Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 8


Chapter 8 is, like the first seven chapters - totally fictional, as are all the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys' it'll hurt.
Thanks so much to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed Chapter's 1 to 7; it's nice to know that some of you are sticking with the unfolding tale. Also, thanks again for the ideas of what you want to happen next I hope that a few elements will be recognised as being the suggestions of like-minded readers.




Luke and Shane waited patiently for Tyler to come up to their bedroom. Whilst they waited they quietly discussed their options for punishing him following the day's events.

Tyler was soon heard approaching, and he knocked at the door expecting to be congratulated for his part in the day's activities. Luke called him in and he jauntily entered wearing nothing but a small pair of clinging white briefs that he'd slipped on after his shower. His physique looked absolutely fabulous to Luke and Shane. He radiated health and vigour. He had flexed his body as much as possible so that Luke and Shane could best appreciate how much he had improved.

During the past months, Tyler's muscles had grown significantly as the guys had focused on mass-building for him during their workouts and the results were now very clear to see. His already broad shoulders now had great muscle definition and his pecs stood hard and proud from his big chest. He still has a pleasing cleft that separated his pecs. Everything about Tyler was in perfect symmetry and his thighs and calves looked particularly good, long and ripped in his small high cut briefs.

Because Tyler had worked so hard each day, he hadn't attracted too much harsh correction which was, to a large extent, a disappointment to him. He was always thinking that he would relish any chance to show his strength and bravery. He didn't realise in any way, that he was about to be granted his wish and he'd soon be tested to his absolute limit.

Tyler's body was hard, smooth, and totally unblemished, which was a massive contrast against both Luke and Shane who were dirty, battered, and very bruised.

"Shut the door," said Luke.

Tyler did as he was told, and he turned back around with a big smile.

"What do you think of your efforts today," asked Luke.

"Great," was the immediate reply from Tyler. He continued; "I loved it," not realising that he was digging himself into a big hole.

This wasn't exactly what Shane had hoped to hear from the punk standing before them, and his mood suddenly got worse.

"And what do you think about the end product," asked Luke, turning to show Tyler his huge welt striped and bruised back.

"That looks awesome Luke, you really took every stroke like a god and your strength and performance amazed me, those stripes should be visible for days" said Tyler.

"And what about my performance under the lash Tyler? How did I do?" Shane asked quietly whilst turning slowly to present his own flared back to him. It was not only battered and bruised but red-raw and still partially bleeding.

Tyler was just starting to realise where the line of questioning might be taking him, so he thought quickly and started to try to bluff his way out of it.

"You was absolutely awesome today Shane. You took more punishment than I could ever have imagined possible. You was like a Greek god stood there taking every one of my best strokes as if it was just a slap of the hand," stated Tyler.

"And how do you explain the exceptional damage to my flesh?" asked Shane.

"Oh, I guess that I must be getting much stronger, and perhaps I got a little bit carried away on seeing your bravery," answered Tyler.

"Is that all?" asked Shane.

"We must have the truth," interjected Luke. "We must be able to trust one another totally and without hesitation."

Tyler gulped and his chest heaved. "I'm sorry if I laid it on too hard, was it more than you expected to receive?" he stuttered.

"Let's go out for some air," said Luke. "We need time to think."

Tyler now guessed that a storm was brewing. "I'll grab my shorts and trainers," he suggested.

"No you are fine just as you are for what we have in mind for you," said Luke menacingly.

Tyler felt a sweat coming over him.

As they got downstairs, Jimmy was just leaving the bathroom after his shower. His massive pecs looked wonderful this evening and he radiated health and beauty. As soon as he caught Tyler's eye he knew that there was something wrong, because he didn't get the usual appreciative smile from his pal.

"Can you explain what happened to Shane's back?" asked Luke of Jimmy.

"How do you mean?" replied Jimmy immediately.

Both Luke and Shane knew instinctively that Jimmy had no knowledge of Tyler's betrayal and brutality.

"You'd better come along with us to the yard," Luke told Jimmy.

"I'll just grab my shorts and trainers," said Jimmy.

"OK," replied Luke, "but be quick."

Now Tyler knew that he was being prepared for some kind of interrogation, and probably some rough treatment. Sweat ran down the valley between his hard pecs, and his nipples rose and plumped up.

The three exited the back door that led towards the yard with Tyler looking incredible dressed only in his small tight white briefs. The yard concrete was still warm to his bare feet from the day's sun. Luke and Shane felt totally empowered and ready to sort this matter out here and now. They had, however, already agreed to sleep on their options to avoid doing anything in haste that was not a suitable and sufficient punishment for the crime.

Jimmy arrived as they reached the torture frame. Tyler was positioned by Luke beneath the big cross-member that straddled the two massive upright posts. Luke and Shane faced him looking extremely determined and dangerous.

"Anything to tell us Tyler?" asked Luke.

"I don't know what you mean," answered Tyler, "the day seemed great to me."

"OK," said Luke, "give me your hands."

Tyler looked stunned but he held out his hands to Luke.

Luke cuffed Tyler's wrists and he reached for the ropes hanging from the cross-member which were attached to the cuffs on each wrist. Shane and Luke then took a rope each and slowly began to hoist Tyler into the air. His arms were stretched up and out and his broad shoulders took the strain of his body weight. His chest flared and stuck out, and his abdominals were then very taut and hard. His legs ended up about two feet from the ground.

