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Part 10 - Screw Ups And Fireworks
PJ Franklin <>


"Can Aaron find out the winning lottery numbers?" Ry asked out of the blue. Funny, I had wondered the same thing, but at least had the good common sense not to ask Aaron such an ignorant question.

"Don't be an idiot, of course not," Finn responded with a small glare at his little brother before I could. Kelly Smith chuckled, "My dad hates it when my mom calls that Psychic Friends network thing. Says it's fake," and Matt Zuziak just snickered, adding nothing.

I kind of glared a little at Kelly, but said nothing, "What? Dad says it's a scam, just saying," Kelly looked back at me shrugging. I knew Kelly had no problem with Aaron's so-called special gift; or if he did, he had the good common sense not to be an ass about it despite his offhand comment. The main thing was that everyone liked Aaron, good thing too because I had a feeling he would be around a long time if I had any say.

It was only about a week before July 4 celebrations. We were all sitting in a booth together on the far side of the Bluefin café that afternoon waiting for Aaron to finish up with his last "customer" so that we could all hit the skate park or beach or maybe even both.

Aaron and I had plans for July 4, big ones. I would be driving us to Bakersfield a couple days before and my mom and dad would drive the short distance down from Fresno to meet the Folkes for the first time. I had already talked to dad especially about Aaron over the phone. Dad teased me, "Well, is he the one?"

The question caught me off guard at first until I realized he wasn't kidding and was taking not only my homosexuality seriously but also my same-sex relationships as well, in this case with Aaron. I blushed, not that he could see it; but to find oneself talking to one's dad not about a girlfriend but instead a possible boyfriend was far more invigorating than I would have ever suspected.

"Well, to tell the truth, we haven't talked about it, but I hope so," I said to dad, "Good, your mom and I want to meet him," and that was when the talk of a two family get together started.

As for the right now, Aaron had not suddenly become the Bluefin's genius teenage chef or anything to do with food service. His psychic abilities had, however, gained Aaron some fast notoriety among adults in our small surfing community.

Apparently Aaron had earned a bit of money here and there back in Bakersfield doing Tarot card readings for adults. According to Aaron, spiritual readings weren't always about passed loved ones, just about "life and stuff" according to Aaron. Aside of me, neither did Aaron like talking about his spiritual gifts to most guys our age and avoided doing readings for them as well as it had interfered with friendships.

So, in lieu of having Aaron work tables at the Bluefin or help Sparky at the surf shop to earn his keep for whatever time he would be with us in SoCal, Mama Nadine had offered for Aaron to do spirit readings for pay utilizing a booth inside the Bluefin for a few hours several times a week. She and Aaron had worked out a percentage cut of the proceeds to benefit both parties. Mama had a ton of old friends who loved that sort of thing, as did Mickey Ridger and for a few weeks Aaron was swamped during his hours at the cafe.

"Can you get rich doing that?" Ry next asked aloud about Aaron's little side business. It was a better question than the previous one, but Finn still rolled his eyes with mock disapproval, "Randy, can you please stuff something inside of his mouth to shut him up?" gaining chortles from all of us but Ry, "You shut up, it's a good question!" Ry glared a little at Finn and then looked at me, "So what would you use to shut me up?" he smirked.

"Too much information!" Matt winced in mock derision covering his ears. Everyone knew that Ry and I did "it" once in awhile, but it had been a while with school and all. Truth was, I missed Ry very much in that manner and hoped summer hours would gain us more time together.

Ry was sitting across from me and I felt his foot kick my chin kind of hard, actually "Ou!" I complained. He did it again, about as hard, just barely missing the already annoyed spot and causing me to grimace,

"What're you going to do about it?" he dared. I loved when he did that, "Cover your ears Matt," I warned. Matt giggled and did, but not Kelly. Kelly Smith could care less if we hinted or even talked openly about guy-on-guy sex.

"I am going to put you over my knee, spank the shit out of your smart ass and then fuck you silly," I whispered kind of loudly and when he tried to retaliate by kicking my chin again, I blocked the attempt, "Promise?" he grinned ear-to-ear, "If he doesn't, I will!" Finn interjected gaining our ears a pair of loud "ewwww" from Matt and Kelly who assumed that Finn might even fuck his own brother.

I had been grinning intently at Ry and didn't even notice a certain cute and mega-hot guy now standing at the head of our booth, "OK, all done," Aaron's voice said. When I looked at him, he was staring intently at me, eyes smiling and complemented by two rows of model quality white teeth.

"So Aaron, do you make a lot of money talking to those people?" Ry asked. My jaw dropped. Ry was being incredibly persistent if not outright rude. The next sound we all heard was a loud thump as Finn theatrically hit his own head on the table top, "Aaron, just ignore him, he's an idiot."

Aaron just grinned, taking Ry's inquiry in stride,  "Oh yes, millions," Aaron smirked back at Ry shaking his head and we all erupted in loud laughter at Ry's very well earned expense.

By now Aaron knew all about my sexual dalliances with Finn and Ry Ridger and had strongly hinted that he wouldn't at all mind doing a three if not a four-way with the Ridger boys. I tried to parlay his hint by counter-hinting that maybe if a certain someone would submit to evil sexual torture at my hand, I might be inclined to try and make that wish come true.

