YOUNG LUST July, 2000

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A Walk at the Mall

Delhi Spring

Camp David

Summer Vacation

A Chance Meeting

Away From Home

Adult Friend
My Two Way Marriage

Carpet Cleaner


  Pete threw his head back, eyes shut tight and snarled. "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...........!"

  It felt like his balls had liquefied and were forcing themselves out of the narrow piss slit, spurt after huge spurt! It splashed the ground beneath him, forming creamy streaks of boy spunk, the cock twitching and jerking violently as it spewed its liquid treasure.

  "He loves it!" laughed Dave, swatting the naked buttocks, as he pulled out his wilting cock from the boy's pussy."

  Pete's shoulders slumped and he lowered his head to the ground, a soft, satisfied moan escaping him. His hands were tied to two stakes in the ground, as were his legs. He slowly opened his eyes and watched Dave move back, his reddened cock and large balls swinging between the solid columns of the football player's thighs. The freshly deposited cum oozing out of the tiny hole to roll down his own spread thighs felt awesome.... Ooooo, so beautiful. He smiled.

  They were in the tiny clearing at the far end of the camping site and the guys thought they were raping Pete, teaching him a lesson.... The fools! Little did they realize how the 'innocent' 14 year old had manipulated them into this situation.... HA!


   Pete hated it, but this time his father was adamant, he HAD to go he insisted and finally his mother too gave in. So, here he was at Camp Wilmo feeling miserable. But that was the first few days.... Away from home and his parents he suddenly started feeling more confident, more bold and started to even enjoy himself! He always knew he was gay - just loved the sights of the packed crotch at the pool, at the football field and even spend hours watching TV to catch a better glimpse of the loaded baskets under those tight hugging pants that those ball players wore! But at 14 he didn't know how to go about it and frankly he was scared shit to even try. But Camp Wilmo had changed all that, done wonders he knew this was his chance to finally fulfill his dream and always a smart kid, he soon hit upon a plan!

  He had spotted Dave and gang the very first day and his young cock never seemed to go down after that. Dave, at 16, was fucking AWESOME!!! And Pete's mind thought out all the teenage fantasies about the young hunk..... he wanted him real bad. He must have him, he decided. (The other guys only proved to be an added bonus for him!)

  He observed that each night after everyone had retired Dave and his gang of friends went to take their shower before turning in for the day and he, Pete, was always able to manage to be right behind the group. He had discovered a tiny little hole in the side wall of the shower booth that Dave regularly used and being ingenious, he had drilled it a bit more as he sat in the dark, watching.....! He jacked off as he watched the older teen strip naked and stand under the jet of water, soaping up and lathering his bulging body..... watched as the teen cock stiffened under the loving caress of Dave's hands, the large, loaded balls swing as the boy moved .... Pete licked his lips dreaming of the day he could get his hands and lips around that dick.... take it up his ass!!! For nearly a week he watched and then the idea came to him.... 'Hell, why not try it' he thought..... if it worked the way he thought it would then his dream would be fulfilled!

  All these days he had been extremely careful as he followed the guys, but tonight he made every effort to make a few obvious sounds as he followed - a crackle here and a rustle there, he stepped on all the dry twigs and leaves he could find..... and sure enough the boys heard. His heart thumping with excitement and anticipation, Pete went and took his place and put his eye to the hole. There was Dave, stripping as usual.... but today there was an uncanny silence .... the boys weren't chattering as usual. Suddenly he heard a distinct movement in the bush to his left, Pete could smell the tension in the air... his plan was working! He was sweating and a shiver ran down his spine.... he knew what was coming. He saw the two dark figures rush out of the bush and as he waited, they pounced on him. Pinning him down to the ground one of the guys shone a torch at his face...

  "Pete! what the fuck are you doin' here?" Darren shouted. .

  Immediately the other guys joined them and Dave too came out, a towel wrapped around his middle....

  "What were you doing here.... watching?" asked Dave.

  "God! the sneak. Imagine him doing that!!!" exclaimed Nick.

