Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 is, like the first eight chapters - totally fictional, as are all the lads in it.
As I always advise, `Please don't try this at home guys' it'll hurt.
Thanks again to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed Chapter's 1 to 8; it's nice to know that some of you are still with me. Also, thanks again for the new ideas of what you want to happen next I hope that a few elements will be recognised as being the suggestions of like-minded readers.



As Jimmy emerged from the barn, everyone stopped in their tracks and gasped. Jim looked awesome and extremely menacing with the assortment of whips and birch rods that he carried or had strung around his neck. Jim was shining from head to toe and his blue Speedos were obviously struggling to constrain his boner. He strode purposefully towards the watching, and very concerned Tyler.

Tyler quickly assessed what was coming his way during the next hour or so, and he wasn't at all sure that he was going to enjoy what he'd brought upon himself.

As Jimmy approached, Craig and Jamie took a step back, and their mouths dropped open.

"Lookin' good Jimmy, are you ready to rock and roll?" exclaimed Shane.

"I'm ready," replied Jimmy menacingly.

"You need to begin Tyler's re-education without delay," said Luke.

Tyler was dripping with sweat and getting very agitated, Luke and Shane could now see some fear in his eyes. He stood erect with his arms out almost horizontal to the ground and tied to the big upright posts. They had loosened the ropes slightly so that Tyler would stretch and strain at the ropes as he was whipped. His body was sunburned since he'd been roasting from sunrise till mid-afternoon.

Jimmy went behind Tyler and began laying the various whips and rods down on the ground.

"Is he ready for his punishment to begin?" asked Jimmy of Luke and Shane.

"Oh he's ready," smiled Shane. "How will you wish to start?"

"I thought that I might break him in gently to let him get used to what's to come," said Jimmy, picking up the single tailed leather lash.

Jimmy went to the front of Tyler and showed him the whip. He put it under his nose and let him smell the leather.

"This is going to play tunes across your big bare back Tyler, and you will soon begin to repent for your cruelty and deceit," said Jimmy as he gently rested the whip on Tyler's right shoulder.

"Just get it done ball bag, and cut the crap," replied Tyler.

"OK, it's your shout," replied Jimmy taking the whip and walking around Tyler's back. He swished the lash in the air and Tyler flexed his back and pulled forward against his constrained arms.

"That's right Tyler, flex that big body," shouted Shane.

"Just remember as each stroke lands that this is your punishment not only for breaking our rules, but also for your lies and for trying to cover up what you did afterwards," said Luke.

"Are those big shoulders burning?" shouted Shane.

"Yeah they are," replied Tyler.

"Well don't worry cos it'll be the least of your worries soon," sneered Shane.

"Begin the punishment," stated Luke.

Jimmy quietly laid down the single tailed whip and picked up the cat-o-nine-tails, `big-daddy' as Tyler himself had christened it. Jim had fantasised about something like this for months, and he was well up for it. He had one simple aim, which was to break his best pal's body and spirit, after which he'd put even more efforts into healing and loving him.

"Oh fuck," murmured Craig to Jamie.

"Fuckin' awesome," whispered Jamie.

Jimmy raised his arm high into the air and took careful aim. Tyler looked massive from such close proximity and his back and lats were flexed and straining and glistening with sweat. It was momentarily flawless, and Tyler was ready.

Jim let the whip fly, and he crashed it across Tyler's gigantic shoulder blades.

Everything and everyone went silent for a millisecond before the crashing slapping sound awoke them from the dream. Even the hardened Shane grimaced at the brutality.

Tyler was desperately trying to get his back away from the black beast that was enveloping his body and mind. His chest stretched out massively and his shoulders looked as if they might rip away from his constrained arms. The fear and agony in his face was palpable and he silently opened his mouth and screwed his eyes closed.

The whip fell from his shoulders almost as quickly as it struck, but it left its cruel calling card in the form of a multitude of red welts that were rising by the second. Tyler was agonised by the nine leather tails that had bitten into his already red and burnt shoulders.

Tyler's chest heaved and he panted.

"Superb work Jimmy, keep it up," said Luke.

"Put your back into it or you'll take his place," said Shane.

"Oh fuck," whispered Craig.

"What did you say?" asked Shane.

"N...nothing sir," gasped Craig.

"Well get closer and watch, because this is what happens to people who don't obey the rules," said Shane.

Craig and Jamie reluctantly went a little closer.

"Continue," shouted Luke.

Jimmy separated the tails on the whip and raised his arm.

Tyler looked worried and flexed his back. He knew already that he couldn't take much of this savage torture and he tried to blank-out his mind.

The whip landed slightly lower this time and caught Tyler square across the meat of his back and lats, with the ends whipping around his right lat and snapping into his arm-pit. It bit deep and dragged out lumps of his pit-hair. Tyler's sweat flew off his body and splattered over Craig and Jamie. The effect on Tyler's body was much the same as before and every ounce of air was blasted from his lungs and he strained hard against the ropes as he desperately tried to escape the agony.

