Jake's tail

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The minute I met Jake, I knew his story. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration but I could tell from looking at him that he was a fag. I can always tell when a fag is around. I can feel their eyes on me for one thing. Then the way they stare at you, you can read it in their face. It's a look of hunger, like they haven't been fed for awhile, think one of those vampires in those books teenage girls read. He was no different, but I don't think he knew that I could tell.

I mean, it isn't as if I am a god or anything. I look good enough I guess, the ladies seem to have no complaints about me, but I'm no Omar Epps or Ryan Phillippe . I'm more of the Sam Bradford type of guy, you know, the college football player? My hair is always kinda messy, not long or short, just always seemingly needing to get cut and it's curly to where combing it doesn't make a difference in how it looks. I'm about 6'4", 225. It's all muscle, I'll give you that, and I am taller than most guys, but my face is just a regular guy's face. I think the fags don't care so much about a guy's looks as they like a guy who is bigger than them and muscled. They also want a guy that will take charge, whatever the situation.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't have a clue what gay guys are looking for, but fags, they're different. A fag just wants to give himself over to a guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to tell the fag the truth. A faggot wants to hear the truth about what they are and the truth about their place on the planet. I don't have a problem with that. Gay? I don't have a clue about gay, not at all interested in gay guys to tell the truth, but fags? Hell, any truthful guy will tell you a faggot can come in real handy. They aren't like gays, they want to be treated rougher, and they know they are submissive to a man. Let's face it, a woman isn't going to let you do some of the things a fag will let you do to them, and sometimes you just got to use the wet holes where you find them, ya know?  Sometimes you can convince a girl to give you a blow but then you have to deal with them and all the baggage that goes with them. And a fuck? Good luck with that if that's all you want. That's why a fag is good. You can get off and go. He knows he wants a man's cock and he's willing to do what you want to get it.

So, back to Jake. He is about my age, 22, but nowhere near my size. He is about 5'5" tall, nearly a foot shorter than me, I'd guess. He probably weighs top 130, maybe 135 if he had enough clothes on. He's got short blond hair and blue eyes.  I started noticing him staring not long after we met, but ignored it. I had a girl at the time and didn't have any use for him really other than to talk sometimes. He would hang on my words though, when I talked about getting off with my girl or getting a blow job from some chick. I could see the look in his eyes. He was willing to do whatever I wanted him to do to get the same thing as my girl. So when I had gone a couple weeks of a dry spell, I figured, what the hell. I needed to get off and my hand was not going to be what got me satisfaction. So I called a couple friends and Jake and we went off to get some drinks.

So when I got to the bar, I was ready to get a couple drinks in me and then make my plan for Jake happen. I wanted to get off but, I wanted him to be the one doing the asking. Once he asked for it, then I'd make him useful. I got up to take a piss and was even surprised to see Jake come into the bathroom and stand at the urinal next to me. I could see him trying to catch a glimpse of my cock, trying to sneak a glance.

"Dude, you fagging on me? I can see you staring," I told him.

"What?" he squeaked. No, I wasn't doing that, honest," he claimed. "I, I wasn't looking." But Jake blushed when I said it so I knew I had him

"Look dude, you are blushing. You were SO looking. I knew it. You are a fag. "

"No... no really, I wasn't looking, I'm, I'm not a faggot, Jake was looking worried now, still standing at the pisser not looking at anything but his own dick now.

I smirked to myself that I had him all nervous and blushing. "Look Jake, I don't care if you wanna look. Doesn't make no difference to me. I mean you being a fag and all. Here, take a look." I shook my dick off leaving the last of the piss in the urinal then turned to face Jake. He wasn't going to look, he didn't want to take a chance. "Go on dude," I told him. "No one else is in here and I know you want to look. I saw you sneaking a peak, now I'm offering you the chance to stare all you want." He still wasn't going to look, but his face was getting redder.  "Do it!" I told him loudly.

