His Private Stockade

By Stephen Scott

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The young Lieutenant looked up as his door opened and two MPs entered.

"Yes, Sergeants? What is it?"

"Another AWOL for you, sir," said one, handing him a set of files.

The Lieutenant sighed.

"What's this one done?" he asked, glancing through the folder.

"Went off base four days ago chasin' tail, Sir. We nabbed him while he was in some sleaze-bag motel, fuckin' some greasy skank on a dirty bed. Been on a three-day pussy hunt, Sir. Figured you'd know what he needed."

"Okay, Sergeant. Good work. Send the punk in."

"Yes, Sir."

The MPs smirked at each other as they went out.


The Lieutenant was only 26 but already well versed in military discipline. He had made the rehabilitation of recalcitrant soldiers his primary focus. As a consequence of his 100 per cent success rate, his methods were sacrosanct--and his own business. No questions were ever asked.

Slim and wiry, his brown hair cut short, the Lieutenant was a looker--but there was no one in whom he was interested. Nothing was more important to him than his vocation. He lived for days like this.

He was composed, cool and unflappable. But waiting for his latest truancy, his heart beat a bit faster and his palms became damp. He'd already seen the kid's files--including his photograph. The Lieutenant knew this was going to be one of his better days.


He looked up as the kid was brought in, glanced at the MPs and nodded. They left, winking at the boy, who looked back in puzzlement.

The kid--one Private John T. Erwin by name--stood at attention. He looked scared. Well, the officer thought, he should be.

"Sit down, son."

The kid sat in a chair facing the officer.

The Lieutenant had broken slackers, goldbricks, deserters and discipline problem children many times in the past. But few of them had been as humpy as this young, terrified brat.

He was going to enjoy this job. Hell, he was already hard under his uniform.

He stared hard at the boy, making the kid distinctly uncomfortable. Erwin wasn't sure just why, but there was something in the officer's steady gaze that unnerved him.

"Son, you really fucked up. Goin' AWOL for some pussy--that is one major fuck-up. The usual procedure would be to drum your stupid ass outta the Army. Yeah, and with a big, fat Dishonorable Discharge. But I don't like to see a strapping young man like you throw his life down the tubes. So I'm giving you a second chance.

"But you've gotta earn it. You understand? The Army's already put a lot of money into your training. And they don't like to throw money that away--especially on some punk who goes AWOL over a piece of snatch. So you've got a choice. You can decide you want to continue being a hot-headed pussy-hound and muster out, right now, today, and have a DD on your record for the rest of your life. Or--"

He looked straight into the boy's frightened eyes.

"--or you can submit to your punishment. Take your medicine, and leave here without a blot on your permanent record. But I won't lie to you, kid. It's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be soft. You're gonna get a workout like you've never had before. You're gonna leave here and know you've been disciplined. I'm not one for half-measures. You're gonna get the full treatment. And I'm not going to show you any mercy. You don't deserve it."

He looked at his watch, waiting until the second hand hit twelve.

"Okay. You've got exactly 30 seconds, kid. Decide."

Sweat poured down the boy's face. He was in an agony of indecision.

"20 seconds."

Erwin squirmed in his bonds. His asshole clenched. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe--

"10 seconds."

And hadn't he snuck some peeks at guys in the shower before, wondering what it would be like if--

"Five. Tick-tock, kid. Tick-tock. Okay, pal. Time's up. Which is it gonna be? Do I draw up the discharge papers?"

"N-no, Sir."

The Sergeant raised his eyebrows.

"You want the punishment?"

"Y-yes, Sir."

The kid's eyes were big and terrified.

"Okay, kid. But just remember, I gave you a choice."

The Lieutenant stood up.

"Okay, kid. We're gonna take a little walk. You try anything--anything at all--" The officer placed a hand on his fat billy-club--"and I use this on your dumb pussy-hound head. And then I write up your discharge. You understand?"

Erwin nodded again.

"All right. Now, stand up."

Erwin stood.

"Okay, kid. Out of my office. Then keep going."

They moved down the dark hallway. About halfway down was a large metal door.

The Lieutenant poked the boy in the small of the back.


He took a key from his trouser pocket and unlocked the door, swinging it wide open.

"In here, kid."

The boy moved into the room. It was as dark as the hallway. He couldn't see a thing.

The Lieutenant followed, carefully closing a re-locking the door from the inside.

