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Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days And Nights
Part 2 - Nathan Foster Meets Gage Whitney
PJ Franklin <>


An early summer weekend, rural Kansas, circa late 60's, early 70's …

Part Two – Nathan Foster Meets Gage Whitney

Present day, an early summer Friday …

Nathan Foster watched from the front passenger seat of his father's late model Ford sedan as the scenery changed. It went from the very familiar cityscape of his home town to the slightly less familiar rural as father Henry drove. It was late June in the sultry U.S.A. Midwest and as was usual this time of year, the weather was sticky humid, hot and generally abysmal. Worse, cars lacked air conditioning in those days.

Only partly because it was a business trip, Henry had made his seventeen-year-old son wear an outfit similar to his, a button down white dress shirt, white T-shirt under, white Y-front Fruit of the Loom briefs (instead of dad's style, boxers), black slacks with a black dress leather belt as well as black patent leather shoes and thin black dress socks. Nathan was fortunate not to have to wear a dress tie as father Henry was, but he still remained miserable in the clothes.

Nathan had argued with his father both over going on the trip in the first place as well as what to wear when he couldn't wiggle out of the trip. If Nathan had to go instead of enjoying his summer vacation from the recently ended school year then he wanted to wear fashionable and weather appropriate shorts and bare foot flip-flops, boxer shorts or even commando if he could get away with it.

As the apple never falls far from the tree, Nathan's innate stubbornness combined with his persistent argumentative nature at that age had gained him a long, painful punishment session over father Henry's lap just before they departed. Father Henry was so angry with Nathan's attitude that he also denied Nathan the privilege and pleasure of driving the car, an extra punitive touch that really drove the nail home as it were.

In fact Nathan was still feeling the tingly after effects of the hairbrush blister tanning (as Nathan had always called it) that his father had given him just before departure. It had been as usual, a pants down bare bottom treatment that not only included a full rapid tanning of his bare cheeks with the dreaded old family heirloom, but also a very painful bare hand to bare tanned bottom follow-up spanking that would most times in the past bring Nathan to tears or at least whimpers and sobs and this time did both.

All of Nathan's corporal punishments from age ten on to the present were given over his father's knees and afterwards, from about age thirteen on and after Nathan hit puberty and full sexual maturation, Nathan began to experience full penile erections. Nathan ignored them until about the age of fourteen when soon after one of his hidings, Nathan would comfort himself with at least two masturbations.

By age sixteen years however, the penile erections would not only appear before the anticipated punishment, but also persist during it and certainly after. Nathan's father as most all fathers of healthy sons did in those days, considered the erections a normal reaction to stress and anxiety and totally ignored it.

Nathan had bragged to his dad several months before that he would not be going to the Christian Boys Camp at Lake Henderson this summer as he had in past years. The voiced excuse was that he was now too old for such juvenile activities and that he would like to work somewhere around their city home for wages instead.

It was of course a bald faced lie. The real truth was that Nathan did not want to go to summer camp because he had found out that Jeff Higgins, his old adored counselor from the prior year, would not be at camp this year. The sour disappointment of that revelation entirely spoiled any potential fun Nathan would have much less not being able to relive the prior summer's sexual adventure with Jeff.

"So where we going again?" Nathan finally said something to his father, though his tone had a distinct edge of annoyance and bother. He was pissed that he didn't have time to work off some lustful post-punishment steam after the before-trip hiding. Henry did not like Nathan's tone at all,

"I told you before Nathan, to the Horace Whitney place. He and I have real estate business and I want you to observe and start to learn the family business."

Henry sighed and shook his head as he knew he would not have dragged Nathan along had the idiot kid did what Horace had really wanted him to do and go to the Christian summer camp again. At least that way Henry would be confident that Nathan would be under proper supervision against boyish shenanigans.

He thought he was doing his son a favor by not insisting and let the boy decide for himself. That decision had not gone well and would never happen again or not soon.

Nathan knew that his father had been very successful in real estate and that is why he lacked for nothing money wise. He knew that he was eventually expected to learn and join his father in that effort after he graduated from high school and college,

"I don't know why I had to come on this particular trip this weekend dad. You'll have a million others later in the month," Nathan unwisely grumped with a petulant frown.

Horace tensed,  "Nathan. Is your attitude still not adjusted? Do you need another spanking before we get to the Whitney place? I'd be more than happy to pull the car over at a public rest stop and give you a very hard and long whipping with your own belt."

"No sir!" Nathan quickly replied, the petulant frown turning to a cautious wince at the thought of his own dress belt around his slender waist betraying him in that manner, "Good. Then I would suggest that you behave and stop with the sarcasm," Henry cautioned.

Nathan kept quiet; but as he sat in the car, just his mind's image of his bare boy bottom high up over his dad's knees at a public rest stop in front of doubtless many other boys both younger and older made his loins growl with further unrequited erotic feelings. Why did he have to get a hiding and not get to relieve himself at home? Nathan could only sigh and try to not allow his penis to erect inside of the slacks and white Y-front briefs, but it did some anyway, making him doubly miserable.

They were now clearly in full rural Kansas a good hour from home. The car drove past large farms and ranches and finally Nathan's father pulled into a long dusty gravel drive way. Nathan observed nothing new or special as he had been to the country many times. The car stopped in a dusty expanse in front of the farmhouse and they got out. It was getting very warm outside and Nathan's face tensed as his dress clothes were feeling extra itchy and uncomfortable.

Farmer Horace Whitney was right there to greet Henry and his son Nathan on account of the prior arranged appointment time. Nathan's eyes widened as standing next to the older big unattractive man was a six foot something boy about his age, shirtless bare tan chest doubtlessly baked to perfection from hours of farm and ranch work.

His chest and arm muscles made Nathan weak in the knees and as did the dirt and sweat worn blue jeans that hugged the boy's bubble butt as if it was a separate skin. Out front Nathan observed the outline of a penis that obviously limp, still strained the front of the boy's jeans all the way from the fly to midway and just above the boy's muscled left thigh.

The boy was also a dusty blonde with, like his, a high tight haircut that reminded Nathan of the pictures of naked military soldiers that he had purloined and had hidden in a locked box under his bed at home. God help him if his parents ever found those pictures, some showing images of cocks both flaccid and hard, some also in poses that could get a boy thrown in jail in some counties in the state of Kansas. Should his dad find the pictures, Nathan knew he likely would be in for more than one memorable bare bottom punishment.

