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Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days And Nights
Part 4 - Sunday And Bryce Hamilton
PJ Franklin <>


Part Four – Sunday and Bryce Hamilton

The Whitney spread, rural Kansas, Sunday …

Nathan's eyes opened and he quickly looked at the clock. It was 6AM. Randy was still there snoozing looking oh so hot on his tummy, but Gage was gone. Shit, why had he not at least awoken up him and Randy to help with Sunday chores? Nathan also remembered that the Whitneys intended on going to early Sunday church services at a small church in Otis.

Nathan sat up and swung his legs over the side and Randy was suddenly awake and right next to him, "Where's Gage?" Randy yawned, "Probably doing chores. Hey, we have to go to church. Better get your jeans in the wash, T-shirt too," Nathan suggested.

Gage was indeed outside doing chores, but feeling bothered and angry with himself obsessing over his own shit concerning the thing with Nathan and Randy the prior night. Maybe he was making a mountain over a molehill, but neither could he blame Nathan for taking the initiative with Randy.

Hell, Gage had engineered it so who was to blame other than him?  Water under the bridge and Gage doggedly pushed forward with the work, early church service soon enough, Nathan and Randy joining him to help.

"Why didn't you wake us?" Nathan asked, "Just didn't feel like it," Gage replied and Nathan right away sensed Nathan's not so good mood. So did Randy who said nothing and they all three finished the chores without any more talk between them.

Horace and Henry were up, preparing for church, "Marla be there?" Henry smirked, "Probably. Why?" Horace smirked back, "You know why," Henry grinned knowingly. Horace just smiled and put on his bowtie as the kids streamed into the house, "Get ready to go," Horace admonished, "Yes Pa," Gage said with just a little attitude that Horace ignored.

The trip to the church in Otis went as planned, all of the boys dressed in clean jeans and Gage a button-down shirt, Nathan too. Most folk around went to early service to miss the heat and humidity of later in the morning. The place was teeming with teenagers of all ages from the surrounding small town and farms.

Sunday school was boring to all three, run by a Bible toting old lady. It all seemed boring and useless to Gage until it was announced that Pastor Robert Hamilton's nineteen-year-old son, Bryce, fresh back from his Bible college would be giving the teens a special service all their own.

Gage and Bryce had been but casual friends from the past and had not seen each other for well over a year. Gage knew the Hamiltons as religious folk, Mr. Hamilton the senior Otis church pastor. Bryce was his son and everyone including Gage knew that Bryce had done the Bible college thing that past year. That Bryce was preaching all on his own intrigued Gage.

Girls and boys from ages thirteen on up to Gage's age streamed into a smaller meeting room adjacent the main sanctuary. Bryce was there at the door Bible in hand dressed in a suit and tie just like his dad greeting them all one-by-one, patting the heads of the young teens, shaking hands with the older teens.

Randy and Nathan shook the handsome young adult's hand as fast as possible and went inside ahead of Gage who was the last. Gage stopped right in front of Bryce who had not seen him yet and the poised older teen did a double take,

"Well, Gage. It's been a while. You look good. Congratulations on your graduation from Otis high," Bryce smiled at the boy who had matured in a way that caught Bryce's eyes as they shook hands. Gage took note of the handsome older boy as well, "Bryce. Congratulations yourself on you Bible college."

Bryce looked at Gage, really looked now because Cage Whitney reminded Bryce of his Bible college roommate, Jordan, whom he had just lost due to a scandal at the college. It seems that Jordan had been caught in a compromising situation with a young bible college freshman, something about inappropriately given corporal punishment. Jordan had been expelled and then just disappeared from Bryce' life abruptly ending their special relationship.

"Going to college this fall Gage?" Bryce asked and Gage thought a moment, "No, maybe in a year perhaps," and Bryce nodded,

"You should consider Bible college, Gage, a boy your age and your ability," Bryce said and then felt weird for even suggesting such a thing.

"Not my thing Bryce, but thank you anyway. So what are you up to this summer?" Gage asked.

"Mostly helping my dad. Running our new counseling service for teens without dads in the community, the boys that is. My sis is running the side for the girls."

