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Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days And Nights
Part 3 - Saturday And Randy Denton
PJ Franklin <>


Part Three – Saturday and Randy Denton

The Whitney spread, rural Kansas, early AM, Saturday …

Gage's eyes blinked open. He was laying on his back, his legs entangled with Nathan's who was laying on his tummy, head turned away and left knee drawn far up. Nathan saw the wall clock, it was half passed four, nearly time to get up to do early Saturday chores. He had his usual morning pee hard.

Gage got up on his knees and looked down at a most beautiful sight, Nathan's full naked buttocks, his hole in view. Remembering all that had happened the day and night before got Gage's dick harder yet.

He was by their fathers' decree in charge of Nathan, beautiful Nathan. He was in charge of Nathan's hot round ass and that ass screamed to be spanked, his hole to be eaten and yes, eventually to be ass fucked.

Gage smiled, reached down and lightly spanked Nathan's buttocks only pretending to spank him, "Bad boys must be spanked, bad boys need to be spanked, bad boys want to be spanked," Gage chanted nearly a whisper as he spanked Nathan's cheeks.

"No," Nathan said with a soft smiling voice putting his hands back on this butt interrupting the spanks. He had awoken just a few moments earlier, "Don't tell me no young man or I'll give you a serious wake up spanking," Gage smiled and pushed Nathan's hands away from the tempting cheeks.

"I want to sleep in, it's Saturday," Nathan then swung his arms around to hug Gage's waist.

"Maybe in the city, but not in the country bad boy," Gage replied enjoying the hug and then spanked Nathan's cheeks, each twice, hard, "Ouch! That hurts!" Nathan complained and Gage did it again, four times each and just as hard,

"Need a reminder of whose boss? Need more bottom blistering, should I go get the brush? Is that what you want, a good hard brushing?" Gage grinned his tease adding two more sharp slaps lower down.

Nathan was more awake now laying prone on his own pee hard that rubbed oh so nicely into the bed covers below with each spank. He had not had a wake up spanking since summer camp the prior summer. Jeff Higgins used to go around and spank his campers awake, sometimes giving a few of them really hard wake up spankings just to boss them around for fun.

Nathan missed wake up spankings, "Or maybe I need to give you a wake up tongue bath on your hot little fuck hole, huh?" Gage said next and then Nathan's eyes got big as Gage's fingers separated his cheeks and then he felt Gage's big wet tongue doing just that, licking, lapping and a little probing.

Nathan moaned, "Oh yes, oh yes," arching up his back, "Like that? Want more? Want me to take your cherry later?" Gage still making the serious sounding suggestion to seem more as a tease. It had the effect of forcing the otherwise very willing boy to feel even more submissive,

"You decide all that Gage, you're the boss. Dad said so; but I'm still sleepy, let me sleep," he grinned hoping to stir the older boy's aggression up a notch hugging himself tighter into Gage even rubbing the side of his head hard into Gage's side and then licked the skin and then kissed over the lick grinning even more. It was cute. It was … affectionate and Gage loved it.

Damn this city kid! Damn him for making Gage feel things that he never really felt with Coach Barrett. Now all Gage wanted to really do is hug Nathan, like they did standing up in the shower the day before, hug him head to toe, everything touching and touch everything. Kiss Nathan, yes, kiss him, seduce him until Nathan screamed to be spanked, kissed, hugged, sucked and fucked.

Coach Barrett loved to suck and fuck of course and oh yes, spank Gage, spank Gage hard with his hand and paddle him and give him the strap. But hug and kiss and cuddle Gage? No, he never did any of that with Gage, not the whole time they had done hot things together for much of the last school year.

Barrett had never really even just affectionately hugged Gage and now that Gage realized it, he was hopping mad at the man. Well fuck Coach Barrett. Who needed him anyway? Gage then changed his tack with Nathan and suddenly jumped out of bed to his feet,

"No, no spanking, no ass fucking, no nothing. I'm just going to get dressed for chores. You can stay up here till hell freezes over," arms crossed and foot tapping, head tilted looking down at Nathan's surprised mug.

Nathan did not disappoint and flew out the bed and pressing himself hard into Gage's body, hugged Gage hard, "No, I'm sorry, please spank me, hard. Teach me a lesson, please Gage," Nathan hugged his head into the older boy's neck.

Gage's arms quickly returned the hug, a hand rubbed up and down Nathan's back not even touching his ass and the other clutched hard at the side of Nathan's head, cradling it. That was more like it. Hugs, not just spank, suck, fuck and see you next time.

Well, maybe there wouldn't be a fucking next time Coach fucking Barrett and Gage's emotions now reached into a place they had seldom gone and certainly not with Barrett, not with anyone other than maybe one person. Gage's dad, his Pa.

Gage loved his father. No matter how many spankings and hidings. Hell, maybe because of them he loved his dad. Probably didn't tell him often enough. Well, that was going to end and soon.

Gage rocked them gently to and fro and then kissed the top of Nathan's head. Nathan melted, he melted and swooned a little, "Should I go get the brush?" and just then they both noticed their hard dicks pressing together, crossing swords as it were.

Should he? "No. You get dressed with me. We'll do chores. Then I'll show you how to cut a good Hickory switch and I'll give you a good old-fashioned country boy whipping in the barn, OK?"

"Yes! Yes!" Nathan got excited, even jumped a bit like a little boy, reached up and kissed Gage's cheek and realizing what he had done, blushed, "Sorry," he said fearful that it might make Gage angry.

Gage's face did downturn a second and then the next second he smiled, kissed Gage's cheeks on each side of his mouth, "Sorry my ass," and then took Nathan's head in both palms and touched their foreheads, "Come on. Let's get dressed and beat our dads downstairs, make coffee and toast for them."

The boys went to the bathroom next and peed. They didn't even touch each other's penises and then splashed water on their faces. Well, Nathan splashed water on Gage and then ran back to the bedroom giggling. Gage was close behind and landed four hard spanks on Nathan's ass for his trouble, grinning and chuckling, "Stop fooling around," and then they dressed and ran downstairs.

Horace and Henry were dressing, Henry bunking in Horace's bedroom. There had always been two beds, one for him and one for Horace's wife, Nadine, now deceased from cancer. That had been a very hard time. Henry knew the feeling all too well as he and Horace had shared war stories. He and Nathan had been without Sandra now for five long years, victim to a fatal heart attack. It was life and sometimes life sucked, but not now,

"What's that I smell?" Henry asked, "Coffee. Damn. I expected those boys of ours to sleep in," and now dressed, the men walked downstairs to the kitchen to investigate.

"Coffee and toast Pa, just like you like it. Pa likes his toast half burned," Gage smiled standing next to Nathan. Gage went first to Horace, Nathan to Henry both hugging their dads a little, pecking temples,

"Love you Pa," and Nathan, "Love you dad," and then the men just stood there, "What did you do?" Horace asked suspiciously, "Nothing dad. What. A son can't show his father a little appreciation?"

Horace blushed and didn't know what to think or to say. Henry just blinked, "Well, well. I see Gage's influence already," looking at Nathan, "And daddy, Gage is going to show me how to cut a Hickory switch later and give me a whipping in the barn just because," Nathan said and then winced. Maybe he should not have said it.

"Good. Very good son. Won't hurt you a bit to live a little in Gage's shoes. I approve," and Horace chuckled, "I'm proud of you Gage," and now Gage blushed just a little from the rare praise.

The teens gobbled their toasts and drank their coffees and then rushed out doors to the barn to feed and water the dogs who barked jumped and wanted to play, so the boys did that just a while throwing sticks for the dogs to fetch. The boys then got to the work at hand.

Chores are easier to do when you are by yourself because you're not stopping every five minutes because some certain young boy is looking at you like he's a puppy looking affectionately up at the big dog like Nathan was.

Gage would say something, but he liked it too awful much, so he didn't. Gage just enjoyed or said, "Stop staring and get to work or you'll cut a switch sooner than later," which didn't help much really because he was grinning back at Nathan who grinned back.

