Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 6


Chapter 6, like the first five, is totally fictional, as are all the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys'.
Thanks so much to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed chapter's 1 to 5, it's really encouraging.



It was the spring of the year after Luke, Shane, Tyler and Jimmy had joined together on the farm. Much hard work and correction had taken place since the lads had lived as one family, and during the last nine months they had grown together in both mind and body.

After their first winter together, Luke was now eighteen and the other three lads were either already seventeen or very close...


As the crows' fly, Craig Jackson lived within a few miles of Luke, Shane & Co though he didn't know it. They lived in different valleys, separated by a small range of hills and there were no roads or paths over the hills. Craig had gone to a school in a small town that radiated off in a totally opposite direction to the school that the four boys had attended in the town closest to their farm.

Craig's life had, to some extent, mirrored the formative years of Shane, but Craig was a year younger, having only very recently reached his sixteenth birthday. What particularly set the lads apart was their field of sporting speciality. Shane had obviously always been into the weights and bodybuilding, whereas young Craig was a superb long-distance runner. He'd attained a high standard because he ran everywhere he went, including to and from school. The local terrain with its hills and valleys were a challenge that Craig had long since mastered. He'd go out alone, or sometimes with Jamie his best pal from school for long runs across the fells around their small town.

Craig was built for distance running; he was tall for his age and very slim. Put these together in a teenage boy and it equals being very self-conscious, and Craig certainly was that. When he peered in the mirror with his shirt off, he saw no visible sign of the muscle that he had witnessed growing on his school friends' physiques. He never really looked beyond his chest and shoulders, but had he done so, he'd have seen a great pair of graceful and well proportioned legs. His thighs were nicely muscled and defined, and his calves were round and tight. The trouble was that with his long limbs, he just looked skinny from the perspective of his own eyes.

When Craig wasn't running, he spent many hours doing sit ups and other abdominal exercises as his school coach had long since advocated a strong core as being the basis of good distance running. Craig had become somewhat obsessed with his abs. This was one body part that he thought that he could develop and be proud of.

There was no doubt that Craig's abs were already the best aspect of his upper physique as he had the smallest of waists and zero fat. The skin stretched across his waist, hugging tight to his hard undulating and perfectly symmetrical corrugated abdominals like waves in an ocean.

He had devised many exercises for his abs over the last three years, and he would strive to work them so hard every day, that his stomach often felt tender and bruised. He believed that he needed to work to increasing intensities to keep up his hard earned gains.

Craig hadn't yet realised that his body was awakening and starting to change as he reached his mid teens and his hormones and testosterone began to surge. His tiny wash-board waist did actually accentuate his physique. He already stood at about five-foot ten, and whilst he was undoubtedly slim he had the potential to blossom into the most beautiful boy. His shoulders were quite broad and perfectly square, something like Tyler had been in his early days, but Craig had a structure that was even more perfect. He was blond, with loosely curled hair and the most riveting blue eyes. His face was perfect, with high defined cheek bones and the most exquisite deep pink lips. On his chest, he had no hair and few signs of any pectoral development, but he did have a big deep rib cage due in part to his extraordinary lung capacity. Craig's perception of his body wasn't helped by the fact that he could see every individual rib in his chest and some more from the rear elevation.

When Craig trained, he wore brief running shorts and trainers without socks which made his legs appear even longer. He always wore a home doctored running vest. He had once seen magazine pictures of triathlon athletes wearing tight vests that were cropped off high up their torsos. He had improvised to create something similar for himself with his mum's kitchen scissors and some old tight cotton vests. The end product was a decent replica that was cut off just below his rib cage. This hid nearly all of his chest, but it allowed him to display all of his glorious abdominals to the world.

Craig's best friend Jamie was, like Craig, a very handsome teenager. He had certainly sprung up physically during the last twelve months. The contrast between Jamie and Craig was considerable, primarily because Jamie was of African heritage. His skin was beautiful, black and flawless. He was very aware and proud of his roots, and on occasion, he would tell Craig hot stories of his long past ancestry. Jamie's genetics and beauty gave him all the building-blocks necessary to become an absolute stunner with a fabulous physique.

Jamie was not as fanatical about the training, but he did join in with Craig's work-outs whenever he could get himself motivated. He admired Craig's dedication, and he contributed by suggesting some good training methods and schedules. He even took part in some of the runs, or he'd pace Craig on his more gruelling runs from the relative safety of his bike. Jamie often joined in the abs workouts when Craig was in intense mode as he loved to watch his pal's tight rippling stomach in action and he loved working with Craig as a pair.

Improvisation was the key word, and as has been seen elsewhere, Craig and Jamie utilised hay bales in the outbuildings of Craig's home, sometimes for step-ups, but mostly for their abdominal training. A couple of old towels were used to avoid any harsh scratching from the straw. They progressed through various sit-ups and crunches, and when they worked-out together, Craig loved to demonstrate his superior core strength. He'd sit at the edge of a bale with his legs horizontal and anchored by Jamie. He'd then perform multiple sit-ups, lowering his body well beyond the horizontal at each rep. Jamie marvelled at the sight of Craig flexing his stomach and dragging his upper body back up to the crunch at the top.

