Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 19


Chapter 19, - This chapter has been a long time coming. The previous chapter was published more than 3 months ago in June 2008. I had something of a block for a while during the summer months. I hope that regular readers of the story will recall the main aspects and characters.
Like all the earlier chapters, this new part is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.

Thank you again to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed the earlier chapters, and apologies to those who have wondered why I paused.
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In the previous chapter, we heard about a young delinquent named Marco who ended up being thrashed by the cops. He was taken in by Joe, who's twin sons Adam and Ben had also received some rough treatment, both on the Fun & Pain farm, then from their father, and finally from Marco and his gang. Adam and Ben had three younger brothers, including the beautiful teenager Rob. The twins took Marco with them to `Uncle Fred's' where they had a labouring job to do. Uncle Fred introduced Marco to his house boy Conrad who was being punished in the cellar. Conrad begged Marco to thrash him which he did, and afterwards Adam and Ben helped with Conrad's further correction. Ultimately, Marco was asked to `love Conrad better'. He happily obliged

Chapter 19:

At about five thirty, the twins and Marco set off home from Fred's place where they had been clearing the waste ground. They were all ravenously hungry and very tired. Adam and Ben had worked hard to clear Fred's land, and Marco had worked hard to entertain young Conrad. They were all satisfied to have done a good job and now they needed a shower and their dinner.

On the journey home, the twins told Marco all about the plans for the next day.

"We have agreed that you and Rob will go to Luke and Shane's farm tomorrow," said Ben to Marco. "They know a lot about training and stuff. They'll be able to start to sort you and Rob out."

Marco just raised his eyebrows and wondered what was coming next. After his day at Fred's place with Conrad, he wouldn't be shocked about anything anymore -- or so he thought.

"I guess that `farmer Luke' must have a gym at his place has he?" asked Marco.

"Yeah, of sorts," smiled Ben.

Marco was glad to hear that Rob was going with him in the morning as he was already very attracted to Rob and he deduced that there would be safety in numbers. Little did poor Marco know about the reality of life on the farm, and it was perhaps as well that he didn't know.

They soon got home and Rob met them and advised that their father had gone out for the night, but he'd left plenty of food for them in the fridge. All the lads ate together before going for their showers. Rob was on good form, and he seemed to be very pleased that he and Marco were going to the farm in the morning. Rob had finished school now and he'd spent most of the afternoon pumping iron in the barn with his younger brother Matt. Unlike Marco, Rob did know something about life on the farm from tales that had been told to him by the twins.

Marco had been given a bed in Rob and Matt's room, and after dinner Rob took Marco upstairs to get cleaned up.

As Marco got undressed, he took great delight in telling Rob all about how he'd found Conrad tied to the cross in the cellar of Fred's place. Rob was very interested and he wanted to know all the details about the day and especially how Marco and the twins had thrashed Conrad. Rob was amazed to hear that Conrad had begged Fred to allow the twins and Marco to beat him with the lash.

"It was incredible," said Marco. "Being whipped made Conrad so horny, yet he couldn't do anything because he was locked in a chastity tube."

"How did it feel to thrash him?" asked Rob.

"Amazing," smiled Marco. "I had a huge hard-on as soon as I saw him naked on the cross and then when he asked me to lash him, I could hardly contain myself."

"I'd love to have some of that, but pa won't let the twins punish me," said Rob.

Marco was now naked himself and ready for the shower. He grabbed a towel in an attempt to cover his lazy lob, but Rob had already noticed Marco's aroused state.

Rob kicked off his trainers. He wore a pair of long shorts, and a baggy tee shirt.

Marco lingered, knowing that Rob was about to get his kit off.

Rob tried to look uninterested in Marco, as he reached up to pull off his shirt. He was really quite thrilled to have Marco here to see his buff body.

Marco almost stopped breathing as Rob pulled his shirt over his head. His upper body was shining with the oil that must have been applied earlier when he was doing the weights. Following his afternoon workout, his hard young muscles were so pronounced and pumped. Because he was so lean, he was extremely vascular, especially around his shoulders and biceps.

Marco had never before seen such a wonderfully erotic sight and he couldn't stop himself from staring at Rob's chest.

"What do you think?" asked Rob with a grin as he flexed hard. "Coming on eh?"

"You look amazing," stated Marco. "I wish my body was half as good as yours."

"You'll soon improve and grow if you start to work out with me and the twins," said Rob.

Rob stood and threw an incredible double bicep pose right into Marco's face. His guns stood big and full and veined. His muscles were not huge but they were incredibly well defined.

Marco was inwardly gagging at Rob's beauty and strength.

Rob relaxed again and laughed.

"Your back looks much improved. How does it feel?" he asked Marco.

"Oh it's fine now," replied the lad, "I've had worse from my pa."

"Did your pa beat you?" asked Rob.

"Yeah, every time he was drunk," replied Marco.

"Geez, was he drunk much?" asked Rob.

"He was never sober," said Marco.

"Fuck," replied Rob.

Rob was starting to understand why Marco had gone off the rails.

"How did he punish you?" asked Rob, who was seemingly very interested in the details.