"Mr. Foster, welcome. This is my son Gage, he's eighteen, just graduated from high school," and Nathan watched as Gage's big hand shook his father's hand, "This my son Nathan, he's seventeen," and Nathan shook Mr. Whitney's hand, "Sir," and then he looked at Gage and offered his hand.

It wasn't so much that Gage objected to meeting the Fosters. Mr. Foster's son, Nathan, surely was a hot looking city boy. That was for sure. No, the problem was why this Friday?

There was no more school and he had planned to secret himself over at Coach Barrett's house that evening and as they had for many months now engage in some hot one-on-one corporal punishment games and sex for mutual enjoyment. It had in fact been eight weeks between sessions and Gage was jonesing.

Gage put his hand out and shook Nathan's hand making sure to squeeze harder than the city boy was likely used to. They but eyeballed each other without words, Nathan starting to feel a little intimidated. Gage, already feeling a bit resentful also now started to feel a tad predatory.

Even before his secret visits with Coach Bennett, Gate Whitney was like Nathan used to frequent corporal punishments. Had to be. Growing up as an only son with his eyes-behind-the-head parent, he got away with nothing at home.

Gage was very used to the Hickory switch and the well-oiled thick dark brown razor strop in the barn for punishment. He always took a barn whipping standing up and from the age of about fifteen, Gage Whitney's penis would fully erect before, during and after each whipping.

A year ago, Gage's matured sexuality enabled that during a good hard switching especially, he would experience a hard hip thrusting eye-rolling rapture right at the end of the switching, spraying the hay bales in front with two big balls worth of hot semen. Father Horace paid none of that any attention of course as it was not considered masturbation, simply an adrenaline fueled spontaneous over-reaction.

At least prior to his stealthy sessions with Coach Barrett, if the proud country boy had any chinks in his proud older teen armor, it had to be that he was terrified of any corporal punishment other than pride-lifting barn hidings. Should father Horace choose to give his son a bare bottom over-the-knee hairbrushing as he used to when Gage was ten, he might never recover from the base humiliation.

The trouble with all of that was that sometimes, alone at night in his bedroom under the bedcovers, Gage would fantasize just about that, humiliating bare bottom hairbrushings over his father's knees squirting his liquids into one of his two under the pillow tube socks that were by now stinky and crusty with the dried semen of many such forbidden activities.

Gage now kept those socks well-hidden as one time about six months prior, his dad discovered the evidence of forbidden masturbation. The switching, hairbrushing and hand spanking that followed had been massive causing him to not be able to enjoy his time with Coach Barrett, something Gage cared not to repeat.

Gage looked, rather stared or leered at this new city boy Nathan as his father and Nathan's father started to talk business. He didn't care much for most city teen trash as they were often haughty, snotty and full of themselves.

Most of the time they didn't look anything good like a country boy, but this Nathan was different. He was a pretty boy for sure, nice eyes, fluttery eyelashes, red full lips and he filled out his trousers both fore and aft like most country boys did not actually. Visions of taking this hot little number in hand and teaching him a thing or two about the realities of teenage male country life started to fill and distract Gage's mind even from missing that day's visit with Frank Barrett.

Gage imagined watching as Nathan got a bare bottomed barn whipping or better yet, a humiliating over-the-knee hairbrushing over his dad's knee or better yet, over Gage's knee. He imagined Nathan's father catching Nathan masturbating and then Gage would get to watch as Nathan would doubtlessly be given appropriate corporal punishment.

This caused a small and more controlled stirring of Gage's manhood. He pushed out his hips on purpose to provoke the greenhorn and then fixed Nathan's eyes. Nathan saw the extra growth and got very nervous knowing it would affect him with nowhere to hide.

"Gage, pay attention," Father Horace barked bringing his son quickly out of his lustful reverie, "Nathan! Pay attention," father Henry barked at Nathan as both boys had been tasked to learn their fathers' businesses.

Nathan's would be from the real estate sales point of view. Gage's would of course be from the farm business point of view. Both boys' quickly eyes diverted to their respective parent.

"Nathan. I've already had to warn you once this morning. Do I need to take down your pants and underwear and give you a spanking over my knee right here and now young man?" Henry glowered bringing up a knowing smile to Gage's lips.

Horace Whitney greatly approved, "I've a good hairbrush if you need it Henry. Don't worry. I have not been very happy with Gage lately. He's been begging to be put over my knee for a good old-fashioned bare butt spanking and I have not had to do that for a number of years, right son?" his father staring daggers at him wiping the smile off of Gage's face, now Nathan's turn to enjoy Gage's obvious chagrin.

Nathan was horrified as he did not need the extra stimulus of both being threatened with a humiliating spanking in front of the new older boy and man as well as the alluring possibility of seeing the new very handsome country boy's bare bottom and big penis exposed for the very same thing right in front of him. Gage Whitney's pulse raced. If he had to expose his vulnerability in front of this new kid, he would die of embarrassment.

"No sir!" Nathan answered his father, "Yes Pa," Gage's voice came out in much more of a submissive whimper to the top dog in his life than intended. Thusly cowed for the moment, both boys paid strict attention to their fathers' business at hand for a few minutes, but then minds and eyes started to wander once again.

By now Nathan could care less about the business of real estate transactions. All he could picture was himself perched bare butt high over his father's knee, then over Gage's knee getting the hidings of his young life. Gage would end up cornering Nathan no doubt somewhere deep in their barn shoving Nathan to his knees to finally take up where Jeff Higgins had left off at Lake Henderson the prior summer.

Yes, finally Nathan could shed the awful mantle of his virginity and have glorious and very forbidden same-sex relations, sucking cock for the first time in his life or better, take Gage's fully erect penis deep into his anal cavity for a doubtlessly rectal tearing virgin busting intercourse that would coat his insides with Gage's thick country boy breeding goo.

Gage also could care less just then about farm business and purchasing land for later development. Hell, he even forgot about Coach Barrett and became entirely taken up with the thought that Nathan was indeed a very pretty boy, just his type and very much like ones that Gage had run into on rare occasions during Saturday night rodeos or summer country fairs.

Those boys were easy to talk into sucking his massive cock and even taking it up their hot tight little butt holes. Only with Nathan, he would make sure that on any flimsy pretext that the pretty boy's pretty round ass would be made a bright crimson with a humiliating bare butt hiding of immense proportions before the sexual finale.

