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Part 8 - Spring Break In Hawaii
PJ Franklin <>


“He won’t listen to me Randy, please talk to him about Kai, ASAP!” Finn pleaded with me. This was way weird and truly a first. Finn Ridger, my J.V. surf team captain and a ripper of a surfer whom I truly admired actually seemed kind of hapless and was asking for my help.

“Finn, how do you know he’ll listen to me even? Ry is his own guy you know. If he and Kai want to fuck, we can’t stop them. Besides, I don’t even know this Kai, who is he?” I said just to get Finn’s take as I already knew a little about the kid.

“I know his big brother Von. Von is a jerk and treats girls like crap,” Finn explained. Von? Did I know a Von? Oh yea, Von Haplock, a really good surfer from a rival high school.

“You mean Von Haplock has a little brother?” I asked. Ry had told me that although he had lost a few friends over his coming out at the school assembly that he had gained a few allies as well, Kai Haplock apparently being one of them.

“We made him promise to let us check out any guy who wanted to get into his pants before he could …  well, you know,” and then Finn’s speech halted. You’d think that us three being in Finn’s bedroom together basically having sex, well, Finn watching me making out with his little brother would spare everyone from this sort of strangeness. Well, we were not spared when it came to guys from outside of our little family.

“Yea we did, but even then I suspected he would just go off and do his own thing Finn. Besides, it’s barely been a week, what could they have done on such short notice?” I razzed Finn knowing good and well that Ry and this kid could have fucked ten times by now.

Finn rolled his eyes, “You’re his big brother, just shut up and just do it, OK?” Finn smirked, “Fine,” I said rolling my eyes back at him, but with a grin of satisfaction as being Ry’s other big brother apparently had real substance now.

The question was when Ry or I would have time to talk. Spring break was now less than a week away and that meant the big surf safari to Hawaii and everyone was super busy getting ready for it. Big brother counseling would have to wait until maybe there was time for me to corral Ry during the trip, just not before.

My mom and dad, all of the Ridger family, Greg Majors, Garrett Starr, Adam Kazwell and his dad as well as a couple of the other senior guys and their families were all around me on the flight over to Honolulu. I had been sitting next to Greg for about an hour into the flight. The seat-belt sign was off and the flight attendants were preparing to serve drinks and food.

Suddenly there was Ry standing next to Greg, tapping him on the shoulder, “Hey Greg, mind if I sit next to Randy for a while, I need to talk to him.” This surprised even me. Greg of course switched seats and Ry sat down, “What’s up bud?” I asked.

“I know Finn is not happy about Kai,” he started, “Tell me about Kai,” I said relieved that Ry had taken the bull by the horns on his own. Ry explained that fourteen-year-old Kai Haplock had been one of the first boys to congratulate Ry on coming out. This was great for Ry; but as Ry talked, it seemed that Kai and my Garrett Starr might have a lot in common.

For one, Kai was a way better than average surfer. For another and like big brother Von, Kai was known to be hot for girls; but unlike Von and much more like Garrett Starr, Kai seemed to want to retain friendships with guys for sex, yes, even at fourteen. I could see now why Finn wanted to feel cautious about Kai in Ry’s life.

“I know he likes girls. He told me. Then he suggested we get down and dirty together,” Ry explained. I grinned, “He thinks you’re hot Ry, that’s a good thing, right?”

“To hear Finn, he thinks it’s a bad thing,” Ry sighed a little, “He doesn’t want you to get hurt, that’s all Ry. You know about me and Garrett Starr don’t you?” and Ry nodded, “Gar is bi-sexual, but you guys have had sex,” Ry replied, “A lot,” I acknowledged, “but I would never consider Gar for a boyfriend,” I explained.

“But I’m not looking for a boyfriend,” Ry went on, “Sometimes Ry, it just happens even if you don’t want it too. Did I ever tell you about Rory Lind?” and of course he had not. I told him about Rory, how I was sure he would have had me for a boyfriend in a second if I had not been aware of how much I did not want Rory as a boyfriend.

“I didn’t think of that. Finn doesn’t explain things like you do, he just gets pissed and jumps to conclusions,” Ry said, “Oh, don’t be so hard on him Ry. He loves you, maybe too much, huh?”

Ry smiled, “Yea, I guess. I am a little worried that Kai has slept around for awhile and with who knows.”