"Usually with his belt across my arse, though on occasion across my back" was the reply.

"Did you not run away, or at least tell someone what he was doing to you?" asked Rob.

"Yeah once, I ran away. I went across town to my uncle's place and told him what was happening. He said that I could stay the night," advised Marco.

"That must have been good," said Rob.

"Yeah, it was `till about midnight when my pa arrived. My uncle had called him and he came straight away. That was some thrashing I got that night. I couldn't sit down for a week after they'd both lashed my bare arse `till their arms ached," stated Marco.

"Shit," said Rob, wide-eyed. "My dick is growing, talking like this."

"Yeah, it's strange how it makes you horny isn't it? I thought that it was just me," said Marco.

"Will you give me a few licks with the belt?" asked Rob seriously.

Marco was amazed, but also incredibly excited at the beautiful kid's request. He knew that he couldn't refuse an offer like this.

"Why should I thrash your arse?" asked Marco nonchalantly.

"Because I wanna see how it feels, and I need to know if I can take it," stated Rob seriously.

"OK then," agreed Marco as if he wasn't really bothered one way or the other.

"Pull your shorts back on, we'll go to the barn so the twins don't hear us," stated Rob.

Marco hastily pulled his shorts on and the two went quietly and quickly downstairs. They could hear the water running in the bathroom where they knew that the twins were showering.

The two teens wore nothing but their shorts as they scuttled off to the barn.

Rob had grabbed his own leather belt.

They got to the old building, entered, and shut the door. Rob looked amazing, with his body all shiny and hot. He was sweating in anticipation of what was to come.

"OK where do you want me?" asked Rob.

"Let's put two bales of hay on top of one-another and you can bend over them," suggested Marco.

"Good idea," said Rob with a grin.

They put one bale onto another and Marco checked that the height was suitable which, it was.

"OK, drop `em and bend over the bale," ordered Marco.

Rob looked at Marco and wondered what was coming. He'd never taken a proper bare arse thrashing and he didn't know how it would be.

"Quick boy," ordered Marco getting into the role with some anger in his voice.

Rob dropped his shorts and stepped from them, totally naked.

Marco couldn't help but gasp as he saw Rob's beautiful body and his semi-erect dick.

Rob walked to the bale and bent down, laying his bare chest onto the hard straw. His arse was perfectly positioned, and for a moment.

Marco thought that he would rather fuck young Rob than thrash him, but he just shook his head and took the belt, folding it in two and grasping the buckle.

"Are you sure you want this Rob? It hurts like fuck you know," said Marco.

"I'm sure. Just do your worse, like your pa used to thrash you," replied Rob.

Rob put his strong arms forward and grasped the far edge of the bale, and as he did, his arse tensed and hardened. He flexed it further in anticipation, and Marco gasped at the sight. There was the slightest hint of fair downy hair between Rob's wonderful peach like butt cheeks.

Marco raised the belt and told Rob to hold very tight.

Rob was never going to be able to cope with what Marco could throw at him. Marco was a master in the art of arse thrashing as he had been weaned on it and he'd taken more thrashings in his life than could ever be imagined. This stuff was as normal as food and drink to the kid. A thrashing with a belt was kids stuff to young Marco who had experienced pain from his father the like of which would be unimaginable to any normal boy.

Rob was better than `normal', but he wasn't used to taking anything like what was heading his way.

Marco knew that Rob wouldn't hold out for long so he decided to make the few licks count. He raised his arm and crashed the doubled belt across Rob's beautiful ripe cheeks. It was like a slashing bolt of lightning to the prone lad, but before Rob could react, Marco lifted his arm and slashed it across the same target area, then again with a third crack of white-lightning.

Rob was already shrieking out for Marco to stop. He was obviously in agony.

Rob's arse now looked absolutely amazing with its bright red stinging stripes which were each white at the edges. The stripes were already raised from the strong teen's flesh.

Marco paused long enough for Rob to make his escape from the hay-bale, and the kid shot up and took a few paces away from Marco who still looked menacing as he brandished the belt.

"Well that didn't take long soft fucker," declared Marco.

Rob was clutching his flaming arse as if it might fall off if he let go.

"Fucking-hell Marco you didn't need to hit me like that," gasped Rob.

"How did you want it to be?" asked Marco. "I've seen girls take a dozen like that without flinching. Have you never been strapped before?"

"No I haven't, and I don't need you to be saying that I'm worse than a girl. I could take more," stated Rob, rather too confidently.

"Get down for the other seven then," suggested Marco.

"Who the fuck ever said I was gonna take ten?" asked Rob.

"That's the starting point for any strapping," said Marco.

"Is that how many your pa gave you?" asked Rob.

"Yeah, if I was lucky, but he'd often give me ten at breakfast, then tell me to get home from school at lunchtime for another ten. He'd give me ten more when I came home late afternoon and after he got back from the bars, he'd get me out of bed for some more," stated Marco.

"Another ten?" asked Rob.

"Nah. He gave it to me till he fell over," said Marco with a pained voice. "He loved me really. He always told me the next day how he was doing it to make me a better and stronger man and he said he wouldn't do it if he didn't love me."

