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Part Four - High School Blues
PJ Franklin <>


Story Summary: Randy Hollis turns sixteen years old, tries out for the high school surf team and has another run-in with football player, Jonathan Teel.

Now there are 5 scientifically proven facts that we all know about groms:

1.They have no souls.
2.They are only good for basic household chores.
3.They have less common sense than an average dolphin.
4.They smell like tar.
5.They like cookies.

* * * * * * * * * *

From Part Three:

What happened next, well, you could have shot me with a cannon shell from just three inches away and I would have been much less surprised. Jonathan Teel put his mouth on mine and he kissed me, hard, just no tongue! The kiss lasted all of three seconds, I know because I counted out each second for some stupid reason and then … he was gone.

Teel fled the stall just before two other boys came into room talking and laughing, I pulled the door shut. I stayed in the stall, sat on the toilet seat, trembling and my mind reeling. One minute, I was just pissing in a public urinal, pretty sure it would be impossible to ever remember such a mundane thing ten minutes, much less ten years from now. The next, I was sure I would never forget it and now I knew what the “wild” really was in Wild Rivers.

Now, Part Four …

I felt stunned and confused at what Jonathan Teel had done to me. I gathered myself, flushed the toilet just for effect and then rushed out of the bathroom to the outdoors, my eyes darting everywhere to make sure that Teel or any of the football goons were not anywhere in sight.

I quickly found a bench and sat so I could think. Just what was Jonathan’s damage? Was he attracted to me? I mean, he kissed me! Yes, he bullied me too, but that didn’t seem nearly as strange. Surely Doug Snider and the other football jocks didn’t know that the guy was gay or bi, had to be. Weird!

So, now what? I stood and started to walk. I had a while to meet up with the other guys at the log flume, but felt so uncomfortable until I happened to spy Finn. He was standing in line at a concession stand. I walked fast until I reached his side,

“Hey grom,” he said and then double-taked, “You OK?” he asked. I guess I didn’t look so good. I should tell Finn what Teel had done, shouldn’t I? Yes, no, yes, I don’t know,  “Yea, just … hungry,” I said deciding not to say anything to him. Finn smiled, “Get anything you want, my treat,” and he ruffled my hair.

Boy that felt good when he did that. Maybe I could relax. Maybe Teel had just been impulsive and stupid. Had to be. Yea, best to just ignore it. I got a burger and fries with a strawberry milkshake and got to eat side-by-side with Finn on a near-by table.

Finn seemed animated and happy as we ate. I was glad for him and his family in my life, that was certain. Finn was far from perfect; but nice to me and sexy as all get out and speaking of sex, all I wanted right then was to find a place by ourselves and have a good long fuck. That would put my head right as far as I was concerned.

“Now what?” Finn looked at me. I tilted my head and silently mouthed the words, “I’m horny,” and he chuckled, “Just be patient,” he said quietly. I smiled, good ol’ Finn. I felt better already.

We all finished the day at Wild Rivers. After Gar dropped Finn and I back at the Ridger house, we spent some of the rest of Sunday evening fending off Finn’s little brother Ryland. Ry was moping and complaining about why we didn’t take him with us to Wild Rivers. I mean he was hacked and gave us both a hard time about it; but it did help me to focus away from Jonathan who I still was thinking about.

To his credit, Finn just put up with his little brother’s verbal and physical mini-abuses. They were harmless and I felt honored that he kind of beat up on me as well. I mean at one point Ry comically spanked our butts with his hand, “Bad groms! Bad groms! Leaving me behind like that!”

In the end, Finn and I cooled Ry off by throwing him into the swim pool and then jumped in after him. Ry seemed to forget about his perceived hurts and with micro-grom Luke, we all had a good time until bedtime Sunday night. That did give Ry another shot at us about sleeping together, which we were going to do no matter what he thought anyway. He said nothing even as he watched us disappear behind Finn’s closed door for the night.

“Get your hot ass over here!” Finn leered at me and boy was I ready or what?

I bounced over to him, right up to his chest and looked up at him, maybe a little too submissively, but what the hell. His hands gathered in my head and then his lips pressed down into mine with a hard kiss. We undressed each other and were off to the sexual Olympics.

