Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm. Chapter 4


This fourth chapter, like the first three, is totally fictional, as are the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys'.
Thanks so much to the few who have written to say that they have enjoyed chapter's 1 to 3.
And, special thanks to George for his proof-reading, advice, and encouragement.
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Jimmy and Tyler woke early on the day after they had so spectacularly consummated their relationship. Despite the incredible events of the day before, neither lad had slept very well. Tyler's sleep had been fitful as he'd laid all night on his front, to protect his very sore back. Alongside him in bed, Jimmy was physically fine, but his mind was in turmoil as he thought of the extraordinary things that had happened between him and Tyler yesterday. The main concern that kept him from sleeping however was the fact that Luke and Shane had knowledge of the spectacular blow job that he had given Tyler.

Jimmy didn't know when, or how the fall out would arrive, but he was convinced that Shane would be plotting something special, and he guessed that it might not be too pleasant for him. He laid there and looked at Tyler's minced back and asked him how he was.

"Wrecked," was the simple reply.

"Can you get up?" Jimmy asked.

"I guess I can, but it hurts worse now than it did last night," said his pal.

"You back's looking well good now that it's covered in bruises as well as the stripes," Jimmy advised his friend with some obvious relish.

"I guess that it would be a shame to waste the spectacle by staying in bed. I need to get maximum benefit after all that pain," said Tyler seriously.

"Yeah I guess," concurred Jimmy. "I can put some lotion on it if you want."

"Let's not go there just now," smiled Tyler.

"Perhaps you're right," agreed Jimmy.

At breakfast, it was immediately obvious to Luke that Tyler would have to refrain from any physical activity for the day to allow his back to start to calm and repair.

Shane seemed a bit miffed, and he suggested; "It's like falling off a horse Just get back on."

"What are you suggesting? Do you want to flog me again today?" asked Tyler.

"Sounds good to me," grinned Shane, "a lashing of an already minced back must be the ultimate torture, and I'm sure that your best mate would love to see that too."

Shane looked at Jimmy who was already blushing. In reality, Shane loved this kid who was so strong, yet really very vulnerable.

Amazingly, there were no more references about the events of the previous day, but Jimmy still couldn't relax. He made a conscious decision to `watch his back' and he silently chucked at his own silly pun.

"I know what Tyler can do today without much exertion," said Luke, knowing that Shane would also like the idea.

"Go on," said Shane.

"Well we did already agree that the rope wasn't ideal for all circumstances, it's too harsh sometimes and too lenient others. Well, why don't we let Tyler loose with the materials we've collected to make us some team whips?"

Shane obviously did like the idea, "Now then you're talking bro'. He loves being lashed, and I'm sure that he'd love to lash the meat off his pals back," (he threw another evil glance at Jimmy who stood with his mouth open at the suggestion).

Shane continued; "So who better to produce a variety of flogging implements whilst he has the day free?"

"Let's do it," said Shane. "Are you up for that Ty?"

"I'll give it a go," answered Tyler.

"OK," said Luke, "I'll let Shane show you the gear it's in the old outhouse and you can decide what to make. I think that it just needs some imagination, allied to some trimming and binding. The end product must be more effective than the rope and the bat. Just be as creative as you want."

"Sounds great," said Shane, and he immediately turned to Jimmy smiling.

Jimmy knew quite well that Shane fully intended to try out his selection of whips on his bare back and he also knew that this was what he himself wanted too. It did concern Jimmy slightly that he was already thinking of ways to conjure up a good reason for Shane to string him up and flog him, but he was overwhelmed with the desire to prove his strength to Tyler. He vowed to ensure that his body was ready for the action to come. Starting today, his workouts would be even more intense so that his muscles would be pumped to their peak whenever the challenge arrived. His chest and back were going to be worked mercilessly from that very afternoon.

Shane took Tyler to the stash of materials that they had collected in an outhouse. They had found lots of potential materials around the farm and they had all sorts of leather gear collected together. It was primarily old bridle gear. There were leather straps of various shapes and lengths that could be cut up and bound together and Tyler quickly saw the potential. Shane suggested that Tyler might like to consider a three, or five-tailed whip, but Tyler was already one step ahead, recalling reading as a boy about the vicious cat-o-nine-tails used on wretched sea-men of past days. He decided immediately that they needed one of those.

"Do whatever you want," said Shane, "but remember that we are not out to permanently main one another."

"Yes, OK," replied Tyler, slightly disappointed, but not at all put off.

Shane smiled to himself. The prospect of having some new whips and stuff to inflict pain was a real turn on and he guessed that Tyler would come up with the goods. He knew that he'd have Jimmy hung up for a bare back flogging before the week was over and then they'd see the kid's bravery.

Tyler was also quietly excited at being given such a great task for the day. "Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing for us to have at least one decent whip that is capable of doing some real damage," he suggested with an evil look in his eye and very hopeful of agreement from Shane.

"You are on my wavelength buddy," said Shane with a reciprocal look of evil. "We can always use it sparingly or tone it down if it proves to be too devastating in practice." Shane spoke like this, but he wondered whether Tyler might take the levels of correction too far if he was given the opportunity.

Tyler went a bit quiet before confiding to Shane, "I was thinking yesterday, that I might one day like the opportunity to be on the other side of a lashing."

"Yes it's quite a turn-on when you are presented with a muscular young back to be whipped," agreed Shane. "It's obvious that you love the correction and I sort of expected that you would be up for the giving as much as you relish the taking."

"I'd really like the chance to try," said Tyler enthusiastically.

"How'd you like to whip your young mate's meaty bare back?" asked Shane.

"I guess that I'd love it more than anything," he answered honestly.

"Do a really good job today, and I'll see what I can do," replied Shane.

"Oh it sure will be good," replied Tyler gagging at the thought of an opportunity to show Jimmy how bad the whip feels.

Poor Jimmy would have been even more disturbed if he had known of the true intensions of his best pal Tyler.

Tyler went about his task wondering why he should have such a great urge to thrash the life out of his best friend who had only yesterday given him the time of his life. Deep down, he knew that a whipping was directly related to sexual gratification. He therefore also knew that he needed to find a catalyst for another steamy session with his wonderful mate. He had to torture Jimmy to be able to enjoy his body, and his love once more.