Tyler's feet were manacled next, and each leg was pulled wide apart and each ankle was fastened tight to an upright. His groin was stretched out tight and his bulge was striking inside his pants. They finished the job by ratcheting his arms even tighter to ensure that Tyler's entire body was under the maximum strain possible and in a perfect cross. His near naked body was still completely unblemished. His snow white briefs accentuated the scene, seeming to add some degree of vulnerability. On this occasion, whilst there was indeed a decent bulge, there was little or no movement inside Tyler's briefs, unlike what was going on inside the shorts of each of the others. Jimmy particularly had a massive throbber inside his shorts as he watched Tyler strain at the ropes that bound him. He wished that he could leap up and hang from Tyler's body and feel his vascular muscles.

"What are you doing this for guys?" groaned Tyler. "Just tell me what I've done wrong."

"I think that it's for you to tell us," replied Luke.

Jimmy didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't going to risk asking or he guessed that he might end up being strung up as well. He could only assume that Tyler had done, or said, something very bad since they had returned home. Jimmy assumed that he would be educated by Luke in due course.

They all stood and admired Tyler's physique stretched out before them and totally unable to move in any way. He hung there completely at their mercy. Shane wasn't currently feeling very merciful.

"OK, let's get ourselves inside and cleaned up," said Luke. "It's nearly time for a good wanking session and some protein."

"Hey, you can't leave me hung up here," shouted Tyler. "At least let Jimmy give me a blow-job."

"You should have realised by now that we can do whatever we want with you punk," stated Shane. "There is not a cat in hell's chance of you shooting your load tonight. And, you can keep on mouthing all you want because you are already in a big hole and you are simply digging it deeper ready for me to bury you."

Tyler decided that it would be prudent to shut up.

They left Tyler and went into the house, leaving the big lad strung up in the gloom of the evening. He realised that he probably had a long contemplative night before him. He hung there and though how quickly fortunes change.

Luke and Shane advised Jimmy of their suspicions, and they showed him the evidence by comparing the damage to their massive backs. Unfortunately, Jimmy could do nothing but agree with their conclusions.

They had a quick dinner and then Luke told Jimmy not to go to bed yet as he and Shane were both going to take a good hot shower and then they would each need a `full body massage' and `something to relax them'. Jimmy's eyes lit up, and he went to his room and oiled up his own body so that it would be at its most pleasing for his clients. Jimmy knew that Luke and Shane would expect some heavy duty massaging of their wonderful dicks this evening and he was thrilled to think that they would be relying on him alone to pleasure them.

Just like Tyler, Jimmy had also worked very hard on his physique during his months of residence on the farm. He found it utterly exhilarating to be constantly stripped to the waist and showing off his body to the others and having new experiences almost daily. He loved every aspect of the regime, particularly the correction, but he wasn't quite as motivated towards the more sadistic elements as Shane and Tyler seemed to be. He loved to be fully involved, and he certainly enjoyed having his own pain tolerance tested. He liked to plan and to be prepared, and he wasn't ever out of control when his opportunities came to be the master of correction. He had, however, realised that he did certainly enjoy dishing out some treatment.

The training of Jimmy's own body had been harsh, sometimes brutal, but he never walked away from a challenge and he would always try his best to ensure that he would reach his maximum physical potential. He never underestimated the value of the support, encouragement and correction that he got from each of the others. He also knew that everyone in their band of brothers must always be able to trust and rely on one-another to the very end and without any question.

Jimmy had, to some extent, been the runt of the farm litter till now, even with his very impressive pecs and thighs. This evening, he did somewhat relish the thought that their team might grow in numbers to six. The potential new recruits, Craig and Jamie were each very less impressive in their physiques and he would be so much more worshipped if the new kids did return.

On the farm, each of the team of four lads had been subjected to individual scrutiny on one morning each week. If they weren't already motivated to work very hard, then the `inspection' sessions certainly kept them on their toes. During these sessions each lad in turn had to demonstrate to the others their improving physique and strength. The emphasis was on constant improvement. At the weekly sessions, they performed a harsh set of exercises and a full pose-down on a small wood stage in the yard. Speedos were the only attire allowed for the sessions so as to show their bodies to the full. There were always many plaudits and much praise for each guy who showed the expected growth and improvement. Though it was all very subjective, there were also some swift sharp shock punishments dished out where no improvement was seen. The cane regularly came out for individuals who performed poorly, or who hadn't gained muscle during the past week. Jim hadn't been punished much, which was great in terms of proving his tangible and constant improvement, but the converse to this, was that he'd not yet benefitted from many decent sessions of correction. This was something that Jimmy hoped would be rectified soon. He wasn't going to go looking for trouble, but he'd certainly relish the chance to show his bravery if the opportunity arose.

Whilst Jimmy didn't have Tyler's natural aggression and absolute craving for the correction, he did deep-down yearn to one day be able to assist with the giving of some corrective punishment especially if it was being doled out to his best pal. He loved Tyler totally, and in Jimmy's eyes he was the perfect specimen of youth, being beautiful yet hard. Jimmy was naturally very interested in Tyler's current predicament and right now he considered himself to be blessed as his back bedroom window was the best one in the house for a perfect view of the torture frame in the yard. Whilst Jimmy waited for the call from Luke and Shane, he turned his light off and flung opened his big window, peering out at Tyler.