"I never saw Nathan like this," Henry said sipping more java standing in the kitchen, "I know what you mean. Look Henry, if you'd like Nathan to stay a while longer than the weekend, just say so," Horace said, "I think I might. I'll ask Nathan first, but I think we already know that answer."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Randall James Denton! When I get my hands on you!" Randy's mother fumed holding up the still damp but otherwise stiff as a board semen soiled white Y-front briefs.

Marla had just rifled through her son's tornado-like destroyed bedroom finding the stinky garment hiding under his spit stained pillow. He had stopped listening to her demands to clean his room now for weeks if not months. Randy had become too big for his britches and too big for motherly discipline any more.

Marla scowled, but not at Randy, "Jimmy Denton you low life good for nothing shiftless drunk!" into the air meaning of course her basically good for nothing low life shiftless alcoholic ex-husband who had promised to help with Randy, but had not for years.

The boy needed a man, a male role model in his life, not a drunk and not an abusive shit head like his equally as good for nothing brother, Randy's Uncle Steve. What a jerk, all of the Denton's were jerks. What had she been thinking when he married Jimmy? Well for one thing he was a looker as was Randy. Her side of the family wasn't much help either and Marla was tired of trying to be both mom and father to Randy.

Just then Randy appeared at the open bedroom door, his face blushed like hell as his mom had found his jack off rag. She looked pissed. He looked down. Randy was not stupid. He knew he was a world class fuck up and his hands moved back to where he knew he should be punished if only.

If only no longer could include his mom. No self-respecting boy his age should be spanked over his mom's knee.

Marla wanted to yell at Randy, but saw the boy knew that he was in big trouble already. His hands, which looked the same as father Jimmy's, big and shapely were holding onto his seat. Yes, he should be spanked. Her son needed a good old-fashioned whipping, several of them perhaps; but Marla knew she could not do that.

Marla sighed, "Come here," with a little bark. Randy was fifteen immature years old. He shuffled over, head down more like a ten year old. Not good. Marla tenderly lifted his chin. Randy's eyes were a little red from shame.

His eyes could never could lie to her, "What did I tell you about this?" and lifted up the soiled garment. There was nothing to say. He just gently nodded his submissive reply knowing he needed to be punished.

"There has to be somebody, come with me," Marla said determined to get her son to the bottom of his problems.

Coach Frank Barrett was not in a good mood that morning. That little ungrateful son-of-a-bitch Gage Whitney had been avoiding him for weeks now. After all the sexual attention he had lavished on the hot now high school graduated teen over the past months? Where was his bitch ass?

This Friday was supposed to be theirs, was it not? This Friday, not the next God damned Friday. That little fairy, fuck faced fag and after he turned down another little fairy fag, Vincent Plano. Only that seventeen year old was ugly by comparison to Gage. Frank should have just closed his eyes and had his way with that little pimply-faced somewhat overweight troll.

Then Frank's phone rang. He answered. It was Marla Denton, Randy Denton's mom. Now that was a hot little freshman looker he was. Only Frank had never gotten his hands on Randy Denton's more than delicious looking faggy bubble butt even in P.E. class. The kid was too good.

Imagine giving that boy one hell of a good hard spanking over his knee and then diddling his cock and eating out that faggy hot little fairy hole of his. Frank would seduce Randy, make him his for four long wonderful high school years. Fuck Gage Whitney. Fuck Vincent Plano as if he would ever wish to get close to that kid's fat ass.

"Mrs. Denton! A good Saturday to you! To what do I own the honor?" Frank's voice unusually drippy. It had been Randy's suggestion to call Coach Bennett, so she did and Marla described her and her son's problem.

Could he maybe consider helping with Randy's need for male modeling and discipline? Well of course he could! Send him right over, Frank Bennett sounding way too happy about it, "Thanks Mr. Bennett, I'll send him right over," she said unconvinced, however.

"Do you want me to see Coach Bennett then?" Randy asked, "No honey, not yet. Who else?" and Randy thought of Gage Whitney and his dad. He wasn't going to mention the Whitneys because Gage had been the object of a lot of Randy's masturbations, the very ones that his mom had held up in front of his face just a few minutes before in fact,

"How about Mr. Whitney?" he suggested, but not enthusiastically. Marla smiled but sadly recalling Horace Whitney's Nadine's horrid death. Poor Horace, a nice looking man for his age. Poor Gage, his very good looking son. She smiled and picked up the phone. Horace answered and Marla explained her and son Randy's need.

Horace blinked. Gage had been taking good responsibility for Nathan, "Marla. We'd love to help but may I suggest that your son needs a big brother influence. Gage is perfectly capable of tending to Randy's disciplinary needs. I'll supervise, shall I put him on?"

"Yes please," Marla smiled and looked at Randy, "Horace thinks Gage should set you straight young man," and he nodded, Randy's dick starting to harden standing next to his mom.

Henry fetched the boys who ran inside. Horace briefly explained things to Gage who nodded and took the phone, Nathan listening in, "It's Gage mam," and Marla explained once again but added that she was also considering sending Randy over to Coach Bennett.

Gage's face snarled a little. He looked at Nathan with a very strange glare as he lowered his voice so that father Horace would not overhear,

"Wouldn't advise it mam. Sorry to have to tell you this," and then Gage went into a controlled though quiet tirade, some to the effect of Coach Frank Bennett's inappropriate and suggestive sexualized behavior toward him without coming out and saying what had really happened between them,

"Please mam, don't say anything to my dad about it. I plan on telling him later," Gage said his heart racing, "Oh my God, you poor thing. Don't worry, I won't and thank you for warning me," Marla said with true motherly verve. Marla, however, was very capable of reading between the lines sensing that the Whitney boy was holding back on some very nasty behavior by Coach Bennett.

"Yes mam, come right over then," Gage said loudly and with pleasure and handed the phone back to his father who encouraged Marla to do the same.

Marla called Coach Bennett back. He was right in the middle of masturbating himself off for the second time when the phone rang. Frank was already enjoying what he would do to the innocent Denton boy.

Spank his ass red hot, maybe with his paddle or brush. Then he would finger Randy's fuck channel over his knee, seduce him, stroke his cock hard, maybe let him get off before licking out his channel and seeing if the boy might be already primed for a good, hard ass raping.

"Oh! Mrs. Denton, so when," but he was cut off, "You should be ashamed you pervert. I have a good mind to call the authorities. You'll never see my son. You'd best just get your ass out of town before I tell everyone else what Gage Whitney just told me!"

Frank flushed and hung up the phone, his hard dick instantly limp, and his countenance never lower. Frank sighed. Yes, indeed it seemed time to leave the small town thinking Otis. He would pack his bags, get his deposit back on the house and move back to Manhattan, KS and a much more mature and realistic life with older males.

Maybe he would contact his old fraternity at the university. Yes, it had been too long and he needed to face a good, young but legal paddle master. Somebody hot who could put Frank Bennett into his place with a long, hard bare butt tear jerking frat paddling and after that?

He would put up with what would inevitably follow, a gang rape; but how can it be rape when that's what you want? And Frank desperately wanted three or four young college bucks pounding away at his worthless faggy asshole after he sucked all of them hard on his knees and then them dumping load after load of cum deep inside of his faggy paddled upturned butt to cleanse him of his many sins.

Randy hurriedly cleaned his room in record time then hurriedly took a shower, ignored his raging boner for like the first time ever, blow dried his kind of too longish also bone-of- contention hair. Then he dressed himself in his best stuff, a clean (for a change) pure white T-shirt, a pair of new blue jeans over very clean unsoiled white Y-front briefs.

Then he looped into the jeans that nice black leather belt that is mom had given him for his birthday and he had never used. Randy even found a pair of white tube socks, ones that he had not masturbated with even and then put on his almost new sneakers.

Marla blinked with wonder at the instantly clean room thinking that she should have done this months ago. Then she looked at son Randy, how good he looked all proper and handsome, just like his shiftless good for nothing but long gone father had so many years ago, "Come on honey, don't want to keep Gage and his father waiting."

