Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 5


Chapter 5, like the first four, is totally fictional, as are the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys'.
Thanks so much to the few who have written to say that they have enjoyed chapter's 1 to 4, it's really encouraging.


Tyler slowly got to his feet, his eyes still watery. The relief of knowing that he and Jimmy were being freed was overwhelming. To also hear that they were required to assist in punishing Shane the muscle-boy was almost too much to take in.

Jimmy hung still, with the ropes that bound him tightly stretching his body in the big wooden structure. His naked torso bore the marks and bruises that proved how he'd been very severely treated during the past hour or more. He too had tears of relief running from his eyes and down onto his stretched chest. He knew that for today at least, his ordeal was complete. He had survived and remained strong and resolute and this was all that mattered.

"Come on and help me get him down," said Luke quietly to Tyler, "and be careful because the kid's taken a lot of punishment today."

They went to the big uprights at either side of Jimmy and began to untie the ropes that stretched his legs wide apart. They slowly let his feet return to the centre and Jimmy groaned with relief. He remained hanging by his wrists, all his weight being taken by his big shoulders and arms. He presented a wonderful vista with his chest stretched and striated.

Jimmy's pecs and nipples were still red from the earlier treatment with the clamps and weights, but the colour was now less pronounced.

The sight from behind was even more breathtaking. His broad muscular back tapered in a perfect vee from his wide shoulders and his flared out lats down to his slim waist. He was sweating heavily from his ordeal in the harsh sun. The most incredible thing of all was the sight of the mass of red welts that crossed his big back that were testament to the lashing that he had taken earlier. There were eighteen perfectly formed stripes, each bright red and raised from his skin.

The fact that sixteen year old Jimmy had taken the flogging like a man proved his strength and bravery beyond any doubt.

Tyler was ashamed that it had been him, Jimmy's best friend, who had inflicted this barbaric treatment to his young pal's bare back. Jimmy however, was very grateful that it had been Tyler who had whipped him rather than either Shane or Luke.

They carefully unfastened the two ropes from the uprights that Jimmy's arms hung from. They then lowered him very slowly and gently until his feet made contact with the floor where-upon they released the ropes fully. His legs were like lead, and his arms ached like hell, and his knees crumpled under him. He fell to the floor before Tyler and Luke could get to him and he just avoided rolling onto his tortured back.

Tyler bent to help Jimmy, and then he flopped down at his side to embrace him chest to chest. They hugged, and Tyler exclaimed, "God, I love you."

"Yes, and I love you," replied Jimmy, very emotionally, "but hell, you can't half swing a whip."

"Sorry," said Tyler.

"Don't be, you had no alternative," replied his mate. "Forget it."

"Can you stand?" asked Luke.

"I think that I'll be able to," answered Jimmy.

"OK then, let's get you over to the house, we all need to get cleaned up. We've a job to do," said Luke.

"What about me?" cried Shane, hanging by his arms from the other massive wooden frame.

"You are the job that we have to do," replied Luke curtly.

Shane elected to shut up.

The three lads disappeared into the house leaving Shane hanging in the afternoon sun and contemplating the day so far. He wondered what the next couple of hours would bring. He knew that he'd need to remain strong to enable him to get through without total humiliation and loss of face. He began to stretch and squeeze his muscular arms and chest as best as he could under the conditions. He attempted to pull himself up and lower himself down to pump his shoulders. He lifted his legs up to the horizontal position and squeezed his abdominals before lowering them and stretching his strong limbs at the bottom of the movement. His body perspired with the effort, but he continued, hardly faltering.

Now in the house, Luke told the two lads to get showered and to put on some clean shorts. He also told them to get some lotion on their backs to avoid any infection.

Tyler's eyes lit up at the prospect of being able to run his hands across Jimmy's striped back.

"Don't get any daft ideas you two, I need you strong and perky for the work to come," advised Luke. "And don't even think about going and shooting your loads or you'll be in more trouble. There will be plenty of opportunities for you later."

The lads grinned sheepishly and went off, knowing that if Luke had not given them this order the chances are, that they'd soon have been beating their meat. They wondered what Luke was planning for them with Shane.

Despite the warnings, they did find it incredibly erotic to be showering together after the last few hours of pain. Jimmy's back was sore, and it stung when the water cascaded from the shower onto his wounds. It felt like needles on his flesh, but he loved the feel of Tyler's eyes that were transfixed on his stripes. He was really proud of his strength under the pain of the lash.

Soon, they went to their room where Tyler had great fun applying the lotion to Jimmy. He gently caressed each individual raised welt on his big back.

When his turn came, Jimmy loved being able to apply the lotion on Tyler's broad back and lats.

They were both fantastically reinvigorated, being clean and fresh, and each teen was massively boned-up by the time Luke called them to go downstairs to the kitchen.

They dashed down, absolutely naked, with their shorts and trainers in their hands.

"Crumbs guys, you are excited aren't you?" laughed Luke. "I can see why you aren't dressed. Do you think that you'll be able to get your shorts on over those weapons?"

"Yeah, we've got our smallest Speedos and they'll sort the job," laughed Tyler.

"OK, get them on and I'll explain what's happening," advised Luke.

The young lads dragged their trunks on, constraining their cannons vertically beneath the tight fabric. Both ended up with their throbbing bell-ends poking up above their waist bands. They pulled on their shorts and these just about concealed their excitement. Their trainers completed their dressing.

"OK, that's better," said Luke. "Now I'll tell you what's going on."