I ruffled my little brother’s hair, “That’s right. I love Gar as a brother, Ry. We’ve slept together and fucked and I’m OK with that, but I’m not the only guy Gar screws around with. Still, I don’t feel used. You never want to feel used Ry, it’s the worst feeling in the world or so I’m told.”

“Yea, mom has told me about that, before she and dad met. I feel better now. I’d feel more better if I knew more about sex and stuff so guys like Kai can’t take unfair advantage.”

I grinned, “That’s my bro, good thinking,” I walked right into his clever little trap, “Speaking of which, big brother; how about you and I spend some quality time together in Hawaii, just you and me?” he grinned. How could I resist, “Done,” I smiled.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh glorious Honolulu and especially the North Shore, an international surfing heaven! Our big group had rented a bunch of condos near the Turtle Bay Hilton off of the tip of Kahuku Point as our base camp. From there the week started by searching for breaks compatible with a wide variety of our collective surfing abilities. We would end up at places like the famed Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Chun’s Reef, Sunset Beach and Haleiwa Beach Park.

Two days of intense surfing up and down Oahu’s North Shore, bodies aching and skin seemingly slathered 24/7 with layers of sun screen, we all boarded an intra-island jet bound for the island of Maui and yes, the famous (or infamous) Jaws break. We’re not talking about the movie “Jaws” with the horrifically big white shark, but may as well have been.

Like the Wedge near our home break in California or like Mavericks further north at Half Moon Bay, the surf at Jaws was really massive those two days. By massive, I mean high and intense. Surfers measure the size of waves either by actual height in feet or by comparing a wave’s height to a six-foot tall surfer. The problem with numerical measurements is that an eight-foot wave in Florida might be the same as a four-foot wave in Hawaii or a six-foot wave in California.

Comparisons to a six-foot tall surfer are easier. That is where the terms ankle biter, knee high, waist high, head-high, 2-foot overhead and triple overhead come in handy. The surf at Jaws in Maui was better than triple overhead. My dad and I, Ry and quite a few others just watched from the sandy beaches sparing our lives from drowning and instead enjoyed watching Gar, Finn and Kaz drop in on the giant glassy turquoise Jaws tubes, one after the other.

Returning to Oahu, us mere amateurs got in a lot more surfing. Even my dad was stellar and he fit in with Mike Ridger and the other surf dads and worked his ass off to learn how to get up and surf on a longboard. Talk about proud. I got to be in a line up with my dad, catching waves, high-fiving with him and the other surf dads, Mike and Kaz’s dad as well.

Meanwhile, back up on the sandy beach lounging under giant umbrellas my mom, Claire, was made an official grommom as she and Mickey ruled the sands with the other grommoms as much as we men and boys ruled the surf. It was just so great to have my parents along for the trip!

Oh, but it got better. Surfing is a very physical sport and even the best of us tired about halfway through the week and that meant less surfing and more carousing. Gar and Kaz secreted in booze and weed of course. My dad and Mike might have cows if they found out so that made me kind of paranoid, Finn as well until we caught his dad Mike and mine, yes, Leo Hollis, sharing a doobie!

There we stood, Finn and I, hands on hips scowling at Mike Ridger and Leo Hollis. Mike was sucking down a toke and then passed it to my dad. I didn’t even know my dad knew what a doobie was much less actually witness him inhaling his own toke.

“Don’t tell the moms boys,” Mike said, “Yea, be cool guys,” my dad said as I stared at my pops. I looked at Finn, “Come on, let’s go get stoned,” and waited for dad to respond. He did, “Have a good time boys,” and we shook our heads, Finn and I.

After making sure that Ry was safely busy out of sight having fun with a couple of other same-aged kids, Finn and I found the rest of the gang and partook. We got drunk and stoned, all of us, me, Finn, Greg, Gar and Kaz. Things got physical, real physical. There was wrestling in the sand around the bonfire. We played grab-ass, grab-balls, grab a dick, anyone’s, it did not matter.

At one point Greg stood up, “Hey Hollis you hot grom, come here, I want to suck your dick!”

My head was spinning and my dick so hard by then. I stumbled and weaved my way over to Greg and he was on his knees and gave me this shit-eating grin and right there, right there on the beach around that fire, the light of the flames bouncing off of the tall palms he went down on me like for the first time ever.

