The following story contains graphic description of consensual sex between male minors. If this is offensive to you, illegal in your area, or if you are under the age of 21 - READ NO FURTHER!

It would be nice to get any sort of stimulation, praise, criticism or simply attention. Moreover I can only hope that the translation into the English language is OK


I the Burglar ( by Thomas Schild )


There I was, waiting in my car. It was shortly after midnight, the rain was running down the windshield, an empty cigarette pack on the front passenger seat beside me. The last glow of the last cigarette was reflected in the rear-view mirror. The last light in the house I observed went out an hour ago. I knew that the guy in there would be asleep now, this I had found out during the last week. Gently I opened the side door and closed it even more gently. I ran across the street towards the house. The garden-door wasn't locked so there was no need to climb over the fence anymore.

"Shit!" my foot sank into a new flowerbed "that wasn't there yesterday" I thought by myself.

I continued my way to the building. I also knew that the toilet window wouldn't be closed, so that was the point I had to reach. Finally I was there and the window was half open indeed. It needed only a few mechanical jobs to open it completely. Then I was in.
Darkness, not the slightest noise. I switched on my flashlight and stepped through the door. The living-room was on the other end of the hall. "Ah here we are". "Nice things", I could definitely sell them in the streets. I walked around the room. Grabbed this and that and put it into my backpack.
Suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I turned, and there HE stood.

HE was big, filling out the door nearly completely. The ONLY door! Where should I go to?! I was caught in a trap! HE started to come closer. I tried to round the table. But then HE suddenly ran towards me, pushing me against the wall with his whole weight. Through my skintight black bodysuit I could feel him breathing heavily. HE took hold of my skiing hat and pulled it away. If I had thought to find a way out of this at all so it was over now.
HE knew me, had seen me several times on the campus. I was in his grip now. If he would tell somebody about me, my life in this city would be over.
Something strange went trough my mind. Something that let grew my pecker. As he pressed himself against me, he could feel my movement down there.
He started to laugh loud.

"So you think that's the way you little piece of shit could pay for your release eh? Well, okay but it will be my decision how."
He lifted me up and carried me upstairs into his bedroom. He let loose of me and sat down on his bed.
"You will show me a little Striptease now and you'll be sorry if it will not please me."
I had decided to do what ever would be necessary to do. So I began to strip. There wasn't much to strip off at all and soon I stood bare in front of him. Now he told me to sat down beside him. I did. He pushed his pajama-trousers down and pointed on his rockhard member.

"What do you think you could do with "him"" was all he said.

I sure knew what he wanted me to do but that was more than just a simple strip.
He must have recognized my hesitation because he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down till my lips touched his fuckrod. I opened my mouth and let him enter.
The taste wasn't that bad, a bit salty, a bit of musk, soft and hard at the same time. I enclosed his pecker with my lips tighter and he began to thrust my head down till he was in me with everything he had. If he had told me then that I could go now I would have sucked him nevertheless.
I licked his shaft with my tongue, played with his pisshole what sent shivers trough his body. Again I took his Member into my now hungry mouth. I thrust up and down on him, let him hit the very back of my throat. But shortly before he was to shoot his load he pushed me away.
He told me to go down on all fours.
I knew what was to come and I wished it as much as nothing ever before. He spread my buttocks and greased my waiting hole with his saliva and poked his tongue in. His tongue touched me inside, it felt sooooo good. I nearly came there and then. And then he hit my prostate, hit it again, and again, and again. Like I would have been high I saw all kinds of colors, flash after flash flickered across my eyes. Finally I came, no! I erupted like a Vulcan. Gushes of pleasure hit my stomach, my breasts, my face. I licked my own seed from my chin. I thought it would be over now, HA! how could I. I hadn't realized that his tongue was no longer in me. Now I felt his Penis as he let slid him over the sensible flesh between my balls and sore hole. He waited just a second at the opening before he entered me in one smoooooooooooth motion.
The feeling as his boner stretched inch after inch of my innards was incredible. As he fucked me he leaned slightly on my back and threw his arms around me. He pinched my nipples softly and ran his hands all over me. With both hands he stroked down over my stomach and over my hairless testicles. Grabbed them and squeezed them. I moaned very deeply so did he.
"You like that don't you" I couldn't answer as a new shockwave found it's way through my body.
I felt his cum flooding me like a spring tide. Splash after splash like there wouldn't be an end.
We collapsed onto the bed, our respiratory rate was as high like we had been on a marathon.
After a while I slipped back into my bodysuit.
"You will have to come back tomorrow boy. I think I need a helping hand in my garden."
Something in his voice told me that he needed more than an helping hand and that was it, was what I wanted too now, more than anything else.
I was addicted to that feelings, after doing it ONCE I was addicted.
He see me to the door and as I was out I saw the nameplate. "?xy?" was his name so.