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The farmhouse that was the teenage brothers' home was huge, having originated at the end of the old Colonial era. It had been extended and modernised many times throughout its long history. The end product was a home with great character and many large rooms. The house was begging for more life, and brothers Luke and Shane saw much potential for future growth in their `family'. Also very appropriate to the plan for growth was the extensive land that perfectly complimented their plans. There was almost unlimited opportunity for increases in the agriculture and livestock that would be required to support more hungry lads.

Curiously, since they had lived alone, the brothers had always found comfort and bonding in continuing to share the same one bedroom in the house that they'd occupied since childhood.

They discussed the arrival of Tyler and Jimmy, and they agreed that one sure way to ensure that they too formed the closest of bonds and `brotherhood' would be for them to also share a bedroom - and even a bed. They therefore moved one of the big double beds into a large bright room at the back of the house.

Tyler and Jimmy arrived as planned at 7 a.m. the next morning and they were quickly shown their room. Of course the double bed caused some raised eyebrows and typical teenage banter. Neither Tyler nor Jimmy seemed at all phased or disturbed at the prospect. "Don't you be coming near me with your flaming' great hard-ons each night," laughed Tyler.

"I think that it's me who's in danger, knowing how horny you are every morning," replied Jimmy. "I think I'd be better off sleeping on the floor."

They all grinned.

"It's all about bonding," explained Shane. "Don't worry because you'll sleep anywhere when we've finished with you."

The new lads smiled at the thought.

In truth, whilst Tyler and Jimmy had never once enjoyed any mutual form of intimacy, they had wanked side by side when they had a sleep over at one another's homes, and also on local camping expeditions during the school holidays. They were therefore not particularly bothered to now find themselves sharing a bed. Neither had ever thought of themselves as gay, and neither had been overtly lustful towards the other, but they were constantly horny, and their raging testosterone overpowered any thoughts of reticence towards future sexual possibilities. Both lads had occasionally wondered about their own sexuality because they knew how much they had been attracted to Shane at school and indeed towards one another's bodies. They had decided that they were simply confused and so they didn't dwell on the issue. The people in their local farming communities were practical and pragmatic and the harsh reality of life gave few opportunities to discuss, or even think to bother others with questions about the complexities of their adolescent minds and thoughts.

During the first four weeks, Tyler and Jimmy were worked very hard. Luke ensured that any really physically demanding tasks on and around the farm were allocated to the new lads and every afternoon they were pushed to their limits in the barn. They soon started to love the freedom and bravado that always being shirtless allowed them. They frequently had long strenuous runs together and they even spent time swimming in the cold river. This was not for recreation, but was hard endurance work as swimming against the river's fast flow really got their lungs and hearts pumping.

After a couple more weeks of foundation training and with some serious increase in their eating regimes, (mostly good pure protein), there were some startling changes for the better in their young teenage physiques.

Tyler was probably the more surprising of the two because it had been assumed upon his arrival, that with his gangling physique, he'd find muscular gains difficult to achieve.

It might have been that his biological clock was set slightly early, or it might simply have been the combination of food, and hard work, but his body was rapidly changing. In a short time he had bulked up and hardened his body extraordinarily. He was helped a lot by Luke who had planned his schedule and set him exercises with very heavy weights and low reps that built a strong foundation of bulk onto his previously slender frame. Luke limited Tyler's cardio work as he helped him to concentrate all his efforts on increasing his body mass.

Jimmy was almost the opposite in his training regime. He was also a fantastic gainer in mass terms, and he already showed significantly more muscle than he had on day one. However, Jimmy had to have sufficient hard cardio sessions so that he kept his body balanced and flexible.

The exception was with Jimmy's chest, which exploded in size within the first two weeks of intense training and had grown every day since. No matter how much running, skipping and swimming he did, his pectoral development continued with apace, and everyone loved to see this in the sixteen-year-old. He had been like a dormant seed waiting for the first rains before springing into growth. As soon as he began to train properly with heavy weights his body responded in spectacular fashion. Indeed, Shane had remarked after the first two weeks that Jimmy only had to look at the weights and his pecs would grow.

