Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 is like the first six chapters - totally fictional, as are all the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys'.
Thanks so much to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed Chapter's 1 to 6; it's nice to know that someone reads my ramblings. Thanks also for the ideas of what you want to happen next -- I hope that a few elements will be recognised as being the suggestions of like-minded readers.


Craig and Jamie cowered beneath the whip-master who was even more impressive up close with his muscular physique gleaming in the sun. His huge shoulders and powerful thighs looked fearsome from down where they were squatting. The second guy was also big-muscled, hard and very toned. He had the most massive jutting pectorals that the lads had ever witnesses on a human being. His pecs seemed to cast a shadow over the teens as they trembled at his feet.

"Get up quickly so we can see who you are and establish what you are doing here," ordered the big guy with the shoulders.

The lads rose to their feet looking very scared and subservient. Even though Craig was slightly taller than the muscle-guys, his cowering stance didn't suggest anything but total surrender and submission.

Strangely, the two muscular teens seemed to quite enjoy the sight before them. They concentrated upon Craig, immediately focusing on his amazing stomach. They seemed fascinated by his undulating abdominal muscles and impressive thighs that were such a contrast with his very skinny upper body.

"You'd better come and introduce yourselves and tell us what you are doing on our land," said the guy with the pecs in a menacing tone.

Jimmy rather enjoyed seeing the look of fear that his body seemed to transmit to these good looking kids.

Jamie and Craig were shepherded towards the open ground with Tyler and Jimmy close behind to cut off any means of escape. They walked towards the plough.

Craig suddenly shouted, "Hey, look out the big guys have got untied and are escaping."

Jimmy and Tyler laughed.

"They aren't escaping you plonkers, what do you think they are, prisoners?" said Tyler.

The lads' eyes again widened and their mouths opened as they wondered what was going on here.

They reached the plough and Craig and Jamie looked at Luke and Shane, then back at Tyler and Jim, and they were in absolute awe. They had never seen anyone as big as any of these guys and here, on one day, they had four incredibly massive guys surrounding them. It wasn't too good a situation when they recalled of how these big guys had treated one another. They suspected that they were in big trouble.

"Why are you trespassing on our land and spying on us?" barked the younger of the guys who had earlier been so harshly whipped.

"We weren't spying on you sir, we were out running and we got lost," answered Jamie.

"Then why didn't you call out and ask for directions?" asked the big guy.

"We were frightened," answered Jamie.

"Frightened?" said the big guy. "You will be frightened when we are done with you. This is what you should be frightened of." He turned around and presented his massive flaring back to them. The welts from the whipping were unbelievably awful and very painful looking to Craig and Jamie. There were quite a few smears of blood and raw flesh on his back that made it even more dreadful to see.

At such close quarters, the guys now in front of them were massively more impressive and powerful than the boys had previously thought, and Craig and Jamie felt incredibly weak and pathetic.

"I don't believe your story, and I intend to get to the truth. Let's string them up," said the big fellow.

Craig suddenly panicked and he saw a gap. He bolted for it and set off across the field in the direction that they had come.

Jamie wasn't alert enough and the biggest of the four grabbed him and immediately put him in a head lock that felt like a vice to poor Jamie.

Craig was off and running and he had a start on his pursuers. He really thought that he had a chance of escape being such a good runner. To his utter surprise, and within no more than a minute and 300 yards, he was caught. He was grabbed roughly from behind, and brought to the ground. It was like a lion pouncing on a gazelle and the chase was definitely over as the muscle guy with the pecs landed on his slender frame.

Craig was dragged to his feet and the big guy held him from behind with both Craig's arms stretched up high above his head. All Craig's ribs jutted out and his abs were stretched taut and he was totally immobilised as he felt the big guy's pecs pressing into him and completely enveloping his back.

The big-shouldered guy and his whipped mate walked slowly up to the front of Craig.

"What was that all about kid? We were asking you questions," said `shoulders'.

"I was frightened by the guy's whipped back," said Craig truthfully.

"Well, I'm very sorry boy but it was meant to frighten you and around here we punish people who don't do as they are told" said the big guy.

"Sorry sir," replied Craig meekly.

"OK bone bag, I'm a fair man. Those abs look like they could take some treatment. Do you work them hard son?" said the guy.

"Yes sir I work them hard," answered Craig.

"Really?" replied the surly guy. "Well let's see shall we?"

Tyler took a quick jab at Craig's abs smacking a hard fist right into the centre of his guts, just above his beautiful outie belly button.

Though Jamie and Craig had sparred many times, and jabbed one-another in the gut, Craig had never taken a punch anything like as powerful as Tyler's shot. He gasped and his stomach knotted and he almost threw up. His eyes were tight shut and his face went puce and contorted as he tried to breath. He felt feint.

"I thought that you trained that feeble gut," said Tyler, who was really quite impressed with how hard Craig's stomach was.

