appreciation or gratitude. His inbuilt defences continued to make him distrust the twins' motives.

"Get all your clothes off so we can see what we are taking on, and so we can see that you are free from any unsavoury ailments," ordered Ben.

"Fuck off, I'm not getting fuckin' naked in front of you fuckin' queer boys," growled Marco with some real venom.

"Wrong answer twat boy," stated Ben.

The next thing Marco knew, there was a loud crack and he was writhing on the floor having been struck an absolute pearler across his back by Adam's leather belt.

"Want some more Marco?" asked Adam.

"No. Sorry. No more -- please. I'm totally shagged and I'll do whatever you want," gasped Marco. "Do you both want to fuck my arse?"

Adam and Ben looked down on the pathetic Marco who was in tears of pain and sorrow.

"I wouldn't touch your scabby fucking arse with that old yard brush, let alone fuck it," growled Ben. "What do you think we are, fucking animals?"

"I'm sorry, please don't hit me again, I'll do anything you want," begged Marco who was now dragging his trainers off.

Marco soon got naked, and he stood vulnerable and embarrassed as Ben and Adam inspected him from top to bottom -- back and front.

"You need a fuckin' good wash," declared Adam. "Otherwise you seem to be free from anything horrible. That's really quite a tidy little body that you've got. We should be able to build you up into some kind of a decent state."

Marco blushed and put his hands over his tackle.

"Bashful `eh Marco," said Ben laughing. "I guess that you should be with a dick that small."

Adam grinned.

Marco blushed a deeper shade of red. He'd always been quite disappointed that his dick was only of normal teen boy proportions. He had always led the pack, yet physically, he was no better than any teenage boy. Now that he stood there naked in front of the twins he felt rather humble, small and weak.

"He needs to meet Craig on the farm," smiled Adam; "he'll feel inadequate down below if he sees Craig's monster cock."

Marco looked a little bit puzzled. Why would he ever get to see the dick of someone he'd never met? He was, however, ever so slightly curious.

They let Marco put his grubby white cotton pants back on before leading him to the house and the big bath tub.

Marco soon had the strange experience of being introduced to the four younger brothers whilst he stood there in just his undies.

The younger two kids showed very little interest in Marco, but the middle brothers gave Marco a very good looking-over.

"He's not got much of a body on him has he?" stated fifteen year old Matt. "How old is he?"

"He's eighteen," answered Adam as if Marco wasn't able to speak for himself.

It was obvious that young Matt wasn't impressed and he looked across at his seventeen year old brother Rob.

"Hey Rob come closer and get your shirt off," stated Matt. "Show this eighteen year old what a real body looks like."

Rob grinned and without any hesitation, he moved close and peeled off his tee-shirt, stretching and pausing with his arms high in the air before tossing his shirt onto the floor.

Marco could hardly breathe; such was the sight of Rob's incredibly perfect torso. He looked like a slim Greek god to Marco. He had never ever seen the like of this beauty in a boy before. He was instantly in love and he was gagging to feel Rob's body. Marco stared at Rob's flawless physique from his small hard looking waist up to his superb broad chest with its tight protruding pecs and gorgeous plump pink nipples.

"Flex those big guns for him Rob," laughed Matt.

Rob instantly threw a fantastic double bicep pose right in Marco's face. His guns stood high and mighty with wonderful raised veins that showed how cut he was.

Marco was breathless and panting as he took in the vista of Rob's arms and striated shoulders. He wanted to hold Rob and worship his body. He wanted to lick him all over and drink in his incredible teen testosterone charged aroma. He felt himself wanting to grovel at Rob's feet and suck the kid's toes. He felt like he was going out of his mind with animal lust. He tried to get a grip, and he desperately attempted to look unimpressed. He remained hypnotised by Rob's body. He couldn't believe that this kid was only seventeen.

"You got him Rob," laughed Matt. "Look at his fucking dick responding to your muscles."

"Marco couldn't blush any more. He was indeed incredibly excited and he was no longer under any control of his dick. He was mortified.

Adam had already filled the big bath with hot soapy water.

"Get your undies off and get in here Marco," ordered Adam pointing to the bath, "we need to get you smelling a bit sweeter."

Marco was now totally humiliated and mentally beaten, just as his back was physically beaten. He had no stomach for any argument or any more pain today. He dropped his pants and as his dick sprung up to attention he stepped into the hot soapy water. It felt absolutely wonderful, and he let out a massive sigh of relief and pleasure as he sank into the scented suds.

"OK lads you've had your fun," stated Adam. "Now fuck off and leave Marco in peace. He's had quite sufficient excitement for today. Rob -- you go and get a couple of big towels from the airing cupboard then wash Marco's back for him. Be careful because he's gonna' hurt bad for a few days."

Adam told Marco to take as long as he wanted and to have a very good soak. They all left and closed the door behind them.

Marco began to reflect on all that had happened in such a short space of time. He could hardly believe the situation he found himself in. He couldn't recall the last time he'd enjoyed the feeling of a hot bath. They only had a shower at home and the water was mostly cold as his father never had the money for any power. The tears that fell down his face were now tears of relief and pleasure.

