Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 2


This second instalment, like the first, is totally fictional as are the lads in it.
As they say, `Please don't try this at home guys'.
I hope that some of you will enjoy reading the story.

From Dave. (

Chapter 2

Shane had just walked out of the barn after receiving some serious correction from his brother Luke. At that very same moment, his two sixteen year old pals had arrived back to the farm and they stopped just across the yard with their mouths open, and they both gagged at the sight of Shane's body that had so obviously taken some real treatment in the previous hour or so.

Shane was a sight to behold, battered and bruised yet so strong and unflinching. He was dripping wet from head to toe. He wore only shorts and his trainers and his chest was bright red, particularly across all of his muscular abs and pecs. Curiously, he showed few signs of distress, and he walked purposefully and very upright towards his friends.

"Gee Shane, what happened to you?" asked Tyler.

"Luke's been hardening me up since I performed below par on the chin-up bar," was Shane's simple answer, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be systematically beaten by your teen brother when your workout was just slightly below par.

"Wow -- that's amazing," stated Jimmy.

"Unbe-flippin'-lievable," said Tyler.

"No problem, it was better than being strung up and whipped," concluded Shane. "I do need a drink now, and maybe one of you could apply some lotion to my body `cos it's on fire."

"I'll do that," volunteered both Jimmy and Tyler in total unison.

"Hey, not so fast guys, you both obviously want to get your hands on my teen-god muscles, and that's fine because there are plenty to go around you both. It'll be good for you to feel what a real muscle boy's body is like and it might encourage you to work towards similar greatness."

"First thing first...I'll have to go to get the lotion. You should grab a drink from the well whilst I nip in for the stuff...and, whilst you are at it, you'd better get stripped to your waists if you want to hang around here".

Tyler and Jimmy just looked at Shane, then at one-another in wonder.

It was obvious that the lads were keen to be here and wanting to stay. They had been very eager to return as quickly as possible as it was barely an hour and a half since they had previously left and here they were back again and `ready for action'.
Their own homes were more than four miles away so even though they had their bikes, it did suggest that they hadn't hung around -- especially considering that they'd had a stop off for a good wank along the way.

They were hoping for some active involvement and had got themselves somewhat sexed-up at the very thought of being able to work-out with Shane and the massive beast that was his brother Luke. Both guys still had the same shorts and trainers on but Jimmy now wore a small white cotton tee shirt that was too-tight and thus accentuated his upper body and Tyler wore a loose fitting runner's type of singlet with very narrow shoulder straps that provided a good view of his wide shoulders and his arms. As he moved, there was also a decent glimpse of his upper chest and the briefest sight of his pert young nipples.

Jimmy considered things. "What are we going to do?" he asked Tyler.

"Well there are two choices" answered Tyler. "We can either do a runner now and probably never come back, or we can do as we were told."

They went silent for a moment, then, quite deliberately, Jimmy began to pull off his tee-shirt.

Tyler looked on,...then he too began to drag his vest up and over his head.

They looked at one another, wondering what they might be letting themselves in for.

Just then, Shane reappeared carrying his lotion..."You've decided to stop then," he said, very casually.

The lads looked a bit bashful to be stood bare chested in front of Shane.

Shane quickly surveyed the scene and remarked, "Well there's plenty of scope for improvement with your two boy-bodies isn't there? It's going to take a lot of hard work, and it'll take time, but I'm up for the challenge if you are."

The two lads retorted that they were `up for it.'

"You should have worked much harder in the school gym instead of standing watching me pound out the reps with my huge hypnotic physique," laughed Shane.

They knew that he was right and looked even more bashful.

Both Tyler and Jimmy were active young sixteen year olds who were from modest farming families. As such, they were lithe and strong but not built anything like Shane. Now that they were shirtless, it was clear that there was plenty of physical potential in each lad with both having very different attributes.

Tyler had the broadest shoulders which were incredibly straight and square and he had relatively long and somewhat gangling limbs as do many young teen lads before they fill-out. He had angular (somewhat bony) elements to his body, particularly around the shoulders, and his rib-cage showed to some degree. His pecs were small, but hard and defined with small perky button-nipples and in the centre of his chest was a small vertical gap between his chest muscles. His stomach was flat and hard looking with some signs of abdominal muscles. His arms were quite scrawny but he did have some small, obvious, and quite hard looking biceps with significant amount of veins showing. Visually, he might have been able to train up to be a good swimmer.