"Oh? What kind of counseling?" Gage asked feeling funny in his stomach, "Oh, just simple things. Boys need guidance, lots of guidance sometimes Gage. Tough love sometimes," Bryce said looking at Gate or was he really checking Gage out?

"Tough love? You mean, punishment?" Gage challenged actually not understanding what "tough love" really meant.

"Yes. We get corporal punishment at college if we stray even at our ages. It's the Lord's way sometimes, but I must get started. We should perhaps talk later," and Bryce strode off knowing that he had affected Gage, but he had also been affected and much more than he could yet know.

Gage slowly found a place to sit not close to Randy and Nathan, Bryce's use of the phrase "corporal punishment" buzzing his brain. Corporal punishment at their college? Boys that old getting spanked at a college? And just then Bryce started to address them all.

Bryce's sermon was supposed to be about a person's need for commitment to Jesus Christ, but on the spot and because of a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach after running into Gage for the first time in over a year, Bryce abruptly his sermon to spare the rod and spoil the child direct from the typical Biblical texts,

"Obey your fathers and mothers. Accept their chastisements. If you are to be spanked, then take your punishment and learn," Bryce said among other less direct admonishments that pretty much said the same thing, over and over.

Randy was sitting right next to Nathan who would nudge him when the young pastor directly mentioned spanking. They giggled softly to each other not taking any of it seriously, but Gage did. Gage sat up and looked at Bryce up there, handsome Bryce Hamilton telling teenagers to expect to get their bottoms spanked by their God fearing parents and to be thankful for it.

Gage had come to that church that early Sunday morning his perceived problem with Randy and Nathan heavy on his mind or was. Bryce Hamilton's handsome, attractive presence had already made Gage forget about that much less the theme of Bryan's preaching, spanking.

Bryce could see Gage's attention now. Gage did not slump and look bored or worse, put off by having to be there like the young immature fatherless male teens in the audience. Most of them would be forced by their mothers to visit him after the sermon for disciplinary sessions behind his closed office door.

Even more than that Gage also made it difficult for Bryce to concentrate and deliver his impromptu sermon, Gage's resemblance to his ex-roommate Jordan driving him crazy. Why did that idiot have to get caught and get himself expelled anyway?

Jordon had ruined what was a perfectly good and Biblical partnership in the Lord, corporal punishments doled each to the other when grades and expectations were not met, when eyes strayed to girls and especially when one or the other was caught masturbating. These were serious bare butt hidings with hand, strap, paddle and hairbrush over the knee, intimate, pastoral and ultimately healing.

They would fervently pray on their knees holding hands across from each other asking for guidance and the forgiveness of their sins. Then whoever was to be punished would disrobe, never mind their erections.

Such private roommate punishments were always given to tears of contrition, chaste hugs afterwards, words of forgiveness and friendship exchanged and renewed. Explicit recollections of the other things, the physical intimacies, Bryce suppressed. Those were just aberrations were they not? Mistakes, boyish errors while passing to adulthood, the price one pays in order to cultivate a close relationship with a friend.

The sermon ended only after Bryce mentioned the new counseling service and the moment he did, Gage blushed. To hell with the younger boys around him who he knew probably had to be forced to do it, now he wanted to get counseled in the same way by Bryce if for no other reason that he felt very attracted to Bryce.

All of the teens filed out quickly, Nathan and Randy practically running past Gage who stayed, "Well, what did you think?" Bryce asked Gage actually interested in his opinion,

"It was … it was good. I admire you know how to public speak like that," Gage said, "Why thank you Gage, that's kind of you. Can you stay? I have some counseling to do, please stay so we can talk and catch up," Bryce said even if the reason for him asking was very self-serving.

"Um, sure, yes," Gage said barely able to not blurt out that he too wanted "counseling."

Randy and Nathan were having fun together with Horace, Henry and Marla at the after church brunch pot luck. They ate up the delicious buffet meal before the later second service might start,

"Where's Gage?" Nathan finally asked, "I saw him with Bryce, probably catching up to old times, he's fine," Horace said dismissively.

Gage was not fine. All Gage could now picture was himself as one of those boys giving in to the need to confess sin and receive earned bare bottomed punishment over the hot, sexy young pastor's knee. Jesus, this was ridiculous! He was not thirteen for God fucking's sake, but he wanted it from Bryce in the worst way now.