The night was warm and the moon was partially out affording a fantastic view of his pal being tormented, near-naked, and stretched out to his absolute limit in a perfect cross. Jimmy guessed that Tyler must be able to see him as he certainly wouldn't be sleeping much tonight. His body looked superb, and Jimmy would have loved to have been able to go and flog his bare back then love him senseless.

As Jimmy watched, and lusted after Tyler's beautiful big body with its ripped muscles, he suddenly had a very mischievous thought. He went deep into his bedroom and played with his nipples and thought of Tyler's possible punishment the next day. He didn't need much self-encouragement to become greatly aroused as he thought of his pal's hard physique that was now so totally vulnerable. Once fully boned up, Jimmy turned on the light and approached the window again in the full knowledge that Tyler would have seen the light go on and that he'd be looking directly up at the window. Jimmy adjusted his tiny briefs then put himself into the full view of his pal.

Jimmy stretched, and then posed in every imaginable manner, showing off his great musculature to the best of his ability. He hit many big double bicep poses both full frontal and with his back to the window. He finished off with his full most-muscular pose and held his massive pecs hard and flexed for an age before giving Tyler the thumbs up at the window. For a great finale he then lowered the waist band of his briefs to release his now raging cock and he stood sideways to the window and took himself in hand and started to pump his veined beast. After a while he stepped back and turned the light out to give Tyler the impression that he was going to finish off and shoot his load in private.

In reality, Jimmy didn't dare to wank off fully when Luke and Shane were soon going to be demanding his full attention. He did allow himself to hope that he might get some help with his own needs from Shane or Luke after he'd satisfied them.

Down behind the house, Tyler hung with all his limbs and muscles taught and straining. The beast in his pants was also straining and throbbing. He expected that he'd again experience the whip across his bare back the next morning and his knob engorged further and oozed with his boy-cream at the thought.

Soon, Jimmy was called to the other bedroom where Luke and Shane awaited his assistance. They were cleansed and shining with muscular vigour. Jimmy was big, but these guys both put him to shame and tonight they looked massively pumped-up after their exhaustions at the plough and under the lash. During the next two hours, Jimmy ensured that the big guys were fully satisfied in every respect. They all ultimately concluded that it had been the most wonderful day. Jimmy did such a fantastic job on the big guys that he was afforded the ultimate thrill and pleasure by Luke, who offered him a blow job for his excellent work. The day was made utterly incredible for Jimmy by Shane who played with his big pecs and nipples whilst Jim humped at Luke's throat. Jimmy went to heaven that evening.

When things calmed, they agreed to continue to carefully consider what price Tyler would pay for his lack of self-control and for his subsequent deceit and defiant reluctance to tell the truth. One unspoken thing that they all knew for sure was that tomorrow, Tyler would become fully acquainted again with the whip across his currently flawless physique.

Luke was first in bed that night, quickly followed by Shane jumping into his own pit. Shane then took some care to lie on his stomach to protect his raw and very painful back.

Jimmy was somewhat reluctant to see the day end, and he dwelled a while by the window. He had a good long look again at Tyler, and from his high vantage point, he could clearly see his healthy arousal inside his tiny white briefs. Jimmy surprised even himself when he was able to end his perfect day, standing full frontal at the window looking out at Tyler's trussed up body whilst he yet again wanked himself to a delirious frenzy. He was finished in no time, exploding his volcanic juices across half of the glass and he sent the rest flying from the open window. He was so excited with the scene and with the anticipation of the next day. He finally got himself sheeted-up for the night, leaving the window wide open in the hope that he'd perhaps be able to hear Tyler groaning in distress.

Tyler watched the window in frustrated anguish. He saw the light go out in their bedroom and he then mostly stayed awake throughout the long night. In time, his one-eyed beast went back to sleep inside his tiny briefs.

Apart from Shane, who awoke momentarily a couple of times as he rolled over onto his throbbing back, the three lads slept in their beds like babies. They didn't even stir as they would normally do when the sun rose and the farm cockerel crowed.

As the sun did rise, Tyler felt the heat build on his body and wondered what awaited him on this momentous day.

Incredibly for the lads, it was 8.30am when they all awoke with a start upon hearing someone knocking loudly on the front door.

Luke was the first to realise what time it was, and to remember that Tyler was still hung up in the big torture frame in the back yard. They certainly didn't want any outsider to wander around the back to find their treat for the day hung out like a ham being cured.

Luke shot out of bed and set off downstairs hoping to get there before their visitor moved away from the door and around the back. The knocker went again, giving Luke some hope that he'd make it there in time, and he shouted out that he was on his way. Shane was quite quickly behind Luke but he suffered a lot as his back cracked open again where it had dried overnight. Some small drops of blood appeared again from the scabbed craters on his back. Each boy had just managed to scramble into his briefs. Jimmy also got up quickly and was about to dash downstairs when he stopped to check on the vista from his window.

Tyler remained in place exactly where he had been left. Jimmy wondered why he thought that it might be anything else. Maybe he subconsciously thought that Luke could have relented and released him and he was rather relieved that this wasn't the case.