Luke explained to the lads how he had discovered Shane wanking-off behind the barn. He advised that Shane hadn't shot his load, but as the intent was there he had been sentenced to the highest level of corrective punishment. This was primarily for his disregard for the number-one rule.

"So he didn't actually splatter his load?" said Tyler.

"No, but he was dammed close," replied Luke.

"He must have been scared to death when you arrived," smiled Jimmy.

"Yeah, he did have quite a turn," said Luke seriously. "Anyhow, what I have in mind, if you are willing, is that I let you two take the lead in punishing the wanker. That way we'll humiliate him to the max, and I'm sure that you two will be able to think up some novel and suitable torture for him"

"Wow," said Jimmy.

"Cool," exclaimed Tyler with all sorts of possibilities already in his mind.

Luke continued, "I want you to frighten the living daylights out of him, and have him begging for us to forgive him. However, whilst I'll largely give you a free rein, I don't expect you to cause him any permanent physical damage. I know that this is payback time for you guys after the treatment that you've received, but I will step in and punish you if I feel that you are losing control."

Luke stood back. "Let's have a good look at you both," he said, like a proud father. "Yes, you have come a long way already in a very short time. You both look amazingly hard with your new young muscles and your striped backs. I was very proud of the way that you each conducted yourselves under torture; you were both very strong and brave. You have fitted into the life here very well and I'm hopeful that you will stay and grow with us."

"I can't imagine any other life after this," said Tyler.

"I'm loving it," agreed Jimmy, "can't I just nip upstairs and have a quick wank?" he asked with a big grin, and knowing the answer before he got the glare from Luke.

"Luke advised Tyler and Jimmy to grab something to eat and drink whilst he got washed and changed. He told them to have a think about their options for Shane.

Luke soon returned fresh and clean, and he asked the lads if they were ready.

"Yeah we're ready, and you can be assured that we'll have Shane begging for mercy in no time at all," said Tyler.

"Don't make it too quick, we don't want him let off too lightly," said Luke.

"We thought that we might have some sport with him to begin with," advised Jimmy. "We will try a compassionate, loving approach and see how he responds."

"Sounds interesting," smiled Luke.

"Don't be thinking that we won't lash his bare hide though," stated Tyler.

"I'd never have thought for one moment that you'd let Shane go to bed tonight without some stripes on his back," replied Luke.

Jimmy and Tyler smiled at one-another and prepared themselves for some action. They left the house together and observed Shane still hanging by his big muscled arms, doing leg crunches up to his rippling abdominals.

Luke stood in front of Shane, and even he was impressed to see his brother's massively pumped physique. This was by far the best specimen that had been seen constrained in the rack and Luke could have very easily taken the whip to his body himself and enjoyed toying with his mind and muscles.

Tyler and Jimmy were in heaven. They just wanted to get on and torture Shane's mind, then his body. They wanted to slowly break him and have the cocky muscle-stud scream for their mercy.

Luke addressed Shane; "You are here this afternoon accused of gross misconduct and you are found guilty of wanking at a forbidden time. In addition, you wanted to hide your guilt. Your corrective punishment will be decided by, and given by Tyler and Jimmy who you have previously treated so harshly."

Shane cringed at the thought.

"Oh come on Luke, you can't do that to me," suggested Shane more in hope than expectation.

"The decision is final and you have no right to any appeal or leniency," continued Luke. "OK boys, get to it and show him no mercy just as he showed you none."

"Our pleasure Luke," replied Tyler smiling.

"Get the implements ready partner," said Tyler to Jimmy.

Jimmy went over to the crate and very deliberately took out each whip and device one at a time and he showed them tauntingly to Shane. The bigger whips he gently laid over Shane's shoulders inviting him to feel the leather as he threatened him with all sorts of grievous acts. They laid out the full collection of implements on the floor and onto the box lid in a theatrical manner, and discussed their options out loud so Shane could hear.

Shane looked down angrily at the lads and occasionally cursed their suggested intentions.

Tyler approached Shane; "Have you any preference to begin with wanker?"

Shane looked him in the eye and cursed again, "Go to hell punk."

"Not a very smart idea to be abusing your overseer," smiled Tyler, "never mind, we'll soon have you in a more compliant mood."

"Like hell. In your dreams maybe," snarled Shane.

Jimmy approached, "Why so much hatred?" he asked. "I thought that you loved the pain. We know that you love to give it, but are you really such a strong guy, and can you take it? Those muscles of yours won't make much difference when we two are lashing your naked hide with Tyler's new toys."

"Just do it and we'll see who gets tired first," growled Shane.

"Yes, we will see," said Jimmy smiling.

"OK lads, let him down until his feet are on the ground and relax the ropes on his arms by a few inches. I want to see his big muscles fighting to get away from the searing pain of the whip on his back," said Jimmy.

Tyler was amazed at Jimmy's order. He thought that this was a great idea.

They did as Jimmy suggested and Shane immediately strained his biceps and pulled at the ropes making the visual spectacle just unbelievable. His chest and shoulders popped and striated and he looked almost animal-like such was the size and cut of his muscles. He was ready to taste the whip on his bare back and much of him really wanted the lads to give it to him without mercy.

"Yeah Shane, go for it," shouted Tyler, "you get warmed up for the lashing that your big torso is about to receive."

Shane swore, and his bulging young muscles continued to flare out massively. He felt, and looked like a huge young Mr Universe.

Jimmy picked up a single tailed whip about three feet long.