Gage stood a ways off from the office door not daring to stand with the frowning line of younger teens waiting for their personal Armageddon thanks to their single parent moms. He was close enough to hear the spanking sounds and watched closely as each boy emerged with red wet faces holding their spanked rears.

The last red wet faced male teen rushed past Gage from the open office door. Good. Gage snuck in and closed the door quickly and seeing the door lock, locked it. Bryce looked up from his desk, not shocked, but still surprised. He did not think Gage would do something like this.

"I'm still in counseling mode Gage. Is there …," but Gage interrupted, "I'm the last one in line," and Bryce's heart started to pound, "For counseling Gage?" he asked thinking that prayer really can be answered in a short time.

In for a penny, in for a pound as they say. It's now or never. Risky or not, Gage was so horny to be with Bryce in some way much less he now missed Coach Barrett in ways that he hated to admit. Nathan and Randy helped, but no longer entirely or apparently enough. It all made him feel small and out of control.

"Yes Bryce," and stepped to the carpet in front of the desk and saw a paddle, a belt and a hairbrush on the desk top. He looked at them a long moment Bryce taking careful notice before he looked up.

The room grew tense, "Your dad, he did not put you up to this?" Bryce carefully asked, "No. On my own," Gage said. Bryce sat back, "Are you afraid of doing this?" Bryce asked out of the blue because he was now, "Yes," Gage said. God, how did he know?

"Usually I ask the boy why he is here, but in your case," but Gage barged in, "I masturbate. I have sex with boys. I love … I love to be spanked and spank boys, it turns me on!"

There, he had said it, all of what he wanted to say.  If it shocked Bryce Hamilton, then it shocked him. If he could not handle it and Bryce freaked or cursed him out, threw him out of the office or consigned him to Hell, then so be it.

Gage's confession forced Bryce's heart to pound, no, forced it to seethe. He had to stay calm, simmer down and not go and make a mental check-list comparing what Gage had just confessed with his own nearly identical list. Doing that would mean that he was just like Gage and suddenly he no longer missed Jordan.

Bryce just sat there. Gage wondered with horror if he was maybe planning on calling in his dad or somebody else to protect him from Gage. Bryce knew his time was very short. He had to say something or risk scaring Gage away,

"Everyone has weaknesses Gage. I do. My roommate Jordan did. God understands and expects us to ask a trusted friend in the Lord to help," Bryce stood, reached down and Gage's eyes got big as he picked up the belt and doubled it up in front of him,

"I want to help Gage, but you'll have to trust me. Now bare your bottom," Bryce said it, he said it just like that wondering if he had gone over the top by asking Gage to bare his bottom and very glad that Gage had locked the office door.

Gage whimpered oh so softly. Bare his bottom? He watched as Bryce now slowly walked around the side of the big desk snapping the belt loops together and did not stop until he stood right in front of him.

Bryce was in a panic. Obviously Gage would be on to him now and he might regret his impulsive request until he saw Gage's hands quickly unbuckle his belt and suddenly slacks and trousers dropped to Gage's ankles just like that. More over Gage's cock was rock hard and that provoked Bryce's member to thicken up more than it was already in his trousers.

"A good hard whipping over the end of the desk and then a good hard hand spanking over my knee after. Understand?" Bryce asked skipping all the other so-called steps he did with the younger teens.

Gage nodded anxiously, "Yes Bryce," he said trembling a little and now saw Bryce's tented slacks as he cleared the desktop, "Bend over the end here, bottom nice and high," Bryce calmed his excitement as Gage complied.

Gage closed his eyes as he stretched his upper body and grabbed at the far edge pushing up his bottom high feeling surprisingly calm. Bryce looked down, pressed his left palm onto the small of Gage's naked lower back brushing up Gage's button down shirt to expose more skin.

Bryce looked long and hard at Gage's exposed anus, flashes of what he and Jordan had done, the intimacies in that area of their bodies the suppressed images and feelings, elations and guilt all bubbling back up to the surface. Bryce raised the belt high and swooped it down hard and fast across the center of Gage's very sexy looking upturned bared bottom.