As minds wandered so did eyes and then once again they became undisciplined and fixated, "Gage! Nathan!" their fathers barked at the same time, both men pushing away from the table full of papers at the same time and two thick fingers pointing at each son at the same time.

"What did I just tell you boy?" Horace's voice stern and his face frowning, "Nathan, you have crossed the line for the last time!" Henry's voice a dead ringer's for Horace's.

Both boys jumped back holding their seats standing side-by-side, "Sorry Pa, I won't do it again!" Gage's voice sounding quite a bit younger than he really was, "Please dad, I'll behave, I promise!" Nathan's an even worse state of immaturity.

Trembling regrets now replaced teenage pride and lust. They barely glanced at each other as their angry fathers conferred. Finally, the two pair-of-fists-on-hips dads stood facing their sons and Mr. Foster spoke first,

"Nathan! You are to follow Gage upstairs. You are to strip naked head to toe and do what Gage tells you. When we get up there in due time, you are going to get the bare bottomed hairbrushing of your life over my knee, understand young man?"

"Please daddy no!" Nathan pleaded, face blushing and forehead wrinkled knowing that it was useless to complain. Gage heard Mr. Foster's command and Nathan's pleas and his hard cock spurted a little pre-cum wanting desperately to witness Nathan's punishment.

"Gage! You are to get both of you to the bathroom, strip and shower together. Then get the two hairbrushes in there and take them to the bedroom where you will wait for us. You also are going to get one hell of a hard, long bare bottom over-the-knee brushing!"

It was Nathan's penis's turn to squirt pre-emptive pre-cum into his white briefs as his deepest desire was to witness the proud country boys' bare butt turn red over his dad's knee.

"Go!" the men pointed to the upstairs and the boys fled. Gage ran up the stairs, Nathan followed close behind, his eyes riveted on the denim covered jutting buttocks ahead of him. Gage stopped at the bathroom door panting, shaking and shaken to his bones. Nathan stood a bit back afraid of Gage being angry with him as well as ashamed and entirely helpless.

Gage looked at the pretty city boy more closely, so hot, so cute and so afraid looking, "Best we obey. My Pa will tan me into tomorrow if just one more thing goes wrong," he said, "Mine too," Nathan said daring to look up at the country Adonis whose prior glare had softened.

"Best we do as told, strip inside the bathroom and get to showering, follow me," Gage said. Nathan did. Inside the bathroom the combined sexual tension between them was as thick as the pent up cum inside of both boys' balls.

Clothes fell to the floor. Erect cocks popped out as well as bare round sexually appealing pairs of teen boy buttocks and neither could now be ignored and especially so that Nathan had quite forgotten that his boy cheeks might still be a little red from his father's hiding not that long ago.

Nathan instead was very distracted with intimidation as his eyes centered on Gage's huge erect member. Such comparisons are never a good idea but now impossible to ignore. He was not even close to Gage's size in that manner a fact that at least his eyes silently acknowledged.

Gage reached past the curtain into the shower stall and turned on the water, steam quickly filling the small space and already pouring out into the room as Nathan's still more than a little pinkened bottom cheeks caught his attention much more than Nathan's erection,

"Well, well, what happened to you?" Gage smirked as he craned his neck to get a better view.

Nathan's shoulders slumped. Sensing that the country boy was nobody's fool, he did what came more naturally to him, telling the truth,

"I bitched my dad to not come on this trip and then bitched more when I had to wear those stupid clothes. Got a good hard brushing for my trouble just before we left to come here," Nathan's face blushed and his face downturned.

Gage was much more used to boys who lied about such things as empathy threatened to disarm his lust, but he took back a hold of his advantage, "Get in," he pointed to the shower pretending to ignore how much the red color inflamed his imagination into a whole litany of corporally punishing scenarios between the two, all of them featuring Nathan submitting himself, begging Gage to be dominated in any forbidden way that Gage might desire.

Nathan moved slowly, his eye more than glancing down at Gage's full, red cockhead as he passed into the shower. Was that a thin dribble of pre-cum oozing out from the slit?

Worse, the shower space was limited and when Gage entered and pulled the curtain behind him, his body pressed into the back of Nathan's. Suddenly Gage's erect monster along with the bull sized balls below them were unmistakably rubbing at least part way into Nathan's ass cleft.

Not only that, Nathan could feel Gage's hot breath from his nostrils on his neck, his muscled legs rubbing up against his own far more scrawny versions, even their feet touching as the hot soothing water cascaded down over them.

"Sorry about the cramped space, but we have to do as Pa says and shower together. Saves hot water," Gage grinned and used his big calloused hands and rather gently rubbed up and down Nathan's flanks, slowly from his ribs right down to Nathan's fluffy butt cheeks, his fingertips digging in down there just a tad before moving up again.

His not so subtle seduction taking near full effect, Nathan was now out of his league experientially and combined with the threat of penile proximity, felt a near overwhelming desire to just get it over with and bend over to take the monster behind him up his ass, no matter how forbidden nor how painful. His ass cheeks now mirrored his submissive mental state and involuntarily searched out found and tried to cuddle and stimulate the massive penile presence.

Gage grinned as Nathan's cheeks betrayed the younger boy. He grabbed the soap bar and then pulled Nathan hard into his body so that they were skin-to-skin with no gaps, his raging hard on pressing so hard inward that Nathan could feel the veiny steel shaft rub up against his tender pink virginal pucker.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. There was no time to do it or Gage would have simply took the chance, pushed Nathan forward and soaping up his rampant member, just push it inside of that sweet orifice and let Nathan's screams muffle up against his palm pressing across Nathan's gaped mouth and take the boy, take him hard.

"Just relax," Gage said instead and rubbed his soapy palms up and down Nathan's front pausing over Nathan's tender brown nips and tweaked them ever so gently. He had never done any of this in a shower with another boy before, silently thanking his father for having proposed the water saving measure.

Nathan tensed as Gage's treatment of his nipples made his dick madly twitch, but by now it was all Nathan could do to not just scream for Gage to ass-rape his needy nates. God knows he hated his virginity, hated the fact that at age seventeen, he still had not sucked cock, licked out and eaten boy ass as he had imagined himself doing such sinful and forbidden pleasure for several years now. Yes, now his session with Jeff Higgins at last year's summer camp seemed like harmless child's play.

