Jake's tail 2

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I went back out to the booth where I had been sitting before I blew a load on Jake's face. I figured he'd be out shortly. If he had enjoyed that as much as the look on his face when I left told me he enjoyed it, he wouldn't waste any time sitting back in the crapper. Sure enough I had only been there a minute or two and here comes Jake, looking sheepish, looking around to see if anyone was noticing him leaving the john. He'd managed to clean his face off. I wondered briefly if he had licked it off or washed. He made his way over to where I was and started to sit down.

"Wait!" I told him. "Don't sit down yet, I need a beer. Make it a dark one too, I'm tired of this piss water." He stopped and remained standing. I guess he was waiting for me to give him some money, but I wasn't going to offer any. I wanted to see what he'd do. He didn't say a thing. Eventually he noticed my hand wasn't going near my wallet and Jake turned away toward the bar. "Get yourself something too," I added, almost laughing at myself for saying it.

When Jake got back, he set my beer down in front of me and then took his seat opposite. I noticed he had a bottle of water. I guess he figured he had enough beer for the night. He wasn't looking at me, just down at the table. Not anywhere else, just not at me directly.

"Thanks, dude," I told him as I took a sip. It was one of their better draughts. I couldn't tell which one, but not the cheap stuff. He looked up and smiled. He was going to be easy, a small encouragement like that and he's already beaming. Almost made me want to stop playing with him, if there wasn't going to be any challenge in it for me. But I was still horny and damn if his mouth hadn't just made me want to see what other holes I could get into tonight.

"I have to tell you, fag, that was a damn good blow you just gave me," Jake turned red and started looking around again. I wasn't talking loud, but loud enough for him to hear me. I didn't care if someone else could hear or not. Most of the folks left here were drunk so it wasn't like they were going to remember it in the morning. "If that was actually your first time, you could get really good at that," I told him, stroking his ego.

"I never did that before. I, I don't wanna talk about it here," the tentativeness was clear in his voice, "ok, Steve?"

I smacked my palm down on the table, drawing a few brief stares and making Jake jump. "I told you, faggot. You call me, Sir. If you show respect properly you might get lucky again. Now, what were you saying?"

"Uhm...Please, let's not talk about it here, uh, Sir," Jake was speaking quietly. Let's just get out of here if you want to talk about it, please?"

 "Good, that's good. You'll get the hang of it. I want you calling me Sir whenever you are around and it's just the two of us. If there are others, then you can call me Steve. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir." He looked around, still unsure, but not hesitating. "Then can we go after your beer is done, Sir" he asked?

"I like that, Jake. You keep remembering to do things the way I like and you might get more dick," I told him. He was back to blushing and looking around, still unsure of what all this might mean.

We finished my beer without anything being said. I continued to stare at him, trying to make him uncomfortable. He wouldn't look at me directly. I can't blame him, I guess. He'd just sucked his first cock and it was in a pretty public place, even if it was a john in a college bar. I mean, hell that has got to be pretty humiliating, I would think, to make the first time a damn crapper. I was pretty sure he'd be easy to get more from too, the way he started following my instructions when I told him to call me Sir.

I drained my mug and set it down. "Alright, lets go," I announced. When I stood up, Jake stood up without a word. As I headed to the door, he fell in step behind me. I liked this. He didn't even have to be told twice. Gotta say, it's a nice feeling to know you can wrap a fag around your finger so quickly. I chatted with a couple guys on the way out, Jake just kinda hung around waiting for me to finish. I'm sure if any of them were paying attention they would have noticed him just waiting, and then following me wherever I went.

I headed out the door and down the street. It was a short walk back to my place. After a couple blocks I stepped back from the street and went into an alley. I needed to get rid of some of the beer I'd been drinking. It was dark and quiet, didn't seem like anyone was around. Jake followed me along and then I stopped. As he caught up to me I stuck my foot out and he stumbled, the effect of the beer and not paying enough attention to what was going on around him. He didn't hurt himself, he just fell over.