Jimmy was quite different; not as tall, nor gangling as his pal. He was overall more compact, and also more visually powerful. Whist he wasn't highly muscled, he was well proportioned, and it was immediately obvious that he was a fit lad and that he would relatively easily build his muscles providing that he had sufficient dedication. Without any doubt, it was clear to see that Jimmy's main attribute was his chest, and particularly his pectoral muscles which were very attractively plump and rounded. Whilst not being particularly well developed, they had great spread and Shane immediately thought that they had tremendous potential for mass building. He took this on board as a personal challenge to see how big he could get this boy. It was noticeable that Jimmy's nipples were quite big and adolescently plump. His legs were powerful with good thighs and calves. Unlike Tyler, Jimmy's body had a decent layer of flesh and very little outwardly visible bone structure, yet he carried no particular fat. A sporting analogy for Jimmy's physique might be a young sprint runner.

Tyler's complexion and hair was somewhat fair, whereas Jimmy was darker skinned with dark brown hair. Jimmy had a very slight treasure trail of hair running from his waist band to his cute innie belly button. Tyler was completely smooth and hair free.

Tyler's shorts were relatively small and this further accentuated his long legs, whilst Jimmy's shorts were longer in the leg, and of a heavier texture that perfectly complemented his rugged and more powerful build.

Overall, both lads had good tanned physiques that suggested that they were fairly used to going shirtless and their bodies had obviously seen some decent physical work during their young lives.

Shane took the top off the bottle that he held, and without pause or hesitation, he poured some of the clear lotion onto his red chest and some over onto his back.

"OK lads," he said cheerily, "Don't be fightin' over it. One on my front, and one on my back. Just be careful, because my chest and back are minced, and I don't want any more pain today."

Tyler was first forward, and he made a bee-line for Shane's fabulous chest, leaving Jimmy with his back. On close inspection, Jimmy wasn't disappointed and he became very excited at being able tackle this mountainous and fabulously muscled edifice.

Tyler was shaking, and almost delirious when he actually felt the incredibly hard undulating muscles of Shane's beautiful chest and abs.

Whilst in total awe, they went about the task carefully and precisely, almost professionally exploring and rubbing every inch of flesh on Shane's torso. Tyler thought that he was in heaven as he caressed Shanes hat peg nipples and Jimmy knew that this was probably as good as life could get -- they were both totally hooked.

Shane enjoyed every second of having these teen-boy hands and eyes worship his muscular body.

All three had splendid erections, and whilst Shane's state was hidden from view because of his tight trunks, he noted with satisfaction that Tyler was in a real lather and he was very satisfied to think that it was his body that had caused this very gratifying state in his pal. He also noted that both boys had quite a sweat on in their excitement and this, in turn, helped to make their own physiques look quite buff.

Shane ultimately had to call for a halt, and he stepped back to survey the two lads again. "Well it's obvious from the state of your shorts that you thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to worship my fabulous body and that you love my muscles. However, be very aware that, apart from Rule 1, which states that no tops will ever be worn whilst you are here, Rule 2 is equally as important. Rule 2 states that there will be absolutely no self gratification between breakfast time and through till after dinner at night. Just to clarify -- this means no-wanking -- OK?"

"OK," they replied somewhat disappointedly.

Shane added; "Rule 2 can only be over-ruled by Luke or by team consensus as part of the bonding or correction process -- clear?"

"Clear," they replied.

"Right, Luke and me have already had a very torturous day, so let's take you through your paces and see what we are up against," said Shane, leading them to the barn's front door.

Luke was inside tidying up some of the weights having already moved the hay bales. He immediately turned to observe the approaching trio.

"Are you recovered from your punishment?" asked Luke of Shane.

"Not at all. Everything hurts like hell...and how's your back?"

"Lashed and on fire," responded Luke.

"I've two volunteers who would more than love to help you with your recovery," stated Shane. "Here is Tyler, and this is Jimmy. They both want to work with us because they aspire to build their puny boy-bodies into something much better".

"That sounds OK in theory, but can we trust them, and will they obey the rules and work very hard?" asked Luke, directing his question towards his brother but also very much encompassing Tyler and Jimmy.

