The Houseboy of the Corporation Secretary
Part 4

By JD Trotter

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I got home late from the Board of Director's dinner that concluded our monthly business meeting. I was exhausted. Today was a long day, and I was both glad it was over and relieved. I was grateful that the board decided to dissolve the ties that had once existed between AAM and HOP-MI.

Michael was waiting for me, and it appeared that he was happy but also a little frightened. When I saw the state he was in I inquired what was wrong. He said that a very pissed off women is waiting in my conference room, and she is apparently very pissed about something. He told me that the women would not tell him who she was or why she was there, only that she was not leaving until she had talked to me. I immediately assumed that it was Mrs. Cholt of HOP-MI here to chew me out.

I walked into the kitchen grabbed a Dr. Pepper and went to my bedroom. Michael followed me and I noticed that he was looking at be strangely. Finally his curiousness got overcame him.

"Um, David, did you not hear me that she is waiting for you in the conference room?"

"Yes, Michael, I heard you clearly.

"She has waited for almost three-quarters of an hour for you. Do you think it is wise to make her wait? I know she heard you come in."

"I know who it is. If she has waited this long she can wait for a few more minutes. I am exhausted, and ready to get out of this suit. I am going to sit down are relax for a few minutes before I go and deal with her."

"Ok, I was just curious as to why you came back to your bedroom and not head to the conference room."

"The woman is Mrs. Cholt. She is the founder and president of HOP-MI, and she is thoroughly pissed that AAM successfully dissolved all ties with her corporation without advanced warning. She is probably also pissed about the thousands of court cases that were filed against her and her corporation."

"Ok. What would you like me to do, once you head to the conference room?"

"Wait, for about 15 minutes. If I have not come out and given you different instructions, call the police to come and have her arrested for trespassing. I intend after this meeting to file a restraining order against her."

"Yes sir, anything else?"

"Would you mind going to the kitchen and making me a cup of Lipton Peppermint Tea with the standard 4 and a 1/2 heaping teaspoons of sugar?"

"No, sir, I wouldn't mind at all."

"Thank you, Michael. Now if you would excuse me, I would like to get comfortable and glance at a couple of emails and make a phone call."

With that Michael left to go start my tea. I got out of my suit and pulled on a pair of jeans and a button up polo shirt. I sipped on my Dr. Pepper and called the hospital to check on Jill. She was asleep, but was doing well. She is recovering nicely. I am grateful that she is making a speedy recovery. I checked my email, and responded to a couple, and by that time Michael had returned with my tea. I finished the Dr. Pepper, stood up, grabbed my tea, and a pad of paper and pen and headed to the conference room.

When I entered I saw Mrs. Cholt walking up and down, apparently very agitated. I quietly closed the door, and sat down while she was walking away from me. When she turned around and saw that I was there, she immediately started off in her traditional tirade.

"How dare you keep me waiting, you arrogant, ungrateful, son of a bitch. You have been home for half an hour and you have kept me waiting. You know I am a very important woman, and that my time is valuable, and yet you rudely ignored the fact that I was here and waiting for you. You are a son of a bitch and a rotten bastard. I am so sick of your shit. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Mrs. Cholt screamed.

I calmly replied, "Nice to see you too, Mrs. Cholt. Is there anything I can do for you, or are you going to stand there and be rude and disrespectful in my home?"

"Yes, there is something you can fucking do for me. I want you to reconvene your fucking Board of Directors and have them reinstate the ties between AAM and HOP-MI. I furthermore, want you and the rest of the fucking chief executives to call a press conference and publicly apologize for the debacle you have caused and for all the embarrassment caused for HOP-MI and her daughter corporations. Then, I expect each and every one of you fucking bastards that are chief executives to publicly resign."

"Mrs. Cholt, let me set something straight. You cannot come in and try and force AAM, her Board of Directors, and her chief executives to do anything. We have dissolved all ties with HOP-MI. We are no longer bound by your stupid rules and regulations. We no longer fall under you, and we no longer have to obey you and take your guidance."