Finn just took over like he had not had sex for a year, all over my butthole with his mouth, spanking me, whipping me even with a big leather black belt of his. He made me clean out his hole and then I had to suck his cock for like twenty minutes without stopping. Then Finn fingered out my hole, fucking me with two wet fingers, making me clean them off with my mouth.

But it all came down to ass-fucking, his cock buried deeply inside my ass from behind, doggy style and then a new position we had not done before, ordinary missionary position, my legs up and back. That turned out to be super hot, him looking down at me as he pounded my hole, then leaning over and us mouth sucking as he emptied his load into my ass.

I could have just jacked myself off, but Finn insisted on sucking me off. He shoved one finger up my butt as he did, molesting my boy gland at just the right time; he made me blow my load with a hard and satisfying orgasm. We showered and cuddled in his bed afterward, the perfect end to the near-perfect day. Jonathan who?

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Monday and Labor Day proper, we did take Ry with us on our surf safari to Hermosa Beach. He seemed to totally forget about the prior day’s hurt and it scored Finn big ass points with mom and dad. It was less difficult to fend off intrusive thoughts about Jonathan Teel, but not entirely. He was on my mind off and on the whole day and may have been somewhat responsible for at least one wipeout with a more difficult wave or two.

Because I surfed regular (left foot forward) I would usually prefer frontside surfing (facing the wave) on right breaking waves (the break of the curl from the surfer’s point of view.) Surfing a left breaking wave would confuse me, forcing me to surf backside (my back to the wave) and I would usually wipe out early, but I was a little better at it today. Finn noticed and high-fived my efforts.

I so much did not want to get stuck in the non-competitive general surfing class the entire school year at my new high school with mostly just kooks who were not serious about making the surf team. I was very serious. Finn would not say, but what I suspected was that performing consistent backside technique would make the surf coach at Northside High School hard pressed to not put me on at least on the junior varsity surfing “B” team after try-outs.

A few waves that day broke both directions from the middle. I caught one with Finn once that day. He surfs regular but he took that wave backside to his left and I took it frontside to my right making some really good turns. It was so awesome. We met after the closeout near the shoreline and high-fived with hoots and hollers. He was more excited for me than I was actually.

Then I watched as Finn, Kaz, Greg and especially Gar all were all like doing massive cutbacks and catching air time after time on their short boards, frontside and backside. It just made me drool and want to learn enough to maybe get to that level some day.

I’ll tell you one thing, later that day Ry latched onto me with horseplay in the sand off and on the whole time even with Finn near-by. OK, he didn’t DO anything, but there was this vibe and well, I don’t know. Apparently the Jonathan Teel thing still had me all fucked up, imagining things that simply were not there.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next week, there was back to school madness and chaos managed well however by my new grommom, Mickey Ridger. She was a magical second mom. I went back to work at the Bluefin café the next weekend and did not party and was a good boy all weekend long.

My first few weeks at my new school, Northside High in the Huntington Beach Union High School District was exciting, totally rad at times and totaling terrifying at the same time. New faces all around, me a soph and everyone flips shit at a new soph. The juniors and seniors scowled at me, the non-surf guys I mean.

I would see Doug Snider and his troop of football Neanderthals including Jonathan and walk the other way; but I could not escape him all the time because we shared two class periods together, an English writing class with Mr. Martz and social studies with Ms. Hafner.

Even then I tried to avoid eye contact with Jonathan, but some was going to be inevitable. We avoided speaking to each other, however. I just hoped that he had forgotten about what he had done at Wild Rivers and that would be fine with me. Otherwise, outside of those two classes, Jonathan hung out with the football jocks on one side of the cafeteria and I with the surf jocks on the other.

High school just takes over a guy’s life and did mine. Mama Nadine made me cut my work hours way far down at the Bluefin café so I could concentrate on school. Greg swooped up those hours and then some. Sparky put Greg to work at the surf shop in place of Garrett Starr who was now starting to gallivant up and down the California coast from Newport clear up to Santa Cruz surfing and representing his sponsors. I was so happy for Gar, happy for Greg as well, but there was more.

Greg had picked up the phone one night when my dad had called for me. Hell, I never even got to talk to my own dad, Greg and dad talked for like hours instead! I talked to mom later and she said that dad was talking to Greg as he might have with Shaun. I knew that Greg did not have a father figure, so it fit and I was really happy for both Greg and dad.

