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to Tame an





A story by Danny



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Part 8

I woke early the next morning having slept well, but was still tired. Andy was still asleep, so I quietly put the sofa bed away and tidied up both the apartment as well as myself. After leaving him a note of thanks with my cell phone number at the bottom, I left to return Pricilla's car to her and get mine back. Thankfully she was already up and at work which only mildly surprised me.

"How are you?" She asked when I walked into the nearly deserted film studio.

"I'm good! Really!" I answered trying to make her believe me.

"Of course you are dear! You've got a strong heart!" she said and petted my bicep.

I considered our surrounding and then made the observation, "It's kind of creepy in here this time of day."

She looked around too and added, "I rather like it. It's like the bliss before the orgasm."

I laughed, "I never would have thought of it like that, but you're right."

"Was Andy well behaved last night?" she asked as an almost after thought.

I laughed again, "He was a perfect host and `no' we didn't have sex."

She eyed me questioningly, "I sense a `but' coming."

"No, no! No but. Well he's got a butt! A nice butt, but other than his butt, there is no but." I said and she laughed heartily.

I laughed too, "Sorry, I can't seem to stop saying butt."

"Well, why don't you take a couple more days to sort out your family matters before plunging back into work?" She suggested.

I gave her a questioning look.

"What?" She asked.

"Plunging back into work?" I asked with a smirk.

"Oh my!" she blushed.

"To be honest, I'd rather just get back to work." I said, "There isn't much I can do about the family."

I then told her about Meg's birth certificate, the lawyer and everything else that had taken place while in Waterford. I also had to assure her several times that I was ready and willing to work, but she made me take the day off to get some rest and I reluctantly agreed.

As I was leaving the studio my cell phone rang. It was Andy.

"When did you leave?" he asked.

"About an hour ago." I answered.

He then said, "Thank you for cleaning up, but you didn't have to."

"It was the least I could do. And thank you for letting me crash there last night. You were right, I was tired. I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow." I told him.

"It was great hanging out; maybe we can do it again sometime soon." he suggested.

"I'd really like that." I admitted.

"If you're free, how about tonight?" he asked, "I'll bring your wallet to you."

"WHAT?" I exclaimed as I reached for my back pocket only to find my wallet wasn't there, "Shit I left it there?"

He laughed, "I found it on the floor in front of the sofa."

"Are you working at the hospital today?" I asked.

"Yes, and I'll be getting off about six." He told me.

"I hope I get to help you with that." I said and he caught my meaning right away.

"I hope you will!"

"Since you don't have a car, how about if I pick you up after work?" I offered.

"I'll borrow my lady-friends car." He said.

"As I recall, you don't have a license." I reminded.

He laughed, "That's never stopped me in the past."

"I never took you as such a bad boy." I joked, "I'll text you the address."

He quickly came back with, "No need. I have your wallet remember?"

I chuckled, "Oh yeah!"

We said our goodbyes and no sooner did I hang up with Andy then my phone rang again only this time I didn't recognize the number at all.

"Hello?" I asked as I answered the call.

"Mr. Scott McGrouter?" a low deep male voice asked.

"This is he." I answered.

The voice then introduced himself, "Mr. McGrouter, this is Officer Richard O'Malley."

My heart skipped two beats as fear flooded over me like a tsunami.

"I'm sorry to bother you at this time of morning, but I'm currently at your residence." He recited my home address and my heart sunk into my shoes.

"I-is something wrong Officer O'Malley?" I asked as though the words were caught in my throat.

"We received an anonymous call from someone who heard glass breaking and noticed one of your windows was broken."

I have some pretty nosey neighbors and was sure which one had called; or so I thought.

"I have been out of town." I said as shock set in, "Did someone break in?"

"It doesn't appear so, but we've not been inside yet. Would you be able to return home now?" he asked.

Confused and still scared I paused before answering, "I'm currently in Waterford, but I was about to leave. I'll get there as quickly as I can."

"Thank you Mr. McGrouter." The officer said before ending the call.

"FUCK!" I shouted as I jumped in my car.