A third stroke landed lower down and a fourth and the fifth went higher again, the last one crashed across the already brutalised area of flesh. His chest and shoulders were a mass of muscular striations as he strained to get away from the lash.

Jimmy's dick was harder than it had ever been in his life, and he longed for the moment when he could relieve it preferably down inside Tyler's throat.

The sixth stoke of the cat was almost sufficient to have Tyler cry out for mercy as it landed where the first had bitten straight across his big muscular, sun burned shoulders. Tyler wasn't immediately aware, but the other observing lads were that Tyler had pissed himself as the last stroke landed. It was a totally involuntary spasm but it left Tyler ashamed to be seen by the new kids, to have pissed himself like a baby. It added greatly to his torment and it was obvious to all that Tyler was now struggling desperately as tears ran down his face.

"Fuck Tyler, can't you control your pissin' bladder. You are like a fuckin' baby," snarled Shane mercilessly. "Get a bucket of water quick," he ordered Craig and Jamie.

Jamie dashed off to the well and quickly returned with a full bucket of cold water looking at Shane for his orders.

"Throw half of it at his belly," ordered Shane.

Jamie unhesitatingly obeyed and Tyler recoiled against the icy but invigorating water.

"Rip his pants off," ordered Shane to Craig.

Craig did as he was ordered releasing Tyler's flaccid cock as he dragged his pants down and off.

"Now, you pour the water over his dick, and you give it a good rub under the flow of water," ordered Shane to Jamie and Craig.

Craig looked shocked. "What? You want me to touch his dick?" gasped a horrified Craig.

"I don't want you to, I'm ordering you to," said Shane, "and you know what happens if you don't obey an order."

Jamie started to pour the ice cold water over Tyler's belly and Craig embarrassingly started to wash Tyler's meat.

"Don't forget to do behind the flange," stated Shane.

Tyler wanted to die of embarrassment and he groaned.

Craig dragged Tyler's foreskin back and gave it a swill under the cold water before sealing his bell end back up.

"OK that'll do, get another bucket of water and throw it on his back," said Luke.

Jamie complied and Tyler was actually relieved to have some water thrown across his flaming back. He steamed as the last drops ran down his red back.

Tyler looked good wet and with his welt covered back showing evidence of his strength and resilience. Despite the cold water, there was a stirring in his dick after being manhandled by Craig.

"Let's have a change, try something lighter across his back, preferably something that'll sting a little," said Luke to Jimmy.

Jimmy smiled and laid big-daddy down and picked up the original whip with a single tail. It felt extremely light in his hand after the big cat.

He raised the whip and lashed it very fast and hard across Tyler's already brutalised back followed by four more lashes. Tyler reacted violently against each stroke and gurgled and groaned with each lash. He hadn't yet screamed out which impressed everyone.

"You are going too light soft lad, let's hear him sing," ordered Shane. "And don't go too fast we want to savour every stroke and Ty will want to enjoy the feel of every lash as it caresses his massive muscles."

Jimmy picked up the three tailed lash and he smashed that into Tyler from close quarters, knowing that it would wrap around his body and bury its three ends into his right pec. It did exactly that, and Tyler wasn't at all prepared for this extra agony. One lash bit deep into Tyler's juicy plump nipple and it took every ounce of his courage and tenacity to stop him from screaming.

"Great. That hit the mark. Let's have another the same," cried out Shane. "Give him some fuckin' pain for what he did to me."

Tyler stood firm and flexed his body again as he prepared himself for the next stroke. His dick engorged and rose from his body.

Jimmy did as he was told and the next lash was dispatched from even closer so that it landed with a crack and wrapped around deep into his pectoral causing him to yelp for the first time. His back was mangled and aflame and his right pec was throbbing. His whole body shook in pain.

"At a boy Tyler," screamed Shane. "Look at him guys he's gagging for it, his dick is throbbing."

"I can't believe this," said Craig quietly to Jamie.

"He's incredible isn't he," answered Jamie.

Jim surveyed Tyler's straining back. He consider his work as a job well done as he looked at the mass of cruel welts that he'd painted on his pal's back.

"OK that'll be enough for now," stated Luke. "Let him rest a moment and contemplate his sins. Come here Jimmy."

Jimmy laid down the whip and walked to Luke. His huge balloon-like pecs were in superb form after his exertions and he looked formidable.

"Stand here with me for a while," said Luke. "Craig, come here."

Craig looked puzzled but he went to Luke.

"You will know by now how much Tyler loves the whip," said Luke.

"Yes sir, he's very strong," replied Craig.

"Well he'll now further prove his strength to you," said Luke. "Shane, tighten Tyler's ropes."

Shane smiled and went to the left hand upright and he untied the rope that pulled Tyler's arm out straight. He put his right foot against the post for leverage and he leant back with the rope dragging Tyler's wrist and arm out extremely tight, before re-tying the end on the upright. Tyler's chest was now stretched to its absolute limit and his arms, shoulders and pecs were deeply striated and covered in popping veins. Tyler felt like his chest and arms were being ripped apart. His right pectoral and nipple were extremely painful where they had felt the heat of the whip cutting into them.