That was followed by Aaron falling to his knees, hands playfully clasped together, "Anything, do anything to me, please!" and all I could think to say to that was, "Hey, I'm the slut in this gang, not you!"

Aaron finally in tow, we boys abandoned the Bluefin. Now it was six boys, six surfboards and an equal number of skateboards piled on top of and into Finn's Land Rover, the skater stuff just in case the surfing turned out to be less than desirable. Fat chance of that. Even just getting wet and lollygagging a wave-poor line-up in the surf together would most often still trump skateboarding and especially so on a warm summer day.

"No fair! I want to sit back there with Randy and Aaron," Ry complained to Finn from the front passenger seat. Finn was if anything very supportive of Aaron's presence in my life. He had told me privately that we "looked good together" and coming from Finn it meant a lot to me.

"What's with you today Ry? Just shut up and put on your seat-belt," Finn chided Ry. I looked at Aaron as we sat together on the way back bench seats. He winked his approval of what I had just thought. No, we were not sharing a newly found psychic ability to read each other's mind. We were just being horny teenagers.

"It's OK Finn. Ry, get your ass back here in the middle so Aaron and I can molest you," I said. That gained two shaking heads from Matt and Kelly who sat together on the middle bench and Finn gained a self-satisfied juicy raspberry from his little brother.

Ry hurriedly scurried back and snapped on his seat belt between Aaron and I as Finn gunned the Rover down the highway towards our surfing destination. Matt and Kelly quickly donned ear buds attached to music devices I was sure in part anyway to drown out any horny talk from the horny gay guys in back of them.

"All right. Let the molesting begin!" Ry said with cocky confidence looking up right and left, "Yea, but who will be molesting who?" I chuckled and winked at Aaron, "Hey hot stuff, how you been?" I said leaning over into Ry's ear, but so Aaron could hear, "Horny and you haven't been doing you job as my big bro," Ry responded.

"Oh, oh, I'm in big trouble now," I grinned and then Ry's mouth was in my ear whispering, "Aaron is smoking hot! Any chance of … well, you know," He asked. I chuckled, pleased at Ry's aggressive question and looked at Aaron, "Ry wants to know if you want to get down and dirty together later, the three of us?" I said leaving Finn out of it as he told me that he might be going to a party with friends later.

"Absolutely, love to," Aaron replied, "Outstanding!" Ry nodded. Hands started to wander to our bulging crotches although Aaron kept his to himself at the start until Ry brought Aaron's hand to his crotch.

Everyone was boned up and we could barely not give head to each other in the back seat, but that would have been rude and should wait so Aaron and I teamed up to tease Ry instead, "You're getting a bare butt spanking from both of us you know, then you have to be our boy toy," I told Ry in Aaron's hearing.

"Yum, sounds good to me!" Ry grinned and then we continued to tease each other's groins. Somehow nothing else happened and we reached the beach and all piled out of the Rover to don wetsuits, grab our boards and hit the surf running.

Three fun hours of surfing waist high waves later I could not believe that Finn Ridger was dropping the keys of his Land Rover into my palm, "You do have your license?" and I nodded as I stared at the keys, "One scratch and I'll whip your butt raw, understand?" he smirked. I gulped, excitedly so, "Yea, I understand," and then watched Finn walk away to catch a ride with some older guys.

In the course of our surfing we had met up with Adam Kazwell and a few other recently graduated Northside high school seniors that had shown up in the line-up. These were the guys that had earlier invited Finn to a party down the coast. That's how I got the privilege of driving Finn's Rover back to Gar's or Ry's house.

"Where to guys?" I grinned as I sat in the Rover driver's seat, the car so much more fancy and comfortable than my old Honda, "Let's go over your house," Ry suggested. I already knew that Gar and Greg were elsewhere, so it was a good idea except, "We don't have anything to eat in the house," I commented.

"No problem. I've got money, let's go get stuff," Aaron said, so I drove us to a market near the house. Aaron and I had been having great sex nearly every day and adding Ry would be nothing short of a huge plus for both of us, so I was feeling pretty much on top of the world as I was now looking forward to having a glorious three-way orgy with Aaron and Ry.

I parked the Rover in the parking lot of the market and we had a ball shopping for snacks. Ry kept Aaron and I busy playing grab-ass and fielding our pornographic threats of retribution until we finally bought our stuff and loaded back up into the Rover. I guess I was in a hurry to get back to my place and start partying with my sexy chums and became totally careless backing up the Rover. When I heard and felt the loud thud, I knew I had fucked up.

Heart beating like crazy, I put the Rover's parking brake on and flew out of the driver's door. What I saw made my stomach ache with disappointment in myself. My haste-makes-waste carelessness resulted in a scuffed-up a corner of the Rover's pristine driver's side rear bumper.

There was a small dent as well. When I looked at the other car, it was an old beater with a totally rusted out old chrome bumper that I had hit. You couldn't even tell that was the bumper that I had hit, thank God.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I gritted my teeth in a mostly muffled scream as I pounded my fists on my sides. Aaron and Ry both came around from the other side of the car. They winced at the damage as well.