I had enough time during the drive for my imagination to run rampant, conjuring up some pretty scary shit. I had worked myself up into a full blown tizzy thinking that Officer O'Malley's call was actually a roués to get me to come home so that they could arrest me for what I'd done with Seth. I'd even convinced myself that when I wasn't home, Seth had gone straight to the police and somehow spun a web of lies that made him seem like a victim, and me the monster who'd raped him.

When I arrived home I found a single police car parked out front and Officer O'Malley sitting there waiting for me.

"Mr. McGrouter?" he asked.

He'd got out of the car as I pulled up behind his cruiser and had walked up to my car door.

"Yes" I answered nervously as I opened the door and got out.

He then extended a hand and smiled, "Thank you for getting back so quickly. I hope you didn't speed."

I ever so slowly raised my hand to his. He let me hang on that for a second before he laughed and said, "Just a little Cop joke. I've had a good look around and aside from the broken window I don't see any other damage."

He then led me around to the north side of the house to the window that looked in to the living room. It was the big picture window.

"If you don't mind waiting outside," He said, "I'd like to check the interior to be sure no one got inside."

I gave him the key and waited down on the sidewalk for only a few minutes but it felt like a lot longer.

He reemerged smiling and with a double thumbs up he said, "Everything looks okay. You can come in now."

We went straight to the window. and upon investigating, we discovered that someone had broken in, but that someone wasn't human. It was an enormous bird. Apparently it had crashed into the window, shattering the glass and then fell inside the house and behind the entertainment center.

I began to laugh, both to relieve stress and the hilarity of it all. We worked together to move the entertainment center to get to the dead bird. However when we started to move it, the bird moved. We both thought it was still alive; however the officer was the one to jump back and cuss. That only made the situation even funnier and we both could hardly contain ourselves enough to move the entertainment center to get at the bird.

When he bent down to pick it up, I couldn't resist making a crow sound which caused him to jump again. Only this time he cursed at me as he laughed so hard.

The bird was massive! Held by a single wing, its wingspan stretched from the officer's chest to the ground. A green and white pickup pulled up in front of my house and two very bearlike men got out. They were road kill cleanup for the county. I didn't even know there was such a job, let alone enough work to employ two men full time. We all had a good laugh over it all, but soon the three of them had departed and I was left with the job of boarding up my window. Thankfully I didn't have to do it alone.

Unbeknownst to the officer and myself, we'd been watched the entire time and I don't mean by my nosey neighbors. Although I have no doubt they were peeking through their curtains and windows blinds the whole time too. No sooner had the officer left and I had begun to clean up the glass then there was a soft knock at the back door. I looked out the back window before opening the door, and there stood Seth with a smile and a friendly wave.

Upon opening the door I asked, "How'd you know I was home?"

"I was hiding back there behind your woodpile sir." He said as he stood there pointing. Then he filled me in, "I had come to see if you were home this morning. I knocked on the front door then heard glass break. I thought maybe you dropped something sir, but you didn't answer. So I walked around to look in the window and that's when I saw the broken window. I shouted for you through it, but when you didn't answer, I called the police sir."

Ignoring what he'd just said I asked, "Why are you not in school today?"

He paused a moment, staring at me with disbelief, then said with a bit of pride, "I skipped school sir!"

"WHAT!" I exclaimed as I reached out to drag him into the house.

He jumped back and laughed, "IT IS SATURDAY STUPID!"

The shock of realizing he'd just called me a name registered on his face nearly instantly.

"I MEAN SIR!" he tried to play it off and smile cutely.

I finally smiled back and said, "I'll let that one slide. Come inside and you can help me clean up the glass?"

Lowering his voice he asked, "Could I wear the fairy princess clothes sir?"

"Fairy princess clothes?" I asked then realized he meant the ballerina tutu, "Oh, well I don't see why not, but first. we need to clean up the glass and board up the window. Once that's done you can get into your Fairy Princess clothes."

I told him about my daughter, but didn't go into all the drama of the past few days except to express how much everyone I ever loved before seemed to despise my existence.

Seth surprised me when he said, "I think they are all dumb not to love you sir!"

I almost commented on it but thought better of it. I was remembering what Andy had said to me, about not letting myself get emotionally attached to Seth.

"Now tell me, have you been a good boy?" I asked and made sure to look him in the eye when he answered. Even before he answered, I knew the truth.

