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Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days And Nights
Part 1 - Introduction
PJ Franklin <>


An early summer weekend, rural Kansas, circa late 60's, early 70's …

Part One - Gage Whitney

The prior fall school year …

P.E. Coach Frank Barrett was far from naïve. Before the very young looking single twenty-four-year-old teacher punishment paddled any boy's bare butt in the Otis High School gymnasium boy's locker room, he scanned all of the boys who would inevitably linger to watch the adrenalin pumping spectacle. It took barely a fraction of a second with Frank's extensive experience in such things to determine the chances that the public punishment might provoke or tempt one or more of them towards later inappropriate behavior.

Most just seemed pretty passive that afternoon with the usual smirky adolescent grins of interest, nudging the fellow next to them while watching their peer suffer. He had done the same in his high school days, "takes one to know one" type of thing. That did not mean that any student of his was going to be allowed to break locker room rules and act out inappropriate self-abuse on the premises if he could help it and yes, Frank had done that in his day, so he knew.

Frank scanned the fifteen or so boys who watched as usual and was about to apply the first of five bare butt paddle swats to the bent over sophomore when he caught a vibe from a boy standing in the rear of the buzzing group. It was Gage Whitney. The affable then seventeen-year-old junior was already known to Frank as a typical very well-behaved Kansas farm boy who like the rest got into the usual amounts of trouble and suffered like the rest when called for.

The other boys were as usual grinning nervously, whispering to each other whatever it is that boys whisper to each other when it's not their asses getting torched. Gage was not. His eyes were unusually intense and he neither whispered nor responded to the boys who nudged him.

Not the end of the world, but it could portend trouble so Frank took note and then went about his business and gave the bent over sophomore five eye watering licks that sent the rest of the boys into the usual frenzy of teasing shouts and taunts. After dismissing all of the boys including Gage, Frank left the gym and drove himself home to bide his time.

How could he know? But somehow he just did. After returning to his small three bedroom rented home on the outskirts of small town Otis, he waited about ninety minutes. Then Frank got back into his car and drove back to the school. The parking lot was empty, nobody about. He parked outside on the street, however, got out and walked swiftly to the gymnasium. He still saw nothing unusual, but continued on.

Maybe he was just being ridiculously paranoid and hyper-alert that afternoon, but so what if he was? Using his passkey Frank entered a seldom-used gymnasium side door and quietly walked down the darkened hallway towards his office. Nothing seemed amiss, so he continued on to the boy's bathroom and toilets just around the corner from his office adjacent to the darkened locker room.

Frank heard a sound though not loud coming from the bathroom. He continued on, taking care with stealth. He peered around the corner of the entrance and saw the feet under the closed toilet stall door, clothing gathered at the ankles. He saw the top of the head of the person standing inside and then he heard the unmistakable sounds of flesh rubbing on flesh.

"Yea, coach, please spank me. I'm a bad boy, I jack off thinking about your big hard cock. I need a long hard spanking over your knee coach, yea that's it. I'm so sorry coach, please don't spank me, I'll even suck your …" Gage quietly mumbled to himself, his right hand flogging his erection.

He was almost there. Finally. Finally Gage Whitney had drummed up the courage to have actually entered the gym afterhours to carry out his plan. Tired of the countless masturbations in his farmhouse bedroom alone dreaming of same, he had finally had done it!

Gage had dreamed of this day for over a year now, of beating off just to the fantasy of getting caught masturbating by Coach Barrett in the lockers. Getting caught and punished right then and there and then having to service Coach anyway he demanded up to and including cock sucking and ass fucking to teach the naughty boy his lessons.

Frank strode up to the stall door and pounded on it. Gage about jumped up over the transom and tried to hurriedly pull up his clothing, but Coach Barrett managed the door open, "Gage!" Frank shouted sternly, "Coach!" the red faced bumbling teen replied.

Frank pulled Gage with a firm grip on the boy's arm out of the stall with the boy's clothing only up to his knees. The obvious was the obvious, "My office," Frank said turned and quickly walked out. Frank was already nursing his own hard penis in his soccer shorts and jock strap.

Gage was by now in a state of terror. He had been caught, for real. This was not a fantasy. This was an awful feeling getting caught like this. What would his dad say? Surely Coach was going to punish him and then make him tell his father, Horace Whitney, who would surely double his corporal punishment at home, but it was too late now.

