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Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days and Nights
Part Five - Gage Whitney and Bryce Hamilton
PJ Franklin <>


Part Five – Gage Whitney and Bryce Hamilton

By Monday morning high school coach Frank Barrett was having second thoughts about trying to move to Manhattan, KS. The few phone calls that he had made to his old fraternity connections had not really panned out over the weekend. Maybe it was time to try and repair his relationship with Horace and Gage Whitney as well as with Marla Denton.

The tough one would be Horace Whitney. Likely there would be Hell to pay and amends to be made, painful ones. No matter. Frank really did want to stay put in the small town and continue to Coach boy's P.E. at the local high school.

When Horace heard who it was on the other side of the phone call, his face turned bright red with anger, "I told you that you have to tomorrow to clear out Barrett!" Horace screamed without letting Frank say a thing at first.

Frank understood, "I get it Mr. Whitney. Please. I made a mistake with Gage, I want to make it up to you folks anyway I can. I want to stay here in town and not move away. Please hear me out!"

Horace sighed, "Fine. Say your peace," and Frank did including that he knew that he deserved punishment and likely a lot of it. Horace Whitney was not an unreasonable man, "All right, but this has to be OK with Gage and Marla as well. I'll contact them both and we'll discuss it. Call me back tonight," and the conversation ended.

Henry Foster and son Nathan were off doing business rounds around the county that morning checking on some possible real estate dealings. Randy Denton was with his mom and with other friends.

Henry put in a call to the Hamilton household knowing that after doing his chores, Gage was likely hanging around with the pastor's doubtlessly good Christian son, Bryce, a very good thing in Horace's eyes. Gage was not available of course so Horace left a message with Bryce's mother for Gage to call his dad.

After finishing his chores at home, Gage was spending the latter part of that Monday morning with Bryce who was doing some church work with in-person visits to the church community's elderly shut-ins. Gage was impressed with how the older folks loved the company and how Bryce had been with them.

After the last call he sat with Bryce in his car, "You don't have to be a preacher or a preacher's son or read the Bible to know that helping folks that have lost the ability to do things for themselves is a good thing. It's being a proper human that counts," Bryce said solemnly suddenly realizing that his need to be more than just close friends with Gage was also just … being human.

Gage smiled, "You're a good guy Bryce. I really enjoyed the morning with you," and he had. Bryce smiled too, "Hey, I'm starved. Let's go home. Mom will have lunch and besides, I'm feeling the need for a little … counseling," Bryce grinned knowingly at Gage and Gage grinned back just as knowingly at Bryce, "Me too."

The boys returned to the Hamilton household and Bryce's mom immediately approached Gage, "Gage, your dad called, said he needed to talk to you," Mrs. Hamilton passed on the message from his father,

"Bryce, dad is going to be gone till late tonight. He left you something in his office, didn't tell me what it was; but said you'd know," she told her son, "OK, Mom," Bryce replied.

The boys ate lunch together with Mrs. Hamilton who then excused herself as she had to get out and about her own day, "Come on Gage, let's see what dad left us," and the pair went into Mr. Hamilton's home office and study.

Bryce immediately spied the all too familiar item that his father had left for them on the big office desk top. It was a well-worn looking hairbrush with a blue ribbon around the handle and a note attached. Bryce read the note aloud:

Dear Son and Gage,

My roommate Larry and I used this fine implement of discipline on each other in Bible college. Thought you might want to try it. Good luck!


"That thing is gonna sting pretty good," Gage commented as he rubbed his backside quite thoughtfully,

"No doubt," Bryce said removing the blue ribbon and then handed it to Gage who turned it over and examined it closely. As he did Bryce blushed as his cock was already fully hardened in his dress slacks, some of his painful past with the spanking implement in that very room coming to mind.

"From thirteen on up and Dad needed to spank me, he would push back his chair there behind his desk," Bryce said and walking around the end of the desk, did just that and pushed the chair back away from the desk.

"Then he would sit and pull me to between his knees," and then Bryce stepped to the side,

"Please Gage, sit. I want the honor of being the first between us to get a good hard hiding with the brush over your knee, just like dad used to do," and then waited.