"Wow! Some kid is really getting a good hiding in there," a boy of fourteen said to Randy and Nathan who had just walked up to the closed counseling office door. The boy had gotten his bare bottom spanked to tears over the young pastor's knees a good thirty minutes before.

"Shit, is that Gage in there? His dad said he was with Bryce," Nathan recalled, "Maybe," Randy said and then scowled at the boy, "Get your ass out of here before we pound you!" he threatened and the boy was history, Randy and Nathan quickly pressing their ears to the door.

Gage's head was fully extended, his upper body arched up as he was up on his elbows, his cock ripe and leaky thumping into the desk top below as Gage allowed the full experience into his body and mind. He was in a church under the young, handsome, sexy pastor's son control getting a good hard painful but cleansing belt whipping, each leathery lick a soothing hard sting!

Bryce was not so sure he was under control. The peer was not breaking, he was taking his whipping in a way that even Jordon had not, the mews, the whimpers of pain or was it delight? How could he complain when Gage was perfectly positioned and taking it all, but not crying or yelping, yet anyway? Maybe it was the belt? After all, strapping older farm boys like Gage got razor stroppings and switchings, not belts!

"Seems you need some extra chastisement Gage," and Gage looked around, his face red but not teary and watched as Bryce picked up the paddle in essence silently asking permission to use it. Gage nodded, "Yes, the paddle," he nodded with an anxious face realizing that though Coach Barrett had been a jerk, that his paddlings had been a pure turn on at the time.

The paddle struck loud and that caused Randy and Nathan to lurch back from the door, "What the hell?" Randy questioned, "Paddle. If that is Gage in there, he is in heaven," Nathan grinned and then the boys giggled, "Let's get out of here, I'm bored," Nathan said and Randy agreed.

This was more like it. Gage's head convulsed back with each solid hard from the shoulder lick, his voice yelped loudly, just like Bryce liked it, "Take your punishment Gage, learn your lessons," Bryce said more like his dad did with him than as a counseling session with the other boys, but Gage barely heard him, his balls about ready to put a big puddle of semen on Bryce's father's desk top.

"My lessons," Gage said in a higher pitch as the next lick at his tender sit-spot put him over the edge and Bryce's eyes widened and arm movement stopped as he watched Gage buck and jerk even moving his hand down to complete the process of ejaculation.

Bryce stood up straight, the paddle at his side. He sighed, "Seems enough, get up Gage," Bryce's voice a little tremulous as he helped the teen to his feet. Gage looked at puddle. Bryce looked at it as well. Bryce then mechanically went to a desk drawer and got out a small towel he kept under a set of old hymnals.

Gage watched the expression on Bryce's face move from intense to thoughtful or distracted, he couldn't quite tell. Was the spell broken? Bryce blotted up the mess as if cleaning up spilt milk or water leaving only a lightly moist stain that he knew would soon dry.

Gage watched Bryce clean the desk, lightly rubbing his well paddled backside, his cock half-hard, his admiration for Bryce growing.

"Spanking? Over your knee?" Gage said next as Bryce seemed distracted by thought, but it was not distraction. It was shame and guilt that welled up, just the same as when he enjoyed spanking the younger boys and Jordan.

"Yes, spanking," Bryce finally said next which made Gage smile. Bryce pursed his lips, took Gage's arm and took himself and Gage over to the long black leather couch, sat, drew Gage across his knees and raising his palm started to spank Gage Whitney.

Gage reared his head back once again feeling the strong palm stinging his ass, stinging it good, making it hurt, making him grit his teeth and smile as his cock threatened to harden again, but the spanking stopped before it did.

"There. Done. Gage, you took your punishment well," Bryce said after the last slap and helped Gage to standing, "Get dressed," Bryce said staring at Gage's red behind.

"Do you want to pray over me or something?" Gage then asked, "No," Bryce quickly said, "You hungry?" the question also quickly asked, "Yes, starved," Gage said and Bryce smiled a little, "Come on," and they left the office leaving Gage a bit mystified by Bryce's need to abruptly depart the room.

Gage introduced Bryce to his dad as if he was new to him and even though they had met once. He also introduced Bryce to Randy's mom who already knew the Hamiltons and then to Mr. Foster whom Bryce had never met.

