The night was still and as hot as can be as Rik rifled through one TV channel after the other. He was as bored as could be and was going to be in between movie jobs for three months, so he now had a lot of time on his hands. Restless, he decided to surf the net. After an hour looking at everything from his stock portfolio to porn, a pop-up appeared of a tattoo parlor. "Open all night", the ad said. Rik became intrigued and with absolutely nothing else to do, clicked on the window, opening it up to full screen. He couldn't believe people would want to permanently mark up their bodies, but the idea interested him nonetheless.

He saw they also did henna tattoos. Temporary, he thought to himself, and he could get creative. A band around his bicep, an Asian symbol on his calf, perhaps. With nothing else to do, Rik picked up the phone and dialed the number listed on the screen. After four or five rings, someone answered on the other end.

"Ink Spot Tattoos, Ernie speaking"

"Uh, hi, do you do henna tattoos?"

"We certainly do. What were you thinking about?"

"...I don't know, do you have catalogs?"

"Yes, tons of photos. There's no one here, come on down"

Rik agreed, then hung up the phone, his heart beating fast. It was only a henna tattoo, but somehow it excited him. Plus it was in a predominately black area. A white guy walking around that neighborhood was not exactly safe especially at one in the morning. Rik decided to throw caution to the wind and got in his car.

The dimly lit street was deserted when Rik drove up to the parlor. It looked just like a tattoo parlor, a neon sign in front with a painted up window for privacy. He drew a deep breath as he entered the shop, to find Ernie, an African American, reading and relaxing. He looked up at Rik and smiled.

"You the guy who just called?"

Rik nodded his head.

"Come in. Tell me what you want!"

Rik explained that he was new to the tattoo world, and was handed a notebook with different designs. The henna examples were toward the back of the book. Symbols, phrases, ancient designs, dragons, everything one could imagine. Rik decided on an armband as well as a series of Chinese characters down his leg.

As Ernie began to assemble his ink and tools, Rik thumbed through the notebook and saw a series of tattooed penises. This thoroughly turned him on and he asked Ernie if he did a lot of them.

"About one a week. I'm good at it!"

Rik couldn't get the thought out of his head of his cock inked as Ernie told him to remove his shirt. He began to draw a line drawing to eventually ink in. Ernie's work was concise and accurate. Rik was impressed with his talent and skill. While Ernie continued to surround Rik's bicep in deep indigo, Rik pulled his courage together and asked a question.

"What's a popular design for a cock?"

"A winding serpent. Looks wicked!"

Ernie had finished Rik's arm and was putting on the finishing touches when Rik could no longer contain himself. He almost shouted out the question.

"How much to ink my cock?"

"Fifty dollars, even"

Rik thought for a moment, then asked to see the notebook again. He chose a design of an ancient woven pattern. Ernie smiled, stood up and locked the door.

"You don't want anybody coming in while I'm doing this."

Rik shuddered as he heard the loud click of the lock at the door. He tingled at the thought of being held captive. Ernie turned around and told Rik to strip completely nude. Rik immediately obeyed. The thought of being ordered to strip made him want to moan. Ernie began to leave the front area and commanded Rik to follow. In the next room was a plank with two lifts. Rik was told to climb onto the lifts. The stance put him about a foot off the ground, and forced his legs spread apart about three feet. Ernie pulled up a chair, so his head was level with Rik's exposed crotch. Rik was truly confined at this point, and began to inhabit the character of a subdued creature. Ernie studied Rik's swollen penis, then took out a pen, and began to draw the design. The feeling was overwhelming, and Rik began to whimper uncontrollably. Ernie looked up and laughed at him.

"This happens a lot. You getting turned on, boy?"

Rik only nodded his head and Ernie began the inking.

"The tattoo lasts for about six months. You got a girlfriend?"

Rik shook his head, his body covered in a fine sweat.

Ernie grinned.

"You gay, boy?"

Rik nodded , his sexual feelings not having been exposed before. Ernie chuckled, as if he just got Rik to expose a dark secret. He continued to cover Rik's now fully erect penis with the intricate pattern. Occasionally Ernie would stop and look at his handiwork.

"You know the history of cock inking, boy?"

Rik fervently shook his head, said no eagerly, then waited to hear the answer.

"It means you're owned, boy. Back in the Roman Empire, when a slave was purchased, his cock was tattooed with the owner's brand. Since a slave never wore anything, he was instantly recognized as a particular Owner's property. It was like having a bar code!"

Rik closed his eyes, and imaged being a slave. The feeling of losing his freedom and control made him expel a dollop of precum. Rik never remembered doing this without touching himself. Ernie continued to tattoo, changing Rik's penis from a sexual organ to an announcement he wanted to be a slave.

"I don't know anyone who is a Master, Ernie."

Ernie laughed out loud, his hot breath hitting Rik's rock hard cock and balls.

"I do, boy. He works right next door. Want to meet him?"

Rik hesitated for a minute while Ernie began the final touches on his work. He finally decided to go for it, and told Ernie why not. Ernie was wearing a phone headset and speed dialed the number. Within seconds, Ernie began to speak.