  "How long have you been doing this?" asked Dave again.

  Pete just lay there, panting, his heart racing and his young cock tenting his shorts. He was thrilled..... 'what now?' he thought... 'would they?'..... 'PLEASE', he pleaded silently.

  Dave shifted his gaze lower and noticed the boner and bending down grabbed it harshly, squeezing. "Look guys, he's hard! The pervert." he laughed. " Com'on, how long have you been sneaking up behind us like this?" he asked again.

  "A week...." blurted Pete softly, acting scared. "Please don't hurt me.... I won't do it again.... promise!" he 'pleaded'.

  "HAH! a week!" shouted Mark, twisting Pete's arm a bit more.

  "Hey," Larry joined in, "why don't we teach him a proper lesson.... you know.... " and he left it at that.

  "O Wow!" said Mark, "I could surely use some fun... Its been pretty dull here this past week!"

  They all seemed to agree. Their young minds thrilling at the possibilities.... yet their hearts beat fast, afraid of what might or could happen if they got caught or if the boy complained.

  "Well, Dave, since he has been watching you the whole time why don't you take him first.... I'm sure he will love that!" said Josh and turning to Pete added, "Wont you little sneak?"

  "Oh, what will you do to me..... please, don't hurt me..... please let me go." pleaded Pete, his heart thumping loudly as his body shook with excitement.

  "We aren't goin' to hurt you kiddo, we are goin' to just give you what you obviously want.... and after we've finished we are sure you won't sneak up behind anyone anymore!" whispered Darren into his ears.

  "Wh.... what are you guys going to do..... pl... please lemme go.... I'm sorry, I promise I... I'll never to do it again..... " said Pete in a scared voice as he felt his cock throb harder and gobs of pre cum leak out of the tiny slit. HE HAD THEM NOW!!!

  The six of them dragged the boy, mildly protesting and pleading, to the clearing at the far corner and proceeded to strip and tie him down. Pete was shaking with excitement, which the boys mistook as a sign of his terror. They laughed and talked dirty as they started to undress and show him their rampant cocks. Pete licked his lips as he blessed his stars for letting him 'hit the jackpot', where he had been planning to get just Dave, he had got the whole fucking bunch!!

  "Well Pete, we are now going to fuck you, all of us. That will teach you a lesson as to what happens to sneaky little boys at camps!" said Larry, the 'brain' behind this whole idea.

  "Yeah, once you finish choad munching the whole lot of us you won't sneak around too much!" added Josh.

  "And we are sure you will love it..... and maybe come back for more! Well, I could use a slut for my camping trip." remarked Mark.

  Dave took off his towel and got behind the shivering boy, dropping down on his knees he parted Pete's ass cheeks and ran a finger lightly along the length of the crack. Pete closed his eyes as a sudden intake of breath shook his lithe frame.... His cock, already at bursting point, throbbed madly.... the young nuts churned up to form a tight knot at the base of his prick. He held his breath, waiting to feel Dave's cock touch his ass slit.... enter him..... Oh, how his heart thumped in anticipation!

  Dave wet his finger and brought it to the puckered slit and rubbing in the saliva inserted it. Pete gasped as a sharp pain shot up from his asshole... his head dropped low. Dave spat again, on his open palm and rubbed it over his shaft then slowly, as if moving through dense air he guided his thick cock to the boy's butt hole, mesmerized.... The other guys stood around, silent, watching..... holding their own bloated cocks.... excited, pulse racing, lust ripping at their teen loins, blinding their young minds.... this was something new, something forbidden..... something they hadn't even thought of but were now participating in.... it was wild.... thrilling.... yet, in a way scary!

  Even the woods stood still as every one held their breath, waiting..... Dave moved forwards and touched the tip of his cock to the boy's slit, both gasped softly at the feeling and as if scared to delay any further he gave a massive shove with his hips....

  "Yeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!" Pete's banshee cry ripped the still night air and as if some spell had been broken, the boys roared in approval and started beating their meats, once again breathing.