Worse now, never mind his impending corporal punishment over his father's knee. Never mind that he would be able to see Gage get his teen bottom seared in the same manner. If it was up to Nathan, it would be Gage punishing Nathan, over Gage's knee, submitting to any ass tanning punishment that Gage would want to give him for any reason real or imagined. Nathan would beg on his knees for it now.

Gage's mind had forgotten everything and why they were in the shower together in the first place. It no longer mattered. All Gage could picture was trussing Nathan up in the barn, blistering his bared ass with switch and strop and then bull fucking the boy's punished ass, not once, but a series of times causing Nathan to shoot his sperms again and again onto the hay strewn floor below.

Suddenly both boys jumped from their reveries because of the hard banging noise on the bathroom door, "What in tarnation are you boys doing in there? Get out now and get your butts into the bedroom!" Horace Whitney yelled through the door.

Their rare moment instantly evaporated, Gage turned off the shower water and tore back the curtain, "Get out," he hissed, angry with his Pa over the interruption of perhaps the most sensually hot and erotic thing he had ever done with another boy. Nathan was simply terrified but undecided that it was because he might get caught or worse, that he might never feel that turned on and sensually stimulated ever again in his young life.

"Stand still!" Gage hissed and furiously rubbed the fluffy white terry-cloth towel all over Nathan's body. Nathan had no choice but to obey but in doing so felt a forced pampering that though he would have never chosen for himself, found it confoundingly enjoyable.

Gage dried himself, grabbed up the two hairbrushes and pulled open the bathroom door, "Get!" he said almost as a rebuke. Nathan rushed ahead of him and seeing the open bedroom door and their fathers inside, rushed inside, Gage behind him.

Big adult fists grabbed one thick and then the other a more slender boy arm and without any hesitation bodies followed, bare freshly showered and extra tender boy bottoms were, side-by-side quickly upended over seated and formed fatherly knees.

There were no words needed as spanker and spankee were all too well familiar with procedure, no matter city or country flavored. It was now pretty much the same. They were so close together that all Nathan could do was stare wide-eyed with a look of regret at Gage who was no less regretful grabbed onto Nathan's hand and squeezed just as the duo hairbrushes started to put some real pain into both upturned freshly washed bared boy fannies.

"Pa please no! It hurts! Pa please!" Gage started to wail even before Nathan as if winning a race from Hell, "Daadddyy!" Nathan wailed prolonging just the one word as fire lit up his backside yet again and much like it had earlier that day.

Both teens were quickly forced by past experience to give in fast or else. That meant going limp in body over their fathers' knees and meekly point their two pair of rapidly reddening globes high up to invite as much of the mind-numbing punishment as their irate fathers wished to give in order to get it over with.

Sobs gave way to bawling, stripping away proud older teen notions of adult maturity. Now both boys were just ten-year-olds learning yet again a boy's lesson about the need for simple obedience, son to the father. Not nearly soon enough, the shared ordeal finally ended and the boys were standing with their fathers.

Twin red wet faces faced their fathers, daring not to touch their highly inflamed buttocks, Gage reached for his father to hug, "I'm so sorry Pa, I'll behave from now on," and affectionately pecked his father's cheek.

Nathan sniffed back a gob of tears mixed with snot and did the same, "Sorry to disappoint you dad," and pecked his dad's temple as he usually did.

"We're going to go to town to the watering hole and celebrate our new business deal. Gage, you get Nathan appropriate work clothes and get your punished butts back to work," Horace said no longer angry with his son.

"Nathan, you do as Gage tells you. About time you did some physical work for a change, do you some good. Oh and by the way, I accepted Horace's invitation to stay the weekend. I think you need some toughening up on a working farm like this," Henry lectured his wide-eyed son.

"Yes Pa," Gage said respectfully, "Yes daddy," the chastised city boy answered his father. The men gave the boys one last big collective visual examination and then left the room to go downstairs.

Nathan didn't know quite what to do now. He was stunned by his father's order as the future unexpected weekend now loomed. Was it to be dreaded or was it a blessing? Gage's immediate thought was that the pair had better get dressed and get to work on barn chores if for no other reason than to keep out of trouble, but then he went to the upstairs window and Nathan followed to his side.

They silently stared out the window as the truck with their two fathers sped out of the front yard in a cloud of dust. It seemed more like two retreating desperados on horses after pillaging an old western settlement than anything else.

A breeze then blew into the partially agape up-sliding window fluffing up the old thin lacy curtains. Gage blinked, searching new feelings that seemed quite different than those he had harbored for Coach Barrett even. He lifted up his arm and slid it across Nathan's shoulders and firmly squeezed. Nathan blushed and scooted closer to the boy whose cheeks were doubtlessly also still feeling the sore throbbing after effects of their punishments.

"What now?" Nathan turned his head and then looked down at Gage's hard shaft and wet cock tip, his own in the same shape. Gage sighed. He wanted to get off with Nathan,

"Ever get caught masturbating by your dad?" the question popped into Gage's head and purposely not yet revealing his experience with Coach Barrett to the still strange city boy.

Nathan shuddered, as did his dick, "Yea, once. Got the hardest hiding of my life. What about you?" Nathan asked, his heart pounding, "Yea, switching, brush and hand," Gage said adding, "Wish I could of watched you get punished for it," and turned toward Nathan who also turned, hands stiffly at his side looking down as the ooze from his piss slit started to bubble up effusively, much more than Gage's.

Nathan's mind blushed with a lust that threatened to overwhelm him, "Would you tell my dad if you caught me masturbating?" he asked. Gage's nostrils flared, "What if you told your dad, confessed?" Nathan hook his head at the obvious ridiculous question, "As if," Nathan smirked back the prior question never getting an answer. Nathan still needed relief and Gage just as much.

Gage's mind now took a completely different track. Why not seduce Nathan in a different way? Besides, he was now fed up with just talk and kneeled in front of Nathan,

"Gage, what are you …," and then it became obvious, "Just shut up about it," Gage looked up with a mild glare and then went down on Nathan, "Gage!" Nathan blurted, his hands gripping Gage's big shoulders as Gage sucked and sucked and a moment later had to hold onto Nathan so he wouldn't fall backwards as Gage sucked Nathan's balls dry with loud, slurpy gulps! Talk about a rapture that blew your mind.