The sun had got further round and it was now shining down on Tyler's big chest and Jimmy knew that his pal would already be starting to cook. He saw Tyler stir and look up and Jimmy was mightily relieved to know that he was relatively OK for now.

Luke reached the front door with Shane quite close behind. He quickly unbolted it and dragged the big wooden door open. Their joint fear turned to immediate utter relief as they looked out upon Craig and Jamie stood there panting and sweating under the weight of their two big back-packs. Jamie also held a fairly big old hessian sack with something that was obviously relatively light inside it. They were clearly here to stay for a while.

Luke welcomed the two lads with great relief. The new boys didn't really understand why the two muscle guys were so happy to see them and their wimpy, feeble bodies. They did love the hug that they got from Luke, particularly as this was their first experience of touching a muscle god's body in the flesh. Luke immediately realised how much the youngsters loved his physique so he lingered and let them appreciate his huge size and strength.

The suffering Shane was a little less enthusiastic, but he put on a good show of his own body for the teens without any hugging or touching beyond a strong handshake. Shane turned his back, and the lads gasped in awe at the painful looking welts and bruises. Shane just smiled and threw his best double bicep pose, squeezing out all his back muscles and flaring out his lats like wings before them. In doing so, his wounds opened further and seeped with blood which certainly added to the shocking effect.

"Awesome," said Jamie, and Craig simply gulped and gasped.

Jimmy had now arrived, and he too welcomed the lads and he explained to them that they were a bit behind schedule on the farm after the hard day yesterday. He said that they hadn't yet showered and he invited the two boys to join him for a shower and to change from their sweaty gear. They must have set out at least two or three hours earlier, and they were looking dirty and sweaty in their shorts and tee-shirts.

"Great idea," said Jamie, adding, "I guess that we need to get rid of our tops?"

"You're learning quick," said Shane, "not that any one of us are particularly relishing the sight of your puny boy bodies in our midst."

Craig blushed and looked round thinking to change the subject. "Where's Tyler?" he asked innocently.

"Oh, he's hanging about in the yard," replied Shane without any hint of mirth. "Now get your friggin' shirts off or I'll lash them off you."

They dropped their back-packs instantly and peeled off their tee-shirts. They looked a bit bashful, but they also looked good with sweating chests showing every rib and each tiny muscle.

"Fuck, we've taken something on with you two weary specimens," said Shane. "I don't know what we can do with bone-bag here look at his tits, they are as flat as a fart."

Poor Craig blushed once again and looked down crestfallen at his flat chest.

"He's a good looking kid, and it'll be a great challenge for us to build his skinny body up and give it some muscle to turn him into a man," said Luke rather more encouragingly.

Craig smiled.

The new guys soon went upstairs with Jimmy and they all got showered, after which they went to Jimmy's room to get ready for the day. Jimmy went first, and ensured that the curtains were shut tight.

Jimmy told Craig and Jamie that they'd be allocated a bedroom later and that they'd soon pick up the basic rules of the house. For now, they must understand that at all times they should only wear Speedos, briefs, or shorts, or any combination of the three. When going outside, they'd also wear suitable footwear which would normally mean trainers or boots depending on the activity, with short socks being optional. The main advice was that they'd avoid any covering of their bodies above the waist.

Craig was already enthralled, and he thought how just twenty four hours earlier, he would have curled up and died at the very suggestion of him going out in public without his top on and thus revealing his flat chest to anyone. Now, he was banned from covering his chest and he was very excited at the thought.

"That's all you need to know for now" said Jimmy, "except to remember that there's absolutely no wanking off before dinner unless you are given specific permission by Luke."

"I could wank off right now just looking at your unbelievable body," said Jamie rather boldly to Jim who was pulling up his own royal-blue Speedos followed by his shorts.

"Like what you see?" asked Jimmy proudly.

"Gosh yes," replied Jamie, "your chest is just unbelievable, I've never ever seen pecs as big and flared as yours, and your thighs are like tree-trunks."

"Take a feel and know what muscles really are," said Jamie as he flexed his pectorals and moved towards the naked Jamie.

Jamie had a hot flush but didn't hesitate to grab both of Jamie's massive hard striated pecs and he gave them a long, hard, and very appreciative squeeze.

Jimmy loved it, especially when he saw the immediate response that his chest had on Jamie's dick which now, already had a good rising lob on it.

"You'd better calm down and get some tight briefs on because if Shane sees that dick of yours is hard at this time of the day he's likely to string you up by it," laughed Jimmy.

Jamie looked a bit taken aback at the very suggestion of being hung up by his cock, and he grabbed at it in a futile attempt to cover himself up.

"Here, Craig, don't be shy, come and have a feel of these, there's enough to go around," laughed Jimmy, now offering his pecs to the slim teen.

Craig took no persuading to take the opportunity to have a good grope of Jimmy's pecs but he lingered rather too long, and Jim ultimately grabbed at Craig's skinny tits laughing at his puny body.

Craig shrieked as Jimmy grabbed his skin and bone. Jim told him that he'd need to pump lots of iron before he'd see any development in his boy-chest.

Craig blushed, and rubbed his tits where Jimmy had left his finger prints. Clearly, the physical contact had a similar effect on Craig as it had on Jamie, and Craig's huge chopper began to rise.