After a short while, there was a quiet knock on the bathroom door and Rob called out to say that he had the towels.

"OK, come in," shouted Marco.

Rob walked in, still stripped to the waist, and still looking incredibly beautiful in a young masculine way.

Marco was instantly tongue tied, and he could hardly answer Rob when he asked Marco if he should now wash his back.

"Th-thanks, but please take care, it's killing me," stuttered Marco.

To some extent, Rob was unaware of the true impact that he had on people. Sure, he was proud of his young body and of his developing muscles, but he closely compared himself to his older twin brothers and he felt small and weak when he made the comparison with their bodies. He remained somewhat blissfully unaware that his own physique was adored and lusted over by both the girls and the guys in the neighbourhood.

Rob soaped up a soft sponge, and very gently he cleansed Marco's throbbing and flaming back.

"Fuck Marco," exclaimed Rob, "I helped dad thrash Ben and Adam last night but their backs and arses are nothing like as bad as your back is. It's absolutely mangled. Did they set out to do so much damage?"

"Maybe not," replied Marco, "but they wanted me to beg for their mercy and to plead with them to stop lashing me and I wouldn't. It got them more and more riled the more I held out. They eventually said that they'd lash me all night if I didn't respond right and beg them to forgive me for the pain I'd caused. By lash fifteen, I was begging them to stop and they eventually did stop after twenty. I was gagging and out of my mind with pain. I'd never felt anything so bad. They called me weak and a coward and I just glared at them. They concluded that I needed another five for looking defiant, and they gave me the last five with my own studded belt. I collapsed twice and each time, they brought me round before laying on the next lash. I was screaming and crying and I just recall seeing your pa turn away -- it must have looked as bad as it felt."

"They can be fucking twats can those two," concluded Rob.

"Yeah, they certainly can," agreed Marco.

Marco suddenly noticed that Rob had a big bulge in his shorts.

"How'd you get that body on you Rob?" asked Marco.

"Hard work with the twins," answered Rob. "Do you want me to wash your chest?"

"Yeah OK, that would be good," answered Marco quietly. "Does your pa thrash you regularly like he did the twins last night?"

"Unfortunately not," replied Rob, as he began to sponge Marco's chest.

"Unfortunately -- why unfortunately?" asked Marco somewhat surprised at the response from the young Adonis.

"Well, I don't believe that he would have ever considered whipping any of us unless it was absolutely deserved, and even then, he'd never consider it with any of us `till we're at least eighteen and considered to be men," stated Rob. "I've a few months to go before I can even dream of having my back whipped."

"Do you look forward to having your fantastic back lashed Rob," asked Marco.

"Crumbs yes -- who wouldn't?" replied Rob. "How'd you prove your strength and bravery until you have stood up defiantly against the whip?"

"The reality is much, much worse than anything you could ever fantasize about," stated Marco.

"That's good to hear," replied Rob with a smile.

Marco realised that Rob had dispensed of the sponge and he was gently massaging Marco's chest with his soapy hand. It felt wonderful, and it was especially good to see that wonderful Rob still had a big hard-on inside his shorts.

Rob expertly washed Marco's slim chest as he relaxed even more. He gently closed his eyes for a few moments. He felt something even more wonderful, and opened his eyes to observe that Rob now grasped his raging tool. Rob had it in his fist and he was polishing the bell-end with the warm soapy sponge.

Marco was amazed at himself. He couldn't fathom out in his own mind why he wasn't up and smashing Rob between his eyes and giving him a good hiding. He'd certainly have responded in that violent manner just yesterday.

Rob grinned and gave Marco's dick a gentle wank.

Marco reciprocated and reached out to feel Rob's bulge. When Rob didn't complain, Marco slid his hand down the front of Rob's shorts and he dragged the kid's rampant meat out to see it in all its glory. As with everything about Rob, his dick was majestic and rock hard. It was as straight as a ramrod, and the veins provided a superb symmetrical pattern around his love pole.

Rob was obviously delighted with Marco's attention. He shuddered and groaned as his big bell-end was exposed by Marco's soapy hand. Marco proceeded to wank Rob off.

In no time at all, Rob was erupting in a frenzied explosion with the jizz flying over and into Marco's bath.

Rob continued to wank Marco, and Marco shut his eyes and groaned in pleasure.

"It's not so tiny when it's roused is it?" mused Rob.

Marco smiled.

"Rob, Rob," shouted Ben from downstairs.

Rob looked startled.

"Get your skinny arse down here right now and give Marco some peace to rest," bellowed Ben. "If you aren't down here in ten seconds I'll be up there to get you."

"Oh fuck," gasped Rob.

"Oh fuck," groaned Marco.

"Sorry pal -- got to go," said Rob as he stuffed his own deflating dick into his shorts and ran for the door.

Marco was crestfallen. Just when everything seemed wonderful, he was frustrated again. He couldn't believe Ben's timing. He lay back in the warm water and took himself in hand, needing to finish the job that Rob had begun.

