Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 18


Chapter 18, like all the earlier chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.

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Chapter 18:

The boys ensured that Marco was looked after and that he got plenty of rest throughout the remainder of the day, and the next day as well, as that was a Sunday when they didn't work.

During Sunday, Adam and Ben told Marco all about their lives and their work. The twins explained that their father was the middle man between the quarries and the builders' merchants who used their rock and stone products. Since the brothers had left school, they had diversified and when their dad didn't need them to be shifting stone, they did all sorts of work for the local townsfolk. The work that they did was generally heavy, and relatively low skilled stuff that few others wanted to tackle. They dug trenches, prepared the ground and laid paths, they would do garden clearances and stone wall demolition and removal. In fact they would do any hard work that their father believed that they'd be capable of doing.

Joe, the boys' father concentrated wholly upon the transport side of the business, taking either or both of the twins with him when hard labour was needed. Business was good, partly because Joe had built up a good reputation, but more recently because word had spread about the teenage twins and their hard work. The regular customers knew all too well that they'd get some hard graft out of the twins for their investment. Everyone in the district enjoyed seeing the boys sweating away at their work shirtless. The twins always ensured that they looked their best and they kept themselves big and in great condition.

Adam and Ben laughed as they told Marco about one elderly gent of sixty-odd, who would give them big tips when they worked for him. The old guy always expected the boys to be shirtless and he'd be constantly hovering around watching them work. The tips were given so generously because the teenage lads allowed the guy to give their bare backs the odd smack with his belt.

"He fucking loves it," said Adam, "and even at his age, he really tosses his rocks off when he's whacked our bare backs and left a few light stripes."

"Crumbs," said Marco, wide eyed, "does it hurt bad?"

"No, the old guy doesn't realise that he's not hurting us much at all. It's just a sting really, but we pretend that it is agonising, and that really excites him," said Ben.

Adam told Marco that they always got plenty of cash when they did a job for that guy and he was always finding new jobs that needed to be done.

"The women can be quite bad too, but the guys are always much more resourceful and imaginative," said Ben.

"And they give us much better tips," added Adam.

"One middle aged customer has a fantastic dungeon in his bedroom," said Ben.

Marco's eyes nearly popped from their socket.

Ben continued, "He always likes to tie one or the other of us to a St George's cross. He then might tickle us or pretend he's going to lash us, but he never does. He just loves tying us to the cross then telling us how incredible our bodies are. He always ends up jacking himself off after which he unties us and we get on with the work. It's a bit weird really but it takes all sorts and he's another great tipper."

"Am I going to be able to go with you when you go out on jobs?" asked Marco, rather enthusiastically.

"Oh sure, that's the idea," replied Adam. "I'm certain that most of our customers will enjoy your boy-like body and vulnerability. They may even want to love you better."

Ben grinned and Marco wondered.

"Father says that we need to take you and Rob over to Luke and Shane's farm on Tuesday to start to build you up and introduce you to some correction," advised Ben.

"Dad's cleared it with Luke, and we are going over there on Tuesday morning because there's some stone to pick up," said Adam.

"You and Rob are staying at the farm for a week or so," said Ben with a grin.

"Why do I have to go there?" asked Marco. "Can't I just go to work with you two?"

"They need to try to start to sort out your body," said Adam.

"What's wrong with my body?" asked Marco.

"What's right with it might be an easier question to answer," laughed Ben.

"OK, what's right with it?" asked Marco seriously.

"Well," said Ben, "you've got two legs, two arms, a body of sorts, and a small dick. Otherwise, there's fuck all right with it."

Marco looked rather dejected, but he detected a twinkle in Ben's eyes and he realised that they were, to some extent, just having fun with him. He did realise that his body didn't even come close to young Matt who was only fifteen, let alone the physique of seventeen year old Rob, or the big twins.
"First though, we've a job booked for Monday at another good customer's. You can come along with us if you want," said Adam.

"Yeah I'd like to see what goes on," replied Marco. "Is he a good tipper?"

"Oh yes old Fred's one of our favourites," grinned Ben. "He's got some rough ground to clear at the back of his barn."