Gar went down on Kaz right next to me and fucking straight Kaz sucked my face as Greg sucked me! Jesus! Finn got behind me and kneeling, he started to eat out my ass. I had hot boys at my face, my ass and my dick. Hands were everywhere. Greg tired after a bit, no problem. He stood and kind of changed places with me and I went down on him as he face-fucked Kaz. That was a combination I thought I would never ever see.

The weed-stoked orgy moved indoors, that and more booze into our stomachs. Now it was open season on our holes, Finn’s and mine. At one point we were mouth sucking side-by-side on our tummies as Kaz ass-fucked Finn and Greg ass-fucked me. Gar, the lucky bastard was ass-fucking Kaz for God’s sake in a fucking daisy chain.

I was in grom bitch heaven. I was everyone’s grom bitch that night. Somebody decided it was a good idea to tie me up, wrist and ankle, feed me more beer and fuck my mouth and ass in the middle of the room, one after another until I could not tell whose fucking dick was in my mouth or in my ass.

The belt was featured as well. The boys all took turns lighting me up some. Gar traded licks with Finn, Kaz and Greg and everyone but Finn let me have a turn at their hot rears,

“Later grom, later,” Finn’s smirk drawing a lot of hoots and hollers. I just grinned big and said nothing. Maybe I would get yet another chance to whip on Finn’s ass just like I did before the Thanksgiving holiday last year.

I gave hand jobs to Kaz and Finn at the same time and then everyone made me try to stand up on a table and flog my dick and shoot off my load in my drunken haze. I was so drunk that I started to fall, but they caught me and then pounced and spanked me, hard with their hands, beat my ass raw this time and then I was their little fuck toy for like two more hours.

I guess I passed out from booze and fatigue because when I awoke, it was like 3AM and very quiet. I needed to pee and made my way outside into the beautiful Hawaiian night. There standing by himself was Kaz taking a leak. What a hunk of boy. Too bad he was straight.

I lumbered over to him. He was finishing up, “Hey grom,” he smiled. I smiled, “Hey,” and felt bashful all of a sudden. He stood there as I drained my snake and then I walked a ways toward the beach and then sat down in the sand thinking I would be alone.

Then at my side, Kaz dropped and sat with me, kind of closely, “So, did all of that gross you out tonight?” I asked him, “Randy, I’ve been surfing since I was five. My first lay was at eleven with this chick of like fourteen who had no idea how to please a boy. I ended up jerking off onto her titties. My next lay was with an older woman about thirty when I was only fourteen. Now she was a good lay. I learned how to eat pussy. I’ve fucked cheerleaders and a couple of the guys’ moms.”

“You are kidding, their moms?” I grinned and he said, “Nope and they loved it,” and then he looked at me,

“Let’s see, Tonight I fucked you and Gar fucked me. It hurt but you know what? I figure that sometimes if it hurts you learn something and do it again or avoid it. I don’t know. All I know is I’ve enjoyed your company Randy, you’re a quality guy and a damn good surfer. I figure you’re a ripper now,” and he offered me a shaka and then a fist bump and those two things to me were like championship trophies coming from Kaz.

I didn’t think I was a ripper. I thought maybe the weed, booze and good feelings kind of make Kaz say those nice things, but at least I knew that he had a good heart and good intensions.

Finn was now squatting behind us, arms around my shoulders, “Sup, guys?” he said, leaned over and kissed my cheek and then looked at Kaz, “What, no kiss for me?” Kaz said and Finn smiled and kissed him as well when suddenly Finn started to shake me like a rag doll,

“Ripper huh?” apparently Finn had been very close behind us when Kaz gave me the compliment, “Well, maybe it’s about time you got you some of me on this trip,” he said pretty confidently.

“No shit?” I smiled, “No shit,” he said and Kaz chuckled, “You deserve it grom so go get you some,” he said and stood, brushed off sand and wandered down the beach by himself. Finn motioned for me to follow him back to the condo and I did. I sure had enjoyed the few moments I had topped Finn in the past. Any more would be a primo bonus!

As we walked into the condo and then into an empty bedroom, I was trying to get my head around the whole ripper compliment, “Kaz was really cool to call me a ripper, but I’m not a ripper or at least I don’t rip like you guys or especially not Gar.”

Finn sat and me next to him, “You know my mom wants to adopt you,” he said ignoring my comment and I got to appreciate his instead, “I’d like to think my parents would put up a fight for me,” I replied with a grin, “but maybe they wouldn’t.”

