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He ain't Heavy...

I think Todd was thirteen when I decided he should be my property. I was sixteen and I wasn't making any progress with the girls. You might say I was a little chunky. Mom called me husky; I had heard girls call me fat. Anyway I had not given up on girls. I was just tired of waiting for them to discover my inner beauty.

Todd was annoying because he was not chunky, husky, or fat. When he lay on his bed at the other side of the room he bothered me. It occurred to me girls would like him. I thought they must because I liked looking at him too. I think Todd only has himself to blame for becoming my property. Well Todd could blame the internet too.

Mom and Dad put the computer in our room. They packed everything into our bedroom so they could each have their own office. You might think that was cool. Wrong; it meant Todd and I were trapped together all the time. That wore thin as we got older.

Todd woke me up in the middle of the night because he had turned on the computer. Normally I would have just called him a tool and sent him back to his bed. He didn't pay any attention to me lying within arm reach and I started thinking about how good looking he was. He had this skinny body. His chest was flat and he only had a little crease at his belly button. He was wearing white briefs and they showed his flat tummy. Well the next thing I knew Todd had pulled his briefs down and hitched them under his nuts. He started playing with himself right there next to me. Todd was looking at my porno.

Todd was so into his thing he never looked at me. Watching Todd work his rod made me realize he was not an amateur. His nuts were shiny; they jiggled a little when he stretched his wang. His pecker stretched past his belly button as he stroked it. I wondered how long it would take him to get his rocks off. I guess he was ready because he shot all over himself. I closed my eyes because he looked at me then. When I opened my eyes again the little prick was cleaning gobs of jizm off his chest. Looking at his shiny nuts and wet prick I decided I would just take him.

This took a certain amount of planning. Todd did not make it easy on me. He lay in our room in his underwear reading books. I started looking at his legs as he kicked them in the air. His back curves nicely when he stretches out. Coming back from the shower was distracting. He always stood around naked for a few minutes. He had a small patch of dark hair just above his little dick. From his nipples to his crotch he was flat as a board. I liked to see his bubble butt.

When Todd brought a girl home I decided I needed to take some control. This girl just sat on the bed next to him watching T. V. holding his hand. I was getting a boner thinking about her little tits and the nipples poking through her tight top. Todd must have been hard too. Todd was not going to have a girl friend if I didn't.

The whole thing needed a little preparation. I remember the pervert in the sex shop looking down his nose at me when I went in to buy some toys. He wouldn't let me buy anything until I dragged some drunk in off the street to be my dad. Wall Mart supplied the rest. Things got rolling the weekend mom and dad went to Vegas. They left me in charge of Todd.

Todd stripped like he always does and started a shower. I let him get started and then stripped myself and followed him in. He told me to get out. The kid was probably planning to spank the monkey. I figured he had shot his last free wad. From now on his nuts were mine. I took a piss and pulled the shower curtain open.

He said something like what the fuck and I slapped him hard in the mouth. He was still shaking his head when I stepped into the hot shower. He tried to say something to me so I slapped him again. The kid raised a hand to hit me and I drilled him just below the ribs. He crumpled at my feet searching for breath.

I turned the hot water off and started spraying the soap off his head and shoulders. He still did not understand. When he asked me what I was doing I slapped him a third time. He started crying then. It was easier than I thought.

All the slapping got me revved up. I made Todd stand up and I grabbed a handful of nuts and pecker. The little prick pushed me away and tried to hit me again so I had to drill him in the stomach a second time. That got the crying going again. My pecker was like steal by that point. "Don't fucking move." I told him or something like that. I grabbed his sack a second time. His pecker was mine. The little nuts were slippery inside the loose skin. I think I had his attention because he started to get a boner.

I played his pecker like it was my own toy. After a minute I had him waiting for the jism. I wanted to suck it out, so I stopped to spray a jet of water on his boner to wash the soap off. I had him standing there like he wanted it. When I got down in front of him he was happy to let me suck the juice out. I took the first hard shot and watched the rest ooze out of the little mouth. The white jizm dribbled out as I squeezed his prick like an empty tube of tooth paste. His prick lost steam and his nuts sunk down.

I didn't give him much time to think about it. He started yapping again when I shoved him into the tiles and began to soap his butt cheeks. He didn't like it so I had to give him a soapy punch in the kidney. That settled him down again and he let me work the soap around his crack. He wouldn't shut up when I stuck a finger up his ass. I knew my pecker was set to explode. It had been rubbing up against Todd's back for a while. I wanted to take him right there, but he was too short.