He paused in thought, obviously deciding if he should try to lie to me or not but then he said, "I sort of got mad when you were not here sir. I sort of did something bad."

"Wwwhhhhaaatttt?" I asked in a slow drawn out manner.

He started to tear up, hung his head as his body began to tremble.

"You're going to be mad sir!" his voice cracked.

I reached out took hold of his chin and lifted his face and waited for him to tell me.

"I threw dog poo at your front door sir." He confessed and before I could react, he quickly added, "I cleaned it all off! I got mad, but I didn't mean it! Please don't be mad sir! I'm real sorry! Please sir!"

He could see the anger in my eyes and was begging. I chose to leave that simmering on the back burner while I then asked, "What about school and those boys? Have you been skipping any more classes?"

He was taken aback by my easy dismissal of the poo throwing and hesitantly answered, "No sir. I mean I haven't skipped at all, sir."

Still holding his chin I responded with a simple, "Good."

"What about those boys in the bathroom?" I asked again.

"I didn't skip classes this time," He pointed a finger at me to be sure I didn't miss that bit. "But I still got to hide in the bathroom and got lots of pictures of Mitchel and Oscar sir. And I also got a video of all of them sir." He said as he followed me outside as I carried the bucket of broken glass out to the trash.

"All of them?" I questioned as I finally released his chin.

He nodded enthusiastically, "Yes sir."

Looking out the window I lowered my voice so as not to be overheard by neighbors, "All four of them were doing stuff?"

I looked back to see him shaking his head, "No, I mean I videoed Mitchel and Oscar doing each other's butts and Quinten and Trent I videoed later after school smoking stuff behind the trash dumpster in the back of the school sir."

Seth told me all about it in detail as we screwed plywood over the broken window. As soon as we were done and the blinds were closed, Seth asked if he could now put on the Fairy Princess clothes.

"Sounds to me like you've been mostly a good boy, BUT...." I really drew out that `but' for effect, "There was the whole issue with the dog poop on my door."

"BUT I CLEANED IT SIR!" he cried out.

"Yes, but you still did a bad thing. Bad boys should be punished shouldn't they?" I asked.

He shook his head as he answered, "Nooooooo!"

I had to struggle not to smile as I drew out his name for effect, "Seeeeeeeth?"

While staring at the floor he softly surrendered with a "Yes sir."

He started to cry. Not hard, but there were tears and they looked pretty damn genuine to me.

"What do you think should be your punishment?" I asked.

He wouldn't look up from the floor as he shrugged his shoulders.

Right then, my cell phone rang. I pulled it from my back pocket and saw that it was Pricilla calling.

"Hello?" I said.

"Scott, I'm sorry to call but..." Pricilla's voice trailed off as she shouted at someone else, "Don't drop those! Put them in my car!"

"I'm sorry Scott!" She apologized again, "There's been a water sprinkler leak at the studio. We're in the process of getting the equipment moved out of here."

"Did the camera equipment get wet?" I asked.

"Everything is wet!" She said.

"Well hell! What can I do?" I asked.

"Not much right now. Obviously production is going to have to be put on hold until we can get the equipment working or replaced. And I'm going to have to find a new location to set up a studio." She said, "I'm only calling to let you know that you won't need to come in tomorrow."

Without thinking I said, "If a location is needed, I have plenty of room here at the house. The basement is huge and isn't being used."

"That's very generous, but it's best not to shit where you sleep." She said.

I laughed, "I've heard that once or twice."

"I'll be in touch in a day or two. In the meantime take care of yourself and call me if you need anything." She said.

"Same goes for you. I'm here if you need me; and I don't just mean in front of the camera. I have two strong arms and..."

"You are such a good man, Scott!" She said, "I'll be in touch! Goodbye!"

"Goodbye Pricilla." I said back but she'd already hung up.

"What happened sir?" Seth asked.

For a second there I had forgotten he was even standing beside me as I talked to Pricilla.

"Seems there's been a water leak at work and production is shut down for a day or two. Hopefully, no longer." I told him.

And then realizing that Seth wasn't as upset as he was before the call I decided to mess with him a bit.