Jamie often worked with his top off but Craig never ever removed his vest even on the hottest and most humid days.

In time, their exercises progressed to a more advanced stage, where Jamie would throw a medicine ball for Craig to catch when he was lowered and stretched out. He'd catch the ball and swing it back at full arms length before swinging it up again and throwing it back to Jamie. Craig would end by crunching his body fully back up and he'd hold it flexed for a few seconds to demonstrate his strength.

Once they had got really warmed up, Craig would put his hands behind his head and lower his body to the horizontal and he'd invite Jamie to repeatedly drop the heavy ball onto his stretched and straining abs from a height of about eighteen inches. Craig could lay still like a board of steel and allow his fabulously defined abs to arrest the heavy inertia of the weighted ball without flinching. This was a massive turn-on for him in front of Jamie.

Jamie often tried the `stomach torture' as he called it. He'd make a deliberate performance of pulling off his top before mounting the bale and he'd raise his arms behind his head and flex his young boy body before presenting himself for Craig's treatment. He never lasted long when the medicine ball came-calling on his stomach, but both he and Craig loved the spectacle and sexual tension.

A few weeks previously, Jamie had playfully made as if to jab his fists at Craig's abs when he was back at an angle and they had laughed and played at being boxers. Soon after, Craig invited Jamie to repeat the jabs for real, and then they had increasingly become more intense and more protracted in their duration. Jamie loved it when it was his turn as he found that he could take the jabs to his stomach even better than Craig due to his slightly more powerful frame and because he had more padding on his bones. This was a stressful and difficult exercise and their abs became bright red and felt minced after a while, but they liked to feel strong and brave to one-another.

Recently, Jamie had realised that the close contact with his pal's body and the demonstration of their strength was having a disturbing affect on his dick. He prayed that Craig wouldn't notice. Craig was experiencing exactly the same as his pal, and he too kept very quiet about this aspect of the training.

Recently, probably for about the past six months or so, the lads had become increasingly horny during their joint training sessions. Now, following each workout, they would return quickly to their respective homes, and furiously wank themselves almost senseless as they thought about their training partners. Their only frustration, was that as yet, they felt unwilling to share their true feelings about one-another.

Jamie began to feel more and more powerful and brave as the days of training went by and his young muscles grew. He was slightly shorter than Craig at five foot eight, but quite a lot more solid all round. Whilst his own abdominals were good and strong, he had more flesh on his bones and he wasn't therefore as totally ripped as Craig.

One morning in early April, during the Easter holidays, Jamie met up with Craig for a long run. They had previously agreed that Jamie was to begin the session on his bike so that he could keep up with his faster pal, and also to enable them to carry some water to keep them both hydrated. This would allow them to take a more varied and intense route that wasn't so dependent upon streams for their rehydration. The plan was for Jamie to leave his bike at some point when the terrain got too steep. He would then run with Craig after concealing his bike. They'd then pick it up again on the return leg.

Even at seven in the morning, it was quite hot and humid in the valley, but they knew that it would be drier on the hill slopes. Craig wore his usual attire of running-shorts with a nice slit up each side of the light fabric and his cropped vest with narrow shoulder straps and a square neck-line. His bare, broad square shoulders and long legs looked really hot to Jamie.

Jamie wasn't overly interested in his own training attire, and his mode of dress on this day, was more bohemian and rugged. He had some half-decent and very comfy training shoes and small white socks, some old gym shorts from school and a baggy white crew-neck tee-shirt with capped-sleeves that had been handed down from his eldest brother. Craig thought that Jamie's young arms looked good with their tight muscles as he glanced at his `scruffy' mate.

They had a few token stretches, and then set out down the quiet country lane that would ultimately lead to the open pastures and then the hills.

Craig loved to push on and to test himself, and today he felt ready for anything. It was especially invigorating to have his willing pal to encourage and support his endeavours.

As they would remain on decent tracks for the early miles, Craig declared unexpectedly to Jamie that he'd start the run bare-foot. "I want to toughen up my feet," he declared.

"You're a crazy man," observed Jamie as Craig took off his trainers and he tied them together and hung them from Jamie's handle-bars.

Craig had actually run bare-foot before when he'd been alone, but Jamie didn't know this so he assumed that Craig would not last long.

Craig was confident that he could take plenty of pounding on his bare feet before he'd need his trainers on again, and he was determined to demonstrate his strength to Jamie.

They set off, and Jamie marvelled at Craig's form and speed across the rough track. Craig ploughed on, even after two miles when the track became increasingly uneven with shale and stones beneath his feet. To Jamie's amazement, Craig continued on for a further two miles until the ground finally became dangerous because of the many sharp stones that now covered the path. They stopped to allow Craig to replace his trainers and both lads inspected his soles which looked a bit battered but were generally unscathed.