"It's not so bad, but Finn is still going to be pissed," Ry said looking at me sympathetically. My chest ached now and all thoughts of fun with Aaron and Ry were gone, "Come on, let's get home. I'll call Finn when we get there," feeling pretty glum.

Thankfully the drive to Gar's house was fast. I parked in the driveway and jumped out of the car feeling like shit. I knew how proud Finn had been of his unmarked Rover and was taking a chance trusting me with it that day.

I ran into the house ahead of Ry and Aaron and picked up the phone. I knew Finn was toting his cellular phone, one of those Nokia C6 models that my dad had given me as well. I begged the fates for him to answer it. He did,

"Finn, I fucked up," I blurted, "What's going on, out with it," his worried voice responded, "I scuffed your rear bumper up backing up at the market, I'm so sorry, I feel awful!" I said quickly.

"Did anyone get hurt?" Finn asked back just as quickly, true concern in his voice, "No sir," I said automatically and respectfully, "Good, that's all that really counts Randy," he said calmly. How weird. I felt so guilty just then that he was not already bitching me out, "You're not pissed at me?" I asked, my stomach still doing flip-flops.

"Hell yes I'm pissed. I trusted my car with you Randy," he said next. My heart fell just then, "but shit happens," he completed his thought.

"I'll pay for it," I said sincerely offering money to do the job, "No you won't. Rovers are very expensive to fix, we'll work it out tomorrow, OK?" he said, "I'm so sorry Finn," my voice cracking from emotion.

I heard a frustrated sigh, "I know you are," he said, "I'll call my dad, borrow money from him," I offered next as a sadness came over me, "No, don't do that. Hey, grom … listen to me," Finn said. I waited, "You feel bad?" he asked, "Very," I said softly into the phone.

"You should, but I don't want you to worry over it. We'll work it out, you and me, OK?" and I gulped, "Finn, it's OK if you're angry with me and don't want me to hang out any more or be friends," I offered and instantly regretted it. What a stupid, dumb shit thing I just said without thinking. Apparently he thought so as well as the next thing burning my ear was,

"You are so in trouble if you think a little thing like this can break up our friendship. I changed my mind Hollis. Now I am angry with you for even suggesting such a thing. You are going to get punished. I am going to give you a long hard whipping in our garage with dad's strop tomorrow for even thinking it!" he growled.

Funny, now I felt better, a lot better, "Yes sir, thank you sir," I said kind of automatically, so thankful that Finn cared so much about our friendship to take me to task like that.

"If I were there with you right now, I'd spank the living daylights out of you and then whip your ass tomorrow as well," he added, "Yes sir," I replied respectful of what he was trying to do.

"OK, I need to go. Just keep the Rover at your place for the night. I'll come pick you guys up in the morning. Call mom and make sure she knows where Ry is for me, OK?"

"Yes Finn, I will. Thank you for being such a good friend," I added, "You're a great guy Randy, but please don't ever threaten to leave our friendship like that again," he said, "I won't," I promised him as well as myself.

By then the guys were at my side. I looked at Aaron and Ry. I felt pretty deflated, "He was pissed and he's going to punish me tomorrow," I said quietly.

"I'm so sorry Randy," Ry offered and hugged me, "Me too," Aaron said and gave me a hug as well, "Thanks," I said glumly, "Sorry, but I don't feel like messing around any more. You guys can if you want," and I went to sit on the couch, head down and feeling like shit.

My appetite left me for the moment as well. Aaron and Ry piled into the snacks and drink that we had purchased on their own. I just sat and mindlessly watched the T.V. for a while and then the phone rang. Ry picked it up and listened, said something into the receiver back and forth a few times and then looked at me and then hung up. I looked at Ry. He looked at me, "Finn is coming over," Ry said.

"What? Why?" I asked, my somewhat calmed tummy all stirred up with anxiety again.

Ry shrugged, "Said he thought he should, that's all," and I sighed big, "Great. Now I've fucked up his evening as well as you guys," but didn't blame Finn if he wanted to see the damage I caused his car sooner than later. I might want to do that too if it were my Rover and some dumb kid had messed it up.

Needless to say, I was outside with Ry and Aaron the second Finn arrived, Kaz having driven Finn over in the graduated senior's car. I felt so damn sheepish as Finn examined the Rover's damage, me hovering over his shoulder. Finally he stood up and faced me,

"I didn't really come over to look at the car's damage you know. Ry told me you looked like shit because this happened. That's why I came over because that's what friends do. They don't let those they care about just suffer and feel bad," he explained.

I just stared at Finn at a loss for words, not knowing what to feel either. Well, I was most certainly thankful for Finn mainly, "Now you promised to have a good time with Ry and Aaron, right?" he asked me.

I nodded, "Yes, but …" and I paused, "But what? You gonna cop out on them too? Ry has been jonesing to spend time with you Randy," he scolded me.

Now I felt doubly ashamed, my head down and foot tracing the cement driveway like a chastised kook. When was I going to stop screwing up? This all felt a lot like my screw-ups from last fall with Gar and Greg.

Finn let me suffer a few more moments and then hugged me in front of Aaron and Ry, "Hey grom, when was the last time I gave you a good old fashioned spanking over my knee?"