And the room was soundproofed.

He reached up, flicked on a switch that illuminated the room with shadowy, indirect light, and waited for the gasp.

It came, right on cue.

Private Erwin had seen his share of sex boutiques in his time, but this was--this was--

"Welcome to my special private stockade, son. Impressive, huh?"

Erwin gulped.

The boy's eyes bulged as he stared around the dimly lit room. Prominent was a large, padded horse, raised on one end, with two metal loops at the head. There was a padded X-shaped scaffold; above it, chains hung from the ceiling. A thick mattress lay on the floor. Whips, tawses and deadly looking wooden paddles were arranged on pegs along the walls. Dildos of every type, variety, shape and size stood or lay on wooden shelves along the walls, along with industrial-sized tubes of lubricant.

The young Private's legs went weak.

The Lieutenant grinned, watching as the boy went pale. He casually unlocked the boy's handcuffs, knowing the playroom was airtight. The boy wasn't going anywhere. Not for quite some time. Well--he sure as hell wasn't leaving the premises.

"Where do we start, I wonder?"

The Lieutenant ran his forefinger lightly down the Private's back. The boy shivered.

"Not cold, are you?" The officer mocked. His finger traced the line between the boy's buttocks, making him flinch. "Well, don't worry, kid. You'll heat up in no time."

He patted the boy's tight, round, young ass.

"All right, son. Strip."


"You heard me, soldier. I want that uniform off, and off now!"

Blushing furiously, the Private undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. The Lieutenant watched attentively as the boy undressed. Went the shirt was off he gazed at the impressive pectorals and slender belly. When the undershirt came off, the officer noted with pleasure that the chest was hairless, the nipples prominent. This kid was hot.

The boy's fingers shook as he unzipped his dress-pants and let them fall around his knees. Clad now only in his BVDs, the kid's ass was even tastier than it looked under the khakis.

Erwin looked up, shyly.

"E-everything, Sir?"

"You had no trouble taking it all off for that skank in the motel. You can remove it for me."

Blushing an even deeper shade of red, the boy shucked his skivvies and stepped out of them, holding his hands over his genitals.

"Shy, are we? Well, don't be. Yours isn't the first set I've ever seen. Hands down, Private."

The kid's hands dropped to his sides.

He had a decent enough package--about average in size--but what interested the officer was its state of semi-arousal.

This could definitely be interesting ...

"Are you clean, son?"

The boy looked puzzled.

"Sir? I showered when--"

"That's not what I mean, Private."

"I--uh, I don't do drugs, Sir. Honest!"

"That's not it either, son." The officer sighed. "Bend over, Private."

The boy hesitated. But he reasoned he was in enough trouble as it was. He bent.

The Lieutenant walked behind the boy and stared at his tight, half-open buttocks.

"Spread those cheeks, boy."

Blushing, Erwin placed a hand on either cheek and spread them apart. He was humiliated, but there was a slight tingling in his loins. Being looked at this way ... knowing his hole was displayed to another man's gaze ... excited him in a way he couldn't identify.

"Hmm," the officer murmured. "Looks clean enough. But, you can never tell about these things. All right. You can drop your hands now. But otherwise, remain as you are, soldier."

He walked over to one of the shelves and selected the item he wanted. Then, smiling to himself, he walked back and smacked the boy's ass.

"Come with me, boy."

The Lieutenant led the frightened private to a door Erwin hadn't noticed before. He opened it and gestured. Erwin walked in.

It was a basic, unadorned bathroom. There was a sink, a bathtub with shower and a toilet. The Lieutenant pushed the boy to the tub.

"On your knees, boy."

Erwin knelt.

"Now lean over the tub, soldier. Ass up."

Erwin hesitated. Ass up? Was the guy gonna fuck him?

The Lieutenant kicked the private's ass with his shoe, making the boy yelp.

"I gave you an order, son."

Erwin did as he was told.

The officer gazed longingly at the sight of the hunky young private, his belly against the tub, his hot young butt pointed skyward.

"You ever had an enema, son?"


"When you were a boy. Your parents ever give you an enema?"

"N-no, Sir."

The officer laughed shortly.

"Well, first time for everything, I guess."

He took the enema bag to the sink, turned on the faucet and ran the hot and cold water until he got the right temperature: lukewarm. Then he filled the enema bag. When that was done he hung it from the curtain-rod and, retrieving a tube of K-Y, lubed the tip of the hose.