I sighed and then it hit me, just a little bit of gentle remembrance, “It’s like, you kind of took a little of Shaun’s place in my life. So did Gar and Greg for sure some, all of you,” and then I tried to stop with the damned sentimentality, it was going to ruin the moment for God’s sake.

“Yea, well, time’s a wasting. You won’t be a grom forever around here you know, but you’ve moved up to J.V., paid your dues. The guys all respect you,” and I faked a huge glare at him for fear of feeling the loss of something that I had grown to love, actually,

“Now you’ve gone too far. I like being a grom. I’m going to be one forever, so shut the fuck up!”

Finn nodded, “Right on, so come on. Let’s get busy!”

We stood and pressed into each other still fully clothed and kissed, hard. Finn uttered a low growl; but my growl matched his, my hard cock pressed into his. Mind you, by now we were not drunk, nor stoned and the kiss broke,

“Come on Hollis, give me all you got, snake my ass you hot little shit!” he dared.

There were clothes flying off of our bodies to all over the room. It wasn’t like we were at home and had to keep our bedrooms tidy. I spied a leather belt, lurched to grab it and then took my catch to the bed, stood him up and pantsed him, “On your knees, suck my dick!” I said and pushed Finn down to his knees, surprisingly easy and then he went down on me.

I just held onto the belt and ran my fingers through his blonde curls. I was so used to Gar or even that night Greg or Kaz, straight boys going down on me on rare occasion that each time Finn had sucked on me, it seemed so much better.

But this time it was Finn whimpering, not me. It was Finn’s hands clutching onto my thighs kind of face fucking himself on my dick, not me on his. I looked down on him and now he looked up at me. I still adored him and respected him. I valued his and his family’s place in my life, but damn, now I really wanted to top him.

“Get off, get up on the bed, get that ass up,” I said and Finn quickly complied. I simply stood to the side, lined him up and gave him ten hard belt licks. Oh it felt good to lay into his hot, older teen ass, making it red, making him grimace and squeeze his eyes shut, but he also smiled and moaned as the sting seemed to burn it’s way into his dick’s continued hardness. I gave him another ten, paused and a then a third set of ten.

I said nothing, we said nothing to each other and just enjoyed; me with my temporary power over him and Finn, well, he seemed to like what I was doing to him well enough. Then I tossed the belt aside, leaned over and slurped me up some Finn asshole, licking, lapping and probing,

“Oh yea Hollis, come on Randy you stud, do it!” and his hand came back and urged my head harder into his butt cleft.

As I ate him, I stroked his dick with one hand; but with the other, I did something I had not done with any other of the boys who I considered to usually be my tops. I stuck two fingers into Finn’s mouth to suck on. I did not offer or suggest; I just did it, like he had said for me to do it. Finn sucked on them and moaned and wiggled his ass as I rimmed him and all that just built up into this huge need to fuck his ass, hard!

I stood up, pushed him to the center of the bed, grabbed the lube, climbed up and went after Finn with attitude. I was not gentle neither was I slow. I was aggressive and fast and even made him yelp as I pierced his sphincter. Then I pounded the junior surf captain, I mean pounded his ass like the sand pounds your ass when you wipe out in the surf.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me Hollis, fucking fuck me you animal!” Finn roared.

I ended up on top of him and then turned us to our sides. I kept on pounding, but I knew what I wanted and instead of emptying my load inside of him, I pulled out, turned him over and then shot my load straight into his open mouth like I had done before. It was so very satisfying.

I drew a couple breaths and then went down on Finn and forced his cum out of his stiff dick and down my throat before collapsing onto my back. He lay on his, a serene look on his face. I smiled, turned and lay myself onto his chest. His arm clutched me closely as he kissed the top of my head, “Hmm, I enjoyed that,” in a soft whisper. I sighed, nodded with satisfaction and closed my eyes.

* * * * * * * * * *

The week would pass all too quickly and it finally came to just a few days left in Hawaii. Ry pounced early that morning, “Hey, remember me?” he grinned. I sure did

Ry and I launched out on our own with our boards for the day. We swam and surfed, laughed and roughhoused on the beach in the sand and out in the shallow surf. We played grab ass, or he did. I told Ry that he could be as physical with me as he wanted and that included private parts as long as he was discreet in public. Later indoors we would be balls to the wall sexy together as much as he wanted.