Rob looked at Marco and felt rather sad. He realised that Marco was so used to the brutality at home, that he simply linked being punished with being loved.

"Give me the other seven," said Rob as he walked back to the bale and bent over.

Marco was transfixed by Rob's incredible physique and he was amazed that the lad was willing to submit to another seven lashes with the belt.

Rob was ready and his muscular young arse twitched in anticipation of enjoying some more pain.

Marco didn't hold back and he gave Rob the seven without any mercy.

Rob was mortified by the violence to his virgin butt, yet he felt so strong and brave to take each stroke without further screaming and shouting. His face was red and covered in sweat when Marco stopped.

"That's your lot for today. Did you enjoy that?" asked Marco.

Rob hesitated, panting; "Kind-of," he replied through gritted teeth. "But, I don't know if I can stand up right now."

"Don't be so fuckin' soft, you pussy boy," retorted Marco with some bravado.

"It's all right for you; you are used to being thrashed. That's my first," stated a grieved Rob, who started to slowly extricate himself from the bale of straw.

As Rob gingerly stood, Marco saw that the lad's wonderful cock was now fully erect. It looked as tempting as an ice-cream on a hot summer's day, and Marco licked his lips.

"I need a wank," stated Rob, "but I'm too stiff".

Marco's response was immediate, "How can anyone ever be too-stiff to have a wank?"

"My arse is too-stiff, not my fuckin' dick," laughed Rob.

"You look amazing," said Marco quietly.

Rob's reply was as unexpected as it was wonderful to Marco; "Will you wank me off?"

"I'll need time to consider," said Marco seriously.

Rob looked disappointed.

"Okay, that's enough time spent considering," grinned Marco and he reached out and grabbed Rob's boner.

Rob smiled and braced himself.

Marco had a request; "Will you do a pose with your muscles whilst I wank you?"

"How's this?" asked Rob as he planted his legs and raised his arms to give Marco his best double bicep pose.

"That's just fine," replied the lad as he reached up and tweaked Rob's superb nipples with his left hand whilst he began rhythmically stroking the kid's rock hard dick.

Marco let go of Rob's meat for a moment and reached up and rubbed the palms of his hands around Rob's flexed chest.

Rob remained in position with his muscle-boy pose held perfectly.

"That's better," concluded Marco who now had some oil on his palms which he transferred back to Rob's throbbing tool.

Rob groaned as Marco again began to wank him.

Rob held the pose and he held his explosion for as long as he possibly could. He did well, but it was just a few minutes before he trembled and then came with volcanic force.

"Fuck, that was a superb gusher," grinned Marco with surprise and much pleasure.

"I guess that an arse leathering is what turns me on," stated Rob.

Rob surprised Marco by offering him a reciprocal wank. Marco was hardly going to refuse, and before long he was stretched out naked across the hay and being wanked to delirium by the buck-naked and unbelievably beautiful Rob.

Marco couldn't believe his luck.

Afterwards, the two lads pulled on their shorts and dashed off back to the house to be greeted by Rob's twin brothers plus the two younger ones.

Everyone seemed to know what had happened, but nobody asked for details.

The next morning, as fully agreed in advance with Luke, Adam and Ben, took Marco and Rob in the truck to the farm. They stopped at the farm gate at nine, just as they'd been told. Shane was there waiting for them.

Marco had been blindfolded for the journey to ensure the farm's security was maintained as none of the lads knew if they could really trust him yet.

Rob already knew more or less where the farm was, so there was no point in blindfolding him. Anyhow, Rob's discretion was assured through the strong family ties.

Shane was looking superb as he stood flexed at the gate, and Rob's eyes nearly popped out as he got his first eye-full of the massive boy.

In the back of the truck, Marco was wondering what was happening as he clearly heard Rob exclaiming, "Holy mother of fuck, just look at that fuckin' monster, he's massive."

Adam and Ben greeted Shane as he opened the gate.

Shane advised Adam to drive down towards the farm house, then to branch off straight to the quarry. He then jumped onto the back of the flat-bed truck where the blindfolded Marco sat.

The twin's (and Rob's) father Joe, had told Luke and Shane about Marco and his need for some rehabilitation and hard work. He'd also advised that it was time for young Rob to be introduced to some `man's discipline' to keep him in line. They were certainly in the right place to be sorted out in that respect.

Shane looked scathingly at Marco, and he moved close and grabbed the pale scrawny wretch. Marco was in his world of darkness and he was startled and frightened as he was roughly man handled.

"Hi kid, I'm Shane."

Shane faced Marco, and he grasped the back of the kid's head and pulled it swiftly into his massive bare chest.

Marco couldn't fight the power of Shane's grasp, and had he known what was happening, he probably wouldn't have wanted to resist anyhow.

The huge teen flexed his great muscular chest and buried Marco's face between his striated, sweating pectorals.

"And this is my chest," stated Shane.