"Shit man you must have soles like an alligator. My feet would be shredded after half that punishment", declared Jamie admiringly.

Craig felt invincible and he loved his pal to talk of him being strong and brave.

They continued through the valley, both boys working well within themselves. After about six miles in total, the tracks had finished and they were at the foothills where Jamie's bike was to be abandoned for now. They hid the bike in a big bush, had a good drink, and then both set out on foot, running at a decent pace. Jamie kept up as he had something in reserve due mostly to the fact that he'd cycled till now.

As soon as they began to climb, they began to labour, this was not too hard at first but it soon became quite tough. Running uphill in heat was never easy, even for Craig, but they continued onwards and upwards and they both had plenty left in their tanks. They loved the climbs as they knew that this would be building them up and improving their fitness better than anything else.

Jamie soon became drenched in his own sweat and his sloppy cotton tee-shirt clung uncomfortably to his back and chest.

"This needs to go," he said, and whilst Craig looked on, he pulled his shirt off to reveal his very tidy and shiny body with very decent abs.

Craig loved to see Jamie's body, and he admired his tight young muscles and dark, sleek body. What always really got him gagging were Jamie's big plump nipples. What Craig would give to be able to be able to play his lips and tongue over them?

"Top off?" questioned Jamie of Craig.

"Err, no, I'm OK," stuttered Craig a bit embarrassed.

Jamie was again disappointed, as he loved Craig's tight slim pale physique and he'd have loved to see him work the hills stripped down to his tiny shorts. Jamie wasn't so `muscle-aware' as Craig, and he had no hang-ups about his own body. He'd been raised with four older brothers and he was used to being in various states of undress with them. He was aware that they all had good builds but that each had their own attributes and weaknesses.

Jamie discarded his tee shirt behind a prominent rock that they'd have to pass on their return. He wasn't too bothered if he didn't see the shirt again.

They set off once more, climbing with renewed vigour, particularly Jamie who loved to be stripped down to his shorts. He was very well aware of Craig's own low self-esteem and he knew that Craig's eyes would be firmly glued to his smooth bare back if he ran in front of his pal. Jamie powered on up feeling strong and powerful with his body gleaming with sweat.

Jamie's pace could easily have been matched by Craig, but he preferred to temporarily hang back a few yards so that he could watch his pal's body as it toiled uphill in front of him.

They continued on up and over the rolling hills, occasionally stopping at streams to rest and drink before continuing on the now unexplored land. After some while, they stopped again at Jamie's request to take a rest at the side of a big rock and adjacent to a cool clear stream. Jamie again thought how hot it would be if his pal would strip down and run aside him shirtless. He ensured that he was positioned so that Craig could get the best view of his own physique and he turned his waist band down a couple of notches to show off even more of his beautiful body. Craig loved this, and longed to take his own top off and he was very tempted, as there was no chance of anyone else seeing them up in this remote area. He remained reticent, and they eventually continued for another mile or so. They reached the top of a big rise and found the perfect spot to stop and observe the surrounding scenery whilst they caught their breath. Jamie went a few yards down to a small pond and removed his trainers to soak his feet in the cool water. Craig observed this and realised that they'd be there for a while, so he lay down to watch the wonderful blue sky. Jamie cupped up some water and let it run down his body to cool him. He tried to throw some water on Craig, but he was well out of reach and laughing at Jamie's failed attempts.

Craig turned over onto his front and closed his eyes for a few moments of peace.

Jamie watched Craig and smiled. He observed Craig's tight butt in his thin shorts and he felt embarrassed to become slightly aroused. It was as good a sight as he'd ever witnessed. Jamie was well aware that Craig had superb development in his butt region due to all his running and he fantasised about the fabulous muscles that must lay beneath the shorts.

Jamie's thoughts went back to how wonderful it would be to have Craig run without any shirt and in an impetuous instant he rose and quietly approached the still body of his pal. He threw himself upon Craig and straddled his arse, sitting down with a bump. Craig shouted out screaming with laughter as Jamie tickled him under the sides of his rib-cage. They struggled and laughed. Jamie had immediate confirmation of how hard Craig's arse muscles really were as he bucked and writhed beneath him trying to throw him off. Craig thought for a moment that he could feel Jamie's arousal but he wasn't sure.

Jamie was on a mission, and he very quickly and suddenly grabbed at the bottom of Craig's vest, pulling it up and tried desperately to get it off his back. He revealed a flawless expanse of beautiful slim back and Jamie was transfixed.

Craig instinctively fought against his pal and he lowered his arms down to stop Jamie from pulling off his top. Jamie seemed to be on a looser but he wasn't giving up yet, and he pulled and stretched at Craig's vest. Craig resisted, and Jamie pulled, and something ultimately had to give. Of course the vest was the line of least resistance, and after some time longer and one massive stretch, something went with a twang, and then another twang and Jamie had a half of Craig's top in his hand.

