This is a rewrite of an earlier posted story "The hunt".

This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author retains all rights to this work and you may not copy or transmit it in any way except in it's entirety and with this disclaimer. This story contains descriptions of sex between adult males. If such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, if you are under legal age, or if you are offended by such material DO NOT READ IT. copyright AMc 2006

The Hunted

The hunt started at midday when Hud drove Joe out to the boundary of his hundred acre spread. He was blindfolded with his hands behind his back, an unnecessary precaution Joe thought, but Hud was really into it. The truck stopped and he felt Hud get out of the truck and open the passenger door, pulling him out unceremoniously by the arm. He stumbled a bit but regained his balance as his hands were untied and blinked at the light as the hood was removed from his head.

“Take your clothes off boy." Hud ordered roughly. He registered irritation at being called boy, at thirty he was hardly a boy but compared to Hud, who was nearly fifty, it was excusable. Joe complied, leaving on only a jock and his good hiking boots.

“Your job is to get back to the house before getting caught by the hunting party. But if you get caught, go along with what ever happens, you understand boy?”

“Yes sir." he answered without hesitation.

"Then git." Hud gave him a hard smack on the ass that sent him lurching and he was off.

The hunting party? he wondered, as he entered the forest across the road. Hud had a circle of buddies he would go off on for week long hunting trips. They were as gay and randy as he was. He halted momentarily when he wondered what he had agreed to but trusted Hud enough that he wouldn't get hurt.

Joe stumbled along as he searched for a path. The forest was thick with trees, brush and high grass creating a lush green tapestry. The sun overhead offered little help but he could tell he was headed in the right direction. So far so good for the urban yuppie he thought.

He was not used to wandering around in the woods but did a lot more of it since he met up with his lover. Hud had discussed the idea of a human hunt with Joe, who was uninterested in the idea at first but his lover persisted with little jabs at how soft and "civilized" he was with his intellectual ways and pale body. Hud was always insisting he needed to get out and do real mans' work and acquire a tan. He finally agreed, If he had to tromp thru the forest in a mock hunt to prove he wasn't a wimp, so be it.

Hud was worth it, Joe reflected thoughtfully. He was a big man, over six feet with a thick girth-solid from years of manual labor. He had meaty arms and the hair on his chest matched his gray crew cut. It was a butch exterior that hid a softer nature underneath. Hud took care of him and that was a real turn on for the shorter, leaner Joe who shied away from confrontation.

He was given a twenty minute head start but hadn't gotten far over the hilly terrain. The trees thinned out slightly allowing him a better view of the surroundings. A few minutes later he saw movement out the corner of his eye and spotted two men in hunting camouflage quietly wend their way thru the woods. Joe dropped down on the ground and watched them as they checked for footprints and made a mental note to keep to hard ground. Not an easy task with all the damp soil from a recent rain.

They didn't looked in his direction and soon disappeared. Joe waited another five minutes, chuckling to himself at avoiding capture. Score another one for the nerdy bookworm, he thought. He headed off in the other direction putting distance between him and his pursuers. He wondered where Hud was, knowing he would be involved in this escapade.

He headed for the dirt road that ran through the woods but thought better of it. That was too obvious and visible. He switched to a deer trail and before long stopped when he heard another rustle off to his right. He looked closer and saw Hud, in hunting gear, pulling up his pants. Bears really do shit in the woods, he smiled in amusement, as the older man wandered away.

This was too easy he thought , these guys were suppose to be experts and they never saw him despite how close they were. Joe shook his head, this whole hunting thing was silly. He trailed a safe distance behind Hud to see what he was up to.

His left foot caught on something and was yanked out from under him then he was thrown into the air. The next thing he knew he was dangling upside down four feet off the ground by his left leg, swinging wildly. He tried to reach up and free himself but it only made him dizzy so he quit flailing and soon swung to a stop.

Shit. It was a classic snare and he cursed himself for not seeing it. He hung motionless for a moment wondering how he was going to get out of his embarrassing condition when he heard footsteps and saw the two men he spotted earlier emerge from a thicket. The two men were silent as they regarded him hanging a few feet away. The first man gazed hawk like at Joe while the other one pushed his cap back off his forehead; his face split with a smile.

“Woo hoo, looks like we caught ourselves a young buck." the heavier of the two said to his companion in a strong hillbilly accent. The taller man merely nodded.

Joe recognized them even from his odd perspective. The heavy set man was Wayne, a loud, boorish roughneck given to macho posturing.He was the kind of man who would brag about taking down a six point elk but come home empty handed. Joe was rather sorry to see him. That other man, Drew, was a different story. He had only met the tall silent man once before and found his penetrating blue eyes intimidating. He was lean and muscular and close to Joe's age.