Adam and Ben thought it useful to have Marco on Fred's job as Fred would look after the kid whilst they got on with the job. They wanted to be finished at Fred's place in one day so they could spend Tuesday at the farm, before leaving Rob and Marco there.

The next morning, Marco was slightly dismayed to be given some cotton shorts to wear that were very short in the leg. His legs weren't any better than the rest of his body, so he was embarrassed at having to reveal a lot of thigh.

"These aren't very cool," declared Marco as he stood in his cute shorts and his heavy work boots.

"You do look a tit," agreed Ben.

"Put your trainers on, said Adam. "You'll not need to do any heavy work today and trainers will at least make your legs look a bit better."

"Why should we bother what he looks like," asked Ben.

"Old Fred likes to see some leg on his lads and he wouldn't appreciate Marco's own gear with only a bit of calve showing," grinned Adam.

"Yeah you're right bro," laughed Ben.

Marco was beginning to wonder again, as he put his trainers on.

"Very nice," declared Ben, "You look very sweet."

"Fuck off," Marco snarled, obviously not wanting to look `sweet'.

"Don't worry Marco, those shorts do compliment your slim physique," said Adam. "And they don't hide your assets too much. Fred will like that."

Marco knew that there was no point in continuing the conversation and he shut up.

They got in the small pick-up truck with Marco loaded in the back with the tools, and they went quickly to Fred's house that was just out of town.

Marco could see immediately that there was plenty of land, and the house was quite remote from the nearest neighbours.

Fred was already at the door looking out for the lads as they pulled up. Marco peeped up from the back of the truck and saw that he was about sixty to sixty-five and a big man. Even at that age, he looked agile, and Marco saw that he had a cheery face and a glint in his eye as he greeted Adam and Ben.

"Hi lads, how are things," Fred called out. "Are you both fit and strong as always?"

"We're great Fred, how are you?" replied Adam grinning.

"All the better for having you two studs here for the day, especially as your bods are looking particularly good," replied Fred. "Are you ready for some hard graft and sweat, and to let old Fred see those muscles in motion again?"

"Oh yes we are well-ready `cos Pa's given us some encouragement to work even harder for you and to be respectful," said Ben.

"What do you mean? You lads are always respectful," said Fred.

The twins turned round and displayed their big striped backs to Fred.

"Holy fuck lads, that's one wonderful sight for an old man to see," gasped Fred. "You'll have to tell me all about that performance."

"Yeah we will Fred, and our arses are in a worse state than our backs" said Adam, "but first, we've brought someone else to see you today."

"Oh my old heart can't take much more," laughed Fred. "I hope it's that beautiful young Rob who's here with you lads. That'll just make my day."

"No, it's not Rob today. We have a new labourer and he's called Marco," said Adam.

Ben shouted out, looking towards the truck; "Marco, get your sorry little arse down here to meet Fred."

Marco slowly stood up and climbed carefully out of the truck, showing his red and blue striped back as he got down.

"Well fuck me with and old kipper," smiled Fred. "What a sorry looking sight you've brought me today. He doesn't look like he's got much work in him. Is he here to keep me company?"

"That's about the size of it Fred," answered Adam with a grin. "Where'd you want him?"

"I'd want this poor specimen anywhere and everywhere," answered Fred grinning. "Come to Uncle Fred Marco, I'll make you strong again lovely boy."

"We'll get on with the job then Fred. Are you OK with Marco for a while?" asked Adam.

"OK? Am I OK? I'm more than OK, I'm in heaven boys. You sure are good to old Freddy. We'll get inside and I'll show Marco around whilst he tells me all about his poorly back," said Fred.

"Just shout out if you have any bother with him," said Ben.

"Don't you be worrying about us," answered Fred. "We'll get along just fine and Marco will be no bother whatsoever."

Marco was yet again wondering what he'd got himself involved with, but he felt quite safe here with the lads and his new Uncle Fred.

Fred smiled down benevolently at Marco and then led him into the house.

The twins got on with the job, whilst Marco was shown around Fred's home.

Marco was pleasantly surprised to find that Fred's place seemed perfectly normal. It was bright and airy, with flowers and pots spread around. There were souvenirs that suggested a man who had travelled extensively.