"Oh bollocks, what have you done you daft sod," cried Craig from beneath Jamie.

"Something went twang," laughed Jamie. "It's your shoulder straps," he giggled as he finally started to get off Craig with the material still in his fist.

Craig looked up and started to rise. As he did, the front of his vest dropped from his chest.

"Oh great, that's ruined now, and there's no way that I can fix it here," exclaimed Craig.

"You're right buddy, it does seem to be beyond all hope but I'll tell you something," smiled Jamie.

"And what's that?" asked Craig, looking a little bit annoyed.

"That your body looks really buff and hot," replied Jamie seriously. "You really do have a beautiful chest."

Craig looked a bit embarrassed, but he suddenly realised that he was at last free of his chains and he was stripped down and being admired by his best pal, he felt wonderful, and he tensed his few chest muscles and flexed his abs provocatively.

"Cool," said Jamie.

"You're not looking too bad yourself," replied Craig, noticing that his pal had indeed got a bulge in the front of his shorts.

Jamie noticed that Craig's nipples were fully erect, and he thought that he too had a lazy lob between his legs but he didn't pass comment.

Craig just stood there naked to the low waist band of his small shorts and looking rather vulnerable. His abdominals looked incredible, and his boy chest was very smooth and tight and totally unblemished. He wondered if it was just Jamie who liked skinny guys like him, but for now he was just going to enjoy this new experience and feel the spring air on his torso.

Jamie was excited and very pleased with his work.

Craig had suddenly realised that he wasn't embarrassed about his lean body and he loved the fact that Jamie liked what he saw. He stood tall and said firmly to Jamie, "OK soft lad, you want to work do you? Then let's get going."

Jamie slipped his trainers back on, and they continued down the hill to explore what was in the next valley. The contrast in their complexions was total, and the visual spectacle was superb.

Craig felt remarkably strong and relaxed, even liberated. He wondered how he'd feel if they encountered a stranger, but he dismissed this thought from his mind and ran like a gazelle alongside his buff pal.

The lads were both quite tired when they reached the valley bottom, and they knew very well that they still had to return, tracing their steps to home by mid afternoon. They could take a more direct route home, but it would still be quite a run.

They sat and rested, and were about to start on their journey home when they heard distant voices. Both lads looked up, but they could see nobody, mainly due to the many trees and shrubs in the vicinity.

"Let's see what's happening," said Jamie.

"Best not," replied Craig, "we might have strayed on private land and we might not be welcome."

Really, he just didn't want to be seen shirtless by any strangers.

"Oh come on, we can keep out of sight if we need to," said Jamie.

They walked a few yards in the general direction of the voices that were clearly some distance ahead. They skirted around a few bushes and overgrown shrubs. Ultimately they got to a clearing and they were looking across a field that was relatively flat, and under cultivation.

Across the field, in the distance, they saw the source of the voices that they had heard.

"It looks like they are ploughing," said Jamie, noting that there were a few strips of furrowed land. The figures were working in a direction going away from them so they had their backs turned to the observing boys.

"I think they are ploughing with a horse," said Craig, squinting into the distance "I've not seen horses used for ploughing since I was a kid."

"I've never seen it done." said Jamie.

They strained their eyes to watch from behind some big bushes.

"Let's get closer," said Jamie moving around the bushes and advancing towards the field.

Craig followed, keeping low.

They went about fifty yards, and had to stop as there were now only a few good sized shrubs to hide behind. They popped their heads up and stared across the field to the farm labourers. Jamie's mouth opened first, quickly followed by Craig's.

"What the fuck?" said Jamie.

"There's no horse," said Craig.

"Are they making a film?" asked Jamie.

"It's an X-rater if they are," whispered Craig.

"I can't see any cameras," said Jamie.

"Oh fuck, let's get going," said Craig.

"You're joking, we've got to check this out first," stated Jamie with great interest.

They went silent and watched, and they almost stopped breathing at what they were witnessing. Before them was the most evocative and incredible sight that either boy had ever witnessed in their lives. It was now obvious that there were just four males working at the plough and they seemed to be relatively young. Two of the figures were wearing tight tattered jeans and big light brown boots and the other two had shorts and boots. All four were stripped to their waists and they had bronzed bodies that shone in the hot sunlight as they toiled in the field.

The two guys in jeans appeared to be bigger than the other two, but all four seemed to be strong and very highly muscled.

What really caused the observing lads to gasp and gag, was that the two bigger guys were harnessed up to the plough like cattle via many leather straps. They were seemingly being made to pull the big heavy iron plough by the two slighter figures in shorts.

Craig and Jamie were absolutely riveted and totally speechless. Jamie looked around to see if there were indeed some hidden cameras somewhere nearby filming a reconstruction of some long gone era but he saw nothing and nobody. Surely these guys couldn't be compliant in this medieval scene?

"Maybe they are prisoners on a chain gang," suggested Jamie.