"Only one way to be sure a boy is thoroughly clean."

He knelt behind the desirable buns and placed a hand on the right cheek. With his free hand he guided the greasy tip of the hose toward the private's hairless, puckered hole.

"Relax, son," he said, and pressed the plastic tip against the virgin hole. The boy gasped and the Lieutenant shoved the tip straight up the kid's rectum.

Erwin held back a yelp of shock and surprise at the invasion of his most private place.

"You hold that tight, son. You understand?"

"Y-yes, Sir."

The officer unhooked the stopper on the hose, allowing the water to flow down the tube.

"Feel that, son? That's cleansing water cascading into your bowels. Yes, sir--we'll have you clean as a whistle in a minute or so."

The warm liquid coursing up Erwin's hole gave him an uncomfortable feeling. He wanted it gone. At the same he felt his cock begin to swell, pressing against the cold porcelain of the bathtub.

"Your stomach will probably start to cramp in a bit," the officer said lightly. "When it does, best thing is to rub your belly with your hand."

Right on cue, Erwin's stomach cramped, making him cry out. He quickly did as he'd been advised, soothing his belly with his hand. He was surprised to note that it did help.

Meanwhile, the bottle was empty.

"What do you say, son? One bottle, or two?"

"Two, Sir? No, Sir! Please, Sir!"

"Two's the best way to make sure, son," the officer crooned. He smiled, letting seconds tick by, knowing the silence would make the boy sweat. Finally he relented. "Oh, all right. If you're such a big baby you can't handle it, we'll leave it at one. Now, tighten that sphincter, boy. I don't want any mess on this floor."

He knelt and yanked the tube from the boy's ass.

"Stay as you are, Private. Keep that butt raised high, and keep it tight."

After another minute or so, the Lieutenant smacked by the boy's ass again.

"All right, soldier. Get up. But keep that asshole tight or by God you'll lick up every drop that hits this floor."

The boy raised himself, gingerly. The Lieutenant noted the private's semi-hardened cock with amusement.

"Now, sit your ass down on that john and let it out."

The Private duck-walked to the toilet, his face a mask of anguish and humiliation. It was all he could do to keep his asshole shut tight.

He sat down.

"Let it go, son."

Erwin blushed deeply.

"But--but, Sir, I--I can't--not while you're in here."

"Let it out. Now. That's a direct order, boy."

The private's face grew even redder as he relaxed his sphincter and the water squirted out and into the bowl.

The Lieutenant stood calmly by, listening with satisfaction as the boy emptied his bowels. The kid sat leaning over, his face in his hands, mortified. When the torrent of water slowed to a few drops, he handed the embarrassed kid a roll of toilet paper.


Without meeting his eyes, the boy took the paper, tore off a few sheets and cleaned the water from his backside. His face was the color of sunset after a summer storm.

"All done?"

The boy nodded, his eyes gazing down at the floor.

"Stand up and follow me."

Erwin stood, and the Lieutenant noted that the kid's penis was flaccid again. Well, that would change, if experience was any teacher.

The two went back into the room and the Lieutenant pushed the boy toward the horse.

"Lie down, Private. On your belly. Head up."

Private Erwin swallowed, then moved slowly to the horse and did as he was told. The soft leather caressed his cock like a glove, which made his terror of what was to come unnervingly erotic. He could feel himself growing harder.

"Push your cock back between your legs, soldier."

The boy hesitated, then did as he was told.

"Good. Now, hands through the loops, please."

When the Private was in place, the Lieutenant wound the boy's hands tightly with ropes and attached them to the two handles.

"Spread your legs, son."

Erwin let his thighs part. His hairless pink virgin asshole spasmed slightly, tightening. The Lieutenant gazed at the boy's ass with appreciative lust. The buttocks were perfect--rounded, boyish yet with a man's definition. They made his hard-on ache.

And the boy had the beginnings of a respectable erection as well. Pushed back between his open thighs, capped by the hairless balls that lay atop it, the shaft of the kid's young cock was elongating on the leather cushion.

He could hardly wait for the fun to begin.

"You know, son--in the old days--the 1800s--sailors were whipped for a lot less than what you did. Of course, the men were punished with bullwhips. Across their backs. We're more civilized now. But as any father knows, a good butt-whipping can alter a bad boy's misbehavior."