"I'm sorry sir. Please don't kill me. I won't run off again," pleaded Craig.

"Well that's certainly true, but that's more because you won't be allowed to run off again," sneered Tyler.

Luke walked up to join them with Jamie still held firmly by Luke's huge bicep around his neck.

"What are we going to do with them?" Tyler asked Shane.

"Something very special," replied Shane. "My back's on absolute fire and I feel ready to inflict some damage on bone-bag and his puny pal."

"Please don't hurt us sir, we'll go and never come on your land again -- honest," begged Craig.

"It's not that easy son, you've already seem too-much" said the eldest guy who held Jamie.

Tyler looked towards Jamie, "You aren't saying much."

"I can't," stuttered Jamie with Luke's massive arm around his wind pipe.

Luke relaxed his grip but still kept hold of Jamie.

"Tie their legs so they can't run," said Shane.

Some leather cord was brought from the plough and their ankles were tied so that they could take short steps, but they had no chance of running.

"Face one another," ordered Jimmy.

They obeyed.

"Hands in the air and put your palms together," said Jim.

They lifted their arms as told, and Craig put his right palm to Jamie's left, and his left into Jamie's right.

Jimmy tied their wrists tightly together. They stood chest to chest with their arms tied high in the air, and they now clearly had no possibility of escape.

"String `em up," ordered Shane.

They were walked, or rather, dragged, towards the trees at the perimeter of the field and Shane selected a big tree with large low overhanging branches. Luke brought some leather cuffs which were put around the wrists of the captives, and then rope was thrown over the biggest jutting out branch that was about eight feet off the ground.

"Please, no sir, don't string us up -- please," pleaded Craig.

Jamie looked scared but remained quiet.

Nobody took any notice of Craig, and the ropes were passed through the cuffs on the boys wrists. Tyler and Jimmy hauled the lads into the air by their arms, and tied the ropes firm. When they stopped swinging around, they were resting chest to chest and looking very erotic with their ribbed backs and stretched vascular arms and shoulders. Craig's torso was a couple of inches longer than Jamie's so Jamie's dick was rubbing inside his shorts just above Craig's meat.

"The bone-bag looks good stretched out doesn't he?" laughed Shane. "Let's stretch them a bit more for best effect."

Shane disappeared for a minute or two and returned with a big rock. He tied ropes round the rock and took it to the dangling lad's feet. He dragged their trainers off them and then, with Tyler's assistance, he tied the ropes, and hence the rock to their ankles.

The lads knew very well what was coming and they braced their bodies.

"Be careful," ordered Luke, "we don't want their feeble shoulders dislocated."

With that, Tyler and Shane lowered the rock slowly till they could let it go without a drop. The visual impact was immediate and Craig and Jamie groaned as their bodies took the strain and they seemed to stretch another couple of inches.

"Wow that's really neat," said Tyler walking around the stretched lads. "Did you ever see so many bones and sinews?"

The four big guys looked and marvelled at their young captives. They were impressed that neither was crying or shouting out.

Luke spoke quietly to Jimmy, "The dark kid seems like he has plenty of spirit, he's not once begged for any mercy."

"He might be begging by the time Shane's done," replied Jimmy with some regret in his voice.

"We need to be careful," said Luke reassuringly.

"Hey, look at all the veins popping out on these kids," said Shane with some admiration at seeing the young kids' bodies in such tension.

He reached up to Jamie and ran his hands around his back, feeling the tight young muscles. He went to Craig and repeated the routine feeling his ribs and back-bone.

The lads' bare chests rubbed together as did their groins and both their dicks began to engorge with blood.

Jimmy and Tyler then walked around, and Jimmy gently touched Craig's Stretched thighs, then Jamie's.

"You've got some decent legs lads, do you work out?" asked Jimmy.

"Not by the look of their puny bodies," laughed Shane.

"We run a lot," said Jamie, catching everyone by surprise as he'd been so quiet until now.

"Yes it looks like you do," replied Jimmy and he slapped Craig's thighs lightly as if to emphasise his pleasure with them.

Craig could now feel Jamie's dick nudging into him and he was embarrassed to feel his own pressing through his shorts towards Jamie's balls. Jamie seemed to move his dick closer into Craig.

Tyler noticed the movement, and unceremoniously he grabbed between both their legs and grinned.

Neither lad had ever been touched like this before, and they were blushing and squirming as Tyler manhandled their privates.

"You must really love being strung up and fondled by a muscle man judging from your arousal," laughed Tyler, "or do you just love rubbing your bare boy-bodies against one another?"

The observers smiled as Tyler let go of their now throbbing poles.

Tyler went over to the other three and said quietly, "Fuck fellas that blond kid has one hell of a weapon between his legs - we need to check that one out quick."

"We need some questions answered first," said Luke.

They went back to the stretched teens.

"OK, we'll start easy," said Luke. "What are your names?"

"Craig Jackson sir."