They strained their young eyes to try to check out the details of the scene.

The two big guys doing the work were harnessed at the waist only, and their upper torsos were bare and free from any form of shackle or rope. Somehow, the plough had been connected up so that a long bar protruded from the front of it. A cross-member was fixed to the forward bar and the two guys were pushing at this cross-bar with their hands and outstretched arms. Each appeared to have his hands tied to the bar that they pushed. They therefore pushed the plough through their strong arms and shoulders and pulled it through the harnesses tied between their waists and the iron plough. As such, all of their upper and lower body power was being transferred to the job.

One of the slightly smaller figures in shorts was at the back of the plough with reins in his hands that seemed to also be attached to the beasts of burdens' waists. The reins appeared to be being used to direct the straining beasts and to keep them going straight. They stopped and started quite frequently as it was obviously very hard work. The guy at the back appeared to order the work to begin, and as soon as they got some forward momentum, he would leap onto the plough causing its metal tip to dig deep into the baked earth and it then began to make the furrow.

"Have we stumbled on the lost valley where slavery still exists?" whispered Jamie, ever so slightly relieved that the slaves were white.

"Let's get going," said Craig.

"What, and regret for the rest of our lives that we didn't stop to see what's happening here?" replied Jamie.

"Maybe you're right," said Craig, fairly confident that they were far enough away to make a dash for it if they had to.

The big guys continued with their torturously slow progress and it looked from their vantage point that the soil was now being turned through their massive efforts. They were straining for all their worth to keep the forward motion going, and Craig could see that they had huge muscular backs, the like of which he'd never before seen. His mind strayed back to his own puny body and he yearned to be like the beasts in the field. His dick stirred, and began to grow.

Craig and Jamie could only marvel at the sight of these two muscle-bound guys straining for all they were worth and pulling an iron contraption that had clearly been designed to be used with two great big snorting shire-horses. The guys looked unbelievably big from the back with massive heaving shoulders and huge flaring lats that tapered down to strong but narrow waists. Every muscle in their glistening backs was pumped up to its maximum, and they were striated and looked very hard. All four were totally engrossed and preoccupied with their tasks. They were about three-quarters of the way towards the field's end, after which they'd presumably turn, and then start to come back. Both Craig and Jamie wanted the see the vista from the front. The workers had already ploughed four big straight furrows in the field. The ground looked hard but in relatively good order and judging from the current progress it was perhaps somewhat softer at the furthest third.

It wasn't yet clear what the fourth figure was there for, but they could certainly see that his body too was very well defined and heavily muscled. He had wide shoulders, and a small waist, and his legs looked muscular. He walked just behind, and to the side of the two straining bodies, and he simply seemed to be there to encourage the workers to continue. It did evoke thoughts of slavery and harsh overseers and young Jamie had all sorts of things going through his mind. The lad at the front of the quartet seemed to be able, and very willing, in his `encouragement', and he appeared to be quite vocal and aggressive in his posturing and ordering. He became particularly animated when the big beasts slowed with apparent exhaustion, and this spurred them on for a few more steps before the guy on the left faltered and stumbled on the uneven ground. They lost the forward momentum and came to a grinding halt.

The two observing kids were already amazed and quite scared at what they had already witnessed but there was no way that they could have been prepared for what they saw next.

The guy with the broad shoulders began shouting at the harnessed beasts. He was really abusing the two panting guys stood before him and he shouted and screamed in their faces.

The beasts could do nothing but take the abuse, standing with their arms extended and tied to the plough's cross-bar. They attempted to get moving again and their legs and backs were straining to move the contraption. The guy at the back of the plough had remained stood on the implement keeping it dug deep in the ground and thus making it nigh on impossible to move. The beasts continued to strain with all their might, and the guy with the shoulders continued with his vile rhetoric.

What came next would remain etched on Craig and Jamie's young minds for the rest of their lives. The event they witnessed virtually wiped the young teens out.

Without any real warning the guy with the shoulders turned in a moment from verbal abuse to physical punishment of the big slaves. He was seen to raise his arm, and, instantly it was clear to both Craig and Jamie that the abusive figure had a heavy lash with three tails in his hand. He brought the lash down with incredible force across the huge back of the nearest guy. It was so vicious that both watching lads instantaneously shut their eyes tight. This didn't stop them from hearing the moan of anguish emitting from the tortured soul that had been lashed.

The lads opened their eyes in time to see most of the physical reaction to the blow, and it didn't make good viewing. The whipped guy was writhing and bucking but he had no escape from the shackles that bound him.

Still the overseer shouted animatedly as he walked menacingly slowly and seemingly deliberately around to the other side where the second guy now cowered. Without mercy the guy with the whip raised his lash and struck massively hard at the bare back now in front of him. It obviously inflicted the same horrible pain on that second beast of a man as was proven by his writhing, groaning body.

Even from a distance away, the big red welts from the whip could be seen across the tops of each beast's back.