My stomach instantly clenched and I blushed. I felt like a young misbehaved grom in front of my own grom, Aaron, Ry as well, "It's been months," I said strongly suspecting the long streak had finally ended.

"I'm going to take off now," Kaz said standing nearby, "OK bro. Thanks for taking the time to drive me in," Finn said. My eyebrows shot up with concern. Finn was abandoning partying with his friends? Great. Now I was in danger of losing count of how many would suffer for my screw- ups.

We watched Kaz depart and then Finn looked intently at me, "Get your ass inside grom, get me the hairbrush, you're getting an ass tanning right now," Finn ordered. I felt this surge of familiar energy that I had not had in a very long time. Yes, it was grom-energy, the kind I had all the time the prior summer and that got lost somewhere over the past year. I missed it, too.

I saw and appreciated excited looks from both Aaron and Ry as I ran past them and into the house. Finn was going to tan my hide in front of them tonight and wondered if tomorrow as well. This was all shaping up to be 24 hours of Randy Hollis getting his well-earned just desserts.

Shortly thereafter my cock was threatening to expose me as a spanko pervert yet again as I stood in front of Finn who had sat in a chair in the middle of the front room and handed him the brush. Aaron and Ry stood close by grinning ear-to-ear, whispering between each other and both pawing at their bulging crotches.

"Strip grom, over my lap now!" Finn commanded. I did so fast, my boner bobbing out. I flopped myself across Finn's knees, fond recollections of past spankings with him as well as with Gar and Greg coming back piecemeal into my consciousness.

Finn wrapped his strong arm around my skinny waist and grabbed up my balls with my cock at the base to secure me down, "A good tanning for you boy," he said with a delicious stern tone.

Finn commenced a seriously hard and rapid butt stinging paddling that seemed intent on turning me into a bawling little boy. It was working,

"Finn! Ouch! Please! Hurts! Finn! …. Please! No More, Please!" Finn was easily holding my writhing body from trying to wiggle off of his lap, my eyes brimming with tears even with just the first barrage.

"You gonna ever threaten our friendship again, grom?" he asked pausing. I was shaking both with a combination of fear of more pain but also a guilt-tinged excitement that Finn really cared a lot about our friendship and had not taken it for granted.

"No sir!" I blurted but not moving a muscle still helplessly in his firm grasp. In fact, I took the effort to spread my thighs and push up my throbbing backside even higher. I was rewarded with his fist masturbating my cock and yanking on my balls, making them ache just a little even.

"That's right grom, you better get your ass up higher and show your appreciation," which only made me feel even more submissive to Finn. His masturbation was not short-lived and had me moaning so loudly, it was embarrassing.

"Ry, Aaron, stop jerking each off and get your butts over here. You will each give my grom here a dozen hard brush licks to his hot little ass," Finn ordered. I shuddered with lust and concern. Two-dozen more hard brush licks would make me outright cry, but didn't I deserve it?

Aaron and Ry enthusiastically did their jobs all too well and blistered me up good. I was left in a limp heap draped over Finn's knees, sobbing. I had not sobbed for a long time like this. Finn stood me up shortly after, hugging me tightly, my naked boner shamelessly rubbing up against his very hard and large bulge.

"Thanks, Finn, you're the best," I said quietly. The hug parted and I turned to face Aaron and Ry prepared for them to look at me like one might at a to-big-for-britches naughty boy. Yes, they both were boned up and who could blame them, but they didn't smirk or look disrespectful.

Ry came right up to me and hugged me, "That was steaming hot. Sure hope you screw up again soon!" and that broke me into chortles of laughter, "You little scamp," I swatted his rear end. Aaron hugged me too, "Shit. I wouldn't mind if you paddled me over your lap with a brush like that sometime. Fucking hot, Randy," his tone decidedly kind of excited and his request welcome to my ears.

Finn flopped down onto the couch appearing or at least pretending to watch the T.V., it having droned on the entire time of my punishment, "OK, I'm done. You're in charge now Randy," Finn said with a giant self-satisfied smirk.

I could not help but feel kind of emasculated. I had been soundly and properly punished by Finn and right in front of Ry and Aaron both of whom had also had a hand in tenderizing my butt. It's not easy to switch to a dominant role when being submissive seemed so much easier with Finn in the room. Ry to the rescue, bless him, he came right up to me, nose-to-nose even,

"You promised to spank me and then fuck my red ass, can we do it now please?" he politely asked and not with attitude. I smiled, "Sure bro," I ruffled his hair. Then I turned to Aaron who surprisingly was also lacking any attitude and believe me, Aaron Folkes was capable of serious attitude when he was in a mood.

I went up to him and hugged him, "Hey Aaron, Finn is the world's hottest hottie, well besides you and me. How about you and he get acquainted?" and Aaron hugged me tighter, "Hoping you would introduce me. Hey Randy, seriously. I loved watching you get punished, but all it did was make me want to get punished by you just like it and then make love together. Can we do that some time, please?"

My heart melted as much as my dick hardened up just then and that was a lot, "I'd love to Aaron. Hey, I was glad you paddled me some too, pretty hot, huh?"