  "Oooooooo!....... pleasssssseeeeee, it hurts..... Ah, take Oooohhhhhh !" the boy pleaded, shocked at the amount of pain the entry had caused. He knew it would pain a bit but this was far beyond his estimation.... His ass hurt mighty and he really wanted the cock out.... He desperately tried to relax his sphincter but nothing seemed to work.... His head dropped to the ground and he wailed.... tears of pain rolling down the corner of his tightly shut eyes. God, this wasn't what he thought it would feel like! At the moment it felt like taking a shit, a very big shit, only it was in reverse order and painful!

  But his pleas were falling on deaf ears.... once a teen cock tastes the tight grip of its first spasming hole it takes control of the whole body and mind and Dave was no longer the master of his cock but a slave to its demands.... He humped the prone boy with savage thrusts intent on getting the last millionth of an inch into that searing hot bunghole and spew the bubbling load that boiled in his balls.... He held onto the boy's hips and hammered away, his own eyes shut and mouth gasping for air!

  As impossible as it may seem, young Pete finally relaxed his ass muscles enough to allow the rampaging cock a smoother passage and as it churned up his bottom, the mucous rushed in to lubricate the walls that were being rubbed raw. Then something just snapped and it was breathtakingly smooth after that..... He groaned aloud, more with pleasure this time than pain! Dave's hunching now felt more pleasant, thrilling his insides and his own ass did a joyous dance as nature took over..... making him push back with equal ferocity, shoving his butt at the pounding pubes. It felt AWESOME!!!!

  Dave fucked him hard and fast and soon ground deep and let out his teen spunk with a loud moan, gripping the boys hips to stay aboard in his frenzy.... Pete too let go and spurted the ground below.......


  His ass still throbbed and pained but it was insignificant compared to the thrill that coursed through his tender body.... the sticky cum rolling down his thighs felt so naughty.... so good! He looked up, the guys were all staring at him, in awe..... lust brimming their eyes, and smiled at them. That seemed to do it, they rushed in, jostling each other to get to his ass..... be the next one to enter the tight bottom and fuck. Mark beat the rest as he knelt into position behind the boy and pushed home.... he gasped at the sensation of his cock's entry, only a small sigh of satisfaction emitted from Pete's throat. .

  Dave had fallen beside him, exhausted from his first bout of fucking and lay there on the bare ground legs sprawled wide.... his torso heaved as he gasped for air..... his slender young frame still shaking from the thrill of his first fuck. He looked up at the boy and was filled with a tender feeling.... reaching up he grasped the boy's head and slowly pulled him down, raising his own face upwards, to meet halfway, joining the two sucking mouths together, tongues darting in....

  Pete didn't scream anymore, just made a low whimpering sound as Mark screwed his bottom...... he didn't feel any pain this time.... it was just raw pleasure and he ground his ass back into Mark's groin with every thrust as Dave continued to kiss him. Mark lasted barely a couple minutes before he shoved in and flooded the boy's anus with a copious load of joy juice....

  As Mark pulled out Darren took his place. Pete had noticed the extremely large penis on this 17 year old but his bunghole was sopping wet, with the two loads he had just taken and the internal tissues were slimy with the combined juices of both the teens and his own churned intestine. There was a bit of pain as the tight sphincter resisted the extra girth but with a little patience Darren was able to bury the whole 9" of boy meat into the spasming butt hole and start the delicious humping, so new for him, so fantastically beautiful.... he grunted and groaned as he labored at the parted cheeks, his longish hair flowing in the light breeze. The stabbing hardness probing deep, pounding the boy cunt and stretching the walls further with its abnormal circumference, expanding and widening the dilated slit. Each withdrawal was a vacuuming suction that made Pete groan. It felt like his insides were being turned out and each massive shove send a thrill through every inch of his body, blanking out the throbbing pain at the grossly stretched ass ring.

  This was too much for Nick...... he already had a hard time controlling the urge to let go, he just couldn't wait any longer! Approaching the boy from the front he pushed away Dave, breaking the kiss and lifted Pete's face. He pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the exposed glans over the boy's face and lips, leaving a trail of glistening pre cum and fresh prick cheese. Nudging at his mouth he pushed the cock head into the wet, hot cavity and let out a loud groan as Pete's tongue lashed at his cock head.