Jake's head snapped around when I barked at him. He was looking as I held my dick. I gave it a couple pulls and got it semi-hard for him. Then I tucked it back in my pants and zipped up. He was staring the whole time until I pulled the zipper up. He gulped then and turned back to finish his piss.

"Don't worry," I told him. "I won't say anything to the guys. Bout you being a fag I mean."

"I'm not a fag," he said louder than necessary, looking up at me. "I'm not. You told me to look," he whined.

"Jake," I said slapping him on the back. "It's okay. I don't care if you are gay or not, but dude, you were staring at my dick like it was the first time you seen one.  I didn't make you do anything. You're the one that turned your head and stared. Tell me you didn't"

Jake looked up at me again. He couldn't say anything. I smirked at him. "Yeah, you're a fag. I knew it."

"Please, Steve, please don't say anything. I... I just looked and I... I didn't do anything to you. I've never done anything with a guy."

I looked at Jake. Stared at him. He lowered his eyes. He couldn't look me in the eyes.

"Never, huh?" I asked.

"No," he said quietly. "I've never done anything with a guy."

"Look at me," I told him. He didn't look. "I said look at me," I repeated my statement. He raised his eyes and looked up at me. "Tell me you don't WANT to do something with a guy. Tell me dude, you aren't gay, cause by everything I've seen here, you sure seem gay to me. Sneaking looks at my dick, then staring at it when I am putting it away in my pants. 'Cause that sure as heck seems gay to me, dude."

Jake looked terrified and he blushed but he didn't say anything. I gave him plenty of time, just staring at him. "Faggot," I finally told him. "You DO want do to something with me. You're disgusting," I said. "Nothing worse than a faggot that can't admit what he wants. At least have the balls to say what you want, bitch. If you can't say what you want, how the hell do you think anyone will ever give it to you, Jake?" With that I left the bathroom. Leaving him standing there, looking at me. I could see he was shaking like a leaf, having me confront him with what he knew he wanted but couldn't say. Having me tell him he had to ask to get what he wanted. Until he could admit what he wanted, I could stand there all day and nothing would happen. He needed to face the truth tonight.

When Jake got back to the table he was quiet. He looked at me but didn't say anything. For my part, I didn't say anything to him either. I talked with the other guys, and eventually Jake did too. He kept up with drinking though and I soon noticed he was getting tipsy. I had gone to just sipping the same beer. It looked like my cup was near full so I wasn't getting any from the pitcher, but Jake was feeling no pain. After awhile the guys went off to other parts of the bar, hitting on the ladies, whatever. Jake had gone to piss again and when he got back I was only one at the table.

"Who'd you stare at this time?" I asked him, looking at him directly.

"No one," he answered back blushing at my question. "I didn't stare at anyone." He was looking around to see where the others were.

"Turn around," I told him. Without thinking he turned around where he was standing and looked the other way.

"What?" he wondered aloud. "What did you want me to see?"

"Nothing," I told him. "Wanted to see your ass," I laughed.

Jake turned back around and blushed. "Shut up! What if someone hears you?"

"I wanted to see if you had an ass as nice as the last bitch I fucked. It's not bad. Yours might ride a bit higher than hers did," I told him. He turned even redder when I said that.

"Stop it, please, Steve. Stop teasing me. I'm sorry I stared at you. I just...I just...I don't know why I did it," he was making excuses. "Fine, you know my secret, now just leave me alone."

One thing about the drinking is it will make someone open up and say stuff they don't usually say. At least he was able to admit something here.

"Yeah, I don't think you want me to leave you alone," I replied to him. I think you like me paying attention. You've been staring at my dick who knows how long when I am out with you. I've seen you staring at other times too, Jake. Don't deny it. He glanced down at his beer and didn't say anything. "Now I'm staring at your ass thinking how it looks a lot like that last girl that I fucked and you want me to stop? I don't think so. I fucked her in the ass because she didn't want to get pregnant, and wasn't on birth control. But she knew what she wanted," I added, grabbing my crotch for him to see. She knew she needed some of this." He was blushing again, looking at my crotch, then, he licked his lips.

