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Part Three - Boys Will Be Boyz (And Then Some)
PJ Franklin <>


Story Summary: The Wedge and the wild Malibu party now behind him, Randy Hollis enjoys "boyfast" in the hottub, meets Finn Ridger's family and then participates in the family surf outing. Family drama results in Randy getting put in his place and then things get a little strange at the Wild Rivers water park.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke the next morning to nobody in my bed, Finn having already awoken and it was already about ten. I got up, had a good piss and then went to the kitchen and finding an open orange juice carton in the kitchen, slurped some down. It was now Saturday and the great part about long holiday weekends is that you can sleep in and better yet, the ramp up to school didn't start until Tuesday, school the week following.

Most of the partygoers of the night before seemed to have left the prior night or very early this morning. I didn't even see Greg and Gar, probably still sacked out. I found two naked boys, Finn and Kaz through the kitchen window that looked out on the deck out back both sitting on the edge of the hottub, Kaz smoking a cigarette.

I carefully moved to just around the open sliding glass door and peeked around the corner. Before they saw me, I took in the beauteous sight of the Northside High school J.V. surf crew captain sucking down on the Northside High school varsity surf crew captain. Pretty damn hot if you ask me. I handled my hardening cock for a while before I stepped into view.

They finally saw me, said something to each other grinning and motioned me over. Finn jumped up to sit beside Kaz, "suck dick, grom," Finn said pointing to both himself and Kaz. I smiled, hopped into the tub and went down on Kaz first, stroking Finn's cock with my other hand. I forced moans from both boys and after a while, switching to sucking down on Finn and stroking Kaz.

I looked up at Kaz who looked at Finn, "I sucked face with hot pants here last night, it was cool, shall we?" Kaz said to Finn and that about startled me. I thought straight boys didn't like to offer to kiss boys, but they started right in. It was hard to watch them, suck and stroke at the same time.

Them kissing was steaming hot, "Nice!" Kaz said when the kiss parted, "Get your ass up here and kiss Finn," Kaz ordered me and made room for me between them. I hopped up to sit on the edge.

Finn put his mouth on mine. There is nothing better than to wake up to some hot oral action. Finn and I frenched a long moment and then parted. I looked at Kaz, "Hey, sup? You like kissing boys now?" meaning to just tease Kaz.

"I like sex, period," Kaz said,  "Maybe I've been missing something by not adding guys to my vast repertoire of oral satisfactions like girls, weed and fags, meaning cigarettes," he smiled.

"Did you know anything about this before?" I asked Finn, "Nope," he said.

"Well, aren't you going to kiss me good morning … honey?" Kaz smirked at me.

I laughed, "Sure," and he leaned into me and I munched on Kaz's mouth a long moment and smacked my lips after, "Nothing like good hot Northside High surfer mouth," looked to each boy and fisted both of their cocks with my hands.

"What are you faggots doing?" the voice, Greg's and two more naked bodies plopped into the tub, Gar and Greg.

"We're fagging around and who are you calling faggots, faggots?" Kaz replied with cheek.

"Hey, I saw him first, send him over here," Gar complained, meaning me, "I need my dick sucked," and Kaz sarcastically sighed, "Grom, go over and service your fucking boyfriend before he throws a fit."

I shrugged at the mention of "boyfriend." Gar and I were not boyfriends, far from it. Gar flipped off Kaz who grinned and returned the favor. I plopped into the tub and strode across the tub to between Gar's knees and went down on him. Greg grabbed my right hand and brought it to his cock, so I stroked him as well. I had not done that in a long time, sucked off Gar much less flogged on Greg Majors' meat.

The guys all smoked cigarettes and talked as I sucked and pulled on cock around the tub, one after the other, Gar's, Greg's, Finn's and then Kaz's and then went around again until my jaw was sore, "Time out," I gestured like they do to stop the running clock at a football game, waving my hands above my head like a referee.

"Fuck that. A grom's duties are never done," Finn said, "Get your ass over the side there," and I bent over the side of the tub, sprawling my chest down to the deck. Finn stood besides me, "This grom likes to get spanked," and I grinned big now and stuck up my bare bottom.

Finn then spanked me with his hand, hard, about twenty times, "Anyone else into barbecued grom?" he asked. Gar came over, he gave me twenty hard slaps and then Kaz, that was sixty,

"You Greg?" Kaz asked. My ass was sizzling by then, "Naw, he looks pretty red already," and Finn nodded, "Suit yourself, time to eat breakfast," and then he crouched down in back of me and started a nice licking of my back door, spreading my cheeks with his hands. I moaned, loudly, as did Finn.

"What is it with fags and eating ass?" Greg smirked as Finn was eating out my still sore backside. I could not help but giggle at his comment, because it was true.

"Well, you eat girl pussy, this is boy pussy, that's all," Finn said with but a brief pause and resumed slurping on me.

"No, that is boy ASS!" Greg said with great emphasis, "A girl has both anal and pussy. Boy pussy is an incorrect, highly misunderstood term," he concluded.

