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The Hunted part 3

Joe had fallen asleep from his exertion. He awoke when Hud helped him off the table and held him close, telling him how proud he was. Joe wasn't feeling the same. He knew Hud cared but deep down he felt abused and resentment simmered in him as the big man rubbed his sore ass with a calloused hand. Getting even with the old son of a bitch appealed to him but he was too tired to think of anything right now. He looked around to see evening rapidly descending.

Joe was hauled over to one of the tall wooden posts marking the boundary of the planned picnic pavilion. Joe cooperated reluctantly as he sat down and was tied to it; his hands behind him. Hud had at least spread a towel out for his bare ass but he gave his lover an annoyed glare.

A fire was burning in the fire pit as Hud and the two men sat on the stone rim, discussing how long they wanted to camp. Hud came over and rubbed his short brown hair like a puppy and told him to behave while he went to the house to fetch some supplies taking Drew with him. Wayne was all too happy to be left alone with Joe.

Wayne sat at the picnic table and smoked another cigar, gazing at Joe with lust. Joe didn't like the way he stared and hoped Hud would return soon. He pulled tentatively on the ropes around his wrist but he was held fast.

"You ain't going anywhere young buck." Wayne chuckled. Joe could tell the portly man was planning something and after another minute he rose from his seat and walked over to Joe. He stood over him placing his booted foot casually on Joe's crotch as he pulled out a kerchief and wiped his brow.

"You sure got a cute mouth. " He said but it was not in a complementary tone. Joe inwardly cringed, it wasn't hard to guess what he had in mind. Sure enough Wayne unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick, waving it in Joe's face.

"It's my turn with you." He said with obvious intentions. Joe didn't want to suck the man. He considered refusing but he was not in a position to do so and he had agreed to go along with whatever happened on the hunt. He looked up at Wayne with thinly veiled distaste as the fat dick moved closer to his mouth.

"Open wide boy. " he ordered and shoved his member into Joe's mouth. He wasn't gentle at all, Drew at least entered him carefully but Wayne had no such consideration and fucked his face roughly grabbing Joe's hair as he sawed back and forth muttering under his breath. He pulled out when Joe nearly fainted from lack of air. He repeated the action several times, enjoying Joe's struggle with almost sadistic glee and intended to prolong his fun as long as possible.

That's it Joe thought, it was time to show the bastard he was not a whore. He gazed up at his attacker with feigned desire at the next breather.

"Please untie my hands. " he pleaded. Wayne shook his head, grinning wickedly.

" I want to show you this neat trick with my finger, it drives Hud wild." he teased. Wayne hesitated, getting a taste of what his old army buddy got was mighty tempting. He pulled out his knife and leaning over, cut the rope binding Joe's wrist.

Joe gave him more than a finger. In a flash he grabbed the man's nuts and twisted them as hard as he could.Wayne screamed in agony and fell over, clutching his balls. Joe jumped up and pulled Wayne's hands back and tied them with the rope that recently held him then stuffed the kerchief in his mouth. He couldn't believe the noise Wayne was making. Joe found more rope and hog tied his victim. He couldn't find any clothes but took Wayne's knife and gear bag resting outside a tent.

He ran down a path that lead to the house but that wasn't where he was headed. Hud had a small storage unit somewhere out here and he decided to get to it and hide until he figured out a plan. He found the funky wood shed eventually and leaned against it, panting and sweaty from his run. The door had a large lock on it.

"Fuck. " he swore loudly and immediately bit his lip at the careless outburst.

His memory returned and he felt along the top ledge of the small window for the key and unlocked the door, closing it behind him. Feeling safe, he sat down on a wooden box and looked around the small room smelling of dust and dirty oil. He recalled the last time he had seen the inside of this closet sized space and smiled.

He and Hud were walking the dogs when a sudden downpour chased them to this shed. They laughed at their haste to get out of the rain and strip out of their wet clothes. Feeling randy, they started started kissing and fondling each other. Hud pushed Joe over a old wooden barrel and fucked him as the sound of rain crashed loudly on the tin roof.

He suddenly remembered the bag in his hand and opened it up. It contained two dildos, a jock strap, more rope, handcuffs, a bottle of lube and a pint of whiskey. Joe shook his head incredulous, this guy did not pack for a hunting trip. He tossed the toys but kept the cuffs then took a gulp of whiskey.

It occurred to him with stunning simplicity he couldn't stay here, he would be trapped. Reluctantly he decided to leave and this time he was going to walk back to the house.

Hud said if he got to the house before the hunters caught him he won. Well it was too late for that but he could put an end to this bizarre game by simply walking home and wait for Hud, Drew and a very sore Wayne to show up. He would cook them a dinner and humbly concede their hunting skills. He would make it up to Hud with a vigorous night of sex and that would be the end of it.

Part of him rejoiced at the idea and he almost jumped up to do just that but he remained where he was. Part of him did not want to "wimp out" as Hud often accused him of doing when challenged. He wanted to show these guys he was not easy game.

"Screw this." he muttered and heaved himself up for the walk home. He slung the bag over his shoulder and quietly slipped out of the shed, locking the door behind him. He took three steps before stopping, his mind refusing to give up so easily but what could he do, it was three against one.

Or was it? He straightened up with sudden inspiration. Why not divide and conquer? He reasoned if he could separate them he might have a sporting chance. Wayne was slowed down at the least and he knew how to deal with Hud which left him with Drew.