"You look great Tyler, I wish you could see yourself with those massive flaring pecs you'd be dashing off to wank yourself to death. You have a chest that's at least six inches bigger now that I've stretched it for you. It's what you've always dreamed of and it's nearly as big as mine," smiled Shane as he threw a great double bicep pose in Tyler's face. Shane couldn't help but run his hands across Tyler's chest, feeling his tightly stretched pecs. Tyler flinched when Shane touched his right nipple and Shane laughed and touched it more.

"Now then," said Luke to Craig, "We have never needed to try this before, but the punishment must fit the crime."

Tyler looked on, becoming concerned again.

Luke continued, "I propose therefore to give you the highest honour Craig. Today, Tyler is going to sample - from you - a very good chest lashing."

Even Shane looked very surprised, but also very interested, and well suited. "Yeah, I love it, let the punk have some fuckin' pain," he laughed.

Tyler looked horrified and started begging Luke to reconsider. He gasped that he was sorry and that he'd never do anything to break the rules again. He said that he'd do anything and he begged them not to whip his chest. At the same time his hard-on grew more and more menacing. He knew that it was useless to beg any more, and in some weird way, he was excited at the thought of feeling the lash across his huge chest.

"Don't be so fuckin' soft," stated Shane. "We'll finally be able to see what it's like when a hard, whip worshipping, muscle stud has his tits lashed."

"The decision is final," said Luke.

Jimmy was in shock as he looked at Tyler's broad, tightly stretched chest with his lovely plump nipples and his washboard abs. He couldn't have contemplated such a hideous act as to whip someone's chest and he shuddered at the thought of the treatment and the probable aftermath.

"OK Craig baby, let's see you in action," smiled Shane.

Craig reluctantly accepted the three-tailed whip from Shane and hesitated. "Do I have to lash his chest?" he asked quietly. "It's so beautiful."

"There are two other choices, leave now and don't return, or take his place. What's it to be?" asked Shane.

"I don't want to go and I'm too scared and weak to be whipped," said Craig.

Tyler looked up, "Just do what they say kid, it'll be worse for me if they do it."

"Fuckin' awesome," said Jamie.

Shane smiled and walked up to Tyler, he grasped his almost vertically throbbing meat and roughly dragged his foreskin back to expose his ruby red bell end. He then stepped back and admired the scene for a moment or two. Everyone seemed to be transfixed by the beauty and strength and utter eroticism of the vista before them.

Jimmy stood close to the action, very excited to watch what was about to happen. He looked at Tyler and was amazed at the state of his canon. His own meat continued to strain desperately inside his Speedos. He thought momentarily that he'd probably cream himself when the first stroke landed across Tyler's heaving dripping-wet chest.

"Do it now son or take his place, and lay the whip on him hard," said Luke forcefully.

Craig didn't need telling again he lifted his arm and paused to take aim even though the target looked so vast to him. He swung the whip and he, Tyler, Jamie and Jimmy simultaneously closed their eyes as it whistled through the air and into Tyler's fabulous chest. It struck just below his pecs and Tyler gasped and groaned and his whole body visibly shook. Three welts appeared instantaneously.

"That's too light soft boy," said Shane, "he didn't even flinch. Come here and I'll demonstrate to you what that girly stroke was like."

Craig went slowly to Shane.

"This time, I'm gonna let you off lightly kid," said Shane, "I won't whip your chest."

Craig looked astounded.

Turn around and approach Tyler.

Craig turned and walked towards Tyler's straining body, stopping as he got within a foot of him.

"Press your chest up against Tyler's and I want to see his meat laying between your legs," ordered Shane.

Craig hesitated and Shane screamed, "Do it boy."

Craig had to grab Tyler's dick and drag it down before he could lift his leg over it and press his body snug into Tyler's. Tyler's dick now strained and rubbed inside the tops of Craig's two muscled thighs.

"Put your arms out and grab Tyler's wrists," ordered Shane.

Craig slowly complied and he and Tyler were body to body.

Tyler whispered to Tyler, "Grip on tight kid, it'll hurt, but it won't kill you."

Craig gripped tight till his knuckles went white.

Craig's bony ribs pressed hard into Tyler's striated muscles. Incredibly, Craig's own knob was engorging as he awaited his punishment.

"That's a lovely virgin boy back you have kid, I can see every rib in your skinny frame. Have you ever felt the whip across your bare back?" asked Shane.

"Never sir," answered Craig.

"Do you want to sample it now?" asked Shane.

"Say yes," whispered Tyler very quietly.

"Yes sir, I'm ready to feel the whip, please," answered Craig in a very frightened voice.

Tyler could feel the kid's whole body trembling against his muscles. It was such an erotic experience and Tyler was now massively excited.

"Fuckin' awesome," reiterated Jamie.