Gage dragged himself into Coach's office. Thank God there were no other boys or staff around. There the handsome sexy Coach Barrett stood holding the dreaded oak paddle that so fascinated Gage, always had. By now Gage had pulled up his underwear and shorts, but his persistent erection still tented the skimpy clothing forward.

Frank saw Gage's eyes rivet on his own tenting. Could not be helped, not after all of his own corporally punitive high school locker room experiences later reinforced by torrid university fraternity hazings and big brother spankings.

"Well young man, you know what's next," Frank said catching Gage's eyes, "Yes sir, a hard bare butt tanning," Gage's halting voice answered using typical farm boy parlance. Frank nodded, "Pants down, bare your butt, get into position," Frank said walking slowly around his desk and watched as Gage complied, the seventeen-year-olds more than delicious looking ass cheeks moving into the always lustfully stimulating hands-on-ankles position.

"Five swats," Frank said gazing down at the compliant teen's arching back rubbing the paddle's surface back and forth, back and forth. Gage's body swayed a little with the paddle's movement, got used to it. Gage's mind calmed. He was finally going to get a private treatment, a private one-on-one ass tanning. Coach's cock was hard. Coach was into it. Was he into Gage?

Gage no longer could think on such things as the first swat blistered his ass and his mind with pain. Four more paced licks followed, each one making Gage yelp, the last one making him yell as he launched up towards the ceiling his two palms landing on his flamed cheeks.

Frank sat the paddle in back of himself on the desktop and watched as Gage did the same little tiptoe dance of pain that most all boys did. Gage's eyes were watery. He settled and turned. Frank saw Gage's penis appropriately limp. Frank's was still tenting his shorts and Gage but briefly looked at it and then up at Coach.

"You know the drill, spanking over my knee Gage," Frank said. It was true. The basic punishment for really egregious misbehavior was always a hand spanking over Coach's knee after a paddling. Frank sat back on the edge of his desktop and wiggled his finger. Gage shuffled forward and flopped over Coach's knee, his randy cock rubbing right into the modestly hairy muscled thigh.

Gage gasped and humped Coach's knee and then pushed his hips up high, really high in submission. Frank had spanked many boys before in his office after similar incidents, but none were giving him the submissive vibe that Gage Whitney was. Frank's nostrils flared as the scene was imitating a number of his past alcohol fueled but still vividly recalled frat house experiences with his like-minded frat buddies.

Frank raised his hand and then started to spank the paddled cheeks, hard and rapid, "Coach!" Gage yelped after a good dozen, each hand slap driving his cock into Coach's knee, humping it, raising his ass high after each hump, the spanks raining painfully down.

Up and down, up and down Gage bounced on top of Frank's knee with each slap, the grinding of cock into Frank's thigh bringing him closer and closer,

"Coach!" Gage yelled louder and then his body stiffened and jerked. Frank stopped the spanking realizing that his knee was getting soaked with hot fluids and then Frank stiffened and shuddered as his jock pouch and shorts were soaking with his own fluids, the rapture stronger than anything he had experienced in months.

"Get up," Frank said calmly. Gage did, turned and quickly pulled up his shorts in a cloud of shame. Frank quickly moved around to the other side of the desk to quickly sit and hide his.

"You're dismissed Gage. Be sure to tell your father," Frank said pretending to shuffle papers on his desktop. Gage nodded, "Yes sir," and quickly left the office.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next two weeks were pure hell for both Gage and Frank. They saw each other in gym class of course, both avoiding eye contact, neither any physical contact between. At night Frank Barrett would masturbate his penis raw recalling the incident with young Gage. Gage did the same, his right hand in danger of withering away from so many self-abusing masturbations.

Finally Gage took the initiative one afternoon after class and found himself standing in Frank's office door. He had waited until all of the other boys had left the locker room. Frank looked up, "Gage," he said. Gage looked down at his feet, "Coach, can I talk to you?" he asked looking up.

Frank got nervous. Nothing more had been said between them over the incident. Gage had not waited after class to witness any of the locker room paddlings since his own punishment, "Of course, come in, close the door," Frank said his fingers nervously tapping the top of his desk.

