The Houseboy of the Corporation Secretary
Part 5

By JD Trotter

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I had no intentions of taking Michael's virginity that night. In fact, my intentions were to not take Michael for a while. The earliest would be on the business trip to Ft. Lauderdale . It was of course my decision; however, I would be watching him closely for signs. That is why I decided that the earliest it could happen would be Ft. Lauderdale . That would allow me time to know if that is something that he was interested in, or if it was something that would have to be built up to.

When we first discussed the relationship of him serving me as my houseboy, we discussed many things, one of which that this relationship is not that of a BDSM. In a way we are stretching that. We did discuss that I might in the future get another boy to serve in a different capacity then he is serving in, and he is fine with that. The contract does state that he is to know in advance that I am thinking about it, not that he can stop me only to give him the opportunity to change roles first. We are definitely not into the whole master/slave relationship. Furthermore, we are not into torture, SM, or abuse. Michael did express an interest in using some bondage as a pleasure enhancer. We're not talking about heavy bondage, or major toys, but just the milder and more minor bondage for enhancing the pleasure. He said that he had been one to never allow people to pick on him or bully him when he was younger, and he was not going to stand for that now that he is older. I fully agree with him. He is serving as my houseboy, but he is still my equal. He is a legal adult, able to vote, drive, and smoke. He is also able to enter into legal contracts, sue, and be sued. He gave up some things by becoming a houseboy, but I gave up some things by accepting him as my houseboy.

I was pleased when I got back to my room and saw that he has obeyed me and that he was lying there naked. He looked at me and even though he wasn't verbally saying anything, I knew that he was concerned. I could the questioning in his eyes. Why did I make him wait?, Did he make a mistake?, Am I going to keep his needs in mind?, Was he going to get what he wanted out of this relationship as much as I was?, and so many more were there in his eyes and on his face. I spoke first, hopefully to calm him.

"Michael, you are here by choice. I did not force you. I did not make you sign the contract this afternoon. You knew coming into this relationship that I am not going to consult you on what I am going to do or why I am going to do it. You agreed to that. If I choose to make you wait 5 minutes or 3 hours, I trust you enough, because you signed that contract, that you will be there waiting for me when I do get there. You are wondering if I am going to ensure that your needs get meet, and if I will ensure that your needs are being meet while I ensure that mine are. Michael, something you need to know about me is that I will go further than the moon and back for my partner, whether it is a business partner, a partner on a team, or a sexual partner to ensure that their needs are meet. I do not have to do this, but because I want to make sure that you are lying in this bed because you know you want to be, not because you think this is what you want; I am stepping out of the bedroom again. I am going to go and have a cup of Lemon Zinger tea. I will be back in 10 minutes. If you do not want to stay under this contract, this is your last chance to get out. If I come back 10 minutes from now, and you are still naked, I will know that you are choosing to stay. If however I come back and you are fully dress, I will know that you have chosen to end the contract and we will go our separate ways with no hard feelings."

With that, not giving him a chance to respond, I left my room and went to the kitchen and had a cup of Lemon Zinger tea. That had to be some of the most agonizing 10 minutes of my life, as I waited there in the kitchen for the 10 minutes to draw to an end. However, I knew it had to be done. Not for my sake, or my peace of mind. I knew what I wanted, but Michael needed the reassurance, and this was the only way I knew I could offer him that reassurance. I just hopped that it would not come back to haunt me.

I sat there in the kitchen drinking my tea, thinking over all the stress of the last week and thinking ahead to the business trip that I had coming up to Florida . Luckily there was only a little bit of business, plus a couple of charity events, and a corporate gala while I was there, and the rest of the trip was just pleasure. This was going to be the first time for me to use this condo in several years and I was looking forward to seeing it again. My memories of the place are happy ones, and are filled with laughter and cheerfulness. Glancing at the clock, I noticed that the 10 minutes was nearly up so I finished my tea, and walked back to my bedroom. With a glace to my wristwatch, I knew the 10 minutes was up and I pushed open the door. There waiting was Michael still as naked as the day he was born.

"Sir, I am sorry that I ever questioned you, your faithfulness, or your ability to meet my needs. That was not my place, nor my right to do. I apologize for that, and hope that you will accept my apology. I hope you are willing to keep me as your houseboy, and that I can continue to serve you. Please forgive my error in judgment. I also present myself to be reprimanded appropriately."

"Michael, I accept your apology, and your desire to serve as my houseboy. Thank you for remembering the fact that you are to be reprimanded. Do you remember what we discussed as being the proper position and response during punishment?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Take your position, Michael."

The position I was referring to was over my knees. Once he was in position, I drew my hand back and it impacted with his left butt cheek. Immediately, a red hand print appeared and I heard the wind rush out of Michael. To my delight, his voice came back strong and he said the proper response.