"Bloody hell, you can get that thing put out of sight too," laughed Jimmy, "I don't think we've got enough rope on the farm to wrap round that beast."

Craig's dick continued to grow as they looked at it.

"Hell Craig, I wouldn't mind having half of that meat," smiled Jamie.

"Just bend over and you can have it all," laughed Craig, jokingly, recalling a gag that he'd once heard from some older guys at school.

Jimmy laughed hysterically, and looked at Craig admiringly. "You've certainly got some spirit and you'll improve the atmosphere around here. You also have some of the most incredible abdominals kid," he enthused. "Let's have a feel of them."

Craig proudly tightened his abs and held them whilst Jimmy ran his fingers up and down his belly.

"They are superb Craig," said Jimmy, "you can teach us all something there."

"If I had your pecs to go with my abs I'd be the happiest guy alive," said Craig.

"Well that might be a bit of a dream too-far but there's no problem in having goals," answered Jimmy.

Jimmy encouraged them to get some clothes on.

Jamie pulled his white gym shorts on that were medium-length in the leg, whilst Craig pulled on his bright red Speedos, taking a few moments to tuck in his fabulous big mutton-dagger. The Speedos immediately accentuated Craig's very long and decently muscled thighs. His small corrugated waist looked fabulous. He was a beautiful teen but he didn't yet really appreciate it.

"You're looking superb," said Jamie, and Craig glowed with pride to hear the words from his best pal.

"Have you not got any Speedos?" Jim asked Jamie.

"No sir, we don't have too many luxuries in our place with all my family," replied Jamie.

"I think that you'd better have something on under your shorts for what's `on the agenda' today," said Jim. "I'd better see what I have for you."

Jamie and Craig looked a bit puzzled to know what Jimmy was alluding to as being `on the agenda', but they didn't like to ask.

Jimmy went to his cupboard drawers and rooted out a small pair of white Speedos which he handed to Jamie. "Here, you can have these, they are too tight for me nowadays, but they should be perfect for you kid," he said.

Jamie looked delighted, and quickly dropped his shorts and he pulled on the snow-white Speedos that he knew would look superb against his ebony skin.

"Fucking perfect," was Craig's only remark.

Jamie looked suitably pleased, and he pulled his shorts back on for now. His luscious dark body was a wonderful contrast against Craig's pale flesh.

Jimmy told them to get their trainers on quickly, which they did Jamie with his short white socks and Craig preferring to be without socks to show off his long limbs to their best.

"OK, we are ready for some breakfast," said Jamie quite proud of his new brood. He led the way to the bedroom door then stopped and looked back with a wicked twinkle in his eye. "Oh heck, I nearly forgot, can you guys pull the curtains open before we leave," he said nonchalantly.

The two teens were more than happy to obey their new muscular friend with what was in effect their first order of the morning. They both turned and went to the window, each grabbing a curtain. They pulled them open and glanced out, squinting as the sun hit their eyes. They turned back towards Jimmy, and then stopped dead in their tracks as their brains suddenly registered what they'd glimpsed in the yard.

The young lads looked at Jim and gasped, they then looked at one another goggle-eyed, before again turning to look out of the window with their mouths silently gagging open. They stared at the sight before them, surveying the scene and totally focusing on the prone hanging muscular body that was Tyler. They could hardly believe that what they were seeing was real. It looked to them like a scene from a medieval torture chamber which wasn't really too-far wrong.

Finally, Craig spoke quietly, "Oh my god, what's going on?"

"I don't exactly know," said Jimmy. "He's upset Luke and Shane, and they are getting the truth from him before deciding on his punishment."

"You mean that this isn't his actual punishment?" gasped Craig. "Could they not have simply asked him?"

"They did soft lad," replied Jimmy in his most masterful manner.

Craig looked amazed.

"He looks hot," said Jamie.

"He will be hot with that sun beating down on his chest," replied Jimmy.

"No, I mean he looks `hot' strung up like that with his fantastic physique," said Jamie.

"You like the concept of some torture do you Jamie?" asked Jim.

"Yeah, kind-of, especially when it's being done to a fantastic guy with huge muscles like Tyler," replied Jamie honestly. "Just look at his shoulders and arms."

"No doubt you'll have the opportunity to show us how brave you are during the coming days, if you decide to stay," said Jimmy.

Jamie raised his eyebrows and considered the possibility with some real excitement and lust. "I'd love to be big and strong and to be tied up and then take some real treatment from you Jimmy."

"You might not think like that when you are being flogged and your bare back is screaming out for mercy," said Jim smiling.

Jamie just stood there deep in thought.

"How long has Tyler been stretched out there?" asked Craig quietly, expecting the answer to be half an hour or so.

"Since seven-thirty," replied Jimmy.

"Oh fuck, that's two hours. How much suffering can his body take? Don't they think that he's had enough?" asked Craig.

"Not since seven-thirty this morning you bone bag, he's been hanging there since seven-thirty yesterday evening," growled Jimmy. "He's a very strong kid."

The lads went silent until Jamie spoke; "He's awesome!"

"Yes he's done well so far, but he's going to feel some real pain soon," advised Jimmy.

"I can't believe it," said Craig.

"You can leave if you want," replied Jimmy.

"I'll stay," said Craig.

"Me too," added Jamie. "Will we be allowed to watch him being punished?"