At about the same time, Luke took Jimmy to one of the other big farm buildings where they stored timber and tools. He was set the demanding task of cleaning and cutting six of the huge wooden beams that had been reclaimed from a derelict building. Jimmy was simply advised that they were planning to put up a new structure and that it was his job to prepare the raw materials. He set to his task and toiled away all morning, struggling at times to move the heavy rafters so he could plane them smooth and cut them square at the ends. He managed to complete the given task just as Luke returned shortly before lunch.

"Looks good Jimmy," stated Luke. "I'll help you with the last task. We have to drill some holes at specific places and add some brackets and stuff."

Whilst they worked, Luke advised of the plan for the beams. "We are going to construct an improved training facility in the yard," he stated, "it's so we don't have to do all of our workouts in the steaming heat of the barn. We should be able to increase our training intensity by working outside."

Something told Tyler that there might be a sting in the tail. As such, he wasn't particularly surprised when Luke expanded the explanation to advise that, Shane and he had designed the beam structure so that it had a secondary purpose as an outdoor correction frame.

"Shane, of course, describes it slightly different," said Luke. "He sometimes will refer to the structure as his muscle blaster, but primarily it will be his torture frame."

"Anything else from Shane would be a disappointment," concluded Jimmy. "I wonder who he might have in mind to test out his new torture frame." He didn't really need, or expect an answer.

Luke looked down at Jimmy's great young body that was now pumped and dirty due to his morning's labours. It suddenly struck him how good and exciting this kid's physique was after so few weeks' of training. Yes he thought, there really is only one candidate to be strung up for a whipping on the new rack. He made a vow to get the structure completed without delay.

Jimmy went quiet as he visualised himself hanging from a big frame in the yard with his muscles being tortured by Shane's selection of whips. His dick throbbed.

Later, after they had eaten lunch, Jimmy worked his upper body with a vengeance never before seen. By the end of the afternoon when he returned to the farm, Tyler was amazed to see the pump in his grimy sweating muscles. "Gosh, you look friggin' awesome today," said Tyler.

"Yeah, I'm getting prepared for some treatment whenever it comes," replied his pal.

Tyler just hoped that it would be soon, and Jimmy threw Tyler a fantastic double bicep pose that showed his big physique off perfectly.

That night, Luke and Shane discussed the recent events and the challenge that they had before them in the construction of their apparatus. They concluded that it would require all four of them working together during the following two days. With luck and plenty of hard work, they should have the job done in that time. They'd take only a couple of hours off before dinner each day to work-out. They also discussed Tyler, and Shane had to conclude that he was very intense and a good worker but slightly mad which he suggested was quite a decent combination of attributes. They talked of his obvious love of the correction. They also thought that the team's bonding was going really well.

Their mutual concern was Jimmy. He had constantly been such a fantastic worker and his body was already looking superb. The trouble was that he always did everything that was asked of him, and more. Because of his spirit, and capacity for work, he'd had few opportunities for any decent correction.

"It's obvious that the kid is gagging for the chance to prove himself," said Luke.

"Yes, and I'm gagging for the chance to have his naked hide hung up in front of me in all its glory, ready to feel some real pain," said Shane. "We need to help him achieve his dreams and test his strength. We must resolve to find out what the little cock-sucker is really made of."

They agreed the plans for the next two days, which, if enacted carefully, would enable everyone to be fully satisfied.

The next morning the lads were woken early and Tyler was relieved to find his back was mostly free from pain but still nicely striped. Jimmy told him that he looked really hard which delighted him and he flexed his broad back and shoulders provocatively for Jimmy.

They showered and had a good breakfast, during which Luke advised the lads what was on the agenda that day.

They soon progressed to the yard and brought out the tools for the task. Picks and shovels were the main implements, as they first needed four deep holes to take the uprights. Each lad was assigned to dig out one carefully measured hole. They all laboured long and hard through the morning to break up the hard concrete and rubble that had been there for many decades. The holes were about twelve feet apart one way and a little less, maybe about ten feet, the other way. Each lad worked hard, competing to ensure that they were all performing fairly equally. They were sweating and straining within minutes and after a few hours they were feeling the effects of the digging and lifting and their bodies were tired but massively pumped.

By lunch time each hole was complete and ready for the posts. They stopped for lunch for just an hour before returning to mix the mortar that would hold the posts. Jimmy and Tyler were given the job of concrete mixing whilst Luke and Shane went to fetch the uprights. It took a lot of effort to get the uprights into position in the holes. The timber was massive but with all four strong bodies straining together they managed to drop them into the holes and they were then able to position them accurately before piling in the mortar.

The following day, the even bigger cross members were carried out by all four lads together and Luke advised how they'd make some big steps from hay bales to enable them to lift the cross members up onto the upright posts. This went spectacularly well and by mid morning the cross members were fixed very securely with metal plates and big bolts. Shane was thrilled to see the massive twin structures in place like two big goal posts facing one another ten feet apart.

"What exercises can we do with the frame?" asked Tyler casually.

"Not many really, but we can do plenty of damage to your carcass," said Shane light-heartedly.

They did thread two big scaffold poles through the cross members, spanning the two `goal posts' which would allow pull ups to be performed. They then removed the hay bales and the job was complete for now.

Shane took great delight in explaining that each upright could be used as a flogging post, or that a boy could be tied standing up or spread-eagled in the air between the posts. He even declared that someone might be stretched out between all four upright posts.

"The possibilities for pain on the teen boy farm are endless," said Shane smiling. "It's such a shame that we need to give the concrete another night to fully set, otherwise I could have strung you two up and had some heavy-duty sport with your young bodies.

The lads just felt very thankful that the structure wasn't yet ready. They retired to the barn to work their muscles.

"I'll partner Jimmy," said Shane, and Jimmy immediately felt suspicious.
They all actually had a really good hard session. It was perhaps the threat of being strung up from Shane's torture frame that focused Jimmy and Tyler's minds.

Toward the end of the workout, Shane advised Jimmy that they needed to finish with some leg work. Jimmy's legs, and particularly his thighs, were his second best body part after his chest so it was no problem to Jimmy to hit his legs.