Gage did and stood in front of Coach's desk, hands clasped in front, "Just wanted you to know that I told my Pa that I got in trouble that day, nothing specific. He just assumed it was the usual. I got a good switching in the barn. Hurt like hell as usual," Gage's face softening, even smiling.

"I see," Frank said relaxing just a little wishing that he could have seen it. Hell, Frank Barrett wished that he was still seventeen and getting barn switchings for himself. As it was, he had masturbated himself into near oblivion on his own property in Otis over what had happened in that very office two weeks earlier.

"Coach, I done a lot of thinking and well. Pa told me after the switching that I had better be getting some counseling if I thought I was headed down the wrong path of behavior. I told him I would. I didn't want to visit Ms. Perkins, my career counselor. That would be stupid. That's why I'm here," Gage said, his eyes pleading in a way that caught Frank's attention.

"I'd be glad to help Gage," Frank said with a sigh of relief, "Thing is Coach. I can't stop thinking about it. What happened and all. I just can't stop thinking about it," Gage's eyes wide.

Frank sat forward. What now? What fucking now? This was … this was, well, "Gage. I have to tell you son that I can help, but … it'll mean that you have to confess to me how it affects you," Frank said feeling his loins start to growl, his right leg starting that nervous twitching thing.

Gage stood up tall now, starting to shake some all over, "Can't help it Coach! I masturbate over it, every night since. I'm hooked. Please Coach, I'm hooked!" his voice sounding a bit frantic as he looked down at his own shameful arousal.

Frank saw Gage's arousal. Frank sighed. Frank stood. Gage saw Coach Barrett's tented gym shorts, "Do I have to be punished Coach? Paddle licks? Spanking over your knee?" Gage's voice tremulous.

Frank's hand reached back and plucked the oak paddle from the wall, "Strip off naked Gage. You have to be punished and punished hard this time," Coach's voice tremulous, his hand shaking not needing to say anything more. Gage had done all the work for them both.

"Yes Coach!" and Gage started to stumble around hurrying to get naked, a bit desperate to comply and finally did. Frank came around the desk holding the paddle and stopped and looked down at himself. Gage saw it too, saw the big wet spot welling up the fabric of his gym shorts front from the outlined tip of Frank's big cock head.

"Coach! Do I have to be punished over your naked knee? Your naked body?" Gage's voice pitched even higher. Frank's body was electric. He set the paddle down and gave into his lusts. He stripped off naked, jock and all and then picked up the paddle, "Get into position Gage," his voice tense.

Gage stared hard at Coach's upright hard on and then he took position, hands on ankles. Frank sidled up to the boy's side and he rubbed the wood surface as before, his arm shaking, "Five hard licks Gage," he said and Gage waited.

The paddle rose and fell five times with fervor and strength. Gage popped up after the last just like before and he did the dance, palms furiously rubbing. Frank sat back, set the paddle aside. Gage flew over his knee just as before, pressing his slender side into Frank's rabid and wet erection,

"Please Coach, give me a hard spanking!" Gage asked, "Yes Gage," Frank said and did just that. Once again, Gage felt Coach's big hand spanking his raised buttocks, "Hurts Coach!" Gage yelped, "Has to hurt Gage!" Frank said but stopped the spanking prematurely.

When he did, Frank could not help himself, "Get on your knees boy!" Frank heard himself say. Gage slid off Coach's lap and onto the floor and was presented with Coach's big cock aimed at his mouth.

Gage closed his eyes, grasped Coach's strong hips with his hands and then opening his mouth started to suck cock. Frank recognized Gage's inexperience and when Gage soon faltered, he face fucked the boy's mouth, a hand gripping the boy's hair, directing him, "Now swallow!" Frank soon demanded and Gage did as Frank raptured and shot his load deep down Gage's gullet.

The sessions would continue spaced about two weeks apart, Gage Whitney would appear at his open office door well after the class had ended and after the other boys had disappeared, the sexual ritual would be performed. Gage sucked cock after the several following sessions, but then one afternoon, Gage's bottom well paddled and then spanked, Frank slid gage out from sitting on the desk, "Stay put, lay across the desk Gage, you know what has to happen next," he said.

Gage nodded, "A good hard butt fucking Coach. I'm ready," Gage panted and setting his toes on the floor, pushed his punished back side up.