"Yea, but fucking boy pussy is tighter, especially if you're used to skanky loose girl twat," Gar added which garnered him a couple of, "That's true," and made me start to laugh outright. Finn stood up and started to finger my hole, saying, "Oh yea, there's only one way this can go," and I shook my head, "Yea, so can we fucking get on with it already?" still giggling a little from their intellectual observations.

"That grom is a total slut!" Kaz said, "Do you think?" I said without looking, but more giggles.

"OK, I give up," Kaz said behind me and suddenly Finn is no longer eating me or fingering me as I see Kaz's head behind me. Shit! Adam Kazwell the aforementioned straight boy is now in position to eat out my ass, and I had to wonder that maybe he enjoyed our sex together the night before much more than I thought.

Somebody, I think Greg, started a slow sarcastic applause, "See what you've done Hollis? You've turned poor Kaz into a boy lover. I hope you're proud of yourself!" but I was busy as Kaz really did dive in, I mean penetration from the get go, no hesitation either.

"Oh God yes, Kaz, it's perfect! Feels so good!" encouraging him.

Kaz finally stood up, "I've had worse," and slapped my ass, "Move aside, you guys don't know how to do anything!" and now it was Greg's voice and now Greg is at my backdoor! He never did that, eat out a boy pussy, at least that I knew of. Kaz got out of the tub, walked over to me on the deck and lay down spreading his legs, dangling his feet into the tub on either side of me and pointed to his cock.

I grinned, "OK, but now I want cock in my ass too," and I got no arguments. Finn quickly got the lube from indoors and in a jiffy I had my own definition of "bi-sexual," meaning two cocks in two holes for one boy.

Finn pounded my ass, Kaz pounded my ass and yes, Gar and Greg took their turns. Two of them emptied sticky loads into my ass, the other two into my mouth, I can't remember who did which as if it mattered. At any rate, that was a lot of cock and now I was pretty damn sore back there and my jaw tired out again. After that Finn went down on me and sucked me off. I was well satisfied at both ends by now, no more breakfast needed, hey?

* * * * * * * * * *

The guys all wanted to go surfing the rest of the morning, maybe even go to Zuma; but Finn told them that his mother was anxious to meet me, something about his mom calling my mom and stuff. Anyway, I was his for the day and we had to get cleaned up for me to meet his family and then I would get to experience a Ridger family Labor Day surf outing. Sounded like fun to me!

Before we left, we all made plans to go to Wild Rivers water park in Irvine, California (roughly 10 miles east of Huntington as the crow flies) the next day, Sunday. Maybe we would all hit the ocean again on Monday for a last summer surfing safari. Sweet!

A short while later driving in his Land Rover, Finn explained that the annual holiday surf outing was at wherever beach and break his dad decided. It made me miss my mom and dad back in Fresno as usually we would barbecue with friends on Labor Day. Finn told me that I could call them when we got to his place.

"So, what did you think about the party?" Finn asked me, "makes Fresno seem like a hell pit of sexless boredom," I replied, Finn laughed, "I didn't even know anyone had sex in the valley, too hot in the summer," and I could only nod and agree.

"I can't believe both Kaz and Greg ate my hole," I commented, "Greg was right, you're corrupting all of us, you're such a bad ass," and shook his head, chuckling and I fist-pumped the air, "next is world domination!"

Finn's family had money, that was certain. Their house was not nearly as expensive looking as the house in Malibu, but it still was way above what I was used to both in Fresno and Gar's place in Huntington Beach. I was so nervous as Finn parked his Land Rover and I got out.

The garage door was open and as I walked in, I saw that at least half of it was dedicated to tons of surf boards and related equipment of all kinds standing up and laying on a couple of sturdy looking metal stands. There was also a jet ski that was partially disassembled and even some scuba and snorkel gear.

I even spied a couple of cool looking dirt bikes and an ATV in the corner. I surmised that this family lived the life of the high-end surf and outdoor sports family and I was envious, maybe even jealous.

As I gawked, the door to the main house burst open and a very attractive blonde woman strode out, looked at me, smiled and turned her head back to the door,

"Kids! Finn is back with Randy. Michael? He's here!" and then she came right over to me, one hand on a face that showed maternal concern,

"Randy, I'm Mickey, Finn's mom and I was at your brother's paddle-out, it was beautiful honey and I'm so sorry for your loss, how are you doing?" her hand softly on my head staring intently at me.

I had to admit that her sympathy felt kind of good, "I'm doing OK mam, thank you," and she stepped back and grinned, "Oh dear, mam is so formal. I'm just an old-fashioned grommom, all the kids call me Mickey," and then she turned her head again, "Kids?" and out from the door popped two young boys.

Finn was just standing there with a look of mostly patience on his face, "The big stupid looking one is Ry and the mini-grom is Luke," Finn smirked with enjoyment I thought.

"Shut up poser!" Ry said to his big brother, came over and they started a little horseplay, "Boys, not now," Mickey chided just a little.

"Do you surf?" little Luke asked me, "Yea, I try," I replied, "Good! Want to go swimming with me? I have to have somebody with me, it's the rules and if you break the rules, you get a big spanking!" his face contorted a little.