Gage did not introduce Bryce to Randy or Nathan who were elsewhere anyway. Somehow Horace noticed that his son was acting differently, kind of quiet, "You OK son?" Horace took his son aside, "Yea, Pa. It was good to go to church today," Gage answered.

What could a father say to that and so he did not and thought nothing of it as they all went home back to the Whitney place. Marla came over soon after for the Sunday afternoon and that kept Horace and Henry occupied.

Gage was occupied too, with Bryce Hamilton on his mind and kept to himself. Randy and Nathan just thought the older boy needed space, so they wandered off to do other things. Gage went up to his room and got a Bible out, an old one that his mother had given him when he was five years old.

He opened it and found some of the passages that Bryce had quoted about sparing rods and spoiling children. He read them as well as others all the while he pawed at his erection and contemplated the moments he had spent with Bryce in the locked church office.

He had spunked the pastor's desk for God's sake and Bryce had seen it and cleaned it up and spanked him without even mentioning it. Then Gage remembered that he had seen that there would be, as usual, a church service at 6PM that evening. Likely Bryce would be there and now so would Gage.

* * * * * * * * * *

That same afternoon Bryce Hamilton spent by himself. He felt badly that he had allowed his lusts to get out of control with Gage Whitney. He admired the peer for having been honest and when he spunked his father's desk, well, what was there not to admire about that? Bryce then wondered that if the tables were turned, would he have the guts to be himself like that with Gage?

That was not what was really bothering Bryce, however. He wondered if he should be return to the Bible college in the fall. His father would throw a fit if it did not, but what did it matter in the long run? Did God care if he was as he was? Did it matter if he became a church pastor like his dad or not?

Bryce sighed as it was time to get ready for the Sunday evening service, but he really was not in the mood. He lay back on his bed and exposed himself first. He fisted his erection and then recalled every moment of laying the belt to Gage's beautiful ass.

Imaginings of he and Jordan slipped in and it did not take long before he shot his load all over his chest. He also ate his own spunk up off of his belly and chest without even thinking.

Could God still love him for what he had just done? If not, why not? Why the fuck did God care if a boy masturbated? The Bible said this and the Bible said that. So what? Suddenly Bryce felt defiant and if he had just sinned, well, then he needed to be punished and even wanted to be.

Only there was no Jordan to do it and never would be again. Bryce sighed and got himself ready. Going to the service was going to suck, but he knew he had to. He dressed up as usual and drove his own car to the church. He would just go and get it over with and then do what after that, he had no idea.

Standing on the church steps welcoming in his father's parishioners seemed like pure torture for the handsome nineteen-year-old. He was tiring of the teenage girls who fawned over him on the pretense of coming to his father's church just to gawk at him, each of them hoping that she could lure him into a marriage that he already knew would turn out disastrously.

Bryce had to pretend to enjoy their useless, sly (and some not so sly) entreaties or his father and mother might notice. His parents would not bug him outright here at home because they expected him to find a Christian woman to marry at the Bible college. Yea right. Those cows? Even if he were interested in marrying a woman, which he was not; it would not be one of those ugly girls.

Suddenly, right there in front of him, "Gage!" Bryce said, shocked, "Bryce," Gage said and held up his Bible. Bryce was even more shocked now, but hid it, "I'm talking to just the boys this evening in the Sunday school room. Be there please?" Bryce asked in a hushed tone. Gage nodded, "Wouldn't miss it for the world," meeting Bryce's knowing look with a knowing look of his own.

Bryce nodded. Gage nodded and then moved through the line making sure to shake Bryce's father's hand and then complimented Bryce's mom as well. Bryce noticed both with a little suspicion and intrigue.

Without hesitation Gage went to stand in front of the small room adjacent the main sanctuary. He watched the cute boys walk in, most all of them younger than him. Bryce then walked up to him, "What do you think I should preach on?" he asked with a wink.

Gage lifted up his Bible, "The value of discipline in a boy's life," Gage replied dryly. Bryce nodded, "Good choice, brother," and then Gage walked into the room and to a front seated chair right in front of Bryce.