"Jamie Wainright sir."

"How old are you?"

"Both sixteen," said Jamie.

"Where do you live?"..."Who do you live with?"...Who knows that you are here?"..."What school do you attend?" went on, with honest answers given to all the questions asked.

"Now," said Shane, "it gets a bit more difficult. Do you work out?"

"Yes," they both replied.

"Not very much looking at the state of you two," retorted Shane smiling. "Do you guys like my muscles?" Shane stood close, and threw a huge double bicep pose inches from their faces, almost causing the boys to die of palpitations.

"Yes," they replied in unison.

"Right answer," said Shane.

"Did you enjoy watching us today?" asked Luke.

"Yes," they both replied truthfully.

"Did you enjoy watching us being flogged?" asked Luke.

"No sir, of course not," answered Craig.

"Did you enjoy seeing my pain boy?" asked Luke looking at Jamie.

"I guess," replied Jamie.

"You guess what boy?" asked Luke menacingly.

"I guess that I did enjoy it," answered Jamie honestly.

"Good answer," replied Luke.

"Do you enjoy pain boys?" asked Luke.

They hesitated to answer.

"Well, do you enjoy pain boys?" asked Luke forcefully.

"I don't think so sir," said Craig.

"And you boy?" asked Luke of Jamie.

"Yes I think that I would enjoy taking some pain," replied Jamie quietly.

"You think? Don't you know boy?" asked Luke.

"I've never really had to take any treatment sir, but my dick tells me that I like it, and after today, I know that one day I want to take some," said Jamie.

"I like this kid's spirit," Jimmy said quietly to Tyler and Shane.

"Yes, I think that he's already gagging to sample some of our correction," said Shane.

"A very good answer," said Luke to Jamie, "but I'm not too sure about your mate."

Luke nodded to Shane who immediately ran up to the end of the branch that the lads hung from. He jumped up, grabbed the end of the branch, and his weight caused it to lower significantly till the rock hanging from their ankles hit the ground with a bump taking most of the stretch out of their bodies.

The lads momentarily groaned with relief, but the relief was short lived.

Shane released his grip and the big branch whipped back up with speed and it dragged the lads and the rock back into the air, bouncing them violently up and down.

The two boys stretched and strained more than they could ever have imagined was possible. Craig thought that his skinny body was going to tear apart.

Jamie was struggling to breath, but he felt invigorated and he was massively excited at the feel of Craig's body and his groin rubbing against his own near-naked torso.

Shane came close up and looked at Craig. "Just think bone bag, if I take my knife and slice it across your guts here, under all those jutting ribs, you'd just split in two. Shall we try?"

"No, please sir, don't do it, I'll do anything, I'll get to like the pain," cried Craig in utter anguish.

"OK then, I'll leave my knife sheathed for now," said Shane.

Craig had tears of relief running down his face.

The four captors saw something in each of the new teen boys that might be worth cultivating. Certainly, they all rather liked the idea of tormenting Craig's abdominals. They wondered whether there was any chance of him being able to build his chest up, because he could be a stunner if he had some muscles. Jamie was a lot more spirited, which suggested plenty of sport if they could build his muscles up and break any resistance in him.

"You both look very perky right now," said Tyler, "shall we take a look?"

"No please sir, don't," said Craig.

"You're not bashful are you kid?" said Shane from behind Tyler, "we're all guys, and we all have dicks."

Tyler reached out and pulled Jamie's shorts down to his ankles which released a beautiful hard cut dick that was massively vascular and gleaming. It stood vertical and throbbed impressively with a glob of pre-cum nestled in its eye. "Pleased to see me are you?" asked Tyler laughing. He rearranged Jamie's cock so that it rested between Jamie and Craig's stomachs.

Jamie gritted his teeth as he was manhandled. His dick rubbed sensually against Craig's hard stomach and it felt wonderful, though he didn't know whether he had any real control over himself and he thought that he'd die of embarrassment if he shot his load onto Craig.

"Now then, what about you boy? - You are very reticent," said Tyler. "Do you have a little-boy weany?"

Craig was speechless, knowing that he couldn't do anything to resist what was coming.

Tyler reached out and grabbed Craig's waist band and slowly started to lower his shorts. Tyler already knew that there was something special in there and he chuckled to himself. He unveiled Craig's secret crowning glory for all to see.

"Fuck my old boots boys, this is a fuckin' chopper and a half," laughed Tyler in amazement. He pulled Craig's shorts fully down, to show off the biggest, most lengthy, meanest and hardest beast that any of them had ever dreamt of seeing between a boy's legs.

Craig winced.

"Geez, that isn't a weany, it a fucking monster," said Tyler.

Jamie just had to take a good look down, and even he was absolutely gob-smacked and mightily surprised and impressed to see the proportions of his pal's weapon. He looked at Craig's face and smiled in total admiration.

"That's a big `un kid," said Luke with real admiration.