"Yea, no kidding, but hey, maybe tonight after the guys leave, will you tan my hide and fuck me silly?"

Wow, Aaron sounded so anxious, needy even, but all it did was make me feel humbled, "Sure. Love to Aaron. Now come with me," and I took Aaron by the hand over to the couch, "Finn? Aaron. Aaron? Finn. Get dirty with each other please?" I smiled and Finn looked up grinning as Aaron sidled down next to him.

I turned my attention to Ry who had been standing patiently close by and waggled my finger at him,

"You, strip naked, get me the brush," I commanded.

Ry rushed about fulfilling my orders and handed me the hairbrush. Then he not only flopped his naked hot little body across my knees, but also pushed his hips and round little ass up quite high. With his maximally spread thighs, now his balls and hard cock flopped down entirely free of contact with my lap.

I wrapped my free arm around his skinny waist and grabbed onto his hardened cock and ball sack just like Finn had me when my eyes saw and nose sniffed Ry's wide-open boy pucker. Saliva started to flow inside my mouth and I licked my lips. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to delay me tanning my little brother's needy naked ass cheeks a short while.

When you suck ass-pucker, or at least when I do, I close my eyes and enjoy the oral experience of not only your lips and tongue, but the cheeks of your face nuzzled closely in between a pair of firm and very sexy buttock cheeks. It is the especially hot that the receiver is usually treating your ears to loud appreciative moans of pleasure.

Ry was treating me to loud whimpering and begging,

"More, fuck me more, please Randy don't stop," and all that made me do was tell Ry to swivel his torso to upside down between my knees. When he did that, I hooked my arms under his thighs and pulled his whole ass up into my lap so that I could bury my face back into his ass crack and do some serious and long term oral-anal of the lusty fourteen-year-old.

I somehow also managed to keep a grip on the hairbrush and intermittently peppered his ass cheeks with the business end a good ten times each between my oral tongue-fucking his tight rosebud. This only made Ry whimper and beg for even more including more and harder licks with the brush. I reminded myself that I should never go weeks between getting down and dirty with Ryland Ridger ever again.

It wasn't a spanking, not really. It was a kind of come together reckoning between Ry and me. When I finally could no longer easily support his weight and enjoy eating him out, I gently settled him down onto the floor.

I barely had time to look over at Aaron and Finn and the sight made my eyes bulge. While I was orally ravaging his little brother's hole, Finn had stripped off naked with Aaron and now they were in a full 69 lengthwise on the couch, faces buried deeply into each other's ass cracks. Holy fuck, it was so hot, just the sight of it brought a few droplets of pre-cum to my piss slit as now my ears found the lusty sloppy slurping sounds they were making with each other.

Ry was standing now, also mesmerized by what his big brother was doing with Aaron. I grabbed his wrist regaining his attention and pulled him in towards myself closely and went down on Ry's dick, savoring the liquid that his head had accumulated. As I did, I roughly fingered his backdoor and spanked his cheeks with my other palm. Ry wordlessly whimpered his responses like the slutty little bitch I had made him.

"You're ready to get fucked," I told rather than asked Ry even as I sat up and was already pulling him to straddle my lap chest-to-chest, the head of my hard prick up and ready to do its job. His face was kind of trance like. He nodded or rather his head kind of flopped a nod at me, but he mindfully settled to sitting his hole directly on top of my dick head.

Ry leaned forward and buried his head into the crook of my neck, both of us sweaty wet and slick. A couple of seconds later, Ry was kissing and then sucking the skin on my neck. Damn! The boy was going to give me a hickey? Had he been taking lessons or something?

My dick settled up onto Ry's pucker, I pushed up bringing Ry's head up as well, a look of anticipated pain on his face, "You're gonna get fucked now," I said rather than telling him that it was going to hurt. Of course it was going to hurt, Ryland was not ignorant about that aspect by now.

"Oh shit," his face buried back into my neck at the forehead as I pushed and worked my prick into his back door. To his credit, Ry relaxed and let it happen to his body, but his mouth was active, "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, oh fuck it hurts," and maybe I slowed down a little.

I turned my head and was a little surprised, but not really. I was staring at Aaron's face, his expression of pain and need from what one might expect when the other guy, in this case Finn, was in back of Aaron's ass mounting him, Aaron having repositioned to all fours. He was warming up to getting a good hard screwing, just like Ry.

"Fuck that hot ass," I shouted over to them. Ry was in mid-whimper when he looked over as well, "Yea, take it, just like me, oh God!" as I redoubled my efforts to fill my little brother's butt with my engorged organ.

Loud grunts all around now from me, Finn, Aaron and Ry as two pricks were pounding two holes almost in sync and in fact, when my efforts tipped me over the edge into a gloriously hard and long orgasm, Finn's was tipped as well, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck yea! Oh yes, yes, yes," each "yes" punctuated by Finn thrusting deeply into Aaron's ravaged hole.

I was sated, Ry just clung onto me as my dick started to soften a little, "Stay inside please," he whispered and I felt his cock hardening over my tummy. "Want me to suck you off?" I asked, "No, leave it for now, thanks," Ry said.