We'll start with squats said Shane, and so they did alternate sets of eight reps with increasing weights. On the final set Jimmy proved to Shane just how strong in the leg he'd become when he rolled down his short's waist band and pulled his shorts up to reveal the maximum amount of his big thighs. His low deliberate squats showed his individual thigh muscles off magnificently. They were pumped and cut and his legs were perfectly symmetrical. Each teen worked up to his previous heaviest weight, and both managed to pump out a couple of extra reps. Shane was impressed with Jimmy and this was reciprocated with Jimmy's admiration for the much more heavily muscled Shane.
Jimmy loved working with Shane as he was always pushed beyond his previous limits and he knew that this made him grow.

"Let's finish with some step-ups," said Shane.

"OK, I'll get the bench," replied Jimmy moving toward the wooded workout bench that they used for step-ups.

"No, let's go heavy duty," said Shane. "Drag a hay bale over and we'll use that to get a real pump in our legs."

"Well I'll try, but I don't know how I'll do," said Jimmy.

"Just do your best," said Shane.

They dragged a bale into the centre of the area and Shane smiled to himself. Jimmy hadn't twigged that with a significantly higher step, it was a big advantage to have longer legs. Whilst Jimmy's legs were heavily muscled for his size, Shane's legs were actually significantly longer and stronger.

They tried the step up and both lads realised that it would be hard to pump out the usual number of reps. "I think that we'll do sets of six and see how it is," said Shane.

Jimmy was relieved that Shane wasn't aiming too high in his expectations.

"Give me six," said Shane and Jimmy took six deliberate and strong step ups onto the hay. Shane followed and did six reps.

"Hands behind your head for the next six," said Shane and they both did their reps with their physiques looking even better when they had stretched their arms high.

"OK now with a weight," said Shane.

"Sounds good," said Jimmy, and he again set off to get the barbell and his normal weight.

"No, I've a safer option," said Shane. "If we trip with the barbell it could kill us. We'll use a bag of cement - it's softer." He went off to get a bag.

Jimmy wondered if he'd manage with a bag of cement as he'd struggled to carry these heavy bags during their work constructing the frames.

Shane reappeared with a bag over one shoulder looking very buff.

OK, get in position and I'll rest it across your shoulders said Shane and Jimmy turned and braced his back.

Shane dumped the heavy bag across the top of Jimmy's shoulders and he realised that it was going to be difficult to do any step ups like this.

"I think it's too heavy for me," said Jimmy.

"Nonsense you are fine, give me six," replied Shane.

Jimmy suddenly realised that he'd been set-up and he prepared for the inevitable hard time from the muscle boy behind him.

Jimmy walked to the bale and braced his legs before lifting his strong right leg up to the top of the bale and dragging himself up onto it. The step down was hazardous but he made it. He was sweating buckets and it took an almighty effort to complete the six reps.

Mighty Shane showed how it should be done, and he actually pumped out ten reps in relatively quick time before stopping with his chest pounding.

"Your turn," said Shane to Jimmy as he loaded the cement bag onto his shoulders.

Jimmy made a valiant effort and managed to drag out four reps. He knew that he'd never be able to do a fifth, so he deliberately stumbled as he stepped back after rep four and he fell to the ground. He pushed the heavy bag to the floor and landed on it.

"Quite a performance soft lad, get up and give me two more," said Shane.

"I can't, I'm done in," replied Jimmy. This was a calculated move from Jimmy. He knew that Shane would have his hide strung up tomorrow so he reasoned why make the job difficult?

Shane was equally determined to string the kid up for some pain, and he was now tired and ready for his dinner so he wasn't going to make it too-difficult for young Jimmy. "Get up and give me another six plus the two, or you'll be up for corrective punishment," he threatened.

"I can't Shane; I'm totally done-for. I accept that I've failed and I accept your decision," he muttered.

"So be it, your punishment will be decided by me and Luke overnight and you will receive the punishment tomorrow afternoon. Be under no illusions that the sentence will be harsh due to your weakness and failings," barked Shane.

"Yes sir," replied Jimmy quietly.

Jimmy actually felt some relief. He knew that he had it coming from Shane, and at last he knew when it would happen. He did worry that Shane had a whole variety of new playthings with which he could torture a virgin teen boy's flesh with, and he had to prepare his mind for the worst.

Shane was very pleased with his day's work and he began to think about how he might surprise Jimmy as he was simply expecting a whipping. His dick was already rising at the very thought.

That evening, Jimmy told Tyler all about Shane's plans for him the next day. Tyler sympathised but he was deliriously excited to hear that Jimmy was likely to be strung up and punished. They both found that they had massive boners as they discussed the possibilities and they ended the day by wanking one-another as they lay together in the moon-lit room. They fell fast asleep close together for comfort.

The next morning Tyler was very bright and alert, but Jimmy was naturally subdued at what was to befall him that day. They got ready and ate quietly.

The morning's tasks were given out, and just as they were setting out, Shane called out to Jimmy.
"Don't forget that we have an appointment boy."

"How could I," asked Jimmy.

"I just don't want you leaving all your strength and resolve out in the fields. You'll need plenty left in your tank to deal with my plans for you," smiled Shane.

"I'll be there," answered Jimmy. "And you won't find me wanting in either mind or body."

"We'll see brave lad," sneered Shane.

They worked all morning and the time dragged on longer than any other that Jimmy could remember. He even considered doing a runner, but he was too scared to run and he had to prove himself to the others.

The morning did end and lunch was light for Jimmy whilst the others piled their plates as usual. They followed on immediately with a decent workout and Jimmy targeted his chest and back. He knew that the time for his treatment was approaching and the waiting was awful, especially when Shane left the barn after two hours of weights.

He finally heard the call that he had dreaded, and he trembled and came out in a cold sweat.

"Here Jimmy boy, get that big boy chest out here and over to me so that I can check it out," shouted Shane from the direction of the yard.

Jimmy had little option and he strode strongly out into the sunshine, his sweating physique shining big and strong.

"Come here and Stand with your back to the post," said Shane.

Jimmy complied, standing strong against the big upright beam.