Frank leaned over and ate out Gage's young boy pussy, Gage moaning and grasping the far side of the desk, "Oh God Coach, fuck me, take my cherry," not really knowing how much it would hurt.

Frank did, however; leaned over and pressed his body on top of Gage's, his big hand covered Gage's mouth, Gage's eyes getting very big. With is other hand Frank guided his big cock head into Gage's upturned pink pucker and then started to press in. As the cock started to pierce his tight sphincter, Gage started to thrash and buck, "Coach, no!" Gage yelled into the hand his hands and arms flapping about helplessly.

Coach Barrett held the boy down as finally his cock popped through the teen's resistant sphincter ring causing Gage to scream and then he went limp. Frank removed his hand from over Gage's mouth, "Just relax now son," he said and Gage nodded.

Frank then slowly fucked Gage and towards the end Gage reared up, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me Coach, fill me up!" he begged and Frank did. After Frank emptied his balls into Gage, he stood the boy up, kneeled in front of him and sucked young Gage Whitney off.

All of this happened again and then again off and on for the next months to follow, both at school after hours and then sometimes inside of Coach's house at the outskirts of the small town of Otis. They told nobody, it was both their forbidden secret.

* * * * * * * * * *

Part One - Nathan Foster

The prior summer, Lake Henderson Christian Boy's Camp …

Sixteen-year-old Nathan Foster stood with the rest of his cabin mates, his face furrowed with worry. Something seemed wrong with somebody he idolized whereas his cabin mates seemed to sense excitement of some kind.

Their eighteen-year-old senior cabin counselor, Jeff Higgins, was standing with Camp Director Pastor David O'Reilly. The young youth pastor's twenty-three year old face was solemn, grim even and that was not a good sign. The young pastor raised his hand for silence and the room obeyed. He now spoke,

"I've gathered you all in your cabin this evening to deal with a very serious matter. Jeff has something to say to you all," and all eyes including Nathan's where now on Jeff.

They all, Nathan included, had been subject to discipline over Jeff's knees at one time or the other during the session. Jeff had given Nathan and two of his cabin mates bare bottomed spankings across his knees with the cabin hairbrush just two days before for having been caught harboring two of the six cans of a six pack of beer secretly stashed by the trio.

The beer was unopened which spared them worse punishment and after consulting with Camp Director David O'Reilly, it was decided that Jeff would handle the chastisements himself and did, the beer destroyed of course. On that occasion all three older teens were paddled to tears in front of their mates and then had to stand against the wall for thirty minutes and sent to bed early under supervision.

Jeff's face was distraught. He looked wanly at the young pastor who waved at Jeff to get on with it,

"I stand before you all deeply ashamed," he said now bravely looking at his campers directly, casting an especial sad expression seemingly directed at Nathan before going on,

"The assistant camp director, Clyde Murphy, caught me masturbating in our camp shower facility last night," and that caused the boys, all but Nathan to gasp and whisper among themselves.

Nathan's heart fell. Nathan Foster had a hard crush on the older teen, the kind that Nathan knew was forbidden, but he could not help his feelings. Now Nathan knew that Jeff was facing severe punishment of some kind. Jeff continued,

"I confessed my sin to Pastor O'Reilly who because this was a first offence agreed to conduct my punishment here in the cabin. Pastor O'Reilly is going to administer a good hard tanning with the cabin hairbrush over his knee, followed by a hand spanking," the chagrinned proud counselor said head down.

A spanking? With the brush? And then with the hand? In front of them all? Nathan was crushed. It wasn't fair and he listened to the disrespectful titters and knowing smirks from the boys around him. It was all Nathan could do to not shout for them all to shut up.

"Jeff will continue to be your counselor after his punishment. I would suggest that you all learn a lesson from his chastisement. Now, let's get on with it Jeff. First Jeff, do you volunteer to tell your boys to what sinful images of your mind you were abusing yourself?"

This part was indeed voluntary. The room was dead silent. Jeff struggled with himself a long moment, "No. I do not think I will be describing that," and looked ashamed that he could not.

Nathan was relieved, but the looks of selfish disappointment on the faces around him made him furious,

"Very well then, strip naked please and then go over my knee," the young fit pastor sat on the edge of Jeff's own cot, hairbrush already in hand.