"Thank you sir, that was one."

The sentence wasn't even completely out of his mouth when the my hand impacted his left butt cheek again, this time hitting a slightly different area. His response came out, just as strong as the first.

"Thank you sir, that was two."

As soon as he finished his response the third strike was coming down, this time on his right butt cheek. It caught him off guard and surprised him, but he recovered well, and got his response out still holding strong.

"Thank you sir, that was three."

Numbers 4 and 5 were delivered with the appropriate response being said in a strong voice. Michael was not going to waiver. Unfortunately I know from experience, that while I do not ever want to break his spirit (to do so would be damaging), I do have to teach him that I am here for him, and that I am not going to purposefully neglect or hurt him. All I need is to get a whimper or a cry from Michael, and his punishment would be over. But as long as he kept up with the strong voice, it would have to continue. Number 6 was delivered, than number 7, number 8, number 9, and number 10. Still, he was going strong. His ass was turning a bright red, and I am sure it had to be sore. I delivered numbers 11 and 12. On number 12, I thought he was going to waiver, but he held strong.

Number 13 was delivered on the right butt cheek, he drew in the breath of air obviously in pain, and then replied in his strong, masculine voice.

"Thank you sir, that was thirteen."

I am a patient man. I was going to sit here and continue, partially because I had to and partially because if felt good. Oh, the spanking was not pleasurable. It pained me every time I had to hit that perfectly shaped ass of his. It was the closeness of having him on my lap though, and the warmth of his body that felt good. If only I had him on me for a different reason. This was a punishment that would have been appropriate that morning that I realized that he had slept in bed with me, however we were not under the contract and so I had to restrain myself. I delivered number 14 on his left butt cheek. There was the familiar intake of air, and the reply in his strong, unwavering voice.

"Thank you sir, that was fourteen."

I wondered how much longer he was going to last. As with anything that I do, this have not been light hits. Each one has had equal amount of force behind them. I knew that he was going to end soon. I could feel it in his body, I just needed to hear the audible verification. I delivered number 15, and I heard what I needed to hear. He breathed in, and in a strangled half whimper/half cry gave his response.

"Thank you sir, that was fifteen."

"Michael, that concludes your punishment."

"Thank you sir."

With the punishment out of the way, I gave Michael the directive to undress me. He began taking my clothes off, and as soon as he finished taking an article off, he placed it in with the rest of the dirty clothes. Once I was naked, I got into bed and he stood there waiting for me to tell him what to do. I told him that he was finished for the night, and that he was to sleep with me. His face brightened up when I said that, because this would be his first night since we signed the contract that he would be sleeping with me. Once I was in position I put my arm out across the bed, and had him get in. Using my arm, I rolled him towards me, and I looked at him and told him that for the next couple of weeks every night I was going to give him the opportunity to ask any questions that may have risen during the day, but which would not be permitted to be asked. It would be during those times that he could ask without getting into trouble, or fear any retribution.

We talked for about 15 minutes and I answered each of his questions, and while we were talking I started to get hard and he could tell. After I had answered each of his questions, I told him to give me a hand job before going to sleep. He moved his hand and arm around until he was able to get a firm grasp on my hard erection and started to slowly give me an expert hand job. He used his other hand to grasp firmly on my nuts and rolled them around. I allowed him to move his hand and play with my tits to help get me off. He slowly speeded up his movements, and I could tell that I was not going to last long like this. Within minutes I was squirming and could feel the tightening sensation that told me that I was about to let loose with my cum. One last pump and I exploded all over my stomach and chest with the last few dribbles on his hand. I told him to clean me up, using his hand and licking the cum of his hand slowly as I watched.

He did as instructed and slowly ate all the cum that I had shot, when he finished, he laid back down and again with my arm rolled him into me. We stayed like that and fell asleep. I know I slept well that night having his body up next to me for the entire night. When I woke up to do my daily routine, he was already awake and getting ready for the day. I was pleased to see that. I did my daily routine and went for my daily run, seeing as I skipped my run on Friday. When I returned from my run, I walked past the kitchen and the smells emanating out were just absolutely delicious. I went to my room, and I had just walked in when Michael entered. He proceeded to undress me and then prepared my shower, he went to get in with me, and I told him that I would take care of my shower this morning. He looked crestfallen, but I quickly explained that we were going to church, and that he needed to be in the kitchen finishing up and getting dressed himself in a suit and tie.