He was back to babbling at me. It was mostly stuff about leaving him alone and telling our parents. I think he even threatened to tell the police. It didn't look comfortable, but I pushed him down on the edge of the tub and eased my pecker into his soapy hole. He screamed a bit but I got it in all the way. That first time was a let down. I was too far gone and I burst before I even got started. Looking at my fat pecker sticking in his stretched hole almost got me going again though. Neither of us was comfortable so I decided we were done in the shower.

I decided Todd was not going anywhere so when he got up I took his wet and soapy body to our bed room. He started wining again when I hand cuffed him and shackled his ankles. Then I pushed him in our closet. I was not interested in talking to him. Explanations could come later. The water was getting cold so I kept my shower short.

I had to keep answering the phone every time one of Todd's gay little friends phoned. Todd kept knocking on the closet door to get my attention. I thought about hitting him. Then I got a brain storm. Every time he bothered me I stuck a little alligator clip on his body. They really must have hurt because I only had to put three on: one on his ear, another on his nipple, and the last on his bag. He left me in peace for half an hour. I probably should have kept him in there longer but I could not enjoy Seinfeld when I was getting horny thinking about him.

Todd was happy to get out of the closet. He told me he had to take a leak so I marched him into the bathroom and told him to lie down in the bathtub. The chains made it hard for him to do it but he did it without my help. When he had asked me why he had to do it I just added another clip to his body. The ideas just kept popping into my head. It was so cool. I grabbed the shackles around his legs and lifted his butt off the bottom of the tub, and then I told him to piss. Every time he cursed me I added another clip. It took four more clips to shut him up and make him piss all over himself. He'd made me mad so I pissed on him myself and left him in the tub while I stole a beer from dad. I drank the beer while I hosed him down with cold water. When the beer was done I took him back to the bedroom to play a game of Simon Says.

We kept the rules simple that first day. If I touched his ass he had to ask me to fuck him. If I touched his pecker then he had to ask me to suck him. If I scratched my belly he had to ask to suck my pecker. I would take a clip off every time he said the right thing and put one on every time he didn't. Todd was a fast learner and I had taken off all the clips in a minute. I took the shackles off his legs and moved the hand cuffs to the front.

I was getting horny again and Todd was drying off so I touched his pecker. When he asked me to suck him it didn't sound like he meant it. We practiced begging for a while. I fondled his little sack and yanked his chain until he had it sounding right. Then I pushed him down onto his bed. I teased him by sucking a little nut into my mouth and trying to bite down as much as I could. He didn't like the feel of that. When he started to whimper I stopped and told him he had to say he loved it and he wanted me to keep doing it. I told him to keep begging for it until I stopped. I switched between the nuts and even got both into my mouth. He was a little slut now. He spread his legs apart and his prick got hard against my nose. By the time I had eaten his sack and chewed on his nuts a few times I think he really wanted me to suck the jizm out of his dick again. His high pitched voice just kept up the begging the whole time. It was the best. Finally I swallowed his pecker. I kept biting it gently as I played around with it. His little prick seemed to grow as big as mine. His wet sack shrunk as his nuts climbed high and he groaned when he shot his load into my mouth.

I sat back to look at him and put my hand on his crotch. When he didn't say anything I clipped an alligator to his pecker. That reminded him and he started babbling for me to suck his pecker again. I took the clip off and wiped the drop of blood away. He lay there for a while getting hoarse begging me to suck on his rod. I got tired of listening to him so I turned the television on. It was uncomfortable sitting on the floor so I sat on his bed and propped him up between my legs with his little butt up against my crotch. All I had to do was put my hand on his crotch and he started begging again. I got bored hearing the same thing after a while so I told him he had to find different ways to say it. After the Simpson's he actually got hard again. He was loosing his voice so I moved my hand.

We watched a few more shows together. Todd ignored me as I touched his legs, chest and arms. He didn't like me touching his nipples but he didn't say anything.

He was still watching when I rolled him over on to the bed and put my hand on his ass. He paused a bit too long before he asked me to fuck him. He twisted around to watch me as I pulled my pants off. I took some hand cream and worked it over my pecker. Watching his little butt with the inviting crack and his scared face made me hard. I knew it looked big compared with his little dick and I hoped it scared him. I slid my pecker up and down his crack enjoying the skin against the head of my pecker. Then I put my head against his red pucker and pushed a little. He wasn't very relaxed so I had to push harder. I told him to start begging for my prick. I told him to say it like he meant it. As he begged I pushed slowly into his hot ass. I had promised myself that I would not blow my wad too soon this time. I wanted him to get used to me in his butt. He squirmed a little trying to make the pecker fit better. This was new to me back then and I had to experiment myself. I had to figure out how much to pull in and out. Sometimes I came all of the way out. His ass didn't seem to have much of a problem taking me in though. Once I got the hang of it I told him to start telling me how good it felt to him. He blubbered a little and said he didn't know what to say. I fed him lines and he repeated them back to me. Then I told him to keep talking. It felt good, but it was hard to support myself on top of him so I picked up the pace a little. Pretty soon I pushed my man juice into him. I took the handcuffs off and looked at him. "You are mine Todd. You belong to me."