Gage stood and smirked, "Kneel!" and pushed Nathan down who was in no shape to disagree, "Open your mouth," Gage demanded and by golly, Nathan did, as wide as his could tongue fully extended and his eyes big as now he was staring right at the big cock head with the leaky, oozing piss slit,

"Your turn," Gage said as Nathan now saw Gage's fist grab his own shaft and start to pump in earnest. Gage's other hand landed on top of Nathan's head and his fist grabbed up Nathan's hair, "Eat my cum," he hissed, and then flooded the newbie's mouth with his prodigious load. Nathan swallowed and swallowed as Gage shivered and finished off his effort.

Both boys froze a bit in time. Nathan suddenly realized that he was no longer a virgin, at least for oral sex. Gage was now his new hero, Jeff Higgins relegated to piker status.

His pent up lusts sated for the moment, Gage's demeanor could afford to soften. Besides both blowing and masturbating into the mouth of a boy so close to his own age temporarily anyway blunted his need to do the same with Frank Barrett.

"Get up," Gage said gently, "You OK?" and Nathan nodded as he stood and kind of looked at Gage in a way that made Gage a tad uncomfortable.

The room felt one-hundred and ten degrees, humid with sweat soaking their bodies, chests still heaving some, "Gotta get to chores," Gage said breaking the spell and going to his closet started to pull out old work clothes that might fit Nathan's smaller frame, work boots and socks included.

Funny though, Gage insisted on dressing Nathan. His excuse was that they needed to hurry, "Keep still, let me do it," he would say in muffled tones. Nathan did. It felt like when Gage had insisted in toweling him off after their shower and just before their hidings. It felt good. Gage then dressed himself and hurried them downstairs.

Gage made them pause in the kitchen before going outside and made Nathan eat a big old red apple and fill up with water, no choice in the matter, no choice desired. Gage then hurried them out of doors, bare chested, Nathan as well who now was casting adoring glances at the country boy.

Gage noticed the looks from Nathan and tried to ignore them and did sneer just a little on the outside, but on the inside? The fact was the neither boy recognized just then that Nathan Foster now had a huge crush on Gage Whitney and vice versa.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Sit God dammit! I won't tell you twice or hide you over my knee," Gage threatened pushing back his baseball cap as he glared at Nathan. It seemed 100% humidity and degrees the same even though it was more like 85 of each.

Nathan sat, "Not fair," he mumbled and sat. It was not fair for Gage to be doing over half of the chores, hell three-fourths of them. True, Nathan was so tired and spent that he might not be able to move a muscle the next day. His body was not prepared nor outfitted for this kind of physical work and that made him feel some shame,

"What did you say?" Gage paused. Nathan looked up. Gage was not kidding nor leering, "Nothing," Nathan said, "Nothing my sore ass. Make yourself useful and go get us some water," so Nathan stood and walked the same path he had three times already in the past few hours, to the trough to fetch large Mason jarfuls of the refreshing liquid.

He filled them up just as Gage's two old lab and Goldie mixed twin male dogs, Mike and Tom, bounded towards him and jumping up tried to give Nathan big nasty slobbery dog kisses, "Get down!" Nathan grinned and scratched their backs causing their tails to wag wildly out of control as their tongues lollygagged and drooled dog spit. Nathan had never had pet dogs and instantly liked old Mike and Tom, each nearly thirteen years old.

The dogs followed Nathan back with the Mason jars brimming with cold water. He gave one to Nathan who quickly drained only half of his and then carefully watched Nathan more slowly drink all of his, "All of it," Gage said. Nathan did and then had Gage's half-filled one thrust in his hand, "All of this too," Gage demanded.

Nathan blinked. Gage had to be as dehydrated as he was. Why didn't he just drink all of his and then tell Nathan to go get more? But he knew why, "Come on," Gage said and led them to the next chore and the one after that.

By the time the dads returned, the chores were finished and so was Nathan. Gage was used to hard farm work, but not Nathan, "You do half the chores?" Henry asked his son as they now stood in the hot very late afternoon waning sun.

Nathan suddenly felt awful. How would it go with his dad because he knew the real answer to that question? Suddenly his view of his father was blocked as Gage now stood in front of him,

"He sure did Mr. Foster. Did half the chores. Did them good," Gage said with a strange edge in his voice.

Horace looked at his son suspicious of his present odd behavior wondering if Gage had told them the truth. Henry took Gage at his word and smiled proudly at Nathan. Nathan was too busy gawking and idolizing Gage all the more. Horace would say nothing either to Gage or to Henry and instead addressed them all,

"Good then, we're going to get supper started, barbecue. Why don't you boys get upstairs, relax a little and get cleaned up. Time to celebrate some. Business between us has been good today," Horace smiled and led Henry off to the house.

Nathan followed Gage very closely into the house and up the stairs this time not leering at his ass. The inside of the house was now buzzing with multiple swamp coolers that helped a great deal. Even the upstairs was now decent.

As soon as the door closed Nathan looked at Gage, "Why did you …," and Gage interrupted with a little glare, "Shut up about it, strip off. You stink," as his glare changed to a brotherly smirk.

Nathan obeyed. In fact now he loved being bossed around by Gage, "So do you," Nathan smirked just a little as they both started to shed off their sweat soaked dirt stained work clothing.

"Much more lip from you and you're going to feel the brush tanning your bare hide over my knee," Gage replied. Nathan blushed, bit his lips nervously and said nothing more for the moment.

Truth be told, Nathan didn't want to take off the work clothes. He liked them, liked especially that he was wearing Gage's older smaller throw-aways, even the boots and shed them reluctantly until Gage's beautiful sweat and dirt slathered naked body came into view as fatigue and some hunger for more than just food made both his knees and resolve to be quiet and poised very weak and start to crumble.

Gage had taken care of him that afternoon of hard work, had made sure the city boy rested and was hydrated and not work more than he could have insisted. Gage had given him easier things to do that might hurt Nathan and would not let Nathan help him do things that made Gage gawk, like lift up heavy hay bales on his own as Nathan's eyes bulged at chest, back and shoulder muscles that seemed to go on forever.

Then he had protected Nathan against his dad's penetrating question about sharing the chores equally, had stood in front of him like a valued friend or better yet a protective big brother and had lied out his ass. Nathan had marveled as Gage's father passed up the chance to bring his son down for it because it was obvious that the wise man knew what Gage had done.

"Come on scrawny legs, let's get cleaned up," Gage said having also stared at but not quite leered at Nathan's gorgeous smaller naked body but also smudged here and there with all manner of barn filth that did not detract from his beauty, not one bit. Damn but he filled out Gage's old work clothes like they belonged to Nathan. He started for the open door.