"Bastard, you are going to do this, or I will come in and do it for you."

"Mrs. Cholt, the ties no longer exist. You cannot come in and do anything. AAM is governed by a 32 member Board of Directors, and is under the direction of 8 chief executives. We are an independent corporation that does not answer to any corporation; we have daughter corporations that answer to us. We do not have a mother corporation nor do we have any sister corporations. As of 4:18 PM this afternoon all ties between AAM and HOP-MI were officially and permanently dissolved. The Board of Directors is not going to reconsider this issue."

"Mr. Murray, you are bound by the guidelines and policies of HOP-MI, that you will not be involved in a split. You have broken the contract that you have signed."

"No, I have not, Mrs. Cholt. I publicly announced in the board meeting that I could not and would not talk in favor of or in opposition to the dissolution of the ties. I also voted against the resolution in the public vote and in the secret ballot, as required by HOP-MI. However, now that we are no longer under you, I can say that I am grateful and relieved that AAM no longer answers to HOP-MI."

"Why you bitch. You fucking piece of shit. How dare you talk to me like that. Are you not aware of a memo that was sent to AAM that required the Board of Directors to have a meeting one week from today, to vote to make me CEO of AAM, make me President of the Board of Directors, to make John Fisher the E.VP, and to make John a member of the Board of Directors? You are still required to do that."

"Mrs. Cholt, you have several things wrong. We already had our board meeting. Instead of making those changes as requested in your illegal memo, the Board of Directors decided to take action, and dissolve all ties with your corporation. End of story. There is nothing you can say or do to change anything. AAM is not and never again will be a daughter corporation to HOP-MI. Furthermore, I strongly believe, by the time those court cases that the DA has filed against you are settled, HOP-MI will cease to exist anyways."

"Bastard! How dare you, you fucking bitch. How did you know about those court cases? That information is not public yet."

"Apparently you didn't watch our press conference that we had tonight when we announced the dissolution of the ties from your corporation. Right after we announced the dissolution of the ties, the DA came out and announce the filing of the thousands of court cases against you, the corporation, the board, and the chief executives of HOP-MI."

"You have got to be kidding me. You mean the whole world knows by now? You are really a fucking bastard, you know that?"

"Yes, the whole world knows by now, about the legal and ethical troubles that you are in. I suspect that all your time will now be devoted to dealing with these court cases."

"You know what, you know too much about all this. How?"

"Because I am a star witness for the prosecution."

"How dare you betray me and HOP-MI. This will cost you, you fucking bastard. You manipulative, controlling bitch. You Jezebel. I hate you. I have looked at some of the court cases that have been filed, there is no way that you have all that information."

"Your right. You have a whistleblower in your corporation that has been feeding me and the DA information for months now."

"Who? I demand to know this instant who the whistleblower is. I am going to fire the person and personally take them to court for slander."

"Not going to happen. I'm not going to tell you who it is, and no court will listen to you. By the time a judge would place your case on their docket, you will already be a convicted felon, and no jury or judge would take your word. Besides the individual has already been guaranteed protection against backlash from you or the corporation or anyone in the corporation."

"This is not over with David."

"Actually Mrs. Cholt, I think it is. You obviously ignored a document that was in the boxes containing the court cases that were delivered requiring you to turn yourself in by 7:30 this evening to the local police. By failing to do so, you have now become a fugitive of the law at large and there is a warrant out for your arrest. If you look at the TV monitor you will see that the police are walking down the hallway now."

"How did they know where to find me? I had a friend drop me off, they are waiting for me to call and have them pick me up."

"Have you forgotten that I did not immediately come back to the conference room when I got home? I had Michael call the police. I told him the crime was someone was trespassing. I wasn't totally sure that it was you, but I strongly suspected. I knew that if it was that there was a warrant out for your arrest and the police would be arresting you for more than just trespassing."