"Shane's told us Rule 1 -- no tops and Rule 2 -- no-wanking, and we've no problems with that," said Tyler.

"And we will work and work as much and as hard as you tell us to, so that we achieve the maximum possible for our bodies," said Jimmy...and he added with a twinkle in his eye "But I'm not as sure about the no-wanking rule as you guys seem to be".

"You'd better be careful Jimmy boy, because any transgression might get you in serious trouble," stated Shane with a wicked smile.

"OK, that's a good start," said Luke. "You seem to be talking our language, but there are other rules."

"I thought that there might be," said Jimmy.

"Before that, let's see how you can handle the weights and see if you are worthy of joining us," said Luke.
"I can see that you have quite decent bodies -- those shoulders of yours are as square and broad as any I've seen in any kid your age," he said to Tyler, "and your pecs have great potential lad," he said to Jimmy. "We could very soon whip those into shape", he said with a wicked look.

Luke reached out and felt Jimmy's pecs and he immediately flexed them for Luke's benefit. Luke laughed. "Yeh, these are quite heavy already kid. Plenty of hard work and these could be really quite presentable". Jimmy couldn't believe that this huge guy could possibly want to feel his weak muscles but he loved the attention and the feel of Luke holding his tits.

"Let's get going," said Shane, "I want to give `em some pain, and see these two sweat."

It was obvious to Tyler and Jimmy that this might be their one and only opportunity to impress Luke, and they knew that they'd need to, at minimum, demonstrate their total commitment and willingness to work very hard or they would be sent packing -- neither wanted to consider this possibility.

Shane told the lads that they always started with a few light reps with each exercise to warm up, but that they didn't subscribe to too-much sissy stuff so they'd quickly progress to some `decent' weight.

"Everyone is built different so you must use your strengths and work hard on your weaknesses, It's not a competition to lift more than the next guy, it's a challenge to attain the very best body for yourself and we will each help one another in the quest," advised Luke..."Enough of that, let's get going. I'll start with your assessment Jimmy, and Shane will test Tyler."

They agreed to take one exercise at a time and rotate after four sets of six to ten reps.

They began, and as they progressed, Luke explained some of the philosophy of their life here on the farm. "The basic aim is to have as enjoyable a life as possible; we want to live life to the full. We will achieve great gains and experience immense highs of pleasure and satisfaction through hard work. If we do ask you to stay, and you decide that this is what you want, then you must be totally committed, and above all you must be absolutely and without any question willing to obey all the rules and to do anything and everything for each one of us".

Luke continued, "Life will be mostly fantastic, but failure, poor performance, and any rule breaking will not be tolerated, and any transgressions will be dealt with harshly with various levels and durations of corrective punishment. As such, Rule 3 is that you must be willing to accept the level of correction that is deemed to be appropriate by either myself or by decision of the team. Have a very good think about this because it is as fundamental to life here as the pleasures, and there can be no opting out of this principal rule."

Tyler and Jimmy looked wide eyed. They didn't really know what types of correction Luke was alluding to, but they had seen enough earlier today to imagine what could be involved, and they were strangely excited at the prospect of finding out more.

All the while, the lads were being worked with sets of exercises and weights that were testing their bodies to the limit.

Luke and Shane were already sufficiently impressed with the two lads and they knew that they could be integrated providing that this was what they really wanted.

The teens were looking good as they laboured away with some very decent weights. Luke had selected exercises for them that focussed on the visually exciting movements like military presses, bench presses, pull-ups on the bar and the current exercise for Jimmy that was the laying dumbbell flyes. This was so the lads could demonstrate their strength and show their bodies off and also give them confidence in working-out shirtless in front of the big guys and one-another.

Luke encouraged the best from them telling them that they were doing well and looking buff.

Jimmy pumped out a few reps with the heavy dumbbells, bringing them up together above his chest then flying them out, stretching his pecs to the limit at the fully extended point. Luke told him to hold the position and he reached down and put his palms across Jimmy's left and right pecs. "Feel the stretch Jimmy, really think about the muscles in your pecs and look at my chest, imagining that each rep is growing you towards my size and form."