Nathan did not particularly want to watch Jeff's horrid comedown, but his cock stirred forcing him to watch. As Jeff bared his nakedness Nathan's eyes riveted first on Jeff's full bared buttocks, but also on his semi-erect penis causing Nathan's to fully harden.

Nathan glanced around. He would not be the only camper with an erection, but now Nathan had an additional problem. Guilt and a lot of it now poured into his mind.

Nathan had masturbated himself in the shower and bathroom facility each of the two last nights after lights out. He had not been caught. The subject of his self-abuse was of course the hairbrush paddling that he had received from the adored older teen just a few nights prior.

As Nathan watched, Jeff's penis fully erected and was visible to all as he positioned himself across Pastor O'Reilly's lap. The other boys grinned all the more now. Nathan felt awful for Jeff who looked disconsolate. Then, the young strong pastor started to blister brush his counselor's upturned bottom and Jeff's downturned red face quickly started to fill with tears.

As the brushing continued, Jeff's body bouncing up and down, his erection bobbing and jumping, other boys rubbed their crotches, rapt. Nathan was rapt as well, squeezing his eyes shut afraid that by watching that he might ejaculate in his shorts at Jeff's expense.

The hairbrush hiding stopped and the pastor immediately switched to his hand. By now Jeff's penis was wet at the tip and a number of the fronts of the gathered boys' shorts, including Nathan's, showed a bit of dampness.

Pastor O'Reilly's hand flew like a fury over the older boys' paddled cheeks, "Please Pastor!" Jeff begged from the searing pain, but the spanking did not stop, "Please!" Jeff begged one last time and then they all saw it, saw Jeff buck and stiffen.

Nathan watched helpless as well as he and a few others stiffened and with their raptures, soaked the front of their shorts as Jeff's piss slit shot his load onto the Pastor's slacks. The spanking stopped and the young Pastor helped Jeff to his feet.

Young O'Reilly ignored his wet thigh just as he ignored the extension of that wetness into his own groin, hoping that the boys were too distracted to notice, "OK. Very well then. Carry on," the young adult said turning himself away from the teens and with a look of guilt on his face as he quickly left the cabin.

After the punishment, Jeff solemnly and humbly promised aloud to them all to be a better example for them all and then kind of slumped to his cot to change clothing and recover on his own. The boys all retreated to their cots alone or with preferred friends saying little really.

Nathan wanted to comfort Jeff, say something; but now was not the time. He retreated to his own cot, changed out of his wet shorts face away from everyone and wanting to otherwise be alone.

Bedtime came around and with it the usual camp tradition of tucking in campers. Not all counselors did this ritual, but Jeff did. Nathan lie in bed in the dimly lit cabin as Jeff did his usual rounds. Nathan would be last and finally he sat down on the edge of Nathan's bed, leaning over to address his camper, Nathan.

"Hey Nathan, I want to apologize once again for not setting a better example. I should not have been masturbating, it's a sin."

"Everyone makes mistakes," Nathan replied to Jeff, his own secret sinning guilt looming over him like a giant cleaver. He could no longer hold back and sat up, "Can I talk to you in private outside the cabin, Jeff? Please?" he asked, "Of course," Jeff answered.

They went out to the cabin porch and sat side-by-side and nearly skin-to-skin, "What's on your mind Nathan?" Jeff asked, sliding his arm across Nathan's shoulders, his far hand squeezing. Jeff loved being physically close to only certain of his boys, and loved especially giving Nathan a hug, a hug that was sorely needed and greatly appreciated and made Nathan both smile and sigh. He pressed his body closer to Jeff's now,

"Jeff … I have a confession to make, but it's difficult," he said. Jeff squeezed Nathan's shoulder harder and his heart started to pound, "I just want you to know Nathan, whatever it is, you'll be fine. I'm here for you, is there something wrong?" Jeff asked.

Nathan nodded, "Jeff … I've masturbated myself each of the last two nights in the bathroom," he said and just saying the words to unburden his mind made Nathan feel so much better. He knew Jeff would understand and help.

Jeff's chest now ached with overwhelming affection and empathy, "I see. Well Nathan, first I am so proud of you for confessing it to me, that takes courage," Jeff said. Nathan jumped in, "I had to say something after what happened to you this evening."