When I was finished with my shower I got dressed in an expensive custom-made Italian suit, complete with a silk shirt and tie. When, I went out into the kitchen, Michael was dressed in his dazzling custom-made suit that we had picked up the night before. He was just finishing putting everything on the table and as I walked in he handed me a cup of Irish English Breakfast tea, made to perfection. Breakfast was an egg casserole complete with blackberry muffins and cinnamon butter. There were also Russian pancakes to complete the meal. It was absolutely delicious. I quickly complimented Michael on his culinary skills, and then told him that it was time to head to church. I attend The Oaks Fellowship, where I have attended for years. I enjoy the church services there.

From looking at Michael throughout the service, I could tell, that this was a new experience for him, having grown up attending a Baptist church. In talking with him on the way home, the joy he felt in that church service beats anything that ever happened at his old church. He immensely enjoyed himself, both at the Sunday School class he attended and the main church service.

"I felt right at home at that church. That is something I have never felt before. I have always felt out of place at the Baptist church that my family has attended all my life." Michael said.

"I am glad you enjoyed yourself Michael. I was hoping that you would enjoy my church. I grew up in that church and have watched it change and grow over the years. I have always felt at home there."

After church we went to Mignon, an expensive restaurant, where we had Sunday lunch. The food was excellent as usual. I had Tenderloin Medallions "Au Poivre" with a side of Grilled Asparagus while Michael had Pan Crisped Chicken. With the meal I had a glass of wine while Michael settled with water. When the meal was finished, we went home where I had some work to do. I asked Michael to grab his laptop and sit on the bed, because I had some research that I needed him to do for me. I gave him the site and the codes necessary to be able to do the research that I needed on a particular company that the corporation, AMDS of which I serve as founder and president, wanted to acquire.

While Michael was doing the necessary research, I was busy finalizing our trip itinerary to Ft. Lauderdale . Upon completion, I started looking over several reports that had been sent by courier to be delivered at my house concerning AMDS, the chief executive officers, and the board of directors. Looking through the reports, I noticed a couple of small inserts in several of the reports concerning AMDS CTO. I placed a call to my personal AMDS secretary, and asked her about those paragraphs that had been placed throughout the reports concerning the CTO. She started telling me about several reports that has crossed her desk concerning some actions and decisions made by the CTO, and they concerned her. I asked her if she could overnight those particular reports to me. She assured me that she would, but that I would not like what I was going to be reading. I told her that if the CTO was doing things that he shouldn't be, then I needed to be aware of it and that the Board of Directors might have to take action. After getting off the phone I called the CEO of AMDS and talked with him. He told me that he was unaware of any reports that could be negative about the CTO. I instructed him to get with my secretary there at AMDS and talk with her, and get copies of the reports that had been sent to me already with the small paragraphs, as well as copies of the reports that she was going to be shipping overnight to me. He said he would and get back with me.

After talking with my secretary and the CEO of AMDS, I decided that I needed to add a surprise visit to AMDS headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale while I was there. I scheduled it for the day before the Board of Directors met. I was starting to see the signs that the Board of Directors was going to have to fire the CTO if the reports included what I thought they included.

I placed a call to the pilot of the private 757 jet that I owned and confirmed the flight itinerary to Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday and the return flight back to Dallas on Sunday. After confirming those details and approving the menu for Wednesday breakfast and Sunday dinner I hung up. I needed to start working on a couple of my speeches that I was going to have to give at a couple of galas while in Ft. Lauderdale , and then I remembered the essay that I had Michael write when he disobeyed me before the contract was signed. I remembered thinking to myself that he would make a great speech writer.

"Michael, I need to talk to you for a moment."

"Yes, sir, what can I help you with?"

"Where are you in the research?"

"I have finished with the research, I was just finishing typing up the necessary report that you wanted on the research."

"Great, I have something else that I need you to do. Here are my notes concerning the O'Henry AIDS Charity that I serve on the board for and we have a charity dinner coming up that I have to speak at. I also have notes here for AMDS, the corporation that I am founder and president, we have a corporation gala coming up while we are in Ft. Lauderdale and I need a speech for that as well. I would like for you to write my speeches for both events. I noticed that you had an excellent writing style when I read that essay that I had you write for me, and at the time that I read it, I thought to myself that you would make an excellent speech writer."

"Thanks, sir. I would be honored to write these speeches for you."

"Thanks Michael."

After taking care of all that, I typed up the itinerary for our trip, so I could leave a copy with my office at AAM and with Jill, my personal secretary at AAM. The itinerary also included how to contact me while in Ft. Lauderdale . I was excited about this trip. I remembered that I needed to call the company that handles my Ft. Lauderdale condo, and instructed them to have it ready for use on Wednesday, and have all the necessary supplies for entertainment and relaxation for 4 day and 4 nights. I informed them that I would be using the master bedroom. The man on the phone was surprised.

"Mr. Murray, are you sure? This will be your first time in the master bedroom since... since..."