He strode to the back of Shane and gasped at the sight of his straining back. It was hard to believe that he was only sixteen. What a magnificent body! His whole torso glistened and shone in the afternoon sun. His back was like a granite mountain with rivers of ripped hard muscle and massive wing-like lats flaring out to his triceps. His waist was narrow and hard, and he even had nice veins at the sides of his abdomen where there was a good stretch.

Shane loved to have his body admired and he felt invincible.

Jimmy's throat was dry and he felt quite light headed.

Tyler remained in front of Shane and advised; "I'm going to enjoy every moment of this as I watch you squirm whilst Jim plays that whip across your big virgin back. Have you ever felt the lash Shane?"

"I don't need to have felt it. You've felt it, and I've loved to see your pain as I lashed the holy crap out of you punk," stated Shane.

"Give him some," said Tyler.

Jimmy raised his arm, "Here it comes boy."

Shane flexed and held his back rigid. He had indeed never felt the pain of a whip on his bare back before and he didn't know what it would be like or, more importantly, how much he could take. He became more and more determined to take the pain like a man and not to give them the satisfaction of hearing him scream out. He stood strong with his muscular arms holding tight to the ropes that constrained him. His biceps and triceps were raw muscle and veins, and he was ready.

The whip landed across his heaving back like a bolt of lightning with searing pain. His face looked startled and frightened when his brain registered the pain that was worse than anything he could ever have imagined. He pulled forward, straining to get away from the whip and his pecs flared further. He gagged, and desperately tried to suppress the screams that wanted to escape from his massive lungs.

"Hey, what do you think strong man?" laughed Tyler. "Hurts a bit doesn't it?"

"You'll need to try harder boy," said Shane. He was too shocked at the pain of the whip to say more, as he now knew what he had to contend with. His back had a beauty of a red welt growing by the second. He was glistening from head to toe in sweat.

"Try another whip," said Tyler, "or better still, come round here and watch his big muscles strain whilst I have a go with the whip."

"Yeah, OK, but save some of his hide for me," replied Jimmy happily swapping places with Tyler.

"Which do you want to taste next?" asked Tyler peering at the whips. "You are rather quiet Shane, is there something wrong?"

"Try them all if you want, you won't get what you want from me," said Shane.

"Oh no? Well we'll try this three tailed beast. It looks to have a good whip in it, and it feels like it might be the one to loosen your tongue," suggested Tyler.

He picked up the implement and whipped it through the air for effect.

"This has great balance, it feels really good, let's see it in real action against those lovely muscles of yours," said Tyler cruelly.

Shane tensed again and flared out his lats presenting a perfect picture to Tyler. He raised the whip and let it fly high onto Shane's incredible back. It landed with a load crack, and the tails wrapped around and into his bare flesh causing him to buck and twist and the shock almost caused him to cry out. It burnt like hot irons on his back but he managed to stay focused and immensely strong. Jimmy was mightily impressed to see him remain in such control when his eyes told him that he was in utter agony.

"Like that did you boy?" asked Tyler.

"Like what?" said Shane bravely. "Did you do something?"

Shane just finished his last word, and he heard the whip screaming through the air again. He had relaxed slightly, and so, when the whip struck again it was much worse than the previous stroke and he gasped and his whole body shook and trembled.

"Sorry, was you not ready?" asked Tyler sarcastically.

"Not quite," answered Jimmy on Shane's behalf.

Tyler dropped the whip down and walked to Shane's back. He slapped his tortured flesh hard asking him jauntily how he was.

Shane was obviously hurting bad, and his squirming was sufficient to please the two lads and they knew that this was a great beginning.

"You seem to be really getting the hang of this treatment," said Tyler grinning. "Are you ready to beg for our forgiveness yet?"

"Dream on boy," said Shane.

"Have it your way," said Jimmy.

"Let's tie his legs so he can't kick-out," said Tyler.

They quickly cuffed Shane's ankles and tied ropes from the cuffs to the uprights. They didn't stretch his legs out, as this was just a precautionary move.

"Now let's tighten his arms," said Jimmy, and they pulled the ropes tight, but they left Shane's feet on the ground. Jimmy untied Shane's trainers and pulled them off and Shane now felt the hot dusty concrete beneath his bare feet.

"Wow you do look good Shane," said Jimmy. "Your body is like a god."

"Take a good look kid, you'll never see anything like this physique when you look in the mirror," snarled Shane.

"I guess you might be right, but for now, your body is ours," smiled Jimmy.

Shane cursed again.

"You need to calm down or you'll use up all your energy," said Jimmy. "Here, let me relax you by stroking your big hard body." Jimmy reached out to Shane's chest. He gently ran his fingers around Shane's stretched pectorals and he lingered around his pert nips and he sensually circled his nipple pegs with his finger ends.

Shane loved it.

"Your muscles feel so hard and hot Shane, they feel even better than they look," said Jimmy.

Tyler had moved behind Shane and he too caressed Shane's big torso, gently massaging his flaming back. He told Shane that he was massive and that his back looked so hot with its red stripes.

Shane's chest heaved up and down, and now, once more, he had a raging hard-on inside his shorts.

"I guess that you love having your muscles worshiped by us young guys," said Jimmy.

"Stuff you," replied Shane.

Jimmy dropped his hand and grasped at Shane's crotch, feeling his arousal.

"As I said, you seem to love being caressed by two shirtless teen boys don't you?" whispered Jimmy.

"Go to hell tosser," raged Shane.