"You need a spanking all the time, grom," Ry said to Luke obviously to tease him, "So do you kook!" Luke said charging into Ry who caught him and landed a spank on Luke's butt, "Mom! Ry hit me like you said he couldn't!" and about then a very handsome man appeared, obviously the dad.

He came right up to me and held out his hand to shake, "Randy, I'm Mike, the boys' father," and we shook, and then the other hand softly on my shoulder, "Hey buddy, anything I can do for you, just yell. Say, I was thinking, is your father around?"

"He's in Fresno," I replied, "OK, well, give me his number. The Northside High surf dads want to invite him to join our little club."

"Well, he doesn't surf, not yet anyway," I said a little intimidated, but about then Finn was getting rowdy with Ry again. I could see and most definitely feel their affectionate rivalry and was envious to say the least.

"Finn, Ry, not now, we have a guest," Mike said. Finn looked at me, "Dad, he's not a guest, he's just a grom," chuckling over it and Ry laughed, "Yea, just like you butthead," and then Ry slugged Finn in the arm, again, and then Finn really nailed him back, "Ou! Stop it!" Ry complained and then Finn imitated him, and Ry complained again, "Dad!"

"Do I need to send you both to your rooms or take both of you over my knee? Finn? Ryland?" Mike said and Ry's face blushed, but so did Finn's as he looked away from me. Finn had not told me that he still got spanked by his father, then again it had never come up.

"As I was saying Randy, what's your dad's name?" he asked, "Leo, Leo Hollis," I replied and he smiled, "Well, Leo does not need to stand up surf, I'd say only about half of the dad's do that. Most of them bodysurf or use a skimmer or boogie board," and I smiled, "I think he'd like that a lot," and it felt super good that Mike wanted to include my dad.

"Oh, Randy. I hope you don't mind. I called mama (Nadine) and she gave me your mother's number, Claire, right?" and I nodded, "Good. I'm going to call her this afternoon and see if I can help get you started at school and invite her down for our Grommon Club," and I grinned, "Thanks Mickey," and this was all so awesome.

Finn somehow extricated me from Luke's intention to capture me for himself. Ry kind of disappeared and I ended up in Finn's room. It was huge and cluttered with everything board and skate related, surf especially and even a couple of snowboards. Finn had everything. I looked around,

"So I forgot, how old is Ry?" I asked and Finn sighed, "Thirteen and if he keeps it up, he'll never make it to fourteen," Finn scowled a little.

"I like your mom and dad, and Luke sounds fun," I said and he sighed, "Mini-grom is OK. He's seven if you forgot. Dad is kind of strict, if you noticed," Finn added looking down and still not happy, and I had to address it, "Look, if you think I look down on you just because your dad still spanks you, think again."

Finn looked up, "I didn't think that, why would you say that?" a little annoyed and I'd not seen Finn like this before albeit I hadn't known him for barely a day.

"I'm sorry," I said and felt badly. Just then the door burst open, "Hey, mom wants Randy to call his folks," and I turned, relieved. Ry disappeared leaving Finn to mutter, "He's not supposed to just open the door like that," shaking his head and looking pretty hacked. I shrugged and left Finn behind in his room to make the call home to Fresno.

Talking to mom felt good, but talking to dad gave my emotions a big tug. I told him I missed him and asked if he and mom could come down to L.A. at least once to join the parent surf clubs. To my surprise dad said he "wouldn't miss it for all chickens in Bakersfield" and that, my friend, is a lot of chickens as Bakersfield, California is notorious for smelling like poultry clear out to the interstate highway.

Mike talked to my dad and Mickey talked to my mom and I was so relieved and glad that my family could count in all this. I was told by mom to go with Mickey next week to get ready for school and the next thing I knew, Mickey was going to pick me up with Ry to get to our respective schools during the following school week as well. Finn would drive his own car to our high school at a different time than I needed. He was a privileged junior to be driving a car to school in the first place.

I returned to Finn's bedroom, he was not there at first so I just looked around and Finn finally came into the room, but kind of slammed the door shut. He looked upset, "What's wrong?" I asked, "Dad is being dad. I want to go to Manhattan to surf. He wants to go to stupid Seal." I of course had no idea the difference. Finn sat on his bed in a huff.

I had never seen Finn with his family, but he sure was different here than he had been in Malibu, way different. Maybe all this drama with his brother and dad was embarrassing him in front of me and he was regretting bringing me, "Um, maybe I should go home to Gar's," I said out loud.

"What for?" he replied with his annoyed voice and then sighed, "Randy, I'm sorry, OK? Come here," and he patted the place next to him on the bed. I sat, head down, missing my dad, missing Shaun, missing how Finn had been with me at Malibu especially.

His arm slid around my shoulder, "Hey, Ry is staying over a friend's house this evening. Mom is taking Luke somewhere and dad will be going back to the office to do some sales work or something. We'll be alone, I'll make it up to you."

"On Saturday, a holiday? Your dad, I mean?" I asked, and Finn chuckled, "He's good at what he does, no holidays but it pays off," and I nodded and then I took a chance, "So, you still get spankings huh?" I smirked and his face got a little stern, "Keep it up grom, when we're alone you'll get a good ass whipping in the garage with dad's strop and then I'll make your hole double sore!"