"Hahahaha. Nice. As long as you are down there Jake, why don't you unzip my pants and pull my dick out? I need to take a piss, bad." I gave him a big smile as he looked up from his knees.

"But...but what if someone sees us?" he whined his question.

"Dude, you see anyone around here? It's late," I told him. "Just do it okay?  Can't you see my hands are busy?" I started fishing around in my pocket for a smoke and the lighter.

Jake was looking around the alley. Seeing if anyone could see him. I was going about my business seeing if he would do as I told him. I lit the smoke and took a drag. I looked down at him and blew the smoke towards his face. "Come on, what are you waiting for. I just need you to take it out and hold it so I don't piss on myself. I figured you'd want another up close look anyway." I smacked the back of his head to get him going. "You got to be quicker when I tell you to do something, Jake."

His hands went up to my pants and he pulled the zipper down. He reached in and pulled out my cock. It was half hard, mostly from the thoughts in my own head about how easy he was following instructions. I just seem to get hard telling a fag what to do and watching them do it. So much easier than dealing with a girl who usually doesn't bother to even hear a guy half the time.

"Point it over there," I said, showing him what direction to aim. I continued to smoke while my piss arced out of my cock and hit the bush growing against one of the walls. "Fuck, that feels good. I really needed to drain. Just watch where you are aiming and things will be good," I told him.  Jake was just watching my cock. Damn fag was getting off on this as I figured he would. As the stream slowed to a dribble, he looked a bit unsure.

"Lick up the last drops, faggot. I don't want it leaving a spot in my pants." He looked up at me like he hadn't heard what I said. He leaned in a bit toward my cock. He stuck his tongue out and flicked it over the head. I reached down with my free hand and pushed his head towards my cock. "Come on, boy. Do it right. Open up, take my dick in your mouth and suck the last drops out so it doesn't leave any wet spots in my pants." Jake opened up and I held his head firmly. It was then I let go of the last of my piss stream into his mouth.

"Swallow it, Jake," I said to him. There wasn't much but enough to give him a taste and enough to let him know I enjoyed doing it. I grinned as he glanced up at me with a look that said I had tricked him. Damn if I didn't get harder as I watched his throat open and he swallowed the last bit of piss. "Now, run your tongue over my cockhead and suck out any last drops. Then put my dick back in my pants and zip up. We have to get going before someone finds you here in the alley sucking my dick," I laughed when I said it and Jake was very quick, I think suddenly remembering where he was. In no time he had my cock back in my pants and he was standing up.

"Why did you do that," he whispered.

"To see if you can follow instructions," I said right back, not whispering. "You seem to be capable of it, even if I do have to knock your head around a bit to get you to pay attention."

"But, you...you pissed...in my mouth,"

"Sir," I reminded him. "I pissed in your mouth, Sir." I stopped and looked at him. He dropped his eyes.

"You pissed in my mouth, Sir."

"Yeah, and I will again if I want. You can bet on it. You didn't seem to have any problem with it while it was going on, so get over it. You are going to do as I tell you as long as you want to suck my dick. You were so much into getting it back in your mouth, you didn't think about anything else. Did you?"

Jake didn't say anything else on the walk back to my place. Once there, I took a seat on my couch and told Jake to go to the fridge and get me a beer. He came back with two.

"Dude, I don't need two," but I took them both from him before he could say anything. I wasn't buying his beer. "You had enough already. I said get ME a beer, not you. You gotta listen or you'll have trouble getting along with me, Jake."

"But, uhm, never mind...uh, Sir"

"That's better, Jake, you are remembering who's in charge. Now, why don't you get your shirt and pants off so I can see that little faggy pink thong you have on tonight."

He hesitated. Took a minute to look around, then started talking again. "What if someone is awake or, or if someone comes in and sees me?"

"Dude, do we have to go through this again? I told you, I tell you what to do, you call me Sir and maybe you get more cock. What's so hard to understand, Jake? If I don't care if someone is going to come in, or wake up, then why the fuck should you care if someone sees me getting a blow from you?"