"Hands behind you and around the post," continued Shane.

Luke tied his hands tightly together and the effect was quite splendid as it put a small amount of stretch into his big shoulders and his upper pecs. Jimmy's big plump muscular pecs stood out and he held them pumped and flexed hard and resolute in Shane's face.

"Bring that rope," Shane nodded to Tyler.

A heavy rope was quickly brought and it was fastened to the post and wrapped tight, three times around Jimmy's lower stomach, pulling his gut in to its very limit against the upright. This caused his muscular chest to push out massively, giving a spectacularly strong appearance to the teen boy.

"This is your punishment for poor performance yesterday and also because it's time that you took some pain. We want to see whether you are a man or a woman," stated Shane. "Your pal Tyler is gagging to see you tortured and I'm going to ensure that he isn't disappointed."

Tyler blushed.

"What do you think of your pal now Tyler. How does he look?" asked Shane.

"He looks incredible," answered Tyler.

"Glad you think so," said Jimmy ironically.

"Nice one," said Shane. "Those pecs are looking really good now. I like them nearly as much as you seem to do. We will have to test them to see if they are as hard as you like to think."

Jimmy was getting concerned at Shane's evil intensions.

"Get over here with the gloves Tyler," said Shane.

Tyler approached with a pair of red boxing gloves on. His own wide shoulders and hard chest glistened in the sun and he looked as menacing as any professional boxer coming into the ring.

Jimmy guessed what was coming and he cringed.

"Come on don't be reluctant now, you know how much you want to punish this big chest for being better than your puny effort," laughed Shane. "This kid's gagging to be beaten by his best mate and he might thank you later for hurting him."

Shane had set this up so that Tyler had the gloves on rather than himself. It still had the shock factor, but it was likely that Tyler's treatment of Jimmy would be less devastating than Shane or Luke's punches would be.

Tyler stood in front of Jimmy transfixed by his sensational chest and excited to see him bound to the post.

"Come on, give him some really good jabs to those big juicy pecs and let's see how much resistance the kid has in him.

Tyler stood back and placed his feet carefully, before reaching out to touch Jimmy's chest to get his range. He then took a couple of light taps to each of Jimmy's pecs.

Jimmy increased the tension in his chest and shoulders.

"Give him some proper ones now," ordered Shane.

Tyler was right handed so he shot out a sharp right to Jimmy's hard left pec followed be one to his right pec.

Jimmy now knew that it was going to hurt bad, and he steadied himself and strained to harden his chest against the punches.

The next two shots landed and he winced.

"Good, that's better," smiled Shane closely watching Jimmy's reaction. "Let's have them faster and use both hands, alternatively."

Tyler obliged, and began punching at one pec, then the other, looking like he was performing on a punch bag. Jimmy's pecs were bright red under the fierce onslaught, and he was already sweating heavily. The punches were sharp and loud and Jimmy was struggling and straining to resist them.

"Harder," shouted Shane, "give the soft kid some pain to those weak tits."

Tyler responded and landed some slower but harder shots on his suffering pal, causing him to gasp for breath and lurch his big chest forwards as he tried to ride each cruel blow to his tortured pecs.

After a couple more shots, it was clear to all that Jimmy was finished and Tyler glanced at Luke for mercy.

"Stop," shouted Luke, "he's had enough."

"Aw, he'd have taken a good few more," said his brother with bravado, but really glad that Luke had stepped in to save Jimmy.

"I said that's enough," repeated Luke forcefully.

Tyler was very relieved, but not as relieved as poor Jimmy was, and his head fell forward and his big red chest heaved in and out with the exertion.

"That was OK," said Shane, "now let's have a check on these tits."

Shane grabbed roughly at Jimmy's big pecs, squeezing and fondling them as if he were weighing them and making him screech in pain.

"Oh no please Shane don't, it's killing me."

"Yes, they are quite a sight and rather impressive cock sucker," sneered Shane as he released his hold.

Jimmy's dick was just as plump and perky inside his shorts.

"Like it do you, cock sucker?" continued Jimmy's tormentor.

"Not really sir," answered Jimmy.

"Well your dick does," grinned Shane, grasping at Jimmy's tackle and squeezing until he cried out. Shane thought that Jimmy might be enjoying proving his bravery, but it couldn't match his own feelings of enjoyment and admiration towards the kid.

"Bring the gear over," ordered Shane to Tyler.

It was Luke who responded, carrying over the wooded crate, in which Jimmy assumed would be the collection of new whips.

Shane opened the crate and delved into its bowels and he pulled out two small metal devices.

Jimmy strained to see what they were as Shane brought them to him.

"Know what these are?" asked Shane showing Jimmy the implements.

"I guess that they are clamps for my nipples", stuttered Jimmy.

"Got it in one", laughed Shane. "Are you used to having your big juicy boy nipples tortured?"

"No sir," replied the bound teen.

"Then you soon will be, because I'm going to give those lovely big tits the most excruciating treatment that you could ever imagine," stated Shane with a very hideous laugh.

"Please Shane, I haven't done anything to deserve this, haven't you done enough to me already?" pleaded Jimmy.

"I thought that you were hard boy. This is your chance to prove it to us all," said Shane. "Do you not want to demonstrate your strength to us and your friend Tyler?"

"I guess," said Jimmy unconvincingly.

"Right then, that's settled, let's see how these fit onto those big voluptuous nips of yours," said Shane jauntily. He grabbed at each of Jimmy's already pert nipples in turn and gave them a severe tweaking and twisting to stand them up hard and well proud of his chest. "Lovely" he declared.

He offered up the first cruel looking metal device to Jimmy's left nipple and took his time to position it carefully before beginning to turn the screw. Jimmy winced as the device clamped and bit onto his fleshy areola. Shane gave it a pull to make sure that it was on properly before continuing with the treatment to Jimmy's right nipple.

Jimmy's nips hurt but it wasn't intolerable. The heavy metal clamps hung in the air from Jimmy's big pumped and protruding pectoral muscles.

"Nice one," smiled Shane stepping back to observe his work.

Tyler's dick was rigid as he watched the proceedings. Jimmy's was now also rock solid and Shane knew it and he had to adjust his own shorts to cover up his personal pleasure.