Ry gloried in grabbing my butt and cock out in the surf when we were alone. He made my cock hard and brought my hand over to handle his stuff. It was great. He giggled and I giggled and I asked him if he wanted me to try and get him off as we bobbed up and down in the swells. He grinned, “Yes,” and I gave it a good shot, but it’s hard to get off when you’re giggling which we just could not stop.

Towards noon we took a break from the beach. I took Ry into town and we ate fast food and engorged on candy from a small beach side shack. We talked and talked about school and surfing and the team and how he was going to try hard to make it when he was in high school. We talked about his crew at his school and how they were doing. We did not talk about Kai Haplock, however; I did not care about him anymore to tell the truth.

When it was time to get busy, it was early in the evening. I smelled a rat as we approached the condo where Ry and I would have privacy. Gar, Greg, Finn and Kaz looked very proud of themselves, too proud, as we passed them,

“Hey Ry, give him hell!” Finn yelled, “Yea, make him work for it,” Greg yelled, “Don’t let him tell you what to do,” Gar added for good measure. We just grinned and generously flashed them all the shaka sign and opened the door.

Ry saw the banner first. It read:  Ry and Randy, Newlyweds. It was a fucking old-fashioned and homemade wedding banner. Ry nodded and looked out the door, “Fuck you all!” and flipped them all off. They cracked up. I said, “Good one Ry,” and laughed and we closed the door, tore the thing down and laughed so hard I ended up on the floor on my back and Ry straddled on top of me.

We stopped laughing. Ry looked down on me, “Sure liked today,” he said, “So did I,” I said and put my hands on his hips. He lay forward and nuzzled my neck with his head. I hugged him,

“Ryland Ridger, you are going to make some boy very happy some day,” and then he sat up, “Have a boyfriend? Finn? Greg?” and I shook my head, “No, I love your brother and he’s fun to play with, Gar too, even Greg once in a while, but no boyfriend.”

“Too bad. If I were old enough, I’d apply for the job,” and I looked at him, “Thank you Ry. Who knows? We both grow up and you’re still single and me too, who knows,” and he grinned, “That just would seem too weird!” and we laughed.

“What now?” he asked still sitting up on me, “I don’t know. This is your time Ry, but you need to know how to kiss properly. No potential boyfriend will want a bad kisser,” and he smiled, “OK.”

We sat on the couch side-by-side and practiced kissing with and without tongue. Ry did great and climbed up into my lap on his knees and really got into it and I with him. I got hard, he got hard, “Wow, I never knew kissing was so hot! Let’s get naked,” he said and we did.

Ry then practiced kissing some more, chest-to-chest a while longer and then looked down at my erection, “Can I suck you?” he asked, “Sure,” I said and he snaked down to his knees and played with my cock as I fingered his hair and appreciated his fine efforts and then he stood up,

“Did you like spanking my butt after my fuck up at school?” he asked, “No, I hated it,” I told him the truth, “I mean, after,” he clarified and continued, “I hated it, but it made me masturbate like ten times since then,” and I smiled, “I love spanking, turns me on, but not that kind Ry. That was punishment. It’s OK to have pretend punishment, that’s fun, but not a real ass whipping.”

“I want to pretend punish, can we?” he asked and I nodded, “Yes,” I said, “Good, I want to pretend to be your boyfriend and you caught me … looking at porn after I promised you I would not, OK?” and I grinned, “Ry, do you look at porn?” and he smiled, “Yea, I sneak some of Finn’s once in awhile, but he doesn’t know,” but I narrowed my eyes, “and I’m not going to tell him, but you are a bad boy, you have to be spanked, hard!” I said and his eyes lit up and his hard dick waved about,

“I’m sorry Randy, I won’t do it again,” but I stood and loomed over him, “Too bad grom, time for a good … hard … spanking!” and I took his arm and pulled him back to the couch and stretched him out across my knees.

He stayed up on his elbows and looked back at me, “Are you going to fuck me after you punish me?” and I supposed he got that from some of Finn’s porn. Hell, I had never asked Finn about his porn and made a mental note to do so.

“Yes. You are going to have to get a good spanking, suck my cock, and then you have to learn about anal.”

“Yes sir!” he squeaked like a submissive.