"Uh, I hadn't thought of that, Sir. I was just scared someone might see me."

"That's right, you are thinking too much, too scared. Believe me, Jake, no one is going to be coming in anytime soon, and if they do, it's just another cock for you to get to suck." He turned red at that thought. "You need to come to the realization you want the cock more than you care if someone sees, Jake. I mean, you already were jacking me in the bar and then blew me in the bar john. Seems it shouldn't bother you if someone I know walks in and sees you chowing down on my cock."

He was quiet, hit with reality again. "So, what are you waiting for, faggot? Get your pants and shirt off. Show me your thong, NOW!" He jumped to it then. I was beginning to think I had to shout at him to get him to hear me. Sometimes faggots get so lost in their own thoughts they don't pay any attention to what is going on around them. I swear they are just like girls in that regard, kinda ditzy.

Next thing I know the fag is standing there in his fucking PINK thong. It was really too much I started laughing. I know I probably shouldn't have been laughing so hard, but I nearly spit my beer out of my mouth. I stood up and walked around him. Jake was standing there, for whatever reason holding his hands in front of his crotch. "Hands at your side, fag. Nothing to be ashamed about. You wore that thong to tease guys, so why are you afraid of having someone see it?" He didn't have an answer, but his arms moved to his sides.

Standing up like this I remembered just how much bigger I was than Jake. I was nearly a foot taller and probably close to 100 pounds heavier. He was probably scared shitless of me hulking around him. I smacked his ass as I went around behind him.


"Oh, quit whining, I barely touched you." I smacked it again, harder this time to see if he would squeal again, but he didn't. "Yeah, I was right. Your ass does ride higher than the last chick I fucked. It looks pretty good, Jake." I smacked it again hard, and he made a noise like air escaping his lips.

"That kinda hurts, uh, Sir."

"So? I responded back quickly. "What's your point? You wore the thong so I could see your ass better, didn't you? Well, I like spanking a pretty ass, doesn't matter if it's on you or on my girl. You DID wear that so someone could see that ass better, didn't you? " No answer. "DIDN'T YOU FAGGOT?"

"Uh, Yes Sir, uh, I...I guess I did."

"No guessing needed Jake, just say it."

"Yes, Sir I wore it because I thought it would make me get noticed."

"Faggot. Just like I thought." I grabbed a hold of the thong and use it like butt floss on his ass, pulling it tight."

"Ugh, mmmm, ughh."

"Well, at least you didn't whine about that much," I added. I went back over to the couch and sat down again. I snapped my finger and pointed at the floor in front of me. He got the message and was down on his knees quick, smiling up at me on the couch.

"Why are you so happy, faggot? Tell me the truth."

He blushed but spit right  out, "Because you are going to let me suck your cock again, right?"

I smacked him across the cheek hard enough to get his attention focused "Never assume I'm doing anything, cocksucker. I'm the one that decides what is happening. If that is what YOU want, then ask properly. I thought I went over that for you earlier at the bar." Jake rubbed his cheek looking at me.

"May I please suck your cock again, Sir, please. I know I want to do it now," he said real nicely. I couldn't help but smile at the little fag. He didn't take much teaching to learn well. I had picked him out well, and he was falling into line before my eyes.

"Yes, you can suck me again. That's what I brought you here for." His hands were up in a flash to my zipper, pulling it down and letting my half hard cock out of hiding.  I slouched down in the couch and let him go to town. It would be a while before I came again, so I didn't care if he slobbered awhile on my meat. I grabbed the back of his head, got a nice handful of that long hair of his and began moving his head around my cock and balls. He followed just as if he had been doing this for men for a long time.

"You sure you've never done this before faggot?" I pulled his head off my cock. He blushed. I used my other hand to jam a couple fingers in his mouth. "Wet those up a bit, boy" he sucked on my fingers. When I pulled them out they were slick and I moved them down to his tiny little nips where I twisted them in my fingers.

"Ugh, ow, oh, oh, please please stop." He winced and made it sound like I was really twisting.