"I see that faggot." Jake looked around to see who might be listening. The bar was loud and no one was hearing, not that I cared. I was moving in to make the kill so to speak, building up for Jake to tell me what he wanted. "You were licking your lips. Don't say you weren't. I can read you like a book, Jake. You want this cock, don't you?"

"What are you doing to me?" he asked. "You aren't gay, so why are you saying this to me?"

"I'm not doing a thing Jake. You're the one staring, licking your lips. I'm just telling you what I'm seeing." Jake was looking at me, his eyes slightly unfocused from the beer. "I'm looking at a Grade A faggot, who is making a fool of himself drooling over my dick tonight, but can't even say that's what he's doing. Just say it. Say what you are doing."

"Why? What good will it do?" he asked loudly.

"Because you need to do it Jake. You need to tell me how much you want my cock," I told him. He stared at me.

"Are you gay?" he wanted to know.

I laughed. "Hell, no. I don't fag after guys like you do." I laid it out for him. I just neglected to mention that I would use one to get off all I wanted. "I don't have a clue what guys see in sucking dick or taking it up their ass," I added. "I've never done anything like that, but that doesn't mean that some folks can't get off on that and it be perfectly normal. Doesn't bother me one-way or the other what they do. What bugs me is someone not being able to say what they want. That's just being dishonest to themselves or to their friends." What I said next though really got his face all scrunched up and turning three shades of red. "Your girlfriend know you fag out on guys? How do you get it up when you're with her if you are thinking bout getting boned by some man?" He didn't respond, just looked at his beer, and took another sip.

Jake wasn't saying anything. I was trying to imagine what was going through the little faggot's head. He was probably on overload. A few beers and some guy he knows has figured out he's really a pussy, wanting to suck cock. He's trying to wrap his head around the fact he has been staring at my dick for the longest time wanting it, and now someone knows. His little world of make believe has been opened up and he was probably trying to figure out how all the pieces were going to go back together. I looked around. The place was not really busy tonight. We were in a booth at the back of the place, near the bathrooms. Most of the folks were at the front. One of the guys that had met up with us was already gone, probably found some chick to drag home. I got up went to piss and when I came back I slid into the booth next to Jake. He was still doing that zoning out routine. I was going to force this fag to deal with his need to suck cock tonight, one way or the other. I took his hand off his beer glass and brought it down to my crotch.

He didn't stop me initially then as he realized where I was putting his hand he tried to struggle. But me being a foot taller and having twice the strength as Jake, he wasn't going to win that battle. Before he knew what happened his hand was resting on my cock. It was already half hard. I was thinking about the blowjob he was going to be giving me soon. He didn't know it, but it was going to happen. He was just freaking thinking about feeling up a guy for the first time. I moved his hand around my crotch, so he could feel the whole thing, feel it getting hard.

"Stop... stop, what are you doing? Don't make me do this," he muttered. His hand went into a fist trying to stop what I was doing.

"I don't think you mean that, Jake," I told him, rubbing his fist around my cock. "I think you want to feel this. You've been thinking about my cock for a long time. Don't you want to know what its like? Don't you want to feel how big it is? A look of embarrassment came over him. "Yeah. Look at that face of yours. All red and embarrassed because I'm right, aren't I? You WANT to be touching a man's cock, don't you?"

Jake was looking at me now, amazement on his face but still he shook his head slowly in a no. I continued to hold on to his wrist, moving his hand around my crotch. "Go on, let it go, Jake. You know this is what you've wanted all night, hell, probably as long as I've known you, you've wanted to do this." His hand was still not moving on it's own, but he had opened up his fist and he was now letting me move it around my jeans.