Gage nodded at Bryce as he walked around and sat down on the chair still holding the brush. Bryce quickly stood himself between Gage's knees, his trousers bulging forward very tightly,

"Then he would take my trousers and shorts down to my ankles, lecture me and then pull me across his knee and give me a sound hard paddling to tears," Bryce looked down at his friend very expectantly.

Gage smiled up at Bryce, reached out and unfastened Bryce's trousers, unzipped the fly and then shoved his friend's clothing down to his ankles. Out popped Bryce's taut erection and Bryce kicked off his shoes and the clothing to under the desk.

Gage then turned Bryce sideways between his knees and setting the hairbrush aside Gage grasped Bryce's hard cock in front and smoothed over Bryce's naked buttock cheeks in back. Bryce closed his eyes, smiled and gently moaned as Gage's finger swept down his ass crack and started to rim his tight boy pucker.

Gage smiled as he pushed his fingertip inside of Bryce's tight hole, wiggled it a little and then slowly pushed it deeply inside of Bryce,

"Oh God!" Bryce loudly moaned, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides as his hips started to make naughty little thrusting motions onto Gage's invading digit, his cock jerking back and forth inside of Gage's fist in front.

"Bad, bad, boy Bryce. Acting like a naughty little slut. You need punishment," Gage said with a fun stern tone, "Get over my knee," and Bryce shivered with delight as he flopped forward, Gage's hand releasing his grip fore and his finger slipping out aft.

Before he fisted the hairbrush handle, Gage reached between Bryce's thighs and fisted Bryce's erection once more, pulling it back between Bryce's thighs. Bryce knew to close his thighs up and trap his tingling tackle.

Bryce continued his low moaning as now he felt the business side of the hairbrush smoothly rub and tease his jackknifed bare buttocks and then shivered with lust and a little apprehension when the cool wooden surface gently rubbed on his rearward exposed balls and hard cock.

"Naughty boys are paddled!" Gage said next and then did just that. Using hard, forceful flicks of his wrist Gage rapidly paddled and tanned Bryce's upturned white cheeks as well as the top of his tender thighs to a bright cherry red. Bryce whimpered and kicked his knees,

"No! No! Hurts! Please Gage stop!" Bryce winced, grimaced and begged, but Gage did not stop the blazing assault as Bryce's precum oozing piss slit betrayed just the opposite of the boy's begging plea.

Instead, Gage kept on paddling putting even more power into each stinging lick for a few more strokes until his eyes, fixing on the exposed pucker between the now bright red bottom cheeks, Gage did stop and stared lustily at Bryce's red bottom cheeks. Gage imagined pushing those bright red cheeks over the side of the desk and fucking Pastor Robert Hamilton's son, filling Bryce's rectum with his cum.

Instead, Gage grinned and then leaning way over, Gage opened his mouth, "Oooo, Gage!" Bryce's voice warbled in ecstasy as Gage's lips and tongue were eating on his butthole now, licking and lapping, probing and even started to tongue-fuck him just a little.

Gage quickly sat back however and chuckled, "Not quite done with you boy!" and then went to work on Bryce's already tanned behind and paddled him over both cheeks and thighs again, harder, but for a much shorter period,

"Gage, please!" Bryce finally had reached his limit of pain. Gage stopped the paddling of his friend's ass and thighs, but not of his balls and cock.

"What are you … no!" Bryce whined as he felt Gage grasp his cock and balls, the brush surface smoothing menacingly over both his taut testicles and the sensitive underside of his stretched cock skin.

"No Gage! Don't!" Bryce anxiously warbled, but that was not what he was thinking, no. He wanted Gage to abuse his cock and balls with the dreaded brush, "punish me Gage, please, please just use me, use me hard!" he wordlessly begged in his mind and then got his wish as Gage then started to lightly paddle Bryce's balls which made Bryce groan and whimper keeping very still.

"You will come or else!" Gage threatened with a fun snarl and started to lightly paddle the undersurface of Bryce's rigid penis from base to just behind the head, "Oh my God Gage, yes! Harder, harder!" he thought inwardly and outwardly treated Gage's ears to little whimpers, gasps and grunts.