Funny thing though, after he and dad talked, suddenly Greg started to get on me about my room, cleaning it up and shit. He would make me clean other stuff up. Oh, he was cleaning too. Just what seed had my dad planted in Greg’s brain?

In a way I think Greg was trying in his own way to replace some of Shaun’s energy. I choose to take it that way and let Greg have his way with Gar’s place and made sure to play my role as “little brother grom,” never quite doing what Greg wanted exactly when he wanted it.

Then there was my sixteenth birthday party during week two of school in the early part of September. Oh sweet sixteen! It was a surprise party all right. Dad and mom had told me they could not come and would send me my birthday presents. Well, surprise-surprise, they showed up and I got a little mist-eyed and then again when dad gave me my birthday present, my very first car, a used Honda Civic. I was so geeked and proud of that car. Everyone was there, even Gar who gave me a ton of branded surfing stuff no doubt collected from sponsors.

Next was my birthday spanking. I got to choose who among many qualified, but in the end I chose Greg. Greg was after all my “house mom” at Gar’s place and I had to respect that so he was the one that I chose to embarrass me in front of everyone by spanking me over his knee. He gave me sixteen spanks and of course one to grow on, but he called it “one to surf on.”

Later on Gar sidled up to me and said he had an extra gift to give me in bed that night. He was home in Huntington Beach for once and I did not pass up the opportunity to get a load of pro surfer Garrett Starr sperm buried deep into my grateful grom ass that night, an extra birthday present to be sure.

The best part of my birthday, however, was my dad, Leo Hollis meeting Mike Ridger and my mom, Claire Hollis meeting my grommom, Mickey Ridger. They all talked a long time together, and dad seemed to really enjoy himself. Yes! Maybe Mike could put some umph behind my effort to get my parents to move to Huntington Beach from Fresno some day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Northside high school surf team tryouts happened a week after my birthday party. I guess given my prior summer surfing experience with Shaun, Greg and Gar and then meeting and spending time with Finn Ridger that it was a done deal for me, wasn’t it?  I mean Finn was the J.V. crew chief for God’s sake. He and I were tight in ways that few boys could match. Didn’t that count?

Joining the 6:45AM general surfing class open to anyone at Northside High was just a formality, wasn’t it? It was after all the only path to try out for the school surf team for those not already on the prior year’s squads. I had even begun hanging out with some guys during the class who were also trying out.

It was like we figured that among the twenty or so guys that might be good enough to at least make the “B” J.V. squad that we all were the most likely candidates. Shoe-ins if you will. Besides me, there was Jordy Carter, Skip Thomas, Jonah Moore, Conner Nash and Matt Zuziak. Matt and I hit it off especially well for some reason and I would spend time with him at his house some days after school.

Coach Vardon ran the try outs that Thursday morning class along with Finn assisting him. That was great as far as I was concerned and especially that Matt told me that Coach usually would let the crew chief make one pick on his own. Finn would have my back, wouldn’t he?

I even thought the weather had my name on it, rightside breaking SW and SSW swells. I would be able to drop in on 2-3 ankle biters, maybe even strut my new backside abilities. I was a little worried that besides the guys I hung with another fourteen or so guys were competing for spots. Still, no problem for me, right?

We did our thing out in the surf that morning. I wasn’t at all sure how well I had done. I kept looking at Finn for any sign; but every time I did, he seemed preoccupied elsewhere. Finally the try-outs were done and it was time for Coach Vardon to announce who had cracked the J.V. at the end of the class. He started to read from his clipboard,

“Jordy Carter, Skip Thomas, Jonah Moore,” those three lucky boys of my acquaintance hooped, hollered and high-fived each other as they stepped to the front next to Coach Vardon and Finn. I had to admit that those three were shoe-ins. Three to go as I looked enviously at the three happy boys and then looked at Finn again. Again, Finn’s face remained flat with no indication if I had made it or not.

“OK, the last three are Conner Nash … Matt Zuziak,” and I held my breath as Conner and Matt rushed to the front and high-fived the first three,  “and the last … Kelly Smith.”

Kelly was a good surfer and as he rushed to the front, I tried to feel glad for him instead of really disappointed for myself. I tried to reason that I had done my best to try out for the surf team, but just was not good enough. It still hurt. I tried not to show it, but I was also upset with Finn even if I didn’t have the right to be.