"I wonder if they are on properly?" said Shane and he approached Jimmy again. He grabbed the first device and gave it a pull, then he swiftly tightened the clamp another quarter of a turn. He really hated doing this to the boy, but he needed to let him show his strength under the torture. Jimmy gasped and grimaced in utter agony. "That's better," declared Shane and he switched to the second clamp and gave that a nice slow quarter of a turn with a similar, or worse affect on poor Jimmy. This was an almost medievally gruesome scene and Tyler found it particularly harrowing but still his dick throbbed and strained.

Jimmy's eyes were streaming and his body was wet through and dripping with sweat.

"Much better," concluded Shane calmly.

As Jimmy's body adjusted to the violation of his young nipples, the pain eased sufficiently for him to stop shaking and squirming but he tried not to show this as he thought that Shane might turn the screws even further into his flesh.

"Good effect," said Shane. "What do you think?" he asked Luke.

"Very impressive," replied Luke.
"And you Tyler?"

"Amazing," said Tyler.

Shane went delving back into the crate, and pulled out some light string. He took it to Jimmy's heaving body and began tying some string to the right nipple clamp. He stretched the string across, spanning the boy's chest and tied the other end to the second clamp. He gave the centre of the string a pull and both clamps were dragged away from Jimmy's chest causing further agony to his brutalised stretched nipples. Shane let go, and returned to the box.

"Now then, what else do we have in here?" he asked to himself. "Oh yes, here they are," and he pulled out two metal weights each about three inches in diameter and each with a strong hook on them. "What will I do with these?" he asked Jimmy.

"Probably hang them on the string," replied Jimmy sadly.

"Wow, what a brilliant idea. You really love being tortured. You are even asking for it now," grinned Shane, and he hung a weight in the centre of jimmy's big chest causing him to scream out as his nipples stretched. "You see, I always give you what you ask for don't I?" mocked Shane and with utter barbarity and sadism he dropped the second weight onto the string causing Jimmy's chest to drag forward under the horrific strain. His nipples now stretched like rubber bands and the weights bobbed with each breath, adding increased distress to the young boy's chest. Jimmy couldn't believe the extent of the pain but there was nothing on earth that he could do to escape the hideous savagery.

"You've got big tits now kid," mocked Shane, loving the sight of Jimmy struggling manfully under such cruel conditions.

"Oh god, please Shane, Luke, please no more, I'll do anything. I'm begging you just please let me free," pleaded Jimmy.

"Stand up straight and I'll let you free," said Shane.

Jimmy was scared to move an inch as every tremble caused him agony, but he was so desperate that he knew he had to try to stand up. He gritted his teeth and tensed his chest as hard as possible then took the strain of the weights on his nipples and began to pull his chest upright. With extraordinary courage he dragged his body up against the barbaric weights that stretched his big chest into an inhuman form. Slowly, he brought himself up cringing and wincing and shaking in excruciating pain.

Shane was amazed and in awe at this fabulous effort, and he wanted to grab Jimmy and end his pain.

"Go on Jimmy you can do it," screamed Tyler.

With a last extraordinary effort, Jimmy got his body upright to the cheers of Tyler and the respect of Luke. The heavy weights hung still, and the clamps stretched his flesh mercilessly. Jimmy panted, but controlled his breathing to lessen the pain of movement. His pecs stretched and strained.

Tyler desperately wanted to dash over and release his pal, but he knew better than to interfere with Shane.

"There, I told you it was easy," said Shane as he moved toward Jimmy.

"Please let me free now," begged Jimmy.

"But you are enjoying being so hard," said Shane, grabbing Jimmy's groin. "It's a shame to stop now."

"Please Shane you promised", begged Jimmy.

"Yeah yeah, and since when did you start to believe me?" laughed Shane in Jimmy's face.

Jimmy was mortified, but he grew in strength as Shane's sadistic acts and manner hit him.

"You love it don't you boy?" asked Shane.

"No, I hate it. It's agony, and you're going to rip my nipples off," replied Jimmy.

"Then why is this so massive?" questioned Shane squeezing his dick.

Jimmy didn't respond.

Tyler looked on and he was mightily impressed at Jimmy's peerless performance under this unrelenting torture. His dick strained against the constraints of his shorts.

"Let's have a proper look," said Shane and he bent down and took Jimmy's trainers off. He then reached up and dragged his shorts from his body in one rough movement that transferred sickening pain to Jimmy's chest. He thought that he was going to throw up, but he suppressed the urge as he didn't dare chuck up onto Shane.

Jimmy now presented a wonderful sight, his tortured body upright and resolute, yet totally vulnerable and absolutely naked. His rock hard dick stood massively erect and it throbbed in almost preposterous defiance. Jimmy tried to put the pain of his tortured chest out of his mind, but it was so very difficult, especially when Shane grabbed his tool with one hand and dragged his foreskin fully back painfully squeezing his shaft and bending it down before releasing it with a twang.

Shane laughed hideously.

Again, Shane returned to the crate, this time pulling out a short leather strap similar in width and thickness to a man's belt. He wacked the strap against his own palm with a crack, then shoved it in Jimmy's face. He then brought the strap up and slapped it down onto Jimmy's upper right pec causing incredible pain to the boy as the weights hanging from his nipples bounced up and down.

Jimmy stood his ground and flexed his pecs in utter defiance so Shane slapped the strap onto his left pec causing him to gasp and grimace. Jimmy still remained upright and he flexed hard in Shane's face. Shane took the strap to his chest again, and again yet Jimmy remained upright.

"Hard kid aren't you?" said Shane somewhat shocked at such a level of defiance. "I'll give you a chance."

Shane was so happy to be able to lift the first weight from Jimmy's chest, then he removed the other and he took off the string, but left the clamps.

Jimmy was so relieved at the release from the weights and the heavy duty metal clamps now felt like feathers on his pecs. He pushed out his chest and flexed his pecs and the clamps seemed to bounce up like some kind of jewellery adorning his pectoral muscles.

"Looking hard now cock sucker," said Shane. He was amazed at this performance as he expected the kid to be snivelling and grovelling for mercy and again he just wanted to smother him in love.