Suddenly, Bryce howled with rapture as his body thrashed and jerked about, semen spewing from his piss slit. By then Gage's mouth had swiftly engulfed Bryce's cockhead and he swallowed all of the spunk that squirted from the punished penis.

Gage sat back, panting for air a long moment, Bryce limply still jackknifed over his knee. They kept still for a long moment until Gage pushed Bryce off of his knee and onto the floor. Bryce landed on his knees and watched as Gage pulled out and presented his hard pecker to Bryce,

"Suck my dick preacher boy!" Gage smirked grabbing Bryce by the hair and pulled Bryce's head into his lap.

With no hesitation, Bryce sucked in Gage's cock as a small voice in his head said, "You are a bad, bad boy sucking on cock!" which only made Bryce's effort to suck spunk out of the younger boy's balls even more needful.

Gage kept a hard even painful hold on Bryce's hair and rocking his hips, face fucked the older teen, "Take it Bryce! Suck cock naughty boy!" Gage hissed and impaled Bryce's throat onto his cock clear to Gage's pubes.

Bryce gagged and coughed, but now his own hands had a near death grip on Gage's hips. Gage's body stiffened and his voiced howled in pleasure as his balls erupted sending a torrent of pent up semen squirting directly down Bryce's throat which swallowed and gulped down the younger teen's delicious hot sex-fluids.

Gage pushed Bryce off of his dick and then sat back, his face sporting a very cocky self-satisfied smirk. Bryce looked a bit stunned at first; but quickly wiping his mouth with the back of his left hand, he quickly gathered himself, reached for and fisted the hairbrush handle.

Gage's face quickly changed from cocky to daring, challenging his friend to get some revenge. Bryce suddenly popped up to his feet, reached forward and grabbing Gage's ear pulled Gage to standing, grabbed his partially lowered trousers and underwear and thrust them to Gage's ankles,

"Your turn you cocky little bastard," Bryce playfully glared. The corner of Gage's mouth turned up as he watched Bryce sit down in the chair, "Get over my knee, now!" Bryce barked with dick-hardening authority.

"Yes sir," Gage said with a nervous lustful voice and jack-knifed himself over Bryce's front knee thrusting his white ass cheeks up high, "Hands behind your back," Bryce ordered and Gage quickly obeyed placing his crossed palms one on top of the other just above his own butt crack.

Bryce's left palm slapped down on top of Gage's upward palm and their fingers instantly intertwined, very tightly in fact. Gage felt Bryce's free right leg fall tightly down onto the back of Gage's knees. The combination made him relax and feel captured by the Pastor's son and it felt wonderful as did the flat hairbrush's smooth hard surface as it trailed up one naked white ass cheek of his and then over to the other cheek and down onto his thighs as well.

Just having to sit and squirm somewhat uncomfortably on his still naked and very torched sore backside would have been motivation enough for Bryce to give Gage a good hard hiding of his sexy white bottom cheeks. Just then, however, Gage pushed his hips up splaying the younger boy's hot teen ass cheeks seemingly just begging for some hot painful retribution and now no other motivation was needed on Bryce's part.

It was obvious wasn't it? Gage wanted this payback as much as Bryce wanted to give it to him, but then there was more! Bryce saw Gage's sweet tight pucker and he licked his lips just then and quickly recalled what Gage had done to him just the day before on top of his father's church office desktop.

Bryce bit his lower lip with a quiet snarl and then blistered Gage's upturned bare bottom. The brush flew over both cheeks and both thighs again and again and again. Gage winced and grimaced, his hand gripping Bryce's legs, white knuckling them in fact.

The pain built and Gage tried to kick, but he could not as Bryce's leg pinned his down very firmly. Gage loudly groaned as his mind begged for relief and finally Bryce did stop a few licks later. Bryce panted for the hard lustful effort and setting the brush aside he smiled down at the newly reddened surfaces.

Should he continue? Or should he do what he really wanted to do just then, "Get up!" Bryce suddenly decided and helped the surprised younger teen to standing, took his arm and guiding Gage to the desk side, pushed him forward onto the desk top,

"Get your ass up on the desk, it's time you got fucked," Bryce growled. Gage did not question the command and did it. He stretched himself across the desktop and grabbed the other side. A mere moment later Gage felt his thighs forced wide by Bryce's knees and feeling Bryce's cock head press up against his ass hole, Gage angled up his hips just right, ready to be entered.