Fred quizzed Marco about his life and his recent exploits with the police. He wanted to know all about how he'd been thrashed, and he sympathised with Marco and told him he was very strong and brave. The old man insisted on gently rubbing some cream onto Marco's striped back, and the lad was surprised at how good the attention felt.

After a while, Fred told Marco that he wanted to show him something that might surprise him.

Marco looked puzzled and followed Fred downstairs towards his basement.

The sweet old guy unlocked the door and led Marco into the dark basement that seemed something of a contrast to the bright cheery home upstairs.

"Now don't be shocked young Marco, I've something here that'll interest you," said Fred.

Marco wondered what he was about to discover.

Fred turned the big lights on and Marco glanced around. His eyes opened like plates and his mouth gaped.

The room was much larger that Marco had anticipated, and it was equipped like a medieval dungeon that you'd see in the old horror films. There were all kinds of strange and scary looking instruments of torture and pain neatly hanging on the walls. At the back of the basement, was a huge wooden cross that was at least ten feet high, and very well build.

It was immediately obvious what Fred used the cross for, and hence why Marco stood there with his mouth gaping.

Tied to the cross, was a beautiful pale skinned cherub of a youth. He was perfect in every way, with bright blue eyes and gorgeous tousled blond hair that cascaded down to his shoulders. The teenage boy was totally naked apart from some kind of tube device around his dick. He was smooth skinned and hair free apart from a small fair bush above his dick and under his arms. The boy was tied well and his arms were stretched out perfectly in the crucifix position. His feet were tied together and firmly to the cross.

Marco couldn't help himself, and his dick began to grow at the wondrous sight of perfection before him.

Marco looked at the boy for a while, and, for whatever reason, he became transfixed by his beautiful slim legs and his feet that seemed to be so beautiful and vulnerable.

The boy smiled at Marco but said nothing.

"Marco, this is Conrad. Conrad say hello to our new friend Marco," said Fred.

"Hello Marco," said the boy with a gentle smile.

"Hi Conrad, how're doing?" said Marco, realising that this was the most stupid response to a boy who was being crucified in a cellar.

"I'm good, but Uncle Fred's not too happy with my performance with the chores," stated Conrad.

"I can see," said Marco.

"How long's he been up there?" asked Marco.

"Just about twenty four hours," replied Fred. "He loves it really."

"Well he doesn't look too uncomfortable," suggested Marco.

"Show Conrad your back Marco, he'll like that" said Fred.

Marco turned round and showed his mangled back to Conrad.

"Oh god that's so cool, you must be so brave Marco" said Conrad. "Can I have some of that Uncle Fred?"

"I've told you before Conrad, you are not here to be abused like that by me," said Fred rather ironically as he was speaking to a boy who was currently being crucified in a torture chamber. "I'll never flog you boy, I love you too much."

"Maybe just a light whipping?" begged Conrad.

"No not even a light whipping," reiterated Fred. "But if you must have it, then perhaps Marco will help you out when I've left to see that Adam and Ben are alright."

"I'd like that. Thank you sir," replied Conrad.

Marco heard himself respond; "I'd like it too sir."

"That's just fine then, everyone is happy today," said Fred. "I'll leave you two boys together for a while. Just remember that Conrad has been very naughty, and don't release his chastity tube Marco, whatever he says."

Marco now realised what the tube was, that adorned Conrad's dick.

Fred left the cellar, and they heard his footsteps going upstairs.

"How long have you been here with Fred?" asked Marco.

"Just over two years," replied Conrad.

"Have you never tried to escape?" asked Marco.

"God no, why would I want to escape? I'm not a prisoner here," said the boy.

"You mean you want to stay?" gasped Marco.

"Yes, of course. Fred is fantastic to me and he gives me everything that I could possibly want except some harsher treatment," said Conrad. "It's quite difficult when he puts the chastity tube on though," admitted the boy.

"Has that been on for twenty-four hours too," asked Marco.

"No it's been on for two weeks and I'm bustin' for a fuckin' release," replied Conrad. "I'm ready to explode, but nothing happens `cos I can't get hold of my fuckin' tool to wank it - `till Fred unlocks me."

"Gosh, that's bad," agreed Marco. "What do you want me to do?"