"Yes, Pepe? Since when?"

"Since Mr. Matos was killed."

"That is correct it will be. However, that is none of your concern, Pepe."

"Oh, yes sir. Everything will be ready as requested sir. When shall we expect you?"

"You may expect me around 1:30 PM. I have business to attend to after going to the condo."

"Yes sir, we shall see you when you arrive. Is there anything else?"

"Yes, have my limo ready at the airport at 12:30. Our flight arrives at 12:32 PM at FLL airport. We will be arriving on my personal jet."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Murray. The limo will be waiting for you."

After making sure that the condo would be ready, I called the hospital to check on Jill. She was doing better then expected and is planning on releasing her on Tuesday, provided that nothing happens between now and then. That was good news. After talking with the nurse, the connected me with her room, and I was able to talk with Jill for a few minutes. We had a nice conversation talking about Michael and how things were working out with him, and about my upcoming trip to Ft. Lauderdale . She expressed her delight that she was getting out of the hospital, and that she did not have to go on the trip with me. I told her that she was welcome to if she wanted that I could easily get another ticket to the AMDS Corporation Gala, the O'Henry AIDS Charity Dinner, the Ft. Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra Charity Fundraiser, and the Dinner Gala with Drs. Paul and Evelyn Zimmers-Flores. She said thanks but she would pass this time saying that Michael and I needed the occasion to be alone together. I told her that she was lucky that Michael was able to cook well and make my tea just like she did, or she would also be coming with me.

After getting off the phone it was time for dinner. I stood up to head to the kitchen and Michael asked if he needed to do anything for me. I declined, saying that every Sunday I would prepare and cook dinner for us. He smiled, and went back to writing my speeches that I needed. I decided to make Blackened Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo complete with a Caesar Salad. It was delicious as always, it was a family recipe passed down through my mother's side. We had a great meal, and when we were finished we went to bed early.

Over the next couple of days things were a whirlwind of activity. There were several visits to daughter corporation, meetings with the DA, a chief executives meeting, helping Jill get settled into her home and getting it cleaned up (with the help of Michael of course, seeing as how I despise cleaning). Finally on Tuesday night it was time to pack for our trip to Ft. Lauderdale . I instructed Michael that he would need three of his tuxes, a complete suit, 4 days worth of casual clothes, a running/walking outfit, and office clothes plus all the necessary accessories and undergarments. I packed my own things, including an exposable enema bag, a bottle of flavored douche, and lubrication gel. Those items were carefully hidden so Michael wouldn't discover them when he unpacked my clothes at the condo. I laid out the clothes that he and I would be wearing as we traveled.

Once we were done packing it was time to go to bed. Once Michael had stripped of his clothes, and removed mine, I asked him to give me a blow job. He proceeded at once to go down and start giving me an expert blow job, and experience that I hadn't felt in over 3 and a half years. Michael expertly knew where to locate the sensitive spots were, and how to effectively focus his attention on those spots. Within minutes he has me all hot and panting with lust. It was luxurious. I could feel my cum starting to churn in my nuts and could tell that it wouldn't be long before I was shooting my load down Michael's throat. Then Michael did something that hastened my cumming, he took my nuts in one hand and my right tit with his other hand and started playfully pulling and twisting on them. That was all it took and I shot five healthy shots of cum into his waiting and eager mouth. When I was finished I just collapsed on the bed, trying to catch my breath. After I came down from that exceptional blow job, I pulled Michael back up to me, and gently kissed him on the lips. Soon I was moving my tongue around his lips and tried to open them. It took Michael a few seconds to realize what I was trying to do and what I was wanting to accomplish, but he soon open his mouth and accepted my tongue. He gently started sucking on my tongue while we kissed. We kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes, before I ended the kiss. I told Michael to settle in and get some rest, so he would be well rested for the flight to Ft. Lauderdale in the morning.

With that we fell asleep only to be awakened too early by the alarm clock. I quickly shut it off and Michael and I got out of bed, and proceeded to get ready for the day. We showered together, with Michael slowly taking his time to wash every part of my body gently, before washing his own body. We got out and got dried before dressing in our traveling suits for the flight. Soon we were departing for the DFW airport to catch my personal jet to Ft. Lauderdale . Upon arrival, we passed through security, and had our luggage taken to be loaded on the plane. As we waited for the plane to make final preparation, we waited in a VIP lounge, where snacks and beverages were available. I invited Michael to have something to drink, but that we would be eating on the plane. He settled for an apple juice, well I had a cup of tea and a glass of tropical fruit juice. The tea could have been better, but the juice was absolutely delicious. Soon we were ready to board the plane.

As we boarded the plane, Michael looked around at the interior of the plane, and his mouth dropped open.