Marco gurgled, he was almost out of his mind and he nearly stopped breathing as his face encountered Shane's pecs for the first time. He couldn't believe that this was someone's chest. It was just too-massive and hard. The force and sounds suggested that it was human, but surely it was some kind of joke?

Shane let go as Marco struggled to breath, and he pushed the lad away.

Marco was panting and gagging and wanting to feel some more muscles, or simply look at them, but he'd have to wait.

They trundled slowly out to the quarry. Even Adam and Ben hadn't been out there before - they'd only previously picked rock up from the compound. They were interested to see if the other guys from the farm were at work.

Shane had ensured that there would be no disappointment on that front, and he'd got the lads except Luke there. They were hard at work as the truck arrived adjacent to the storage hut.

The three brothers up front jumped out from the cab.

Rob was gobsmacked, "Oh my god, it's like the fuckin' chain gang."

They saw four huge teenage lads toiling away at the rocks with huge shiny muscular physiques.

From his blacked out world, Marco wondered what the hell was going on. He was quite apprehensive now, especially as even Adam and Ben seemed to be surprised and excited about what they were observing.

Shane jumped from the back of the truck. The heat was already incredible as the sun was as intense as it always seemed to be at the quarry.

Shane addressed Adam, "We thought that whilst you two loaded the truck, we might introduce your bro' and his new pal to the delights of the quarry."

Adam and Ben grinned indicating their agreement.

"Nice one Shane," grinned Ben with a look of utter delight.

"Rob needs some of this to toughen him up," laughed Adam.

Rob looked a bit uneasy. He wasn't sure what was intended, but he surmised that he was in for some hard work.

"And what about `Mr Nasty -- the hard case' in the truck?" asked Shane. "Is he coming out to play?"

"Oh yes, he's already starting to enjoy the discipline," smiled Ben.

Adam commented; "They both need some toughening up. Our new friend Marco hasn't done a decent day's work in his life."

"Not yet he hasn't, but we'll soon remedy that won't we?" said Shane.

"Exactly," said Adam.

"Get him down then," ordered Shane.

Adam quickly went and helped Marco climb down from the truck and then told him to take the blindfold off.

When Marco removed the scarf from his eyes, he visibly shook. He turned and saw Shane in all his magnificent glory and he took two steps back.

"So, are ready to rumble then Marco, eh?" asked Shane.

Ben stepped forward; "This is Shane," he said to Marco. "He lives here with his big brother Luke and the four other guys that you see over there."

"H-hi Sh-Sh-Shane," said Marco with his jaw dropping.

"Hi Shane," said Rob, stepping forward and not wanting to be left out. "You've a fantastic body."

"Hello pretty boy," replied Shane dismissively to Rob.

Rob looked a bit peeved.

Shane wasn't in the mood to hang about, "You two come with me whilst Adam and Ben get on and start to load the truck."

Marco glanced round and saw that Ben and Adam were already taking their shirts off and were moving towards the big pile of rocks that awaited them.

Shane looked at the two new boys, "No shirts are allowed on the farm," he said. "They aren't conducive to good hard labour."

Rob asked jauntily, "Do you want us to take our tops off then?"

"What the fuck do you think, pretty boy?" was the curt reply.

Marco looked very uneasy.

"Cool," said Rob, undaunted by Shane's manner, and with that, he dragged his tee shirt off in one quick move and tossed it towards the truck.

Shane looked Rob up and down, "Not a bad body kid, but you need some muscle."

Shane was actually really very impressed with Rob's beauty and his super young physique.

Shane knew instantly that Rob had incredible potential, and he loved his young hard body. He also knew that the other guys would enjoy `looking after' Rob. In his mind, he suddenly pictured the kid tied up at the whipping post.

"And you soft fucker?" growled Shane looking at a hesitant Marco.

"I feel a bit uneasy, in the present company," said Marco.

"A bit fuckin' uneasy? You will feel fuckin' uneasy if you don't get that fuckin' shirt off your scrawny fuckin' body and let me see what we have to deal with," growled Shane.

Marco gulped and with no further ado, he pulled his tee-shirt off.

"Fuck me, someone's already given your puny fucking hide a real good thrashing. Do you like being thrashed kid, or what?" asked Shane, observing the boys heavily bruised and striped back.

"No, it was real bad sir, but I deserved it," stated Marco.

"Well I must say that you are a puny looking specimen of a boy, but I like the fact that you accept that you needed the discipline. That's a good start," said Shane with some admiration.

Marco finally relaxed a little bit.

Shane looked towards Rob again and now noticed that the kid had a decent bulge in his shorts.

"Do you wank a lot kid," he asked seriously.

"Yeah, quite a lot Shane. I'm always horny," answered Rob honestly.

Rob wondered what was coming next. He was quite surprised to be asked about his fondness for wanking. He'd never discussed his interest in pulling his meat with a stranger before. His dick swelled some more.

"Well, rule one around here is that there is to be no wanking before dinner time at night," stated Shane.

Rob gulped. He'd never ever before had any restriction put on his main pastime of beating his meat -- even by his twin brothers.

"See that big post over there in the centre of the quarry?" Shane asked.

"Yes," replied Rob, as both he and Marco looked across at the post.