He grabbed Jimmy's dick with his left hand and pulled on it causing Jimmy to gasp and push his chest out even further. The next moment he hit Jimmy hard on the right, then left pecs with the strap, causing a loud crack on his hard flesh. He shoved Jimmy's dick hard down causing a gruesome yet fantastic groan to come from Jimmy and his chest pushed up and got a hard lash of the strap for its trouble.

Tyler was in awe, panting and sweating, and he was only watching the un-imaginable scene. He was torn between grief and compassion, and tremendous pleasure as he watched Jimmy's young muscular body stretch and strain with his veins popping and muscles cramping.

Shane glanced across to see Tyler's face and he shouted, "Get over here quick kid and constrain the beast."

Tyler dashed to Shane's side and made to grab Jimmy's cock.

"Not like that you pratt, get on your knees and get the beast between your teeth," ordered Shane.

Tyler looked gob-smacked and he stood transfixed.

"Down," said Shane, "or you'll get some treatment too".

Tyler dropped, and he grabbed Jimmy's dick and unhesitatingly stuffed it in his mouth

"Now push down on it."

Tyler obeyed, and pushed down onto Jimmy's wondrously hard knob-end with his mouth, producing the same effect as Shane's hand had. Jimmy's back was hard up against the post so he could only react to the bending motion in his dick by pushing out his chest.

Shane now had a better view and more leverage in his arm to strike at Jimmy with the strap. He hit him again and again with hard sharp strokes that caused a loud crack and a jump from Jimmy. The jump transferred into his dick that was firmly clamped in Tyler's mouth. It was both excruciatingly bad and sensationally wonderful at the same time.

Jimmy moaned and groaned, and Tyler gagged and gasped for breath.

Shane stopped momentarily in awe of the strength and bravery of Jimmy, and in absolute brilliant joy at the performance. He stood back a foot and brought his arms up to throw a massive double bicep pose in Jimmy's face as if to show him that he was all-powerful. He was indeed massive and a marvellous sight to behold as his muscles flexed huge and hard with veins standing out like ropes. Shane could have won an Olymic gold for wanking right now, such was his state of arousal.

If anything, Shane's act made Jimmy stronger.

Shane could see Jimmy's pleasure, and he stepped over Tyler and grasped Jimmy's head with both hands and pushed his massive chest into his face, flexing his massively muscled pecs around Jimmy's eyes. Shane held tight and squeezed his chest with all his might and his sweat ran down between his pecs onto Jimmy's face. Shane felt incredible to have Jimmy's face pressed into his muscles. With this, and also Tyler's teeth around his engorged knob Jimmy suddenly felt an incomparable sexual excitement as he strained at the ropes that bound him hard to the post.

Shane released his grip and stepped back. "That's what a real body feels like kid, did you love the feel of my awesome muscles in your face?"

"Extraordinary! You are a god Shane," said Jimmy.

"Here's some more pleasure for you kid," said Shane and he glanced down onto Tyler's head. He put both his knees into Tyler's back and grabbed the back of his head and pushed. Tyler tried in vain to push back. He gagged and spluttered as Shane continued to apply heavy pressure to his head.

Jimmy held his breath at the abuse of his throbbing cock. Tyler gagged more as Jimmy's bell-end pressed up against his clack. Very suddenly, Shane gave a huge push and speared Tyler's throat with Jimmy's rampant meat. They were now totally coupled, and Jimmy gasped and groaned at the feeling in his dick as it buried deep inside his mate.

"How's that cock sucker?" Shane asked Jimmy laughing.

"It's un-be-friggin-lievable," shuddered Jimmy. "Please, please, please."

"OK, you can have him," said Shane and he started to pump Tyler's head roughly back and forth on Jimmy's rampant tool.

Jimmy was in utter ecstasy and ready to explode (as was Shane).

"Are you ready to blow your brains into this trash?" asked Shane.

"Oh yeah, yeah," groaned Jimmy.

"Well hard luck," sneered Shane and he grabbed Tyler's head and yanked it away from Jimmy's volcanic dick.

Jimmy groaned, "Oh no Shane, please don't leave me like this, please man please, no."

"Oh yes kid, we've some more for you yet. We all want to see much more of your lovely body," Shane sneered with a wickedly insane grin.

"Right," said Shane, "I want this punk spread-eagled out on the torture frame again. Make sure that you stretch him out to his absolute limit because I want to see him suffer and squirm before the afternoon's out. Whilst you're doing that, I need a pee so I'll leave you to deal with the punk."

"Unclamp him," Luke ordered Tyler.

Tyler was glad to have this job so he could end Jimmy's suffering and get a good feel of his massive tortured tits.

Tyler didn't realise how agonising the release of the clamps would be, and he quickly unscrewed the first metal clamp causing Jimmy to scream out long and loud.

As Tyler went to remove the second clamp, Jimmy begged him to be careful.

This time, Tyler turned the screw very slowly which significantly helped Jimmy deal with the release of his agonised nipple.

Jimmy's nipples were now bright red, as was the area of flesh all around them. There were nasty marks where the metal clamps had bitten into his sensitive skin. The nubs of his two big nipples stood out massive after the atrocious treatment that they'd received. Tyler gently ran the tips of his fingers around the wonderful looking pegs and Jimmy took a deep intake of breath.

"Stop that," ordered Luke and Tyler quickly took his hands away.

"Let's get him strung up quick," said Luke.

"Do we have to?" asked Tyler.

"Do you want to take his place?" Luke asked.

"No," replied Tyler firmly.

"So help me string him high," said Luke menacingly.

They took Jimmy to the centre of the frame and placed his wrists in the straps. They quickly went to the free ends of the ropes and again dragged the poor wretch up into position with his arms stretched up and out, until his toes left the ground.

"Tie his ankles," ordered Luke.

Jimmy cringed at the thought of the barbaric Shane's return.

They stretched his legs hard and stood back to view the scene. Jimmy looked incredible as he hung there divested of every scrap of clothing and ready for whatever horrendous fete awaited him. His young muscular torso and legs looked like they might burst under the strain but he kept his head high and his eyes focused.