Jimmy usually paired up with Luke when they trained as Luke was the undoubted chest-master although it was Jimmy who saw the most obvious growth as he had started from a relatively low position. Now, when Jimmy trained his chest, the muscles in his pectoral zone were hypnotic to the other lads observing them. Everyone loved to watch him punish his chest with the maximum intensity.

After each session Jimmy's pecs were always pumped up to a magnificent level, standing proudly out beyond his lower rib cage. His legs were also getting a lot heavier due to the punishing routine of squats that he did. He now had great musculature in his thighs and they were particularly defined at the front.

Not to be outdone, Tyler would work out with such focus and ferocity that even Luke had to admire his resolve and determination. His capacity to work to the limits of his young body was unbelievable, and he too worked his chest particularly hard as he loved Jimmy's pecs and wanted to look like his pal. Tyler always insisted in having someone else work with him so that the partner could push him beyond his previous day's efforts and he'd be the first to step forward and volunteer himself for correction if he thought that he hadn't worked as hard or as intensely as he should have done. On more than one occasion, Luke, and even Shane had judged Tyler's efforts to be magnificent, yet he would admit to some minor failing in himself and he would present himself for a thrashing with the bat. This all added to the excitement and everyone took their share of the correction, but nobody seemed to relish the giving and taking as much as Tyler.

On one memorable day during week six, Tyler had worked hard in the sun all morning out in the yard. He had then continued to work tirelessly after lunch with the weights, and he performed to his normal maximum intensity alongside Shane. Tyler's back was looking very good as he'd got a little too much exposure to the sun lately and his shoulders and back were a lovely hot colour of reddish-brown. They worked with the weights through the early afternoon and Tyler was really pumped up and ready to take on the world with his newly acquired muscles feeling hard and strong. His muscles were screaming for relief given he had pushed himself beyond the limits. His body had already been shiny because of the oil that they'd applied during their morning's work in the sun, and now he was dripping wet with sweat due to his labours in the humid barn. He pushed out more and more reps on the bench press and then put on even more weight than ever before. He pushed out six good reps before faltering and Shane took the bar from him.

Tyler jumped up and exclaimed: "I'm absolutely crap today, I'm making no gains, and I need more persuasion to work harder."

Jimmy looked on in both surprise and slight amusement hearing Tyler rant after such a torturous workout. "Hey, give yourself a break man – you are doing incredible and your body is growing spectacularly. What more do you expect?" Jimmy shouted.

"I expect to feel the burn in every muscle group at every session and today it's just not happening. I need to be encouraged more," Tyler angrily shouted back.

As Shane had been working all afternoon with Tyler, he was a bit annoyed to hear him suggest that he wasn't being `encouraged', and he took this as a personal insult. "Hey, don't go shooting your mouth off about getting no encouragement after everything that I've done for you today, or you'll get more encouragement than you care to imagine – from me and my rope."

"Come on then big boy – bring it on if you think you are hard enough," shouted Tyler whose adrenalin must have been through the roof for him to talk like this to the explosive Shane.

It was of course like a red rag to a bull and Shane was in no mood to back away from a challenge from this punk. He leapt across the barn to the correction box and quickly pulled out the rope.

"Get over here then tough guy and let's see what you are really made of," screamed Shane.

Luke and Jimmy looked shocked at the sudden eruption, but Luke knew that such things were always likely to happen and he decided to let the two protagonists sort out their differences for themselves. He'd step in if things got really out of hand and he could see that Tyler was up for some aggravation. As he'd instigated this situation, then he deserved to be reigned-in.

Tyler went marching over to Shane. "OK, where do you want me?" he shouted in Shane's face, with his body shaking in rage.

"I'll lower the chains down and string you up high to begin," said Shane menacingly.

"Don't bother you girl, I don't need chaining up in the way that you would to take a whipping," shouted Tyler. "Get over here," he demanded of the shocked Shane and he turned and walked back to the centre of the training area.

Tyler rushed below the chinning bar and launched himself up without a moment's hesitation gripping the bar and hanging at full stretch with his smooth naked back presented to Shane to do his worst.

Shane was startled to be ordered about by this kid and he was raging mad that he had been insulted like this in front of the others.