"Wait a second!" I exclaimed with fake anger, "Did you have something to do with flooding the studio? Answer me young man!"

Seth's entire body jolted when I snapped at him and he jumped back a foot or two.

"NO SIR!" His voice cracked.

I couldn't keep from laughing and said, "I'm only messing with you! Come on, let's go upstairs and get you into your Fairy Princess outfit!"

Playfully I grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and started to drag him along. He instinctively reached back to keep me from pulling his hair out.

As we crested the staircase he asked, "Am I not in trouble for the dog poop anymore sir?"

"Oh my, I had completely forgotten!" I said, which was the truth.

He stopped and tried to turn around to look at me, but I wouldn't let go of his hair.

"I'm glad you reminded me!" I then turned him toward the attic door and said, "Let's go get the whip."

"NOOOOOO PLEASE!" He screeched and tried to pull away.

I held on tight and pulled his head back, "Would you rather I used the butt plug and..."

Despite my grip on his hair he shook his head violently and shouted, `NO SIR' before I could even finish.

"What? Didn't you like that?" I asked with an evil chuckle.

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me. It was then that I realized he was trembling.

"Please sir! I am so very sorry!" he whimpered.

I had no intention of whipping him or using the vegetable glycerin on him this time. Actually, before the call, I had already thought up a good punishment for him. Something that suited his crime.

"Alright, no whip and no plug. Let's get this over with so that we can get you into your outfit and maybe even having some fun."

I lead him into the bathroom and started to undress him. He didn't resist at all.

"What are you going to do sir?" He asked.

"Until I tell you otherwise, you are not allowed to speak again. Understand?" I commanded.

"Yes sir." He said and I gave him an angry glance which made him flinch at realizing he'd talked, "Sorry sir." He then clamped his hands over his mouth to shut himself up.

As his pants fell, I gave his bare hip a hard swat, "Not another word or else."

His eyes registered the pain of the slap and he nodded his head that he understood.

Once he was naked I picked up his things and walked over to the toilet where I lifted the seat. I then walked out of the bathroom.

"Stay right there. I'll be right back." I ordered.

I returned without his clothes but I didn't come back empty handed. I had the clothe belt from my bathrobe.

"Turn around." I barked and he obeyed without delay.

I then tied his hands behind his back, making sure it was good and tight so that he couldn't get loose. I then walked him forward so that he was facing the toilet. Leaving him standing there, I then backed out of the room and returned with an old tooth brush.

I placed the brush handle in his mouth and said, "Bite down on this. Good! Now I want you to clean the bowl inside and out. Clean every inch and don't forget to get under the rim. Now get to work."

I gave his bare ass a hard smack which nearly made him fall forward. He would have, had he not lunged a foot forward to catch himself. He didn't start right away, but instead looked at me with disbelief as small fearful tears rolled down his face.

"Or would you rather I get the whip, the plug and the butt medicine?" I asked.

Tears flowed even more as he reluctantly knelt down and tried to use the toothbrush to clean the white porcelain. For some reason, he really got emotional over this. I mean more than what one would expect. He was really having a hard time cleaning and I guess he was getting scared that I was going to get mad. Actually the opposite was happening; I was finding it just about the funniest thing I had seen lately. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. After watching him struggle for a full minute I had to walk out of the bathroom to keep him from seeing me laugh.

I left him alone for several minutes while I went to my room and changed into more comfortable clothing. I had only just stripped down to my underwear when I heard what sounded like crying. Not bothering to cover myself I return to the bathroom where I found that Seth was not cleaning the toilet but had fallen over. He was sobbing so hard and I thought it was because he couldn't get up with his hands tied behind his back, however that wasn't the case at all. I had no idea that I'd inadvertently stumbled onto one of Seth's greatest fears.

I lifted him up so that he was on his knees facing me. The tooth brush lay on the floor where it had fallen out of his mouth.

"What's going on? Why are you so upset about cleaning the toilet?"

He was so emotional that he couldn't even talk. His chest was heaving as he struggled to breath between his sobs.

I took hold of either side of his face and tried to calm him down but he was inconsolable.


He was over the edge and I was starting to get scared for him. I quickly picked him up off the floor and carried him from the bathroom to my room where I laid him on his side on the bed and untied his hands.