As the pair walked out to the barn to get more chores done before Randy arrived Gage told Nathan the whole thing about him and Coach Bennett from day one to the last time he had visited the man, leaving out nothing as they worked side-by-side,

"After what almost happened to Randy, I should have told dad about him and me a long time ago," Gage paused feeling very disappointed in himself.

"You gonna tell him then?" Randy asked, "Yea, I am. He's probably going to rip my ass up in front of you and Randy. I don't care, it's not right," Gage said.

Nathan felt a huge lump in his throat. His eyes got a little moist, "Don't matter. I'm there for you Gage, you know that," and Gage smiled, "Thanks," he said, "I got my own stories," Nathan smiled, "Oh?" Gage looked up.

Nathan then shared with Gage his summer camp experiences with Jeff Higgins the prior year. He and Gage laughed about it but it did stimulate and distract a bit. In the end, they kept up the working and all the heady sharing did was bond the boys tighter and tighter together that morning.

"Mom!" Randy whined a little hands uncomfortably tucked into his back pockets over his ass, his fingertips digging into his presently not painful cheeks as he also shuffled his shoes in the Whitney spread driveway dirt with great chagrin. Gage smiled and nudged Nathan to see that Randy was sporting an unwanted down looking facial blush as his mom told them the whole nine yards of the cute boy's many recent misbehaviors including the really embarrassing masturbation evidence of that morning.

Gage then grew solemn. He knew how it felt to have a parent unclothe you verbally in front of others, "Don't Mom me. You have this coming young man," Marla chastised her son even as she brushed a long lock of hair from his forehead, "Somebody needs a haircut," she sighed and Randy sighed, "Mom!" again with furrowed brow.

Gage took charge, "Randy! Get your ass over here, now!" he barked pointing to the ground in front of his feet.

Horace smiled with approval, so did Henry. Marla's eyes lit up as well as she watched her son nearly bounce over to the older boy and looked up at him. Gage looked sternly at Randy's suddenly worried for entirely different reasons face,

"You shut your hole. You're in big trouble as it is. Don't want another word out of you unless you're asked a question, got it?"

Randy's hands previously playing with fingernails dropped to his side as his dick re-hardened, "Yes sir!" Randy barked with instant idol worship. Marla gawked. She had never heard Randy so respectful. She had been right. All her son needed was a quality male in his life and Gage Whitney seemed to know just how to handle her son.

Nathan did more than just gawk at Gage, no. His dick was already hard in his commando work jeans. Nathan looked at Gage in what was pretty much a hard infatuation almost wishing he was Randy.

Gage then turned Randy to face his mom, stood in back of the boy with his palms firmly squeezing the tops of the boy's shoulders, "Don't worry mam. I'll be taking Randy over my knee soon and give him a good hard bared bottom hiding for his bad behavior. He's welcome here anytime mam. I'll keep him busy," Gage said.

Randy could only hope that his underwear would capture his pre-cum ooze and not provide yet more humiliation as his fantasy about Gage Whitney seemed to be coming into bizarre reality. Randy drank in the hands on his shoulders even more, wished for a lot more really and that other guy, Nathan? He was hot as holy hell as well.

Randy hoped they came as a package and for once, even the public announcement of his impending bare bottom punishment did not make him feel one ounce uncomfortable. Hell, now he felt normal and proud and it was no longer embarrassing to be seen kissing his mom good-bye for the rest of the weekend as Mr. Whitney suggested that he stay over.

They watched Marla Denton drive alone in her car off of the property feeling as light as a feather emotionally. She decided to head right for the beauty parlor and a rare day of pampering and recreation long overdue and just for herself.

"Chores finished, son?" Horace asked Gage who shook his head, "Not quite yet Pa," and Horace nodded, "You decide how to deal with Randy. We're going to do Saturday shopping after you're finished."

"Pa? Seems this youngin needs a haircut, so can we drop by the barber shop while we're out?"

Randy blushed and pursed his lips, "Don't want no haircut," he grumped as he faced away from Gage who then twirled him around, Gage's strong grip on Randy's upper arms, Gage's eyes boring into his, "The only choice you'll have mister is whether you're sitting in the barber's chair with a very sore bottom or not, got it?"

Randy's mouth fell open and he nodded, blinked and gulped, "Yes sir," he said quietly as his dick, softened up a bit, hardened so fast that it made his mind blank for anything but pure submission to the older teen. Nathan's dick was hard as well, his admiration for Gage peaking.

The new blue jeans did not matter as they could be laundered. His white T-shirt carefully folded to the side, Randy now was bare chested and working side-by-side with the older teens, doing whatever it was that they wanted him to do, desperate to please Gage and Nathan besides. Randy was sent to fetch water in the Mason jars just as Nathan had done the day before.

"Ain't you ever done any useful physical work before?" Gage asked Randy at one point, "No sir," he replied. Gage rolled his eyes, "Call me Gage, him Nathan. Just mind yourself Randy. You're already gonna get a good hard hiding before we go shopping," Gage told Randy but in doing so ruffled the kid's scraggly mop of unruly long hair.

Randy blinked and looked at Nathan's hair and Gage's. Theirs were short and kind of well, hot. Maybe it would be OK to get a haircut, then again, Randy loved his long hair.

Kansas weather was going to be especially nasty and early too that summer June morning. It was already into the high eighties and humid as hell. All three boys were soaking wet with sweat as the chores were now finished,

"Nathan, I need to talk to dad now. You take Randy up to the house and our bedroom and get you both ready to shower. Wait for me and if Randy gives you any lip, well, you know how to put him in his place," Gage's smiling face winked at Nathan. Randy could only grin, ear-to-ear.

Nathan did not bother to say "good luck" to Gage as he knew he was going to confess to his father. Besides, Randy was already pelting him with questions, "Where you from?" was only the first of many.

Gage felt sick to his stomach as he found both dads walking back from the main highway on their long dusty gravel driveway, "Son?" Horace asked feeling happy after the recreation walk with now good friend, Henry,

"Pa. I gotta talk, something serious," he said, "Oh?" and looked at Henry, "It's OK. Best Mr. Foster hear as well," and then as the trio very slowly walked back to the house, Gage spilled the beans on what he and Frank Bennett had been doing all of those months as well as what had provoked Gage to finally say something.

Nathan thought it harmless and maybe helpful as both boys, now naked sat side-by-side on Gage's bed, he told Randy that Gage was in charge of his discipline. Penises were hard of course as Nathan proudly went over and fetched the hairbrush, "This is what he used," and handed it to Randy and sat back down.

"Fact is … I … Jesus," Randy said blushing, "What's wrong?" Nathan slid his arm across Randy's shoulders for once feeling like a big brother, "the reason I beat off so much was Gage. Picturing him giving me a really hard spanking over his knee," Randy said with an ache in his gut.

Nathan squeezed Randy's shoulder, "So what are you gonna do about it?" Nathan asked, "Tell Gage, confess," he said. Randy smiled, "You already got one ass beating coming," he said and Randy nodded, "In for a penny, in for a pound. Fact is, wouldn't mind you taking me in hand either," Randy confessed.

Nathan blushed. Gage had given him tacit permission, "All right. A little but not with the brush, just my hand," Nathan said knowing that he was truly playing with fire now.

Randy stood. He wanted this to be just like Gage did it, over the knee him sitting on the chair. Nathan got the chair and sat, "Over my knee Randy," Nathan said, his chest pounding with lust.

Randy slid across Nathan's bare knees, his dick leaky, noticing Randy's leaky as well, "You ready?" Randy asked, "Yes Nathan," Randy said and pushed his bare up high. Nathan could see Randy's young pucker. His mouth watered and suddenly he knew what it must have felt for Coach Bennett to have failed to restrain himself from perving out on Gage's fine hole.

"I'm so sorry Pa," Gage's voice cracked, his eyes watery as he finished the sordid tale.

Horace's face was blushed with anger, most of it towards Coach Bennett. He would remind himself that if Bennett was not smart enough to have left town before he confronted the man, he would make sure that man never touched another kid in Otis.