  This was HEAVEN! thought young Pete.... getting screwed from both ends..... WOW! His mind refused to work as his senses flooded it with a rash of sensual stimulation. He was going crazy with lust.... he rocked back and forth between the two fucking boys, pushing his ass back to receive Darren's massive dick one moment and then lunge forward as Nick skull fucked him. The boys ran their hands all over him.... fondling, squeezing, pinching as if he was a big teddy bear, a play thing.... and he loved it! His boy dick, limp after the lusty explosion, started to stir its head once more.

  Though youth keeps a teen perpetually horny with a never dying erection and has the great rejuvenating powers, it lacks in staying power.... and even the minimum of stimulus succeeds in engulfing the senses and lead to an early release. Darren, for all his size and an overawed Nick were no different. Bare 5 minutes inside the clutching embrace of the boy's orifice and they both yelled, simultaniously shooting their youthful nectar. Both teens shot a healthy load and Pete's ends were overflowing.... the rich white cream gushed out of his twitching ass hole as Nick's load dribbled down his chin.

  Pete gasped, his young body thrilling at all the things happening to him. He felt so sexual, so raunchy.... His insides, his senses, his whole damned body were ablaze, desiring more... and he let out a wail.... "O, fuck me... fuck me more....!" as if that would help in putting out the fire that raged in him! He pulled at his bonds, wishing to get free so that he could reach out and grasp at the nearest cock.... get it himself instead of waiting for it to come to him! He shook his head violently.... raising on his toes, lifting his ass high.... as if searching for a cock to impale himself onto.... wild with lust!!

  Larry moved behind him as Josh took Nick's place at his mouth, both cocks a bright red in anticipation and clear pre cum falling in long strings. They were shaking.... in excitement, in awe.... totally enamored by Pete's lust and their own need for release. Kneeling down behind the wildly thrashing boy Larry held his dick and searched for the open anus found it and in one single massive shove drove it in upto his loaded nuts.... He gasped out loud and went crazy as gob after gob of searing hot spunk rushed out of his pulsating dick head flooding Pete's anal cavity and he fell back exhausted, totally wasted! Josh lasted a bit longer, but the suction in the boy's mouth set his head spinning and he grabbed at his hair and roared as his cock surrendered its treasure into the gulping throat.... he slumped back onto the ground, numb.

  Dave still lay there on the ground beside Pete and watched all this in wonder and as the last pair of boys expended their desire and fell away he moved under Pete and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing hardness. Pete shuddered and groaned as Dave licked his young cock head, his pelvis shivering with renewed lust. Taking the boy prick deep into his throat Dave moved further under Pete.... aligning his body for a 69 and groaning around the pumping cock in his mouth he raised his hips slightly, offering the boy his stiffened cock. Thick gobs of cum still dripping from his open mouth Pete lowered his face into Dave's raging groin.... licking the re-awakened cock with the flat of his tongue.... his own cock pumping deep into Dave's throat.

  As Dave sucked the boy his eyes got a close up view of the twitching boy hole that they had just ravished.... he saw the thick, sticky sperm loads gush out of the pulsing slit, to roll down the hairless thighs.... his hands went to the cheeks and he fondled them.... a finger reaching for the open anus. Dave ran the finger along the crack and caressed the ass mouth... unable to contain himself anymore he pushed aside the cock and reached out with his tongue at the hole.... lapping along the valley of the cum stained cheeks. Pete grunted and lowered his hips further smearing Dave's face with the cum on his thighs. As one hand toyed with the boy's balls, his other hand played with the few strands of light blonde hair at the base of the cock. He felt intoxicated as he lapped away at Pete's open anus, drinking in the combined load of his friends and his own!

  The boys slowly got up and moved away.... going back to the camp to rest for the night.... leaving the pair to continue with their own private game of forbidden love.


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