"You fucking bastard, as soon as I left here, I was going to be flying out of country, to a country that doesn't extradite people back to the US . Tell me where the back entrance is so I can escape. Tell me know, you bastard, or I will make your life a living hell."

"There is only one entrance/exit from this room, and the police are on the other side. Of course now they will be able to add conspiracy to flee the country and several other charges against you. This room is set to record audio and video of this room as soon as some one enters."

"You are lying bitch; tell me how I can escape."

"There is nowhere for you to go."


With that the police stormed into the room, Mrs. Cholt screamed, and the police placed her under arrest. She continued to scream profanity and call me every dirty name in the book. She vowed to get me back. The police ordered her to shut up, as they continued to escort her out to their car.

I began to calmly talk with a police officer, and informed him that I had new evidence that they would need. I gave him the name and phone number of the company that maintains my conference room video and audio so that the police could obtain the evidence from when she first entered the conference room up through the time of the arrest. I was thanked numerous times for keeping her in the room, until the police arrived.

Finally all the commotion quieted down, and I was able to finally do some work I needed to do and then get some sleep. Unfortunately since I spent all day in the board meeting, I knew I needed to go into the office the next day and work. That would not be a problem since we have people that work in our international headquarters around the clock. That would definitely become more important now that we were our own corporation not under any other corporation.

When I walked into the living room, Michael was sitting on a coach. I entered and he looked up at me and I could see the terror in his eyes.

"Michael, what is wrong?"

"Oh, David, I was listening to what that horrible woman was screaming and it both frightened me and reminded me of my mother. Is she going to be able to retaliate against you?"

"No, Michael, she was just letting out hot air. The case against her is air tight. There is no way that she will be able to retaliate, nor will any of the other higher-ups in HOP-MI."

"That is a relief. I was afraid that everything was starting to go right in my life, and that it was all going to crumble apart."

"Not going to happen, Michael. Not at the hands of HOP-MI or Mrs. Cholt. I'm safe."

With that he relaxed and chatted for a while with what he heard and saw at the press conference, and what he saw the reaction was. Apparently there was a lot of celebration and rejoicing as we made the announcements that we did concerning the 2 new chief executives, and the dissolution of ties between AAM and HOP-MI. There was also looks of shock when the announcements were made to, especially the dissolution of ties and the court cases.

Once I finished my tea, I went back to my office and began working. About half an hour later, Michael came in to see if I needed anything. I didn't and he said he was going to head to bed then. I stopped him just before he left, and told him, that he had an appointment with an attorney tomorrow to look over the contract, and that afterwards, my attorney and I would meet with him and his attorney and make the contract official.

Needless to say Michael was elated that in less than 24 hours his dreams would be true. He would be a houseboy to a successful gay male and have a part-time job as a secretary. I was happy for him. I knew that this is what he wanted and it was what I wanted. I was looking forward to the future.

I spent the rest of the evening consolidating my notes from the board meeting, and started writing up the minutes. I have a very short deadline to get the minutes finished and into the hands of the executive committee of the Board of Directors for approval. Once the executive committee approves the minutes, they get sent out to all board members for feedback and approval. Once that has been obtained, we can then release the minutes to the chief executives and to the public.

I finally crawled into bed at around 2:15 am. I knew it was going to be a short night, because I was going to be up at 7:00 to head into work. I was able to sleep all night long, but I was not rested because I didn't sleep as long as I would have liked. I got up, and did my morning routine. Michael was up, and had fixed a great breakfast and I had Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice tea with breakfast.

I reminded Michael of his appointment with his lawyer, and then left for work. On my way, I stopped by the hospital to look in on Jill. She was recovering well, the doctors expected her to be released sometime in the next week. I was excited. I hated working with temporary secretaries. They never knew what I wanted or needed, or how I worked. I had to give them more directions, and they just overall annoy me.