Jamie and Craig assumed that skin must have been broken and that the red they observed was blood. They shook with horror at the gruesome scene but they were both riveted, or maybe paralysed, with fear and shock. They just looked at one another in sheer amazement.

Both kids were suddenly aware that they had massive boners and they felt embarrassed that they were so aroused by seeing someone being thrashed with a whip.

The punishment obviously hadn't finished, and the whip guy was back adjacent to his animal number one, and he mercilessly struck him again across his gleaming tortured back. The second beast then took a second stroke and Craig and Jamie grimaced when they heard the crack of the lash on his flesh. The stroke caused him to drop to his knees, whereupon the screaming guy with the whip gave him another lash for his weakness.

The figure at the back had now jumped off the plough and in doing so, Craig could see for the first time that he was probably little older than they were, but his physique looked incredibly big and he had massive jutting pectorals that seemed to heave up and down as he landed on the ground.

Craig was amazed and in awe, particularly now, with the realisation that these four were perhaps only teenagers like themselves.

The fourth `pecs' guy was seen to pull the plough tip from the ground, presumably to give the beasts a fighting chance of moving forwards again before they were lashed permanently to the ground.

The whip guy again raised his arm to strike the figure who was desperately getting up to his feet. He took another blow as he tried to stand, and he moaned again but didn't fall. Craig thought that if that lash had been across his own back, it would have surely cut him in half. They pushed and strained and the plough moved forward, then it was somewhat arrested as the pecs guy jumped back up onto the ironwork. They just managed to keep going, and the overseer seemed satisfied for now, as he watched the beasts strain at the plough with their striped backs.

Jamie thought what incredible guys these beasts must be, and then he wondered for the first time whether he and his pal might not be in the safest of places. The activities taking place in front of them certainly seemed medieval. It was rather disturbing to both observing boys to know that they were incredibly aroused at what they were watching unfold. Both kids' cocks were engorged and throbbing and they looked at one another and realised that their predicaments were shared. They knew that they should get away whilst they could, and while the working quartet were moving away from them. However, neither could drag themselves away, and both needed to see the views from the front so they continued to wait and watch. They were encouraged in the knowledge that they were both very good runners and they assumed that the muscle guys wouldn't be particularly fleet of foot even in the unlikely event that they were spotted. The big guys certainly weren't going anywhere fast anyway.

They watched and marvelled, and Jamie touched his own meat gently.

In time, and with a monumental effort, the four figures reached the end of the field and turned the plough to begin the journey back. With their growing exhaustion and pain the next leg was likely to be even more difficult. The overseer continued to be liberal with his abuse and taunts but he'd managed to hold off for a while from further physical abuse to his slaves.

Neither would admit it, but both watching boys kind of hoped that this might change soon.

It did appear to be proven that the ground was easier under foot at the far end of the field - it seemed less compacted and baked. As such, better progress was made as they moved towards the lads.

Craig and Jamie had to be patient as the job was far from speedy, even at the far end of the field. After another twenty minutes, the ploughing team had reached the halfway stage without major incident. The two lads watching were keeping very low and still, and occasionally they held their breath when anyone looked up towards them. At this point the four workers could be seen more clearly from the hidden vantage point. It was now obvious that the two big guys doing the hard work were actually younger than Craig and Jamie had initially thought. Their massive bodies and ability to work under such torturous conditions had caused the watching boys to think that they were men, not teenagers like themselves. They could now see from their faces that they were each perhaps around eighteen or nineteen. Their bodies weren't those of teens, these guys looked like they must have muscles in their piss thought Jamie. Their chests were heaving and straining and each lad's pecs were huge and striated. Their stomachs didn't have abs like Craig's but they were massively muscled. It was clear that there were big peaks and valleys in their shoulders with each of the side and top shoulder muscles individually and very clearly defined to the point of seeming to be ready to burst. Craig tried to imagine what the slaves' thighs must look like because they looked massive judging from the bulges in their jeans.

Things were going reasonably well, and the overseer was relatively quiet until, suddenly, the plough's tip seemed to hit something underground that brought the progress to a shuddering halt. Both the big guys stumbled to their knees.

It was obvious that the incident couldn't possibly be attributed to the lack of effort from the pulling beasts, but it was immediately clear that this wasn't seen to be the case by the overseer. He shouted for them to get to their feet and get moving or they'd feel the whip across their backs again. They raised themselves up and strained at the structure but it was buried in a rock or something and it was going nowhere. The teens knew this immediately, as they strained at the hideous contraption to which they were fastened.

"OK," shouted the overseer, "You have been warned. First let's get your boots off so you can get some better purchase on the ground"

He went to each slave in turn, and unfastened their leather boots before dragging them roughly from their feet. One slave wore socks which were also dragged off.

"Now get going, or there will be trouble," shouted the torturer.