"Not before we have had our full grovelling apology wanker," stated Jimmy.

Shane was quite surprised to hear Jimmy talk to him like that.

Jimmy worked his hands around Shane's chest and Shane shuddered as his nipples were brushed again. Jimmy's hands went down to Shane's abs and Jimmy told him how magnificent his six pack felt. He played a gentle tune across his hard washboard and Shane held his breath and gasped.
Jimmy slowly pushed his hand beneath Shane's short's waistband and he reached in and grasped his rampant tool.

"Wow, you are loving us looking after you aren't you?" said Jimmy, impressed at the feeling of Shane's beast in his hand. Jimmy pulled Shane's waistband down and stretched it low beneath his balls. "Gosh his balls are like a bull's. They are obviously brimming with his boy love juices," grinned Jimmy, and Tyler came around to have a good look.

"Yes that's quite a heavy sack-full," smiled Tyler, "grasping Shane's nuts as if to weigh them. He obviously loves us massaging his strung up body."

Shane groaned when Tyler's hand grabbed his ball-bag.

"His eyes are rolling," laughed Jimmy.

"Your eyes will roll when I get down from here and punch your lights out," stated Shane menacingly.

"Give him some more leather across his back for insubordination," said Jimmy to Tyler.

Tyler didn't need asking twice, and he went to select his weapon.

"He's tasted the single and triple tailed lash, what about a taste of big-daddy. Do you fancy this beast of nine tails across your naked back muscle boy?" taunted Tyler.

"Do what you want," replied Shane.

"Oh, I will, don't fret about that," replied Tyler, and he dangled the cat with its cruel tails in front of Shane's face.

Tyler went and steadied himself behind Shane's massive back. He knew how to handle the big cat after his practice earlier with Jimmy and he also knew that he could put much more into his strokes now that he had Shane's bare back in front of him.

He raised the whip, and Jimmy suddenly shouted; "Wait a moment Ty".

Tyler stopped with the whip held high.

Jimmy grabbed Shane's cock and he roughly dragged his foreskin fully back.

Shane groaned in ecstasy.

Jimmy then sat down in front of Shane and again grabbed his meat pulling down hard on the erect member and causing Shane to push out his huge chest and stretch out his back and lats nicely for Tyler.

"Perfect," said Tyler, and he let big-daddy fly towards Shane's straining back. It hit him, and as had happened earlier with Jimmy, the weight of the beast pushed his torso forwards. Shane gasped for breath as the nine tails wrapped around, and into his body. His dick felt as though it would explode.

"Superb, I felt that through to my hand," laughed Jimmy.

"Yeah, I felt the impact in my hand too," laughed Tyler.

"How was it for you, Jimmy?" asked Shane.

"Too easy," stated Shane.

"Oh it was, was it," said Tyler. "Well how's this then?" and he again struck Shane a pearler across his upper back.

Shane twisted and contorted, and sweat ran from his pits and cascaded down his body but he didn't scream out. His huge muscled back was covered in red stripes.

"You take the whip well," said Jimmy with genuine admiration.

"Well you've tasted it, so you should know," replied Shane.

Jimmy did indeed know how Shane must have felt. He grabbed again at Shane's dick and gave it three hard pumps causing Shane to forget his mashed back for a moment.

"I think that he's ready to explode," said Jimmy, "get some twine quick."

Tyler produced some string and they wrapped it around the base of Shane's engorged dick shaft then circled it around the root of his big bull-ball sack. Shane knew as well as the others that he couldn't cum now that he was trussed up like a turkey, but his dick would remain massive.

"Now let's give this meat a pump and see if he explodes internally," said Jimmy laughing.

Jimmy grasped Shane's dick, and as he had threatened, he wanked it back and forth making Shane gasp and groan. His meat became even more massive as it strained, and every blood vessel throbbed.

"Go on Jimmy boy, give him plenty," laughed Tyler.

Even Luke watched with excitement and pleasure as his brother was pumped hard.

Shane threw his head back as the strokes continued. He so wanted to let his load fly but there was nothing at all he could do to release his pent up pressure.

Jimmy stopped and smiled at Shane. "Ready to talk yet big guy?"

There was no reply from Shane.

"Let's stretch him out between the four posts," said Tyler.

"Good thinking, let's bring some hay bales over and lay him on them," said Jimmy.

Luke helped carry four bales across from the barn and they placed them together in the centre of the four upright posts, in effect making a bed to lay Shane on.

With Luke's help, and some strong-arm tactics, Shane was lowered down and laid chest up on the bales. He grimaced as his back touched the hard straw. He was quickly fastened with the ropes to both his wrists and ankles. The ropes were stretched as tight as possible to one of each of the uprights so that Shane's muscular arms and legs were put into considerable tension. He was fully spread-eagled and looked superb to the admiring lads.

"Wow he looks good enough to eat," laughed Jimmy.

"Maybe we can have him for dinner," said Jimmy and Shane winced at the thought.

Shane's dick was still exposed, but now it pointed to the sky.

"Just look at that bloody chopper," said Tyler, "it's as hard as the rest of his body."

"Yeah it does look rather tasty," said Jimmy.

Shane pulled at the ropes pumping his arms and shoulders in the most incredibly beautiful way. His whole ripped physique was straining and flexed. His abs were narrow and his chest broad and jutting high in the air.

The lads teased Shane by running their hands across his big torso, and they stroked his huge muscular thighs right up towards his groin.

Shane loved every moment, but he still couldn't empty his balls.