Horace glanced at Henry who looked if anything quite empathetic at Horace. Horace looked at his precious son, obviously contrite and upset with himself, "Gage," he said and grabbing the boy's arm pulled Gage into a hug that both surprised and even frightened the boy some. Dad had never done this, "Daddy!" Gage sobbed just once.

"It's OK son," Horace's voice low and gravelly. Henry wiped his eyes so very glad that Gage was in charge of his son, Nathan.

"You gonna punish me?" Gage pulled away and they made eye contact, "Have to. Nathan knows. You already told him you'd be punished," Horace reminded him, "Don't worry about it now. You go take care of those boys up there, OK?" and Gage nodded, feeling so very unburdened now, "Yes Pa," and sped off.

"What are going to do Horace?" Henry asked watching Gage disappear into the house, "I don't know. For the first time, I'm not sure I can punish the boy. God Damn that Bennett!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" the spanks were done and Randy was lost in the feeling of Nathan Foster's tongue probing his virginal anus between his widely splayed thighs still perched atop Nathan's naked lap.

Nathan was lost as well, his fist gently jerking on Randy's captured hard cock and full boy balls. Could anything on earth beat eating out sweat salty young boy anus? "Oh God Nathan! Shit Oh God! Don't stop, don't ever stop!" Randy's voice pitching higher, his palms pushing hard up, head fully extended back mouth agape feeling like a real total little slut for the first time in his life and not a masturbation fantasy.

"Nathan! Randy!" Gage barked just after pushing the bedroom door open.

Randy flew off of Nathan's lap to his feet, mouth agape, face beet red. Randy stood with instant guilt wondering what he had been thinking. Gage marched over, grabbed Randy's arm and turning him smirked at Nathan, "Well at least you put some color into him. Did I tell you that you should be sexing the boy up?"

"No Gage," Nathan said, "Did you provoke him?" Gage asked Randy, "Yea, I suppose I did," Randy said trying like hell not to smile, but did, "Wipe that smile off you little devil," Gage chided Randy and then looked at Nathan, hardly blaming him, but why not take advantage and spying the brush laying on his bed, took it up in his fist,

"The both of you, over my knees," sitting on the bed edge knees widely splayed and still clothed in his dirt and sweat wet jeans. Nathan and Randy flew over one knee each, actually straddling the knees, getting up on their tip-toes as if synchronized, their holes in full view, dangling full balls, cocks erect and leaky as was Gage's.

The lusty sight before Gage's eyes was awe inspiring to say the least. Holding the brush in his right fist with only his thumb, Gage rested both hands lazily right on the centers of each upturned submissive boy bottom and let his middle fingertips drive both younger boys nuts with lust, tapping, scratching, pushing, rubbing even probing a little bit at their twitchy young pink puckers.

Gage's ears were rewarded with tender soft and loud mews and whimpers and if he were able to see which he could not, lower lips were being bitten with hard lust and desire, foreheads wrinkled and hearts pounding like race horses. Their bottoms swayed and pushed up and down, knees flexing wanting to please, having to please the older teen.

"What do my boys need?" Gage smirked, his commando captured cock about to burst from the tight well-worn Wranglers. It was a trick question. Gage wondered who would answer correctly if either boy,

"Anything! Please anything!" Randy's voice plaintive, needy and even whiny as one might expect of a newbie. Wrong answer. Nathan shook his head to himself. He knew Gage much better than that, "Hard disciplinary punishment Gage, a sound hard blister tanning over your knee, please," his voice calm.

Gage was so damned pleased with Nathan, "Randy, get up," and helped him to stand, "Now you stand there, hands on your head and observe a proper boy getting a proper punishment and learn, hear me boy?" Gage glared at Randy who blushed and nodded, "Yessir," appropriately.

Gage then just fawned all over Nathan as Randy watched and was so envious, "That's my good boy, you relax," and pulled Nathan across his knees so that Nathan's torso rested on the bed top. Nathan hugged Gage so close now which made Randy's forehead wrinkle with even greater envy, "Butt up high Nathan," Gage said.

Randy's cock oozed jizz from the slit as he observed the desperately acute arch in Nathan's small of the back as he presented his ass in such a way that Randy wanted to eat out the totally exposed older teen boy hole.

"It's gonna hurt bad Gage," Nathan said loudly, "Has to hurt!" Gage replied Randy's ears spanked with the phrases that he had so often used in his private masturbation scenes.

Randy watched mesmerized now as the brush back descended and started a furiously hard and rapid ass tanning, "Ou! Ou! Ou! Ou! Ou! Gage please!" Nathan's voice pleaded, no faking needed, his feet kicking but keeping his ass high and proud though totally tortured.

Randy's body stiffened upwards his face wincing in great sympathy as his hands flew to his own backside and his fists gathered in full handfuls of his so far pain free ass cheeks. Then Randy's ears heard Nathan's soft sobs as Nathan grew limp and submissive, the brush finishing up on the tender sit-spots turning them a bright red color.

This was not the most valued part of the whole scene for Randy who apart from gawking at the older teens totally crimson and swollen ass cheeks now also observed as Nathan was stood up, hugged closely, his temple kissed, "Shhhh, it's OK now," Nathan's sobs subsiding, his head buried into the crook between Gage's neck and shoulder.

Gage gently patted Nathan's back as he looked at Randy, "That's how a proper boy takes his punishment," and then released Nathan who swallowed a glob of snot and wiped his face, reached over and kissed Gage on the cheek, "Thank you Gage," his voice solemn and sincere.

Properly humbled, but not humiliated, Randy bowed his head in proper supplication; not at all sure he could live up to that kind of response to the older boy who was now in control of his fate.

Gage was so proud of Nathan, so damn proud. He had to reward the boy with something, but what?

Gage then smiled, not a lot, just some and held out the brush to Nathan, "Take the brush, take that there boy to the bathroom, get the hot water running. Then you are going to take that boy over your knee and paddle him hard, I mean to tears Nathan. Randy?!" he said sternly to Randy whose head flew up his mind already processing his imminent punishment at the hand of the surprise spanker, "Yessir?"

"If you take your punishment properly from Nathan, it will count some towards your punishment from your misbehavior with your mom Not all, just some, got it?" and Randy stiffened up from his slumped posture, "Yes Gage! Thank you Gage!"

"Get going guys. We ain't got all day," and Gage smiled watching the pair disappear from the room.

Now Gage had a moment to himself to get undressed for showering. His face frowned however. Why had he let Frank Barrett treat him like a slut all those months? Hell, it was his own selfish fault. He'd be god damned now if his father did not give him one hell of a hard whipping with the strop later on in the barn, younger eyes watching his humiliating punishment.

"I'm sorry Nathan. It was my fault," Randy said inside the bathroom, "Bullshit. You don't know squat from shit, get over my knee and shut up you little cock-tease!" Nathan glowered and Randy could only smile as the even the city boy had scoped out what he knew indeed was bullshit.

Gage finally got naked and looked at his erect cock, "You get me into more trouble," sighed and padded down the hallway, but instead of barging in on the scene he knew was inside, just listened right at the door.

Gage heard some mumbling and then heard the rapid fire of brush on bare tail. Gage smiled, "Get him Nathan, get him," and stroked his cock a little, but lightly.

"No! No! Please Nathan No! It hurts! Hurts bad! Oh God! Please Nathan!" Gage grinned as Randy's howlings though muffled by the closed door still reached his ears and his dick.

"Shut up and take your punishment proper!" Gage heard Nathan's stern voice and that really turned him on, "All right Nathan!" he said to himself and waited, his heart pounding, "Get your hands behind," he heard and then heard the brush paddling continue. This time no sissy pleading, just sobbing, loud sobbing and then it stopped.

Gage walked in. Nathan looked up, his face solemn, even fatigued. Punishing a boy was not as easy as it seemed, "Get up," and helped the panting boy up. Randy stopped his sobs, wiped his face of tears and snot, "Can I have a hug?" Randy asked Nathan, staring adoringly at the older boy.

"Course," Nathan said as Gage solemnly approved. This was what it was all about as he watched Nathan hug Randy and Randy hug Nathan, "You did good. Be proud," Nathan's voice low and gravelly.