There was no way to get him to calm down other than to pick him back up and hold him until he could get control of himself. That took quite a very long time. I'd placed him on my lap facing me with his legs wrapped around my waist, and his arms were hugging tightly under my own arms. I held him tightly with his head rested against my chest and I could feel his little fists pressed tightly against my back.

When his trembling body began to soften and calm, he lifted his head slowly from my chest. He was still breathing hard and his face was bright red and streaked from the tears that had flowed for so long. My chest hairs were drenched as well.

I didn't probe him for information, but patiently waited for him to speak when he was ready. As I waited I continued to rub his back up and down with my right hand while my left cupped his bottom.

"L-last year four sixth g-graders were picking on me." He finally said. I gave no reply but waited for him to say more.

"They kept shoving my head in the t-toilet and flushing it." He started to cry again and lowered his eyes in shame, "I couldn't breathe, but they kept doing it over and over!"

He was bawling again.

I pressed his head back into my chest and softly stroked his bare back. "I'm sorry those boys did that to you and I'm also sorry that I caused those bad memories to come back."

His body began to soften once again within my embrace while his head rested directly over my heart. I continued to rub his back, and not really meaning too, my hand was venturing further down with each stroke. I then felt a soft kiss on my neck, and a few seconds later, another.

He pulled away and looked me in the eye for only a moment then he kissed my lips. An electric spark ran from my lips down through my body and straight to my dick. With a speed I hadn't experienced since my youth, my cock became instantly engorged. If I didn't still have my underwear on, my cock may have impaled his ass all by itself. He lifted his arms over my shoulders and combed his fingers into my hair as we continued to kiss. As though we had the same thought, our mouths opened and I slipped my tongue past his lips. He began to suck on it as though it was my cock while making moaning noises. I shuttered with desire for the boy.

My other hand wandered down and found his ass cheeks. I cupped them firmly and spread them apart. This seemed to energize Seth as we continued to kiss.

Reaching down, I found the fly of my underwear and freed my raging hard-on. Breaking our kiss, I placed my mouth near his left ear and whispered, "Do you want me to..." but before I could finish he was nodding his head and begged, "Please!"

With that, I leaned to the side, dropped the boy upon the bed and lifted his knees to his ears. For a brief moment I saw him smile before I dove down and buried my face in his ass. He began to squeal like a mouse as my tongue darted in and out of his tiny rosebud. He was writhing around so much that I had to stop for a moment because I couldn't keep a hold of his legs. Retrieving my bathrobe I'd use to tie his hands earlier, I pulled his hands toward me and tied them behind his knees. There was no way he could squirm away now.

He was smiling ever so wickedly.

"You like that don't you?" I asked.

He nodded, "Yeah!"

Curiosity set in and I wanted to know if Seth got off on a bit of pain, so I stuck my index finger into my mouth, pulled it out and without letting him know it was coming, shoved my finger all the way into his asshole.

His smile quickly turned into the O-face and his eyes were wide open with surprise.

His specter was clenching and pulsating almost like it was trying to suck my hand into him.

I pulled my finger all the way out and he blinked, and then looked at me longingly.

"How'd you like that?" I asked but before he could reply I shoved my finger back in a second time.

"OOOOH!" He gurgled and started to tremble.

"Yeah," I thought to myself, "He definitely likes it rough."

Withdrawing my finger again, I spat on his hole and this time, I shoved in two fingers.

He bit down on his bottom lip and squinted his eyes against the pain.

I then twisted my hand a little, bent my fingers and with a little effort found his immature prostate. When I touched it, he sucked in a quick breath and suddenly began to buck against his restraints.

Obviously, the boy was more than a little worked up. Perhaps keeping him waiting for so many days really had him primed and ready to blow.

After teasing his prostate for a couple minutes, I withdrew my fingers and lined up my dick as I waited for him to exhale. With a single thrust I was balls deep into him.

He didn't make a sound, but tears flowed from the corners of his eyes and down into his ears while he clenched his teeth.

I wanted to pump away like a rabbit and blow my load but instead, I chose to give him what he really wanted; a good, long fucking. When I was done with him, he was going to be feeling it for days.






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