"Well, if you are caught shooting your load, you'll find your skinny hide is very soon hanging from that post, and your back will end up worse than puny boy Marco's," suggested Shane.

Marco initially looked rather horrified at the thought, then he sort of hoped that Rob might not be able to control his animal instincts for a good wank.

Rob looked at Shane and wondered if he was being serious, or whether he was just trying to frighten them into working hard. He did kind-of like the idea of being strung up from the big austere post with his shirt off. His dick seemed to like the idea too.

Shane took the two lads over to where the others were working.

"Everyone is here except the boss - Luke, who'll catch up with you later," said Shane.

The big guy then introduced everyone in the team to the two young awestruck lads.

The muscular lads were instantly impressed with Rob's gorgeous young physique, though they didn't give any outward impression that they liked what they saw before them.

Rob, and Marco, both thought the huge muscular guys were superb yet very intimidating.

Craig looked across at Marco; "You've never done much physical work then?"

"No sir, not much," replied Marco honestly with a blush.

"I was once skinny like you, maybe worse before I came here. There is always some hope," said Craig.

Neither Marco nor Rob believed that this incredibly muscular and hard lad could ever have been skinny, but neither dared to contradict him. Marco was transfixed by the sight of Craig's hard wash-board abdominals and his glistening veined body.

Tyler stood towering over the boys; "Who the fuck's done that messy job to your back boy?"

Marco advised that it was the cops.

"Well I'd have done a much neater job, and it would have hurt a lot more," replied the big lad.

Marco cringed at the thought.

Jimmy spoke up, "You'd better get some lotion on your backs, or you'll get burnt to a crisp out here."

Rob looked at Jimmy and his eyes were drawn to the lad's huge jutting pectorals. He had never, ever seen tits as incredible as those on Jimmy.

"Your pecs are unbe-fuckin'-lievable," gagged Rob.

Jimmy was pleased and very proud of his pecs and he loved this young kid admiring them. His nipples visibly rose and hardened.

"Well, you start to work very hard and maybe one day you'll find that you have some muscles in that flat chest of yours," replied Jimmy.

Rob looked disappointed, but he vowed to find the secret of big pecs.

They passed Marco the sun-lotion.

"I think that it's more than lotion that he needs for that fuckin' body," laughed Shane, cruelly.

None of the big lads had much hope for Marco -- he looked to be such a poor specimen. He was pale and weak looking, and generally rather depressed. It didn't auger well for the coming days. The package before them certainly wasn't really conducive to the type of work that they were about to embark on.

What they didn't know, was that young Marco had an inner strength and courage that was the product of his wretched life till now.

Shane allocated Marco to Jimmy and Jamie, reasoning that they were somewhat less abrasive, and therefore they might encourage the best from the weary kid without completely breaking him.

Rob was told that he'd be working with the big boys -- Shane and Tyler.

Rob looked pleased with the arrangement as he was already in love with these two muscle gods.

What Rob didn't know of course, was that Shane and Tyler were the farm's masters of correction.

It seemed fairly obvious to all the big lads that cocky young Rob with his beautiful little physique, would most likely be enjoying more than the fierce sun on his lovely back before the day was over.

Rob was soon assigned to shifting the rocks that the big lads were breaking. He had to manhandle them into a wheelbarrow, and then take them to the truck, whereupon he was told to load them onto the flat bed of the vehicle. This was probably the best muscle blasting activity that there was as it was very strenuous and varied, targeting most of a boy's young muscles.

The lad was soon drenched in sweat and after an hour, his back was turning a very nice reddish-brown. His shoulders looked hot.

Marco wasn't considered to be strong enough to shift the rocks that Rob was handling, so he was given a sledge hammer and told to begin breaking stones.

As expected, Rob worked well, and he soon looked buff and pumped with his fabulous slender yet well defined body.

Marco surprised and impressed everyone by sticking to his task. He pounded away at the rocks with the big hammer, at the very least proving his stamina to one and all. The big lads soon realised that there was indeed some hope for Marco. He hadn't got anything in the line of musculature, but he had a good steady technique, and it seemed that he had at least a modicum of endurance.

After about an hour and a half, they stopped for some water and Marco was set a different task which saw him shovelling shale and gravel and wheeling it to a heap in a compound. He worked without any complaint and despite the obvious pain in his thrashed back, he never faltered.

In truth, Marco was enjoying being able to prove that he was good for something for once. He also wanted to avoid any further corrective punishment.

Rob continued with his allocated work and he kept a close eye on Shane and Tyler as they punished their own incredible bodies to what looked to Rob almost like the point of failure.

As Rob was wheeling his empty barrow back for the next lot of rocks, he was mesmerised by the incredible vista of Tyler. Again, Rob's dick grew, and it was now at an unprecedented state of explosive readiness.

"Fuck me, look at that horny young twat," exclaimed Shane quietly to Tyler as he glanced across and saw Rob's obvious state.

"Let's have some sport with him to test him out," suggested Tyler with an evil glint in his eye.

"Hey Rob, here boy," shouted Tyler.