Gage reached in and started the shower, the boys obviously far too caught-up in the punishment to have remembered, "I'm proud of you both, get in the shower," Gage said commandingly.

Randy had showered with naked boys inside the gymnasium after P.E. at school as an Otis high school freshman. He loved it. Loved the naked hot bodies, buttocks, cocks and balls, but this? This was a heaven. Had he died? Hopefully yes so that he could live in an eternity of bare boy bodies, sore spanked bottoms and a cock that might give him unlimited orgasms and endlessly long persistent streams of hot jizz.

The space was small for three grown boys but so much the better. Without being told or moved, Randy faced Gage and so did Nathan. Gage hugged them both into his body, letting the hot shower water cascade down on all of them.

For the moment, three crossed swords were left to simmer like smoking loaded cannons. Gage kissed the tops of both heads, his big arms encircling two necks, two heads closely nestling into both sides of Gage's strong chest pecs.

Trembling a bit, Randy's hands and arms lightly hugged on Gage and Nathan's lower torsos. Nathan's hands did the same. Nobody said a word, what could there be to say but to enjoy the rare moment.

Gage then slid his arms down and his palms gathered up two handfuls of each punished jutting red sore ass cheeks, "You boys going to behave now?" and then mercilessly let his middle fingers once again drive the boys insane with forbidden desires as his fingertips rubbed and then outright slipped inside of each tight pucker hole.

Gage grinned as his ears once again filled with involuntary mews and whimpers. Ass cheeks clenched and pelvis's jutted seeking out deeper penetrations. Nobody could tell as now three fountains of pre-cum washed down the shower drain unheeded.

Gage wiggled his fingertips and slipped the fingers in a bit further, "Gage!" Nathan blurted softly, "Oh God!" Randy's voice tremulous their hugs tightened and then ever so slowly, Gage slipped the fingers out.

"No, please don't stop," Randy said very meekly so as not to seem needy. Nathan said nothing but enjoyed Gage's control, "Now listen close both of you," and they did, "Randy, did you hear about Coach Bennett?" he asked, "No," Randy said and Nathan felt his stomach clench.

Gage patiently explained why his mother had not sent Randy to the Coach, explained his fault in allowing his body to be used by the Coach, the shame in having to confess to his father just before the shower, "So you both are likely going to have to watch me get a whipping in the barn. It's not going to be pretty," he said.

"I don't care. I just want to be here with you and Nathan," Randy hugged Gage and then spontaneously leaned over and kissed the older teen on the cheek, his expression stubborn and for once not all about him. Nathan did not have to say a thing, but he too kissed Gage.

"Let's soap up," Gage said. There was a lot of giggling and squirmings, turning, petting, strokings and yes, some hole penetrations, though briefly as the boys got clean, "Want to blow off some steam?" Gage asked. This time Randy kept his mouth in order, "Yes please," he said nicely and not like a needy little bitch.

One by one, Randy first, his back to Gage, Gage's erection pressed deeply up parallel and nestled in his ass crack, Gage's soapy finger slowly reaming out his rectum from behind, Randy's hands helplessly clutched onto the sides of Gage's strong thighs. Gage had motioned for Nathan to kneel and he did. Randy looked down to see Nathan's head, his mouth engulfing Randy's cock to his pubes.

Gage chose to clamp his other hand over Randy's mouth as he screamed his rapture, Nathan swallowing like a fury, Randy now hanging limply in Gage's arm a moment before standing up. There were no words.

They changed places, "You sure?" Gage asked Randy, "I want to try and suck Nathan," he gamely said, "Don't let him choke on it," Gage instructed Nathan. They were ready.

Gage hugged Nathan and huskily whispered in his ear, "You are so fucking sexy, you rock my world Nathan Foster," just as Randy started to inhale Nathan's cock and Gage's soapy middle finger swooped inside of his ass and to the hilt.

"Ohh!" Nathan shouted the viciously overwhelming sensations as his nut busted down below from Randy, his mind above from Gage's words in just a second sending poor Randy into a spate of coughing and expelling the big organ sat back on his ass in a heap of unwanted surprise, sperm from Nathan's ejaculation drooling down on his head and face.

Two hands reached down and pulled the chagrinned boy to his feet. He was going to say something but could not, the words lost as he witnessed Gage and Nathan sucking face, or was it kissing, no. It was French kissing, deep, deep French kissing the kind he had only dreamed about.

More than that, the kiss stopped and the two boys stared at each other hard. Not angry, not stern. Jesus. They were in love. Even a newbie like Randy could see it. It made his heart hurt. It made his heart soar. It made his face blush. They just stood there looking at each other shower water cascading down over them like in a movie or something special. Randy looked down. Nathan's cock was soft. Gage's cock unrequited.

The boys then tenderly hugged, no words not even noticing Randy. Randy slowly kneeled and not looking up, took Gage's cock into his mouth, more carefully this time. Gage and Nathan looked down kind of paternally.

They smiled and both hands gently held Randy's head and Nathan hugged Gage's side as Randy got Gage off gamely swallowing all of what Gage's balls had to offer. One thing was for sure just then, Randy knew he would never in his life to come get enough of that smooth, whitish opaque boy liqueur.

Nathan helped Randy to his feet and this time. Yes, this time Randy felt his lips gently kissed, first by Nathan and then by Gage, no tongue and no words. Just feelings, deep, deep feelings the kind that neither of the three had any idea was in them much less just expressed in a fashion that nobody could have ever anticipated.

The shower ended and Gage took to toweling both boys dry, "Keep still," Gage playfully spanked both boys' fresh clean buttocks and then they all returned to the bedroom. Nathan and Gage found Randy clean jeans his size to wear to town for shopping and then dressed themselves.

The mood was upbeat, but not silly. Randy knew silly. He had been silly all of his life pretending that everything was OK not having a dad when it was killing him inside. His pretending was pure bullshit, but some shit you just can't fix by yourself, "Guess I need a haircut," he finally said aloud hoping to please the one male he never wanted out of his life now.

"That's too bad. I was looking forward to spanking your bare ass in the barber shop if you bitched about it," Gage teased or was it? Frustrated, Randy's face soured, but he dare not say anything.

Gage saw his error, stepped forward and took up Randy's downturned chin gently into his big palm and looked at him, "Tell me straight out Denton, do you really want me to spank you in front of all those other boys likely in the shop?"

Randy blushed and nodded, no words, "That's what I thought. You're a little devil. I like little devils," and Randy smiled and relaxed. He had clearly pleased Gage Whitney and could find a way to deal with what could be a very humiliating experience.

* * * * * * * * * *

One thing was for certain. Horace Whitney loved having his son Gage, the Fosters and now the Denton kid with him as he drove the big truck to town stuffed with them all inside. He missed Nadine, yes, always would and he loved his son, didn't mind living alone with him; but this felt like a real family and Horace wondered how he could keep it up somehow.

He parked the big truck on the street adjacent to the barbershop. The mercantile, grocery and butcher stores were all just down the street. They stood on the sidewalk about to part company when they heard a voice, "Boys!" it was Marla Denton.

Randy gawked. He had never seen his mother all gussied up, a perm and was that lipstick and make up? She walked up to them, "Well, well. If it isn't a group of good looking men and boys," focusing on Horace and Henry.

Randy grinned as Gage and Nathan both nudged him. Horace was about to make a nice comment when Marla's face snarled, "Frank fucking Bennett," she glowered looking at the man walking up the street in back of them. They all turned, "Let me take care of this Marla," Horace scowled as he got out of the truck and marched up to the helpless man.

"You better be planning to leave town in a hurry Bennett. I don't much care the way you treated my son," Horace's face stern and angry. Frank Bennett nodded, "Yes sir. Leaving by early next week. A few things to take care of."

"You got to Tuesday," Horace said and just then the entourage showed up to listen, "After that, I'm coming for you. You're lucky I don't just haul your ass to my barn now. I got a strop and an endless supply of switches to put you in your place. I might even give them all to Gage and let him punish you. I might even enjoy seeing your butt …" then Horace stopped realizing that Marla and Randy were right there, but Frank knew what he was going to say next.