Finn had pulled Aaron into his lap and they were mouth munching. I kind of think they were taken with each other a little, no surprise there I suppose. I just held my little bro in my arms, his wrapped around my neck, "Thanks, I loved it," he said huskily and offered to suck face. I accepted.

A short while later we four were sitting on the couch eating snacks and drinking fruit punch, lazily watching the T.V. I looked at Finn, "Sorry about your party with Kaz and the guys," and the corner of his mouth came up, "Are you kidding? I could have partied with Kaz and the guys, but I would have missed out on you fine slutty bunch of spank and fuck bunnies." All I could do was grin ear-to-ear.

The worst thing about having my tail roasted in the RIdger garage the next evening, Finn on the other end of his dad's large and painful razor strop was neither the whipping itself nor the reason that I was getting punished. Yes, I was bawling by the time Finn had reached lick number twenty. Yes, I would be seeing some residual bruising for four or five days after and yes, I could not sit comfortably the rest of the night.

No, the worst thing was that despite my fuck-up, that I would be trusted to drive Finn's Rover again in the future. If I fucked up again, however, to expect like a whipping every day for a week or three if I ever dared to carelessly put a scratch on his precious automobile ever again.

Finn in effect forced me to man up and do it right, just like he might if he were teaching his grom how to properly surf. The truth was that I adored Finn Ridger for that, but had never really stopped idolizing him since that first day we had met so many months before.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I thought bottle rockets and firecrackers are illegal," I said but briefly glancing at Aaron as we sped north in my little Honda on Interstate 5 on our way over the Grapevine and then down into California's central valley to Bakersfield, "Oh, they are," he said and I felt this blush of excitement, "You already have some?" I asked next feeling conspiratorial.

"Left over from New Years and a few from last year. I have this Chinese guy I get them from," Aaron said. I grinned, "You are such a bad ass!" and I was seriously turned on by the fact that Aaron liked to play the edges in this manner, "Your folks OK with it?"

"Get serious, of course not. My dad went ape-shit on my ass a couple years ago when he caught me and a friend a few streets over firing off some awesome Chinese firecrackers," Aaron explained, "The Chinese invented them you know, something about scaring off evil spirits. They call them baozhu (giving me what sounded like a credible pronunciation of the word) which means exploding bamboo."

I was impressed, but more interested in what "ape-shit" meant, so I asked, "Oh, I got a really long hard bare ass whipping with dad's belt. A real scorcher just like those firecrackers," Aaron beamed as I glanced over feeling even sexier with Aaron close to my side in the car.

"Wish I could have watched," I grinned feeling my dick swell in my trousers, "wish you could have too," he said and his hand came over and fondled me for like the tenth time that trip, "Sure you don't want me to give you head?" Aaron asked for like the fifth time.

"Please stop asking! Of course I do and of course you better not!" I giggled, but that did not stop Aaron from fondling over my hardened bulge making me moan a little and tempting me to say yes. I sighed and slapped his hand away, "Stop it Folkes!" but I was grinning.

I needed gasoline in the Honda, so we stopped at a truck stop and gas station at Santa Clarita near Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. We had both spent fun times riding roller coasters at the Mountain, just not together and maybe thought we might do so on the way back to Huntington after the long holiday weekend with our folks.

After we filled up the Honda, Aaron motioned me to follow him, "Where are we going?" I asked. I should have known.

Aaron took us into the facility's men's room and right behind a closed toilet stall door. Despite my anxious feeling like we were breaking the law, I was so excited as he shoved me inside. Then without saying a word, Aaron unzipped my jeans fly, pulled out my dick and getting on his knees, proceeded to give me a blowjob.

It was totally bizarre. There Aaron was, so fucking sexy and on his knees, sucking on my dick and all I could think of was me on my knees sucking or being made to suck on Jonathan Teel's dick that one time at Wild Waves the prior year. The memory of Jon did not delay or lessen the hot wonderful orgasm if not make it even hotter as I jetted semen down Aaron's gullet in, thankfully, record time.

Shortly thereafter and back on the road I regaled Aaron about Jonathan Teel's sudden bathroom stall interest in my dick as well as what happened earlier this year at my place between me and him.

"You OK?" he asked after I told him all about Jon, "I worry about him," I admitted, probably looking a bit sad about Jon, "I know a lot of guys like him. Can't come out, parents and friends would totally freak or make 'em sorry," Aaron commiserated.

Aaron's parents greeted me like I was their second son after which Aaron whisked me to his bedroom to retrieve his hidden cache of left over fireworks. As I looked around his terribly ordinary bedroom Aaron rummaged and rummaged, "Shit! They're gone!" he blurted and stood up from his closet searching efforts.

"Parents?" I asked, "Must have found them. Crap. Nobody said anything. Great. Now we're going to have to get more from …" and he said the name of his Asian supplier of illegal goods, "Maybe we should just not," I suggested following my usual better safe-than-sorry attitude and especially so after so recently fucking up with Finn's Rover.

"Not? Not? Screw that Hollis. What's the matter, chicken? Afraid to drop-in on that wave?" he cleverly teased me with a really hard and daring smirk, "What's the worse that can happen?" he quickly followed up.