As class ended, Matt and the other guys did rally around me, told me I would eventually succeed and that made me feel good. I had driven out to the break that morning with Finn and a couple other guys, all of whom who had not made the team as well. Finn dropped us all off at school.

I sat in Finn’s Land Rover a long moment before I got out, just sat there, “You’ll have another chance,” Finn said, “Sure,” I said smiling, but not feeling happy at all, “You coming over after school?” he asked. I wanted to bitch him out, but that would have been wrong, “Sure,” I said, still not smiling and got out of Finn’s car.

I did end up at the Ridger house after school, the sting of that morning still bothering me. Mickey sympathized and Ry seemed just as upset as I was, which surprised and pleased me. When Finn showed up, Ry gave Finn an earful about not picking me, “What’s wrong with you not picking Randy?” and Finn took Ry’s comment without reacting.

Later on by ourselves in Finn’s room, Finn explained, “Honestly Randy, Coach said you’re not ready yet and I agree with him. Just keep surfing,” he said to me. I sat on the floor glumly, “Whatever,” maybe throwing Finn a little attitude when I knew he was right, “You pissed at me?” he asked. I shrugged. “Maybe a little,” I finally admitted and smacked Finn in his arm with my fist, kind of hard.

He smiled and rubbed the spot, “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” and that made me smile, “I want to spank you, there I said it,” even if I really was kidding.

Finn had been sitting by me. He sat up, turned, pushed down his shorts and bent over the side of the bed, “OK, spank me.” I sat up and looked at Finn. Now I felt like a brat, but there was Finn’s bare butt and I could not resist. I spanked Finn with my hand, as hard as I could, putting my arm into it for a good twenty slaps before I stopped. Naturally, Finn looked unperturbed.

“Feel better?” he asked me, “Yea,” I said smiling and I did feel better and resolved to keep surfing. Finn was a good sport about it all and did not make fun of me, nor blame me for feeling badly.

Later that afternoon I returned home to Gar’s house ending up at Sparky’s surf shop. Greg was working with Sparky that afternoon. I called home to Fresno from the shop and told dad that I had not made the team. Dad was great and told me that it did not matter and that he was proud of me and loved me.

Greg told me I needed to surf as much as possible to catch up to the boys who had made the team because they had been surfing a lot longer than me. He was right. That would mean sticking with the regular high school surf class three days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as surfing on Tuesday and Thursday as much as possible.

Greg offered to take me on Tuesday mornings before the shop opened and Sparky insisted that he would try and find someone to help teach me on Thursday as well. It felt good to have good friends who cared. I really did want to get better.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day at school started out great. I made it to lunchtime. Matt and the other guys who had made the surf team made sure I joined the surf jocks in the cafeteria and kept me in their circle. Made me feel great. Then after lunch, it was time for English writing class, Mr. Martz, and yes, Jonathan Teel was present.

All seemed well until the class started and Mr. Martz announced, “We are going to do tandem writing today. You each will partner up, one will start by writing the first paragraph and then you will exchange paragraphs, back and forth. Each paragraph must connect in some way with the first,” and then he announced the partners by pairs ending with, “Jonathan, you and Randy will partner.”

I looked at Jonathan and he at me and we at Mr. Martz, “Um, Mr. Martz, could I have a different partner?” Jonathan asked Mr. Martz and I quickly agreed, “Yes, Mr. Martz, please, a different partner,” at which point Jonathan and I glared at each other.

“Is there a problem between you boys that I am not aware? I see no reason to change partners,” Mr. Martz looked at us both a little sternly.

It was obvious to both of us that we should not be airing our grievances to Mr. Martz, “No sir,” Jonathan replied and I had to agree. I moved over next to Jonathan, “You start,” Jonathan said with pursed lips, so I did:

“Jim decided to go surfing that morning. He brought along his long board and after reaching the break paddled out to the line-up. The swells were rolling in briskly and using his regular footing, dropped in on several nice four footers. He kept paddling out again and again as the surfing was really good that day.”

I gave it to Jonathan, who read it, and then smirked at me and started to write. After a while he gave it back to me. His paragraph read:

“Jim failed to see that a shark was lurking nearby. Suddenly Jim wished he was not surfing and playing football instead because surfing was turning out to be not only lame, but also dangerous. Jim was about to go back to shore and forget surfing to play football when the shark bit off his foot. Jim made it back to shore and had to go to the emergency room, crippled from lame surfing.”