"Luther, Ernie! Hey, I've got some new meat for you. You up for it?"

Rik inhaled deeply as he listened to Ernie describe Rik, his body, how much body hair he had, nipple size, no detail left out. Then he waited while Ernie listened on the phone, then giving an answer.

"I don't know, I haven't seen it yet. Hang on, Luther, I'll check it out"

Ernie stopped talking and looked up at Rik.

"Turn around, boy"

Rik obeyed as Ernie took his hands and spread his asscheeks apart, exposing his asshole to the open air and Ernie's observing eyes. He closed Rik's butt and got back on the phone.

"Pink, with a purple circle. No hair. Looks virgin"

Rik could feel the submissive side of him surface. He stood there, his ass inches away from Ernie's face. Rik heard him speak again.

"I'm almost done. We'll be over in ten minutes. Don't worry, Luther, I'll mark him.."

Rik could barely contain himself. What was once a jerk off fantasy was about to become real. He began to breathe hard as he felt Ernie tattoo something on his lower back.

"Hey boy, you know this is just fantasy. Luther won't really own you forever. Just for one night. You can get out of this now."

Rik thought deep and hard, remembered how bored out of his skull he was back at the apartment, and decided to live the fast life.

"I want to be a slave, now."

"Good boy, you'll have fun. Let me lock up and we'll walk over. He's right next door."

Rik began to step down and reach for his clothes, when he saw Ernie beat him to them, stuffing his belongings in a bag. His shorts, polo shirt, boxers, thongs, and wallet and keys were suddenly out of his reach. He was bare and exposed. Ernie held up the bag, with a look that asked if Rik wanted to back out one last time. Rik shivered, and gave the sign for Ernie to lead him to his new Possessor. Ernie shut the lights out, and unlocked the front door. The street was quiet and dark, but that did not stop Rik from trembling as he walked outside. He was nude, no shoes even, and there was no way to cover his tattooed penis, for Ernie had tied Rik's wrists behind his back with pipe connectors. The night air was still stifling hot, and Rik was sweating profusely, partly from the heat and mostly from the excitement.

Rik and Ernie entered the building. It looked like it could have once been a very nice office building, but had since fallen in disrepair. Ernie pressed the elevator button and told Rik to get in. Once in, Ernie reached in, pressed the eighth floor button, and threw the bag on the elevator floor.

"So long, boy. Thanks for the business!"

Rik's eyes widened as he saw Ernie for the last time. He could still hear his laughter as Rik felt the elevator lift off. Two hours ago, he was in the comfort of his home. Now, here was Rik, bound, and unclothed. His penis was marked so anyone who saw knew he was not free, but owned. He trembled as he felt the elevator slow down, finally coming to a complete halt. Rik shook like a leaf as the doors opened.

Rik could barely see the image of Luther. He watched the stranger reach in, grab Rik's bag and walk down the hall. Rik had no choice but to follow. Luther stopped at a door, unlocked it, and held it open for Rik. Rik entered the office with anxiety. Inside was a desk, couch, with filing cabinets and a television. A bathroom stood right off the side. Luther shut the door and locked it.

"Hello Rik. My name is Luther. You're mine for the night. Right now, I'm the only tenant on this floor, so feel free to scream. No one can hear you, slave."

Rik moaned, almost loudly. He never felt more scared and aroused at the same time before.

"Kneel, slave, now..."

Rik obeyed. The floor felt like it hadn't been swept in a year.

"Lay on the floor, on your belly, slave"

Rik did as he was told. The linoleum floor was cool. His face was on the floor. He wondered what was going to happen next. Luther walked up and stood right in front of Rik's face.

"Clean my shoes, slave. Make them shine."

Without hesitation, Rik used his tongue as a dust cloth, sweeping the fine soot off Luther's steel toed boots. He was suddenly starving for his Owner's dirt. He squirmed on the floor, mixing the fine layer of city grit with his oily sweat. Rik dutifully licked Luther's boots, first the top, then the soles. He was totally in character of being Luther's property. He was sorry it was only going to be one night.

Luther enjoyed his playtoy the rest of the night, into early morning. He abused every hole Rik had, and showed Rik how worthless he could possibly be. Rik would never forget the memory of having another man place his cock in Rik's hungry mouth and asshole. When daybreak came to pass, Luther took Rik down to the foyer of the building, watched him dress and released Rik back to the real life.

Rik arrived back at his apartment, and went to take a shower. Once nude, he walked by a full length mirror. He had almost forgotten about his fake tattoos. The look of being marked stirred up erotic thoughts once more. He hoped his penis would stay that way forever.

He remembered Ernie had marked his lower back, but never had the chance to look. He turned around to see the backward text:


Rik moaned out loud, and began to touch his dirty, inked cock. Within seconds, he was fully stiff, and inside of a minute, he had cum all over the floor. Finally spent, Rik reached down and scooped up the hot jism, rubbing it on his filthy chest. He couldn't wait to get back to his Master, and offer his services as Luther's pig. Once out of the shower, Rik called the tattoo parlor, to get Luther's phone number. He prayed his Master would take him back, just once more.