"You're so skinny that we'll probably see the white of your ribs after this," goaded Shane.

Craig had tears streaming down from his eyes, but he now knew that he really needed to feel the whip and he was prepared or he thought that he was.

Shane took the single tailed whip and lifted it high above Craig.

"Hold tight," advised Tyler.

Craig held on, and closed his eyes as he heard the swish of the whip.

Most of the observing lads knew the likely outcome, and they weren't wrong. The whip lashed onto Craig cracking diagonally across his back. His head flew back and his pelvis flew into Tyler and he screamed. He immediately released his grip and began to fall, crashing towards the ground. Unfortunately for Tyler, Craig's arse had snapped tight shut as the whip landed across his flesh and therefore his arse and thighs gripped Tyler's massive boner like it was in a vice. As Craig fell, it dragged Tyler's dick horribly and harshly downwards `till he thought it would snap in two. This all happened in moments, but it even had Shane, the cruellest of them, cringing.

Fortunately, Tyler's dick didn't break, and Craig's weight pulled him away as he fell writhing to the ground. He was gasping at his own pain and he couldn't believe how bad it hurt. Having just seen what torture Tyler had taken, he couldn't comprehend how he stood and took the brutal lashing that he had been given.

Tyler's eyes were certainly watering now and his dick throbbed all the more.

"How was it for you bone bag?" asked Shane.

"It was excruciating Shane, I couldn't bear to take any more," gasped Craig who now had a very neat red line across his back.

"Oh you can, and you will. Two more strokes," smiled Shane.

"No please Shane, please Luke, I can't take any more, I'd die," begged Craig, again in tears.

Jamie looked on contemplating the situation. "I'll take Craig's place," said Jamie firmly.

"What? You are willing to voluntarily take both the strokes due to bone bag? Are you mad kid or are you a closet whip lover?" asked Shane.

"I guess I must be both," replied Jamie, "and I can't stand aside and watch my pal take all the torture. I need to feel the whip on my back."

"Are you going to let your pal Jamie take your lashing son?" asked Shane of Craig.

Craig looked despairingly at Jamie, "I'm sorry Jamie," he said.

Jamie smiled compassionately at Craig and stepped forward towards Tyler.

"Take the stance boy," said Shane.

Jamie knew what to do and he grabbed Tyler's throbbing dick and straddled it. He was shorter than Craig, so Tyler's dick now had to stretch down further and he groaned in pain and ecstasy. Jamie raised his arms and gripped Tyler's forearms. Their bodies seemed to fit together very snugly and Jamie felt ready for the lash.

"Hold very tight," said Tyler.

Jamie flexed his dark young virgin upper body and pressed hard against Tyler's massive chest. Tyler felt Jamie's throbbing meat pressing into his lower belly and he felt like he might explode his own load at any moment.

"Nice one soft lad," said Shane admiring Jamie's bravery, and enjoying the look of his fabulous physique as it awaited his first ever back-lashing. It was a moment worth savouring.

He raised the whip and laid it hard across Jamie's shoulder blades. The result was largely the same as it had been with Craig and Jamie first bit his lip and then shouted out long and loud. He just managed to hold on and avoid falling to the ground.

Tyler felt wonderful as he experienced the sensation of being whipped but without the pain. He felt Jamie's strength and suffering and his dick took a severe wanking between Jamie's jolting, juddering body. Jamie stood firm with his wet chest heaving massively in and out against Tyler's muscular body.

Shane was warming to the strong and very resolute smooth skinned boy in front of him.

"I think that I like your spirit soft lad," shouted Shane. "How did it feel?"

Jamie opened his mouth to answer when the whip again screamed through the air. Jamie momentarily looked puzzled.

Jimmy cringed.

The whip landed unexpectedly across Jamie's back and small lats with a massive crack, and Tyler felt the end lash around Jamie's body and it finished its vicious journey buried into his own side.

Jamie wasn't in any way prepared for the stroke and he screamed and fell to the ground as Craig had done before, dragging violently again at Tyler's pulsing knob. Jamie writhed on the ground as they all looked down. He had two perfectly formed parallel welts across his back.

Tyler gasped and groaned and he couldn't do anything to stop his dick exploding violently, shooting his voluminous load in massive pulses out and high and all across the writhing body of Jamie at his feet.

"Fuckin' awesome," cried out Craig and even in his poor state, Jamie looked up and smiled.

Luke stepped forward and helped Jamie stand up, being careful to avoid the remnants of Tyler's still splattering load.

"You're gonna regret that performance boy," said Shane menacingly to Tyler.

Tyler was gasping and his chest heaved massively. In his utter relief, he didn't care one jot what Shane was saying. His dick subsided, but it remained semi erect even after unloading a record amount of boy cream.

Everyone was mightily impressed, and Jimmy had a big wet stain across the front of his blue Speedos where he'd just creamed himself. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice, and he grabbed the bucket and called out that he'd bring some water.