Again the two beasts strained with all their considerable might. They went bright red and their bodies popped with veins. They dripped with sweat as the hot sun burned down on their backs and their denim jeans were now mostly dark with the growing moisture from their tortured bodies. Their feet dug into the ground, disregarding the sharp stony surface that was now grinding mercilessly into their bare soles.

"OK you've been warned time and again, now you had better brace yourselves for the treatment of your lives," cried the tormentor.

Craig and Jamie were goggle eyed and they were both sweating profusely just watching.

Incredibly to the observing boys, the musclemen strapped to the plough seemed to do as they were ordered. With their arms up and fastened to the cross member, they appeared to brace and flex their massive backs ready to receive the lash. It almost seemed like they were used to being abused and Craig and Jamie felt desperately sorry for their plight.

The overseer went to the back of the biggest teen first, and without pausing he laid into his massive back and shoulders not once or twice but with five very hard rhythmic strokes of the whip. Each one cracked across the boy's bare flesh with a force and noise that no man should ever have had to endure, let alone a teenage kid. The teen was clearly in absolute agony and he groaned out loud with each stroke. His back must have been on fire and his whole body went into incredible spasms. The fifth stroke sent him quivering to his knees with his head bowed down.

"Get up you feeble wimp or you'll get another five," cried the torturer.

The big teen moaned again as he crawled to his feet. He was visibly shaking and sweat now flowed down his huge panting chest.

Craig and Jamie could only assume that the lad's back must be cut, broken, and bleeding after the whipping. They were amazed that he could move, let alone stand. The overseer screamed in his face and told him he'd now get another stroke for his cowardice under the whip.

He did indeed get another lash that was laid on with such incredible speed and force that he went rigid and shook for two whole minutes, and then he just went calm and seemed to have accepted that this was his lot in life to be abused like an animal.

The second of the two victims must have been in utter turmoil seeing what was going on to the bigger guy next to him, and knowing that his turn would soon come. This boy was somewhat younger and slightly less heavily muscled and he now seemed even more vulnerable as he stood there strong and unbowed. His naked upper body was unbelievably muscled, and Craig and Jamie were actually feeling interested to know how he'd react to the lash on his bare back again. They assumed that the treatment given to this lad would be less cruel than the first, but they were soon to understand different. The reality was about to be even more insanely horrendous.

The `pecs' guy at the back dismounted the plough and walked deliberately around to the front side of the younger slave. It looked like he was simply going around to enjoy at close quarters the look of pain and anguish on the young guy's face when he was being lashed. The big fellow who had already been flogged said something that seemed to suggest that he was pleading for some leniency to the younger guy. The overseer screamed; "For that pitiful plea, your little brother is now going to get even more of my best lashes across his pretty bare back, and you'll have the pleasure of watching him suffer, knowing that it's your fault."

"Fuck! They're brothers!" stated Jamie in quiet amazement.

The big guy knew that he now had to shut up, or he would make matters worse for his brother.

Even from some way away, Craig and Jamie sensed that they could see some real fear and desperation in the younger guy's eyes even despite his dominant size over his tormentor.

With both the watcher and the overseer in place, they heard the whip-master shout, "Brace yourself boy for the whipping of your life", as he raised his arm.

The kid closed his eyes and braced as ordered, obviously knowing the futility of begging for mercy.

The torturer hadn't finished his verbal tirade and he continued to taunt his captive slave. "You are about to experience the most excruciating pain that you could ever imagine boy. If you drop then you'll get even more. Remember that we've got all day and my arm is very strong. Do you want to feel my whip caress your bare back boy?"

"Yes please sir," answered the victim as if he knew what he was expected to say.

"Then you will," replied the cruel kid brandishing the big whip.

The lashing began, accompanied with much anguish and writhing from the victim. Stroke after stroke crashed mercilessly onto the kid's back, but whilst he shook and shuddered, he remained upright and largely silent which was mind-blowing to the watching teens. The tortured teen-boy looked like an Adonis with a back of steel as he stood solid and resolute under this most evil of tortures.

"Is it not hard enough for you kid?" shouted the overseer after six hard lashes of the whip. "I'm guessing that you must love being lashed, and you want even more."

The victim didn't, or more likely couldn't, speak.

He got another full blooded stroke, but he hardly moved and again didn't shout out. He seemed to be gripping the cross member as if he'd crush the wood at any moment. His teeth were clenched and he stared forward as if in another world.

The whip-master looked disturbed that his best strokes weren't getting through to the mind of his young victim. He stepped forward a pace, and struck again across the kid's upper back. This time the whip flew around his body and its tip buried itself into his right pec and slashed across the kid's engorged nipple causing a huge bellow of grief to be emitted. This was indeed the worse pain that the whip-master had ever inflicted, and he knew it. He smiled with the satisfaction of knowing that he'd hit the spot.

The big guy at the side looked across to his younger brother in real concern, but he knew now not to try to intervene or he'd get more.

The victim was very, very distressed and he shook with apparent terror and pain.