"Yea. Well, if it helped you to come clean Nathan, then any discomfort I felt was well worth it, but … I now have to ask you Nathan, what sinful image you used to masturbate? You don't have to answer of course," Jeff asked. A boy was not forced to admit such things just as Jeff had declined the same question with the young camp director.

Nathan did not hesitate, "Yes. I have been masturbating thinking about … about the spankings you've given me and the other boys. I get sexually aroused by it Jeff. Even at home and at school after my spankings and punishments. I don't know why. It just makes me want to be sinful with my body," Nathan said using the religiously toned language that he and all campers knew that they must use to demonstrate conformity at the religiously oriented all male camp.

Jeff blushed as his cock was once again maddeningly aroused, this time by his adored camper's honest confession. He gave Nathan a hard hug, "Hey, it happens. It's a part of who we are. Sin is natural to us Nathan and it is our jobs to try and overcome some of our natural tendencies."

Nathan nodded, his hand slipping over to Jeff's bare thigh. He squeezed, "I know I have to be punished. Could it just be one-on-one in private? Please?" Nathan said squeezing Jeff's thigh just a little. There was no question in Jeff's mind that he would do just that, a private session of lesson learning, one-on-one,

"You're a good boy Nathan. I really like you. I'm sure glad you confessed your sin to me. I think that we will work this out in private together. Did you shower tonight?" Jeff asked.

"No," Nathan said, "Let's go get our shower gear. We'll have a good chat about life and take care of your need for correction, OK?" and Nathan sighed, "Yes. Thanks Jeff," Nathan said his confidence returned, his adoration of Jeff Higgins tripled and excitement over one-on-one time with Jeff building.

After Jeff admonished the other boys in the cabin to stay in bed, he and Nathan walked to the bathroom and shower facility together. As they did, Jeff's arm slipped down and gently patted or rubbed at the tops of Nathan's buttocks. Nathan's arm slip across Jeff's broad shoulders enjoying the moment, especially that Jeff patted his rump. They talked a bit about home and school and then entered the facility.

They entered the dimly lit bathroom and proceeded to the raised wood slatted flooring of the shower toweling area and then stripped of their clothes together. They stood naked, erections bobbing,

"It's natural for boys to experience sexual arousal during spankings Nathan. You know this of course. Do you get spankings at home from your dad?" Jeff asked casually sitting on the small wooden bench up against the wall patting the space next to him.

Nathan sat, this time not bashful to press his bare thigh into Jeff's, "Yes and at school. Dad uses the belt and hand, the coach in P.E. the paddle; but the worst is the brush over dad's knee," Jeff smiled,

"Don't I know," Jeff replied and then turned and looking up on the wall beside his head reached for and plucked down the hairbrush that was hanging on its nail next to the larger paddle, the old one with holes in it.

"I think my dad wore our hairbrush out on my butt over the years," and then looked wistful, "Nathan. I have never told anyone this, but … well, I still get brushings over my dad's knee," smacking the brush lightly into his palm, his face blushing and cock oozing more pre-cum as he could easily recall that just before he had left to be a camp counselor that year that his father did have occasion to give him quite a long, hard bare bottomed session over his knee.

Nathan's gaze was fixated on the familiar tool of teen chastisement in Jeff's fist, his ears now obsessed with Jeff's confidential confession. Nathan's penis was now oozing pre-cum and looking down, so was Jeff's. Nathan's heart pounded. He was now desperate to somehow show Jeff that he so appreciated knowing Jeff's father-son relationship. It had to be this,

"Jeff … I know you are going to punish me for my masturbation with the brush. I need it from you, hell, I want it. But could you? … you know, also spank me over your knee with your hand? Before maybe? Um … after too?" Nathan said shaking fearful that his secret need for extra punitive intimacy might make Jeff suspicious of Nathan's crush on him.

Jeff's face remained neutral and supportive, but inside he was crying for joy that Nathan trusted him with his request. To give a boy an intimate hand spanking over the knee, one-on-one was for counselors as himself a triumph of both his counselor's role as well as a personal joy especially because it was Nathan who had asked.

"Nathan, it would be my honor. Boys who need … want hand spankings … well, I've done that with my counselors here at camp in the past," his voice barely a whisper. Needless to say, it had been the highlight of those past summers for Jeff Higgins.