He chose a tawse from the wall, stood behind the shaking, sweating boy, and raised it. When he brought it down, the splayed leather strips hit the Private squarely across both buttocks.


The Lieutenant was pleased to see a blush of pink already coursing across the shapely ass. But he didn't linger to enjoy the color. He commenced whipping the upturned cheeks in a slow, rhythmic fashion, enjoying the private's yelps of pain.

"OWWW!! OHHH!! Please stop!! OHHH!! I'll be--OWWW!!--good! I promise! OWWWWWWWW!!"

The boy tried frantically to keep his ass from damage, but he couldn't move. After a few minutes of this, the Lieutenant paused. He stared at the red, welted ass-cheeks with pride. When he whipped a boy, the boy knew he'd been whipped.

When the kid's body jerked, the officer also saw the beginnings of a very respectable erection.

Erwin was squirming around on the horse, moaning and wriggling.

"Did you enjoy that, son?" The Lieutenant mocked, patting the boy's head.

No answer except a groan of pain and frustration.

"Well, if you liked that, you'll love this next part."

"P-please, Sir! P-please--"

"You have something to say, boy?"

"N-no-no whipping, Sir--PLEASE!"

"What's the matter, boy? Didn't your daddy ever spank your little butt?"

"N-not--not that this, Sir!"

"Pity. Maybe if he had, you'd be a better soldier."

He drew up a chair and gazed at the young Private.

"So what did he do, boy?"


"When he spanked you. What did he do?"

The kid was plainly confused.

"He--uh--he ... you know ... spanked me."

"With what, boy? His hand? A belt? A strap? A paddle? A hairbrush? What?"

"J-just his ... his hand, Sir."

"Over his knee, or standing up?"

"S-standing, Sir."

"Hmm. Over your pants, or bare-assed?"

"O-over ... over my pants, Sir."

"And did it get you excited? Huh? You get a little woody when he was spanking your naughty butt?"

"No, Sir! Never!"

"But you've got one now."

The boy flushed crimson.

"Don't bother to deny it, kid. I saw it. That whipping turned you on."

Erwin didn't bother to argue. Even as he answered the officer's questions, the mental image of an over-the-knee, bare-assed spanking was making his cock even harder. It scared him, humiliated him, and made sweat form in his underarms. It also excited him in a way he had never experienced before.

The Lieutenant unbound the boy's hands and sat back down, patting his lap.

"Better climb over my knee, son. Daddy knows what you need."

Erwin stared at the very noticeable lump at the officer's crotch. He swallowed hard, then gently raised his body from the horse. His ass burned, but the pain was lessening. And the man was right--the boy could hardly deny the throbbing hard-on poking up in front of him.

He lay himself down over the Lieutenant's lap, very aware of the hardness under the officer's dress pants. It pressed against his own, stiffened member, making him blush and causing his heart rate to speed up. His thighs dangled down behind him and his head neared the floor in front.

The officer spoke soothingly, stroking the hot young soldier's warm, whipped bottom gently.

"Yes, son. Daddy knows. You want to be a good boy, don't you? But it's hard. So many temptations. But, son--you're not on the playground anymore. You're in the Army. And that means you play by the Army's rules. And the Army doesn't like it when you run off to follow some pussy. Your Daddy doesn't like it. Your Daddy is ashamed of you."

He pushed his legs apart slightly, spreading the young buttcheeks open.

"Ashamed and very, very angry. You disappointed me, son."

He let his index finger travel softly between the slightly parted ass-cheeks. When it grazed the hairless hole, the boy flinched, gasping slightly.

He removed his finger and resumed caressing the upturned cheeks.

"Daddy's heart hurts when his boys are bad. But Daddy knows what boys need to change their behavior. Are you prepared to pay for what you've done, my boy?"

A whisper, hoarse with shame and desire: "Yes, Sir."



The Lieutenant raised his hand and brought it down hard, his open callused palm connecting with the boy's left cheek.


"Yes, Sir! One, Sir!"

Another blow, on the right cheek this time.

"OWW! Two, Sir!"

At first the smacks were measured, with space between them to allow the blows to resonate on the kid's bare flesh. Soon, however, the officer picked up the pace--and the intensity--and letting his hand fall across the muscular yet pliant cheeks in a random fashion: right, left, left, left, right, right, center.

They were soon up to 25.

"26, Sir!"


"OWWWWWW!!! 27, Sir!"