Bryce stretched his body down on top of Gage's and moved his lips right next to Gage's ear, "Beg me for it," his hot breath ordered. Gage closed his eyes, felt the heat and soreness coming from his punished cheeks whispered, "Please Bryce, please fuck my ass, hard!" and that is all it took.

Bryce reflexively clamped his palm over Gage's mouth as Gage screamed into it from the cock's sudden, swift and painful entrance into his butthole to the hilt. Gage's body tensed and jerked, "Take it out! Take it out!" he yelled into Bryce's hand but Bryce just held onto Gage's trembling body not moving his cock until Gage calmed.

Both boys' pairs of nostrils flaring, Bryce removed his palm from Gage's mouth. Gage knew he could continue now and swallowed thickly, "Fuck me Bryce, fuck me hard, no mercy," Gage whispered, eyes closed and felt Bryce's hips start to move and as they did, so did his.

There was no more pain, just a lot of hot, hard pleasure coursing through Gage's body, Bryce's cock quickly ramping up to rabbit fuck the younger teen. It took little time for Bryce to loudly growl his climax and fill Gage with his cum and then he slowly pushed himself off of Gage holding out his hand to the ravaged boy.

Gage took it and then they both collapsed to the floor and sat up against the desk side-by-side. Bryce slapped his hand onto Gage's shoulder, "Call your dad," he reminded Gage.

"Right, give me a minute," Gage sighed and the pair just sat there a while longer on their sore butts, hip-to-hip, arms affectionately slung across each other's shoulders and nobody saying a thing, but eventually Gage got up and using the phone in Mr. Hamilton's office, called his dad.

Gage's phone conversation with his father that afternoon went pretty much as Gage expected that it would. Horace demanded that if Frank Barrett was to restore his reputation with them all, that he would have to face similar corporal punishment as Gage had taken from Horace for his part.

The punishment would be witnessed by all concerned including Marla Denton and son, Randy. Marla would be allowed her say in the proceedings. If all went well, after that there should be no further obstacles from Horace and Marla to Frank Barrett resuming his place as P.E. coach at Otis High School that coming fall, nobody else in the small community the wiser.

After Gage parted company with Bryce and returned home later that evening, Horace called Frank. Frank fell all over himself with gratitude for the opportunity to make things right and promised to be at the Whitney place the next evening.

Horace explained to Frank that he would be getting a hard barn switching at a minimum as well as anything else that Marla Denton might wish to see happen within reason. Frank, of course, quickly agreed to all. Randy was now back at the Whitney place as well.

"I don't get it, Gage. You said you and Coach Barrett fooled around for weeks and months and that was OK then when you were enjoying it and all, but then suddenly you decided it wasn't OK? And you blamed Coach Barrett?" Randy challenged Gage as they sat side-by-side in Gage's bedroom that night.

Gage sighed as he could easily understand Randy's point. He could his father's and Marla's as well. Nor could he blame Frank Barrett for liking and wanting the same things as he did. Just then Gage wished a bit wistfully that he had never said anything to his father or Marla, but that was not reality.

"What if I want to get spanked by Coach Barrett too? What if I think he's hot and want to have sex with him too, just like you did? What's wrong with that?" Randy expanded his point of view.

Gage shrugged, "Nothing. Not a damn thing is wrong with it, Randy. Problem is, I opened my big mouth and now my dad and your mom want their pound of flesh. It's all kind of confused right now," and then grinned at the pouty boy sitting next to him,

"But don't worry kiddo. It'll work out, you'll see," leaned over and kissed the top of Randy's head, "So, you'd like sex with Coach Barrett?" Gage grinned at Randy,

"Well, maybe. Depends. I'm still a virgin and well," and then Randy stopped and his face blushed, "What?" Gage grinned ruffling Randy's hair, "Nothing," Randy smiled.

"Nothing my ass. You don't tell me, I'll put you over my knee and spank it out of you!" Gage teased, "Promise?" and they boys chuckled knowingly at each other.