"Mr. Secretary is there some kind of mistake?"

"No, Michael, this is my personal plane. When it was ordered, the directive was given that the interior was to be decked out into several areas. In the back are several bedrooms for guests, plus a master bedroom, and the front part is a living room area complete with couches and chairs. There is also a conference table and chairs, in the living room for meetings."

"Wow, if I didn't know better, I would have thought that I had just walked in to a house."

"This plane is used for long trips, and it was desirable that it feel comfortable enough to live in."

"This is neat."

With that we settled into our seats, and buckled up for take off. The pilots cleared for take-off and we departed on time at 8:48 AM. Once we reached cruising altitude, we unbuckles, and the male flight attendant came out, and offered us something to drink and to inform us that breakfast would be served promptly at 9:15. I asked for a Dr. Pepper and Michael requested a coke. Our beverages were brought to us, and I invited Michael to walk with me throughout the plane so he could see the rest of the plane. As we walked along I showed him the several bedrooms that were in the plane and he was impressed to say the least.

"Sir, for vacation, do we fly on this plane?"

"Yes, Michael this is the plane that we take when we fly oversees for business trips or for vacation."

"I can't wait to see what it is like to sleep in one of these beds as we are flying."

"Well, after breakfast we can try out a bed, but we won't have time to sleep in them this trip. Let's head back, it is almost time for breakfast."

"Do you know what we are having sir?"

"Yes, but it is going to be a surprise for you."

We got back to the living room, and saw the flight attendant bringing in trays of food. For breakfast we were having Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo; Spicy Roasted Red Potatoes with chile powder, garlic, bell peppers and onions; Chicken Fajita Omelets; Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and lingonberry butter; Hash Browns; Bacon Strips; Sausage Links; Sliced Ham; Blueberry Muffins, Banana Nut Muffins, Blackberry Muffins, Raspberry Muffins, Strawberry Muffins, Lemon Poppy Coffee Cake, and Cinnamon Rolls. This was severed with your choice of hot tea or any of orange, apple, peach, tropical fruit, cranberry, or mixed fruit juices. Michael's eyes grew big when he saw the spread of food on the table. I just laughed, and told him that the cooks like to go over board when they cook and that he better eat up. I did tell him that any muffin, coffee cake, and cinnamon rolls not eaten would be packaged for us to take with us to the condo.

As I was eating through the hearty breakfast of the fluffy scrambled eggs with chorizo, the spicy roasted red potatoes, a chicken fajita omelet, a stack of Swedish pancakes, hash browns, sausage links, and sliced ham, I had hot tea followed by a glass of the peach, tropical fruit, and mixed fruit juices. I decided to eat a couple of blackberry muffins as well. While I was eating I was quickly reading through the two speeches that Michael wrote for me. I was soon full, and Michael wasn't far behind me. He asked what would happen with the rest of the food that we didn't eat and wouldn't be taking with us. I explained that the rest of the food would be kept warm and the flight attendants, chefs, pilots, and flight personnel would finish it for breakfast that was why there was so much food.

After we finished eating, Michael and I went to the master bedroom and laid down. He asked how long we had before we landed. I looked at him for a couple of seconds and thought about how I was going to respond. I decided that we had time for a blow job so I told him that we had just enough time for him to give me a blow job. He looked at me with big eyes. He was surprised that I would suggest such a thing while we were flying in the air on our way to Ft. Lauderdale .

"But sir, what if the flight attendant or the crew walks in?"

"Well, seeing as how they have orders to never enter the bedroom uninvited I doubt that will happen, and even if it did they wouldn't care. You see the flight attendant and the crew that fly when it is just me or people living with me are gay. It is only if we have mixed company or I have business partners that I use my co-ed crew where there are a couple of gays and some straights."

"How ingenious, sir."

"So how about getting back to that blow job?"

"Yes sir."

With that he ended all conversation and started to unbutton and unzip my pants so he could pull them down to my knees to get them out of the way, he then proceeded to pull my briefs down releasing my cock from the confines of the fabric. I was already starting to grow hard, and Michael proceeded to deep throat me using his tongue and lips to provide stimulation to my cock head and sensitive areas. After a couple minutes of deep throating me he started to provide specific attention to my balls, sucking on the sack and each nut individually, he then moved back and started to suck on my cock focusing his attentions on the sensitive areas. I started feeling my cum rising up and ready to come bursting into Michael's mouth. Within minutes I was blowing my load into his mouth, and he started swallowing and enjoying the taste of my cum. Once I finished shooting my load we kissed for a few minutes, before the announcement came across the system that it was last call for drinks before we landed. I reached over and pressed the intercom and ordered a glass of orange juice and a glass of Dr. Pepper for me and a glass of apple juice for Michael. I released the intercom, and told Michael to straighten his clothes while I got mine straightened and ready for landing. We left the master bedroom and went back to the living room where we were seated and buckled up for decent. Our drinks were waiting for us when we arrived, and we started sipping on them as the plane circled waiting for its turn to land at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Just as we were taxiing on the runway I finished my drinks as did Michael. We arrived right on time at the airport.