"Incredible," said Jimmy.

"It's only a dick," said Shane with some real envy in his voice.

Tyler had to grab Craig's meat, and he felt the rock hard surface with absolute admiration. "I'd bet that you'd love to have this bloody great throdger in your sweet boy-throat," said Tyler to Jamie.

Jamie didn't respond but he knew that he would indeed love to take Craig's canon in his mouth.

"Hey this'll be good -- watch this" laughed Tyler. He took Craig's enormous dick and slowly dragged his foreskin right back along his huge shaft to reveal the biggest shiniest bell-end any of the lads had ever seen.

Craig shut his eyes tight and groaned in utter ecstasy.

"Good was it boy?" asked Tyler.

"Oh god yes sir" moaned Craig.

"Then what about this?" Tyler asked, and he first prised the boys' stomachs apart, then, very, very slowly and very, very deliberately, he dragged Craig's dick-end downwards.

Craig shuddered at the feel -- he'd never felt so utterly aroused and horny. Nobody else had ever touched his dick before, let alone done things like this to him.

Tyler pushed down hard till Craig's dick was horizontal and straining to its limit. Craig's chest was pushed out and into Jamie with the massive strain. Tyler then carefully threaded the end of his dick under Jamie's balls, between his legs and under his arse till it just emerged from the back of Jamie's buttocks. He then let their young bodies fall back together and Craig's huge bell-end jutted out further from the back of Jamie, under his arse cheeks. The massive shaft was straining and captured within the top of Jamie's muscular thighs.

Craig was as hard and excited as he had ever been in his young life, and Jamie was mightily aroused too as he felt Craig's hard meat trapped between his thighs. All the time, his own sensitive bell-end was rubbing between his naked body and Craig's. They were now dripping with sweat and their bodies were lubricated and straining against one another. It felt incredible to both the lads.

All the observing teens had massive boners inside their pants now.

"Let's remove the rock and let them move about," said Jimmy.

"Great idea," said Luke realising the potential. "Release the rock Shane."

Shane roughly untied the rock and he let it drop. He then took the cuffs off their ankles.

The lads bounced up in the air thoroughly relieved to have some freedom of movement again.

Jamie's dick felt fantastic as it rubbed further up and down Craig's hard abs, but Craig experienced something akin to the earth moving as his straining dick was tightly massaged between Jamie's muscled thighs and his arse.

Craig's mouth was wide open and he was gagging in delight as they bounced rhythmically up and down.

"By the way," called out Shane.

The groaning lads looked towards him

"If either of you splatter your loads before we tell you that you can, I will personally remove every inch of the skin from your backs with my big-daddy leather lash. Got that?"

The lads groaned.

"Have you got that?" shouted Luke from a little further back.

"Yes sir," they both gagged in utter dismay.

Jimmy went over and bent down and grabbed Craig's ankles. He pulled down and then let him raise back up and he repeated the motion a dozen times or more, wanking the kids' dicks against one another's bodies. They moaned and groaned and loved every moment but they were straining to stop themselves from exploding.

All four of the tormentors could have creamed themselves watching the most erotic performance they'd ever witnessed.

"Well we now certainly know that bone-bag is equally long in every limb," laughed Luke.

"Right lads," said Luke, "we have many rules here on the farm, but discretion and secrecy shall be to by-word at all times. We will, at some stage, release you and you will be allowed to return to your homes. It will then be your choice to decide whether or not you ever return here. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," they both shouted, mightily relieved to hear that they would be allowed to live through the day.

"Right, we need some security from the threat that you pose," said Luke. "Have you got the camera Jimmy?"

"Yes I've got it here," replied Jimmy.

"OK, get plenty of good shots of these two love birds and make sure that you get plenty of their faces and their hard cocks rubbing up onto one-another," ordered Luke.

"Oh no please don't," begged Jamie sweating even more.

Craig blushed - his cheeks went bright red.

"You have nothing to worry about kid. Providing that you don't ever tell any living soul about us then your photographs will never see the light of day. If you go away and tell anyone, then all the world will see how much you love one-another," said Luke.

In reality, the camera didn't even work let alone have a film in it, but Craig and Jamie would never know this. Jimmy took his `photos'.

When he'd finished, Jimmy reached between the boys and gave Jamie's throbbing veined beast a few very firm wanks, causing him to throw his head back groaning out loud.

"Why should bone-bag have all the fun?" laughed Jimmy.

The other three observers smiled at Jamie's contorted face.

Luke looked across towards Shane and he grimaced as he looked at the state of his whipped back. That was some heavy treatment that he took earlier from Tyler and his back was a mess. Shane's own back hurt like hell after the flogging that he'd received but he knew that Shane's pain must be far worse. Shane himself didn't look too worried -- probably as he was rather preoccupied at the moment. He was probably running on his adrenalin.

For a moment, Craig and Jamie hung still and in silence.