Randy sighed, "Fact is. I still want to lose my cherry … to you, Gage. Is that OK to want?" Randy asked a bit sheepishly, but Gage quickly reassured, "Course it is! I'd love to do that for you. You in a hurry or something?" the conversation making both boys horny as hell of course,

"No, But I don't want to wait forever, either!" Randy grinned, "It will happen when I say and not before," Gage teased. Randy playfully stuck his tongue out at Gage, "Or what?" he dared with a smirky grin, "Here's what," Gage said and pulled Randy across his knees and planted six good spanks on his trouser seat.

Randy grinned, "Them don't hurt!" and the next thing he knew, Randy was pulled up to standing between Gage's knees and two pair of fast working hands had his trousers and underwear down to his ankles.

Randy only had time to manage kicking the clothing aside as he next found himself back across Gage's knees, bare bottom up. This time the hand spanks were harder and more plentiful. Randy pushed his ass up to take his spanking properly, hissing and wincing before Gage finally stopped, "How's that? Hurt now?" he smirked sarcastically.

Randy nodded, "Yes sir. Hurts good, real good," he moaned and gently humped his side into Gage's bulge as well as his own hard cock onto Gage's knee, his stinging warmed bottom urging him on.

Gage leered down at the red, welted patchwork on Randy's cheeks and then let his fingers separate Randy's cheeks. Randy's eyes widened and his moaning turned to whimpers of delight as he then felt Gage's mouth on his butthole, "Gage!" his voice warbled with pleasure as Gage's tongue penetrated and fucked his tight hole again and again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Coincidence would have Frank Barrett and Horace Whitney slipping out of apartment and home respectively headed for the same favorite watering hole of Otis locals at the edge of town. Frank arrived first and pulling up a stool bellied up to the bar, quickly ordered and got a bottle of beer from the affable barkeep pensive about the next 24 hours of his life.

Horace arrived shortly after and as soon as he walked in, Horace spied Frank.  At first Horace thought about leaving the bar not wishing quite yet to be in the same room with Frank; but sighing he changed his mind, walked to the bar and sat down leaving a few stools between him and Frank, "What'll you have Horace, the usual? Whiskey?" the barkeep asked Horace.

Horace smirked a bit over at Frank who was now looking at him, albeit a bit sheepishly. Horace thought a moment, "I'll have whatever Mr. Barrett there is having," Frank said to the barkeep.

Frank thought quickly, "Mr. Whitney's drinks are on my tab."

Horace was the surprised party now and not really a man to hold grudges or anger over slights, large or small, perceived or otherwise, slipped over two stools and sat right next to Frank,

"Thank you Frank, that's generous of you," and a few moments later the barkeep sat Horace's beer bottle down in front of him, "Least I can do for you giving me a second chance tomorrow night, Mr. Whitney," Frank said with sincerity.

Horace took a long satisfying draft of the freshly opened cold beer. Then he sat the bottle down onto the long narrow bar and looked at it. He realized at that moment that despite the fact that Frank Barrett was teaching P.E. at the Otis High School, that Frank's age of twenty-four still made his generation the same as his son, Gage.

"The more I think about it Frank, seems you and Gage have a lot in common, more in fact than an old man like me is sometimes willing to admit," Horace shared swigging back a very long drink of the bottle just past halfway actually,

"You and Gage did things that I never could or wanted and if I try and stop Gage or you for that matter, that just sets up barriers, the kind that just lead to strife and unhappiness."

Frank quickly grabbed at the older man's olive branch, "I think Gage is lucky to have you Mr. Whitney. You're a good father," Frank said a bit wistfully.

"Call me Horace, Frank, and thank you for the compliment. My son is a handful sometimes. He's grown up a lot, but sometimes still needs a father's hand to settle him down. Other things I cannot provide," and then he nearly emptied that first bottle of beer with one more swig, another short one finishing it off.

"Another beer, Horace?" Frank asked finding Horace Whitney's company stirring up unexpected feelings. Horace nodded and Frank called at the barkeep for another round for them both as his bottle was now empty as well.