Shane was now totally disregarding Jamie and Craig as he concentrated back on Tyler. "You now break the fundamental rule of no wanking, at the very time that you are being punished for breaking the rules. You will need to be reminded not to be wanking without permission, before we conclude your original correction."

Shane strode across to the barn.

Jimmy returned dripping wet having emptied two buckets of water over his body and washing off any sign of his own jizm. He carried another full bucket of water and, with Luke's permission, he washed Tyler down. Luke told Craig and Jamie to take the bucket and wash themselves at the well. Luke then noted that Jimmy's previously massively erect boner had subsided and he guessed what had happened.

Shane reappeared, carrying a brown belt like leather strap that was doubled over in his hand. He walked up to Tyler slapping the belt across his own palm. He produced some thick twine and proceeded to wrap it firm and tight around the root of Tyler's balls.

Tyler pleaded with Shane to stop but it was obvious that he wasn't in any mood for compassion.

Once Tyler's nuts were roped, Shane grabbed the ends of the twine in his left hand and yanked Tyler's ball sack forward.

Craig and Jamie returned from their ablutions to see the sight of Tyler's groaning, pleading, and straining body being dragged forward from the groin. His arms and chest remained very firmly stretched between the posts but his feet now lunged forward as he tried desperately to brace his weight against his straining stretched nuts. His dick was again semi-erect.

Shane looked suited with his work and he showed Tyler the leather strap in his right hand. Tyler knew the intent and looked horrified.

Shane slapped the strap across Tyler's dick shaft and Tyler groaned. He got another slap and another and his eyes streamed.

Shane paused and smiled to himself. "Here Jimmy boy, where are you? Your lover needs some correction," he called.

"Fuck off Shane, I'm having none of that," snarled Jimmy, horrified to have any thought of torturing his lover's dick.

"I said come here and strap this meat, you know you want to," said Shane.

"No way," replied Jimmy.

"Do it," said Luke.

Jimmy hesitated. He had never dared to defy Luke, and he really didn't dare start now.

"Fuckin' do it, or else," snarled Luke.

Jimmy stepped forward and took the strap from a smiling Shane.

Tyler looked distraught, and Jimmy threw the strap to the ground and shouted that he wouldn't carry out the torture. "Do it to me if you must do it to anyone," he shouted.

"Not an option Jimmy," said Luke. "This is a direct order by me to you. Your only other option is to walk away from the farm and never return."

Jimmy stood shaking and shocked, not knowing what to do.

Tyler answered his questioning mind. "Jimmy I need you here, you cannot ever leave me. Do what they ask, I know it's not you torturing me."

Jimmy bent and took the strap and he wiped it clean across his own wet belly.

"Slap his meat hard," said Shane.

Jimmy raised the strap and slapped it across Tyler's growing shaft making him cringe.

"Too light, give him some pain or fuck off," said Shane.

Jimmy lashed the strap across Tyler's now fully erect shaft and it visibly reddened and throbbed. He struck again and again till he'd slapped the lash into Tyler's meat ten times.

"Enough," shouted Luke as he observed Tyler's gross and hideous contortions as each stroke sent violent shocks of lightning pain through his dick and his whole body.

"Had enough fun big boy?" asked Shane laughing.

"Yes, I'm sorry that I creamed myself, I won't do it again," said a very distressed Tyler.

"No I don't suppose you will," said Shane and he grabbed the strap from Jimmy and without hesitation he smacked it sharply across Tyler's stretched nuts six times in immediate succession.

Tyler screamed for mercy as his nut sack took the agonising treatment and turned a flaming red to match his throbbing knob.

Craig turned away not bearing to watch and Jimmie's eyes watered just seeing the performance.

"Stop," shouted Luke "that's enough, untie his bollocks."

Shane came back down to earth and stopped his cruel treatment. He untied Tyler's nuts harshly grabbing them and massaging them back to life as Tyler cursed and squirmed to get away from his tormentor.

Tyler's dick was again standing proud and hard despite being flame-red and very tender. Despite all his torment, Shane proceeded now to tie the cord snug around the base of Tyler's throbbing pole.

"That'll ensure that you don't explode again whilst we continue with your punishment. Now then, where were we?" asked Shane nonchalantly. "Oh yes I remember, young Craig was embarking on a wonderful journey to whip your lovely big muscled chest into oblivion," grinned Shane.

Craig again cringed and shook but he now had no doubts that he had to do a job on Tyler or risk even more pain and humiliation for himself and, God forbid, for Jamie too. He suddenly remembered his own single back-stripe and he shuddered at the sharp pain across his shoulders.

"Get forward Craig and let's not prolong his agony," said Luke.

Craig stepped forward as asked, and took the three tailed whip again from Luke.

"Give him plenty, and lay it on this time. Spread the strokes up and down his chest and belly," ordered Luke.

Craig proceeded to lash the whip into Tyler's torso, making him shout out with each landing stroke. He worked his way down from across his pectorals and on to his striated six-pack. "Give him plenty of pain, he loves it," cried Shane. Tyler took every stroke manfully, and he remained relatively steady on his feet. His stomach was sucked in tight and his flared chest was heaving out massively as his lungs pounded as if they might burst.