What a shithead. I was not going to put up with Teel’s insults. My next paragraph followed:

“Jim got an artificial foot at the emergency room. Maybe surfing was not as safe as he thought. So Jim decided to play football instead. He did, but on the first play of his first game, he was tackled which fractured his spine. Now Jim not only had an artificial foot, but he was in a wheel chair partially paralyzed. Jim wheeled himself out to the end of the pier to look longingly at the ocean wishing he had never played football.”

There, that would put Jonathan in his place, I handed the paper back to him. He wrote more:

“As Jim watched the waves, he finally got it through his thick skull that surfing with sharks in the ocean was insane and that he needed to get out of there; but just then, a giant wave washed up onto the pier and about drown poor Jim who barely escaped in his wheelchair. The moral to the story is that football rocks and surfing is stupid.”

I felt my face redden. I glared at Jonathan and wrote:

“How can football rock? It was how Jim got stuck in a wheelchair. Apparently football has warped your pathetic mind and you need to shut up and get a real life somewhere.”

I handed it back to Jonathan who turned as red in the face as I did, wrote something and handed it back to me:

“Fuck off Hollis. You are an idiot and everyone says so.”

My retort: “Fuck off yourself Teel,” and then Mr. Martz intercepted our paper. His face was now very red as he read our tandem writing project and the next thing we knew, we were sitting outside of Vice Principal Henry’s office glaring at each other.

Mr. Henry made us stand side-by-side as he read our creative writing, “This is entirely inappropriate boys. You are both suspended for the rest of the day. You are to take these parent referrals home and I expect you back tomorrow morning for a detention period.”

“I have surfing class,” I complained, “I have football practice,” Jonathan complained and Mr. Henry grabbed the paddle from its wall nail, “And I have a paddle to warm up your butts if you both prefer and you will both still get detention!”

That got us at least out of Mr. Henry’s office, as far as the hallway, “What’s your damage Teel?” I confronted Jonathan from close up, “I can’t stand the sight of you, Hollis!” we got nose-to-nose.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with that at Wild Rivers, asshole!” I responded and kids started to stare as our voices rose.

“Fuck off Hollis!” he pushed me, “Go fuck yourself, Teel!” I pushed him. I swung at Jonathan and missed. He swung at me and missed and by then we were hustled back into Mr. Henry’s office by an adult staff.

I really enjoyed watching Jonathan get five bare butt paddle licks from Mr. Henry, hard ones. Made his eyes pretty red. He yelped just a little. Then it was my turn. My five hard paddle licks hurt like fucking hell and made my eyes water. Jonathan seemed to enjoy my discomfort. We were made to leave school with our augmented parent reports so that we would not run into each other.

As I made my way back to the Ridger house that day after school I was, needless to say, very upset and so angry with Jonathan Teel. What an asshole! But I had bigger problems now. I had to give Mr. Henry’s report about my suspension and fighting behavior with Jonathan to Mike Ridger who would most likely call my dad. Now Finn would likely find out and might be angry with me for not telling him about Jonathan’s behavior at Wild Rivers in the first place. Fuck.

Well, that is what happened. Finn stood there glaring at me as I had to explain my history with Jonathan from the beginning. Mike was not happy with me fighting at school with Jonathan and yes, I had to call dad who was displeased as well, but understood how I felt, “Are you going to ask Mike to punish me?” I then asked my dad who had spanked me a time or two when I was younger.

Dad sighed, “Well, what do you think should happen, son?” Dad asked me. I hated when he did that. I did not want to decide if I should be punished or not. If I chose wrongly, I would look and feel unwise or immature or something. I sighed, “I guess I went overboard and should have told Finn or Mike or you. Instead I let things get out of hand. I guess I need to be punished,” I concluded.

“I’m very proud of you Randy. These things are not easy to decide,” Dad said and we ended the call with shared, “I love you.”

I told Mike and Finn what dad and I had talked about. I said I would take any punishment decided by either of them, yes, including Finn who I should have trusted or at least Gar, Greg or anyone in my life at Huntington Beach who cared about me and not kept it to myself.

Mike sighed, “You two have a good relationship. Finn, I’m going to leave this to you, but be careful and not go overboard, OK?”

“Yea dad,” Finn said solemnly and Mike nodded and left, “To my room,” Finn said and I went. When the door closed I faced Finn, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you Finn. I should have. I thought I could handle Jonathan. I was wrong.”