I chuckled, "You and I get our cans tanned by your dad or maybe my dad too?"

"That and grounded," he said looking like he was having second thoughts, "You better not give him a chance to make you stay here for the summer dumbass!" I warned, the very thought that Mr. Folkes might do that making me feel uncomfortable.

"Naw, dad wouldn't do that. Yes, he'd make me not want to sit for a couple days after a world class ass whipping, but nothing worse," Aaron concluded, "You sure?" I asked, "Yea, come on hottie, you gotta trust a guy who took the time to give you a blow job just a stone's throw away from Magic Mountain," he grinned.

I rolled my eyes because I knew I was going to give in, but not without my own warning, "You better be right!" I growled as I went over to the bedside where Aaron was sitting, sat down beside him and pulled him over my knee ass up, "Or I will tan your ass myself!" and landed a couple spanks on his upturned trousers.

Aaron not only had not resisted my manhandling him. In fact after the two spanks, he just lay there a moment as if anticipating more and then said so, "If you're going to spank me, do it right please," he said. I smirked, "Fine!" and helped him shove his jeans and underwear down to his knees.

I was already boned pretty good, but realizing that this was my very first time in Aaron's own bedroom was an even more super hot turn-on as were his naked upturned white globes, so eagerly presented. I rained down spanks apparently so hard that Aaron's hands soon flew back to protect his reddening ass as he also loudly grunted from the sting.

I caught them, "Oh no you don't, I'm not finished spanking your bad ass for firecrackers and truck stop blowjobs," and pinning his wrists to his slender wasp-waisted lower back continued the spanking. It was so hot. The harder I spanked, the more limp Aaron became, his hair flying about as his head bobbed, a look of pained pleasure on his closed-eye wincing face.

"Are you still going to buy illegal fireworks?" I asked pausing the spanking, "Hell yes!" he grinned and I started to spank him again, "You … are … incorrigible!" I gave him the last three hardest spanks, my hand now sore.

We sat there a moment, panting, the room so hot, his ass so red and his pucker in sight. I moaned and just plunged my face down and started to eat out his anus, my tongue snaking inside of his tasty boy tunnel. Aaron moaned loudly, "Oh God Randy, just fuck me, ream out my ass please!" he begged.

"First time in your own room?" I panted for air pushing him off my knee, standing and quickly divested myself of pants and underwear, "Yes! Yes it is!" he said excitedly and watched as I slicked up my hard shaft with spit. By now Aaron was up on all fours on his bed and it was simple work to climb up and mount Aaron's spanked butt. I pounded him like a fury and then I unloaded my stuff inside of Aaron with a loud, long and satisfying growling orgasm.

We lay there in each other's arms for a long while after I fucked him and then I sucked him off, "Promise me Randy. If we get caught, and punished. You'll give me another ass whipping later?"

I could not believe my ears, "Of course," I said. Was he planning for us to get caught with firecrackers? Did Aaron Folkes get off on getting into trouble with me? The thought gave me the shivers and actually made my always-ready cock twitch and want to get hard yet again.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the eve of the July 4 barbecue involving my parents and Aaron's, my faith in Aaron, that he was neither a criminally insane anti-social pyromaniac nor a pathological liar, had been well restored. We had indeed bought some illegal fireworks from Aaron's supplier using some of Aaron's hard earned cash as well as some of my own to sweeten the pot.

Even I had to admit that taking them three blocks away from Aaron's house and delighting in firing them off a full day before July 4 was a total thrill, almost as much as wiping out a double-head high wave if you didn't ride it correctly. It felt risky and pulse pounding and we didn't get caught, not at all.

My dad and Aaron's, Leo Hollis and Vincent Folkes and our moms all hit it off as if they had known each other for all of our lives. That night, July 4, we enjoyed the delicious barbecue and poolside party and when it got dark enough outside, enjoyed the legal fireworks that dad and Vincent had co-purchased to entertain their friends and us.

When the party broke near to midnight, everyone but Aaron and I with our dads remained out at the pool, our moms in the kitchen cleaning up the mess after us,

"So Aaron, did you buy some illegal fireworks this year to replace the ones that your mom found a few months ago?" Vincent asked Aaron out of the blue. This got my dad's attention of course.

It was like getting unexpectedly knocked off your surfboard by an unseen rogue wave out of nowhere, a true "what-the-fuck" moment. I felt a blush coming on. Aaron looked shocked and very anxiously looked at me. Within our eye contact, we exchanged something unspoken just then. I left it up to him, but in my heart-of-hearts I knew what I wanted Aaron to say and he did,

"Yea dad, I did," he quickly confessed, "Me too, guilty," I just as quickly added and now the look between Aaron and I clarified. He had done the right thing and I loved him for it, at least at the moment.

"I'm disappointed Aaron. You know how much your mother hates those things," and then went on to explain to my dad and me for that matter why they forbid Aaron illegal fireworks. It had to do with a close friends' teenage son losing an eye to the illegal products a few years before.

"What did I tell you I would do should you get caught?" Vincent then asked, "Whipping," Aaron simply said. My chest tightened.