"You'll probably be assisting with his torture," said Jimmy.

"Fucking awesome," gasped Jamie, and he was immediately glad of his new tight Speedos.

Craig and Jamie took another look through the window and they were massively excited and aroused to see Tyler move his head and look up towards the window. His straining muscles looked incredible as the sun shone onto his sweating, heaving chest.

Tyler sensed that someone was watching him, but his sweat was running down his forehead and the salt was blurring his vision. He could only guess that it was Jimmy who watched over him.

The lads gathered in the kitchen and ate a hearty breakfast that majored on muscle-building protein with eggs, chicken and milk.

"We need to do a full assessment of your bodies soon and decide on your training needs," said Luke, but we need to go and have some sport with Tyler first. "Are you up for it boys?"

"You bet," answered Jamie. "Can we help with Tyler's punishment?"

"God, you really are up for it aren't you kid? Yes, you can certainly help," said Luke.

"What about you bone-bag?" asked Shane.

"I'm ready," said Craig.

"Yeah, I bet you are," replied Shane.

Craig and Jamie could hardly wait to get out to the yard to see what condition Tyler was in after being strung up tight for nearly fifteen hours. Their mouths were dry and their hearts raced as Luke led them out to the yard.

"Hey, just a minute," said Luke, "have you got any trunks on under those shorts Jamie?"

"Yeah, I've got some Speedos on," answered Jamie.

"OK then - drop the shorts off and let's take a look at you," ordered Luke.

Jamie complied without hesitation and stood with the other four looking at his very tidy young body with his tiny white Speedos. He had boy muscles in all the right places, and excellent symmetry.

"That's much better, you have great potential for growth in your body and we want Tyler to see you two new recruits at your best so he can appreciate some pleasure with his pain," said Luke smiling. "He's not going to be in much of a state to enjoy any hands-on pleasure with you after this morning, so it should make him all the more lustful and frustrated to see you now. We do need to get some oil on our bodies to ensure that the harsh sun doesn't burn us," he said with a twinkle in his eye, and a thought towards the roasting Tyler.

Craig and Jamie were thrilled to be allowed to oil-up the fabulous Jimmy, who Jamie had already fallen in love with (or at least he'd fallen `in lust' with). Jamie was equally as thrilled to have the lad's hands caress all over his bare body, especially so when they oiled his big muscled thighs gasping at Jimmy's size and hardness. Jimmy flexed his pecs as they reached his chest and again they were mesmerised at his size and strength.

In turn, Jimmy really enjoyed oiling each of the new lads and experiencing the feel of their angular, skinny physiques. They both again started to become aroused but one look from Shane caused them to quickly go rather flaccid at the thought of being hung up by their dicks.

Luke smiled at seeing Jimmy enjoying the new guys' attention.

In truth, all the lads had lazy-lobs between their legs after being oiled, and as they thought of the immanent viewing of their prisoner in the yard. They walked outside to the yard and towards the torture frames. It seemed rather surreal to Craig and Jamie. As they approached him, Tyler's head moved towards them and he squinted to try to see who it was. The sun was beating down on his face and chest and the sweat was streaming from him. He was already a visibly darker red colour where the sun hit directly on his shoulders and the tops of his pecs.

All the extremities of Tyler's limbs had long since numbed, and he was now accustomed to his difficult plight and suffering.

"We've brought some guys to see you Ty," smiled Shane. "Craig and Jamie have joined us today, and they are looking very good and buff and they think that you look superb stretched out there showing off everything you have. Your best mate here has already had his big voluptuous body worshipped by the lads so he probably won't need you anymore"

Tyler remained silent, but he could now see the new lads, and even in his dreadful predicament he loved the sight of the new teens and he enjoyed having all five of the team looking up at his strength under such duress. He was totally prostrate in a massive muscular cross, but he still managed to thrust out his beautiful chest. He was very envious that Jimmy had already enjoyed some contact with the virginal teens.

"Fuckin' awesome," exclaimed Jamie with his mouth gaping open.

"He's huge up close," stated Craig. "Look at his shoulders, they are like concrete. All his veins are standing out. It's unbelievable."

"How are you up there Ty?" asked Luke.

"I hurt like hell and I'm burning to death," replied Tyler respectfully, and with a very hoarse voice. "And I don't relish being discussed like a piece of meat by these puny punks."

Shane had earlier agreed to let Luke do all the initial talking to avoid further conflict.

"OK, so it's not too good up there, but Craig and Jamie do love your muscles and we've some unfinished business haven't we?" said Luke.

Tyler nodded, "I guess we do."

"The simple question is; how did Shane's back get so mangled yesterday?" said Luke.

"I improved the three-tailed whip," admitted Tyler with a resigned voice.

"Improved it?" asked Luke. "Under whose authority, or order, did you improve it?"

"I didn't have any authority or orders," Tyler replied with some honesty at last.

"OK, we have the truth at last - release his feet and lower him down," said Luke to the surprise of Jamie and Craig and to the utter relief of Tyler.

Luke looked towards Craig and Jamie and nodded for them to release Tyler.