My dick started to harden, "Your dad has a strop? So does my dad," I shook my head, "Then it was a mistake getting those two together," he said and then I relaxed, "Um, I'd really like you to give me a whipping with your dad's strop," and then he nodded, "only if you beg me for it later." And then the door burst open, "Hey fuckface, dad says we need to get going!" Ry said with I thought some evil satisfaction.

"Ry! How many times have mom and dad said, no opening my door without knocking!" and then Ry flipped him off and took off. Finn took off after Ry and I got up and walked out of the room shaking my head wondering to what bad end Finn might be headed.

Long story short, Finn kind of lost it with Ry, Ry of course was super defensive about it and dad was both pissed off and fed up at both of them now. Finn was sent to his room, Ry to his. I decided to stay out of Finn's room, but from the kitchen I crept down the hallway and listened as it sounded like somebody, Ry in this case, was getting a first class belt whipping.

I would have loved to watch, shamelessly so; but at least I could hear the belt licks, one about every five seconds. Ry didn't seem to verbally respond much at first, but eventually I did hear quiet sobbing as the whipping was longer than I expected it would be.

Then I slipped back into the kitchen and heard angry footfall, Finn's door opening and shutting. I crept back the other way into the hallway and held my breath wondering if Finn was headed for the garage and the strop. There were some impassioned voices, the door opening and I slipped back into the kitchen just as there was more angry footfall as Finn came into the kitchen, his face a mix of anger and regret.

Finn seemed headed for the door to the garage. I made sure to give him a wide birth and said nothing. He saw me and stopped, hands on his hips, "You can watch," he said, upset.

"I don't want to watch," I said not wishing to add to Finn's humiliation. He saw my reticence and sighed deeply, "I fucked up, I snaked dad's line-up, OK? I have to be punished, I need … no, I want you to watch, it's OK," he said more calmly and I sighed, "All right," and yes, secretly I did want to watch, badly actually.

Mike closed the main garage door and made Finn strip naked and bend forward across one of the old long surfboards horizontal on the metal stand of all things. Finn's cock was rock hard at the first and he had to press it into the board's hard epoxy and it looked to me like that had to be really uncomfortable. I felt so ashamed now as my cock was hard too and it just didn't feel right. I know Mike must have seen Finn's, but apparently didn't care as he said nothing.

Mike then launched into a really hard whipping of Finn's naked ass. He got his elder son howling. I was squirming as much as Finn was writhing. I could see Finn's cock was now limp as I expected it should be. My face was grimacing as well, but not because my dad was tanning my hide. The fact was, I was enjoying Finn's whipping way too much. What was I becoming now, a sadist?  I counted them, each lick, five, seven, ten, twelve …. Shit! …. Thirteen, fourteen and then fifteen.

I needed the whipping to stop, please stop! Or I might … oh shit, too late. I was helpless as an orgasm shook my body and I creamed my shorts without touching myself as I stood there just as Mike administered the last few licks to Finn's really red butt. Now I had a telltale dark wet spot on the front of my shorts! What now?

I decided I had to do damage control and slunk back to the kitchen and headed to the bathroom down the hallway. I reached for the door handle when it opened. I quickly covered my wet spot just as Ry emerged. He had a funny look on his face as I stepped back. He had just had his whipping, looked grumpy, but also looked as anxious to avoid me as I him. Saying nothing to me, Ry shook his head and headed back to his room, slamming the door shut.

I got into the bathroom and tried to blot the wet spot. It wasn't easy. Finn was bound to see it and maybe he should. Maybe he should get really pissed at me. Hell, I was kind of pissed at myself, kind of, well, tickled too. Yes, tickled that I got to get off on Finn's awesome ass whipping. Fuck! I've never seen anything like it.

I did the best that I could to minimize the evidence. The trouble was, I was really bad about masking guilt. I shrugged and figuring Finn was back in his room, plodded down the hallway and opened the door and stuck my head in to see what mood Finn was in.

Finn was lying on his tummy on his bed wearing a loose pair of boxers. He turned his head and then sat up, wincing a little, "What's your problem, come in," he said looking a little down or was it embarrassed and down.

I went inside, now really guilty feeling. He stood up and sighed, "Come on, I could use your help. We need to get ready to go," apparently not in the mood to talk about anything, no surprise there.

* * * * * * * * * *

I might have looked forward to sitting alone next to Finn in the way-back seat bench of the Ridger's new late model Chevy Suburban; but he was squirming some for obviously reasons, me for quite different ones. Maybe I should not make such a big deal out of creaming my shorts at his expense and if he didn't know it, why should I feel guilty? And yet, I did (thanks dad. He could never get away with anything with mom around.)

Ry was next to Luke's car seat in front of us and of course Mickey and Mike in front. We were headed for Manhattan Beach as Mike had decided at the last minute to let Finn decide. Finn told me later that the only reason that he wanted to go to Manhattan was that some boy band was going to be there playing a concert and he also thought the best eye candy would be there for us "not straight boys."