"Right," said Luke to the teens, "you now have to make a decision. You are either with us or not. You will receive some punishment for your spying this afternoon. After your punishment you will have a chance to decide, if you leave permanently then there will be no second chance, you will never return. OK?"

"OK," said Jamie.

"OK?" asked Luke of Craig.

"I understand sir," stuttered Craig, "but please don't punish us. We didn't mean to spy on you."

Jamie spoke up - "Shut up now Craig or you'll most likely make it worse."

"You are getting the idea son," said Luke.

"OK?" asked Luke again to Craig.

"OK," was the reluctant response.

"Now then, we need to decide on your punishment. Where are your shirts?" asked Luke.

"I don't have one, it got damaged," said Craig.

"Too bad because we might have put some stripes on your back but we can't risk anyone seeing it when you go home," said Luke. "What about your shirt son?" he asked Jamie.

Jamie could have said that his shirt was left at home but he told the truth that his shirt had been left behind some bushes and that he could retrieve it on the way home.

"A brave, but rather foolhardy answer son," said Luke, "you understand that you may have just bought yourself a thorough lashing on your bare back?"

"Yes, I understand sir," said Jamie.

Craig's eyes widened at the thought.

"I like this kid," said Jimmy quietly to Shane.

"Yeah, me too," said Shane. "It's going to be great flogging his beautiful bare back one day."

"I will just advise of the basic rules on the farm so that you can contemplate things better whilst you are punished," said Luke. "First, you will work at you maximum to achieve your ultimate peak in physical potential for your body. Second, you will be fed well, monitored and given everything that you need to ensure your health and to reach your peak. Third, you will be trained with vigour and much encouragement and total support but you failures or poor performance will be rewarded by some interesting corrective punishment."

Jamie looked interested, Craig looked rather apprehensive, though he liked the idea of training his body.

Luke continued, "Fourth, You will learn to work as a team and become as brothers. Fifth, you will be pushed to and beyond what you think is your limit, both physically and mentally, but you will learn to love the others and you will learn to take and love pain. Six, You will never ever pleasure yourself -- that means no wanking, between breakfast in the morning and till after dinner at night unless you are specifically given permission by myself or by consensus of the team."

"That is all for now," said Luke, "but I would reiterate that if you decide not to join us you may walk away, but never return. If you do join us I will guarantee that you will be bigger stronger and better people by the end of this summer. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," said Jamie immediately

"Yes sir," said Craig a little less certainly.

"Now then, on with the sport," said Luke. "I think that I'll hand you over to Shane and Tyler for your punishment."

The hanging lads groaned at the very thought of those two giving them some punishment.

"OK boys, I am going to be very kind to you and pretend that neither of you has a shirt to put on when I'm finished with you," said Shane.

The lads looked over, knowing that Shane's offer to be kind might not be all that it sounded.

"I will not on this occasion lash your bare backs because we don't want your folks, or anyone else to see what fun you've had this afternoon."

Craig looked relieved and Jamie seemed very slightly disappointed.

"However," continued Shane, "there are more ways than one of whipping a puny teen-boy."

Craig again looked scared, but he knew already that to beg would be counter-productive.

"First Jimmy, you might perhaps show the lads how good things can be. Give them some pleasure will you please?" said Shane.

"Of course," smiled Jimmy and he approached the stretched boys. He then sat down below them and grabbed Jamie's feet. Jim pulled Jamie down a few inches stretching his body further.

Jamie groaned with the additional strain.

Craig's eyes opened wide and his chest expanded into Jamie's as his dick got pushed even further down by Jamie's solid thighs and arse. Jimmy let Jamie return back up quickly and Craig moaned in pleasure. Jimmy repeated the movement time and again and Craig was almost passing out with the extreme pleasure as his huge boner was massaged roughly between Jamie's muscled thighs.

Jamie was also getting significant pleasure as his own boner was rubbed back and forth between their stretched, hard, and very wet stomachs.

Jimmy waited till he saw Craig's eyes start to roll then he stopped.

"How was it?" Jimmy asked Craig.

"Absolutely incredible, but I need to shoot," said Craig.

"Do that and you are dead meat," shouted Shane.

"OK, OK I won't," replied Craig with his eyes tight shut.

"Now then, what about you boy?" said Jim to Jamie.

"I'm OK - thank you sir," said Jamie.

"Nonsense, you need to enjoy some pleasure so you can appreciate your pain," said Jimmy. He wiped his palm across Jamie's dripping back before transferring it to his bell-end then he grabbed at the shaft of Jamie's raging hard-on. He then slowly and very firmly wanked Jamie's meat back and forth till he groaned and moaned and indicated his closeness to climaxing. At this point, Jimmy immediately stopped and it was Jamie's turn to grit his teeth and think of other things to try to avoid exploding into Craig's belly.

"OK that's your pleasure, now let's see how much pain you can take," said Shane with a smile.