"OK, the kid's ready for some pain. Where the hell is Shane?" questioned Luke.

"Don't know," answered Tyler. "He went for a pee".

Behind the barn, Shane had been struggling to piss for ages because his dick was high and mighty. He really needed to wait for it to subside before he could pee, but there was no sign of that happening. He had found that if he really strained, he could force out a short gush, but each time he relaxed, it stopped. As such, it had taken him nearly ten minutes to empty his bladder. When he finally finished, he still had a superlative boner between his muscled thighs. He started to stuff his hard-on back in his shorts but found it an almost impossible task. When he did get it caged, it was totally obvious that he was massively excited and there was no way that he wanted the others to see his state of stunning arousal. He had to demonstrate to them his all conquering strength and domination if he was going to retain some credibility for the next session with beautiful Jimmy. He weighed up his options, and quickly concluded that he must do the unthinkable. He had to have a wank to relieve his throbbing balls of their love juice. He knew that he would be breaking a principal rule, but he saw no option without losing face and anyway, nobody would ever know.

Shane planted his feet a couple of feet apart and took his fabulously erect dick in his fist and he began pumping furiously at it. He thought of the poor wretch Jimmy and how strong and brave he'd been and he longed to have Jimmy caress and suck his meat. He squeezed his own nipples hard and thought how awful Jimmy's suffering must have been. And he pumped harder and faster at his own dick.

"Where is that kid?" asked Luke, beginning to lose his patience, and being annoyed at the delay.

Jimmy hung there sweating in the sun, his body already battered and aching. He shone from head to toe as his body strained. Even his bell-end shone bright like a polished jewel in the crown.

"I'm gonna' go and get him soon," said Luke.

"Don't rush him on my behalf," stated Jimmy from above with some sarcasm.

"What's he doing?" asked Luke.

"He's probably having a good wank," said Tyler light heartedly and grinning.

"Don't even joke about that, or Shane will have your dick in a vice with a blow torch on it," retorted Luke angrily.

Tyler knew that he'd overstepped the mark and he looked concerned about the blow torch suggestion. He shut his mouth.

Luke could wait no longer, and he dashed off in the direction that Shane had taken.

Incredibly for Shane, he was having real difficulty shooting his load despite his excited state. This was probably because he knew that he shouldn't be doing this. He continued to wank away at his rigid shaft which felt like a concrete pole, oblivious of Luke's approach until it was too-late.

"Stop! You little bastard," shrieked Luke from behind Shane and the shout almost caused Shane to exploded his load there and then in shock and horror at being found out. He strained to hold back, and his body shook ready to pump his love juices high into the air. He grabbed his balls and bell-end, and squeezed hard to stop the explosion "What are you thinking about?" shouted Luke. Shane could have answered that he was thinking about Jimmy being whipped, but he decided it might not be a good idea to answer with a wise-crack under the circumstances. "You know that you can't wank now," cried Luke in horror and dismay at this betrayal. "How can we expect the kids to behave and keep to our rules if you and me can't control ourselves?" Luke sounded like a father talking about his children.

"I'm so sorry bro," stammered Shane, "I thought that I had to do it, or they'd have known that I had a massive boner. I was only trying to release the pressure. I didn't spurt, and they will never know."

"They'll know alright. How can we continue to live here together if we fail and don't admit to our weaknesses?"

"Can't we just keep quiet - please?" begged Shane.

"You will make a full confession, and you will be punished very harshly before the afternoon ends," stated Luke.

Luke was distraught at the situation he found himself in. He couldn't betray the very principals of their life, but equally he hated the thought of having to hurt the kid who he loved more than anything in the world. Throughout his life he had protected Shane, and he'd brought him up to be strong and obedient. Luke himself knew that he now had to be very strong to get through the afternoon.

Shane pleaded for Luke to forgive him and forget the incident.

Luke stated with absolute authority; "The decision is final and if there is any more grovelling, or snivelling, you will have every inch of the skin on your back flayed off." Luke knew that this was an empty threat but Shane certainly didn't.

Shane knew that he had to accept the inevitable, and that this was going to be a difficult end to the afternoon for him.

"Come this way," ordered Luke, and at that moment Shane felt the ultimate irony as he realised that his dick was now flaccid for the first time since lunch. He adjusted his shorts and turned the waist band down twice as he prepared himself for his humiliation.

They walked back to the hot sunny yard. Luke was two yards in front of Shane.

"They're here," Tyler told Jimmy, and his pal dropped his head for the first time. "Don't worry, I'm sure that Luke will help you survive."

"Shut up, you're making it worse," whispered Jimmy.

Luke and Shane arrived in front of them, and immediately Tyler sensed that something was wrong. There was an atmosphere and a look in Luke's face that was very worrying and menacing.

"Over here," ordered Luke to Shane, walking to the second parallel frame. "And you Tyler."

Tyler quaked as he immediately believed that he was about to be strung up for some reason unknown to him.

"Hold out your wrists," ordered Luke, and Tyler immediately presented his hands to Luke. "Not you stupid," he shouted. "Give me your wrists," he shouted directly at Shane.

Shane held out his muscular arms.

"Shackle him," ordered Luke to Tyler.

"What?" asked Tyler.

"Do it," ordered Luke with a menace.

Tyler was incredulous at this turn around. One moment he was expecting to get strung up and flogged, and now he was helping Luke to control and torture his raging beast of a muscle bound brother. He was in heaven again after his short moment of hell.

"Don't you come near me queer boy," threatened Shane, as Tyler drew close.

"I'm no queer boy," answered Tyler, "and I've a job to do."

"Stuff you. You'll feel my boot if you come any closer."

Luke quietly walked in between the two boys and faced Shane. Shane began to tell Luke something, and Luke very swiftly punched Shane hard to the gut. Shane doubled up in pain and almost chucked up.

"Oh shit, what did you do that for?" groaned Shane, very shocked that his elder brother had actually hit him.

"I did it because you are acting like a girl, and when I give an order around here, I expect you, of all people to stand up strong and obey without question. Got it now?"

"Yeah, I suppose," replied his winded brother.

Tyler took the shackle and attached it to Shane's left wrist as Luke tied his right one.