All of us kids sans Luke was wearing sound buds and playing tunes on our iPods. I wasn't listening to my music so much as dreading telling Finn what I had done. Yes, I was going to confess it to him. Yes, I know how lame that seems; but, way back in my dirty slut mind, if Finn had done that to me and I found out, I'd have given him a whipping worthy of the one Mike had given him, just because! It made me think of Greg spanking me the prior day only that felt different, or did it? I don't know.

I waited a while making sure everyone seemed occupied and then elbowed him to talk. He took his buds out, "What," he said.

I leaned over, "I'm a shithead," and he looks at me, shrugging, "I creamed my shorts watching you get your whipping," I said and sure enough, I felt better. Now, I was at his mercy and you know what? I wasn't afraid. I felt kind of glad he might decide to punish me, verbally or otherwise.

He shook his head side to side and leaned over, "Slut," he said and I helplessly shrugged, "Sorry," I said even on the verge of feeling disappointed that he didn't seem more upset.

He put his ears buds back in. I just looked at him. Fuck! I was disappointed! Finally he looked back at me. I motioned for him to take his buds back out, he did, "What now," he said a little annoyed, "You're not pissed at me?"

Now he smirked, then chuckled, "Don't worry grom. You'll get punished. I'll decided where and when," and then put his ear buds back. I blushed and I smiled and fuck, I did want him to beat my ass or whatever it was he wanted to do.

I put my buds back in and purposely leaned onto him, one hand on his leg. It felt good. His hand came down on top of mine and he even squeezed it. He winked at me, it was one of those you'll get yours wink and fuck! My dick started to get hard. Talk about a slut.

We arrived at the beach, mini-grom Luke got his mitts on me from the get go. I never had a little brother and sensing that I had a lot of energy to expend on such, Luke led me around to play in and out of the water. He was a decent surfer with a small skimboard. He laughed and giggled and we wrestled about and built sand castles.

Ry was keeping Finn busy as well. Watching him horseplay and surf with Finn made me miss Shaun, but Luke always distracted me back to the task at hand, making him happy. Besides, after that morning's drama, that both Finn and Ry deserved some quality playtime, that was for sure.

Eventually Mike got into the fray, him versus his sons and me included. Mike was pretty strong and we three eventually got him tackled down onto the sand; but one by one, he threw us off, Luke very gently of course to start. Luke just giggled and ran off to be with Mickey.

Ry was next, five swats on his butt and he was history and then Mike got his hands on me and simply tossed me to the side sans butt spanks (worse luck). Then he and Finn faced off, mano y mano as they say.

Ry and I stood side-by-side grinning and shouting for Finn to win as Mike was angling to get Finn over his knee for a couple of humiliating spanks, but Finn would have none of it, or so he thought. At one point they went running like crazy down the beach, Mike after Finn. Ry and I gave chase and just by chance Finn slipped up a little and Mike tackled him down to the sand and over Mike's knee Finn went. Five swats to Finn's butt and it was done,

"You cheated!" Finn sprung up but was grinning and they kind of hugged and started to walk back, Mike's arm around his son's shoulder which made me smile but miss my dad, a lot.

Ry and I reached them and we four started to walk back towards where Mickey was sun-bathing, our home base, "Hey dad, you didn't spank Randy," Finn smirked and I stopped walking, "Oh that's quite all right," I said suddenly facing all three Ridger males.

"Well, can't leave Randy out!" Mike grinned and I took off running towards Mickey, but it was too far. Mike is a fast runner and maybe I wasn't running my fastest, he caught up, swooped me up in an arm, bent me over and landed five hard spanks on my butt.

I was grinning with delight the whole time and by then Ry and Finn had caught up and gave me shit over my poor effort to get away. Busted! Only, after Ry wandered off away from us, Finn whispered in my ear, "You are so going to get it later grom," and then trotted off, his tongue happily wagging from the corner of his mouth. I felt both scared and excited, right in the middle, the best spot to be.

Later, Finn, Ry and I found our way to the boy band outdoor concert. There were like a couple thousand people, music blaring and my eyes wandered, but I never quite found a boy as hot to check out as Finn Ridger already by my side, so I considered myself lucky. We later returned to home base, Mickey and Mike and little Luke. I now felt a part of their family. It felt good and made missing dad and mom, and yes, Shaun bearable.

* * * * * * * * * *

Towards about five in the afternoon, we made our way back to the Ridger home. Ry took off to do an overnight with a buddy, Mickey took Luke away for the evening to a friend's house, a shut-in I think. I had just barely met the woman and she struck me as very giving just like mama Nadine.

That left me and Finn and Mike. Now I thought Mike would be working somewhere else and that would give Finn full control over whatever it was he was going to do to me, but Mike did not go! It was frustrating Finn all over the place. I would give Finn a look and playfully shove him and he would do the same back to me, smirk and muttering, "Sooner or later grom. Sooner or later."

Yea, that was the trouble. He could hang this thing over my head for days or weeks. That would be no fun.

"This sucks," Finn finally said and got up and I followed him out to the poolside where Mike was stretched out on a deck chair, "Hey dad, thought you were going to work?" trying to sound casually disinterested.