I arrived at work, and was not at all surprised when I got to my office to see a construction crew getting ready to leave after connecting the CCO and the CPO offices to the chief executives hallway. I was however surprised to see John and a couple other chief executives at work today. John saw me and smiled. As I passed one of my aides I asked her to look at the schedule at my personal secretaries' desk for what tea variety was for today, and to make me a cup. I told her to add 4 and ½ heaping teaspoons of sugar to it.

I had just entered my office, and John came strolling in to chat.

"David, I am so excited. I knew it would be pulled off. I knew that we would eventually have our ties with HOP-MI dissolved. Yesterday was the best news I heard in years. Do you know that market analysts are expecting our shares to rise while shares of HOP-MI and other companies tied to HOP-MI are expected to fall?"

"No, I had not heard that. That is great news. And yes, yesterday was wonderful. I was so happy. How did you know I was going to be in today? You are never here on Saturdays."

"I knew that when you miss a day because of the Board of Directors meeting, you come in on Saturday to make up for the work that you need to get caught up on."

"Am I that predictable?"

"Yes, David, you are."

"I don't think I like that. Guess what I arrived home to, last night after the Board of Directors dinner that officially ended the day?"

"I have no idea."

"Mrs. Cholt was waiting for me in my conference room at my home."

"You're kidding. The Mrs. Cholt of HOP-MI was at your home last night?"

"Yes, needless to say she was pissed off. I didn't help her attitude any. I arrived home and made her wait half an hour before I went back to my conference room. She was pissed at the board for what they did. She tried to argue that we still had to abide by that memo that you received. She wanted me to reconvene the Board of Directors and reinstate the ties between us and HOP-MI. She accused me of breaking the contract that you and I had to sign. She wanted the chief executives to apologize publicly for the debacle that we caused and then publicly resign."

"You're kidding? Mrs. Cholt, that controlling bitch, wanted us to get the ties reinstated, apologize for the debacle, and then resign? What did she take us for string puppets that she can control at will?"

"Yes. That is exactly what she thinks we are. She called me every foul and dirty name in the book. You were aware that she was supposed to turn herself in to the police by 7:30 yesterday evening."

"No, I wasn't. If she was at your house waiting for you, that means she didn't turn herself in on time. The Board of Directors dinner was at 7:00."

"That's right. At 7:31 she became a fugitive of the law. During those 30 minutes that I made her wait, I gave directions to someone that was staying with me to call the police and report that someone was trespassing. I had a feeling I knew who it was but I wasn't sure. I knew that if it was Mrs. Cholt, then there was a warrant out for her arrest and that she was considered a fugitive running from the law. She told me just before the police entered the conference room, that after we had finished talking she was suppose to fly out of country to a foreign country that didn't expedite to the US."

"So did they arrest her last night at your home?"

"Yes, they did. That was my favorite sight in the world, watching her getting dragged away in handcuffs while she was screaming at me and telling me that she was going to get me for this."

"I'm sure that was a very pleasant sight watching her get arrested. Her name and her company are about to become a disgrace. Well, I'll let you get to work. I have some things that I am going to do, and then I am going to head home."

"Okay, talk to you later."

With that John left and I settled down to do the work that I has been neglecting during the last couple of days while I was getting ready for the Board of Directors meeting and then the actual meeting. I was pleased with the outcome of the meeting. There was a lot of work that I now had to do in response to the meeting. I always get a double amount of work that I have to do in response to the board meeting. But I enjoy it.

I had several phone calls come in that required my attention and several people stopped in to see me. During the course of the day, I ended up seeing all the chief executives that had come in on Saturday. By the end of the day, I had made a list of corporate documents that were going to require rewriting to incorporate changes that had been adopted at the board meeting. Several of the documents would require my attention to rewriting, while others could be rewritten by others in the corporation. Hopefully, we can get everything rewritten within a couple of weeks.