In Jimmy's mind, it certainly didn't seem to be the best move for Tyler.

Shane dashed across, staring at Tyler's bare and glistening virgin back. His shoulders were defined as he hung from the bar and his lats spread out nicely. His tiny waist looked wonderful.

Luke knew that this was an incredible escalation in terms of correction as nobody had been lashed since Jimmy and Tyler had arrived. There had been numerous occasions when corrective punishment had been needed, but this had always been limited to a session with the bat or some similar tough but not devastating punishment. Nobody had come close to being threatened with a back lashing as this was considered to be the ultimate weapon to be used very sparingly. What Tyler was about to receive was more than any man should take, let alone a young teenage lad, but there was no way of avoiding the inevitable after such a stupid and sustained outburst from Tyler.

He hung straining from the bar snarling and cursing at Shane.

Shane was very angry, but for now, he was under some control as Luke had stepped forward (unseen by Tyler) and simply glared at Shane to warn him to keep control.

Nevertheless, Shane was ready to dish out some real torture to this mad kid's stretched back, and he was going to relish every moment.

Jimmy watched on in shock, horror and also with incredible pleasure as his young pal hung waiting to be lashed by this massively more strong and muscular boy. Jimmy's dick had registered its own delight as soon as Tyler had jumped up to the bar and it was now so hard that he thought that he'd explode at any moment.

"Are you ready then hard boy?" asked Shane.

"Just do your worst," retorted Tyler sarcastically.

"Don't underestimate me kid, this is going to kill you," replied Shane forcefully.

"Yeh, Yeh Ye...oh shit," said Tyler, his words stopping in full flow as Shane swung the rope viciously into his upper back with all the pent up venom that he'd been brewing for the past twenty minutes.

Tyler's response was much as expected and his head flew back, then forwards and he visibly shuddered.

"Like that do you boy?" asked Shane mockingly. "That soon shut your stupid mouth didn't it?"

Tyler didn't answer. This had of course been his first experience of the lash. He hadn't even witnessed it in action on someone else let alone felt it across his bare back. He now knew exactly what a horrific pain it was as it seared into his flesh and he realised, far too late, that he didn't like it at all.

Shane was enraged, and his own adrenalin was pumping. He was intent on making this kid suffer and eat his words for being so cocky. He took it as a challenge that he would flog his back into total submission and he'd certainly lash him off the bar.

He dragged his arm back and again crashed the rope into Tyler's flesh and sweat flew off his body showering across and onto to a startled Jimmy.

Wonderful big red welts appeared across the full width of Tyler's broad back and shoulders.

"Like it now do you soft lad?" shouted Shane. "I can't hear you mouthing off any longer and you've only taken two strokes."

No response again from Tyler who hung on tight, straining and shaking.

In quick succession, Tyler took another venomous lash lower to his back, quickly followed by another to his flexing shoulders. He cried out in pain and anguish.

The next two strokes took a real toll, and certainly hit the mark on Tyler's mind and body as Shane aimed them at virtually the same spot, high on the kid's muscled back. Tyler finally came back to earth as he realised what he'd brought upon himself. The reality of his predicament hit him like a hammer. His back was aflame and he knew that he wouldn't be able to take much more. Little did he know, but he'd already taken more strokes than Luke had endured, and neither Shane nor Jimmy had experienced even one stroke with the lash, let alone six—with the promise of more to come.

Shane wasn't entirely sure, but he sensed that he was finally getting through, and he knew that only he would win this test of strength. He brought the rope back again and struck it as close to the previous two welts as he possibly could.

Tyler screamed, but somehow managed to hang on, but Shane knew that the kid's time was almost up, and he smiled to himself.

Jimmy was in absolute awe and his dick felt like a concrete pole.

Luke caught his brother's eye, and to Shane's utter disappointment he saw him mouthing silently that the next stroke had to be the last.

He now knew that this next lash had to do the business good and proper, or to some extent he would have failed and he'd then certainly lose face. He wasn't in any mood to let this punk stay voluntarily hanging from the bar after taking everything that he could throw at his back.