Jimmy stretched deeper and wider, then started the upward movement of his arms with Luke still holding his pecs. "Squeeze them together at the top and flex the pecs Jimmy," said Luke. He did, and he did two more reps the same, feeling fantastic as he squeezed his pecs and felt Luke's hands enjoying his very respectable and extremely taught chest muscles.

Luke looked down and laughed to see Jimmy's shorts tented up to a peak.

After an hour, both boys were showing signs of exhaustion but they were pushed on for another thirty minutes to see how they responded. Both indeed did respond perfectly, pushing on, and working beyond their exhaustion, and taking the pain very well and with pride.

"Right, I want you both on the chinning bar; side by side. We'll see how many pull-ups you can do," said Shane. "We'll have a competition to end the test with."

They jumped up and grabbed the bar, hanging at full stretch alongside one another and looking very erotic with their teen bodies tense and strong after pumping out so many reps with the weights. Shane couldn't stop himself from running his hand down Tyler's smooth, flat, and stretched abs, pausing to look at, and feel his gorgeous little outie belly button. He then began to laugh, "Hey Shane, look at this. It's not a belly button, it's Tyler's dick-button. When you press it, his dick springs to attention. Look, I'll do it again." Shane softly brushed Tyler's sensitive belly-button and indeed, his dick sprang further up.

"Awesome," said Luke, "Has Jimmy got one like that?"

"Let's see," said Shane, reaching across to Jimmy's belly. "No, it doesn't seem to work the same. "Maybe Jimmy's dick switch is higher up. Look at those big voluptuous brown nips. I'll try them."

Jimmy knew what would happen when Shane touched his nipples and he felt rather shameful.

Shane tweaked both of Jimmy's lovely plump nips and, low and behold, his dick began to grow, clearly showing some signs of life through his shorts.

"Yep, just as I thought - his dick switches are right here," laughed Shane, "let's see what we can do"...

He twiddled and caressed Jimmy's nipples, squeezing and brushing them as he hung steady on the bar.

Jimmy's dick very quickly became rock hard and it was then straining at his shorts.

"Well we already know what excites these two don't we?"

Shane had to stop himself, and come back down to earth. He returned to Tyler and remarked quickly, "This gut looks like it could do with some work...with my fists".

Shane looked at Luke and winked....

Unseen by the lads, they each picked up a table tennis bat from behind the hanging bodies.

"OK, do your first full pull-up and make sure that your chin gets up above the bar, then hold your bodies there until you are told to lower." said Shane.

They strained their bodies and tensed their biceps and shoulders and pulled up to the chinning bar holding strongly in position but trembling slightly with the strain.

Luke was positioned behind Jimmy, and Shane behind Tyler.

They pulled the bats back behind their heads ready to strike, then, without any warning to the prostrate lads, they unleashed their arms and the bats towards their buttocks. There was a loud swishing noise before the bats struck the lads with incredible venom. The boys' heads flew back in unison as they screamed out loud. They just about remained on the bar, but they were shaking with shock and pain.

Luke and Shane hadn't finished, and they pulled the bats back and whacked them into the lads arses again with similar results. On the third strike the boys dropped back to full stretch but they somehow stayed gripped onto the bar. They knew that this was a crucial part of the test that must be passed successfully and neither lad wanted to give in easily. Another two strikes landed, and the boys were virtually broken and ready to submit to the inevitable failure. They whimpered, and had tears rolling down their eyes.

"OK, drop down," said Shane.

They happily obeyed this command with much relief, and dropped to the ground, gingerly clutching their buttocks.

"Right," said Shane, "Bend over that bale of hay for another six strokes each, but this time I want you arses bare for the punishment".

Tyler and Jimmy looked mortified, but said nothing. It was obvious that their resolve was being tested to the limit.

Jimmy was the first to begin the slow walk towards the bale and Tyler very reluctantly followed.

On reaching the hay, Jimmy carefully pulled down his shorts revealing a very bright red arse and he looked across at Shane and Luke before bending down over the bale with his buttocks high and ready for the torture.

Tyler bit his lip and followed, dropping his shorts and assuming the same prone position with his hard muscular butt looking incredibly red and hot.

Shane and Luke approached slowly and very deliberately. The lads had tears in their eyes and they tensed their buttocks ready for the mincing to come, and wondering what they had let themselves in for.

"Do you still want to stay?" asked Luke.

"Yes sir," said Jimmy.