Nathan could breath. He jumped to his feet, shuffled around to Jeff's right side and put his hand solidly on Jeff's shoulder, "Could I please have my spanking now?" he grinned with confidence, "Over my knee young man," Jeff smiled, watched and felt Nathan's slender teen body lay his body weight limply across his bare knees.

"Get comfortable," Jeff said. Nathan did. He reached up with is left hand, palm solid on the bench, the other fist grasped Jeff's ankle, hard. Jeff smiled, looked down admiring the curves of Nathan's bare ass, "Nice and high now," Jeff reminded Nathan. Nathan pushed up his bared bottom very high feeling the room air expose his virginal anus.

"That's it," Jeff said and firmly wrapped his free hand about Nathan's waist, did what he always did during over-the-knee hand spankings with all of his boys that session and got a firm grip at the base of Nathan's scrotum and penis, feeling just what he would expect, a very hard penile shaft.

It was terribly hard if not impossible to relax when others were watching, but not now. Nathan relaxed in his counselor's grasp and gently moaned, pressing his knees tightly together he arched the small of his back to such an extent that Jeff's eyes bulged for how perfect the angle was for spanking, "That's my boy," Jeff said and Nathan smiled.

Jeff rubbed and rubbed, "Us good boys know that we need corporal punishment from time to time Nathan just to keep us on God's path in life," his fingertips running up and down Nathan's deep ass cleft brushing over his anus. Nathan moaned, "Yes," as a shiver of pleasure ran from head to toe.

Jeff raised his hand stiffening his palm, "Time for a good warming Nathan," and then applied firm, measured hard slaps at about one per second, red palm prints quickly rising as were Nathan's buttocks, up and down, up and down in perfect rhythm, the jolting pressure on his cock and balls reminding Nathan of who was in control, his adored counselor.

"I never have felt closer to my dad or my teachers at school or church pastor than when their hands are spanking my bare bottom, showing me how to better behave," Jeff's voice a little distant with the fond recollections making Nathan fantasize that it was Jeff teaching him this kind of bared bottom lesson all of the time and no matter where in his life.

The spanking paused, the grip on Nathan's genitals tightening, "Now here is where we boys live, right at the tender sit-spots Nathan. Just a little higher now," and Nathan held his breath as he maximally raised his buttocks so much so that he was nearly up on tiptoes as his sit-spots were nearly vertical.

The spanking slaps at the tender spots were hard, rapid and made Nathan's eyes water with the sting, but his grip on Jeff's ankles tightened and he steadied his courage to take all that his beloved counselor had to give,

"Jeff!" Nathan suddenly blurted with but a slight moment's notice as his whole body bucked hard, "Harder Jeff please!" he yelped and Jeff, recognizing a common occurrence gripped Nathan's torso harder and giving Nathan's genitals two last very hard jerks, Jeff swatted the sit spots as like a hard paddle,

"Oh!" Nathan's mouth formed a surprised "O" and his body stiffened like a board as his second rapture of the evening rolled his eyes back into his head and all time stopped as Nathan's balls completely emptied their tight loads onto Jeff's thigh and dripped onto the wooden slatted floor below.

"Good job," Jeff said helping Nathan to stand, "How do you feel?" he asked hand gripping Nathan's shoulder. Nathan sighed, "Wonderful. God it feels good to feel guilt free and I still need my brushing!" he smiled, "Shower first," Jeff smiled and patted Nathan's shoulder.

The two boys showered in the hot steamy water side-by-side, Nathan casting not so brief glances at Jeff's awesome buttocks, still a bit red from the pastor's punishment but also at Jeff's erection. Various forbidden fantasies of oral and anal male with male sex involving he and Jeff flashed through Nathan's mind like a giant freight train of lust causing him to blush and his cock to re-erect. He looked away. Jeff knew, he said and did nothing.

"OK young man. Let's give you the brushing you need for your punishment, back over my knee," Jeff said after the boys exited the shower and finished toweling off.

Nathan thought that maybe a good hard painful brushing would help him to suppress the especially bothersome image of he and Jeff locked up in a tight 69, eating each other's ass holes, cleaning them out with deep, deep wet, sloppy tongue thrustings,

"Yes Sir!" and even went over and grabbing the brush from its nail on the wall gave it to Jeff as Jeff sat on the wooden bench and guided Nathan back across his knees, the same position, Jeff's arm firmly wrapped about Nathan's waist, Jeff's tight steadying grip on Nathan's renewed turgid cock and re-filled balls.