"Give me a good flogging will you please?" asked the blond cherub. "And a wank if you can."

"Fred said no wanking," stated Marco. "Anyhow, how could I wank you off when you're locked up with the tube on your dick?"

"OK then," said Conrad in a resigned voice, "it'll have to be just a flogging."

"Why would anyone want to be flogged?" asked Marco.

"Well, I've had two years of kindness and love, mixed with masses of bondage. I'm tied up for hours whilst Fred just watches me. I've been dreaming of all sorts of things that he could do to me. I don't get any sexual release for weeks on end, and I just want someone to do something real bad to me for a bloody change," admitted Conrad.

"It'd be a shame to mark your beautiful body," suggested Marco.

"Please Marco, please do it for me," begged Conrad.

"What do you want me to use?" asked Marco, looking around at all the paddles and whips and contraptions around the walls.

"Use `em all if you want, just give me some pain and talk rough to me," stated Conrad.

"God, you're a mixed up kid," laughed Marco as he wandered around trying to decide what to try first.

Marco finally stopped, and he took a fairly plain leather strap from the wall. It felt flexible and whippy and much like a short razor strop. He flicked and slapped it against his palm to get a feel for the instrument.

"Oh god, yes Marco, quick before Fred comes back and changes his mind," said Conrad, like a child begging for sweets.

Marco went up alongside Conrad and tapped the strop against the boy's beautiful right pec.

Conrad pushed out his chest as if to present a better opportunity for Marco.

Marco lifted his arm and gave Conrad a stinging lash with the strop, then another to the top of his other pec.

Conrad grimaced and groaned; "Oh yes, hurt me fucker."

Marco hit the boy again, and then again, and he kept lashing the strop into Conrad's pecs till the boy was covered in sweat, and his upper chest was striped bright red. He heaved his lungs in and out trying to breath under the onslaught.

Marco could see that Conrad's dick was fully erect and the tube was high in the air.

Marco went lower and thrashed the strop with a crack onto Conrad's upper right thigh, causing him to squeal. He hit him on the left thigh, then again right and left.

Conrad took ten to each flaming thigh without much more that lots of grimaces and groans.

Next it was Conrad's stretched six pack that took ten stinging lashes. These made Conrad suck his tight stomach in and hold his breath with each stroke.

By the end, Conrad was panting and sweating like a waterfall.

"Don't stop soft fucker'," begged Conrad.

Marco looked around for something different to try out. He was warming to the task. He noticed some red boxing gloves hanging on a hook in the corner and went for them.

Incredibly, Conrad grinned as Marco pulled the gloves on.

Marco looked real mean shirtless and with his striped back as he came towards the defenceless Conrad with the gloves on.

Conrad flexed his stomach knowing that Marco would go for his abs first.

Marco slowly jabbed at Conrad's gut, hitting him with sharp snapping punches. Conrad rode the jabs well, and hoped for lots more which he got. After a couple of minutes, Marco began jabbing all around Conrad's torso. First he smacked punches onto his pecs, and then randomly into his gut.

Conrad needed to keep all his body flexed in anticipation of punches coming at him high or low. Marco even occasionally took jabs at Conrad's firm thighs. The boy wasn't used to this kind of treatment, and he was heaving and panting and obviously tiring.

Conrad still had a huge throbber between his legs and Marco noticed the kid's huge meaty nut sack. The boy had gone so long without being emptied that his nuts seemed to be ready to burst.

Marco dragged the gloves off, and grabbed roughly at the lad's balls, relishing the feel of the huge bag full of teenage nuts.

Conrad groaned with absolute delight and Marco dragged the sack down and gave it a twist, causing even more pleasure to the tied boy.

Marco then gave Conrad's nipples some treatment. They were already stood out like big hat pegs but once Marco started to roll and squeeze them, they engorged beautifully and Conrad gasped and gagged in delight.

"Give me pain," gasped Conrad so Marco dashed to the wall and took down a big flogger with probably thirty flexible leather tails. It felt quite heavy.

"Yes," gasped Conrad seeing the beast.

Marco didn't hesitate and he raised the flogger high and brought it down hard across Conrad's hard fair chest.