Tyler jumped up onto the bale and sat down straddling Shane's abs. He could feel Shane's boner nudging into the small of his back so he pushed back to about forty five degrees, pushing his dick down and making him squirm. He sat back up and looked down on Shane's chest. He slapped his palms alternately across the side of Shane's pectoral area building up to rapid hard slaps which quickly caused big red marks to appear on his previously unblemished chest.

Shane pushed out his chest and flexed his pecs, riding out Tyler's slaps but looking increasingly distressed. Tyler continued, and he asked Shane if he was ready to beg for mercy.

"Get stuffed," shouted Shane, as he gasped for breath under the relentless onslaught. He was sweating and steaming.

Tyler stopped and looked down at Shane. "Had enough yet?" He asked.

"Never, soft boy," retorted Shane defiantly.

Jimmy was impressed, but Tyler just saw it as a wonderful challenge and an opportunity to inflict some more pain on the body of big boy Shane.

"The gloves will be brought out next," said Tyler.

"Are your hands cold?" asked Shane sarcastically.

"Fetch them," shouted Tyler.

Jimmy soon returned, wearing the red boxing gloves.

Tyler got off Shane, allowing Jimmy to climb up. He didn't sit on Shane, he just stood straddling his hips and staring down menacingly.

Shane actually felt quite vulnerable as he looked up at this strong kid towering over his constrained torso.

Jimmy called out; "Grab the beast and lower it."

Tyler grasped Shane's enormous pulsing hard-on and he slowly and very firmly dragged it down towards Shane's feet. The result was that Shane's already straining chest pushed up high and mighty under the pressure on his dick.

"Just right for some punishment," said Jimmy looking down on Shane's big muscular and glistening chest.

Shane tried to hold the maximum flex in his pecs as Jimmy bent towards him to begin the punishment.

Shane felt strangely strong and ready to accept anything that this wonderful kid could throw at him.

Jimmy began pounding the gloves into Shane's chest and he took it without much outward distress. Shane's biggest problem was the pounding that his mangled back was taking on the sharp straw with every punch. Jimmy continued for a while, then without warning he began on Shane's stretched wash-board stomach. He gave Shane plenty, and didn't pause before moving back up to his chest.

Tyler started playing games with Shane's tool, bending it down and stretching it back up, and then moving it round in wide circles. On occasion, he pumped it and then he resumed the bending.

Shane was almost delirious, and his body shuddered as the pounding punches and dick bending continued for what seemed like an age. He was gagging to explode his boy cum into the air but still he could do nothing to prompt the required action. He felt like his balls were splitting under the pressure. Shane's entire upper torso was aflame and bright red when Jimmy finally stopped the punches and jumped down.

Tyler released his rampaging meat and it again sprang up grinning insanely to the sky.

Shane's chest was heaving up and down and he was almost delirious with the pain and sexual excitement.

Are you ready to beg for mercy and forgiveness?" asked Tyler.

For the first time, Shane considered just giving in and begging for his release. He knew that had it been Jimmy who had asked, then he might have surrendered, but he couldn't give in to Tyler.

"I'm not begging to you punk," was Shane's reply.

"Good," laughed Tyler.

The closely observing Luke cringed at Shane's stupid defiance.

"Remove the bales," ordered Tyler.

Jimmy looked puzzled at first, then realised the end game in this idea and he stepped forward to assist.

One by one, and with both teens on the task, they dragged the big bales from beneath Shane's back.
The last one had the most visual impact, because when that one was finally dragged away, it caused Shane's body to drop down in an arch and it stretched his arms and legs as they immediately went into hard tension.

Shane gasped with the only plus point being the removal of the straw from his aching back. He was now stretched out looking up to the sky and wondering what was to happen next.

It was back to the caressing and stroking, as both teens stood either side of Shane's body and worshipped him as the muscle god that he was. They played a lot with Shane's nipples and gave him plenty of attention to his upper thighs. His boner stood strong and hard.

Jimmy produced a big knife and approached Shane again. He teased the prostrate guy by running the tip of the knife across Shane's tits, pausing at his juicy engorged nipple. Shane shuddered.

"What are you doing man?" gasped Shane.

"Just seeing how sharp the knife is," answered Jimmy casually.

"Get off you mad bastard you'll maim me," shouted Shane. "Luke, stop him before he cuts my tits off."

Luke didn't move, and Shane shuddered.

Shane ran the knife lightly down Shane's chest and continued across the ridges and valleys of his abs. He reached his throbbing beast and Jimmy grasped it in his left fist and raised the knife, bringing it towards the root of his engorged shaft.

For the first time, Shane was scared witless, and he screamed for Luke to stop the `insane bastard' from mutilating him. "He's going to cut my fucking dick off," screamed Shane.

Had Jimmy wanted to end the torture at this juncture, he knew that he only needed to ask Shane to beg for forgiveness and he would have done so without hesitation. However, he didn't want the fun to end.

Jimmy squeezed Shane's tool as hard as he could then released it and he very rapidly slit open both sides of Shane's shorts and trunks and in a flash dragged the ruined material away. Shane's torment and humiliation was complete, and for the first time his eyes filled with tears of relief and embarrassment. The tears slowly ran down his cheeks and dropped to the dusty floor.

They stepped back and watched this almost broken boy crying and shaking and Jimmy wanted more than anything to release him and love him better.

"Are you prepared to repent your sins and beg for mercy?" asked Tyler.

Shane didn't say a word.

"Very well, we will continue," said Tyler. "The choice is yours."