I was hungry and I needed a rest. I told him to put his underwear on and a T-shirt. We went down stairs. He may have thought I was done with him, but I had bought many toys and I wanted to try them all out. I had blown all my savings. Later I made Todd pay me back. I pulled his pants down and slid a fat dildo up his ass and made him sit on it while I made supper. Every once and a while would I ask him to tell me how good it felt. He sat all supper with it up his ass. When he got a phone call from a friend I made him tell his friend he was not feeling well. Mom phoned and I wouldn't let him talk to her. He did not eat very much that night. I let him get off the dildo when he had eaten everything. When he went to the bathroom I told him he had better be clean when he came back or I would make him eat whatever I found. I checked him when he came back. He had washed his butt carefully. I must have been too nice to him because he told me he would tell our parents exactly what I had done to him.

I didn't waste words talking to him about it. I just told him he would keep his mouth shut. Maybe I new he would try something like that on me. I decided it was time to go down to the basement. He didn't struggle too much. I think he thought I would hit him again. He had no idea what I had in mind for him. You can not leave stuff lying around where your parents can find it and ask stupid questions. But I had found this old trunk that had crap from grandmother's house in it. I threw the crap away and put my toys in it. Todd was all about me leaving him alone and he would keep the evening secret. He knew I was going to play with him again when I took rope out and tied his hands to a nicely varnished pole I had crafted. I told him about the wood and the way I had made it. I pointed out that he would not get slivers from the wood. It was about two feet long. Todd didn't like it much I guess because when he saw how I could hook it to the rafters of the back basement he started crying big time. He did not even listen when I pointed out how smart I had been to hang him over the drain hole. I pulled his underpants off and tied his ankles to a pole just like the first. He was not much interested in the fact that both poles were the same so I could use the first one I found. He was high enough up that I could spin him a little if I wanted to.

Todd asked me to stop but I liked the way he looked hanging there. He was in such good shape he made me angry. If he had not been such a cute guy I might have left him alone. Now he had to be my slave. I told him he didn't want to tell our parents. I took a thin strap out of my toy box. I was not sure how it would look after I beat him. I didn't want to have him bruised or cut. I just wanted him to wish I was fucking his tight little ass instead. Dad was always on about alternatives. Todd should understand that.

I painted a line on his butt to see what it would be like. It had not done much. Todd did yelp nicely. I moved around his body looking for new places to hurt him. When I stopped to rest my arm he was crying softly. He promised not to tell our parents. I came close and touched his sack. He quickly asked me to suck his pecker. He told me I should eat his nuts again.

I wanted to put chains on him before we finished the first day of his training. Two things would remind him of who he was now.

Todd would have to hold still while I worked so I took him down and lifted him back up by his feet. His little nuts looked tempting hanging there so I took a little time to suck on them. Todd mumbled encouragement from down below.

I had done some reading about branding. Hey, I did my homework. I phoned a cattle association to get advice. I even practiced on a dog.

Todd could not figure out what I was doing when I lit the blow torch. He wasn't facing the work bench. I was seriously excited by my idea. Deciding what to put on the brand had been harder. I settled on a little Chinese character that stood for my name. You call it a chop. It is like a signature. So I was writing my name on Todd. I am not totally heartless. The chop was really small; the size of a pencil eraser. It was supposed to fit on a ring. Only the lines of the character and the square frame around it burn into the skin. It hurt like hell. I knew because I had tried it out on myself a couple of weeks before. I mean it had been seriously hard keeping my hand still with all that pain and the smell of burning flesh. It did not take that long to heal. Keeping Todd from jerking around was the big problem.

While my little brand heated up I jacked Todd's pecker and looked for a good spot to place the brand.

When his pecker was good and hard I picked up the white-hot brand and pressed it quickly into the base of Todd's pecker. I was done before he realized what had happened. As his hard-on collapsed, his pee dribbled down his body and he screamed in shock like a little girl. I was proud of the job I had done. It turned out better than the one I had done on myself. A month later it was a sexy square with a cool Chinese character in the middle. Some blind person jacking my little brother off could read my label with his fingers. While I heated the brand again I showed Todd my brand. I had put it on my belly in my bush where nobody would notice. Todd looked at it while he cried. Well, hanging there he wasn't going to see the chop on his pecker.