The picture when Luke called a halt after six strokes was exquisite, with nice raised welts rising across his tender, brutalised body. Nobody had taken a chest whipping before, so it was incredible for everyone to witness the event and see the end result incredible for everyone, including Tyler.

Tyler's only consolation now, was the firm belief that they were almost finished with him. He had only one chest and one back and they were each now beaten to death.

Jamie was totally out of his mind with the sexual tension and excitement, yet fearful for Tyler and horrified at the extent of his punishment.

Craig was simply gob-smacked and almost beyond being able to comprehend the emotions he was feeling.

Jimmy was distraught to see Tyler's treatment and his suffering, but he was immensely proud and excited to see his pal's strength under the torturous whip. He partially wished he was in Tyler's place.

"Now then what other business do we have today before we continue with Tyler's re-education?" asked Shane.

"Just the small matter of Jimmy here," said Luke. "Did you really fail to see Tyler putting the knots into the tails of the whip yesterday Jimmy?"

"Yes it's the truth, I honestly had absolutely no idea," answered Jimmy honestly.

"OK, fortunately for you, I believe you," replied Luke, and Jimmy visibly relaxed. "However," continued Luke, "it was your job to see everything, and it's now obvious that in your excitement, you missed a very serious transgression. You also missed seeing anything of our two new kids spying on us didn't you?"

"Yes Luke, I'm sorry sir," replied Jimmy.

"That's OK, we won't expect it to happen again. We all make mistakes, but we all have to take personal responsibility for our failings," said Luke.

"Yes sir, I do sir," replied Jimmy.

"Five lashes with the three-tailed whip," ordered Luke.

Jimmy was astounded, but probably not completely surprised, that on this momentous day, they were going to share the pain around.

"Take up the stance under the other whipping frame," said Luke. "Shane, tie his hands."

Shane smiled.

"Don't waste your time," said Jimmy, "I don't need to be tied." Jimmy strode over to the right-hand big upright post that Tyler was tied to, and he faced it, raised his arms at full stretch and he grabbed the wooden structure.

"Have it your way kid, but if you drop, then you'll take a further lash for each occurrence," ordered Luke.

"I won't drop," declared Jimmy defiantly and confidently.

Craig and Jamie were close by, waiting in great anticipation.

Jim had noted Jamie's bravery earlier when he saw him drop after two strokes of the single tailed whip. He didn't really know how he'd react to five strokes of the big three-tailed lash across his bare back with his hands free, but he wanted to give Tyler a demonstration that he'd be proud of.

Shane grabbed the whip and strode across towards Jimmy's big meaty back. He wasn't about to waste much time now that he had another fabulous target in his sights. He raised the whip before Jimmy could change his mind, and he let fly with all his might. It cracked across Jimmy's shoulders and bit cruelly into his flesh. Jimmy shook but remained grasping tight to the post. Shane struck again and Jimmy was gasping for breath and sweat fell from him like a waterfall. He took another, then a fourth and Shane was disappointed to see that Jimmy was still standing despite the multitude of lash marks across his back. Jimmy's legs felt like jelly and he tried to blank out his mind. The fifth lash exploded into his back and whipped around into his pec causing utter agony which flashed through his entire body. He stood firm and had taken his sentence without being tied.

Craig shouted out, "You are incredible Jimmy, that was unbelievable."

"Absolutely fuckin' amazing," said Jamie.

Even Shane and Luke were gob-smacked to see Jimmy still standing unsupported after five of Shane's best strokes.

Jim stood in place, recovering his senses. "Thank you sir, is that all?" he asked after a while.

"Yes," answered Luke, "you may stand down now."

Jimmy slowly lowered his arms, obviously in great pain. His back was now bright red all over and his welts rose significantly from his back. He turned and faced Tyler then walked slowly over to him and paused.

Tyler had been amazed at Jimmy's strength under the lash, he realised again how much he loved this guy. Jimmy walked manfully back to Luke's side. "Good lad," said Luke.

"OK Jamie, get yourself over here," ordered Luke.

Jamie dashed to Luke wondering what was coming next.

"Remember last night when you and bone-bag were strung up?" Luke asked.

"Yes, how could I forget my arse is still black and blue," answered Jamie.

"Exactly," smiled Luke, and Tyler sighed.

"No more," gasped Tyler

"Oh yes, some more yet," smiled Luke.

Shane stepped forward, brandishing the birch cane and handed it to Jamie.

"Thrash his arse like he thrashed yours," said Luke.

"Yes sir," replied Jamie without hesitation.

He walked behind Tyler; "Now sir?" he asked.

"Yes, now," replied Luke.

Tyler raised the rod and took aim at Tyler's arse which looked flawless and muscular.

"Go for it. Hard and fast till we tell you to stop," shouted Luke.