"I don't blame you Mr. Whitney. I was out of line with your son. I take full responsibility," but Marla could not help herself, "if it was up to me Frank Bennett, I'd see Gage Whitney turn your ass into a bloody mess with those switches and then plow your useless hole till you can't even shit yourself!" she was so angry.

Randy's face looked like aliens had just landed, Gage and Nathan's less so. Horace and Henry on the other hand looked at the small petite woman like she was the prettiest thing ever.

Frank blushed. He blushed because he could feel his useless cock stir from just the thought of a public humiliating ass whipping and earned forced rape inside of a barn from Gage, just as Marla had suggested, "Gotta go!" and he about ran off the other direction.

Randy, Gage and Nathan just stood there trying not to guffaw, "Marla Denton. Now don't you look like a movie starlet? You had lunch yet?" Horace grinned and she softened, "Why no, I have not," she said with a swift wiggle of her rekindled feminine wiles.

"Henry, shall we? You boys take care of yourselves while us adults entertain a real lady," the boys gawked as the trio of Henry, Marla and Horace walked away arm-in-arm towards the diner.

Nathan nudged Gage, "Are you gonna have Randy for a step-brother soon?"

Gage did a double take and then slapped the back of Nathan's head with a very smirky grin,

"Maybe Randy isn't going to be the only one with a sore red bottom before this shopping trip is done!" and then looked at Randy who looked a tad insulted, "Oh shut up. If you were my step-brother, you'd never have a white ass, it'd be red all the fucking time. Now get your sorry ass into that barber shop now!" and propelled the grinning teen on his way with a firm spank to his seat.

Inside the barbershop all of Randy's need to please Gage concerning his precious long mane evaporated into rebellion. The fuck he was going to get a haircut if he could avoid it, so he sat and waited, sulking. He looked up just as Gage pointed a finger at him, without words, one that clearly said, "You are cruising, mister!"

The place was buzzing with boys aged six to fifteen that early afternoon, a good seven of them, some with sad faces, others with rebellious mugs like Randy's, most just there, not caring. There was, however, one thing they all cared about as boy about thirteen was whispering with his dad, that is arguing, "I've had about enough of you today, Thaddeus," the Dad said aloud and pulled the boy to a special station that the owner of the shop maintained for just this purpose.

It was called Boy's Corner and it had nothing to do with anything happy. It was a discipline station outfitted with a chair and a wall full of hanging instruments of teen corporal punishment. Poor Thaddeus begged and pleaded to no avail as his father plucked down the dreaded big bath brush, sat down on the chair and pulled the already teary boy to between his knees,

"Please no daddy! Please! Not here! I'll get a haircut! Please daddy!" as his dad silently glowered at him and took the boys jeans and underwear down to his ankles exposing his tiny undeveloped genitalia and perky bare white butt for all to see.

Randy sat forward, his heart racing, his cock stirring as the father upended the whiny kid over the front knee, still kicking and flailing. The dad then paddled the boy raw, the kid blubbering, howling and thrashing about like he was going to be beheaded.

After a while Randy sat back, cock uninterested with a sour expression on his face, "Disgusting. Stupid idiot kid," he said straightening up in his chair and sighed. He was sitting next to Nathan and leaned over, "Like your haircut," he said to Nathan, "Thanks, might get it trimmed," Nathan said still looking as the punishment stopped,

"Think Gage would like me looking like you?" Randy whispered into Nathan's ear, "Change your mind?" Nathan replied, "Do you think he wants to spank me here? I'll do whatever Gage wants," Randy whispered into Nathan's ear. He sounded sincere.

Nathan sat back and then leaned over to Gage, "No! Don't!" Randy sat back feeling a bit betrayed as the two older boys whispered back and forth. He blushed. What would Gage think now? That he was a pussy? A wimp?

"He said to shut up and get the haircut," Nathan said. Randy sighed. He would mostly definitely do as he was told. If he only knew as Gage stood up and out of hearing, talked to the barber who nodded and smiled.

About twenty-five minutes later three boys exited the barbershop, Randy, Nathan and Gage. Randy was glowing, positively glowing in his face and in his mind. Gage rubbed on his high and tight haircut, "Nice," he smiled. Randy rubbed on Gage's and then Nathan's.

They were the same, identical and the very idea of sharing something like that with the two older boys who had volunteered to share the experience with him was a tad overwhelming in the best way possible. They were hungry now and headed to the diner. They entered the bustling establishment and Randy quickly found his mom seated across in a booth from Horace and Henry, "Look mom!" and grinning rubbed his new close cut haircut.

Marla grinned, "Randy!" and then Nathan and Gage showed up looking the same. Marla looked at Gage with a "that was the nicest thing you could ever do for my boy," admiring look. Horace smiled proudly, "Looks good, all three of you. Why don't you find yourselves a booth, get what pleases you, but we're doing barbecue tonight, including Marla."

Randy was not even disappointed because far in the back of his mind, what if his mom did get together with Gage's dad? What if indeed!

* * * * * * * * * *

Boys the ages of Nathan, Gage and Randy can never really be far from trouble in one form or the other. Marla drove Henry and Horace off in her car for the three adults to go check out a piece of real estate that Henry was curious about leaving the truck to the boys for Gage to drive. It was a privilege to say the least and one that could easily go to a boy's head and did.

Pride would indeed go before the fall as that afternoon Gage drove the three out to the reservoir to kind of show off. Reservoirs in Kansas in even those days were not known for being populated with well=behaved boys and girls. In this case, a gang of white trash young males had taken the place over.

It happened to be white trash kids that had just been informed that they would be soon evicted from their small plots of land with their white trash parents due to you know who having just purchased up the land, Horace Whitney, and the boys knew it.

As predictable as the sun rising and falling each day, a fist fight between Gage and Nathan broke out between two other similar aged boys while Randy took on the third his age. The sheriff was never far away from the notorious spot and within moments after it starting, six snarling boys were standing separated by the two strong handsome county sheriffs their two cruisers right there with them.

What an embarrassment as they were all carted off to the sheriff's office, Gage having to drive his truck alone filled with anger and regret as Nathan and Randy had to go in the back of one sheriff cars frightened to holy death. Gage knew that his dad was going … to … be … pissed.

Randy, Gage and Nathan sat side-by-side on the extra hard bench next to each other waiting for their parents to pick them up. Meanwhile, the three white trash teens were in the back, howling, frantic as the sheriff and his deputies decided to lay down justice themselves as their irresponsible and mostly fatherless parents would certainly not.

The strop flew onto three side-by-side bare butts upturned across a long table, the boys holding on for dear life as pain was now their lot, a lot of it and seemingly without end. They kicked and bawled and sobbed, sniffed snot and wished they were dead until it ended.

The sounds had filled the three boys not with lusty thoughts, but with fear and rightfully so. When Horace, Marla and Henry appeared at the front desk, they all slumped, "We are all so fucked," Gage said for them all, "This is my fault, I won't let you two take any blame," Gage said.

"Fuck that!" Nathan and Randy said together so fast that all Gage could do was gawk. He sighed, "Guess haircuts are not the only thing we're going to share today," and Randy felt the worst, "You guys don't have a mom to watch you get your bare butt exposed," and they just shook their heads all of them sure it was the end of civilization as they knew it.

Not that long after but clearly after a brief but scathing lecture out in front of the sheriff's office, all adults and teens were now at the Whitney spread. To her credit, Marla conspired with Henry and Horace,

"I can't be seen watching my boy get punished. I won't do that to Randy. This is men's work. I'll just cook in the kitchen. Please just treat Randy the same. He's awful caught up admiring your boy Horace, please?"

"I understand. You're a good mother Marla. Bet you're a good cook too!" and the men headed out to the barn grim game faces on.

Inside the barn stood three naked boys, dicks hard as usual; but faces grim, "Don't know if I can take a switching or stropping," Randy shook with a frowned face, "You'll do it! You may not like it but you'll do it Denton!" Gage fumed and that did help a bit.