"No..no, I can't ," he was whispering now.

"Yes, you can," I told him. "I'm not stopping you. No one's watching you." I continued moving his hand around. "DO IT," I finally ordered him. I let go of his wrist and his hand continued to move, now he was moving it. I put my hands back up on the table and Jake continued to feel my cock through my jeans.

"See, you can do it. It's what you wanted, isn't it?" He finally nodded yes.

"But you're not gay," he whispered. Why are you letting me do this?"

I looked him in the eye. "I'm not doing anything, dude. You're the one feeling me up. Besides, I'm horny, and I don't see any girls here right now that I can get to do this, might as well let a fag get me off."

He stopped moving his hand, but didn't remove it from my pants. I kept looking at him. "What, you think I'm gonna let a fag feel me up and NOT get off? " Jake just looked at me. Finally, he started moving his hand again. I guess he hadn't thought forward enough to realize if he was going to start feeling me up, he was going to finish by getting me off. "Go on, unzip my pants."

"What?" Jake looked at me directly, trying to see if he had heard correctly.

"You heard me," I told him. "Do it. Get your hand in there and feel it properly. Feel what a man's cock feel's like." I leaned forward on the table minimizing what chance anyone would see his hand in my pants. I stared at him until I could feel him start to pull my zipper down. He was looking all over the place, making sure no one was staring at us. His little hand fit easily in the opening. He looked up at me.

"You're not wearing underwear," he stated the obvious.

"Quick, aren't you?" I told him. "From the look of those jeans you have on, you don't have any underwear on either. That's teasing, Jake, not wearing anything under your jeans, when your ass looks like that. I think you're trying to tease me tonight. You got any underwear on, Jake?"

That got him turning really red, I mean redder than the light blush that I had been able to keep going on his face the last hour or so with my talking. I figured I was right, but what he said surprised me.

"I..I have a thong on," he whispered.

I laughed. "A thong? You have a thong on?" Jake nodded. I looked over at his ass, sitting next to me, and I moved my hand over to the waist of his pants. I pulled them back and looked. Sure enough he had on a pink thong. He tried twisting away from me, but his hand was stuck in my pants.

"Hey, I tell you to stop feeling my dick?"

"No, but someone is gonna see, " he whined.

"Do you care? Honestly, Jake? I mean you already have your hand in my pants. Your pulling on my dick like it's going out of style, and you wore a fucking thong to the bar to tease me." This was even better than I had hoped for, really. Jake was proving to be as much of a fag as I figured him to be. It shut him up.

"You like that cock, don't you. Haven't let go of it since I said you could feel me up. Why don't you thank me for letting you do that, Jake. I mean, I'm a straight guy. Shouldn't a fag like you be thankful for the opportunity to jack my cock?" he looked at me again. It was easy to get him with the deer in the headlights look, I thought to myself.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"That's nice, Jake. A man likes to be thanked for allowing someone to feel him up.  You should always thank a man after he lets you suck him off or after he fucks you too," I told him. "Lets him know you appreciate it."

I stood up, Jake's hand falling out of my pants. "Come on," I said. "I need to piss."

He got up to follow me, like a good fag. Didn't think about it at all, just followed me into the bathroom. I went up to the urinals and pulled it out. I was still half-hard from his first hand job. I sighed as I pissed and saw Jake staring, standing there pissing, staring at me, not hiding it now.

"Can't stop can you? Now you seen it and touched it, you want to suck it don't you, Jake?" I could see it in his eyes. He could hardly look up at me. He didn't know what to do. "You gotta say it though, Jake. Gotta ask for what you want. How's someone ever going to know what you want if you don't ask."

"Here?" Something must have got caught in his throat the way he coughed out that word. "You want me to ask you here?"

"Hell, why not Jake? You stared at it first here. You felt me up in the bar first here. I mean, I understand some fags are real trashy. I hear they like sucking cock in bathrooms. Your wearing a thong for fuck sakes, Jake, that's pretty faggy. You sure you never suck cock in a bathroom, Jake?"