"Oh! Oh! Ow! 28, Sir! Please, Sir!"

Erwin's ass was on fire. For a while as the Lieutenant spoke to him, the boy's backside had stopped throbbing from the tawse. Now, it throbbed with angry pain. But even as he squirmed, wriggled and yelped, he was constantly aware of the hardness at his crotch.

The blows grew more savage.


"OWWWWWWW!!! 29, Sir! OH! Please!"


"UNNNNGGGHHHH!!! OH!! 30, Sir!"

The spanking stopped.

"What do we say, son?"

"Uh--t-thank you, Sir?"

"Good boy. See? You're learning already."

The officer caressed the boy's smarting buns once more, soothing the hurt with the gentle strokes of his palm over the rounded contours.

"You took that well, son. Daddy is very pleased."

"Thank you, Sir."

A sharp slap.

"What do you call me, son?"

"Ow! D-Daddy! Thank you, Daddy!"

The officer reached beneath him and took hold of the soldier's randy young cock, sliding it out between the scorched ass-cheeks.

"Looks like my son enjoyed that. Didn't you, boy? Enjoyed his Daddy spanking his naughty young butt?"

"Y-yes, Sir--uh, Daddy."

Erwin wasn't sure about the "Daddy" routine--although part of him found it exciting--but he sure as shit couldn't deny his own erotic response. Hell, how could he with his woody in the Lieutenant's palm?

"Daddy knows. I told you, didn't I? Daddy knows what his boys want, and need."

"Yes, Daddy."

The Lieutenant stuck his index finger in his mouth, got is good and wet, and pressed it between the boy's smarting cheeks, aiming at, and making direct contact with, the young soldier's asshole.

"Unnnggghhh," Erwin moaned.

The officer rubbed his wet finger against the puckered muscle.

"You know what Daddy thinks? Daddy thinks his boy isn't quite the straight stud he thinks he is. No, sir--Daddy has an idea his boy wants something only a man can give him. Something only his Daddy can provide."

He pressed his finger forward slightly. His expert manipulation of the boy's asshole had relaxed the muscle just enough to open it a bit, and his forefinger was soon enveloped by the warm, wet tightness of the soldier-boy's sphincter.

Erwin moaned softly.

He was confused. I'm straight! he thought desperately to himself. I am! I like pussy! I never--I mean, okay, I look at other guy's equipment sometimes in the showers. Shit, everyone does that. And, sure, once or twice maybe I've wondered what it might be like to--but I've never done any faggoty shit! I'm straight, god damn it!

And yet ...

That finger felt so nice there. Like the hands that had patted and petted his steaming butt after the spanking.

He--he liked it.

Oh my God, he thought. I am a fag!

The finger dipped in a bit further. Erwin's sphincter relaxed and let it happen.

"You see, son? Daddy always knows."

Shit! Erwin thought. What if he makes me suck his cock! I can't. I can't!

The finger poked in a bit further. Erwin couldn't help himself--he started pushing back with his hips.

"Oh, S--Oh, Daddy!" he cooed, humping his butt toward the invading digit. He couldn't believe what he was saying! He couldn't believe what he was doing! But that finger in his butt--goddamnit, it felt good!

"There, there, son." The officer pressed his finger in a bit deeper and the boy moaned softly. "Daddy's here to give you want you want. Now, just relax, boy."

He buried his finger up the boy's steamy hole, swiping the anal ring to loosen its rigidity before probing for the young soldier's prostate.

He found it.

Erwin nearly shot off the Lieutenant's lap. He groaned loudly, and his sphincter slammed down on the officer's finger. Pleasure flooded his cock and rectum like a shaft of lightning. Fuck the gay/straight stuff. Nothing he'd ever experienced felt as good as this!

Inhibitions and fears tossed aside, the boy thrust his hips back at the invading finger as the officer massaged his responsive prostate. His cock was rigid, his balls roiling. His feet arched and his toes spread as he grooved on this new erotic pleasure.

"Does Daddy's boy like this, huh? Is this what Daddy's boy's been wanting?"

Erwin humped his hot butt up and down, letting the Lieutenant's finger fuck his hole.

"Oh, yes! Yes, Daddy! Yes!"

With his free hand the Lieutenant reached under the boy and touched the tip of his cock. There was a drop of pre-cum on the head. He spread the viscous liquid over the soldier's dick-head, making Erwin shudder.