"Um, hi guys, can you help me down?" Joe said conversationally, trying to be causal about the situation. Here he was hanging upside down in the middle of the woods in nothing but a jock strap.

Wayne grabbed Joe's wrists and tied them in front as Drew cut the overhead rope and lowered Joe to the ground. That rope was quickly looped around his other ankle binding them together. Another rope was looped between his tied hands then over the limb he had been dangling from. Drew hoisted him into the air with little effort. Joe gasped as his arms were now raised over his head until his feet barely touched the ground and a handkerchief was stuffed in his mouth. Sweat dampened his forehead as he wondered what they were going to do with him.

They were dressed alike in hunting clothes and black baseball caps.Wayne took off his cap revealing a rapidly thinning patch of brown hair. He was about Hud's weight but shorter with a round open face. He was noisy and ebullient as he pointed to Joe and made lewd comments to his companion. Drew said nothing, as usual, his intense gaze never leaving Joe's body stretched taunt by the rope. He removed his cap to reveal black hair cut short and parted to the side.

Joe's penis began to swell despite his fear. He liked this better than he was willing to admit despite his acute embarrassment at being so exposed to men he barely knew with questionable intent. Drew reached out with his finger and traced a line from Joe's chin to his balls. He shivered at the feel of the man's nail against his flesh.

"Nice and pink, just the way I like em. " Wayne laughed as he patted Joe's ass. Joe didn't like his gleeful leering. His captors calmly sat down on a nearby log to contemplate their catch. Moments later there was a shout in the distance and all three turned to see Hud come walking toward them.

It's about time Joe thought, as Hud greeted the two men warmly then turned to Joe, putting his hands on his hips in a paternal gesture.

" Boy you got to watch your step when you stalk a man after he takes a shit. " Hud said and the others laughed.

Damn, Joe shut his eyes at how foolish he had been, Hud probably watched this whole scene from his hiding place. He didn't know whether to be relieved or apprehensive about his arrival. The three men sat down and traded pleasantries, as Wayne smoked a cigar and occasionally glanced at Joe hanging from the tree.

"Let's get started shall we?" Hud offered. Wayne stood and unzipped his pants, pulling out a short fat dick while Drew remained seated just watching. Hud knelt before Joe and he jerked as the man pulled his member free of the jock and took his entire six inches in one gulp, burying his nose in his pubic hair. He sucked gently as he massaged Joe's ass cheeks roughly. Joe groaned at the sensation washing over him. Hud had a very talented mouth as he slowly milked Joe.Wayne stroked himself as he reveled in the scene of the young man being sucked while his arms were tied helplessly above him.

Joe's muscles strained at the sensory overload. His muffled cries and trembling grew more pronounced as he was driven closer to orgasm. Hud sensed Joe's state and squeezed Joe's balls forcefully to slow the rising tide in his loins and pulled his mouth away. Hud continued the process of bringing him to the brink then down again several times until Joe was bathed in sweat and writhing in sexual agony. At last the sucking increased in ferocity and speed as Hud slide the cock back and forth across his closed lips. Joe clenched his fists and arched his back in ecstasy.

He had never, never felt like this before as the tongue tortured him. Joe uttered a loud groan as his cock suddenly erupted in Hud's waiting mouth. He pulled away to have a final jolt hit him in the face then stepped back as Joe's orgasm subsided. Joe fainted causing his arms to take the weight of his body and Hud quickly grabbed him about the waist holding him up in an embrace and pulled the gag out of his mouth. He stroked the young man's limp hair as his breathing returned to normal.

"How do you like being captured boy? " he whispered in Joe's ear, kissing him tenderly. Joe raised his head and gave him a broad grin. The spell was broken and the other men snorted in amused agreement.

They gathered themselves together, Wayne zipped himself up while Drew loosened the rope holding Joe. He winced as he lowered his stiff arms. Drew pointed to the ground, indicating he should sit. Joe was a bit puzzled by the request but obeyed. Apparently the game was not over he realized and shot Hud a questioning look as a long heavy pole was brought out and passed between Joe's wrist and ankles.

Wayne and Drew proved to be in good shape as they heaved the pole horizontally across their shoulders, leaving Joe hanging underneath like a clumsy hammock. He tried to keep his head up to watch where they were going as Hud lead the way down a path but it proved to be too much of a strain. He let his head fall back, affording a view of Wayne's ample crotch and gut as he walked along under the weight of Joe's body swinging from the pole. He looked down at Joe, playfully grabbing his own groin.

"There's more to come young buck. " he said with a wink and a smirk.