"I don't even know my own father. He left my mom when I was too young to remember," and that caught Horace's attention as the barkeep placed two more bottles in front of the men,

"I admit I'm envious of Gage. Sometimes a boy needs a dad to set him straight no matter how old he thinks he is," Frank mused aloud, his trousers tightening as he imagined his naked body stretched across the handsome man's lap getting a very needed and hard dick stiffening spanking.

Horace tilted his head as he took a short swig of his new bottle, "That's quite a sensible confession, Frank. A good bare butt tanning does a boy good, at any age really as you just said," Horace said maybe a little suggestively.

"I guess you're going to do that for me tomorrow night. I've earned it, that's certain," Frank admitted. Maybe it was beer buzz getting to him, maybe not; but Horace nodded, "That you have Frank, that you have; but I see no reason to wait. Come over my place and let's take care of this business sooner than later, Frank."

Frank smiled at Horace's offer as he did not want to wait until the next evening, "Yes sir, I'd be grateful."

Randy's muffled moans changed to groans and back to moans again, back and forth, his mouth stuffed to his throat with Gage's hard cock as two and then three of Gage's right hand lubed up fingers slowly fucked his upturned  butthole, in and out. Gage's other lubed hand fisted Randy's hard cock, masturbating him.

They had been fooling around for quite a while now oblivious that Gage's father had left the house. Gage lay on his back grinning ear-to-ear up at the beautiful sight of Randy's well spanked red ass cheeks, spread wide as Randy straddled his body head to toe above Gage's,

"Training boy! You got to get used to getting your ass opened before the big cock in your mouth goes up your butt," and then Gage spanked Randy's ass again, hard, but the stinging spanks only made Randy want more of the painful digital penetrations if it meant that he was closer to getting a good hard ass-raping and cherry-taking from the older boy.

Gage then withdrew his fingers and once again pulled Randy's red butthole down to his mouth and lavished the younger teen with yet more wonderful tongue fucking. Randy moaned and humped his cock through Gage's slick fist, the pair getting closer to the finish by the moment.

That was when Gage heard the sounds of a vehicle entering the yard which he ignored at first, but could not ignore that another vehicle seemed right behind, "Get off my dick a second, Randy. Let me see what's going on," Gage said and flying out of bed looked out the upstairs window,

"What the fuck? That's dad out there and Coach Barrett is with him! Get dressed Randy," Gage instructed and the boys quickly did so and then went downstairs where his father and Coach Barrett stood near their vehicles.

"Coach!" Gage said, but glancing at his father, "Gage, Randy," Frank returned to Gage, but Horace quickly interrupted,

"Get your asses inside the barn. We're taking care of Frank's problem right now," Horace took over, "But what about Marla?" Gage asked,

"I'll take care of Marla, you take care of Randy, now take Frank inside the barn and get him ready for the razor strop, I'll be there in a couple minutes," Horace instructed his son.

"This way Coach," Gage instructed and Frank followed Randy and Gage, "What happened?" Gage asked Frank as he fetched the dreaded thick razor strop,

"Your father and I happened upon each other at the bar. I guess he decided he wanted to get this over with sooner than later. I agreed. Tell me what to do Gage. I'm sorry if I wronged you and your dad.  I just want to make things right between all of us," Frank explained as they entered the barn.

Gage nodded as he arranged hay bales for Frank to position over for his whipping, "I'm sorry too, Coach. Best you get naked before dad gets here," He advised. As Randy and Gage watched, Frank Barrett stripped naked.

Predictably, Frank's cock was hard from the moment that the cool barn air hit his naked flesh and he blushed with lustful humiliation as he stood like that before Randy and Gage whose cocks, still unrequited from their upstairs activity empathetically bulged their trousers from the lustful sight of the handsome young high school P.E. Coach.

"Get over the bales Coach so dad sees that you're ready," Gage instructed next and Frank did as the boys watched. Gage then lay the thick brown razor strop next to Frank, "Whatever you do, just stay put and take your whipping without complaint, Coach," Gage then advised.

"Thanks Gage," Frank said and winced a little as his tender genitals pressed into the harsh prickly bale surface. Gage then stepped back out of the way, Randy at his side.