The DA stopped by to talk for a couple of minutes. We discussed what all had happened the night before at my house, as well as during the day. We talked about the court cases. Apparently Mrs. Cholt tried to throw her weight around to get a judge out of bed for her to post bail. She failed. All the judges have heard about the court cases and the allegations being levied against Mrs. Cholt and none of them were about to give into her demands.

It is exciting to be involved and assisting the DA with this court case. This day was beginning to look up. Once I finished with my work at the corporation, I had time to get a quick bite to eat in the corporation cafeteria, before meeting with my attorney, Michael, and his attorney. Today was the day that our relationship was going to become official and he would become my houseboy, the houseboy of the corporation secretary.

While eating a blackened chicken caesar salad, I looked over the contract that my lawyer delivered to me and to Michael's lawyer. I was impressed, as always, with the great work that my lawyer does. It was a well written document that didn't leave anything to the imagination, and also didn't leave any loopholes. I felt that it was going to accomplish its purpose. Soon, I was going to have the houseboy that I've always felt would be beneficial for me to have, and beneficial for the young man that I selected as my houseboy. Furthermore, I was accomplishing a dream for Michael. The look of excitement and anticipation that I see on his face is spirit lifting in my eyes.

I'd already scheduled an extended business trip/vacation for the next week starting Wednesday through the weekend. I'd already signed the authorization request for Michael to have that same time off, because he was coming with me, and we were going to my condo in Ft. Lauderdale . Officially it was a business trip; there was some work I needed to take care of in Ft. Lauderdale and Michael was going as my assistant since Jill did not like to accompany me on business trips. I already had started making plans to make the trip special for Michael. I knew that it was going to be his first time leaving the state, and it would be his first trip in his new capacity as my houseboy.

Once I finished with my lunch, it was finally time to go and catch my appointment with my lawyer and Michael. I arrived just before my lawyer, M. Richard Smith, and his secretary, Mrs. Keri Loveheart, did. We talked for a few minutes while we waited for Michael and his attorney, Victor N. Pearson, to show up. Also in attendance was Mr. Pearson's secretary, Ms. Debbi Jenkins. Finally once all the parties arrived, we were able to get down to business.

We were meeting in a conference room here at the corporation. We went in and closed the door, and my lawyer was the first to speak up. He talked about the contract and asked Michael and Mr. Pearson, if there was any concerns they had concerning the contract. After dealing with a couple of minor changes, which my lawyer quickly commenced in making on his laptop, he printed off the contract and Michael and I signed them, thereby legalizing the bond between us. Mrs. Keri Loveheart and Ms. Debbi Jenkins signed as witnesses and Mrs. Loveheart also notarized everything.

Once the contract was signed, my lawyer pulled out two more documents and placed them in front of Michael and his attorney. They were the power of attorney agreements that I had had drawn up. When Michael finished looking over them he looked at me and was awestruck. His attorney questioned why I was only giving Michael secondary power of attorney. I explained that Jill was like a daughter to me, and that we had discussed quite a few years ago that if I ever found someone like Michael, that at first I would give him secondary power of attorney, so that way Jill could continue to look out in my best interests. She understood though that the time might come, if the relationship between me and as the case turned out Michael grew to such an extent that we were confident and comfortable that it was going to be a lasting and long term, then the roles would switch. When that happens Michael will be given primary power of attorney and Jill will have secondary power of attorney.

Michael and his attorney consulted and finally agreed with the agreement and arrangement and soon the power of attorney forms were signed. His giving me complete power of attorney for him, and mine giving him secondary power of attorney. Once everything was signed and official, the attorneys and their secretaries left leaving just Michael and me in the conference room.

"How are you feeling, Michael?"

"Oh, better than I expected. I thought this day would never come soon enough, and yet here it is."

"I can relate. Are you comfortable with everything?"

"Oh, yes. I only agreed to talk with a lawyer, make those changes, and sign because I wanted to make you happy, and I knew that that was what would make you happy."