"Finn, it's a holiday and yes I was, but now I'm not. Are you and Randy trying to get rid of me?"

Oh wow, what an opportunity. Should I? Wasn't I already in enough hot water? Fuck, "Yea, he is," I said. Oh boy did Finn shoot me a look that hinted of toying with the devil.

"Oh? Am I missing something here?" Mike asked, bemused, his eyes shifting back and forth between us.

"No dad, you're not," Finn said, and I tilted my head, "Oh yes, you are," I said. Finn shot me a "now you are REALLY going to get it," look.

"Finn?" Mike asked. Now it was his move and I was dying to know what he would say.

Finn nodded and then glared at me just a little, "Yea, well, I didn't want you to have to hear grom's yelling when I give him a well earned spanking." Oh fuck, he just came out and said it. We looked at Mike,

"Really. What in the world did you do Randy?" Mike really looking bemused and now I was glaring at Finn! He had bluffed the crap out of me!

I sighed, "Oh, something happened during Finn's whipping in the garage," I smirked back at Finn wondering how far this would go. "I was there the whole time, I saw nothing," Mike replied, looking intrigued.

"Oh, not something you would see … necessarily dad," Finn replied. I rolled my eyes, "I had a little accident," I smirked back. What did I really have to lose by saying it.

"An accident? … Oh!" Mike said and looked at the both of us, "Are you guys?" and wags his finger between us and Finn says, "Yes dad," and looks so smug.

Mike nods, "I get it. OK. I do think I have some work to do at the office. Why don't I just wander off for a few hours, would that be enough time?"

"Just great dad," Finn replied as I sat there, totally busted now.

"Finn, just don't be too hard on him …" and then he stopped and we all stared at each other. Mike blushed and Finn and I squelched giant guffaws!

"You guys," and then disappeared into the house. I was done for. I just stood there, my smile crooked. I rocked back and forth on my feet.

Finn watched his dad leave and then came right up to me, stood over me, loomed triumphantly would cover it nicely. He did not so much glare down on me as looked, well, paternal or maybe stern big brother-like. I was in big trouble with my soon to be J.V. surf team coach. He was going to lower the boom on my ass and little Randy was kind of happy about that already, the slut.

I looked up at him and did not fight it and allowed myself to look helpless and submissive. He finally smiled and ruffled my hair, "You enjoy this, don't you," he stated more than asked. I shrugged, "I'm a slut, you said that yourself."

His face brightened, "I saw it. I saw the wet spot. I knew you did it." Was he fucking with me? He could say that just because; but I went along, "So, if I didn't say anything, would you still call me on it?"

"No," and I asked, "Why?" And he thought, "Because, if it was no big deal to you, why should it be a big deal to me? If it makes you feel guilty, well, that's different. Besides, I kind of admired you for it. You're just being who you are Randy. So why did you tell me?"

I felt this pang, an emotion not unlike the one I had just after Greg had spanked me hard on Gar's car's hood the day before. That was a completely different situation, and yet, for me it was pretty much the same.

"Fair question. I felt guilty and slutty. You know me and spanking," and he nodded, "Do you think you deserve to have me punish you for it?"

And I thought, "I could be me and still be rude. Honest Finn, I was not happy that it happened, but still there's that thing that if you want a spanking, is it real punishment?"

"I got real punishment today. I was not turned on. I had pissed dad off, that's no fun, whipping or not, but that whipping hurt like hell."

"I like your dad, he's a fox too!" and Finn chuckled, "Yea, he is, but that's not answering my question."

"Greg gave me a spanking that was mostly all punishment until way after. I deserved it. I don't know Finn. Would it make you turned on to give me the strop? That would be fair. You could lay into me hard … maybe not too hard?" I said with diminishing voice.

"Hell yea I want to do it. I want to whip your ass with the strop and then fuck you hard, right there in the garage, on that board, just like I got my whipping, only you get fucked too. Fair?" he smiled.

"Fair!" I said. Wow, I didn't know that being thoughtful and fair could also be sexy, just like Finn Ridger was.

We went to the garage. I stripped, my dick was hard, naturally. I bent over the edge of the surf board. To tell the truth, it was fucking hot. It's a surf board! Wow. My dick was uncomfortable though. Epoxy resins don't make good humping material.

Finn loomed over me holding his dad's strop. It was like my dad's, "So, how many?" he asked. Clever, "Fifteen," I said and then cursed under my breath. Fifteen? Was I crazy?

Finn nailed me just twice, I yelped hard! I had forgotten how badly dad's stroppings hurt, yes plural. I had pissed him off a couple of times way over a year ago, being complete rude and disrespectful to a teacher at school, not once but twice. I know, I'm stupid.

Finn slowly tanned my hide. I just took it until I couldn't, about seven in. I'm a pussy. My dick was so soft, hiding, bastard little chicken shit, "Had enough already? Not up in my league?"

I sighed, "Not in surfing or stropping Finn," I panted. Finn walked over to his dad's work bench and put it away, "Come on grom. We'll finish this up in my bedroom. You're getting a hard spanking. Maybe I'll use the hairbrush."

