Getting ready for the weekend

by Mr Malaprop

This is a piece of fiction, the characters and events depicted are purely the products of my imagination and no similarity is intended to any real events or persons. Any such similarity is completely coincidental.

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Getting ready for the weekend

by Mr Malaprop

He looked so sweet curled up asleep on his side. He was naked and all prenatal in his posture, not quite in a ball but not far off. His completely hairless white skin contrasted sharply with the tartan blanket he lay on, making him seem even whiter than ever, it made him look so frail. From this angle in the low lighting it looked almost as if his skin was unblemished.

As I looked at him I realised what an awesome responsibility I had been handed when I agreed to take him into my house just a few short months ago. Sometimes, though I rarely admitted it, I seemed to have problems enough looking after myself but now I was responsible for another human being as well. And what was worse, I was almost falling in love with him.

Whoa, where did that thought come from? It must be the wine and the drugs! Fuck that for an idea.

He had begged and begged me to let him come and live with me as my slave so, eventually, I gave in, with a couple of conditions, of course. One was no clothes, two was no going out - he hadn't seen the sun all summer, he'd only been beyond the cellar occasionally to do housework and always at night.

I heard footsteps behind me, big hairy arms went round me from the back. “He sure looks cute like that, Chris - but are we gonna have some fun or what?”

Yeah Dave, we're gonna have fun okay, just go give out the beers whilst I get things ready.”

He kissed my ear, whispered “Okay” and off he went.

I wondered how to wake him up, I settled for the cattle prod. I pushed it through the bars of his little cage, far too small for him to stretch out in, and zapped him on the buttocks.

That certainly woke him up! He stifled a scream which showed that some of the training was paying off, his eyes flew open and he whispered “Yes Master?”

I've brought some friends back from the club with me and we thought we'd have a little fun.” He looked a little fearful but didn't speak, he already knew better than that. I'd told him at the start that one of the things he was agreeing to was me sharing him with friends.

Are you clean inside?”

I had an enema earlier Master, before you let me go to sleep.”

Good. I think we'll start by chaining you in the middle of the room, it'll be more fun that way. Possibly on all fours, yes, I think on all fours.” I knew he found this very uncomfortable after an hour or so, so it would be more good training. I unlocked the cage and he crawled out. He was very careful not to let his leather mitted hands or his feet touch the food and water bowls as that would inevitably have painful consequences. I kept him in the mitts so he couldn't feed himself any other way but like the dog he almost was. He stayed on all fours looking up at me.

Stand and stretch.”

Thank you Master.” He stood and stretched to and fro to get some of the stiffness from his limbs. His shaved cock and balls were neatly enclosed in the cock-cage that would prevent him getting an erection or playing with himself. He'd been wearing it since the day he arrived, it had only come off when he had a shower, something I always supervised - I knew he hadn't had an orgasm in all the time he'd lived with me. One of the things in our agreement had been that I wouldn't abuse his genitalia, and I had kept strictly to my word, but they were locked away where he couldn't get at them either. One day, I was sure, he'd beg for release and then I could name my terms for a change of contract. I thought I'd refuse the first few times just to up the pressure, perhaps in a year or so I'd let him have an orgasm; no hurry, he was 23 so he'd had quite a few already before he came to me. Let him live on his memories.

As he stretched I saw the tattooed barcode on the back of neck, his slave registry number was looking very dark against his unnatural pallor. He was so proud of it. He had begged me to let him have another copy over his left breast so that he could see it himself, I agreed provided we had another one on the fleshy bit at the top on the inside of his left thigh. It had been fun watching Tim do the tattoos, I'd explained there was no need to be gentle and he wasn't - then I had the joy of applying the iodine paste afterwards to make sure there was no infection.

No, I've changed my mind. Come over here.”

Yes Master.”

I arranged him in the middle of the room, his feet about a metre apart and chained by his ankles to bolts in the floor then his arms stretched above his head, hands again a metre apart chained to the roof joists by wrist straps.

Hmmm, you'll do like that, we'll put you in the sling later.”

Thank you Master.”

I was behind him as he said that so I picked up a thick leather strap from the shelf and swatted him hard across the buttocks with it. Another mark across his well marked body. Now, with the lights turned up, I could see how well marked he was, every stroke caringly applied and lovingly received.

Thank you Master.”

My pleasure, slave, entirely my pleasure! I'll just go and get the others but first a little cock gag.”

I could see a mixture of real fear and real excitement in his eyes as I forced the gag into his mouth and secured the straps behind his head. Before I called my eager friends I stood in front of him and held his chin in my hands. I gazed into his eyes.

This is going to be fun, slave, I'm sure you'll remember it for a very long time.”

I moved a trolley in front of him and put some equipment out on it. I chose the leather strap, a couple of whips, a riding crop, a cat'o'nine tails, the cattle prod, some nipple clamps, some electrical thingies for the nipple clamps, a selection of butt plugs and dildos and few other odds and ends.

Now I'm going to blindfold you and give you the ear muffs, so that you have a nice peaceful time.”

By the time I left him he couldn't speak, he couldn't hear and he couldn't see. I headed back to the others wondering if I was wise to mix grape and grain, perhaps I'd have a brandy instead of a beer.

He thought we'd be back in minutes so it would be good to leave him full of anticipation; we'd come back and have our fun when we were good and ready; when he had got himself a bit more keyed up.

He probably didn't know it was Friday night but I knew it was going to be an awesome weekend!

© Mr Malaprop 2005