He quietly took a step closer to Tyler's brutalised back and he raised the rope up very high, taking careful aim at the area just below his right pit. He then unleashed his arm and all his massive muscle power and the rope screamed through the air.

Luke grimaced, and Jimmy shut his eyes and prayed for his poor pal.

Shane smashed the rope into its target and it hit the flesh of his right lat, and then whistled onwards with the ends wrapping around his torso and burying themselves into his taught, rock hard right pectoral. Its flight ended smack bang onto his erect nipple.

It took just a moment for the pain to register on Tyler, but the effect was as spectacular as it was distressing. He went totally rigid and he screamed like an animal. He instantly released his grip and fell writhing to the floor in a heap, grasping with both hands at his right pectoral muscle, unable to relieve the incredible agony coursing through his torso.

"Want some more soft-lad?" taunted Shane right in Tyler's face, and he wrapped the rope around his neck and pulled his head back till they were eye to eye.

"God no, that was worse than my worst nightmares I couldn't have ever imagined that it would be so horrible," stuttered Tyler with tears in both eyes. "I'm so sorry Shane – I don't know what I was doing, but I must have been possessed."

"You don't know what you were doing, but I do," responded Shane angrily. "You were asking for some encouragement. I think that you got what you wanted, and some more besides, you snivelling idiot."

He ordered the prostrate boy to go over to him but Tyler hesitated.

"I said come here. Now," ordered Shane.

Tyler began to get up from the floor. His movements were laboured and very deliberate, and he cringed in pain with every movement. On his back, were a mass of bright red welts and bruises. Jimmy made to move to help his best pal but one glare from Shane was enough for him to stay where he was.

When Tyler stood up, they could see that his chest was also horrendously painful looking where the rope had lashed into his right pec. His nipple was flaming and slightly bleeding.

He walked slowly over to Shane who was standing by the bench from where the performance had begun.

"You wanted encouragement and you got it. Now that you are fully encouraged, let's see you work. Get down and give me ten of your best on the bench press," said Shane very seriously.

"I can't lay down there now with my back totally minced," replied Tyler in a pleading voice.

"Oh yes you can because that's what you asked for," stated Shane. "Get down now. I'm encouraging you as you demanded."

Tyler stood rooted to the spot.

"Down," ordered Shane.

"You'd better do it kid," added Luke.

"Just do it," shouted Shane.

Tyler still hesitated and Shane lost his cool and sprang at him grasping his upper arms from the front. Tyler was dragged toward the bench and his legs were put into position with them straddling it. He was then roughly pushed down, until he sat on it. Tyler tried to resist but he couldn't hope to fight against Shane's muscle and mass. Shane released his grip on his arms and immediately pushed with all his might onto Tyler's upper chest, forcing his back down until it contacted the hard bench.

Tyler screamed out in absolute agony as his raw back was pushed onto the wood.

Very cruelly, Shane even gave Tyler's chest a good hard rub into the surface causing him to shriek for mercy. Shane just laughed in his face. "You wanted the pain to encourage you to go for the burn and you are getting it punk. Can you feel the burn now?" he sneered.

Luke and Jimmy shuddered at this turn of events and Jimmy took a step forward towards his friend before Luke stepped in his path to halt him. "No Jimmy, this is something they have to sort out," Luke said.

Tyler was still shouting out in pain and terror, "No Shane, please, please let me free, I'm absolutely wrecked...I'm really sorry about what I said."

"You aren't moving from that bench `till I get ten full reps," said Shane.

"I can't," replied Tyler, "Honest, I can't even lift my arms up."

"It'll be a very long night then for us both then," replied Shane with the utmost conviction.

Tyler lay there trying not to move and he considered his options. He knew that there was but one option and that was Shane's option.

"We're waiting soft lad."

Tyler slowly reached up to grasp the barbell and he groaned and pulled his arms back down quickly.

"Oh you soft pratt – come on, we're waiting to see the hard guy perform after all his encouragement," said Shane. "Is this the same kid who was doing all the mouthing off half an hour ago?"

He leant down towards Tyler again and the lad tried to recoil, but there was nowhere to go. Shane again pressed his hands against Tyler's chest and started to apply pressure with his muscular arms.