Marco was so totally engrossed in his wank, that he didn't notice the bathroom door was slightly open and that a small figure was watching his virtuoso performance. He was just at the point of no return and his mouth was gaping open and his eyes tight shut.

A shriek arrived at Marco's ears, startling him. The shock of the noise caused him to instantly erupt in a massive spurting, gushing fountain -- high and very spectacularly in the air.

"Woooow, just look at that," shouted the young voice at the door. "Hey lads, he's playing with his willy in the bath and it's real hard. He's just wee-weed in the air."

It was the youngest brother Daniel. He was at the door and shouting down to his older brothers. Marco was again mortified that the kid was telling the world that he was busy creaming himself.

Oh fuck, could it ever get any worse, thought poor Marco. He settled quietly back into the soapy water as he heard laughter, accompanied by a thunder of feet dashing up the stairs towards him. He could hear lots of excited chatter and coarse talk from the older lads as they arrived at the door.

The room soon filled with all six brothers, the eldest three were still stripped to their waists. Rob stood at the front of the pack, still superb, and looking at his glorious best.

Marco frowned and squinted his eyes at them. He was almost totally submerged in the bath.

"Couldn't stop yourself eh Marco?" laughed Rob. "I guess that you was dreaming about my incredible body. I thought that you was getting excited earlier. I have that effect on the younger guys but I hadn't expected you to be so turned on by a lad's muscles."

Everyone grinned -- except poor Marco.

Rob made no mention of the fact that he'd earlier accepted a hand-job from Marco.

"No control eh?" suggested Rob.

"That was funny," grinned Matt.

"Yeah," agreed little Daniel also grinning. "It was just like what you was doing on Saturday Robbie when you was watching the twins working out there in the compound."

Rob shot Daniel a look that was meant to silence him.

"Remember Robbie," continued Daniel unabated, "you was up at the bedroom window and your willy was hard like Marco's."

Rob looked horrified and it was finally his turn to blush bright red.

"Fuck off Danny, you don't know what you are talking about," stated Rob.

Marco was just thankful that the attention was off him for a moment.

"Hey Rob," laughed Matt, "your face is like a boiled bollock."

"And you can just fuck off too," snarled Rob, obviously terribly embarrassed by Daniel's revelations.

Ben stepped in.

"Hey Danny boy, are you saying that Rob was up here and he was watching me and Adam work, and that his weenie was hard?" asked Ben smiling.

"Yeah, his willy was real big, and he was rubbing it very fast," stated Daniel very matter-of-factly.

Rob looked mortified. He wondered why he had to have younger brothers like these.

"I guess that this kid needs some real hard work to channel all his testosterone elsewhere," grinned Adam.

The twins were quietly honoured that young Rob had such a high regard for them that he was driven to wanking at the sight of them doing some shirtless hard labour.

"Rob, you'd better come up to our room after dinner," said Adam. "Whilst you give me and Ben a good massage, we will tell you something about the day we had yesterday over at Luke and Shane's farm. I'll guarantee that you'll have another boner and it'll be like a telegraph pole when you get your hands on our chests and we tell you about our whipping."

"We might even take you over to the farm and let the lads there check you over," said Ben. "There's some real heavy duty things going on with those guys, and they are all real muscle studs."

Rob was beginning to compose himself again and he was very interested to hear more about what Ben was saying.

Again, Rob was brought back down to earth by his kid brother...

"Look Adam, his willy is big again," shouted out Daniel, who was pointing to the huge bulge in Rob's shorts.

They all roared with laughter again and ribbed Rob mercilessly.

Rob made a quick exit from the bathroom, muttering and cursing young Dan.

"Hey Danny-boy, there's a big bar of chocolate just for you in my drawer in the bedroom," smiled Adam. "You just keep an eye on these lads for me and let me and Ben know what they are getting up to."

Daniel's eyes lit up as he scuttled off for his treat. He looked very pleased with himself.

"Fuck me, we can't even have a wank now without being spied-upon," stated Matt rather dejectedly.

"You shouldn't be even dreaming of wanking at your age," said Adam. "You should be playing football or something more wholesome."

Young Matt just shook his head.

"Best not let dad catch you wanking," laughed Ben, "or, he'll thrash your arse."

"He won't catch me," grinned Matt confidently.

Adam and Ben just looked at one another and shook their heads with a smile.

"Come on Marco, it's time to move your arse," stated Ben with a grin. "Don't worry about unloading around here; this is the house of wanks."

Marco looked up, wondering what kind of mad-house he had joined, but he was thrilled to be here. He stood up and grabbed a towel from Adam.

"How's your back now," asked Adam.

"Feels much better," replied Marco.

"Good, that means we can do some work," replied Adam.

"We need to start to build up our bodies so we can compete with the lads on the farm," stated Ben.

Marco wondered again why there were so many references to this so called `farm'. What was all about?

Little did Marco know, that he'd soon find out, and of course he was in for quite a few surprises.

The end of Chapter 17.