As soon as got our luggage, we immediately made our way to my limo and was met by my chauffer. Michael and I got into the limo and we made our way to the condo. We arrived at the condo at 1:30 and we were able to go in and get settled in and able to relax for a couple of hours before my presence was required at the pre-gala event for AMDS. The condo is the penthouse floor overlooking the ocean. It is a nice condo filling the entire top floor. Michael was awestruck by the ornate look to the condo. I explained that Mr. Matos, the previous owner of the penthouse suite had hired a well known architect to design the penthouse suite after Italian renaissance architecture. I further explained to Michael that the renovations cost 2.4 million dollars and has raised the value of the condo. Michael inquired how I acquired the condo, and I told him that I got it from Mr. Matos.

"Who is Mr. Matos?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to hold off on telling you about him for now."

"Not a problem."

I left Michael as he was walking through the condo admiring the architecture and the artwork and I went to lie down. The AMDS Corporation Gala always lasts till all hours of the night and I like to be rested before it starts so I can make the rounds talking with everyone that is present. The gala is set to begin at 7:00, starting at 5:00 is a pre-gala event for VIPs.

I woke up from my nap at 3:45 and took a quick shower. After I got out Michael was there to take a quick shower as well. He got dressed in one of his new tuxes. I selected a French-style tux to wear for the gala, and choose a pair of diamond and emerald studded cuff-links to wear. Michael and I left for the gala at 4:15 and arrived at 5:00. Michael was escorted to his seat, while I was taken to a side-room to join several people whose entrance to the gala will be announced. Soon there were about a dozen people present who would be announced upon entrance to the gala. This pre-gala event mainly covered the order of events at the gala as well as a time of fellowship among the major players in the gala. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of very fine wine along with fresh fruit skewers of cantaloupe and honeydew melon cubes, red grapes, strawberries, and watermelon skewered and accompanied with a honey-lime yogurt dipping sauce. I also enjoyed excellent conversations with the AMDS CEO Ronnie Oliver and other noted dignitaries. At 6:45 a quite tone fell in the side room as everyone in the room made final preparations for entering. The gala officially begins at 7:00. The different dignitaries would be introduced starting at 7:15 with several local and state dignitaries. By 7:30 all dignitaries at the gala would have been introduced to the gala attendees except AMDS CEO Ronnie Oliver and AMDS Founder and Board President David Murray. At exactly 7:35 Ronnie Oliver would be introduced and at 7:45 David Murray entrance would be announced.

The gala is being held in a large ballroom, with the entrance of dignitaries taking place from the east entrance on an elongated east-west ballroom. The dignitaries' tables are located at the western end of the ballroom, so all dignitaries would have to walk the length of the ballroom passing everyone present at large 12 person round tables to get to the dignitaries table and stage area. At 7:43 the gala announcer, wearing a wireless mike, walks in to walk with me from the side room to the entrance to the ballroom so he can announce my entrance. We walk up to the doors, with me standing behind him. The two men standing at the doors open the doors and the announcer walks in, and announced my entrance.

"Ladies and gentleman, the President of the Board of Directors and Founder of AMDS David Murray."

The announcer steps to the side and I enter through the doors to a standing ovation from all present at the gala. I make my way to the front table where CEO Ronnie Oliver and his wife, the state governor and his wife, the state senator and his wife, the mayor and his wife, a city councilman and his wife, and Michel were sitting. At 8:00 sharp the meal was started to be served. The meal for the gala was chicken parmigiana a parmesan breaded chicken breast served with spaghetti and classic marinara sauce and a black forest cake a three-layer dark chocolate cake with cherry filling iced with a non-dairy whipped topping finished with a chocolate cake crumb collar. It was also served with a nice Italian salad, garlic bread, and ice tea. The Italian salad was first served by waiters and waitresses. Once everyone at a table had finished with the salad, the main course was served. Bowls of garlic bread were placed at the table so everyone could eat as many as they desired. It was an excellent meal with compliments being made by those at the table I was sitting at. While we were eating there were conversations going on at the table. Most of it was centered on me since I live out of state and am only around these dignitaries once a quarter. We had a great time, and soon dessert was being served. It was absolutely delicious; I tried to figure out a way to get a second piece, when all of a sudden the waiter showed up with seconds for those at my table that wanted a second piece. I was definitely full by the time the meal was finished. By 9:00 everyone had finished with dessert and drinks had been served to those that wanted an after dinner drink. I request a hot tea with a sugar dish and a small glass of milk. At 9:00 the speeches began, first was the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale and he spoke on AMDS' contributions to the city and the community. After him, was a speech by the governor of Flordia and he talked for about 7 and a half minutes. Next was Ronnie Oliver, CEO of AMDS, he spoke on the successes AMDS had during the past year, and how AMDS was looking forward to another successful year. He also unveiled a plan to help develop and build a city park. The Board of Directors of AMDS had approved the park at their last meeting. Finally it was my turn. I began speaking at 9:35. My speech was just over 15 minutes long. I talked about were the company has been and where it is going, I also thanked those that had played a key part in AMDS during the early years. I then made a big announcement that shocked everyone.