Randy never saw such a sexy sight of a naked adult and leaned over to Gage's ear, "I might cream my pants watching this," and Gage smiled, "Me too," and just then Horace showed up, strode up to where Frank lay and snatched up the strop,

"Twenty strokes Frank," Horace said readying the leather for use and then after giving son Gage a wink he smirked back at Frank, "And then I am going to have Gage deal with you as well," took aim and then gave the first strop lick across the center of Frank's well-presented bare cheeks.

Horace's last second somewhat humorous comment took Frank and Randy by surprise, Gage not so much, "Is your dad serious?" Randy barely had time to whisper to Gage, but the loud crack of leather on bare skin gave no time for reply.

It had been a long time since Frank Barrett had tasted a good leather whipping and it didn't take long for Frank's wincing face to gather a few tears as Horace wielded the strop across the top, center and then the lower part of Frank Barrett's attractive bare bottom. Five, ten, fifteen and then the last five of the twenty prescribed strop licks punished Frank who aside the forced tears managed not to yelp or say anything other than to endure the painful lesson and ordeal the best he could.

Horace nodded at the finish, "Let that be a lesson Frank," and handing the strop to Gage, concluded, "I've nothing more to do in this matter, son. I'll leave you boys and Coach Barrett to it," and then Horace left the barn, closing the door behind him quite satisfied with himself. Marla would be pleased as well once he told her.

Randy had stood gawking at Frank's ass as the strop licked it again and again, his fists clenching and unclenching and his dick wanting to burst out of his trousers at the resultant sights and sounds. At the end of the spectacle Randy was right at the edge of creaming his pants, Gage as well.

Frank slowly stood, his ass cheeks throbbing hard and his whole body drenched in sweat. He turned sideways to the boys, his half hard penis now instantly pointing straight out again. His hands slowly rubbed his punished buttocks in wonderment of not only how torched they felt, but also of how good he felt inside and out.

Frank looked over at Randy and Gage. Having the two teens stare at his punished red ass was turning him on even more, "Your dad sure knows how to put a guy in his place," Frank confessed causing both Randy and Gage to smile

"So, Gage, your dad said you should deal with me as well?" Frank reminded in a rather suggestive manner as he openly leered at both boys' bulging trousers even licking his lips.

Gage did his own leering back at the red-bottomed man admiring how well his former Coach took the hard whipping from his dad, "What do you want me to do, Coach? I'll do anything you want," Gage wisely asked walking up to Frank, Randy at his side. Gage's offer both surprised and pleased Frank. His cock took over at that point and why not? This seemed a rare opportunity to not pass up,

"Sit down Gage and I'll go across your knees for a good, hard spanking. You can have Randy participate if you wish, I think I'd like him to!" Frank shivered just saying what he was lusting after just then.

"Sounds good Coach," Gage smiled and motioned Randy, "Sit just off of the center of the bale, I'll sit opposite. Coach, you lay over our knees in the center," and that is what Frank Barrett did.

"Spank him hard, Randy," Gage instructed Randy and then joined in. The two teen hands added yet more stinging pain and redness to Frank's already well stropped behind. It hurt more than Frank expected, but that also meant that his guilty feelings over the whole affair were well obliterated.

"Ou! My hand hurts!" Randy exclaimed at the end of it, "Too sore to jack off!" he grinned next.

"Who said anything about jacking yourself off? Hey Coach, how about you suck us both off to finish everything off in proper fashion," Gage suggested. Frank smiled, "Don't mind if I do," and he most certainly did not.

On his knees now, Frank Barrett alternately sucked on one teen cock and jacked on the other while also jacking himself off. As he soon swallowed down one teen load followed by the other, Frank felt grateful to have had the two young hot teens to himself for sexual pleasure and promised himself to be more careful of how he treated the privilege into the future.

Frank drove his car away from the Whitney place as Gage and Randy watched, "So, that's that. Come on kiddo, I'm starved. Let's eat and then if you still want to lose your cherry tonight, we can do that after."

Randy nodded and then shrugged, "I guess there's no hurry to get fucked," and in the back of his mind, he wasn't sure if he wanted to lose his cherry to Gage or to Coach Barrett or to both. Time would tell.

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