House Keys

"I have a fantasy where you and a handful of other men have a copy of my house keys and use a phone app to track my movements. At anytime you could be anywhere and I have no choice but to get used and abused by you. I am yours for as long as you are around and you my treat me as you wish. The only limit is that you do not have a major impact on my financial status or health"

"Sounds reasonable", I thought. "But what if I need to end it?" ...

"The whole thing can be called off at any time and the locks will change. However, I will be in chastity the entire time (starting now, see attached) and will have to wait two weeks after declaring the whole thing off to change the locks. During that time I may be convinced to change my mind.

If you are interested, please contact me at 405-555-4248"

There, if I had to end it I could and if it was important enough I would have to find the strength to not change my mind and end it for the time being.

Now for the chastity. I drove down to the local kink shop and purchased a birdlocked chastity device. I fitted it and used the numbered plastic padlock that can't be removed without replacing it. The version of the device also ha a locking area for PAs and I placed one in there because I knew I would try to find a way to get out of it without anyone noticing.

I wrote the date and time over my crotch and took a photo of it and finish my ad.

I was trembling. If I took off the device and came to get myself to take the post down no one would take it seriously because they would answer it asking for more pictures. But goddamn I was so fuckn horny from the thought of being invaded and raped randomly.

A few days passed and I was still in chastity with no answer. The ad would auto delete by the end of the week. If that didn't happen I'll just unlock myself, cum, and call the fantasy fulfilled. My heart pounded every time I checked my email. All spam bots. I should have added "if you are serious write this in the title".

The last day was here and no messages of any sort. I was both relived and disappointed. I went to bed that night eager to cum the next morning.

I was awakened by a phone call. I answered. "H-hello?".

"Is the chastity device still on?" said a rich and gruff voice. I was instantly hard and straining in my device.

"Y-yes sir!"

"Text pictures to me and I'll see if I'm interested."

He hung up. I jumped out of bed and took several of them to message to number the man called me at. I was trembling in fear and excitement. Holy shit this is happening! The messages were sent, the numbers on the device were clearly readable.

I got a text back that simply said "give me the address I could get the key to the house as advertised and leave my copy under the door mat."

My cock jumped and strained in the device, almost painfully so. My heart was pounding. I couldn't sleep. At dawn I went to the local hardware store and made two copies. Incase he had a friend. I left a copy under the door mat as be instructed and went to work. I could hardly concentrate but I made it home. The key was gone.

I couldn't believe it. I was so fucking horny and terrified. I opened the door and cautiously walked in. No one was around. After checking every room I ate dinner, showered and went to bed naked. Or at least I tried too. Every little noise woke me until I finally achieved sleep.

I woke up again. One of my hands were tied to the bed post and my mouth was being stuffed with a dirty jock. I instinctively tried to struggle but my legs were also tied to the bed post and I was on my belly. He gave me a very powerful and painful spank. I stopped struggling. It was him! He was here!

Without a word he finished tying me up and stick something very thin in my ass. I could feel a slightly warm substance filling me up. Next were his fingers. Which slides in easily. I guess this is how he lubed me? I felt him straddle the bed. A massive cock flopped on my ass and started to poke at my hole. I knew it was too big but I did my best and relaxed.

Once he found my hole he just shoved it in. I screamed and convulsed in pain. My screams were muffled by the jock. Without a word or even slowing down he continued to fuck me. I could feel his hairy belly rub on my back as he fucked.

Not a word was spoken through the whole encounter. I heard this beast of a man grunt and growl with a deep and powerful voice and then felt him shoot wad after wad of thick molten man seed deep in my ass. He heaved and dripped sweat down my back for a moment. I felt my insides become very warm and full as he pissed in me. He then plugged my ass with a fat buttplug. After he was done he simply got up and left. I was stranded on the bed and not even a good bye.

I was used as his pleasure entirely. He didnt even acknowledge me. Come to think of it. He has never spoken TO me. Simply at me as though I was a thing. Hours passed and I can see dawn. He wasnt coming back to help me.

I had to break out of these ropes. I was face down and couldnt see anything. After a little bit of struggling I heard something crack. At first I thought it was my bedpost but I knew I wasnt strong enough to break it. I pulled again and heard a louder crack. Again. I broke free. The rope was held taught with it simply bunched together in a block of ice. I was able to undo the gag and found a piece of paper in it. It simply said "more keys".