I told him I was going to put one more chop on him so anyone who was interested would know he was stealing my property. So the kid starts crying like a baby and making all sorts of ridiculous promises about how he will do what ever I tell him to do. And there I am checking out his ass hole telling him of course he is going to do everything because he is my property now and slaves have to do what they are told. Then I have to tell him to hold still or I will burn his ass hole by mistake. He is all upset like he does not understand it has to be done right. This is going to be tricky because I want it in the right place just next to his ass hole. I had to take him down and push his legs up. He had another perfect chop. I cleaned up while he cried on the floor.

Todd was lying there with his legs up like he wanted me to do his ass again. I remember thinking, Why the hell not? I took him there on the basement floor. My pecker banging against his burn must have hurt because he screamed more than I liked. I was sixteen then and I had so much spunk I think all I had to do was look at Todd's butt hole and I wanted to fill him like a cream puff.

He would not get up when I told him to so the little slacker made me carry him up that night. I tranked Todd up with my mother's happy pills and put cream on his new chops. I spread some stuff on his ass hole because it looked a little raw.

That first night I put the handcuffs and shackles back on and made him sleep in my bed. I was tired from the sex too. In the morning I wanted him again. His butt was sore so I told him to suck my pecker. He was still pretty dopey but I was not happy with him. He was forgetting to beg. Todd sucked my pecker and swallowed my spunk. I gave him some pills and he slept some more. When he woke up I had to put clips on him to make him behave. Things were fine. He was being a baby about the pain. I got him quickly back into training with a little more pain. He finally begged me to suck his pecker. I had not milked him since the night before. He filled my mouth with cream. I got curious to see which of us could jizm more that day. By supper he had won the contest. I was sucking his little pecker every hour. He could still get it up, but there was not much coming out. His nuts must have hurt.

I let him watch T. V. in the evening and since my pecker was taking a break I shoved the dildo back up his ass. I took him to bed early the second night and promised him I would leave his ass alone if he would kiss me. I lay back in bed and he climbed on top of me. His little body squirmed away as we both practiced our kissing. The peckers touching got me hard and Todd quickly sucked my pecker to avoid a fuck. He slept close to me.

Monday was the first test of my control. We went to school and Todd brought some friends home. I worried about him all day. At five I told his friends to go home. After they had left it was time to see where Todd was at. Todd was just watching T. V. when I ordered him to take off his clothes. I pretended to watch the program. He got one extra glance from me and then he pulled his stuff off. "Come here Todd" he came over without delay. I fingered his nuts and touched the chop lightly to see how he was doing. He remembered to start begging me for a suck. He may have really meant it too because his little rod got stiff in my hand. I think I grabbed his hips and pulled him down on the couch and he watched the program while I ate his sack and swallowed his nuts. When I sucked his pecker into my mouth he started to touch my hair like he was encouraging me to suck him dry. Afterward he sat in my lap and begged for my attention when ever I played with his pecker. At night he let me fuck him.

By the end of the week our time alone was almost over. He was becoming a good slave. He lay on his bed with his legs spread on either side of my waist and watch T. V. while I stretched his ass with a dildo. At night I started to let him look at gay porno. I would reward him with a blow job if he got a boner. He went back to sleeping in his own bed. We were sexy boys so every time one of us got a hard on the other had to do something about it.

When mom and dad got back Todd kept his mouth shut and his ass open. I tested him by calling him into the bathroom. He talked to mom through the door while I teased his nuts and sucked the jizm out. That night he came to my bed when I called him over. He took my meat and even whispered things to me in the dark to let me know he remembered he was supposed to tell me how good it felt. My pecker was up his ass a lot in high school.

The years have gone by and things have not changed much. Todd caught up to me and I lost some weight. We dick around and fight like brothers always do during the day. We both had girl friends but Todd was a good boy. He always dropped a chick if I told him to. When I was eighteen and he was fifteen I think things were just about the best. I got a job and moved into a small apartment. I stayed close to home so that Todd could come over in the evenings and sleep over. He was so use to me by then that he said it was hard to sleep without the sex. He said he always used the dildo when I wasn't there. He would tell me when he played with himself and get the whip so that I could punish him for it.

He graduated last year and dumped his date after the graduation dance to spend the night with me. I got him a job at the plant and he moved back in with me. He is learning new tricks now and never cries out loudly when I whip him in the evenings. Now that we live together I can leave some bruises. He is still hot and tonight after I have whipped him I think I will make him entertain me. Life is sweet.

The End


Jon Eric, (c) 2009