The young officer took gentle hold of the kid's erection, making him squirm with pleasure.

"Put your trust in Daddy, son. Tell Daddy you trust him."

"I-I trust you, Daddy."

"Good boy."

The Lieutenant slowly removed his finger from the soldier's butthole and patted his bottom.

"Get up, son."

Erwin fumbled his way to his feet and stood waiting. He was no longer trying to hide his excitement; his cock bobbed in front of him, a new droplet of pre-cum glistening on the head.

The Lieutenant stood. His own hard-on was plainly visible beneath his dress pants. He walked to the wall and opened a small box. He removed an object, closed the case and picked up a tube of K-Y before returning to the trembling, turned-on young soldier.

He held out the toy. It was made of durable plastic and curiously shaped.

"Ever seen one of these, son?"

The boy shook his head in the negative.

"It's called an Aneros. Lie down on the mattress and I'll show you how it works."

The private lay on his back. The officer knelt below him.

"Spread your legs, son."

Erwin did. The area around his hairless asshole was still damp with the Lieutenant's saliva.

The officer scooted up between the boy's thighs and lubed one end of the device with K-Y. When it was slick he slowly inserted it into the soldier's asshole. The other end slid snugly against the private's perineum.

The boy's eyes glistened as the exterior of the Aneros pressed against his prostate. His breath came in gulps and his cock throbbed wildly.

"The way it works is, the part that's inside responds to the movement of your anal muscles while the parts that's outside massages your prostate. Every move you make in your asshole triggers the pressure. You can keep this in for hours if you want and never come."

"N-never come?"

"Well, you come. In fact, you can come over and over. You just don't shoot. Try it awhile and see what you think."

"W-what do you do, Daddy?"

"Me? You won't need me. I just watch."

He sat on the bottom of the mattress, enjoying the sight of the humpy boy beginning to experiment with the Aneros.

Unsure at first what to do, Erwin slowly began to understand the mechanics of the thing. Each time he clenched his sphincter, the pressure on his perineum deepened, sending a jolt of sexual pleasure through him. He learned that if he manipulated the device with a series of fast muscle spasms, his prostate went wild. His cock was so hard he thought he'd come any minute. In fact, an orgasm was building now, slowly but with increasing urgency. He humped his hips, spurring it on, and when it hit it was more intense than anything he'd ever experienced.

His breath came in gasps, his body shuddered, his mouth fell open in a long moan of pleasure and his cock shot wad after wad of hot boy-jizz before the climax subsided.

Except, he realized, there was no cum.

His head was dizzy. He couldn't believe his belly wasn't dripping with fresh ball-juice. And his dick was still rock-hard!

"That's one," the officer grinned. "Try for two."

Erwin concentrated on his anal motions, clamping his eyes tight and manipulating the device with his asshole. His body was bathed in sweat, his heart raced, his chest heaved up and down, and his thigh muscles tightened with the erotic effect.

The second orgasm hit.

Again he recovered to realize that, however hard he was, there had been no ejaculation.

"Want to go for three, son?"

Erwin groaned.

The Lieutenant watched hungrily. He knew it wouldn't be long before Private Erwin was a slavering mass of erotic desire. And then ...

The third orgasm nearly took off the top of the boy's head.

"Go for four, son."

Erwin opened his eyes slowly. They were glazed, unseeing. He was entirely in a sexual thrall.

The Lieutenant made his move.

He removed his uniform and shucked down his BVDs, releasing his swollen, angry cock. Then he rose and knelt behind the boy, aiming his hard-on downward.

"Take it, son," he whispered. "Suck your Daddy's cock."

Erwin moaned, opened his glassy eyes, reached out a hand, took the officer's cock in it, and drew it to his lips.

The boy sucked like a pro.

The officer doubted the kid had ever touched another cock, let alone licked one, but his instincts were sound. The tongue lapped at the pre-cum on the glans, then slowly drew the head into his mouth, allowing his teeth to scrape gently against the shaft as it slid inside.

The Lieutenant leaned over and pinched the soldier's nipples between thumbs and forefingers, causing the boy to moan excitedly.

He pulled out of the kid's mouth when he sensed Orgasm Number Five approaching. He didn't want to boy to bite his dick off when he came.

For Private Erwin, the fifth climax obliterated everything that had gone before. His body was wracked with shuddering spasms. His hips lifted up off the mat, and he stabbed his cock at the air as though trying to fuck it. His moans were like those of an animal in heat and his anus clamped and loosened repeatedly as he came and came and came ...