Bryce smiled down at Gage, Gage smiled back up at him and then Bryce looked out at the room, about half full of young males, all of them looking kind of glumly back up at him. He recited the Bible verse about sparing rods and spoiling children, in this case boys.

Gage's erection came up quickly as Bryce said with his talented smooth voice, "You boys had better be grateful that your daddies paddle your bare bottoms or use the switch and turn your bare bottoms beet red. It is your father's duty under God's law!" among other heavy handed and explicit admonishings out of the Word of God.

By the time he was finished and announced that his dad's office would once again be open for any needed disciplinary sessions, six boys were poised to line up in front of the door after the sermon. Gage stood and waited for the room to empty. Bryce stepped down from the raised dais and stood by him, "How did I do?"

Gage smiled, "Got me all riled up," Gage said, "Me too," Bryce said, "You and I are going to have a little coming to Jesus moment together. Alone. I am in need of some serious bare bottom blistering from you Gage, think you can do that for me?"

Bryce blushed. Gage blushed. Gage put his hand on the other boy's shoulder, "You can count on me, Bryce," and Bryce smiled, "Thanks brother, follow me," and Gage did and for the next 30 minutes or so Gage sat on the couch next to Bryce's father's desk as Bryce counseled and then disciplined the six boys, one after the other.

Gage was impressed that Bryce seemed gentle with his words and then strict with his bare bottomed spankings. He was even more impressed that each boy hugged Bryce afterwards without prompting. The last boy gone, Bryce closed and locked the door and walked over to the front of the desk.

"My turn," he said. Gage stood and walked to the desk and sat down behind it. Bryce stood up at attention just like the boys had to. The only difference was that his erection tented his slacks. Gage ignored that and looked up at Bryce and for the first time felt like he really liked this guy, maybe more than just liked.

"What have you got to say for yourself Bryce?" Gage said and sat back in the chair. Bryce gulped,

"I apologize to you Gage for … for acting like I'm something that I'm not. For enjoying that I gave you corporal punishment after church today. For going home and masturbating myself over it," and then he stopped, head down feeling guilt and shame. Gage waited a very long moment before he spoke.

"I forgive you Bryce, but that does not mean that you do not need a severe bare bottom spanking, because you do. Boys like us who masturbate, must be punished on their bare bottoms. Boys who behave untruthfully with others and with themselves also need to have their butts punished hard," Gage said. Bryce nodded and then continued,

"There is more. I … I am attracted to you Gage," Bryce blurted next, "Oh come on Bryce. You don't know me. You were just attracted to my hot ass, admit it," Gage smirked in reply.

Bryce blushed, "Yea I am, but you are a very handsome man too," he said, "So are you Bryce, but right now, what I want to see is your bare bottom over the side of this desk."

"Yes sir," Bryce said and quickly divested himself of his pants and white boxers. His erection popped out of course. He lay himself over the length of the desk. Gage still sat, but then slowly rose up. Bryce turned his head and saw Gage's tented blue jeans,

"I confess. I want to suck your dick," Bryce blurted and then closed his eyes with a bitter sigh. Gage sighed as well, "And I want to fuck your hot whipped tail after I deal with it."

Bryce turned his head, "That is what Jordan and I did. We sucked and we fucked, right there in our dorm room after punishing each other," his voice quivering a little, "I so miss him," he said next.

"Yea well, that's life brother Hamilton," walked around to Bryce's head which was just at the other edge of the desk. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock, "Open your mouth," he said.

"Don't make me, please," Bryce said, "Why? Cause it's against the Bible to enjoy sucking cock?" Gage asked with a small sneer, "No, because I might like it too much and never want you to stop face fucking me and fucking my ass and giving me endless ass whippings!" he confessed, his hands flying to hide his face.

Gage felt a little guilty then, "Then we won't stop will we. You'll take your punishment from me like you did from Jordan and I'll take my punishment from you. You'll suck me, I'll suck you and then we'll fuck each other, OK?"

Bryce looked up at Gage, so admiring the younger man. He said nothing and then scooting himself more to the edge, opened his mouth wide. Gage slid his cock inside of it and Bryce relaxed as his new friend face fucked him good, real good too for a few long moments.