"OK, haul him up," said Luke.

They went to either end of the uprights and dragged at the ropes to pull Shane's arms into the air. Luke swiftly dragged his rope down which pulled Shane roughly into the air but Tyler struggled to drag Shane's other arm and his body into the air. Luke fastened his end and went to help Tyler. They quickly dragged him up till his feet left the ground.

None of the teens had previously seen Shane on the rack like this, and the younger two were absolutely awestruck to see his massively dense muscular physique hung up under such stress. He was a sensational sight to behold with un-imaginable muscularity throughout his bronzed upper torso. He was indeed like a Greek god now that he was hung straining and sweating in the harsh sun on the cruel torture frame. Jimmy was looking directly across to Shane. He hung there across a gap of about ten feet and Jimmy felt weak and child-like as he stared at Shane's incredible body. It occurred to Jimmy that Shane wasn't, at this time, raging mad as might have been expected. He almost looked sad, or humble. Amazingly, after all that had happened, Jimmy was also slightly sad to see Shane in this state, and he wondered what was going on.

"Wow, you look good now," taunted Tyler. "I think that I might become a queer boy and have you right now."

Shane growled very threateningly and swore at Tyler.

"And, it looks like you are really relishing the thought of being punished by a queer boy," Tyler continued, grabbing at his obviously engorged dick. "You really are gagging to feel the lash across those massive muscles aren't you boy," Tyler mocked Shane just as he himself had previously mocked Tyler and Jimmy.

Shane pulled and twisted at his ropes and kicked out towards the already out of range Tyler. His incredible muscles grew even bigger and strained hard with veins growing from every stress point.

"Come on, that's enough, let's get on," stated Luke to Tyler. "First, we'll deal with the kid." He turned and went to the crate and Jimmy held his breath. "We'll test this," said Luke, and to Jimmy's utter horror, Luke pulled out a horrible black flaying whip that looked like it was multiple tailed. The tails hung down horrifyingly about two feet in length and they were bound together with leather at the top.

Tyler cringed, knowing that this was `big-daddy'- the cat-o-nine-tails that he'd made in agreement with Shane for `special occasions' only. The thought of this being used on Jimmy made Tyler want to throw up.

Jimmy didn't look too excited at the prospect either.

"Come here boy," Luke called to Tyler.

They stood in front of the straining prostrate body of Jimmy.

"How do you think your pal looks?" asked Luke.

"Incredibly strong and wonderful," answered Tyler honestly.

"Yeah? Well he might not be so strong when you lay this across his back," said Luke handing the gruesome cat to Tyler.

"I can't do that to him," said Tyler

"You can, and you will, or you'll both get it from me," answered Luke. "You made the savage beast, so you will be the first to trial it on your friend's back. Just do it".

"Oh no please Luke," pleaded Tyler.

"Just do it," shouted Jimmy from above them, "or it'll be worse for us both." His bravery under such circumstances was extraordinary.

OK, but I'm sorry pal," whispered Tyler moving to the back of Jimmy.

"Look carefully at the kid's face because you will soon taste the cat too," said Luke to Shane.

Shane looked across and he felt incredible compassion for the prostrate kid hanging so impressively in front of him.

"Begin, and lay it on. I want to see you make each stroke count. If it doesn't, then you'll get some from me," Luke shouted to Tyler.

Tyler looked long and hard at Jimmy's straining back with its strong hard muscles. He saw the freckles speckled around his skin and he knew that soon the freckles would be covered by horrible welts, or worse.

"Do it now, or I'll come and do it," shouted Luke.

Jimmy flexed his back and Tyler saw it harden and striate. He pulled the whip high and let it fly at Jimmy's beautiful flesh.

Jimmy knew it was coming because of the distressing whoosh of noise. The multiple tailed cat landed, and it crashed around and into his flesh and knocked every bit of air from his lungs such was the force. He arched his chest as he tried desperately to get away from the barbarous tails that spread across the entirety of his upper back and shoulders. The ends of each tail flew around his sides and dug into his tender lats. He screamed, and his body convulsed and he thought that he was going to die.

Tyler opened his tightly shut eyes to survey the scene of carnage on Jimmy's back. It was bad, but mercifully, it wasn't as bad as he'd expected. There were a multitude of bright red welts, probably nine, but Tyler didn't dwell on that. Each welt was slightly raised, but there was no broken skin. Tyler was so relieved.

He whispered "It's OK," to Jimmy.

"Glad you think so," said Jimmy with his big broad chest pounding.

Luke came around to see Jimmy's back. "Fine, now give him another," he stated almost casually.

Jimmy cringed and pulled on the ropes flexing his back ready for the next viciously barbaric strike.

"It's coming," Tyler shouted, as he raised the whip strongly. He let it fly, aiming a bit lower on Jimmy's broad back. This time his eyes were open and he saw the tails land and lash into Jimmy's flesh. He watched his friend's body push forwards with the force of the landing whip and he saw Jimmy's head fly back to an almost unimaginable position, before he screamed like a wild animal. His body flexed and shook, then twitched horribly. Jimmy was sobbing and tears ran down his face.

Tyler was wracked with guilt and compassion, and he threw the whip on the floor shouting, "No more."

Luke stared at him. "I'll decide when we are finished," he stated menacingly.

"Then string me up and do what you want to me," said Tyler with utter conviction.

"No, don't do it," shouted Jimmy.

Luke walked calmly, but frighteningly, over to Tyler, stopping an inch from his chest.

"Are you refusing an order punk?" Luke asked.

"No, I'm offering to take his place, you can flog me as much as you want, but please, no more for Jimmy," reasoned Tyler bravely.

"You're a hard Kid and I like your spirit," said Luke. "Let the strong lad down, he's taken enough. You've both done well and it's over for you."

Tyler's knees buckled with utter relief and he knelt in the dusty concrete and cried.

Jimmy quietly sobbed at this heroic and brave act from his best friend in all the world.

"Come on kid, get up and help me get Jim down, I need you both to deal with this wanker," said Luke. "He's got a lot of pain coming to that big-muscled+- teen body of his before the sun goes down today. You boys need to be strong for me."


The end of Chapter 4