He sat on his bedside and pursed his lips, “Come here, sit,” he said and I did. By the time I sat down at Finn’s side, I was feeling badly, not for me, but for Finn actually, “I didn’t like you for awhile after I didn’t make the team. I thought you should have picked me at least,” I confessed.

“Randy, it killed me that I couldn’t. You were not ready. I hated not to do it, but neither could I say that. I needed to do my job and not take sides, don’t you understand that?”

Now I REALLY felt bad, “Yea, I know,” and I sighed. He slipped his arm behind my shoulders, “It’s your first time in a new school. Jonathan really surprised you. I understand, OK?”

I nodded, “Are you going to punish me? And please don’t ask me to decide,” I said.

“Yes, I am. You should have known better and should have trusted any number of people in your life who love you Randy and I include myself in that.”

I finally felt right about it, “Yea, I think you should too, really hard and painful,” I said in a whisper. Finn nodded, “I’m getting the hairbrush, bare your butt,” he said.

I bared my butt and Finn fetched the hairbrush and then put me over his knee and make no mistake, he blistered my ass long, hard and uncomfortably. He made me stand in a corner afterwards and nurse an unrequited erection that I was not going to be allowed to touch that evening.

I promised Finn that I would not jack off over his paddling me back in my bed at Gar’s as well and I did not. I also had to promise to never withhold informing him or my other supporters of the kind of trauma I experienced from Jonathan or from anyone else into the future. That was easy to promise.

Finn dropped me off at Gar’s shortly thereafter. I hugged and kissed him, thanking him for caring. Finn hugged me back, kissed the top of my head and told me to sleep good. I did tell Greg later everything that had happened. He said it was a good thing Finn already gave me a paddling or he would have and that was that.

Things got hectic. There was school, homework, and morning surf classes as planned. On weekends for the next few weeks I was going with my surf team buddies to the Friday night varsity football games whether they were at our home field at Northside or on the opponent’s field. Besides enjoying the games with my buds, my other goal at the games was to avoid running into Jonathan Teel. It worked most of the time and when we did see each other, we each were with our surfer or football player posses and just glared at each other. Fun.

On Saturday mornings the Ridgers would pick me up and we’d go wherever the Northside High surf team was competing to cheer them on and then stay and do some surfing ourselves afterwards and then Saturday evenings I spent with Finn and Ry or maybe with Matt and Jordy and the boys. On Sundays it was much the same minus following the surf team with occasional stints working at the Bluefin café with mama Nadine or at Sparky’s surf shop with Greg.

Matt, Jordy and the other new surf team members complained to me that they had been royally hazed by the senior surf squad including Finn, the yearly initiation of new surf team members. They were duty bound not to tell me the details, too bad for me.

I wished I had seen it, hell, I wished that I had been there with them because I was on the team. They all said if I ever made it onto the team, they would pass the favor on to me themselves. I gave them permission to not do that, but knew they would keep their promise. I hoped the time would come that they could.

* * * * * * * * * *

Surfing is not a water sport altogether free of injury. Surfing waves over a sandy bottom affords some safety in modest conditions, but not entirely. Wipe out at the Wedge in Newport Beach with strong winds and high swells and that sandy bottom venue turns into what feels like and acts like concrete if a surfer is driven forcefully into it, especially headfirst.

Then there are the bolder rock and coral reef-bottomed breaks that are many times more dangerous than sand bottoms. Surfers can be easily injured, bloodied up and on rare occasion killed, especially at places like the infamous Mavericks break at Half Moon Bay, California.

One Thursday evening, about three weeks after tryouts, I was at Gar’s doing homework. Greg had just served up tacos, his specialty. After dinner, he and I were watching a surfing documentary on T.V. about the best damn surfer in the world at the time, twenty-four year old Kelly Slater. Slater had just won his third in a row world surfing championship and he was hot, very hot in my eyes (I mean to look at.)

I was staring at Slater doing things I knew I would never do on a surfboard of any kind when there was a knock on the door. Greg got up to answer it. I heard his and maybe two other muffled voices and looked over. Greg finally looked back at me, “Hey meathead, what did you do now? Get your ass over here!” he said sternly. What the fuck?

I got up, confused, and just as I reached the door Greg opened the door wide. Into the house poured Finn, and the entire J.V. “B” team crewmembers including Matt, Jordy and the rest. I just stood there dumbfounded.