"Oh fuck, I'm scared," Craig whispered to Jamie.

"Be brave," Jamie told him.

"Have you got the birches?" Shane asked Luke.

"They are here," said Luke handing Tyler and Shane a thin whippy birch stick each.

Tyler and Shane whipped the birch twigs in the air producing a horrible whistling noise.

"These are good," said Shane.

"Yes, I do believe that these will inflict some considerable pain and maybe quite a lot of damage," said Tyler.

"Oh god no," said Craig.

"I might be unbelievable, but I'm no god," said Shane to Craig with an evil smile.

"Right let's try the birch out on these lovely peach like buttocks of yours shall we? What's your pleasure to begin with Tyler?" asked Shane.

"Oh I think that I'd like to stripe this hard muscled pink little peach here," laughed Tyler moving behind Craig.

Craig winced and tried to flex his arse.

"Superb," said Tyler, "that's even better."

"Then I'll take this perfectly smooth little dark number, though I'll need to work hard to ensure that we see the stripes," said Shane cruelly. "OK boys, are you ready?"

There was no response from either boy.

"I asked are you ready?" shouted Shane.

"Yes sir," both boys shouted back.

"So are we, so are we," laughed Shane. "On three Tyler? - One, two...

"Stop," shouted Craig.

"What is it now boy?" asked Luke, sounding rather irritated to be held up again.

"What about my dick sir?" asked Craig.

"What about your dick boy?" replied Luke.

"It'll get lashed sir," stated Craig.

"Oh fuck -- you're right, god I didn't think about that. Just hold on a minute Tyler," said Luke.

Luke approached the hanging boys and went to look behind Jamie. He confirmed that Craig's massive member was indeed nicely protruding from below Jamie's arse and his bell-end was looking very vulnerable to any stray shots of the birch.

"Hell Tyler, didn't you see what might have happened?" asked Luke.

"Course I did," replied Tyler, "but I'm a good shot and it would have added to the kid's terror."

"He'd never have been the same again if you'd have smacked him one on his fuckin' bell-end," said Luke with some annoyance.

Tyler looked rather disappointed.

Luke dragged the stretched boys' bodies apart and he ensured that Craig's massive throbber sprang up between them and lay nicely alongside Jamie's meat before bringing their bodies back together.

"That's better, now let's get on with the punishment," Luke told Tyler and Shane.

Tyler was now even more determined to give Craig's arse some pain.

"Let's start off by giving them alternate strokes so we can better enjoy their individual responses," said Shane.

"Good idea -- who's going first?" asked Tyler.

"You can have that pleasure," suggested Shane.

Poor Jamie was so wound-up that he almost screamed for them to just get it done, but he stopped himself.

"OK, stroke number one coming up bone-bag. This is going to hurt like hell. Are you ready?" asked Tyler.

"Yes sir," replied a trembling Craig.

There was a short pause before Craig and Jamie heard the first whistle of the birch before it crashed into Craig's muscled virgin-smooth buttocks. Craig screeched long and loud and his body crashed violently into Jamie's as he desperately tried to get away from the whip.

Jamie was startled at the severity of the stroke and the reaction from Craig as he knew that it was his turn next.

"OK boy, are you ready to rumble?" shouted Shane.

"Yes sir, I'm ready," called back Jamie.

Shane raised the birch and sent it crashing with all his might into Jamie's beautiful arse. Like Craig before him, Jamie was sent crashing into his pal's body by the violence of the strike. Their dicks squashed and rubbed violently together. Craig rather enjoyed the experience this time, and, to some extent, so did Jamie. Whilst Jamie groaned and moaned, he did manage to suppress any screams, though his chest heaved in and out massively.

Luke and Jim were very impressed with Jamie's courage in not shouting out.

Without further warning, Craig took another vicious stroke of the birch across his muscular stretched arse and Tyler seemed to pause with the birch buried deep in the boy's flesh. Immediately, Shane buried his birch into Jamie, and he finished his stroke with a cruel dragging, sawing action whilst the rod was still burnt onto his flesh. Jamie reacted to the stroke by screwing his eyes together and throwing his head back, but again there was no scream. He dripped with sweat.

Luke smiled, and Jimmy cringed.

The boys took five strokes each. After stroke two, Craig managed to match Jamie's bravery and he held his screams back. Each was clearly suffering like hell, but they seemed to take strength from their physical contact and their shared torture. Their dicks still stood massively erect between their sweating, shaking bodies.

"OK," shouted Luke, "change over."

Shane and Tyler swapped places so now, Shane had Craig in his sights and Tyler had Jamie to deal with.

The boys' fabulous arses were already very painful to look at with big red welts that were now turning a shade of purple and blue at the edges.

"Are you now appreciating that we won't tolerate spying and that your errors of judgement will be harshly punished?" asked Luke.

"I am sir," said Jamie.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir," said Craig.

"Are you enjoying your punishment bone-bag?" shouted Shane.