This is where I turned to seduction. I spanked Ry, but in a firm measured way bringing him the best I could right to the edge of pain and then allowed it to drop back into pleasure with each slap of his upturned cheeks. He groaned and then moaned and his face looked afraid, but still fascinated, “I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again,” he said plaintively but more conveyed, “I’ll do it again so that I can enjoy more spanking.”

“You need to learn your lesson grom,” I growled with a smirk, “Yes sir!” he squeaked as I spanked him faster and harder.

But then I started to grope him and feel up his boy pussy and rub on it and seduce his cock and balls. He began to lose the battle of lust and need versus the need not to have pain,

“Spank me harder, please, make it hurt!” he pled with me and I did and he was game and buried his head bravely into his hands, “Ouchie! Please stop!” when I finally really got to him.

I stopped and rubbed and stroked, poked and prodded, “Do it again, spank me more!” and we went around and around a few more times. I then directed Ry to his knees and he practiced cock licking and sucking. I let him do as much as he wanted, again, his jaw endurance the limiting factor.

“Can we try anal now?” he asked and I nodded and pointed to the things on the end table. He fetched the lube and the towel. I sat on the couch and had him lay across my knees, “This is going to be slow and easy, OK?” and he nodded and pushed up his cute red bottom.

I think I really surprised him as first I rimmed Ry. He loved it. He purred and whimpered and said, “Can we do this until I die?” and I laughed. I then fingered his ring with a lubed finger some and he liked that but asked for more oral. This time I tongue fucked his tight little hole and that drove him nuts, “More! More!”

I tried graduated lubed fingers into his orifice, but even my middle finger was too much, “I’m sorry,” he said disappointed, “Don’t be Ry, this takes a long time to develop. We can practice,” and that made him happy, “Do you fuck Finn?” he asked, “Once in a while, usually Finn fucks me,” I told him. He smiled, “Can I fuck you?” he asked and I grinned, “I was hoping you’d ask,” and he laughed.

It was obvious was it not? I could take his small stuff easily and he could have fun lording over me in fact he asked me if he could spank me and I found a belt to make it better. We role played about his big brother, me, getting caught with porn by his little brother, him of course, and blackmailed into hard rough sex.

Ry lorded over me, punishing my bare buttocks with the belt, spanking me with his hand and giving me a lot of humorous shit over all of it. Ry’s performance was better than good. It felt real to both of us. Was it possible he was a more “talented” top than his real big brother, Finn? It was then that I seriously mused to myself about actually becoming Ry’s boyfriend in about four years time.

“I’m tired,” he said eventually and we showered together, masturbating away each other’s pent up balls. We kissed a little while and then washed and got out.

Like any distractible kid his age Ry then wanted nothing more than to play his video game device and I went outdoors. Four interested guys met me, “Well?” they asked, particularly Finn,

“He’s a natural top, just like his big brother,” and Finn gave a war hoop, “That’s my bro!” and he yelled into the house, “Way to go Ry!” and Ry yelled back, “It’s no big deal!” and we all laughed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Spring break ended and I returned to school, anxious for summer to come as soon as possible. I completely forgot about the concern for Ry and Kai Haplock until about two weeks later I was sitting at the pool’s edge by myself at the Ridgers doing homework. Finn was elsewhere as was Mike. Mickey was out shopping and Luke with her. I had no idea where Ry was. Suddenly, I look up and this kid is standing just outside of the sliding glass door.

“Who are you?” I asked, suspecting that I knew, “Kai Haplock,” he said. So this was the vaunted Kai Haplock. Nice. Hot too!

“You must be Hollis,” he said, Ry obviously having told Kai about me, “I am,” I said, “Ry was right, you are hot. Wanna fuck?” he asked.

“Ry tell you to say that?” I asked, “Naw. Ry always seems to have an excuse not to suck dick. Want to suck mine?” he then asked.

Then a face and a voice appeared, “Why don’t you fuck off Kai,” it was Ry. Kai turned, “Fuck off yourself,” and then Kai Haplock walked passed Ry and disappeared, “Don’t let the front door hit your ass!” Ry yelled after him.

I stood up, “You OK?” I asked concerned, “You guys were right about him. He’s a jerk. I didn’t even let him get to first base,” Ry said. I grinned, “Good for you Ry, stud,” I calmed myself to a smile.

“Naw, not me. You’re the stud, so whatcha doing?” Ry asked, “I was doing homework,” I replied, “But I’d rather do you,” I suggested. Ry grinned, “I was hoping you’d ask!”

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