“Grom! Get dressed, you’re coming with us!” Finn said kind of angrily actually. I looked at everyone. They all looked pissed at me.

“What’s going on? Finn?” I said nervously and there was this long silent moment, then Finn said, “Kelly went and broke his ankle this morning at J.V. practice. Coach called me and said to tell you, you’re on the J.V. team now.”

My mouth dropped open and the place erupted in cheers and high fives. I felt sorry for Kelly, but stuff happens, “I want to call my dad!” I said, my eyes a little watery. Dad gave a yelp and enjoyed the moment with me, asked me when my first competition would be. I asked Finn and after he told me, I told dad, “I’ll be there son, I’m so proud of you,” and I sighed, “Love you dad.” Mom got on the phone after that, she got a little teary sounding and all and told me Shaun would have been proud.

“Well, where are we going?” I asked and then looked at Matt and Jordy. They smirked, “Time to pay your dues Hollis!” They were going to haze me!

“Oh, I can’t! I have homework!” I protested grinning ear-to-ear. Well, it was eight versus one at that point and I was easily ushered out the front door and into Finn’s Land Rover for a quick trip that included Greg over to the high school in the middle of the night, my new teammates giving me all sorts of threats and shit about what they were going to do to me by myself.

I mean it sounded gross, almost like when Gar and Greg hazed me at the grommet pole the prior summer. When we got there, however, all my new J.V. crew teammates stood with me outside of the closed double doors into the locker room and my doom as Finn and Greg disappeared behind the doors.

“Why are you guys out here?” I asked, “Well, since you’re such a pussy, we’re going to do it with you, Hollis, OK?” Matt teased me. I blushed and was speechless.

“OK, lets rip this shit, again!” Matt said a bit sarcastically and then with my teammates, I put on a solemn face, our fists to the center of our tight circle and chanted a group theme that the boys had cooked up a few weeks before, “J.V. crew do it in the surf! Ugh!” we shouted loudly and then opened the double doors and walked in.

We were greeted by buckets of cold water drenching us, soaking us like a wipe out down at the beach. Appropriate. Finn, Greg and a good five other varsity senior surfers descended upon us, “Strip! Get naked now you worthless grom pieces of shit! Move it!” hooting and hollering from all around us. We stripped naked of our soaked clothes in the din of noise.

“Drop groms and give us fifty surf-ups, do it now!” Finn shouted at us.

A surf-up is actually a push-up followed seamlessly by a pop up to your feet, a useful exercise to practice the muscles used to pop up onto the surface of your board for catching waves. Fifty was a bit much but it was hazing after all.

Finn, Greg and the senior boys verbally and physically harassed us the whole time, pushing us side-ways to the floor interrupting the push-up part, slapping and pinching our butts, legs, arms and torsos.

There was other humiliating shit after that. I was in the middle of the pack, all of us pressed together groins to asses. As a group we all had to pretend to be fucking the guy in front of you as the guy in back did the same to you. I was in danger of boning up, but managed not too.

Then we had to try and balance all of us on just one wobbly surfboard on a big mushy wrestling mat and suffer falling off again and again on top of each other. We all sort of liked that one. The older boys laughed and continued good-natured verbal harassments.

At the last, we had to each crawl through the “barrel,” an obvious reference to a wave tube or barrel, only this time it was through the spread legs of the lined up seniors, Greg and Finn at the last. One by one we crawled. We were pinched, slapped, spanked, all over, our faces, torsos, nipples, asses and thighs.

They played grab-ass on us and yes, grab-nuts on our balls. We had our cocks tugged on and yes I was in danger of boning up yet again, but somehow still did not. I do recall that when I came to Finn, he gave me a big smirk, slapped my ass extra hard a couple of times, and about tore one nipple off. I screeched and got the hell away from his grabby paws.

“All right, we’re done with you maggots, now get the hell out of our locker room!” Finn barked at us. Me and my new J.V. “B” mates high-fived and cheered each other, grabbed our wet clothes, wrung them out the best we could and put them back on before we left.

“Come on guys, my place, let’s party!” Matt suggested. I went with them of course and enjoyed the rest of the surprise evening, totally stoked and looking forward to my first surf competition that coming weekend. I had the high school blues for awhile, but finally, I made the team!

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