Nathan followed Gage's naked body into the hallway about running into him at the bathroom doorway before it opened, his eyes staring at the tan lines that so beautifully framed Gage's pale buttocks. They went inside. Nathan closed the door as Gage got the hot water running in the shower, the steam starting to billow despite the narrow difference between the hot water temperature and outside air.

Gage lifted the toilet seat and stood starting to relax his limp dick to pee. Nathan hurriedly went to Gage's side at the toilet hip-to-hip and looked down at his own limp dick, taking it in hand to also pee but pretty obviously stared at Gage's.

The corner of Gage's mouth slipped up. Why not? He reached down and gently slapped away Nathan's hand and grasped Nathan's dick, "Just relax," he said. Gage had done this with Coach Barrett many times, both holding and having been held during peeing and much more than just that at times.

Nathan shivered, loving the feeling of his dick being controlled, "I can't," Nathan said as this was even weirder than eating cum. Gage could get huffy, but why do that? Why spoil something that you sensed could develop into something quite appealing for all involved.

Gage slipped his arm about Nathan's shoulder, "Sure you can," his voice softer. That helped a great deal as Nathan was more desperate to please Gage than to worry about a guy holding his dick to pee.

"That's it," Gage smiled as Nathan's pee flowed freely now, Nathan's eyes closed and his mouth with that satisfied "finally" look and now Gage's bladder relaxed. Nathan opened his eyes and watched passively but his horny imagination involuntarily flared up into thinking about pee flowing from Gage's dick like his semen had.

"Now get in the shower," Gage's voice ordered like when they were in the barn distracting Nathan and then Gage's palm lashed out and swatted Nathan's bare cheeks ostensibly to propel him along.

"Ou!" Nathan blurted stopping his forward motion, his hand going back to rub the tingly spot,

"Should just put you over my knee and get back some of that color that suits you so well," Gage teased yet again.

Nathan's penis then contributed its opinion hardening up in just a few hard heartbeats, Gage's quickly following. Nathan's prior small blushed deepened,

"You don't get your butt into that shower in two seconds, I am going to put you over my knee and give you the spanking you know you want from me," Gage threatened yet again, fists on hips just like their fathers had done.

Nathan's hands reflexively swooped back to protect, tired of the non-productive threats, "Guess I'm not going to stop you."

Gage was also tired of his idle threats and finally took the initiative and Nathan's arm and pulled him down as he closed the toilet seat, sat and pulled Nathan's body across his knees, "You asked for it," Gage mumbled with pleasure.

Nathan's heart pounded hard, his breathing quickened as he pushed up his hips to display his bared upturned buttocks. This was not like getting a hiding from his dad and though it felt a little like last summer with Jeff Higgins, it was now much, much better feeling.

Gage raised his hand and swooped it down and slapped the near cheek, then the far cheek then up and down crown to sit-spot in an orderly fashion just like Coach Barrett would often do to him.

Nathan's face winced. It hurt! Well of course it hurt. It never hurt in his fantasies did it? But his dick was if anything more sensitive than ever. Gage was not stupid. If he hurt Nathan too much he would not like it and by golly Nathan had to like it or it would turn them both off.

Gage stopped and rubbed, teased and cajoled, "That's better. A lot better," Gage's voice sounding sultry and a little growling.

Yes it was better. Nathan moaned, "Yes … um … more please," Nathan said and the words with the submissive tone pushed all of Gage's dominant buttons that he didn't even know were there because he was always the submissive partner with Coach Barrett and suddenly Gage was beginning to think that he no longer wished to do this sort of thing with his ex-high school P.E. teacher.

"Come on boy, get your butt up higher. Show it to me. Show me you want it," Gage said mimicking Coach Barrett's hot dominant attitude.

Oh God! Gage was into it, into him all right and then at the expense of seeming like a dirty little slut, Nathan arched his back and pushed up his hips so high that it lifted his knees a little off Gage's lap.

Gage's eyes bulged. Holy shit, what a sight, what a beautiful God damn sight. Bared young supple red colored boy cheeks over his lap all for him to enjoy. Gage ran his hands up and down both cheeks, gently, up and down,

"There, that's more like it, time for more spanking?" Gage changed his tone just like Frank Barrett had done with him.

Oh shit, oh fuck, oh hell yes, "Yes, please Gage, tan my hide, make it hurt!" and whether he liked the hurt or not no longer mattered, why? Because it was turning him on to turn Gage on and that's what mattered.

Gage's eyes bulged now not with wonder but with lust. He swooped his palm down again, this time making three full rapid rounds of crown to sit-spot spanking slaps, hard ones too. Nathan winced. It hurt, oh yes, but felt so good, so hot and so damned needful as well. What was that feeling all about anyway?

Gage controlled himself and stopped, "Relax over my knees. No more. Don't want to bruise you up none, your butt is too pretty for that," Gage's eyes staring down with lust and something else too, the something that had been building between them since their dad's had left for the watering hole in Otis.

Pretty? Gage thought his boy butt was pretty? Jesus it felt so good to hear. Nathan raised up on his elbows, "Can I feel it?" he asked, "Of course," Gage said and Nathan lay himself flat and put his hands back and rubbed, "Hmm, nice," Nathan said.

Gage smiled and relieved that Nathan had enjoyed the hot encounter, "Let me get you up. We need to shower," Gage said to move things along.

Nathan got up and headed into the shower cubicle making sure that he felt Gage press into his back the shower cubicle curtain closed. There was Gage's erection pressing into his butt crack again for the second time just that day. Now it felt familiar, now it felt much more natural.

Gage made up his mind and did it. He wrapped his arms around Nathan's torso just under his arm pits and kissed Nathan's ear, "Not gonna lie. I loved spanking you. I loved squirting come in your mouth. I loved sucking you off. Hell, I even loved bossing you around in the barn," so now the truth was out in the two by nothing shower cubicle.

Gage's confession sent Nathan's mind into overdrive. He moaned and squeezed his butt cheeks over Gage's veiny big erection, "And I loved all of that and I want more. Hell, just say it and I'll bend over and you can ass rape me right here and now," his own bold confession making his dick jump up harder than ever.

Gage winced. The word "rape" had never sat well with him; but he understood that Nathan was probably feeling overwhelmed by feelings he didn't quite know what to do with so he ignored the word's darker meaning and took it for unbridled passion.