Jamie struck hard and the birch thwacked into Tyler's solid buttocks he screeched.

Tyler raised the rod and struck again, and again and again. Tyler was agonised and for the first time he realised what he'd done to Craig and Jamie last night and regretted it. He was writhing and trying desperately to get his arse out of the firing line. His buttocks were already a mass of bright red stripes.

Jamie lost concentration after stroke eight and smashed the birch rod across the tops of Tyler's thighs causing him to scream out loud for the first time, as it felt like he'd been hit by lightning.

Tyler begged them to stop, and his legs wobbled and collapsed underneath him so he was hanging by only his outstretched arms.

"Wow, that hit the mark Jamie boy, he loved that one," cried out Shane. "Give him another of those."

Jamie did as ordered and Tyler screamed and writhed again. "Please don't hit me again, I'm sorry, I can't take any more," he cried.

Luke called Jamie to stop and he walked up to Tyler's face. "I think that you've finally learnt your lesson Tyler and I know that you are truly sorry and you will never break our rules again."

"I won't ever do anything like it again Luke, and I'm really sorry that I hurt Shane," gasped Tyler.

"You have experienced the results of breaking the rules and it's not been too pleasant even for a whip lover like you," said Luke. "It's good that this is clarified for the new guys and it's therefore been a worthwhile day all round."

Tyler wasn't too sure about that, but he certainly wasn't going to argue to the contrary.

"Now, there's only one thing to do," said Luke, "Get to your feet."

Tyler dragged himself up, his arms still stretched out solid.

"You recall that at the very beginning of your correction, I stated that nobody was ever to take it upon himself to unilaterally open up the boundaries that we have all agreed to?" asked Luke.

"Yes sir, and I will always abide by the boundaries in future," said Tyler.

"OK, but our brother Shane was grievously hurt by your action and this cannot be reversed," said Luke, "and it was your decision to go that step further."

"Yes sir, I'm truly sorry sir," said Tyler.

"We are all brothers here now, and if you live by the sword, you die by the sword, all agreed?" shouted Luke.

"Yes sir," they all shouted in unison.

"OK, if we all agree, step forward Shane and tie the knots the three tailed lash," said Luke calmly.

Everyone gasped - surely not?

Tyler almost stopped breathing at the implication of what Luke said. Surely he wasn't going to be lashed again, and with the knotted whip?

Shane stepped forward of Tyler and very deliberately put a small tight knot into each tail of the leather whip. He smiled upon completion, and whipped it through the air in front of the gasping Tyler.

Tyler was too shocked to speak.

Jimmy cringed as Shane placed the cruel whip around Tyler's neck and stepped back to flex his body in preparation for the work to come. He preened and flexed his muscles inches from the tortured body of Tyler. "It's payback time boy, and I can see that your are gagging for it," sneered Shane.

Tyler didn't hesitate in begging for mercy and to be spared any more whipping. He gasped that he might die.

"Yes, perhaps you will if you aren't strong enough to take what you gave to me," answered Shane.

"The punishment is five strokes," called Luke and Shane began the journey to Tyler's stretched and flaring back.

Shane reached his destination and didn't pause too-long before raising the cruel whip and letting it fly towards Tyler's shoulders. He struck with all the pent up anger that he could muster, and Tyler screamed as the whip tails left their clear calling card across his back. Tyler fell to his knees again and his arms now stretched hideously. He took the four next vicious strokes in that position which made the agony worse as his skin was so stretched.

Tyler was ready to pass out and he wanted to die. He wasn't at all aware that Shane was now back around the front of him. He soon did become aware where his torturer was, as the knotted whip lashed unmercifully into his pecs causing even more screams to emerge from his lungs. Tyler hung down in absolute agony and he was visibly shaking as Shane raised the lash again.

"Stop," cried Jimmy, "no more."

Luke nodded for Shane to pause.

"He's been sentenced and there is no way that we will revoke the punishment," said Luke.

"Give it to me instead, I'll take Tyler's punishment," said Jimmy.

Luke looked at Tyler's state and he knew that enough damage was done. "Are you proposing to take all four strokes to the chest?"

"Yes," replied Jimmy confidently.

"And not be bound?" asked Shane.

Jimmy hesitated. "Yes," he finally replied.

"OK," said Luke, "but if you fall to the ground, you'll get more."

"OK," said Jimmy.

Tyler barely knew what was happening, but he struggled to his feet and looked across to Jimmy and they caught one-another's eyes and Tyler sighed, knowing that he was beaten and could take no more. He was sufficiently aware to know what his friend was doing for him and he cried.

"Step forward and face Tyler so he can enjoy what is about to happen," said Shane to Jimmy.

Jimmy stood about ten feet from Tyler.

"Hands behind your back."

Jimmy complied.

"Brace yourself," called Shane.

Jimmy squeezed his hands together behind his back and he flexed his big chest and pushed out his massive balloon like pecs.

"Fuckin' beautiful sight," said Jamie

"Incredible," said Craig, wide eyed and in awe.