"Wow, fuck," gasped Conrad trying to get his breath.

He took another across his chest and a quick one right across his abs. That one really seemed to hurt the kid who groaned and coughed violently, before taking yet another to his scarlet chest.

Marco was now on a roll, and he knew that the stupid kid wanted more. He hit him across his lovely thighs then again across his stomach and finished with two very harsh lashes into the kid's chest again.

The lad was gasping and groaning and finally broken.

"No more, I can't take any more," he gagged.

Marco didn't know what came over him but he dropped the flogger to the floor and bent down towards Conrad's big nut sack. He began to suck and graze at the kid's bollocks.

Conrad was panting and sweating and now groaning in ecstasy.

Marco opened wide and took a big ball in his mouth whereupon, he rolled it and sucked at it, then he gave the other the same treatment.

"Are you gonna cum?" asked Marco.

"He can't because of the steel ring on his shaft," came the answer from Fred at the door.

Marco looked around quickly. He was very embarrassed to be caught by a relative stranger sucking a guy's balls.

Conrad groaned again and looked resigned to staying dry.

"Hey, I said you shouldn't milk the kid Marco," said Fred, "but never mind, because he's obviously been given what he really wanted. Thank you. He looks lovely."

"Sorry," said Marco.

"Don't be sorry Marco, there's too much sorrow in the world," said Fred with some heavy irony having just crucified Conrad for twenty four hours, and having had him in a chastity device for two weeks. "I've asked Adam and Ben to pop down to help me get Conrad down. I'm getting a bit too old for this manhandling," smiled Fred.

Conrad looked relieved, and Marco smiled at him.

Soon after, Adam and Ben appeared looking buff and hot. The work outside was obviously doing them good.

"Hey you bugger, what have you done to young Con?" asked Ben, obviously well used to being in Fred's dungeon.

"He asked for it," said Fred on Marco's behalf, "and he looks much better for it as well," he added.

"You are a strange kid Conrad," laughed Adam.

Conrad smiled lovingly at Adam.

The two big lads quickly and skilfully untied Conrad and brought him carefully down from the cross. They steadied him for a while and allowed him to swing his arms and move his legs to get the circulation back.

"Well you do look a twat now with a bright red front and a white back," said Ben.

"Will you redden my back too please Ben?" asked Conrad without hesitation.

"Oh you boys are never happy unless you are being cruel," said Fred. "I'm off to get us all a nice cold drink whilst you decide what to do to satisfy the lad."

Fred smiled at them all and dashed off.

"OK Conrad, what's it to be this week?" asked Ben.

"Will you stripe my back with the cat, and do it together like you did last month?" asked Conrad.

Marco looked on utterly bemused.

"Do we need to tie you up again?" asked Ben wearily.

"No, don't bother, I'll hang from the bar," replied Conrad.

Fred had left the cellar door open and he heard ten load cracks in quick succession, each followed by some muffled screeches and load groans.

Soon after, the three bare-chested lads appeared looking jaunty and cheerful. A naked Conrad wandered in after them, looking rather dazed.

"Let's have a look at the damage then," said Fred wearily.

Conrad turned to show a fiercely red striped back that looked very painful.

Fred looked genuinely sad; "Oh dear, that is going to need a lot of care and love Conrad, have you thanked the boys?"

"Yes sir, of course sir," answered Conrad.

"Well I can only say that you do all deserve one another," said Fred. "I can't understand why boys always have to be so cruel."

Fred dug deep into his trouser pocket and pulled out a small key.

"You two boys have had far too much pain during these couple of days," said Fred looking at Marco and Conrad.

The old guy looked across and smiled; "Marco, will you do old Uncle Fred one last favour and take Conrad to his bedroom? I think that he needs some relief."

Marco grinned, and Conrad whooped with delight and hugged Fred.

Fred handed Marco the key to two hours of absolute pleasure for him and particularly for young blond Conrad.

Adam and Ben went back outside to their work after telling Marco to save some energy for the morning, when they would be going to `the farm'.

Fred settled himself outside in his deckchair and watched the twins toiling away with a big smile on his face. He listened with great interest to the laughter and gasps of pleasure emanate from the open bedroom window.


The end of Chapter 18