Horace and Henry walked into the barn, sleeves rolled up and all three boys took to standing in a line, hands in front, clasped over erections that nonetheless poked upwards in near full sight. Their faces were downcast, grim and fearful looking, even Gage who knew he bore the most shame.

"There is nothing more to say. Gage, get three knives from the tool box and take all of you out to the Hickory and cut three switches each. They had better be prefect," Horace said.

Gage led the way out doors. The task was done in a kind of clinical way, no talking just preparation. Randy was fascinated in a morbid kind of way and looked at his pair and gave them to Gage, "Good job kiddo," Gage said quietly and inspecting Nathan's was satisfied and led the way back to their painful fates.

The dogs, Mike and Old Tom, sensed the stress and could only whine a little as the boys passed. No tails waged. Inside the barn, the switches collected. The three boys were put over a long railing, legs spread and crossing, hips and hind ends skin-to-skin.

Randy was in the middle, scared to death, Nathan not far behind but he knew Randy would need his help as much as Gage's on the other side of Randy, "You boys stay down, no cussing," Horace said and handed a switch to Henry having already made sure Henry was comfortable with its use. He was.

Gage nodded. He and Nathan took each of Randy's hands and Randy clutched on for dear life. The two dogs soon took to their primal howlings mimicking the humans inside the barn, three boys in abject pain as two switches lit up the fires of Hell on their backsides one rapidly after the other in a bizarre rhythm. Marla could heard the boys and just shook her head, "Fool kids," she muttered not at all sorry for her son.

There would be no spontaneous ejaculation for Gage Whitney mostly because Randy beside him looked so miserable that Gage was cursing himself out for having put the boy at risk. Nathan was not a lot better but not as bad as Randy, "Pa please!" Gage screamed at the top of his lungs, Randy beside him broken with continuous sobbing, Nathan somewhat less. Horace stopped. He knew his son was protesting for Randy and Nathan and honored that and stopped the hidings.

"Gage get up and help the boys up," Horace said. He did. Randy's face dripped tears and snot so did Nathan's.

"You two are finished. I am not finished with you Gage. What were you thinking?" Horace said. Gage's head dipped down, "Yes Pa," He said, "Randy, Nathan, you best step out of the barn please," and they looked at each other horrified, grabbed their clothes and gaining the entrance, stopped to listen as boys would.

"What's he gonna do?" Randy said unhappy, "What do you think?" Nathan said just as unhappy. Gage did what he knew he had too, fetched the razor strop, and took up position straddling the saw horse. He would not be sitting much for the rest of the day, that was for sure. Mike and Old Tom drew up besides Randy and Nathan and sat, heads between their paws in canine sympathy. Both boys smiled a little, squatted and scratched behind their ears gaining slight wags of tails.

Then it started. Loud awful strop licks one after the other, "Stop! Stop!" Nathan chanted in his mind, Randy something similar, "Paa!" Gage had to wail at last but the strop did not stop. Nathans' face crumbled first, "I can't listen to this!" and ran for the house, into the kitchen, passed Marla Denton, Randy close behind, tears streaming. Marla looked after them and shook her head. It was men's work.

Nathan rocked himself on the bed, sniffing, head down. Randy chose to stand up against the far wall, his ass too sore yet to sit. It was finally done. Horace helped Gage to stand, his son's face a mess,

"The others ran for the house, pretty upset," Horace said glumly, "Can't be helped. I'm so sorry Pa. I'll not let you down like that again," and gently hugged his father and then looked at Henry, "I'll understand if you don't wish me to look after your son Mr. Whitney. I fucked it up," Gage said very bitterly.

Henry chuckled, "I expect all this did was send a strong message to Nathan to not make the same mistake. Don't worry son, life has its ups and downs. You'll be fine and I'm more than happy for you to continue with Nathan. No harm done," and Gage had to stop a sob so relieved and even accepted a hug from Henry before limping to the house too sore to look at the damage quite yet. The men did and winced, shaking their heads.

Gage limped into the kitchen not caring that Marla was there. She saw his downcast face, "Gage," she said in sympathy at the naked proud boy. He stopped, "I'm so sorry mam. Maybe it would be best if …," but Marla held up her hand, "It would break his heart. I'll not do that. Just get up there. He was bawling he was so upset," Marla said with red eyes, "Yes mam, thank you mam," and Gage dreaded the next part.

As soon as the door to the bedroom opened Nathan jumped up and Randy slid to the center of the room not sure what to expect. Gage paused, his hand on the door stop, "It's not pretty," he said and limped into the room, "Holy shit," Nathan said looking at Gage's ravaged buttocks,

"Randy, get some clothes on, go get some ice from downstairs," Nathan said.

"No, nobody is going to get ice! You fuck up, you take your whipping and you shut up about it," Gage said slamming the door shut making both boys jump back. Gage saw the genuine fear in both boys' eyes. He sighed as big a sigh as a boy could, "I'm sorry. I'm just pissed at myself."

"What about my mom? And Nathan's dad?" Randy asked. Gage smiled a little, "Oh, they're OK. It's me. It's my fault that," and Randy and Nathan started to protest, "I said it's my fucking fault! Shut up the both of you! Not one more word!" he shouted in a moment of frustrated rage/

"Let me see your butts," Gage said after the moment of rage passed and calmed down and they turned, "Not too bad. Kind of sexy," he managed a small smile.

"What now?" Nathan asked, "Best we hide out here. Pa expects it. He'll come up when dinner is ready, now come here," Gage held open his arms and no two more grateful boys fell into them. Randy no longer could hold his strained emotions back and started to sob and then cry, helpless against the feeling that somebody he had so quickly fallen in love or infatuation or whatever the hell it was with nearly had seemed pulled away from him.

Gage just held him, kissed the top of his tight haircut and said nothing. Gage looked at Nathan as he did. Nathan just shrugged and enjoyed that they were now all OK and still together, "I'm just a baby, crying like that," Randy pulled away getting uncomfortable only because he thought Gage had his limits.

Nathan released, comfortable and confident and Gage turned Randy around and hugged him fiercely front to back into himself, his cock finally responding,

"And we know what we do to babies, we spank them, spank them over the knee and blister their bottoms hard! Is that what you want?" Gage kissed Randy's cheek making Nathan grin.

"Been begging for it all day or hadn't you noticed?" Randy teased, "Yea, well. My Pa and Nathan's took care of that for now," Gage said and then Randy fell to his knees in front of Gage's erection, "Yea, but not that," Randy said and without asking first, started to suck cock.

Nathan slid in next to Gage and they looked at each other and started a kiss, Randy's hand on Nathan's shaft. The older boys kissed, Randy sucked on Gage and then switched to Nathan. That stopped the kiss and looked down at the hard working younger teen.

Nathan grinned knowingly at Gage and Gage at Nathan, "Stand up," they told Randy and pulled him up to standing Randy now feeling deprived. His mouth felt empty and useless, but not for long.

Nathan lay down on the bed on his back. Gage guided Randy to kneel on the edge of the bed and then he knew what to do and got down on his elbows, ass far up and his head going down mouth far open filled his mouth with Nathan's cock.

Gage leaned over and started to feast on boy hole, Randy's boy hole, using his hands to stroke, fondle and lightly spank Randy's welted ass cheeks. Nathan grinned using his hands and guided and kind of forced Randy's head up and down on his long hard shaft.

"Nah!" Randy's head came up off the dick as Gage's spit wet finger now pierced his hole nearly to the hilt. Randy's head went right back down gagging himself on Nathan's cock but refused to stop and kept it up, gagging and coughing, whimpering and mewing as Gage opened him up with longer and faster finger fucking, Gage's other hand spanking harder and keeping his dick hard and leaky.

"Eat ass!" Gage commanded and Nathan knew what to do, lifted up Randy's head and then Nathan brought back his hips far up and back to just the right level, spreading his thighs wide and his cheeks wider with his fingertips as Randy's mouth started to lick, lap, gobble and drool on Nathan's fuck hole like a starved boy. "OooooGod!" Randy would rear up and then go back down unsure whether it was better to give or receive such pleasure.

Randy's jaw tired of course and he sat back panting, wiping his face. Nathan got up on his knees as Gage pulled Randy from the bed to his feet, "That's enough," as Randy got to his feet beside them.