"Michael, you have made me happy in more ways then you will ever know. Now, while we are here, I wanted to let you know of a couple of things. I have already turned in a request to have you accompany me on a business trip beginning next Wednesday. It is really a business trip/mini vacation. We are going to be staying in my beach condo in Ft. Lauderdale . This is going to be your first trip as my houseboy. I know I will have to instruct you along the way, but you will have to obey everything I tell you, when I tell you. You are also going to be serving as my secretary on this trip. Jill doesn't like traveling and normally I get stuck having to take a temporary secretary, and between you and me they annoy the hell out of me."

"Mr. Secretary, that sounds like it will be a great trip."

"I believe it will be. Well, let's get out of here and head home. To celebrate the signing of the contract we are going out to a five-star restaurant and we will need to be dressed appropriately."

"But Mr. Secretary, I don't have any clothes appropriate for a five-star restaurant."

"I said we were heading home, not that we were going home. We are going to be stopping and getting you an outfit to wear tonight and other nights for formal occasions."

"Oh, sir, that is too much. At least let me buy it."

"Boy, remember that contract you just signed? In there it said that you will obey me at all times. In there it also said that I was going to be responsible for all clothes that you may need. You will need formal clothes during your course as my houseboy. Therefore, according to what you just signed, you agreed to allow me to but your clothes for you. Is that understood?

"Yes, sir. Sorry, Mr. Secretary."

With that we left the office building and started heading in the direction of home. I also had made plans in my head to stop by the hospital on the way home. I was going to call while Michael was trying clothes on, and see if she was awake and if food could be brought in. We turned into the tailor shop where all my formal clothes are made. I had already given preliminary sizes to my tailor and he had already done a majority of the work, all he was doing today has do a final fit, and make any modifications and the clothes would be finished.

We entered the shop where I was greeted by Mr. Peters, a nice elderly gentleman, of Italian descent. He had been making my custom clothing for many years and had always done a good job. I introduced him to Michael, and he immediately started pulling down the clothes he had been making for Michael. There was also a new suit that he had made for me that would require my trying on and fitting. I am a grand benefactor of the city symphony and because of my support; I get three complimentary front row tickets to all concerts, plus special galas and events just for supporters of the city symphony. The city symphony has an end of the concert season gala, to which many dignitaries and important officials from across the state and throughout the city will be in attendance. The new suit was going to be for this gala. I would not be wearing it tonight, as it is not polite or proper to wear a new suit in advance of the occasion that it is for. Michael would be accompanying me to the gala, as would Jill. Jill has accompanied me to all the concerts and galas, since I started supporting the symphony. The gala was in just a couple of weeks.

Michael and Mr. Peters stepped back into the dressing room area and I quickly called the hospital to check on Jill, and she was doing fine and had been up and walking around. The doctors were expecting a complete recovery. When asked if I could bring some food up to her, I was granted permission as long as I concealed it from the rest of the patients. That has never been a problem for me. I have been able to conceal a lot of things from other patients when I was visiting a patient in the hospital. I have even been able to sneak things past a nurse when they weren't looking.

Once Michael and I finished up with Mr. Peters, and I settled the tab, which was rather large. Michael tried to speak up, and I gave him a glance that told him to not say a word or he would regret it. I then stopped by at Jill's favorite fast food restaurant Fazzoli's and got her favorite meal, the Ultimate Sampler plus a side caesar salad, to take to Jill. Michael looked at me with a questioned look. I explained that before heading home, we were stopping at the hospital so I could visit with Jill and I had been given permission by the hospital to bring her something to eat. I further explained that had she not been in the hospital she would have been joining us, so this was my way of making it up to her.

With that we stopped in to the hospital and I went in and visited with Jill for a few minutes and took the food to her. After a few minutes, I stepped out and had Michael join us. I introduced the two, and they talked for a few minutes, and then Michael left the room. Jill looked at me before she spoke up.