Tyler shouted long and loud for him to stop. He eased up: "Are you ready to give me ten?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll give you anything if you stop," stammered Tyler.

"OK, just do it." Shane went behind Tyler's head to spot the barbell.

Tyler lay there trying to compose himself and he gritted his teeth and began to psych himself up for one really monumental effort. He tried to think of good things to block out the pain. He thought of being helped by Jimmy when this was all over, then of wanking with him after his pal had admired his stripes. He was ready, and he growled and thought about tying Shane up and whipping him till his huge back was raw and he was begging Tyler to show him mercy. In his mind, he pumped up his shoulders and arms and thinking of himself as a herculean monster.

Without any further hesitation, he let out a loud shout and reached up to grasp the bar and in one strong movement he pushed it up off its stand and above his chest at arms stretch. He paused a moment before lowering it to his nipples then thrust it up again.

Jimmy was now cheering his pal on, and shouting words of encouragement and admiration.

Even Luke was shouting for him to `go for it'.

Jimmy was wide eyed and fully boned up as he watched the incredible performance, and Tyler continued to pump out more reps, shouting and cursing at himself, but seemingly oblivious of any outside influences. He knew that he mustn't hesitate for a moment.

He pushed on with his chest, shoulders and arms steaming and straining.

He went on and on and he finally reached rep number ten, and only then did the enormity of the effort hit him and he faltered and again felt the searing pain in his back. He shuddered and slowed to an almost stop with the weight almost crushing into his pecs. His shoulders were straining and trembling.

Jimmy shouted out, "Just one more Tyler, just do it man...please, push it, push, push."

Shane was about to grab the bar to release him from his torture, when Tyler appeared to grind his brutalised back into the bench and he let out a massive roar and pressed the heavy barbell high and mighty, holding it for a few seconds with his pecs looking flared and hard before he dropped it back and onto its stand without any assistance.

Jimmy whooped and jumped in the air and rushed over to his tortured friend just as Tyler let his arms fall down and he began to cry in anguish and pain. "You were absolutely magnificent Ty, I can't believe what you just did," screeched his young pal.

"Help me up...please guys," pleaded Tyler.

Jimmy and Luke quickly, but very carefully, brought Tyler up to a sitting position from where they could see at close quarters the damage done to his back by the lashing and then the bench. It looked pretty grim. "Get him to the house and clean him up and put something on that back," ordered Luke. "That's more than enough for today."

They got Tyler to his feet, and Jimmy supported him and led him staggering towards the barn door.

"Hey kid," shouted Shane from the bench.

They stopped at the door and looked round fearing there was more to come.

"You did well there, hard boy, you've a lot of spunk," said Shane, adding as an after-thought, "but you are sure one mad son-of-a-bitch."

They all finally relaxed a bit, and Tyler smiled, suddenly feeling quite a lot better.

Once in the house, Jimmy took Tyler straight upstairs to their bedroom and sat him carefully on the bed. "Are you OK for a minute while I get the lotion?" asked Jimmy.

"Yes, I think I'll live," replied his mate.

Jimmy dashed downstairs and got the `magic potion' as Shane liked to call it, and he returned quickly. "This is going to hurt-bad," said Jimmy factually, "but I'll be gentle."

"All right, just do it, it's not going to hurt like Shane's rope did, and at least I can tell you to stop if it gets too bad," reasoned Tyler.

Jim carefully applied the lotion, causing Tyler to wince. He smoothed it very gently across the tortured flesh of his shoulders and back.

"Hell Tyler, this back looks awful, yet incredible with all these stripes, I couldn't believe you hung on there and let him flog you so viciously. You looked so hard and so brave. What did it feel like when you were being whipped?"

"It felt like I was going to die after the first lash and by the third, I knew that he would win, but I wasn't going to let him beat me without a fight. Do you think that my stripes will stay visible for a while?"

"Looking at your back right now, I'd say that they'll be around with us for a long time buddy," Jimmy replied. .

Tyler smiled, satisfied that his pain had been worthwhile and content in the knowledge that he could wear his badge of strength and bravery across his back for some time.