"Ladies and Gentleman, as you are all aware; I founded AMDS 25 years ago. This is time for great celebration, but it is also time to look forward to the next 25 years and beyond. During the next few years we are going to be taking AMDS international. It is our desire to see us be international within three years. At this time I would like to welcome delegations from: London, England; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan; Beijing, China; Manila, Philippines; Sydney, Australia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Brasilia, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; Ontario, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Auckland, New Zealand; Rosebank, South Africa; Singapore, Singapore; Munich, Germany; Hong Kong, China; Seoul, South Korea; Cairo, Egypt; Athens, Greece; Melbourne, Australia; New York City, United States; San Francisco, United States; and Dallas, United States. Each of these cities are candidate cities for our international branches. It is with great pleasure that I reveal the 15 cities that will form our initial international branches with an additional 10 being announced as our second set of cities that we will branch into. This development has been in the works for four years now, with the Board of Directors working laboriously to develop the plans to accept proposals from candidate cities. The results of the four years work are sitting here this evening. We had over 100 cities submit proposals that we had to sort through to narrow down to the top 30 candidate cities, and those cities are represented here this evening.

"It is my great pleasure that I announce the 15 cities selected to become the first branches for AMDS. They are: Saint Petersburg, Russia; London, England; Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Hong Kong, China; Sydney, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Toronto, Canada; Dallas, United States; Munich, Germany; Manila, Philippines; New York City, United States; Singapore, Singapore; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Congratulations to these 15 cities.

"The second phase will consist of the following 10 cities: Moscow , Russia ; Buenos Aires , Argentina ; Auckland , New Zealand ; Frankfurt , Germany ; Mexico City , Mexico ; Ontario , Canada ; Madrid , Spain ; Paris , France ; Cairo , Egypt ; and Beijing , China .


"I would like to thank Berlin , Germany ; Brasilia , Brazil ; Rosebank , South Africa ; Melbourne , Australia ; and San Francisco , United States , for applying as a candidate city, and when we announce the acceptance of proposals from candidate cities, I look forward to seeing proposals from each of you. It was a tough decision to narrow done to the 25 countries that will be in stages one and two.

"Thanks to all cities that submitted proposals for consideration as a candidate city and congratulations to the 25 selected cities to become branch offices of AMDS."

I continued speaking for about two more minutes and then I sat down and the dance floor was opened up. The CEO leaned over to talk to me.

"Why haven't I heard anything about AMDS going international?"

"Since when did the board have to consult with you about the direction we feel the company should head. Besides, I seem to recall a proposal that you submitted to the board of directors about 6 years ago when you first became CEO about taking AMDS international. We voted it down at the time, but several of us kept the discussion alive behind the scenes and after some turnover on the board we brought the idea back up, and everyone agreed that AMDS was posed to go international. Are you not excited about it? If not please, tell me, and we can bring someone else in to head AMDS through this time of great expansion."

"No, I am ecstatic, I was just surprised that this had been in the making for four years, and I never once heard anything about it. I didn't even know that you were going to be making any big announcements in your speech tonight. The only people that did are the members of the board of directors and Michael, because he wrote my speech."

"Was that a smart thing to have someone that doesn't know anything about AMDS to write a speech revealing important information? What if he leaked it?"

"Well there was no chance of that because he lives with me and he never had a chance to tell anyone, unless he talked to any of the wives at this table while the dignitaries as well as you and I were in the side room, but seeing the surprised looks on their faces, I would say that he kept his mouth quiet. Besides he knew it was more than his jobs worth to talk about it before it was public knowledge."

"Well, as long as you trust him that is fine with me."

With that he turned to his wife and asked her if he might have this dance. I looked around and saw Michael dancing with a nice young lady and I decided that I needed to start mingling with the people. I started mingling with the members of the different delegations congratulating those whose cities were selected and thanking those whose cities weren't selected. I also strongly encouraged those cities that they were pretty much guaranteed a spot in the third selection of cities as long as they resubmitted a proposal when we announce the call for city location proposals.