Tyler stepped forward and lifted his leg over Shane's hanging body. He could just reach the floor with his two feet once that he was straddling Shane's abdomen.

"OK muscle boy strain hard because I need a rest," grinned Tyler.

Shane looked at Tyler open mouthed and he stuttered "No, you wouldn't."

"Oh yes I would," answered Tyler laughing and he began to lower his arse very slowly onto Shane's hanging and straining abdomen.

Shane gasped and strained more as Tyler lowered himself onto his gut. He crushed Shane's abs and it further stretched and strained his arms and legs. Shane felt as if his arms were going to dislocate, such was the stress in his shoulders and wrists. He trembled and gasped beneath the crushing weight.

"Are you ready to talk nicely to us?" asked Tyler.

"," gasped Shane.

Tyler put his feet down and took his considerable weight from Shane who took some massive breaths of air.

"What have you got to say?" asked Tyler.

"Sorry," replied Shane quietly.

"Sorry, is that all?" asked Tyler.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," said Shane.

Tyler lifted his leg over Shane's body and stood at his side.

"What are you sorry for then?" asked Tyler.

"I'm sorry that I'm not man-enough to take all your punishment," sighed Shane.

"Oh you will," smiled Tyler, "you'll take it all, until you finally decide to beg for mercy."

Shane blinked his eyes and resolved to remain strong. His arms and legs now ached like hell, and his boner was still throbbing.

Jimmy approached, and he took Shane's meat gently in his hand. He'd put some lotion into his palm and he wanked the beast slowly up and down squeezing quite hard.

Shane groaned, and his whole body went absolutely rigid with pleasure.

Jimmy wanked on, safe in the knowledge that Shane couldn't shoot his load, but he could get into an utter frenzy of sexual excitement.

Shane sure did get rampant, and after about four minutes of hard wanking on his big shaft he was crying to Jimmy for release.

Tyler began playing with Shane's hat-peg nipples, and after a while, he bent and kissed them, and he licked at his big pecs, which greatly excited Shane. Tyler took Shane's left nipple between his sharp white incisors and gently nibbled at the peg, and then he repeated the act on the other one. He finally grazed on the whole of his engorged nipples.

Jimmy wanked away, and gently played with Shane's big swollen bull-balls.

Shane's eyes were rolling, and he shuddered and trembled inside and out. "Oh god please let me explode my jizz all over you both," he groaned.

"Would you really like to do that Shane?" asked Jimmy.

"Oh yes, please let me worship you guys and explode all over your beautiful bodies," begged Shane who was now out of his mind with lust.

"Would you like me to swallow your meat and give you the best wank that you've ever had in your life?" asked Jimmy quietly.

"Oh god yes. Please do it," replied Shane.

"And are you ready to beg for our forgiveness for your gross misconduct earlier?" asked Tyler.

Shane came to his senses, and despite the treatment still continuing to his rigid throbbing dick, he replied, "I can't, I'm so sorry but I can't."

"Then we'll be here for some time," said Tyler. Let's get a drink, he said to Jimmy, and they stepped away from Shane whose body was panting, and his massive stretched chest heaved up and down.

Tyler walked across the yard and returned with the bag of cement that had been left over from the work a few days before. It was heavy, and he struggled somewhat with the unwieldy bag. He walked awkwardly towards Shane who was watching from his stretched and spread-eagled vantage point.

"What the hell are you doing you stupid shit?" asked Shane sounding quite worried.

"Just giving you something to contemplate whilst we have a rest," answered Tyler as he heaved the heavy bag up towards Shane's upward facing body.

Shane couldn't believe the intent, but he soon did.

Tyler's shoulders and arms strained and pumped as he lifted the heavy bag and deposited it with significant force straight across Shane's hard stretched abdominals.

Shane let out one massive gasp as his core sank under the weight. The bag was so heavy that there was absolutely no chance of him bucking and throwing the bag off his body. He struggled to breath, and his arms and chest were stretched to their limits. He just hung there and tried to survive till the next instalment.

Tyler spotted Shane's rampant dick again and he taunted him, telling him how much he must be loving the treatment that he was getting.

Shane couldn't respond, but his body responded as Tyler pumped his massive veined meat a dozen times of more.

"Come on, let's get a cold drink," said Tyler to Jimmy and they left Shane suffering in the late sun.

Luke wasn't entirely happy to leave his young brother suffering so, but Shane seemed to be tolerating the torture, so he accepted the situation and went with the lads.

They waited for a while, and watched from a distance so they could retrieve the situation immediately that they might need to.

Shane was now hurting so much that he knew the end of his stubborn resistance was near, so he plotted his final move.

After about fifteen minutes, Luke told Jimmy and Tyler to get moving and to remove the weight from Shane.

"Yes, I think that's sufficient," said Jimmy, "I think he's nearly finished."

They strolled over to Shane and Jimmy immediately wanked Shane furiously. "Are you ready to apologise Shane?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," he answered equally quietly and dejectedly.

"Get the bag off," said Jimmy to Tyler.

They went either side and together they easily lifted the weight from Shane who groaned in utter relief. Again his chest pumped up and down as he took huge gulps of air into his big lungs.

"Are you ready to speak now?" asked Jimmy.

"Yeah, but it's not going to be easy, and I want to ask for one concession," gasped Shane.

"I'm not sure," said Jimmy "what are you proposing?"

The answer was totally and utterly unexpected

"I want you to string me up and lash it out of me," said Shane.