I could live with that. I followed, that is wobbled with my sore and already somewhat swollen backside into Finn's bedroom, leaving the door open and waited, gingerly fingering my throbbingly sore ass. Finn was getting the hairbrush wherever it was. When I saw it, I cringed.

Finn had spared me a worse stropping that would have been very painful had he done the last eight licks. He didn't, so what choice did I have? I gratefully went over to him, flopped over his knee and clung onto him, sticking my red ass high up in the air for him.

"Hmm, nice," and then he tortured me with his tongue, eating out my ass, making me hard, bastard!

Then he paddled me hard with the brush about ten times. I almost screamed, "It fucking HURTS!" I yelled and thrashed about a bit. Then his mouth made it ALL better. Then he paddled me again, "Finn please, it HURTS!"

"Enough, get up," and I stood and watched him collect lube and stuff and gently finger-tipped my throbbing fucking sore rear once again. I watched him lay down on his back sitting up against the headboard and wagged his finger at me, "Mount yourself. I'm gonna enjoy this, come on."

I climbed up, lubed up my own backdoor, then his magnificent hard cock. I sat up a little, placed the cockhead just right and started to push down. I was still sore from that morning, too bad for me. I just kept at it, "Ouch! Fuck!" I gritted my teeth, "Do it grom! Come on slut!" Finn was grinning.

When I finally got myself down and relaxed, he was not grinning anymore, "Fuck, you are so hot Randy, fuck!" and I started to pump myself up and down slowly. I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. He tilted his pelvis just right and started to pound me from underneath. I felt suspended, speared, like on a pole and I was!

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Finn! Oh! Oh!" I whimpered and groaned, almost keened, it was so gloriously painful and wonderful all at the same time. Finn was intense, silent, totally just fucking me, his head back, "I'm gonna cum!" and then he grabbed me around the waist, sitting me completely upright and him directly right under me, pounded me so hard that if he had not hugged me, I would have ended up on the ceiling, "Ahhhhhhhh!" and he unloaded.

We collapsed, panting for air like two marathon runners. We hugged and kissed, "Hmm, thank you Finn, I needed that worse than I thought," I said, "You're welcome," and we kissed again and then I finally lay down on my back, exhausted.

Later, still in his bedroom, I was laying in bed with him propped up on the headboard, me laying my head on his chest. We just quietly cuddled and read some of his Surfer Magazine back issues. As we did, I remembered Shaun and his April 1985 Surfer Magazine issue that I first fell in love with. Finally, I sighed, closed the magazine and sat up,

"I ever tell you how I ended up coming out to Shaun?" and looked at Finn, "No, how?" and I told him about the spunked up April 1985 issues and Shaun finding it. Finn smiled and hugged me, "Gar told me yesterday about what happened to you out at the Wedge."

I shrugged, "I was glad to get it off my chest. It was killing me," and Finn sighed, "Life sucks sometimes," and I smiled, "I suck all the time, boys," I grinned and he laughed, "You are the horniest grom in SoCal," he said. I nodded, "That's good for you then," and I yawned.

We didn't do anything the rest of the evening. Mike and Mickey with Luke all came home. Finn and I got out of bed, cleaned up and joined his family. We all watched a DVD movie, "The Lion King." I always liked  that movie. I slept with Finn in his room that night, Finn cuddling me up in his arms. We slept through to morning without awakening.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Finn and I got up obnoxiously early, took skateboards and hit a local skatepark for about an hour. He taught me how to use skateboarding to practice surfing. He even suggested I get a longboard to practice with, as they tended to emulate balancing for long board surfing purposes.

When we returned to Finn's house, he got the guys on the phone and found out that Gar and Kaz were going to be coming over in Gar's XTerra to pick us up to go to Wild Rivers. Greg would not be coming as mama Nadine and Sparky both needed help in the café and surf shop that day, extra and badly needed money in it for Greg.

I was super stoked. The water park in Fresno sucked big time and I had heard about Wild Rivers and I would not be disappointed. It was huge as were the crowds that day. We entered the park after about a thirty minute line up and right away they all took me to the steepest water slide drop, called Big Plunge.

The Plunge was a 110 feet drop of sliding thrills and we all loved it and did it like three times before moving onto the many cool pools, water tubes and slides. We even went into a couple of the wave pools and laughed at the silly wave generators, "Not exactly the Wedge," I said and that got me a bunch of high-fives.

We were walking from one pool to another slide. Gar and Kaz were admiring the female babes, Finn and I the male babes when suddenly Kaz put up his hand to stop, "Well, well, if it isn't our fine J.V. and varsity football captains and their bitches," which was funny because they were all guys. I immediately sensed a bit of tension as they approached having spied our little group as well.

As the four football jocks approached, they all caught my eye and why not? They were big sexy bruisers, all but one. Muscle guys are hot; but muscle in that amount, as on these guys was not that good for surfing. If you notice, most world class surfers are slender bodied, some nice hunky muscle in the right places; but not like these guys, especially their huge legs, again, all but one.

"Ridger, Kazwell and the famous Garrett Starr," one of the boys said with attitude his eye but glancing at me.