Craig and Jamie couldn't comprehend what was going on, and they certainly couldn't understand what benefit the tormentors hoped to get from lashing their victims when they'd done nothing at all wrong. Had they known that all four were at least partially compliant, then they would have long since been well on their way away from this place. Or, at least they would have liked to think that they would.

The guy under the lash wasn't demonstrating that he was in any way compliant at this point.

"How did you like that last stripe across your back that buried into your vulnerable great tit?" asked the overseer laughing very cruelly.

"It was hideous sir," stammered the boy.

"I guess that you'd love some more like that then," grinned the tormenting youth.

"Do what you fucking want," cried the whipped teen.

"What? You dare to swear at me do you? I guess that I need to whip that disgusting attitude out of you boy," shouted the half crazed lad with the whip.

The biggest slave grimaced to hear his brother's words, and he particularly didn't like the response that he received from the guy holding the whip. He shouted out; "Give it to me. Please don't whip him any more sir."

"Quiet, or you'll both get more," was the screamed response.

He went quiet.

The whip-master dropped his whip and deliberately rolled down the waist band of his shorts three times, pulling the top up into his bulging crutch with each turn. He posed in front of his victim and then struck a magnificent double bicep flex, which he held inches from his victim's face to show his dominance and power over the big tortured teen. He grabbed the lad's head and buried his big sweating chest in his face until the lashed guy was gasping for breath.

He walked around his victim and closely inspected his mashed back. "It's coming along nicely. You must love having stripes on your back kid. And I'm the best one to help you in your quest to get some more to match."

He picked up the whip again and in an even more extraordinarily cruel twist he quietly and very carefully slipped a small tight knot into the end of each of the three leather tails. He swished it through the air, as if he was pleased with his work. He knew that the next stroke was guaranteed to make its mark, literally, upon the mind and body of the poor unsuspecting wretch before him.

"Ready boy," he shouted.

"Do your worst," was the brave response.

"OK, here it comes, hold tight," he shouted as he lifted the whip and let it fly towards his victim's upper shoulders.

The response was as if in slow motion. Nothing immediate, but within milliseconds the lightning like searing pain registered on a scale that was mega-times worse than anything else before it. The lad's eyes shut tight and he grimaced then howled in a guttural, animal-like manner that sent shock waves around the fields.

"We need to go," said Craig

"Yeah, as soon as there's an opportunity, we have to run like fuck, and there's no looking back," agreed Jamie.

Before they could say anything more, there was another scream, like someone had been shot, and they looked up to see that another stroke had been given to the writhing body of the wretch strapped to the plough. He was stood rigid and shaking with shock and obviously in incredible pain.

"I think that those two went home," smiled the whip-master and he carefully and secretly undid the knots in the whip's tails noting with obvious satisfaction that he now had blood on his hands.

The big strong teen-boy calmed, but didn't dare move. He dripped with sweat and his back was weeping with tiny drops of blood. He couldn't seem to understand why this merciless brutalisation had been inflicted upon him. He was also trying to comprehend why the last two strokes had been so much more terrible than the previous ones.

Despite all previous agreements on the farm, the latest lashing had not only inflicted unimaginable pain but it had also broken Shane's flesh. This was particularly the case where the whip's tails had crossed over the previous welts on his massive protruding back muscles. At least ten small trickles of blood now ran down his back towards his waist.

"OK, now you finally seem to have learned your lesson let's just finish this furrow and we'll call it a day," said the guy with the whip.

Craig saw the bigger of the two slaves quietly speaking to the fourth teen with the big pecs. He assumed that he was trying to placate him and to cool the situation.

"Just wait," the teen with the pecs called "I need a piss after all that."

"I'll join you," called the overseer. "You animals can piss there if you need to."

The two guys walked towards Craig and Jamie's hiding place, and all the boys could possibly do was duck down and freeze.

Fortunately, as the big guys got closer to the shrubs that hid the boys, they veered off, one to the left of them and the other to the right. Craig was very thankful that they chose to relieve themselves in private, and not together behind their bush. They remained very low and almost stopped breathing as the minutes passed. They prayed that the big lads would retrace their steps and return to their prey without noticing them. All they now wanted was to slip quietly away and run home and well away from this scene of Armageddon.

Craig and Jamie breathed a huge sigh of relief when they heard rustlings at each side of them and the voice of the whip guy shouted out, "OK, I'm done; now let's get back to work."

At the very same moment that they heard the last word from the guy, there was an almighty crashing behind them and the lads nearly died of heart attacks. The whip master and the pecs boy came crashing through the undergrowth like lions upon their prey. The guys stood before them, as strong and muscular as anything the boys had ever seen in any movie, and whilst they were filthy, they were gleaming with sweat and full of pure unadulterated aggression. All possible routes of escape were blocked, and the boys were not naive or stupid enough to try to take on these massive beasts that were obviously totally dominant in every way. The boys remained crouched low, demonstrating very subservient behaviour, and they wondered what horrors now awaited them...


The end of Chapter 6