"You've got it boy," answered Tyler immediately.

"Do you know what you are saying?" asked Jimmy who wondered if Shane was delirious.

"Oh yes, I know exactly what I'm asking for," said Shane. "I want you two to torture my back and I'll give you your apology. You might want to let me enjoy your love when this is finished."

"That might be arranged if you give us what we want," replied Jimmy who was really gagging for the opportunity to gobble Shane's throbbing meat.

"Get on with it then," said Shane.

They carefully untied Shane and let him fall gently to the ground. He was in great pain as the blood came back to his tortured limbs. Luke brought Shane a bucket of water and he poured masses of the cold fluid down his gut and ended by pouring the remainder over his head.

They allowed him to exercise his arms and legs back to something like normality and then told him to stand. His dick was already standing and Shane followed its example and he staggered to his feet.

"Get over here," ordered Tyler who held the cuffs beneath the crossbar.

Shane walked strongly over to his tormentor, knowing what was coming.

They again cuffed his wrists and quickly hauled him up till his toes just left the ground. They repeated the sequence with his ankles, and dragged his legs wide. He was stretched in a perfect vee, magnificently bullock-naked.

"OK boy, you are going to get some real pain, so you'd better start to squeal real quick for all our sakes," said Tyler.

Shane simply stated "I'm ready."

"So are we. So are we," smiled Tyler, walking towards the implements that still lay on the floor. He picked up a single tailed whip and went behind Shane who flexed his already striped back.

Shane had no idea that Tyler had then put the whip down, and picked up a three foot cane.

"Are you ready muscle boy?" asked Tyler menacingly.

"Just give it to me," answered Shane. "I deserve everything."

Jimmy watched with fear and excitement.

Tyler raised the cane, but he wasn't focussed on Shane mighty muscled back, he was aiming straight for his pert and hard buttocks.

The cane screamed through the air and smashed into Shane's vulnerable arse and his body exploded in instant pain. He almost screamed, but somehow suppressed the sound that tried so desperately to fly from his lungs. He shuddered violently when a second stroke hit him, digging deep into both buttocks, causing his head to fly back and his chest and arms to flex in an almost inhumane manner. A third stroke caused him to give out a small but audible shriek.

"Did you say something?" asked Tyler.

"I'm sorry," said Shane.

"What for?" asked Tyler. "Is it that you are sorry for yourself for loving having your arse mashed by a teen god like me?"

Shane winced and said nothing more.

Jimmy walked up in front of Shane and reached up and stroked his chest. He laid his hands onto Shane's stretched pits and ran them carefully, and gently, right down to his hips. He reached out to his constrained balls and manipulated them softly at first, then quite roughly. He pulled Shane's scrotum down and let it go, then repeated the act pulling further. Shane groaned again with absolute pleasure. Jimmy grasped and pulled, stretching Shane's balls down hard, and he held them and winked to Tyler who raised the cane.

The stroke was as glorious as it was unexpected to Shane. He finally screamed with all his might, venting all the pent up pain and pleasure that his massive body had kept corked for far too long.

Jimmy released Shane's balls and grasped his dick wanking it hard.

Shane shook throughout his body.

"Are you ready?" Shane asked Jimmy gently.

"I'm almost ready," gasped Shane. His arse was striped with four heavy purple-blue welts that rose mightily from the surrounding flesh.

"Bring big daddy," ordered Jimmy, and Tyler grinned.

Shane shook a little, and pulled hard on the ropes constraining his arms, straining his massive shoulders. Every vein in his torso responded, and they popped out like ropes. He knew that this was the finale.

"Lay on with a will Tyler, the big torture loving stud needs it bad," said Jimmy.

"Oh he's going to get it bad," replied Tyler.

Shane was prepared, and Jimmy and Tyler were brimming with sexual anticipation. The thought of the flogging that was on the way to this massive teen was too exciting to be delayed.

"Number one," shouted Jimmy and Tyler raised the big cat-o-nine-tails and aimed at Shane's muscle ridden back.

He lashed the beast into Shane's flesh, and he let out an enormous bellow that reverberated around the ropes that bound him.

Tyler looked happy with his effort.

"Number two," shouted Jimmy and the cat was raised and primed.

Tyler let rip, this time he hit lower into the more tender flesh which caused Shane to screech, and he thought the he might die. He shook violently, and Tyler marvelled at his massive strength and courage.

"Ready to apologise?" asked Jimmy.

"I'm so sorry guys, I've been so stupid and I've failed you all," said Shane.

"For what?" asked Jimmy.

Shane didn't respond.

"Number three," shouted Jimmy.

Shane closed his eyes and prayed.

The lash landed and felt like white-hot irons across Shane's torso. He again screamed like a banshee. He was agonised by the blow, but he sensed something good happening in his bollocks.

Jimmy had released his balls from their constraining cord just as the lash struck. Jim held his sack and he slowly manipulated the life back into it as Shane groaned in massive pain but incredible ecstasy.

Shane's back was a mess. It was covered in welts, and even hard Tyler was hesitant to continue when Jimmy shouted "Number four."

"I'm sorry for..." said Shane, stopping as he gagged for a further taste of big-daddy across his naked body.

Jimmy nodded, and as Tyler raised his arm, Jimmy opened his mouth wide and gulped.

Tyler struck the cat across Shane's tortured back, and Jimmy gulped again and then thrust his face onto Shane's rampant dick, in one strong and insane move he swallowed the whole of his meat leaving himself impaled.