Nathan smiled, "Sit if you can. I want to be spanked because I should have known better than to fight too," Nathan said. Gage was not about to disagree and sat with a big umphing sound as it hurt to sit. Nathan quickly slid across his knees as Randy patiently watched.

Gage spanked Nathan, spanked him good and hard and then stood him up. Gage but looked at Randy who without asking or being told slid across Gage's knees. Gage spanked the younger boy good and hard and then heard a male voice from the other side of the door, "Dinner soon!" but did not open the door.

The boys smiled, stood together noses in, Randy's hands up on both older boy's shoulders as the four other hands masturbated three cocks, fountains of boy fluids spilling up and out like mini-volcanoes of pleasure accompanied by mind-numbing raptures.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later that night, Marla long gone to have her own private dreams in her bed of just maybe a new husband someday, three boys were on the long couch in the front room of the Whitney home. Two boys, Nathan and Gage, sat side-by-side watching T.V. The third boy, Randy Denton, lay across both laps, one knee drawn up.

Randy was not interested in T.V. He was content to feel safe and happy prone across the two older boys' laps as they hands gently rubbed his back, his ass and his legs from time to time. Randy fell asleep like that.

When it was bedtime, Nathan got up and helped Gage to pull a limp Randy up to standing. Randy barely awoke as the two strong boys assisted him up the stairs and into their room where all three collapsed into the not really made for three bed. They made it work, a jumble of teen closeness, Randy in the middle, all boys now naked.

Sometime in the very early Sunday AM hours, Randy did awaken. He looked around, blinked, where was he?

Then remembering he smiled, looked right and looked left. He was surrounded by boys, his boys, his brothers in a way. Maybe someday one of them might be a real brother, a step-brother. Gage's eyes opened and he got up on his elbows, "You OK?" he softly asked.

"Yea," Randy nodded, "Get back down here," Gage said pulling Randy into a spooning cuddle, Nathan fast asleep on his tummy between them and the wall, but Randy still kind of cuddled into Nathan's side.

Randy humped his ass back into Gage's half-hard cock and gathered all of the cock he could with his clenching cheeks. Gage moaned, "Feels good," and then reaching down grasped Randy's pretty erect cock, "Hmm, feels great," Randy said.

Nathan stirred awake and turned to face them and smiled. He didn't ask, he just leaned over and kissed Randy on the lips and then kissed Gage as well, Gage having the presence of mind to gather Nathan's cock in his fist with Randy's.

Simple kisses turned into mouths filled with tongues, Nathan with Randy, Nathan with Gage and then Randy with Gage. Gage's cock was rock hard and rutting a little through Randy's deep ass cleft rubbing up against Randy's butt hole.

Randy started to moan, "Fuck me," his voice low but plaintive, "You're a virgin. You're not ready," Gage's voice low and disappointed because that is what he really wanted to do. Randy felt disappointed now but knew Gage was right, "But I'm ready," Nathan said.

Gage worried that Nathan was not as ready as he thought he was; but how would it look to Randy if he put Nathan down to Randy's level, "Randy, sit up at the head of the bed," as he reached for and got the small plastic bottle container of lube hidden under other junk in his bedside table.

They shifted positions, Randy's pulse racing, everybody's pulses racing. Nathan's ass up high and his mouth full of Randy's cock, Randy was more fearful of Nathan biting his cock off. Gage used the lube and finger fucked Nathan using one and then two fingers. Then he lined the older teen up, pressing his cock inward as he held Nathan's hips, gripping them with his big hands.

When Gage stated to really move into him, Nathan's face winced up and he let Randy's cock flop out of his mouth. As the pain built, he buried his face into Randy's abdomen as if it were bed covers only he didn't bite, "Ahhhhh!" Nathan's scream muffled into Randy as the boy's eyes widened. Randy didn't know how to help so he just wrapped his legs about Nathan's torso as the bigger boy started to buck and kick.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" Nathan panted as the big cock wanted to push past his tight sphincter and Randy had then the presence of mind sensing that Nathan was going to really fight it, pulled himself up and then just clamped his palm tight over Nathan's mouth as Gage then pushed his body weight down on Nathan and pushed one more time.

Nathan screamed bloody hell into Randy's palm as they all froze. Randy looked worriedly at Gage who just nodded. Randy panted. If this was gentle, then what was not gentle? He didn't want to know. Finally, "OK, I'm good. Fuck me," Nathan said and Gage did.

Randy lay on his side and stroked Nathan's cock as the two older boys got into it. His eyes widened as Gage picked up speed and really went after Nathan pistoning his dick in and out, in and out.

Randy lay on his back now, one hand on his own dick masturbating, the other on Nathan's, "I need to suck your dick!" Nathan hissed at Randy who quickly shifted ninety degrees and got his dick under Nathan's mouth who inhaled it. A few moments later, Gage climaxed and so did Randy, all three of them collapsing into a sweaty sex-stenched heap.

They panted and panted a bit, "How do you feel?" Gage asked Nathan, "Like … like a man. Hey, I'm not a virgin anymore!" grinning, "Yea," Gage snorted a little, "Fuck. You're awesome, both of you," Randy said just a tad disappointed that it was not him that survived the ordeal and lost his virginity but then did something bizarre.

Randy flipped onto his back squishing himself against the boys and the wall. He pulled back his legs way back and started to double finger his anus, eyes closed, "At least I can pretend," he said with a small smile.

"Keep that up and Nathan is going to put you over his knee and give you the brush for your trouble," Gage teased. That's all it was.

"Maybe I want him to spank me. Brush the living shit out of my ass. Give me a whipping with a belt," Randy smirked back and kept it up, fingering himself and looked at the older boys thinking they might play along.

Gage nudged Nathan who was not about to do anything without Gage's permission. Permission was now given, and Nathan got up on his elbow watching the hot scene, "Keep it up, shoot your load and I promise you tomorrow that you will be very sorry Randy Denton," Nathan threatened.

"Oh yea? Like what?" Randy's voice more intense, "Punishment. Hard bare ass punishment. I'm not going to say, but you'll be wishing you stopped, that's for sure!" Nathan kept up the threat.

Randy stopped the fingering and extended his legs, "Shit," he said covering his face with his hand intimidated and fascinated all at the same time. Gage laughed, "Good one Nathan," and the older boys high-fived, "Face it kid. You're a bunny in with the lions," Gage said laying down on his back, Nathan tilted up against Gage in the middle.

Randy sighed, turned facing the wall as Nathan slid over to spoon him in closely, "Did you mean all that?" Randy said quietly to Nathan over his shoulder, but Gage could still hear.

Nathan's cock was raging again, but he did not need to get off. Instead he adjusted his position and then pretty much layered is erection between Randy's fluffy butt cheeks rubbing oh so nicely against the younger boy's pussy, "Just try me Randy. All you have to do tomorrow is beg me for it and I will put you in your place, put your ass on fire," Nathan said with verve.

Gage shuddered. He said nothing. Despite Coach Barrett having been a dick wad, he missed his dominant nature over Gage so Gage dare not say what he was thinking, that it was him that wanted to beg and feel Nathan's apparently newly found need to dominant hot boy ass, maybe even Gage's.

Gage slipped off to sleep clutching Nathan, clutching also onto the idea that somehow, he had to get Nathan to whip and fuck his ass without seeming like a pussy doing it. Randy slipped off too knowing for sure that he wanted to impress Nathan, Gage too; but was it too much too soon?

Randy finally rolled over into his tummy. Nathan rolled over and lay tummy down, half on top of Randy, his head right with Nathan's. Gage sleepily slid over and cuddled his head into Nathan's back, Nathan the middle of the sandwich.

"Nathan?" Randy's very soft voice said, "Yea?" Randy replied, "Tomorrow. I want you to punish me like you said," and he gulped, "OK. You sure?" Nathan asked, "Yea. I'm sure."

Gage blinked admiring Randy for the first time since they had met, proud as hell with Nathan and now more than ever his own gnawing need slowly growing inside of him.

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