Jimmy finished Tyler's back as carefully as possible before moving onto his chest, applying some lotion to the cruel looking welt that was lashed into his right pec. He lingered there for some time. "Gosh, this welt on your chest makes you look so hard and buff," remarked Jimmy, "I'm going to have to sample some of this lashing for myself soon."

"Yeah, but are you hard enough?" smiled Tyler.

Despite his discomfort, Tyler loved hearing that Jimmy though that he looked so good and hard with his welts.

"Hey Tyler, look at your state," gasped Jimmy, peering at his friend's shorts. "Your dick looks like it's massive, even after all that torture."

"It's not the pain and torture that's done that to me it's your hands on my body and your words on my mind," replied Tyler honestly, "anyhow, what about you? You seem to have been relishing watching me being put to the lash, and you got your hard-on totally free of charge. You must have really loved seeing me strung up and suffering under Shane's lashing."

"I guess I owe you one," replied Jimmy with a smile.

"You certainly do," replied Tyler with a twinkle in his eye.

Jimmy looked at his pal quizzically, and at the same time he looked quite longingly yet he hesitated to speak. "Can you stand up?" he asked Tyler.

"Better than I could lie down," replied Tyler. "Why?"

Jimmy didn't say anything but he walked across to the door and pushed it shut before returning to Tyler. "It's OK, just stand up whilst I help you," he said.

"What's your plan?" asked Tyler, whilst he struggled to his feet.

Again Jimmy said nothing, but he raised his hand and ran his fingers gently across Tyler's hard chest and then down to his stomach, lingering just above his shorts. He then very slowly knelt down in front of his pal and gently started to pull Tyler's shorts down.

Tyler didn't resist or complain as his shorts were carefully lowered and his great throbbing beast was released from its constraints allowing it to spring up proud and strong. He had earlier kicked off his trainers, and he wore no socks so this made the full removal of his shorts easy.

He now stood very proudly in front of Jimmy, his naked teen-body battered and bruised but magnificent with his incredibly beautiful boy meat stood up in all its youthful glory, erect and throbbing. It was a mass of tangled blood-engorged veins and rock hard flesh, the like of which is only ever witnessed in a teenage boy at his sexual peak. Such was his state that it stood almost vertical, reaching up towards his beautiful belly button. His boy-nuts hung provocatively in their wonderfully tight sack just in front of Jimmy's face, and he was momentarily transfixed by the wondrous sight before him.

Jimmy's dick inside his shorts was just as hard and rampant. He suddenly became aware again of his surroundings and he briefly wondered what he was doing here before he felt his meat throbbing against the front of his shorts. He groaned and reached down to stretch the front of his waist band out in front of his belly, allowing his own cannon to spring up high. He swiftly dragged his foreskin back to reveal his knob's big shiny head, then he let the waistband return, just trapping the head of his meat between the rough elastic and his hot stomach. The knob and eye of his dick was now just visible as it slightly protruded and as he peered down on it, he briefly thought that it had a smile on its face. The very tender, sensitive end of his dick was now being caressed with each slight movement he made, and he shuddered in excitement at the feel of it.

Tyler looked down at his friend in wonder, and Jimmy looked up into his eyes.

Jimmy now reached up towards Tyler's straining meat and gently and slowly pulled back his foreskin, stretching it as far as it would go onto his dick's rock hard shaft, causing Tyler to take a very deep intake of breath and now, he too shuddered as his big shiny ruby-red bell end was unveiled.

Tyler groaned and opened his legs slightly to steady himself, and also to give Jimmy full access.

Jimmy lifted his head and took a moment to enjoy the heady love-aroma emanating from Tyler's groin. Both the lads were grimy, oily and sweaty after the day's activities and the combined smell was as wonderful as any perfume to Jimmy's nose, and he was intoxicated and almost in heaven. Without thought or hesitation, he moved towards Tyler and very slowly and very gently he licked at his hard shaft, working from close to the base, out towards the awesome ruby jewel that was its crowning glory.

Again, Tyler had to shuffle his legs as he moaned in utter delight and he steadied himself by reaching forward and clutching gently on Jimmy's big striated shoulders.