Shane screamed and gasped and he felt massively invigorated.

Jimmy began to throat-wank hard on Shane's rock hard tool. His throat worked wonders on Shane's mind and body. The root of his massive veined beast was still entwined with string so he was still restricted, and he gagged and groaned and begged for Jimmy to free his manhood.

Tyler stepped forward and asked Shane if he was ready to beg for forgiveness.

"I'm so sorry Tyler, I'm so sorry, Oh god, Jimmy, I'm so sorry Luke, Oh, please?" he gasped contorted in convulsions of sexual frustration. "Oh god, I love you all so much, and I want you all to have my body, and I so much want to worship yours," he gagged.

Jimmy wanked away at Shane's canon with his throat and lips.

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me," continued Shane.

"What for?" demanded Tyler.

Shane stopped talking, but continued to groan.

Tyler strode back behind Shane and raised the whip. He shouted, "Number five."

"Oh no," screamed Shane, but the lash landed. He screamed again as the tails of the whip bit deep into his flash leaving nine more stripes. He writhed in agony from the unbearable pain.

"Oh god, I'm sorry," screamed Shane his massive physique locked in cramped muscular torture.

Jimmy quickly and cleverly unleashed the cord that had constrained Jimmy's dick so cruelly for so long, and Shane sensed that he was finally free.

"Oh god," said Shane shaking. Sweat cascaded from his every pore.

Jimmy pumped away, and he tightened his lips around Shane's massively hard veined shaft.

"Oh god," said Shane, "I'm so sorry."

"What for?" demanded Tyler

Jimmy pumped quicker.

Shane's whole body convulsed and his boy-juices built up. His chest felt like a pressure cooker, and his eyes closed tight and his head flew back.

"I'm sorry," he screamed.

"What for?" shouted Tyler.

His balls went tight and his stomach glugged and the rumbling began. His juices ran through his body towards his rampaging canon.

"What for?" screamed Tyler.

"For being a fucking wankeeeeer," screamed Shane, as he exploded violently in massive gushes into Jimmy's gut. He pumped and pumped, and he shook and strained at his ropes. The whole wooden structure that he hung from seemed to shake as he blasted again and again deep inside the thrusting throat of this wonderful boy beneath him.

After an eternity, Shane was finally drained, and his dick that had been massively erect for so long finally wilted. Jimmy pulled away and belched, gasping great lung-fulls of beautiful fresh air.

"Oh god guys, I love you so much," said Shane, "and I'm so sorry for being such a tosser."

"Get him down and see to him," said Luke.

"I need seeing-to," said Jimmy grasping his own cock that was so hard inside his shorts.

"Me too," said Tyler rubbing his groin.

"OK, then let him down then you can wank," declared Luke.

They moved like lightning to release the groaning Shane who now realised how much his back and arse hurt. He went weak at the knees as he hit the ground and he sunk to the kneeling position. He panted and gasped and couldn't move an inch without incredible waves of pain in his back. He looked up to see Tyler and Jimmy stood a foot from his face with their shorts lowered and their own boners in hand. They opened their legs and planted their feet and began wanking.

Shane was in awe with his mouth open.

Luke walked calmly up, and he lowered his shorts and then pulled his Speedos below his balls, and he too grasped his massive boner and began wanking.

Jimmy was in utter ecstasy as he looked down on Shane and pumped his big boy dick.

Shane blinked and gasped, "Can I please?"

Jimmy looked at him "What?" he asked.

"Let me help," said Shane opening his mouth invitingly.

Jimmy was in heaven as he moved towards this grimy sweating beast of a boy who was covered in red welts and bruises. His mouth was invitingly pink and clean, and his white teeth glistened in the twilight.

"Brace yourself I'm coming in," said Jimmy smiling.

"Come to daddy," smiled Shane as Jimmy entered him.

There was no foreplay offered by Jimmy, and none wanted by Shane.

Jimmy grabbed roughly at Shane's matted black tousled hair and Shane accepted, tipping his head back slightly, ready to accommodate Jimmy's beautiful teen cock.

Jimmy pushed into Shane's mouth and reached his clack. He paused for a moment then grabbed hard at Shane's head and he pulled him onto his dick as he pressed forward with it.

Jimmy took a massive breath as he broke through into Shane's virgin throat. Shane grabbed at Jimmy's buttocks and pulled him deep till Jimmy's big-boy balls pushed into his chin.

Jimmy thrusted at Shane's willing throat and Shane went with the rhythmic deep thrusts.

In no time, Jimmy was ready to explode his volcanic load into the massive broken body of this bravest of brave boys. He went rigid and shook, and Shane prepared to take his protein drink.

Jimmy exploded, shaking and thrusting unmercifully at Shane's tight throat. It was the most wonderful feeling he'd ever known, and Shane was in absolute raptures to be taking everything that was being fed to him.

Shane suddenly became aware of other things happening, and he opened his eyes just as he was showered across his huge body with boy cream flying out from the volcanic tools of Tyler and Luke. He was virtually covered in boy juices by the time that Jimmy withdrew his plump and now flaccid cock from his mouth.

They stood and looked at one another, sweating, filthy, battered and bruised, but absolutely sure and satisfied that they had just lived through the best day of their lives.

"Let's get showered together," suggested Luke.

They all looked at each other and grinned.


The End of Chapter 5.

Post script,
I'm going to take a few days to consider whether this tale has taken its course, or whether to continue and bring in some new blood.
If anyone has any preference, or suggestions, then your views would be most welcome.