They rushed forward and untied his feet and allowed his legs to quickly fall back together. It was obviously very painful to Tyler as the blood ran back and he hung by his arms grimacing and panting. They then went to the uprights and quickly released the ropes that held his arms and body in the air. Neither lad was sufficiently strong, or skilled, to let Tyler down slowly, and he immediately dropped very heavily to the ground in a big heap as his legs collapsed under him. He was a writhing, swearing mess for three or four minutes as he rolled around rubbing and clutching at his tortured limbs.

Shane smiled at Tyler's discomfort.

Craig cringed.

Jamie looked fascinated.

Ultimately, Tyler settled, and began to feel relieved to have got away without further torture. He still had the cuffs and ropes on his wrists and he started to undo them.

"Wait a minute," said Luke. "Not so fast soldier; we still have some unfinished business with you."

Tyler's heart sank. Just when he thought he was being freed, everything was suddenly turned on its head again.

Craig and Jamie stopped dead and listened intently.

"Get up and stretch yourself," ordered Luke.

"Thanks," answered Tyler looking quite relieved but also very despondent. He was very glad to be able to stand and stretch his limbs for a couple of minutes, and the new lads watched him closely admiring his fabulously pumped up muscles.

"OK that's enough," shouted Luke. "Now turn around so your back is in the sun."

Tyler turned as ordered wondering what was coming next.

"Tie his hands and stretch his arms out horizontally to the uprights in the crucifix position," Luke said to Craig and Jamie. "Get him nice and stretched."

They took an arm each and soon had Tyler roped in place.

"That's right, you can now get a nice sun tan on your big naked back," stated Luke. "It will be all the more enjoyable for you with what I have in mind," he said menacingly. "We've got plenty of work to do on the farm. It's eleven o'clock now, and you should be nicely roasted by two o'clock when we are ready for you. Give him a good drink you two lads, and ensure that he is kept hydrated as we don't want him too-sick to enjoy his punishment."

Luke, Shane and Jimmy prepared to leave to do their chores.

"Oh, I forgot; you'd better oil him up so he doesn't die of sunstroke and so he looks at his best for us," called back Luke to Jamie and Craig.

"You can fuck off, I'm not having these two scrote-bags feeling my body and wanking themselves off," cried out Tyler.

"Sorry?" shouted Shane menacingly.

Tyler looked across and he knew that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time to get heavy with Shane. "OK, OK, do what you want you will anyway," he shouted.

"Carry on boys," said Luke with a smile. "And if you dare to as much as threaten the lads, you will get much worse," he told Tyler.

They disappeared, and Craig and Jamie looked at one another in utter amazement.

"Do you want the back or front?" asked Craig with the oil bottle in his hand.

"Fuckin' both of course," replied Jamie.

"Yeah you're right, let's both do his back first," said Craig with a grin.

Tyler cringed at the thought of having to be touched like this by bone-bag and his gagging pal, but he knew that he had to put up with the humiliation from the punks.

"God, he's massive," said Craig as he approached Tyler.

"Have we got enough oil for all his body?" asked Jamie.

"We'll have to rub it in well," stated Craig seriously.

"Take a shoulder each and work down then?" asked Jamie.

"Sounds good to me," replied Craig smiling.

Tyler cringed again but as Craig and Jamie's hands touched his broad muscular shoulders he couldn't help but flex them and he flared out his wing-like lats.

"Fuckin' awesome," said Jamie.

"Is that all you can say?" asked Craig

"Yeah, feel his lats Craig aren't they fuckin' awesome."

Tyler inwardly smiled and his dick twitched.

"Yeah, they are fuckin' awesome," laughed Craig.

They worked their way down Tyler's back and to his huge legs and the lads deliberately ran their hands up high to his arse.

Tyler shuddered as they sensually touched him at the top of his thighs.

They finished with his bulbous calves, and then went around the front.

"Top to bottom?" asked Jamie.

"Sounds about right," replied Craig, smiling.

Tyler was now resigned to the procedure, and he simply stared at the lads.

They applied plenty of oil to Tyler's pecs and rubbed it round and round in ever increasing circles all over his big, hard-muscled chest. They spent some time fingering Tyler's big juicy nipples and they smiled quietly as they saw that his meat was rising inside his tiny white briefs. Tyler felt totally humiliated, and for once, he wished that he could control his dick. They lingered around Tyler's beautiful outie belly button and this just further aroused him. They then finished their task with his legs. They discussed his big defined thigh muscles at length and each lad slid his hands up his thighs till they touched his big constrained bull-balls. They again smiled to see Tyler's now engorged dick straining to get out of his briefs.

"Now now Tyler, you know the consequences of coming in your pants at this time of the day," smiled Jamie, "but we are very pleased that you have obviously enjoyed being caressed by the bone-bag and his sweaty mate."

"You won't be laughing at me when I have you two tied naked to the wheel, whilst I lash the lives out of your scrawny fuckin' bodies," growled Tyler.

"What did Luke say about us not being threatened?" smiled Jamie to Craig.

"Fuck you," shouted Tyler to Jamie.

They grinned and went to sit in the shade and they watched Tyler's flaring back start to go dark red and cook.

"Just shout if you want a drink," called Craig cheekily.

"In your dreams," grunted Tyler.

"And don't forget that Shane will have you hanging up by your dick if he sees you with such a big boner at this time in the morning," laughed Jamie.

"I'll hang you up with your fucking balls tied together when I get down from here," snarled Tyler.

The lads again smiled at one another, realising that they each also had good boners between their legs.