Jimmy continued and he became slightly more adventurous with his licking and nibbling at Tyler's shaft. He felt the veins with his tongue and he then licked at his friend's nuts causing further groans from above.

"Oh gosh, yes, yes," moaned Tyler.

Jimmy paused to look up, and again noticed Tyler's hard chest and particularly the small peg like nipples that now seemed to be so plump and voluptuous. He couldn't resist rising and licking Tyler's pecs and specifically sucking and nibbling at his protruding left nipple. He concentrated on the left nipple, believing that his battered right one would be too distressed to be able to take any kind of activity, but, after a minute or two, Tyler pulled Jimmy's head across, inviting him to suckle upon his agonised nipple. It was ecstasy for Tyler to feel Jimmy's tongue on his tortured nipple and he pulled him closer to it as Jimmy licked it to cleanse it before gently nibbling at it. Now, Tyler was really moaning and Jimmy continued to explore Tyler's chest for some while before returning to kneel before his straining love cannon.

Jimmy again wondered momentarily what he was doing here, until again, his own dick rubbed in his shorts. Then, without further hesitation he lifted his head and opened his mouth and took Tyler's jewel into it, nibbling very gently upon his rolled back foreskin. Tyler's legs went rigid at the feel of his friend's sharp white teeth on his meat and his body shook with excitement and anticipation. He forgot completely about his painful back.

Jimmy's own thighs went rigid too, and his body trembled as his own sensitive bell end wanked itself gently against the elastic. He pushed his belly back and forth and felt the thrust transfer with some increased venom into his throbbing dick.

Jimmy began probing into the eye end of Tyler's testosterone enraged meat, and again he felt intoxicated and almost feint by the smells and tastes that he was experiencing for the first time. It momentarily crossed Jimmy's mind that he was voluntarily about to perform the ultimate act of intimacy on another boy yet he hadn't a care in the world about it. He just felt completely full of animal lust and love.

Tyler's own complete acceptance, and his groans, suggested to Jimmy that he was doing right despite his lack of experience. He continued nibbling and licking, and Tyler continued to reach greater heights' of pleasure than he'd ever approached previously, even during the heaviest of his wanking sessions.

Tyler felt his body rumble and he then pulled Jimmy's head further onto him. He was moaning constantly now and he muttered: "Come on, please take me."

Out of sight of either boy, the bedroom door was quietly opening a little and, through the gap, both Luke and Shane were silently watching with astonishment. They were surprised, but were neither shocked nor revolted and they both instantly felt their own dicks grow with astonishing speed.

Slowly, Jimmy began to rhythmically slide his mouth back and forth on Tyler's shaft, sucking and licking at the meat. This went on for some time before Tyler's legs suddenly began to shake and spasm. Jimmy could feel the volcano within Tyler begin to gurgle and boil as it built up pressure and his own belly began to rumble deep inside.

"Oh man, I think that I'm going to cum," Tyler gasped, as if Jimmy needed some warning and half expecting him to back away at the final hurdle.

Tyler's excitement built, and because Jimmy remained in position, he again pulled on his pal's head and without further hesitation or conscious thought, he started thrusting deeper into his throat.

Jimmy gagged a bit as Tyler pounded at him, then, very suddenly, Tyler let out a great groan of pleasure and Jimmy felt his throat ease as the rampant bell end penetrated deep inside of it. Tyler continued to thrust with his shaft now buried down inside Jimmy.

Jimmy's eyes had tears, but he had no thoughts of anything else but to allow his best mate to satisfy himself inside his own virgin body. He tipped his head back a little to find a more comfortable position as the rock hard pillar of granite crashed up and down inside the sanctity of his gullet. He breathed deep through his nose and his chest rose and fell spectacularly as he strained under the violation.

Tyler pulled roughly at Jimmy's head, grasping very tightly to his wet hair, and they both trembled and shuddered as Tyler thrust and pounded at Jimmy.

The intensity built and built, then without particular warning the volcano began to roar and erupt and Tyler began to explosively unload all of his pent up pain, aggression and unbridled love deep inside his best friend's gut.