Rob looked across and grinned, yet he was slightly hesitant, knowing that his big boner was likely to be seen by the two big guys.

The youngster nevertheless began to walk towards the big lads. He looked superb. He was glowing with confidence and all of the beauty of youth radiated from his shining torso. He duly arrived, and he put the barrow down, expecting to be sent to collect some water or whatever.

"Yeah, what is it?" asked Rob.

Shane spoke, "Are you enjoying your first day here young Rob?"

The answer was instantaneous, "Fuck yes, it's incredible. I can feel my muscles growing already."

"Yes, you are looking bigger," smiled Tyler.

"I'll be like you guys soon," laughed Rob rather over-optimistically.

"In your dreams kid," stated Shane.

They all smiled.

Shane's tone suddenly changed, "Drop your shorts."

"What?" asked the shocked Rob.

"Drop your fuckin' shorts kid and do it now, or else," ordered Shane.

"No way," answered a very defiant Rob.

Shane smiled.

Rob had no idea that Luke had arrived at the quarry and he was now standing just a yard behind him looking like a Roman god.

Marco certainly saw the arrival of big Luke and he nearly died of shock upon seeing his body.

"Drop your shorts now, fucker," stated Shane yet again.

"Fuck off," replied a rather stupid Rob. He realised that his boner would make him a laughing stock if he were to comply.

There was a sudden shuffling noise from behind Rob, then, before he could even turn his head, he was completely constrained by Luke.

Luke had thrust his massive arms under Rob's arm pits, then he had clasped his fingers tight behind the boy's head. Rob was then easily lifted off his feet by the mighty being behind him.

All Rob knew, was that he was going nowhere fast. He felt the rock hard undulating muscles of Luke's huge chest pressing tight on his hot sweaty back.

Shane and Tyler approached, and Tyler immediately went to untie the cord that held Rob's shorts up.

Rob struggled and got a kick at Tyler's shin, causing the big lad to screech and step back.

"Bad move kid," said Shane quietly.

Tyler stood there for a moment on one leg, rubbing his shin and looking very angry and mean.

Rob tried to stare Tyler out, but he quickly bottled out of that contest and glanced away at Shane.

Tyler slowly and deliberately moved his hands towards his own waistband, and he began to unbuckle his leather belt.

Rob hung in the air and his defiance turned to fear as he realised the intention.

"Oh fuck off Tyler," said Rob. "What have I done wrong?"

"Failure to obey an order and wanking without permission," stated Tyler. "Then, you kicked me in the fuckin' shin."

Rob's reply was quick, "I haven't wanked off."

Tyler smiled and folded his leather belt in two, grasping the buckle and the free end. He turned away with the belt in his hand and Rob let out a gentle sigh of relief.

In a blur, Tyler spun around again and took a stinging lash at Rob's stretched chest. The belt landed plumb across the kid's pecs and he was the one who now screeched. Tyler raised the belt again, and took a backhand lash towards Rob's abdominals.

Rob seemed to gasp then he gagged and he fought to get his breath as his guts screamed for mercy. He struggled manfully and swore like a trooper, but it was all to no avail, and Luke continued to hold him firmly.

In all the pain and shock, the kid didn't immediately realise that he'd totally lost it on the second lash across his belly and he'd creamed himself.

Tyler began putting his belt back on, indicating to Rob that the immediate danger was perhaps over.

Shane moved closer to Rob, "No more kicking?"

"No," conceded Rob, panting strongly.

Shane reached out and started to undo Rob's shorts. He quickly had them lowered and then off.

Tyler and Shane looked down at Rob's skimpy tight-white briefs and observed his bulge. There was the distinct outline of the kid's big bell-end, and right adjacent to his knob end was a great big glob patch of wet cream.

"You insisted that you hadn't tossed off," stated Shane seriously. "That's lying added to your sins."

Rob blushed, "I honestly didn't cream myself until Tyler lashed my chest," he gagged.

"A likely story," smiled Shane. "Take him to the post will you please brother."

Rob looked scared, and he now knew that it was the big boss-man Luke who had him in the grasp of death.

To a small extent, Rod realised that he wanted to be restrained and to be taken to the post in the hot centre of the quarry where he would be hung up.

Luke carried Rob to the whipping post and deposited him down and turned him around to face him.

Rob gagged when he saw the sculptured muscle monster that stood before him.

Tyler and Shane roped Rob's slender wrists and passed the ropes through the rings that were up at the top of the post. They dragged his arms into the air with his back to the post until just the balls of his feet were barely on the floor. He tip-toed around dancing lightly from foot to foot.

The big lads stood back and looked in admiration at the beauty in front of their eyes, with two fabulous red stripes across his torso. Even Adam and Ben came over and stood with Marco to admire their younger brother Rob.

Luke addressed the twins; "Are we okay to continue with the boy's correction guys?"

"Fine by us," stated Ben with a slight sneer. "Dad said that he needed to find some respect and humility from somewhere."

Rob hung there looking rather miffed.

"Right, let's get rid of these for a start," said Tyler, pulling Rob's tiny damp briefs down and off his legs.

