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The Hunted part 2

They arrived at a clearing in the woods and set Joe down on a soft patch of ground. Wayne rubbed his shoulder, as he rotated his arm, working the stiffness out of it. Drew showed no affect from carrying Joe’s 160 pounds under the thick pole. Definitely the strong silent type, Joe mused as he watched the men set up camp. Two tents were pitched amid a field of grass with a large stone fire pit off to the side and a large sturdy picnic table. Four tall posts framed the area and Joe remembered Hud was constructing a pavilion for picnics and family outings.

Drew came over, removed the pole still restraining Joe’s hands and feet then slung him over his shoulders. He was carried to the picnic table and set him face up on it where Wayne had spread a blanket over the top. His dangling feet were tied to the table legs while his hands were tied to the far end. Drew and Wayne sat on one side; Hud on the other.

They busied themselves with a lunch of cold sandwiches and soda. They ate, occasionally fondling Joe as if having a naked man for a centerpiece was normal. Hud held Joe's head so he could drink some water. Joe enjoyed the the scene, three men focusing their attention on his firm young body as the late afternoon sun warmed his skin. Joe sighed and closed his eyes as the men chatting amiably. Hud cleared his throat and spoke up just as Joe was getting comfortable.

“Drew why don’t you show the buck here your technique with balls." Hud said pointedly and Joe’s eyes flew open with a look of alarm.

Joe had sensitive balls and an aversion to having them played with. He sweat with anticipation as Drew got up and pulled a long soft nylon string from his pocket. He carefully pulled Joe’s testicles out and wrapped the cord around the base of them, leaving a length in his hands. Joe tensed and his breathing increased at the feel of the tightening fabric. The other two moved food and drink away from his wiggling, laughing at his predicament.

Drew stood at the end of the table between Joe’s legs and slowly pulled the string taut causing Joe to move his butt closer to the edge of the table to ease the stress on the sensitive skin. He stopped when his arms reached the end their restraints. When Drew wiped sweat from his brow and removed his shirt, Joe’s dick sprang to life at the sight.

Drew had a well muscled chest and arms. His pectorals were bulging and covered with a coat of hair accenting his small brown nipples. The hair trailed down his stomach, disappearing under the waistband.

He tugged on the string again making Joe gasp and jump. He smiled at the ease of arousing the naked man before him. With a flick of his wrist he sent the string lassoing around Joe’s fully erect cock and pulled again. Joe was about to say something when Hud took out a handkerchief from his pocket.

“You going to stay quiet on your own boy?” He asked with an arched brow. Joe shut his mouth.

Drew tugged on the string rapidly, making Joe’s genitals bounce uncomfortably. He stopped and leaned forward, flicking at Joe’s balls with his tongue. Joe stifled a groaned, shutting his eyes in concentration. Wayne and Hud made approving noises, savoring his struggle.

Drew licked the tight balls and sucked one into his mouth with a loud slurping sound, switching from one nut to the other.Drew sucked on his dick, making sure it was completely hard then tightened more string around it, making a cock ring.

Hud slicked up his finger and prodded Joe’s pucker. Wayne meanwhile, pinched and sucked on his nipples, raking his hand across his chest and down to his armpits, sending Joe into further shivers of passion.

“No, please don't-.“ he began, unable to stand it anymore. Hud removed his finger and smacked his ass hard.

“Quiet boy." he growled at Joe's outburst. He smacked him again and Joe shut his eyes, inhaling deeply thru his nose to center his mind. He opened his eyes again when his legs were untied. Wayne and Hud held them up by the ankles as Drew undid his pants revealing a large dark cock and plum sized balls. He moved between Joe’s outspread legs, his cock at the right height to Joe's ass.

Oh my God, Joe thought as his eyes widened at the sight of the thick member jutting out like a steel pipe moving closer to him. Hud spit on his hole and rubbed it around slicking it up for entry. Drew leaned into him, pushing the head against the tight opening, holding onto Joe’s thighs for support. The two other men held Joe’s legs higher to give Drew better access. The head entered and Joe screamed with pain and pleasure. He was bigger than any cock he had taken, bigger than Hud. All three men held still, letting Joe get used to the girth in him.

Joe slowed his breathing to a manageable level and looked at Hud, his eyes wide in disbelief. How could he let such a monster invade him? This was supposed to be a fun day in the woods, playing hide and seek, not this. Hud leaned down and kissed him, smiling to assure him he wasn't going to break. Joe wasn't so sure and braced himself as Drew continued to push in slowly, burying his shaft until his pubic hair brushed against Joe’s butt. He ground it inside of him, like a mortar in pistol, rubbing his prostate.

Hud swatted at Joe’s ass cheeks with a free hand causing him to jolt, which in turn made Drew twitch inside of him. Wayne joined in but his blows were sharper and meaner than Hud's. The two burly men continued to smack at his ass. Drew made small moaning sounds in his throat as Joe’s ass squeezed his cock with each swat. Once again all three men stopped what they were doing as Joe, bathed in sweat, waited at the top of the roller coaster about to plunge him into a wild ride.

“Ready?” Hud asked everyone as he watched their faces in anticipation. Drew pushed in slowly one way while pulling on the string around Joe’s balls the other way, creating a strange tension within him, stretching and skewering him at the same time. There was no holding back this time, no teasing him to near orgasm. The roller coaster roared down the first drop taking Joe’s breath away, his mouth opened soundlessly.

Drew increased his pace rapidly, balling the restrained man under him. Hud unwrapped the string around Joe’s penis, who let out a yelp at the release. He took the string, still encasing Joe’s balls, and raised the ball sac up and out of the way of the thrusting. Joe climaxed and Hud freed his balls with a tug on the slip knot as he bubbled and gushed with milky semen.

Drew, however, was not done and Joe tried not to pass out as Drew continued plowing him. He watched Drew's face screw up in concentration as Wayne and Hud shouted encouragement's to him like a marathon runner striving for the finish line.

With a powerful lunge he boiled over filling Joe to excess. Joe’s legs were lowered as the massive penis withdrew from his ass with an audible plop. Hud and Wayne whooped and applauded, slapping Drew on the back at his performance. He smiled sheepishly, suddenly self-conscious. Hud leaned down and gave Joe a deep kiss.

“That’ll do boy, that’ll do.”