He blushed bright red but was shaking his head no. "Never, I never sucked cock before."

"But you want to, don't you, Jake."

He dropped his eyes and finished pissing, and I heard his zipper go up. He started to turn but I grabbed his arm. And spun him back towards the one stall in the bathroom. I shoved him nearer the stall, my dick still hanging out of my pants. I threw the top of the seat down and pushed him down to sit on the crapper and stood in front of him, closing the stall door behind me.

"Say it Jake. Tell me you want to suck my cock. DO IT.

"N..No. I can't do it here. I mean, I want to suck you, Steve, I really do. There I said it, ok?" The words were suddenly streaming from his lips. "I want to suck your dick, but what if someone comes in? What if someone finds out? What if..."

I smacked him across the cheek. There is nothing worse in my mind than a faggot babbling on and on about nothing. He looked a little shocked that I had done it, but he shut up, it seemed to have knocked some sense into him.

"You got to stop thinking all the reasons you cant do something Jake. Earlier tonight you said you couldn't rub my cock, but you did. Besides that, I'm done being teased by you staring at my dick, feeling me up, and pretending you can't suck it. I don't care anymore. I want to get off, and your mouth will do just fine."

I put my hand on the back of his head and started to pull it forward to my dick. He struggled with me, trying to twist away, but he didn't fight too much. It wouldn't have mattered. With his size, he wasn''t going anywhere, I was taller, and outmuscled him by a good deal. I just got my other hand and used both of them to pull his head towards me.

"Open up Jake," I ordered. When he didn't I rubbed my cock back and forth across his face, dragging my dickhead across his lips. "Just think, this is what you've always wanted, a man's cock to suck on. Here I am offering it to you and you are trying to say no. I can't believe how ungrateful you are Jake. Now open up, just take the head inside your mouth. Lick it." He looked up. That was so hot, seeing him staring up at me and my dick bobbing in front of his face. I knew he'd open up, he was going to give in, he just needed this confrontation to realize he needed it. He opened his mouth and his tongue came out. "That's it, Jake, taste it. You've waited so long for this. Always wanted to taste my dick, now you have it. "

He rolled his tongue around the head and I gave a little moan. Let him know I enjoyed what he was doing. You have to give encouragement to a fag, so he knows what you like, otherwise, how's he going to learn what feels best?

"Take more of it now." I pulled him down onto my dick, but stopped before I went all the way in. I'd get there shortly but was in no rush. I didn't need to scare him right at the start. Jake had relaxed some and I was just moving his head back and forth, no pulling on it like I was doing just a few seconds ago. He'd given into it happening.

"Fuuuccckk, That's nice faggot." I threw my head back and sighed. "I've been wanting a blow all week and not a bitch around seems to want to give head this week. Good thing I found you, huh? You sure you've never done this? You seem like a natural to me, born to suck cock" I said. Jake blushed.

I dropped one of my hands, took a hold of my cock and smacked him lightly in the face. His tongue stuck out trying to lap at it. When he opened up again I pulled his head down and held it there. I continued pushing now, Bumping up against the back of his throat. He made some noises like he was gagging, but didn't pull back hard or anything, not that I would have let him. I mean what's the point of a blow job if you cant get some throat with it, ya know? I poked at the back of his throat a bit and then gave him a break, before going in hard, not planning on stopping. When my dick bumped up against the back this time, I just pulled harder on his head and my dick slowly went in and down, Fuck that always feels so good, when you bottom out in a throat.