Rob looked absolutely mortified and totally humiliated, and if it was possible, he seemed to blush more.

"The pants need a wash," groaned Tyler as he threw Rob's skimpies into the air and down into the dust.

The others grinned.

Tyler continued, "Now then let's get this little matter under control shall we?" and he gestured at Rob's privates.

Shane arrived with some strong cord and he grabbed Rob's nuts and pulled on them, making the lad groan and squirm. The rope was wrapped around the boy's nut sack and tied. Shane then hung what looked like a string bag from the two dangling ends of the cord.

"Just a few weights and we'll be sorted," grinned Shane.

Rob looked apprehensive and shocked; "No, you can't."

Marco and Rob's twin brothers looked rather surprised too and somewhat pleased.

"Fetch a shovel full of gravel and get some in this sack," ordered Shane to Marco.

Marco looked perky and interested, and he quickly got some stone chippings into a bucket and brought it over to where Shane stood. The youngster looked up at the big lad quizzically.

"Just fill the bag till his nuts look like they're about to tear off," ordered Shane seriously.

Rob's eyes nearly popped out, "No Shane, please, don't make him do that."

Nobody answered Rob's plea and Shane nodded at Marco to begin.

Marco took a few pebbles out and dropped them into the net, having very little affect.

"Come on, and be quick. Get a load in. Make the fucker's eyes water," growled Shane. "Or you'll get some too."

Marco didn't need telling twice and he began loading up the net hanging from young Rob's balls. It was a slow torture and a cumulative transition from pleasure to absolute agony for Rob.

Ultimately, the bulging net was loaded up with so much loose rock that poor Rob's nuts were grossly extended and he was gagging and pleading for respite. His mouth ultimately dropped open and he tried to hold his breath as every small movement was agony. His calves were knotted as they tried to hold his weight.

Despite everything, Rob's tool had reawakened once more and in no time at all, it was stood like a huge ramrod in the air.

Tyler took Rob's meat in his fist and wanked it hard a few times. This added to Rob's pain and suffering, but it was also giving him some extreme excitement.

Tyler soon released Rob's knob and he reached out and grabbed the kid's stretched waist, kneading away at his abdominals. He finished by roughly tweaking and rolling the lad's nipples.

Shane spoke up, "Let's beat the meat."

Rob looked even more horrified, instantly realising the serious intent in Shane's voice. Surely they couldn't now be considering thrashing his tool?

The boy's worst fears were soon confirmed as Tyler produced a short leather strap and he slapped it across his own left palm as he smiled and looked at Rob's dick.

Tyler stepped up near, and without any hesitation, he gave Rob's dick shaft a very sharp tap with the strap.

Rob grimaced and begged everyone to forgive him and release him. He pleaded and promised to do whatever they wanted if only they would let him free.

Tyler smiled and snapped the strap across Rob's canon again, then again. Rob was dancing around and causing himself even more pain in the balls.

Tyler continued to snap the strap onto Rob's dick, then after about eight strokes, he moved down and started to strike the heavy sack hanging from the boy's nuts.

Rob now screamed for Tyler to stop, and sweat poured from every inch of his naked body.

Tyler was enjoying see the kid suffer and he took the strap directly to Rob's nuts.

Three sharp snaps of the strap to Rob's stretched balls had him screaming for mercy. Nevertheless, Rob's dick was still growing bigger and harder by the minute and it now pointed to the sky.

Tyler dragged the canon down again to give it another smack with the leather.

Rob's entire body now dripped with sweat and his eyes were flooded with tears.

Shane wrapped more twine round the base of the lad's engorged cock so the he had no chance of ejaculating.

Rob's massive erection now stood rock hard, locked in its state of readiness.

Tyler stepped back and called Marco over.

The kid stepped forward.

"OK, now you will wank his meat firmly for him," stated Tyler.

Marco looked amazed but he didn't hesitate for a moment as he reached out and grasped the beautiful boy's veined shaft with relish.

Everyone knew that the wanking by Marco would simply add to Rob's frustration and humiliation.

As expected the rough wanking that Marco gave Rob during the next few minutes was entertaining to everyone except Rob himself. Marco went at it with some real enthusiasm.

Shane finally called out to Marco, "Stop now, you are enjoying it too much."

Rob was panting and heaving; his stomach was sucked in and his calves and thighs were in agony as he still danced on his toes.

Tyler moved in again, and slapped the strap harshly into Rob's belly. He then went on up to his stretched chest and gave him ten stinging strikes across his pecs.

Rob groaned and screeched, all the time begging Tyler to stop. He was however, slowly becoming de-sensitised, and he started to realise that there was some enjoyment to be had from his lashing. He certainly didn't enjoy having his privates lashed so when his dick and nuts took another six strikes, he was mortified.

"You're not so brave now pretty boy are you," smiled Tyler.

Rob gagged; "No sir, please stop sir, I'll do anything you ask if you'll just stop...please."

Shane spoke up, "OK, let him down."

Tyler and Luke slackened the ropes on Rob's wrists, and lowered him. He trembled a little and lowered his arms towards his balls, moving to untie the cord from his nuts.