That was daunting thought, the silent muscular man was certainly stronger than him and probably a skilled woodsman. He frowned as he reconsidered that opinion. He noticed that Drew didn't have a tan like Hud and Wayne and his boots and clothes were brand new. It also struck him as odd that he went along with Hud, what was up with that?. His instinct told him to reject the "skilled woodsman" picture he had and find a way to trap him.

He slung the bag across his back and stashed the handcuffs in the band of the jock. He walked back toward the camp site keeping away from the trail. Hud would return soon down the main dirt road with a pickup truck full of supplies if he guessed right so he had to work fast.

Too late Joe discovered as he neared the camp site where he spotted Hud in the dim light fishing around in the back of the truck. Wayne was swearing profusely, a bag of ice from the cooler in his lap. Drew was squatting over his back pack, regarding Wayne scornfully, unimpressed with the heavy man's complaining. He rose suddenly and barked at Wayne to shut up. The sharpness from the otherwise quiet man was startling and Wayne meekly did as he was told.

He was going to look for Joe, Drew announced and pulled on his pack. As Joe expected, he headed for the trail he had used earlier. He dashed ahead so he could catch him further down the trail.

How am I going to catch him? Joe thought furiously. He watched as Drew stopped to tie his boot lace and inspect some tracks on the ground, Joe's footprints no doubt.

Now was his chance Joe decided as he snuck silently toward the unsuspecting hunter. With a rush of adrenaline he threw all his weight on Drew. He expected a fight but to his surprise Drew was knocked out cold when he struck the ground face first. Joe turned him over to make sure he was all right. He had a pulse and other that a small trickle of blood from his nose was just unconscious. Satisfied, Joe dragged him over to a tree trunk and cuffed Drew's hand together around it.

Next up was the fat man. He returned to see Hud deep in conversation with Wayne. Joe slipped over to the truck and saw the driver side door hanging open. Joe had scolded him constantly about his bad habit of leaving it open with the keys in the ignition and for once Joe was thankful his scolding hadn't taken effect. He took the keys and slipped away.

He was treated to Hud swearing profusely a few minutes later when he realized the keys were gone. He searched in the frantic way people do, all around the truck and in his pockets. Joe watched with interest as realization dawned on Hud what happened and he looked around the surrounding woods intently.

Now we're even, he breathed. It was appropriate pay back. This would give him time as they would be busy trying to figure out how to uncuff Drew from the tree when they found him on the way back to the house.

Joe was happy with his minor victory against these good ole boys. He hiked down the trail feeling happier with each step closer to home. Ah, a beer and a hot shower will be nice Joe decided. He was cold and smudged with dirt, there was also a long scratch along his left calf from wading through underbrush that needed tending. He was too distracted to see Drew suddenly step out of the woods looking fierce with dried blood smeared across his face while Hud came up from behind blocking the retreat. A very angry looking Wayne came hobbling into view holding a Coleman lantern.

"That was a mighty good run you gave us Joe." Hud said using the tone he took when disciplining his dogs. He stepped up to Joe and firmly took hold of his arm just above the elbow. Joe sighed in defeat and dropped the bag at his feet. Hud reached around and grabbed at Joe's crotch.

" A very nice run. " He leaned in close and bit Joe's ear.

" Your cute little boy needs his ass kicked." Wayne spat. Drew gave a small snort of derision and Wayned glared at him.

" Laugh it up funny boy, you didn't have your balls nearly ripped off." Wayne was pissed he didn't get to have as much fun as the others. Drew gave him a cold stare that would stop most men in their tracks.

"You had it coming. " he said quietly. Wayne's s face contorted in embarrassed frustration. Hud burst out laughing.

"Hell ole buddy you never could keep it in your pants." he said good naturedly and Wayne folded under the ribbing.Hud grabbed Joe forcibly by the back of the neck, shaking him a bit.

"What do we do with our clever little catch?" Hud asked and there was silence as they looked at Joe like a deer they had proudly downed.

Hud hummed the dueling banjos theme from "Deliverance" and he exchanged wicked grins with the others.Wayne's grin turned to a confused frown when Drew took hold of what little hair he had and threw the burly man over a fallen tree. His pants were pulled down and his hands were tied to a smaller tree a few feet before him before he had a chance to protest. Joe watched in fascination as Drew dropped his pants and quickly mounted him. Jeez it was a scene straight out of the movie. Wayne yelped and screamed like a girl as Drew roughly fucked him. He and Hud switched places and Hud gave him an equally hard pounding.

"That's for taking advantage of my boy without my permission. " Hud berated him.

"And this is your reward for being good prey." he said as he finished and invited Joe to take over. Wayne was crying and begging them to stop but Joe pushed in and held still, rubbing his dirty hands on the man's backside. Wayne thrashed at the latest humiliation.

" Oh he hates getting dirty." Hud laughed. Encouraged, Joe rubbed his filthy torso on the man beneath him as Drew and Hud poured their bottled water over him making a bigger mess. Wayne was reduced to whimpering as Joe increased his jolting. With a grunt he finished and pulled out, leaving a trail of jizz across his ass. Wayne remained stretched over the tree quietly sobbing as Drew untied him. Joe gloated at the hunter's sad downfall. Hud grabbed Joe by the back of the neck and kissed him deeply.

" I knew you could be tough when the need called for it." he smiled at the younger man, very pleased at his resourcefulness.

It was the real reason for the hunt, Joe needed to learn to be more assertive and Hud was glad he had pushed him into the game. They would have to do this again he noted thoughtfully. Joe blushed at the rare compliment. He could get used to this hunting business, he thought with a smile. Next time maybe he could talk Hud into being the prey.