The Lieutenant crept back between the boy's quivering thighs.

"Had enough for now, son?" he asked.

The boy nodded, too spent to speak.

"Good. Don't want you having heart failure here. How would I ever explain it to your folks?"

He slowly removed the Aneros, watching with interest as it withdrew, causing the boy's anus to dilate. The next thing inside that hole was definitely going to be larger than the toy.

"You want to come, don't you, son? For real this time?"

Again, Erwin nodded yes. His eyes were still shut tight and his breath was in tatters.

"Good boy."

He looked from the naked, delirious boy to his own aching, rigid cock.

It was now, or never.

Lubing himself with the K-Y, the Lieutenant scooted up between the private's legs, still spread wide. He aimed at the pulsing, excited hole and touched it the head of his dick.

"You trust your Daddy?"


"You know Daddy wouldn't hurt you?"


"Just relax then, son."

His slipped his cock inside.

The boy's pussy was so slick and relaxed his dick slid straight in. No fuss, no pain. It was only when the officer was fully embedded in his virgin bottom that Erwin even opened his eyes.

"Does that feel good, son?" the Lieutenant whispered.

"Oh, yeah, Daddy."

"Good boy."

He kissed the soldier's lips.

The boy responded by wrapping his arms around the officer and pulling him tight. His lips connected to the officer's and kissed back passionately.

When the kiss broke the boy looked up, shining eyes staring into the officer's face.

"Fuck me, Daddy."

"Anything for my boy."

The Lieutenant began slowly, gently pushing into, and pulling out of, the slick boy-cunt. He got a good rhythm going, and the boy responded with his hips and ass, spurring him on. He would liked to have made it last a bit longer, but he was so turned on and the kid was so eager, he made it a faster fuck than normal.

The boy wrapped his legs around the Lieutenant's waist, placing his palms on the officer's ass-cheeks. Erwin began to hump up rapidly, his cock slapping the officer's belly. In a moment, the kid would climax, this time for real.

The Lieutenant reared back once more, thrust upward, and his cock was suddenly spewing wave after wave of jizz into the boy's excited butt. At the same moment, he felt the soldier's sphincter spasm around his shaft.

They came together, groaning, crying out, gasping for air.

Then it was over. They lay, connected ass-to-cock, in a steaming, sweaty mass of flesh.

When he could speak again, the Lieutenant kissed the boy's lips softly and allowed his softening dick to slip out of the young soldier's backside.

He held out his hand and the boy took it, looking into the officer's eyes with a mix of devotion, joy, relief, gratitude, and love. They stood together, pressed close, and kissed, languidly.

The officer broke the kiss, slapped the private lightly on the ass, and smiled.

"Good boy."

He led the reeling young man back to the bathroom, where they showered, luxuriating in the warmth of the water and the touch of each other's hands on bare, still-tingling, flesh.

When they were dressed again, the Lieutenant sat down on the mattress and the boy plunked down beside him.

"Now, son. I hope you've learned a lesson today. There's no call for you going AWOL. You can get what you need right here on base. You come see your Daddy whenever you like. In fact"--the officer pulled a card from his breast pocket--"that's my home number. You call, now, and Daddy will take good care of you. If you need a strong hand to guide you, you can count on Daddy's."

"Yes, Sir," the kid grinned, putting the card in his own pocket.

"This incident will not show up on your permanent record. But if you fuck up again, son, you're out. You're on your own. Daddy won't lift a finger to help you unless you become the best goddamn soldier you can. If you're ever sent back to me, you'll rue the day you were born. You'll get an immediate discharge, but before you do, you'll come back to this room and take the worst beating you ever had in your life. I've got paddles in here that'll turn your ass into raw hamburger. Never make me look like a fool, son. Don't you dare disappoint me. You understand?"

"Yes, Daddy."

The Lieutenant walked the young soldier to the exit and unlocked the door.

"Now, I needn't tell you that all of this is just between us, do I?"

"No, Daddy. I won't say a word. Not to anyone."

"Good boy. Now get your hot little ass out of here and back to your barracks."

The boy smiled and left.

The officer sighed. Good. Not great. He'd been too excited to make it one of his best efforts. But there'd be time for that later.

All his sons came back to him for guidance. And not one of them ever fucked up twice.