"Not so fuckin' fast boy wonder," said Shane, "the sack stays."

"What, why, for how long?" gagged Rob.

"Till Tyler and me say so, that's how long," answered Shane curtly. "Now get back to work and let's see you move that sledgehammer with enthusiasm or you'll be in even more trouble."

It was very difficult and painful for Rob to walk, let alone work. The heavily laden nut sack hung down and dragged Rob's balls with a nagging, constant pain. He staggered over to the work area as everyone looked on and he bent very gingerly to pick up the heavy hammer.

They all stood over Rob until he'd taken his first three shots at the rock. Every time that he raised the hammer high, it stretched his body and his balls and made him grimace in agony.

The naked young guy looked a superb sight, so beautiful yet so pained. He kept to his task with gritted teeth.

There was some grudging admiration for Rob now. His bravery and strength of character were obvious to all.

After an hour, everyone was tiring and Rob looked wretched and utterly exhausted.

Shane strode up to Rob and ordered him to stop, "You are now ready for some more treatment pretty boy."

Rob was utterly horrified and almost at breaking point.

"That lovely cherub arse needs some leather across it," stated Shane, "just to ensure you remember not to be wanking during the day.

Marco heard the proposal and he saw the pain and anguish in Rob's face.

"Will you give me Rob's punishment please and spare him," asked the kid.

"You've taken enough already in the past few days," answered Shane.

"No, really, I can take it for Rob," was Marco's sincere response.

Shane grinned, "Nice one kid, get over here and drop your pants."

Marco looked buff and his taut body was colouring up nicely. He strode up and dropped his shorts, followed by his skimpy white pants. He stepped out of them and he knew exactly what was expected. He turned, bent over and grasped his ankles.

Marco's arse presented the perfect sight for thrashing. It was alabaster white, with perfectly formed round tight cheeks.

Shane could now see that young Marco had already experienced plenty of harsh treatment to his arse in the past. There were masses of feint marks of the lash across the boy's buns.

Shane hesitated for a few moments considering his options. He realised that this kid had been thrashed more times that he ever should have been. He'd done nothing wrong today and he certainly shouldn't be punished here.

"I'm proposing that we let you off and give pretty boy half the punishment," stated Shane.

Marco seemed disappointed, "No, give it to me as agreed."

Shane realised that he needed to maintain order and discipline and he stepped over and took a fierce whippy cane from Tyler. He realised that Marco needed to prove himself and he was the man to give him the opportunity.

The big guy got his distance sorted and exclaimed, "Hold tight boy, this is gonna hurt."

He brought his huge muscular arm up above his head and let fly with a whoosh.

The cane cracked across Marco's firm flesh causing an instantaneous red welt to appear, almost before Marco could shudder in pain. The red witness mark ran across both cheeks of the kid's arse with just a small gap between. The welt was raising as they looked, transfixed at it.

Adam and Ben were quite horrified at the violence and neither wanted to see Marco take more pain.

What was perhaps the most amazing thing of all was that Marco hardly moved and he didn't utter a decibel of protest or anguish.

Shane looked puzzled and slightly disappointed.

Tyler also looked surprised.

The others just looked...

Shane hit the boy again and he still didn't appear to flinch.

"Loosing your fuckin' touch Shane?" mocked Tyler.

Shane raised the cane and struck Marco again, then again and again without stopping, or waiting a moment for some reaction.

The crimson lines built in number, each vivid and as bad as the one before.

Marco was in turmoil and agony but he knew that Shane loved him and that he must take whatever was given to him. That was what he was brought up to do.

After eight of the worst lashes that anyone had seen, Shane came to his senses and despite all his normal instincts, he knew that he must find a way to stop. He couldn't believe that this slender slip of a kid could be so brave.

The cane was raised again, and Shane slashed it very low and across Marco's tender thighs.

Marco's eyes shut tight and his teeth began grinding together, "Thank you sir."

Shane was mortified. He expected Marco to fall over screaming for mercy.

He raised the cane again and aimed low for a second time. He wound his huge arm back further and paused before unleashing everything he had.

The cane struck more or less the same spot and there was a loud cracking snap as it broke into splinters across the boy's thighs.

Marco shuddered and finally groaned but didn't move, "That was a painful one, thank you sir."

"Stand up boy," ordered Luke.

Marco struggled to stand up straight and he was shaking and as white as a sheet. His eyes ran with tears of pain.

Jimmy ran across and grabbed him to his huge chest before he fell.

"I'm OK sir, thank you," said Marco quietly.

"You was amazing kid, I can't imagine how you took that treatment without moving," replied Jimmy, hugging Marco.

"I did it for Rob," was the simple reply.

Everyone turned and looked at Rob.

Rob was also in tears, he was shocked through to the core at what he'd seen Marco take on his behalf and he wished that he was half the man that Marco was.

They turned back to tend to Marco and there was a shout from young Rob, "Guys, I feel such a coward and I should never have allowed Marco to do that for me. I'm never gonna live with myself -- will you introduce my back to the lash?"


The end of Chapter 19.