Coincidentally, Jimmy's own dick erupted just as violently, spurting his own boy juices high and mighty like a champagne bottle cork being released with the contents spraying randomly up and over their two bodies.

They pumped forever, sweating and panting, until finally they were both drained. Tyler was still, even then, hugging Jimmy's head onto his meat as if he needed the comfort after the incredible events of the day.

They stood there coupled together for perhaps three or four minutes, each trying to comprehend the enormity of what they had just done, but they felt nothing but relief and satisfaction.

"My God Jimmy, that was just incredible," said Tyler.

Jimmy made a gurgling noise with Tyler's now flaccid meat still resting on his tongue.

"Oh crumbs, I'm sorry Jimmy, it just feels so good."

Tyler gently withdrew from his friend's mouth and stood looking down on him with tears of joy welling up in his eyes.

They realised now that they were both spattered with Jimmy's juices and Tyler knew that Jimmy had shared in his ecstasy.

Tyler paused and then asked simply, "What happened there?"

"Fate," replied Jimmy,"right place, right time, right circumstances. I don't suppose that we could every repeat or beat that experience."

"Have you ever done that before?" asked Tyler.

"Never anything even remotely like it," answered Jimmy with total honesty.

"What did it taste like?" asked Tyler.

"No idea, it didn't even touch the sides," Jimmy replied, with a twinkle and a sheepish smile.

Luke and Shane quietly withdrew back to their own bedroom where they immediately wanked with animal ferocity side by side into the sink.

Back in the boys' room, Tyler reflected upon the day. Without any form of premeditation or warning, the afternoon had first degenerated from a normal workout into an hour of incredible horror, evil and pain, then, in the next hour, it had swung one-eighty degrees, to become the most mind blowing and fantastic experiences of his young life. He couldn't yet comprehend how he had allowed things to reach the point where his best mate had ended up sucking his cock, but he did know that he had loved it, and that one day he would want to reciprocate for his beautiful and gentle friend. One thing that Tyler did know without any doubt was that the simple catalyst for the most wonderful sexual experience of his young life was the lashing that Shane had given him on his strong bare back. He fantasised for a moment about how much better it would have been had he had muscles like Luke and again he made a mental note to grow his body into a temple of solid muscle that would be admired by all and tortured unmercifully by Shane—with Jimmy there to repair his mind and body afterwards).

Luke and Shane lay on their beds, contemplating the afternoon.

"That was a strange day," said Luke.

"Yes, very strange," agreed Shane. "That kid loves the lash across his back. I was amazed what pain he was able to tolerate and he was phenomenal on the bench afterwards seeming to grow stronger as the pain built up."

"And to top it off he gets his back worshipped and his dick sucked off by our little innocent Jimmy. Who'd have thought that he'd have had it in him to have done that?" said Luke.

"And all we end up with is a wank in the sink," said Shane with a disappointed and very thoughtful tone. "As you say bro', life can sometimes be very strange."

"I do know one thing," replied Luke, "Jimmy boy can sure suck dick."

"Yes, and If I've got anything to do with it, it won't be long before he gets an introduction to my meat," concluded Shane.

"I guessed that you might conclude that," said Luke.

"Hey, listen out - I'll get Jimmy squirming," laughed Shane with an evil look.

He went to the door and called out Jimmy's name.

"I'm here in the bedroom Shane," answered Jimmy immediately.

"Don't forget that it's your turn to cook dinner," called Shane.

"Oh yes, I hadn't forgotten, I'll get on with it now," shouted Jimmy, as he pulled the bedroom door open. "Is there anything you guys particularly fancy tonight?"

Shane grinned at Luke. Jimmy had walked right into this one. "Yes we both fancy sausage tonight," shouted Shane trying to suppress his laughter.

Jimmy froze and looked absolutely mortified. He went bright red and turned to look at Tyler who was chuckling on the bed.

"Oh God, he knows what I did," spluttered Jimmy. "That probably means that he'll want to take it out of my hide or my mouth or both at once."

"I doubt it," said Tyler reassuringly. "Knowing Shane, I'd expect that he'll think up something far more creative for you."

Jimmy had to smile. If he hadn't, he'd have cried.....

End of Chapter 3.