Shane raised the whip high and took very careful aim. He crashed the lash into Jimmy's pecs and Jim was astounded at the power in the stroke and the pain in his chest. Big red welts with three small craters appeared immediately on his flesh and they were already blue at the edges. Jimmy stood firm. The second and third strokes were equally as violent and effective, mashing Jimmy's great big boy-pecs. He gritted his teeth and squeezed out all his chest muscles with all his might as the fourth stroke landed. This again crucified his pecs. It was as if Shane wanted to beat the daylights out of Jimmy's huge chest for being more impressive than his own. Jimmy stood firm, though his legs were trembling.

"Enough," called Luke, "the punishment is now complete."

Everyone except Shane looked mightily relieved, and Craig and Jamie looked from Tyler to Jimmy and back again at Tyler, and they shook their heads in amazement at what they'd been part of on this momentous day.

Tyler hung there trembling and with tears of relief flowing down his cheeks.

Jimmy stretched his body and looked down at his striped pecs.

Luke looked all around and was pleased to note that every teen boy there was massively aroused. "It's time for some relief," he stated. "We must now tend to all the wounds, and ensure that all our brothers are helped back to full health. Tyler has taken more pain today than anyone before him. He is strong and very brave. You shall forget the past, and worship his strength and resilience. Jim has taken the most severe chest whipping imaginable without being bound, and his strength and courage are unquestionable. We salute these guys. This evening, Craig and Jamie, you will worship these men as gods and you will serve them well."

"Carry that big hay bale over and place it at Tyler's feet," ordered Luke to Craig and Jamie.

They complied and soon moved the bale into place.

"Craig, stand up on top of the bale," ordered Luke.

Tyler struggled to his feet behind the bale, still with his arms bound out to the big wooden uprights.

Craig looked fabulous high on the hay-bale in just his tiny red Speedos that were straining at the front. His own scarlet stripe on his back complimented the colour of his trunks. He was stood facing outwards with his arse in Tyler's face.

Tyler was impressed as he observed Craig's small pert buttocks and the wet, dark, sweat patch between them.

"Give us a pose Craig," shouted Jamie enthusiastically.

For the first time in his young life, Craig gave the watching lads a perfect little double bicep pose with total confidence.

"Now unleash the python," said Luke.

Craig's adrenalin was flowing like a torrent, and without hesitation, he pulled out his massive canon and he stood erect and proud, throwing another double bicep pose with his throbbing beast now massively hard and pointing to the sky.

"OK, feed the tormented man some protein," said Luke.

Tyler looked alert and interested for the first time in ages.

"He'll bite it off," gasped Craig.

"Not if he wants to end the day with any skin on his body he won't," laughed Shane.

Craig grinned and turned around to offer his massive throbbing cock to Tyler to feed from.

Tyler was more than just interested, he was now gagging for Craig's vein strewn throbber and he didn't hesitate in opening his mouth in total submission and acceptance.

"Pound his throat," shouted Shane.

Craig took a couple of half-hearted attempts before being helped on his way by Shane.

Tyler gulped and gagged as his throat was violated by Craig's huge ram-rod, yet in every respect he loved what was now being done to him and he felt invincible as he swallowed the gigantic girth of Craig's meat.

Craig began humping as only a teen boy can, and within sixty seconds he was at the point of no return. He began to erupt his massive load down into Tyler and he pumped for two solid minutes as he fed Tyler a gut full of his sweet boy cum. Craig finally withdrew from Tyler's throat and Tyler filled his lungs with oxygenated air.

"That was excellent, he's had sufficient to kick-start his recovery," said Luke. "Let's wank boys."

Craig jumped down, very proud of his work, and Tyler smiled at him and took a deep breath of air.

The other four lads pulled out their dicks and proceeded to pump at them whilst Tyler looked on. Shane and Luke leapt up onto the hay bale and proceeded to wank violently before they rapidly emptied their loads across Tyler's red-raw chest and shoulders. They paused to smear their protein across his stretched chest to aid his recovery.

Jamie ran around and emptied his young balls up across Tyler's straining back.

Jimmy held back in the knowledge that Tyler would need his full support later in the day when they were finally alone.

"Get him down and see that he gets everything that he needs," said Luke to Craig and Jamie.

Tyler was broken of body but he knew that he would repair in time and that he'd be better for the suffering that he'd endured this day.

Luke told Craig and Jamie to clean up Tyler and Jim, and to nurse Tyler through the difficult hours ahead of him.

"Remember," Luke advised Craig and Jamie, "that the real work starts at six a.m. in the morning."

Luke looked directly at Jimmy, and he advised, "You are a lucky kid and you should be grateful. I've decided that you've already taken sufficient punishment for your transgression in that you wanked earlier today without permission. You will work hard tomorrow or perhaps you will need some further correction."

Jimmy cringed, and realised that he was on a knife-edge again. For the time-being, he had a night of passion and fun ahead of him, and tomorrow was a lifetime away.


The end of chapter 9