"Hold on tight buddy. This has to hurt," Jeff warned. Nathan did. Jeff then started a rapid, hard, blister-tanning of the already red and freshly showered ass cheeks. This hiding was meant to teach his young camper to resist temptation and put fiery pain on his buttocks so that he might escape Satan's hell fires after death as his church pastor had taught Jeff concerning the need for severe corporal punishments for sexual deviance.

"Jeff please it hurts!" Nathan's face red and wet with tears of regret, "I won't do it again! I promise!" Nathan wailed struggling helplessly in his counselor's strong arm, "Sorry buddy, but I have to," and added more blistering pain to Nathan's sit-spots causing Nathan to go limp and just bawl like a baby before finally, it all stopped.

"There, it's done, just rest," Jeff panted and not releasing his grip of Nathan's waist, nor of Nathan's now softened genitals, smoothed and soothed his spanking palm over the torched surfaces quickly feeling Nathan's cock re-erect. Nathan relaxed his body and was breathing easier now, "Thank you Jeff. Wow. It feels great to get past my punishment," and sniffed back tears and snot.

Nothing more happened between the pair in the shower room that night. Nathan Foster would sleep on his tummy that night. He would awaken in the middle of the night very early the next morning, find his hidden tube sock and yet again relieve himself of the sexual pressure that the fresh mental recollection of his private time with Jeff earlier that prior night would cause. He would have fun the rest of his Lake Henderson Boys camp summer session mostly punishment free and then after a tearful departure from Jeff, return to his city home in the state of Kansas. He would never see Jeff again.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was last day the camp would remain open for the summer. It was only Jeff, a few skeleton maintenance staff and Pastor O'Reilly. Jeff would take the pastor aside in an empty cabin and one-on-one unburden and fully confess himself to the young single and very handsome man of all of his sinful self-abusive sexual activities of that month including those that had involved Nathan Foster.

He even told the pastor of his forbidden sexual fantasies concerning the pastor and corporal punishment including confessing the masturbatory fantasy that Jeff had not told the pastor in front of his campers that night now weeks before. David said nothing at first, just stared into space as they sat side-by-side in the ghostly empty cabin that sat a pretty good distance from where a small maintenance crew was already addressing issues of the old camp's wear and tear not even aware the two were still within shouting distance.

"This place is lonely without the boys. I will miss them, and you Jeff; but I refuse to leave here and you until I …," the pastor's voice caught, "I think of all the sins in the world, the worst is hypocrisy. God hates the hypocrite and I will not be a hypocrite. Jeff, I too enjoyed … I mean, I too have sinned or you might recall my accident that day when I made you confess to your boys about your masturbation."

Jeff was too shocked at the moment to say anything but, "Um … yes sir," shaken, "David. Call me David," and David stood and plucked both the paddle and the hairbrush from their hooks on the cabin wall. He came back and gave them both to Jeff, "Yes, you have sinned and need punishment with those, but so do I. I have sinned. I must be punished Jeff. I will help you if you will help me."

The maintenance crew would not even notice sometime later that as they sped off in their truck on the way to a small bar and grill about ten miles from the camp that anyone was even on the property, much less using the showers. After Jeff Higgins used the paddle and the hairbrush, turning David's bared buttocks all shades of deep crimson, David had done the same for him.

The two went to the showers, spanked each other's bare red butts with their hands and then showered. Overcome with lust, they wrestled for the top spot. David actually won, pinned Jeff down who was grinning ear-to-ear as David's cock entered his butthole and gave him one hell of a good fuck. Jeff would do the same to David right after, a big cheese eating grin on the young pastor's face.

A short while later David's car could be seen passing the maintenance truck as it sped back from the bar and grill headed to the camp, its occupants filled with the cigarette smoking, beer swilling work crew. David's car had its usual driver of course, but now also a certain new front seated passenger.

David and Jeff were both chattering a mile a minute to each other, both of them squirming on very sore back sides the car speeding down the mountainous highway and far away from the camp. The car's occupants would never pass this way again, rather would disappear into history living together in a loving same-sex relationship that would last for the rest of their years.

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