"No sir, it's the worse pain that I've ever had in my life," replied Craig.

"You aren't very grateful are you kid? After all of Tyler's hard work on your arse I'd have expected some gratitude and thanks," said Shane seriously.

"Sorry sir, thank you for showing me the errors of my way," stuttered Craig.

"That's better," replied Shane, "and now that you are so grateful, you can have some more from me."

Craig groaned and tears ran down his face.

"And you boy," said Tyler to Jamie, "are you enjoying your punishment, and do you deserve it?"

"Yes sir, I do deserve my punishment and I'd ask you to ensure that I repent my sins and pay for my errors," said Jamie.

"You will boy, you will," smiled Tyler raising his arm.

The lads took four more viciously rapid strokes, and each brought the boys closer to the limit of their endurance of the terrible white-hot pain. They shook and shuddered, and Craig now wanted to die. Neither had screamed out, but both had let out huge gasps and groans with each stroke.

Luke caught Tyler and Shane's eyes, and he silently indicated that the next stroke, the tenth ones, would be the last.

Tyler looked at Shane and indicated that they should hit low with their last strokes to ensure that it really counted.

Shane nodded.

"The next stroke's coming. Are you ready boys?" called out Shane.

"Yes sir," called Jamie.

"I'm ready," said Craig.

The birch rods whistled through the air together. The aims were as true and cruel as they were torturously harsh. The lads expected another stroke across their buttocks but both were struck just below their arses at the very top of their legs.

The pain was excruciating and it felt like lightning had struck their bodies. Nothing could have prepared the teens for this amount of pain and in absolute unison they screamed their lungs out. Their groins crashed into one another and their dicks pounded together.

"Oh god no, just kill us please," begged Craig.

"Do you want some more like that?" asked Shane.

"No, please, no more," gagged Craig.

"And you boy," asked Shane of Jamie.

"If it is necessary and if it pleases you sir," said Jamie with tears rolling down his face.

"Another ten?" asked Shane.

"If it means that I might stay here with you then give it to me," said Jamie bravely.

"And what if I take the lash to your back?" asked Shane.

"Thank you sir, whatever you decide," answered Jamie.

Craig looked into Jamie's eyes and he knew that he was serious. He gently rubbed his dick into Jamie to acknowledge his love of his strength.

"But no more for you bone-bag, you surrender do you?" asked Shane.

There was a pause.

"I asked you a question bone-bag, do you surrender?" reiterated Shane."

"Please sir?" asked Craig

"What?" replied Shane.

"Give me ten more if it pleases you sir," replied Craig.

Jamie reciprocated Craig's earlier action and he pushed his throbbing meat tight into Craig's body.

There was a long pause when nothing was said, and then Luke called out. "You boys have taken a severe lashing today. I am satisfied that you have been fairly punished and that you have taken it well. Release them."

Craig and Jamie cried with relief as they were lowered together to the ground. Both lads' legs were like jelly and they wanted to sit down, but they dare not do so due to the terrible pain in their young arses. They buckled at the knees before electing to kneel together for a few moments to clear their heads, still panting and dripping with sweat. Only the adrenalin now kept them going.

Whilst they came back to their senses, Luke explained more about life on the farm. He ultimately offered to take both lads into the fold on probation during their holidays from school. He said that if they wished, they could sample the life before deciding whether or not they wanted to join them permanently in June when their school life ended. Both lads indicated that they would like to take Luke up on his offer. Jamie advised that he already knew that he would want to return in June.

"OK lads, you are obviously very excited, and as a special dispensation, you can wank-off before you leave," said Luke generously.

Craig and Jamie looked at one another and then they looked at one-another's straining dicks. They had never before wanked together let alone in front of four relative strangers. They were however, massively aroused and would probably never get their shorts back on in their present conditions.

Jamie gently and slowly raised his right hand towards Craig's massive throbbing dick and he grasped it and started to slowly wank it. His hand looked quite small as it grasped Craig's mighty meat.

Craig reached out to his brave pal and he took his beautiful cock in his hand, holding it for a moment as if to revere it. He gently stroked it for a while before he increased the pressure and the speed of the strokes.

The four observing teens looked astonished and very excited.

The young lads soon began to groan and moan. They shook and shuddered violently as their juices coursed through their bodies and began to build up pressure in their balls. They were momentarily like volcanoes that were building up internal pressure before erupting.

When they did finally explode, it was in perfect harmony, and Craig sent what seemed like buckets of jizzm high into the air before splattering into Jamie's chest. Jamie's climax was even more spectacular and strong as he shot off like a rocket, with his cascades of boy-cream flying high and mighty and straight into Jamie's face and hair. They laughed and hugged and spread their warm sticky fluids all over one another's joined bodies.

It took a few minutes for everyone to recover their senses.

"A very sorry mess you two look now," smiled Jimmy as he looked down upon their dirty, dusty, sticky and bruised bodies.