During the following couple of hours things settled, and Tyler continued to roast. The lads did go regularly to offer Tyler a drink and he soon realized that he had to accept. Tyler was really turned on by the lads, and he secretly loved seeing the amazement on their faces as they were transfixed by the sight of his huge chest and arms bound out to the posts. His stomach was hard and defined and in this crucifix position his pecs were hard and flared. The morning sun had caused the skin on his chest to tighten, which added to his muscular definition.

Tyler continued to roast with his back becoming a deep reddish-brown under the fierce heat of the sun.

To some extent, it was merciful to see the three big guys returning as advised at two o'clock.

Craig and Jamie jumped up, and advised that everything was in order. Their dicks had subsided as had Tyler's.

"Oh dear, that back looks tender," smiled Luke who approached Tyler and slapped his shoulders.

Tyler struggled and grimaced.

"Does that hurt, soft boy?" asked Luke as he squeezed the top of Tyler's flaming shoulders.

"Yeah, it hurts like hell," cried Tyler. "I'm sorry guys, I've learned my lesson, just let me down."

"Sure you've learned your lesson but there's more learning to come for your big body this morning," said Shane. "You are the colour of Jamie that flesh must be rather tender."

"We could be brothers," laughed Jamie.

"Loosen the ropes a little, and allow him to move slightly," ordered Luke.

Jimmy and Shane loosened the ropes by about six inches, relaxing Tyler's arms a little.

Tyler's pecs now relaxed and bulged out more from his chest.

"Thanks Luke," said Tyler.

"That's quite all right, we will now be able to enjoy seeing you struggle in vain to get away from the pain that awaits your body," smiled Luke.

Tyler looked shocked, and Craig and Jamie looked well impressed at the thought.

Luke stepped in front of Tyler.

"We are all as brothers here and we insist on honour and ethical behaviour and we would never unilaterally consider extending the boundaries of acceptable and agreed behaviour", stated Luke.

Tyler sighed.

Luke continued; "As such, you are today given a final verbal warning but you will be allowed to stay with us in the brotherhood if you still wish to."

Tyler (and Craig and Jamie) breathed more easily upon hearing Luke's words.

"With that, we will say no more about the matter," continued Luke.

Tyler smiled in absolute relief and he at last relaxed.

"Your punishment is a severe flogging, the like of which we have never before needed to administer," stated Luke.

The shock to Tyler was tangible and obvious to all. They had cruelly raised his spirits and then let him down again with a massive bang. After at least seventeen hours in bondage, he now was going to be whipped, and if Luke said it would be severe, then Tyler knew that he would be tested to his absolute limit.

"But I've already been punished severely. Have some mercy," cried Tyler.

"No, no, you haven't yet been punished," said Luke, "you have simply been encouraged to tell the truth, and that could all have been avoided if you had admitted your guilt last night. What sort of an example would it be to these new kids if you weren't seen to have the breath thrashed out of you for disobeying our rules?"

Tyler shuddered, and realised that he would have to take the punishment.

"You have one other option," stated Luke. "You can be released now if you wish to walk away from here and never return to the farm. What's your wish?"

"Whip me hard for all my sins and lies," stated Tyler firmly, and he began to shake slightly.

"I am going to enjoy every moment of watching you squirm and struggle to get away from the vicious burning of the lash across your big sun-burnt bare back," smiled Shane. "You are obviously our master of the lash, and you certainly love dishing out the pain. It will be good for us to observe closely how much torture a big strong boy like you can take before you cry out like a baby for our mercy."

Tyler resolved to be strong and take everything without crying out for mercy. He stretched his arms and threw out his chest, flaring his lats.

"Fuckin' awesome," said Jamie as would be expected.

"Very impressive," said Shane. "But you've not felt the white hot heat of the whip cut into your roasted shoulders yet."

Shane smiled, and reached out to Tyler's flexed chest. He squeezed and twisted his bulbous nipples till tears ran down Tyler's cheeks. He grimaced, but didn't cry out.

"OK, let's get on," said Luke. "We are going to give Tyler some real pleasure, and if you have any doubts about how much he loves the whip on his big back, then just look at his massive boner." Luke laughed; "Jimmy, go and get a good selection of whips and ensure that you include the three-tailed lash and also Big-daddy our cat-o-nine tails. These are both Tyler's creations, and I'm sure that he wants to sample them both on his muscular body. You will have the pleasure of beginning to administer the flogging. It is time that you earned your keep and showed us all that you have the mental and physical strength to give some real pain to this wretch."

Jimmy was thrilled. All his dreams were coming to fruition on one beautiful day. He scuttled off to the barn and dropped off his shorts and adjusted his Speedos, pulling them up high into his groin. He applied lots of oil to his body and did some pull-ups to pump up his muscles. He was breathing heavily with the excitement, and he grabbed two single strand whips that he hung around his neck. He didn't care one-jot that his dick was straining for everyone to see inside his Speedos. He reached into the box and took the three tailed whip in his left hand and he lifted the nine-tailed `big daddy' out by his right hand. As an afterthought, he also grabbed two birch rods.

Jimmy stood tall, and again flexed his body and he strode towards the door and emerged into the yard looking absolutely frightening, ready to help crucify the life out of his best friend in all of the world...


The end of Chapter 8