"He is right for you, you know that right?"

"Yes, Jill I do."

"Was he the one that you wanted me to check up and see what all we did at your house after you left?"

"Yes, that was Michael."

"Oh, my gosh. He cleans better than I do. Would you consider lending him out?"

"Somehow, I think he will want to just clean mine. Particularly when he finds out that I have a condo and an apartment in the city that he will also have to keep clean."

"You rascal, you haven't told him about your condo or your apartment yet?"

"No, not yet. I figured I would bring it up tonight while we were eating."

"You're bad, David, very bad."

"Don't I know it! Well, Jill I wish you could join us tonight, but I hope that this meal makes up for you not being able to join us."

"It is fine David, it is not your fault that my ex put me in the hospital again. Just enjoy yourself and enjoy your meal. Now go, before your late."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Don't ma'am me, David. Get going, you..."

I grinned and quickly shut the door before getting hit with a plastic fork. I stopped by the nurse's desk, and suggested they take another utensil to Jill's room because she just wasted the one a brought on the floor by throwing it at me. They just laughed at me, while one of them took another fork into Jill. Michael and I left, and went to a very nice restaurant were I had made reservations. We were promptly seated, and we placed our orders. We talked quietly well, we ate. He was interested in learning more about me, and I was interested in learning more about him.

"Sir, early you mentioned that we would be staying in your condo in Ft. Lauderdale . How many other pieces of property do you own?"

"Michael, what you have to remember, my family has always been rich, and so most of the property has been left to me, while some of it I have purchased myself. Besides the house just outside the city, I own a condo and an apartment in the city, which by the way you will also be responsible to keep clean. I own the condo in Ft. Lauderdale . There is a condo in Aspen , and one in San Francisco . There is also my family home about an hour north of Austin , my grandparent's home in central Pennsylvania , and my other grandparents home in South Carolina . I have an apartment/condo in New York City , Chicago , Los Angeles , Phoenix , and Miami . That is just here in the US . I also have a beach house in the Bahamas , and a government style mansion in Mexico . There is the ancient familial homes in Europe that my grandparents purchased refurbished and redid. My family also bought several ancient houses in Asia and the South Pacific and refurbished those. So you see, I am not hurting financially and I can travel to many places, and not have to stay in a hotel. I hope this hasn't intimidated you."

"No, sir. I am awestruck that someone can own so much, and yet not be snobbish and uppity about all the money they have."

"Michael, something you will realize we learn more about it each other, is just because my family is rich, and we traveled on vacations to see the world; my parents did not put me through private school. I attended one of the best public schools in the area were we lived, but it was just that a public school. I was never permitted to look my nose down on anyone. Not that I ever had the desire to, I always stuck up for the underdog, and always ensured my friends never picked on those that were not well off. Even though I was rich, I believed that my richness did not make me above or a better person then someone that was not as well off. It is because of how my parents raised me and how I was taught, that I don't come across like a snobbish, little brat, with a silver spoon in my mouth."

"Sir, I admire you for that. I think that is another reason why I enjoy being with you, and wanted to be around you."

"I appreciate the compliment."

With that dinner was beginning to wind down, and we got ready to leave and head home. Once we got home, I called the hospital one last time to check on Jill, and everything was going fine. She left a message for me thanking me for the meal. I smiled. I was still exhausted because of the stress that the last several days had caused, and so I told Michael that I was going to bed and that he was to be naked and in bed, by the time I got there.

I went into my office and did some work. Before I started working I got a Dr. Pepper to drink, and by the time I finished the Dr. Pepper, I was ready to go to bed. I shut all the lights off and locked the doors, and went to my bedroom where Michael was stretched out naked lying face up. He was stretched out there with his arm draped a crossed his face when I came in. When he heard me talking my clothes off, he moved his arm and looked at me questioningly. I could see in his eyes he was wondering what was going to happen tonight, on his first night as the houseboy of the corporation secretary.