I also spent time dancing with several prominent women that were present, with the blessing of their husbands of course. We had a great time during the rest of the evening and soon it was past midnight and the gala was breaking up. I said my goodbyes to those present and Michael and I headed back to the condo.

We returned to the condo a little past 1:00 AM. I was exhausted and Michael and I crawled into bed. I was however up for some sexual action that evening. Seeing Michael all dressed up in his tux all evening was sexually stimulating and I had a hard time a couple of times keeping my hands off of him. As we got settled into bed I started kissing him firmly on the lips and soon he had opened his mouth and was accepting my tongue into it as we kissed with great passion. Soon we were all hot and bothered and I told Michael that he needed to go down and start sucking me off. He was doing his normal expert job, and had anyone walked in they would definitely be able to smell the wonderful smell of sex. All the lights were off in the master bedroom. I could tell I was getting closer to reaching my climax, but I had other things in mind and so I told Michael to stop and starting licking lower. He started licking and sucking my balls for a few minutes until they were shining and shimmering in the moonlight. I directed him to move even lower, and to further explain my point I lifted my legs up revealing my tight ass. He gave me a strange look, and then realization dawned and he started licking up and down the crack and started edging ever closer to the tight rosebud. He started making nice delicate circles around the rosebud and it was making me ever hotter. Soon he had me panting from the sexual excitement.

I knew I needed to change the direction of this scene, so I reached down and lifted him up and placed him on his back. I got on top of him and started kissing him fervently on the lips and then started kissing down his neck. I breathed in deeply and I could smell his scent, and what a pleasant smelling scent it was. You could barely detect his aftershave and deodorant and you could detect a hint of cologne, but then there was his natural scent and it was intoxicating. I couldn't wait to continue having sex with him. I continued kissing down his torso until I reached his nipples, and I took a brief detour and sucked and licked his nipples bringing them to a point, and then I started to lightly bite his tits, and that elicited moans to come from Michael. I could tell that he was getting sexually excited and that he was getting hot. I continued kissing down his chest and six-pack abs and got to his treasure trail leading from his belly button on down to his treasure patch. I stuck my tongue down into his nicely round belly button and swirled my tongue. That elicited even more moans from Michael and I continued that for a couple of minutes before I continued my way down to his cock, Once I reached his cock, I slowly took it into my mouth and deep throated him a couple of times. But I soon stopped and continued my bath stopping to suck each ball into my mouth and rolling them around getting them nice and wet.

I continued even lower and was licking that spot just below the nuts and he was starting to squirm even more. I lifted his legs and saw his tight cherry asshole. I was looking forward to popping his cherry virgin ass. I started licking up and down his crack and soon he was writhing around on the bed and I had to hold him down to keep him in place while I continued to rim him. I continued working on his rosebud and soon I got him loosened up enough that I was able to start moving my tongue in and out of his hole. He started moaning non-stop and his moans were just turning me on even more. I soon had him as loose as I could get with my tongue. I reached over to the night stand where there was the drawer that I had placed a tube of lube in earlier in the day. I placed some lube on my fingers and then I slowly started to insert my index finger up his ass. I got in to the first knuckle and he clamped down so I just held there and waited for his ass to get comfortable having something in it. Soon he started relaxing so I continued to push the finger in slowly until I was all the way in. I waited for a couple of minutes to let him get use to the one finger before I started to slowly pull the finger back out. I noticed the lack of shit on my finger, and I was silently pleased that he was following my directions that he cleans himself out daily with an enema. Once I was almost all the way out, I then started to push back in. He started moaning again, and I started to increase the speed of which I was finger fucking him with. I swirled the finger around and tried to loosen it up even more. Soon I added a second finger. And he tightened up slightly as I added the second finger so I paused to again let him get use to the intrusion; soon he was relaxed and I was finger fucking him with two fingers now. With the two fingers I was able to scissor my fingers to try and stretch and relax the anus so that way he would be ready to take my entire cock up his ass. Soon I had a third finger up his ass and he took the third finger without a problem and I knew that the time was quickly approaching when I would actually pop his cherry. I pulled my fingers out and he whimpered at the empty feeling he got. I laughed telling him not to worry, that soon he will be experiencing the real thing. I squirted some more lube on my fingers and reinserted them into his ass to get even more lube in his ass to make the initial entry even more smooth. I soon withdrew the fingers again squirted some more lube and spread it around on my cock. Soon his ass was ready and my cock was lubed and I started teasing his asshole with my cock. He kept moaning and begging for me to start fucking him. I continued teasing him for a moment starting to apply some pressure and then easing off. I enjoyed watching his asshole twitching with excitement with the fuck that he was about to receive.