Gage gave Nathan's torso a big squeeze and then dropped his palms and rubbed and smoothed over the boy's body, all over, "Make no mistake. I will take you, corn hole you; but when I do, you're going to love it, I promise," and then turned Nathan back into himself now chest-to-chest and then spanked his ass twice, hard,

"And I'm going to keep your hot ass nice and red if I have any say in it," and smiled. Nathan smiled as well and now it was his turn to wrap his arms around Gage and kissed his cheek, "You have all the say, so long as I get to be over your knee lots," Nathan said. Gage smiled, "Come on, let me wash you," and that's what he did and did not let Nathan wash him.

Nathan loved it when Gage toweled him off after the shower. He loved it when after that Gage playfully spanked his butt a few slaps before actually taking him by the hand and they went back to the bedroom. Nathan loved that Gage still wanted to help him get dressed, this time in comfortable weather appropriate shorts and a white T-shirt.

Downstairs the barbecue was soon well underway. The four males were on the patio drinks in hand, beers for the dads, Cokes for the boys. Henry watched as his son frequently glanced or stared at Gage Whitney. Henry was not fooled, naïve nor judging, just analytical,

"So, you taking some to farm life with Gage, son?" Henry asked. Nathan averted his eyes suddenly realizing that his father had been watching, "Yes sir. Gage has taught me a lot," Nathan said nearly causing both boys to laugh hysterically at the irony.

"Gage has his moments, but in general younger boys take to him and enjoy his company," Horace commented, "He doesn't often have their company as most boys around here are needed at home on their own spreads."

Nathan dared to stare at Gage who had dressed himself in old denim cut-offs and clean white T-shirt, commando even. Gage just looked at his can of Coke very well aware of Nathan's adoring glances as well as his father's praise.

"Never saw Nathan take to an older boy like this. I rather like it," Henry said, "He's not got any siblings. I'm sorry for that. Nathan would have done well with an older brother who could have helped with Nathan's discipline."

Nathan's ears perked, but not as much as Gage's. It was like their dads had been spying on them just a short while ago. They made eye contact, knowing eye contact, and even conspiratorial eye contact.

"Dad," Nathan complained on purpose. Gage giggled only to himself. Good move Nathan, he thought, "Dad my ass. You need discipline, sometimes more than I have time for," Henry huffed.

"Well, if you like, I'll order Gage to help while you boys are here. He's old enough. Not old enough to not need it himself, but he needs to practice how to properly give spankings and hiding to sons he might have into the future," Horace said with a thoughtful tilt of his head. Bingo! And both boys looked up.

"Pa, not sure I should be doing anything like that. What will Nathan think?" Gage played his role, "Nonsense. Mr. Foster is asking for your help with Nathan and I'll be damned if you don't accept at once!" Horace chided.

Gage sat up and but glanced quickly at Nathan who was trying to be cool. Gage looked now at Nathan's father, "Sorry sir. I'd be glad to help with your son's needs," Gage said.

"Good! Nathan. You will do as Gage tells you. And if he tells you to accept bare bottomed punishment, you will comply son," Henry said with a curt self-satisfied nod of his head.

It was now Nathan's turn, "Yes daddy. I will. I'll obey Gage and if I earn a good hard whipping from him, I will take it the same as I do from you," Nathan said and dare not look at Gage for fear of grinning ear-to-ear.

"Whipping. Gage? Nathan does best with a bare bottom brushing over the knee, just so you know. Not trying to tell you how to do your business," Henry said.

Both boys now felt their shorts tightening up not a little, "Yes sir. Don't worry. I'll make sure Nathan is properly disciplined over my knee if the need arises," and that seemed settled between the fathers, their sons' agenda inadvertently fulfilled.

Later that evening the boys sat side-by-side on the living room couch watching the droning T.V. with their fathers close by in lush lounge chairs their systems full of a number of beers seemingly hard on the edge of sleep themselves. Gage's arm was lazily about Nathan's shoulders watching the T.V. with no interest.

Nathan's head was now leaning hard on Gage's shoulder. It was a bit daring but the dads did not seem to notice. He kept casting glance after adoring glance up at Gage making sure to watch the T.V. if Gage looked at him. Henry noticed this behavior, pretending to nap.

"Is it time for bed yet?" Nathan finally asked Gage tired of waiting to get alone with Gage again, "I think so, why don't you say good night to you Pa?" Gage suggested ruffling the boy's grateful head of hair.

Nathan nodded and got up and went over to Henry, "Daddy, I think we'll hit the sack now, Gage and I. Thank you for helping me with my discipline and asking Gage to help keep me in hand."

Henry kissed his son's forehead, "You're a good boy son. But even good boys need to mature and need help. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but Gage is new at this like you. I would think a good long hard session over his knee at your bedtime, like you used to get long ago might help get things started," his dad's voice carrying. Wow, was this not the gift that kept on giving?

Gage stood up and walked over. Nathan looked at Gage, "Daddy thinks I need to get used to bare bottomed discipline starting tonight. Could I please Gage?" and this behavior made Henry smile.

"Of course. Thank you for your guidance Mr. Foster, I'm sure Nathan will do great," and then Horace awoke and stood. Gage went over to his dad and hugged him, "Night Pa," he pecked his father's temple, "Be good son. Treat Nathan like you would want to be treated," Horace advised, "Yes Pa," Gage said then both fathers observed the two boys bound up the stairs practically running into each other as Nathan followed Gage not wanting much space between them.

The boys reached the bedroom and quickly closed the door behind them. Gage pressed Nathan's body hard up against the door with his arms extended, "Thought we'd never make it up here," Gage said staring at Nathan's eyes.

Nathan put his arms up on Gage's and then slipping between them hugged Gage to himself, pressing his erection into Gage's, "Bedtime spanking. I had forgot about those," he said, "I used to get them too," Gage said hugging back glad Nathan had taken the initiative in that manner.

"What now?" Nathan asked, "You get a spanking over my knee courtesy our dads, that's what," Gage smiled reached down and patted Nathan's rump, "and what about you have to punish me when I need it?" Nathan asked grinning.

"Oh you will be punished all right," he grinned and then parting the hug, took Nathan by one hand and grabbed a chair with the other, "You gonna tan me with the hairbrush?" Nathan then asked as it was by now his favorite fantasy implement.