"That's it, bitch, good job, taking that all the way." I could feel his throat constricting, trying to swallow my dick. I pulled back out to let him breathe. He gasped and I went back in again deep. "I swear you've done this before, Jake. That or you've been practicing with a dildo. Either way," I told him, "your mouth and throat were made for taking cock. No two ways about it. 'Cause here you are in a trashy bar john, giving head to the first man that waves his dick at you." I ground his face into my crotch hearing him make those little choking noises. When I pulled out he sucked air and long strands of saliva from somewhere in his throat were dangling between my cock and his lips. Always a nice sight as far as I'm concerned.

Jake was beginning to get the hang of my cock in his face. He actually dove for it before I was ready to shove it back in. His head started bobbing up and down without me pulling on the back of his head or forcing myself forward. I could just stand still and the little faggot was going to town on my meat.

"Now, that's nice, Jake," I complimented. "See, you have been wanting to suck my cock." The little faggot's head nodded in agreement. "You're getting me close, bitch. I'm going to blow this load in your throat if you keep this up." That only seemed to increase the frantic pace he was establishing. I pulled completely out of his mouth, holding my dick in my hand, while holding his head away from my dick.

"If you want my load, Jake, you need to ask for it. I want to hear you begging for it."

"Please," he whispered. "Please."

"Please what, faggot? Tell me what it is you want"

"Please let me suck your cock. Please let me taste your load." It was hot to hear this pussy finally saying what he really wanted.

"Now, that's nice, faggot. Remember to tell a man what you want. Otherwise, how is he going to know what it is you need? You understand me?" I waved my dick around his face a bit more getting his attention.

"Yes. I do...please,"

I was gonna make this little faggot do more than that. I was gonna get him to recognize I had what he needed and I controlled whether he got it or not. "Yes? Is that it Jake? Just yes?"

"Uhm Yes, please?"

"From now on, Jake, you call me Sir. It seems to me that I have what you need and want, and you are willing to be pretty slutty to get it. That places me in a good position to make a few rules, and the first rule is you recognize that control and respect me. The best way to start is calling me Sir." He was looking at me and he blushed but he understood. I could see the recognition in his eyes, his understanding of his place in relation to me.


I smacked his lips with my cock and pushed enough to get his lips open again. Then I noticed he was playing with himself through his pants. I smacked his hand.

"Stop playing with yourself, faggot. Pay attention to my cock, not yours. You can jack later thinking about me using your face to get off," I told him.

I started pumping again, moving in and out with a nice regular speed. "That's it. Take it faggot. You're going to get my load soon and when it comes, you better be swallowing."

He was running his tongue around the head of my dick, then bobbing up and down, slobbering like he wasn't going to be getting anymore. Hell, now that I had gotten him started putting out, I had plans for his mouth not to mention his other hole too. It wasn't going to be a one and done with this bitch, I needed a regular place to get off, and the little fag was good at this.

I could feel my balls tightening. It had been a week since I had dumped a load anywhere. I was going to blow soon the way the punk was sucking. I grabbed hold of the stall wall and took the back of his head with my other hand.

"Fuck, here it comes fag. Get ready to swallow. Going...to ...cummmmm." I pulled his head down on cock hard, and could feel my balls smack up against his chin. Feel my dickhead deep in his throat, that warm wet passage massaging my cock, his throat contracting, fucking slut swallowing my cock. "AAHHHHHHH, take it bitch, FUCKKKK."

I blew the first spurt or two right down his gullet then pulled back into his mouth, shooting a couple more there before I pulled out and spermed his lips and cheek with the last of my load. The bitch swallowed what was in his mouth and looked up at me. Without any prompting at all he thanked me. I had to laugh at that. He was going to be a good fuck when I wanted it.

"Ha, didn't even need to tell you to thank me, bitch. I like that. You learn quickly. Be sure and look at your face when I get outta here. Make sure you see what a little cumrag it looks like." I started tucking my cock back in my pants and backing out of the stall. "I'm going back out to the bar, bitch. Do what you need to do, then you come out and join me. I have plans to use your face again before the night is out."

I left him sitting there with a fucking stupid grin on his face, and my load slowly dripping off it.