"I suppose I should let you off because we have guests," Vincent commented, "Don't on my account Vince. Did you agree to the purchase Randy?" my dad asked me next, "Yes dad," I said reading dad's mind as if it wasn't already a foregone conclusion.

"Have I mentioned this firework thing to you in the past?" he asked, "Yes dad, that it was forbidden," and he had and I had never mentioned that fact to Aaron. We were even, but I sidled close to my partner in crime, not feeling badly anymore because it was now up to our dads.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Leo?" Vincent asked his co-prosecutor. My dad got this funny smirk on his face, "Well, they admitted it and it's just as forbidden in our house as yours, so yes. I say we take our bad sons to somewhere private and have a different fireworks display."

Thirty very hard belt licks each across our naked upturned hip-to-hip touching bottom cheeks is quite a lot given our fathers were in very good shape from the waist up. I held Aaron's hand my face wetting with tears just like his, both of us trading honors for best wincing grunts of the session. I think I won that contest. Our dads can beat ass, that was for sure and took turns doing so "to save our aging shoulders" or so went the reasoning.

Aaron and I were not grounded at least not from each other or Aaron from returning to Huntington with me. It was a dual father and son "don't do it again" moment nicely accented by hugs from both dads to both sons and honest admissions that they had both gotten caught as kids and punished doing the same thing.

We were "grounded" to Aaron's bedroom until the next morning. Our dads left the room as Aaron and I stood, still bare from the waist down and both nursing throbbingly sore butt cheeks. I looked at his as he looked at mine. My dick finally started to harden, as did Aaron's.

"I seem to remember somebody asking to get punished if this happened," I smirked in a way that let Aaron know that it was OK to say "no" or at least "maybe later." His ass was like mine, a mass of beet-red swollen welts, light bruising already starting to appear where the belt edges had hit more tender areas.

Aaron sighed as he pawed at his erection, "Yea, I did. I'll go over your knee. Just say so," he said a bit noncommittally, "but you really don't want to," I replied. He came over and hugged me, our erections pressing so nicely and hotly into each other.

I expected Aaron to whisper some kind of half-assed comical tease to lighten the moment or tease me or make some kind of late night sexually perverted confession, real or made up,

"I'll do anything. I'll take another whipping with the belt, however you like. Just do one thing for me, OK?"

This was intriguing to beat the band, "Sure, what is it?"

"I want … that is, it would be cool if … shit … Randy, could we go steady? You know, be my boyfriend, for real?"

OK, so like we had hinted around the subject for a couple weeks. Hell, Aaron Folkes and I had barely what, three weeks of acquaintance? Can you girl or boyfriend off of in only three weeks? Did it matter how long it had been?  Did anyone still use the phrase "go steady" anymore? How old-fashioned. How fucking gutsy and romantic!

"Boyfriends?" I blurted and separated us a little so I could see his eyes. He blushed and looked down as if ashamed of his confessed want, "It's OK if you don't want to. Besides, I know that it's too soon," he said doubtlessly preparing himself to be disappointed and looking so damn vulnerable,

"No! Aaron! I want to, yes! Yes!!" I shouted at him from the short distance maybe a little too loudly and hugged him very tightly to myself and could not believe we were talking about this after we both had just been punished.

I could easily believe, however, that I quickly accepted because it was what I had wanted from, well, from the first day I saw the cuter-than-hell kook in the surf that day on the beach at Huntington not that long ago.

Aaron got so excited he started to hop around up and down in a circle hugging me, me with him, us kissing and giggling and just enjoying it. Then we stopped and pressed our foreheads and noses together too close to focus, but I could smell Aaron, a very familiar smell by now,

"Boyfriends. I like that," but then as it settled in, there were already questions, "What about school this fall?" I asked.

"I know. I want to keep going to my school here in town, but now, with you …" and his voice faded into anticipated struggle with how to be boyfriends in the fall after the summer,

"Let's not worry about that now. I just want to enjoy my first real boyfriend," I grinned and he grinned, "Mine too!"

"I have a horrible, cruel idea," Aaron then said as if in collision, "What?" I grinned, "You take the belt and whip my ass some more, make the bruises look awful and then I can complain to my dad tomorrow."

"You are awful. You're a pervert, a pain junkie and a bad son and I want to do the same!" I said and we cracked up laughing, "Are you sure?" Aaron asked, "What the hell. You can get pretty beat up surfing, break bones and worse and that's for fun. Isn't this too?" I reasoned, "God, you hot surfer boys are nuts," he grinned, "You bet we are!" I grinned.

Long story short, we did just that and beat the living shit out of each other that night and yes, we did fuck. I fucked Aaron and he fucked me. The very next day our asses looked terrible, black and blue and just awful! It didn't hurt that bad actually, but we did what Aaron had suggested and complained to our dads.

Funny, they just shook their heads and laughed at us, "Yea right. You don't think we know what you too did to look like that?" Vincent spoke on behalf of him, Leo and dads everywhere for that matter. What could we say or do, "Oh well, it was worth it," and that was that for July 4.

Aaron and I did stop off at Six Flags Magic Mountain on our return trip back up the Grapevine. Let's just say that at least two men's bathrooms at Magic Mountain were corrupted by toilet stall blowjobs, two boyfriends in lustful love with each other.

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