Gage sat the chair down, "Strip off, I want to check your butt. I sleep naked anyway and you're going to sleep with me," Gage said. They removed their clothing. Gage made an honest examination of Nathan's bare butt by angling him forward, hands on knees. Nathan's cock erected during the inspection, no surprise there. What did surprise was when Gage said,

"No hairbrush. Not tonight, tomorrow maybe. I'll use my hand," Gage said. Nathan's potential disappointment was entirely wiped out by Gage's obvious affectionate concern. Gage then shut off the room light and turned on a much milder bedside table lamp.

The room window was open, the drapes fluttering as long shadows cast about the room. Gage sat in the chair, "I'll ask you one last time and I don't care what your Pa said either. Do you want a bedtime spanking from me Nathan?"

The thoughtful and even affectionate question lit up Nathan's soul right to its core. He looked down at the handsome tall country boy, put his hand on Gage's shoulder searching for just the right thing to say,

"I wish. I wish I could have a bedtime spanking with you every night for the rest of my life," his face solemn, honest, even a tad sad anticipating that such a thing could never really be.

Gage thought about that for a very long moment, emotions coming up to the surface, certainly the kind that he had most definitely never felt for Coach Frank Barrett,

"Come on, over my knee, butt nice and high, legs together," not wanting to tempt even more emotion by commenting.

Nathan carefully slid his body across Gage's knees, both penises understandably excited. Nathan angled up perfectly. Gage wrapped his big arm about Nathan's slender waist and favored him by getting a good grip on Nathan's hard stuff,

"Won't mind if you lose control," Gage said. That made Nathan moan and hope he could.

The spanks came hard, not too fast, but solid, painful and fully covered every bit of white that there could be from the tops of Nathan's jutting buttocks to just below his sit-spots. Only Gage's quick jerking grip on Nathan's stuff kept him hard and then some.

Nathan's instincts were to squirm away from the pain, but he gritted his teeth against it. He was glad the spanking hurt because it felt manly, it felt dangerous and it would prove his worth to Gage and did. Gage stopped,

"Hmm, very good Nathan. Really nice. Turns me on, let me help you up," and Nathan got up.

Gage set the chair away and pointed to the bed as Nathan felt his spanked butt, "Get in," without saying anything about sex, Gage behind him, "Gotta get up early for chores in the morning. I want to fool around but don't want to get you all riled up," Gage said.

"Already riled up," Nathan said with a little whine, "Yea, OK," and thought, "OK, best is to suck it off, makes less a mess. You ever 69?" Gage asked, "Course not," Nathan said his heart started to pound with anticipation.

Gage had 69'd countless times with Coach Barrett, knew all about it. He arranged them, Nathan on his back, Gage straddling him facing away on top. Gage leaned over and pulled Nathan's legs up and back forcing Nathan's body to scoot further under him.

Nathan loved this new position as he now was looking up at everything purely sexual about Gage Whitney. There was his beautiful ass, his sparsely haired ass crack and his dark butt hole, hard cock and full big balls below.

Gage craned his head back looking down at Nathan. He realized the proximity of his butt hole to Nathan's mouth. His mouth watered. Would it be such a departure to offer his hole to Nathan's mouth? It's what he really wanted to do.

Gage swallowed hard, "Maybe … um …," Nathan's eyes got big, "Make me eat out your hole, please Gage! Make me!" Nathan blurted, his slutty side coming out of the closet. Shit yes.

"Eat my hole boy," Gage's eyes narrowed with unleashed lust and lowered himself. Nathan's hands firmly grasped the sides of Gage's strong hips as his nose took in the strong musk and his tongue leapt out and made contact.

It was electric for both boys. Nathan gobbled, licked, lapped and felt like Mike or Old Tom, slobbering his tongue, sucking and kissing with his lips onto Gage's anus, poking and prodding, whimpering like a fucking whore, insatiable.

All Gage could manage was to look up at the ceiling, mouth agape, his own whimpers shamelessly vocalized that as much as he loved doing this with Frank Barrett, doing it with Nathan Foster seemed so much better.

"Wait, let me do it with you, Nathan," Gage said and Nathan rested his neck, feeling Gage lifting up his hips and legs much further and shifting them some for advantage, "Hurry, I need to eat your ass, it's delicious!" Nathan smiled as did Gage.

The boys re-engaged into a proper classic 69 positioned Gage on top before they finally collapsed onto their left sides curled up into a tight ball of pressed curved torsos, mouths plastered hard into widely spread thighs.

Snorts, sniffs, fingers pawed and prodded in between the jaw aching activity, "Yea, that's it, finger fuck me Nathan, just like I am you," as Nathan gasped for the pleasure of Gage's finger driving into his butt hole. He did the same to Gage who gasped, "Shit, yea," just like with Coach, Gage mused and then they started the whole thing over rutting like pigs.

Not even Gage's otherwise superior physical endurance and vast experience with Frank had prepared him for oral sex with Nathan. They lay there enjoying the sexual excess for who knows how long. Gage finally gave up, sat up pulling away from Nathan who was also spent.

Gage turned himself and lay down chest-to-chest, face-to-face, "Best know we will be doing that as often as we can get away with until you have to leave to go home."

Nathan smiled up, "Kiss me, please," his voice needy. Gage did not have to be asked twice and the two sucked face though not nearly as long as they had ass, the exchanged strange saliva flavors not putting them off in the least.

"Jesus. You are going to be the death of me," Gage said reaching down and fisting their cocks to make sure of hardness, "This time we suck cock and stay away from ass, got it?" the question making Nathan giggle. He nodded, "Got it," and Gage quickly turned about again and this time the 69 was all about cock sucking.

It worked too, worked good, and no mess. All the semen from four boy balls ended up in two mouths and two stomachs after two mind-bending raptures. Never did a protein meal feel and taste so damned good. Gage then settled in onto his left side then pulled just one bed sheet over them and then pulled Nathan into a tight spooning clutch, soft cock into ass crack, arms wrapped, legs wrapped. He leaned over and kissed Nathan's cheek, "Sleep good beautiful boy," he whispered.

Nathan shivered because of those words. He shivered and clutched onto Gage's strong wrapped arms all the more as the unsettling thought of his possibly being in love with Gage Whitney now started to rattle around in his mind.

Was such a thing even possible? If it wasn't then why did he feel that he might be? Sleep would  seem to come easy to Gage Whitney, not so much to Nathan who would lie awake for a long while yet enjoying the strong country boy's arms around his chest and Gage's half hard cock nestled deep into his ass crack wondering what it all meant, what his feelings for Gage really meant. Sleep finally came.

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