"I feel incredible," said Craig.

"Me too," nodded Jamie.

"I feel quite good too after that performance," agreed Jimmy.

"My back aches like fuck," said Shane.

Luke looked at his brother with concern.

Tyler looked rather sheepish, and it dawned on him that there might yet be some repercussions for the special treatment that he'd given Shane earlier with the whip.

The lads were carefully helped into their shorts which made their eyes water. They were told that they had been brave and strong and Craig particularly was in heaven.

They said their goodbyes, and the lads both advised that they intended to return in the morning for the rest of the fortnight's holiday. Luke told them how to find the farm house.

The lads set off at a very gentle, almost drunken jog, not wanting to show how much pain they were in. Within a mile, they reached a stream that they both plunged into to wash themselves and to cool their flaming arses.

When the boys got back to Jamie's bike, he had no thoughts of sitting on the hard saddle so he pushed it along as he ran. They slowed to appear more casual as they approached their adjacent homes. The few people who saw them suspected nothing, though they looked long and hard at Craig who actually had his shirt off, revealing a very beautiful slim body. Craig didn't care one jot who saw him stripped off -- he suddenly loved being looked at. The observers could never have guessed at what the two boys had witnessed and experienced that day.

The pals discussed their plans of escape back to the farm. They agreed a story for their families and went into their respective houses. They both wanked thunderously again, and then had hot soapy showers, after which, they collapsed into their pits, being very careful to lay on their stomachs.

As the two lads had disappeared into the distance, the four remaining teens discussed the younger boys and concluded that that had done very well.

"It's strange that at that age, lads just see their frailties and weaknesses. Those two have stunning looks and plenty of potential for their bodies," said Luke.

"Yeah, but what about the bone-bag's fuckin' dick?" laughed Jimmy. "Did you ever see anything like that monster between a kid's legs before?"

"It's twice the size of yours Shane," laughed Tyler.

"You wouldn't be saying that if you had my dick in your fuckin' ear," replied Shane indignantly.

Tyler grinned, but he immediately knew that he'd upset Shane again, and right now this probably wasn't the most sensible of moves.

The four gathered some gear, and walked back to the house. Shane was feeling increasingly sore as the day wore on. The effects of the flogging were finally catching up with him but he still ensured that the other three lads had plenty of opportunity to look at the stripes on his shredded back. Luke knew that the treatment given to his brother that afternoon had been vigorous, but even he had to wince at the state of Shane's back. He wondered if his own back was the same, but it didn't feel too bad.

Tyler remained rather quiet. He knew that his enthusiasm for whipping Shane had been over the top today and that he'd probably overstepped the mark when he illegally knotted the tails of the whip before laying it across Shane's bare back.

They got home, and they again discussed the two young lads, and they wondered if they'd ever see them again. Luke seemed sure that they would.

Luke was first to the bedroom mirror to check out his striped back and the sight shocked him. His massive muscular back was criss-crossed with good red welts that certainly proved his bravery beyond doubt. What puzzled him however, was that there wasn't anything like the damage that he saw on Shane's back.

Luke quietly called Shane to the bedroom.

Shane arrived and Luke told him to look at his back in the mirror. Shane's face dropped at the sight. His back wasn't striped as he'd expected, it was mashed with broken skin and blood everywhere.

"Hell, that was some flogging that I took brother. Tyler is getting far too good at this job isn't he?" said Shane. "These welts are gonna' scar my back for days."

"I don't think that everything is quite as it seems," replied Luke. "Come here and lie down on the bed and I'll clean you up and put some cream on your back. It looks like it needs it."

Luke wanted to take a proper look at the damage.

Shane wanted Luke to admire his fabulously muscled back and for him to appreciate his strength and bravery.

Luke gently applied the cream and Shane soon had a hard-on. Luke studied the damage when he'd cleaned most of the blood away. He could now see that each of the whip marks appeared as a long straight welt. What was surprising was that just six of the welts were each adorned with what looked like a small crater and it was here, that the skin was torn and bleeding. It was immediately absolutely obvious to Luke that the whip had been doctored in some way and he guessed how.

Luke gently advised his volatile brother of his suspicions.

Outwardly, Shane was furious as would be expected. In reality, he quite liked the fact that he had taken a flogging that had been much worse than anyone else had endured. He also enjoyed the thought that he'd wear his trophy back with its awful scars for some considerable time. Everyone would realise how brave he was, and it would prove beyond doubt how hard he was. However, for the others to fully appreciate his bravery and strength, they needed to know what really happened. Tyler was the only one who could truthfully tell them and he might, initially be reluctant. He also needed to suffer for daring to inflict such treatment on one of his benefactors.

Luke called downstairs - "Tyler, will you pop upstairs for a minute?"

Tyler called back to say that he was in the shower and would be up in a minute.

"It's OK, we can wait," smiled Shane...

The End of Chapter 7.