Gage then slipped it out, "No, don't stop, I love you face fucking me Gage!" Bryce said as Gage picked up the big paddle with two rows of drilled holes, "Yes, I noticed. No more sex for you until you take your punishment," Gage said moving to Bryce's rear, "Yes sir!" Bryce barked, scooted back and elevated his hips.

Gage gave Bryce ten of the hardest paddle licks in Bryce's life. At the end of it, he was kicking, grunting, whimpering and crying silently, taking the pain, all of it without complaint. Gage set the paddle down, "Keep that ass up there boy, you gonna feel more pain now, the pain of my cock teaching you that you love getting your punished ass corn-holed!"

Bryce did as he was told, "Yes please! No mercy!" he pled with Gage and Gage gave him no mercy. Wisely Gage covered Bryce's body with his and his hand over Bryce's screaming mouth as he more or less raped Bryce Hamilton's all too willing butt hole right there on his own father's church office desk.

The two boys cleaned up the mess they had created and then got dressed and stood in front of the office desk, "So, do you feel better now?" Gage smiled at Bryce. Bryce said nothing, walked up to Gage, "Yes and I want to do it again. I want another ass beating from you Gage and to suck your cock and have it up my ass," Bryce said and on pure impulse and need leaned over and kissed Gage hard on his lips!

The kiss left Gage a bit reeling and he looked it. Bryce blushed, "Oh God … I'm so sorry Gage! I'm an idiot!" head down. Gage didn't take long to recover, however, "No Bryce, you're not an idiot. You're being honest is all. It's just a kiss for fuck's sake, what's wrong with that?"

Bryce looked up, "Jordan and I kissed, a lot sometimes. He didn't think there was anything wrong in it either. It always made me feel guilty. What would my parents say?" he said looking a picture of worry.

"Can't live your life like your parents unless you're gonna be honest about it Bryce. That's the trouble with faith, is should not include lies to yourself you know."

Bryce stood there a moment, hands in his pockets, "Damn Gage, you're right about that. I guess I have a lot to think about. Come on, I'm starved for supper, care to have a bite to eat with me at the diner in town?" Bryce asked. Gage nodded, "I sure would," and the pair left the office and the church and headed out.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Do you think what we did in your dad's office at the church was wrong?" Gage suddenly asked towards the end of their meal together at the diner of burgers, fries and shakes. Bryce thought a moment, "The Bible says it is," he said, "Oh yea, where?" Gage asked, "You know what I'm talking about," Bryce replied feeling annoyed,

"But to answer your question, I don't rightly know. All I know is that I loved what Jordan and I did when he was around and I know I loved what we did and I want to do it all again," Bryce admitted feeling very agitated inside of himself still.

"I have an idea Gage. I want us to be like Jordan and I used to be and I want to tell my dad about it. He knew what Jordan and I did and he approved, of the mutual punishment sessions anyway," and waited for Gage's answer, but did not have to wait long, "I'm in," Gage said. Bryce grinned, "Let's go to my place and tell my dad."

The pair made their way back to Bryce's home. His mother was elsewhere as they walked down the hallway to his father's home office.  Robert Hamilton looked up and smiled at his handsome son and Gage Whitney, "Boys?"

"Dad, Gage and I did mutual counseling in your office today just like Jordan and I used to. I, that is we would like permission to continue to do so here at home in my bedroom," and waited.

Robert Hamilton was not naïve when it came to a young adult male's need for discipline. He too had attended the same Bible college that his son had and had a special relationship with a boy his age utilizing corporal punishment. He was married now, but missed his friend of years before.

"Of course I approve. I have been praying for you to find a new friend to share your need for discipline, son," and looked at Gage,

"Gage, you seem like a God-fearing young man. You are welcome in my home any time," Robert smiled. Gage smiled back at Robert, "Yes sir, thank you sir!"

"Feel free to use the office here boys and if there is anything I can do to help, please tell me," Robert looked at the boys, "That would be great dad, thank you!" Bryce grinned, "Yes, thank you Pastor Hamilton!" Gage added.

So the die was cast. Gate was elated and so was Bryce, at least to an extent as he had a lot to think about now. Bryce would not be discussing not going back to Bible college with his father, not yet anyway.

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