"Snider," Kaz acknowledged, his voice decidedly cautious, "who the hell let you out of your cage? Randy this is Doug Snider, varsity football captain and his salty side-kick and J.V. captain, Pete Guthrie," pointing at them, "But I'm afraid I'm not acquainted with," Kaz spread his hands pointing to the other two boys.

Snider responded, "Phil Dotson, J.V. linebacker," pointing to one guy, kind of ugly actually, and then he pointed to the boy that had caught my eye, "Jonathan Teel, J.V. quarterback."

"Make that starting J.V. quarterback," Teel smirked while Snider looks at me, "Randy?" and I answer, "Hollis," I said, "I'm new. Soph this year. I moved down from Fresno."

"I see, Randy Hollis from Fresno, so like are you Finn's new boyfriend?" and he wasn't being polite in his tone, "I mean you must be a faggot since you're hanging around with the surf faggots of Northside High, oh, sorry Mr. Starr, I didn't mean to involve you."

Gar flipped Snider the bird sans words, lips pursed. This was not a friendly pow-wow. This was the first time that I had ever encountered hostility concerning my sexuality. I can tell you I didn't like it much, but it pissed me off. Maybe I should not have said it, but I did. "Yes, I'm gay and Finn is not by boyfriend, I was thinking of asking you!"

Tensions spiked, "You fucking turd, I ought to!" Snider stepped forward with Dotson and Guthrie, Kaz, Gar and Finn also reacting. I stayed back, uncomfortable, no surprise there, but so did Teel and he looked kind of worried as well. Curious.

"Just cool it Doug, he's just joking, aren't you Randy?!" Kaz glared at me, his hands extended, me standing just behind, "Yea, I'm just a grom, I don't know shit," I glared at Snider.

"A grom? What's that?" Dotson asked. Snider rolled his eyes, "They're stupid surfers dipshit. They have their little lingo. It means a lame surfer or something," and Kaz laughed, "You don't know your asshole from your piehole, Snider."

I kept glancing at Teel, the super hottie that he is but he gave no sign that he was anything but one of Snider's straight sycophants.

"We've got better things to do than to talk to lowlifes. Let's go guys. See you pansies at school. Don't drown in the ocean or anything before school starts!" Doug Snider growled.

We stood back as they passed and started to walk the other direction. When I turned my head, Jonathan Teel had turned his as well. We made ultra-brief eye contact and I wondered why he bothered.

When I turned back, Kaz was in my face, "That was a kook's move grom, taunting him like that, don't ever do that again," Kaz chastised me, "Yes sir," I quickly replied acknowledging his station over me.

We made it to the next tubular water slide and after kind of split up. We agreed to meet over at the water flume log ride in an hour. I excused myself from the group to go find a bathroom being careful not to run into Snider and his jock goons. I ended up near to the park's entrance where they had large dressing rooms and lockers including toilet stalls and urinals.

The room was empty, so I headed inside to the far urinal, shucked down the front of my shorts and pulled out my penis. I was glad he was getting some needed rest, my backdoor too. I chuckled though as I could not count how many times they had both gone into battle in the last 48 hours. I let go of my pee and all of a sudden, who shows up to the urinal at my left, but Jonathan Teel, the J.V. quarterback hottie. I startled a little and kind of glared at him too.

He pulled out his pecker, ignoring me at first until I could not help myself and glanced at his well hung presence. Teel pounced, "bet you want to suck it, don't you, huh faggot?"

I said nothing, head forward, but did get nervous. I shook off my peter and tucked it back inside my shorts, "I SAID, you need to suck my cock, faggot!" Teel repeated, having also finished. He left out his limp cock dangling.

My heart started to pound, "That's not what you asked. You asked if I wanted. What I want is for you to go fuck yourself," I replied. Wow, did I have a death wish or something?

Teel quickly looked behind us, there was nobody. I tried to walk past him, "Oh no you don't!" and grabbing my arm, Teel forced me to the far toilet stall, opened the door and pushed me inside and to my knees.

"I saw you look at me like you wanted lunch. Now do it!" he hissed, his hand gripping my hair. My heart was pounding hard. I remained soft down there so far, and felt trapped. Surely somebody was going to come in and distract Teel.

He leaned over, "I said, DO IT!" and pushed his musty, male groin into my face. I inhaled the sexy aroma and my dick did start to harden, but just then we heard voices. Teel let go of my hair and furiously tucked himself in. I finally could stand up.

What happened next, well, you could have shot me with a cannon shell from just three inches away and I would have been much less surprised. Jonathan Teel put his mouth on mine and he kissed me, hard, just no tongue! The kiss lasted all of three seconds, I know because I counted out each second for some stupid reason and then … he was gone.

Teel fled the stall just before two other boys came into room talking and laughing, I pulled the door shut. I stayed in the stall, sat on the toilet seat, trembling and my mind reeling. One minute, I was just pissing in a public urinal, pretty sure it would be impossible to ever remember such a mundane thing ten minutes later, much less ten years from now. The next, I was sure that I would never forget it. Now I knew what the "wild" really was in Wild Rivers.

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