" sir," stuttered Tyler in terror.

"OK then, brace yourselves punks," barked Shane, "this is going to kill you and we will pause for a full minute between each stroke so that you can enjoy every moment of your ordeal."

They physically shook, awaiting their thrashing to begin. Their bodies were covered totally in sweat.

"Right -- here goes," cried Luke..."stoke one."

In absolute unison, the bats were raised to full stretch, than with incredible speed and maximum force, they were crashed down onto the boy's beautiful bare arses, making an incredibly horrible cracking-slapping sound that echoed around the building.

The lads seemed to momentarily pause, then the searing pain reached their brains and their bodies went into a massive spasm from their butts to their toes and up to their shoulders. They went rigid and let out screams that reverberated all around the high barn. Their buttocks now had very dark red imprints of the dimpled rubber of the bats.

They shook, and tears rolled down their faces.

"Hey, I liked that," said Shane grinning. "Did you see their reaction? Let's up the ante, and give their arses a dozen strokes each - six on each cheek."

"Sounds good bro', I think that we'll draw blood after about five and it'll be a shame to stop then," laughed Luke cruelly.

The two prone figures looked up totally mortified at this prospect. Tyler thought that he'd probably die if he took one more stroke, let alone twelve.

"Are you staying with us for twelve each boys?" asked Luke.

"Please have mercy on us sir," cried Tyler.

"If we have to have it, then please do it quickly Luke, because I think I might die," said Jimmy resolutely.

"Just do it," said Tyler, tensing his buttocks.

"OK, let's give it to them," said Shane and the boys closed their eyes and waited for the pain.

Nothing immediately was probably part of the torture thought Jimmy...

They waited...and waited, with their buttocks clenched and hard, then, after a pause of about two minutes, the boys suddenly felt a wonderful cool, soothing stoking of their bare buttocks. Luke and Shane were applying cooling antiseptic lotion to their blazing flesh.

"You did fine lads, and you have passed every test that we've given you and you were ready to take any amount of torture to stay with us," said Luke.

They both cried unashamedly in absolute relief and Luke hugged Jimmy and Shane embraced Tyler.

They were shaking, and at least temporarily broken, but both young guys suddenly realised that they had passed the trials and that they could stay here with Luke and Tyler, and they then realised that they both had massive throbbing boners between their legs. Shane grabbed Tyler's crotch remarking, "You new lads obviously love being thrashed and tortured by your new muscle daddies."

"OK, that's enough," said Luke, "Let's not push them any further. I'm already happy that you are physically able to work with us and I'm happy to have you live here. The question is...Do you want to join us, are you dedicated enough, and can you adhere totally to our rules of life? Remember that this isn't a short term commitment; it is for the long term. If you are with us then you will have to give up your old life and come here to live and work full time. You will get everything that you need to live by and the rewards will be great...Now, are you in or out? -- If you are out, then you can leave without problem, but remember that there's no coming back."

Jimmy looked at Tyler and Tyler at Jimmy. "We haven't got any jobs, and we haven't got much prospect of one in the near future," said Jimmy. "My folks will be happy if I tell them that I'm working and living on a farm. I'm definitely in if you will have me."

Tyler added, "I'm absolutely certain that this is the best and most exciting opportunity that I've ever had, and it will give me something to live for at last. I'm definitely in...will you have us?"

"Yes, we will have you here. When do you want to start?" asked Luke.

"I can get my stuff and be here tomorrow morning," said Tyler.

"Me too," said Jimmy.

"OK, let's do it," said Shane -- "Just remember that our life is ours alone and no details of our brotherhood nor our rules can be given to anybody outside of us. Is that totally clear?"

"Yes," replied both the lads.

"Get off then, and we'll see you for breakfast at seven," said Luke. "Bring what you can carry, but you won't need much, just some decent trainers and some boots for the farm work. You will want a couple of tee shirts for the odd visit away from the farm." Then he added ominously, "We don't want anyone outside seeing your minced backs."

The teens paused to consider this remark, but didn't need to ask for clarification.

"Just one more question," said Luke. "Have either of you any medical conditions that we need to know about?"

"I have one," replied Jimmy seriously..."I suddenly can't stop my dick from going very, very hard."

They all laughed.

"You're not alone Jimmy boy -- you are not alone," said Luke.