Greg's Service Journal

Part 1

That first time Ben unzipped his fly, me on my knees in front of him, I had no idea I'd eventually fit so willingly into his desires, and his mind.

After that first blowjob it was only a short while until Ben had me, even in everyday life. Like in the way he starts his day. He likes to get off and shoot his load, so he has me there to suck him off every morning, no exceptions, even if I'm not in the mood. I suck Ben's dick until he comes, and he expects it to be excellent.

There's a lot more to him than that, and also more to my service. For now though, about sucking his dick, man I squirmed the first time his mushroom head plugged my throat. I had already taken his load a few times, but what I'm about to describe is when things started to change. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had been sucking Ben's cock for about an hour while he relaxed in front of the TV. I made love to his hard-on the whole time, slowly massaging it up and down with my lips and was even able to get his cock head a little into my throat (briefly) now and then. As I said, I had been going at it nice and easy for about an hour. At a certain point though I started tasting a lot of pre cum. Right about then Ben finished off his beer with a couple of good swallows, set the bottle on the end table, and leaned back in his chair. He rested his hands in my hair. His cock was good and hard at that point, and my tongue was wrapped under the thick shaft feeling the ridge where his mushroom head started. I took a deep breath and went down on it again. As I started to slide it into my throat Ben started slowly pushing me down on it, further. Man, it felt like a log going in. I started to kind of gag and my eyes were getting all watery when I instantly started squirming big time as it went in even deeper. I couldn't breathe. As I squirmed Ben started breathing heavily, moaning and telling me how really great it felt until suddenly with a long grunt he shot his load, practically choking me with his cum.

Man. My head was spinning.

A few days later Ben had this idea for me to swallow while his cock was buried deep in my throat. Maybe I should explain that I'm not talking about swallowing his load. I'm talking about when I'm impaled on his cock, when he's got his dick so deep that my face is nestled in his crotch, swallowing then. He wanted to see how it would feel having my throat muscles sliding up and down it, all snug and slick, stroking his mushroom shaped cock head. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was raining up a storm that day and I was stuck inside at my desk editing some photos when Ben came in. As I turned and saw him, well, there was no way to miss seeing his huge hard on. It was really obvious through his khakis and was bulging straight up, so much so that the head was even pushing his belt buckle out.

He looked right into my eyes and straightforward said that the time had come for me to learn something, something he wanted me to be good at. His voice was firm, almost gentle, but I knew pretty well that behind it is a very strong force.

He grinned.

"I see you've noticed my hard-on but what you don't see is how this belt buckle moves on my cock head as I walk or move. And it sure feels good. I'm thinking your throat could do the same, only better and I'm meaning today, and shortly Greg."

As I looked back at his big bulge his hand reached out and began feeling my neck and throat.

"I'm thinking about my cock head getting massaged by the inside of your throat, by this handsome Adams apple" His palm came to stop, wrapping my Adams apple.

He'd been cutting a lot of firewood the last week or so and I could feel the hard calluses caressing my throat along with the rest of his palm which was all smooth and warm.

"It might not be easy for you."

As his callused fingers lightly rubbed my Adams apple he continued "I want it better, from your throat."

As I gulped, I was suddenly aware of my swallowing, and it was hard to imagine what it would feel like with his dick in me the way he was talking about. I looked up at him and he smiled as he felt my Adams apple move beneath his hand.

With that slight smile his hand moved from my throat and went to rest on his belt buckle as he began to spell out what would happen.

"I'll be using this belt, on your back. Not in a violent way Greg, but in a strong and probably painful way."

"First though you'll start with licking my balls, acknowledging your place. When you start sucking my cock, do it right. I'll take it easy this time, working my cock into your throat, all the way, slowly, with that mushroom head sliding back and forth and deeper each time. I'll probably fuck your throat, but gently, so that you can feel the head moving across your Adams apple. When I think it's the right time I'll pull out."

My thoughts were racing. I noticed my hands were gripping the chair tightly and let go. He continued.

"After I pull out you will then turn, exposing your bare back to me."

As he was saying this I saw his thumb slid under his belt strap, the back of his hand facing me, with his fingers hanging down, alongside his hard on bulge.

"I'll strike your back Greg, just once, with this belt." And he paused. "It will likely hurt." This time his thumb gave a slight tug at the belt. "But it will focus your attention to the devotion that I want to help you be capable of."

"After I strike your back you will turn to face me on your knees. I'll ease my cock in all the way again, and hold it in nice and still, and this time you'll swallow. Close your eyes if you have to, but you better swallow."

His cock was throbbing and my mind was filling with the thought of it about to impale me, plugging my throat with that mushroom head. But abruptly the thoughts vanished as his voice continued.

Ben reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. His voice lowered in an almost protective kind of way as he said "Let the throbbing pain of the belt sting remind you of the hierarchy we have with each other. Believe me, the sting will also eliminate distraction, except for your Adams apple to be like this belt, moving, across my cock head plugging your throat."

I swallowed.

As I got up to take my T-shirt off I turned towards the window. It was till coming down, but seemed very quiet. My T-shirt landed on the chair.

I got on my knees, in front of him, facing his now raging hard on.

And with that his hands slowly unclasped the buckle and started pulling the leather belt through the loops.