"Shut up, You KNOW you like it. All fags like their titties played with, so don't tell me to stop. You were the one begging a couple minutes ago, this is just part of the fun," I said. He went back to moaning but didn't tell me to stop. I grabbed his hair again and pulled him up to my lap. "Now take my shirt off, boy. I want that tongue on my chest.

He followed instructions. Pulling and tugging at my t-shirt until it came over my head. He gasped, actually gasped, and then went to rubbing on my chest. I didn't even need to force his head down, he went to work with his tongue on my nipples, working the good.

When I got tired of that I pulled him by the hair and lifted my right arm up. Before he could say anything I shoved his face in there. "Clean it up good faggot. I'm sure I smell bad after a day out, come on," I smacked the back of his head, "get to licking it out." After that he did, slowly at first then more energetically. He was really getting off on it, bobbing up and moving that tongue around lapping at the hairs.

"Damn, Jake you really like that shit. You're a real pitlicker. I could have had you here long ago if I had known you wanted to clean those smelly things out this good." I laughed then switched him to the other pit.  He didn't need a smack or me grabbing his hair this time. He went right to work cleaning my left pit. FUCK, I could get used to that. When it was clean I pulled him off and pushed him to the floor.

He looked up at me all hurt, which only made me grin as I was staring down at him. "Okay, untie my shoes, boy. Take a good whiff of each of them when you take them off, then peel those nasty socks down and off my feet too." I reached for my beer and took another swig. I figured he might have to take another piss of mine if I kept drinking. Jake went to work on my shoes. I didn't help at all.  He had to lift each leg and then pull off the shoe. He hesitated at the first one. He pulled it up to his face while I watched. He could see me staring at him to make sure he followed instructions. He made a face at first but he took a good sniff, then set it down and went to work untying the other. This time when he got the sneaker off he took a deeper sniff.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like it Jake. You didn't want to, but that first sniff of my foot wasn't enough. You needed a deeper intake there to get my aroma in you. See what it was really like." He was turning red again, he'd get over that bit I figured eventually, but I liked seeing his acknowledgement that I knew what was going on in his little faggot head. He went back to finish his task. He pulled my one sock down and off then looked up at me.

"Hell yeah, go for it, Jake, give it a good sniff." Little guy did just as he was told. He then went and did the same with the second sock. All that was left was my pants. Jake sat there on his knees. He was waiting for something to happen. I reached up and pulled his head back into my crotch.

"Fuck, you have a hot little mouth Jake," I told him. I may not need a girl around for awhile if you are this good at everything." I didn't figure he had heard me, really. He claimed he hadn't sucked cock and I actually believed him. So he sure hadn't been fucked and that was where I was going next. He may have thought he was going to get a mouthful of cum but it was his ass that was going to get the load.

He was bobbing up and down. Every once in awhile I would jam his head down all the way and he'd make little gagging sounds. When I released him he would come up for air but go right back to work again. Who knew what he was thinking but sure felt damn good. I stuck my fingers back in his mouth and got them wet again. I played with his tits and got used to wetting my fingers a few times for that. Each time he'd look in my eyes and run his tongue over them. He looked like a slutty girl with his long hair falling around his face and that pink thong covering his snatch, sucking on my fingers. The third or fourth time he had got them wet though I did what he didn't expect. I reached around behind him. I pulled that thong string from his crack and moved it around the side of his ass cheek. I was smacking my wet finger on his hole, rubbing it and smacking it. Jake was just sucking and slobbering on my fat dick and without asking I slipped a finger inside his hole while he went to town on my cock. He pulled right off my cock, hollering.

"What, what are you doing? Don't, you can't do that. Please, please Sir I was just going to suck you off again."

"There you go again Jake, trying to make the rules. I told you already, I make them. You're the fag that wanted my cock. You begged me to give it to you. I just decided that I want it somewhere else besides your mouth." I laughed at him.

Jake was scrambling on his hands and knees. I grabbed a hold of his feet and held him from going anyplace. He was turned around squirming looking at me kinda with terror in his eyes. I sat on his legs so he would go anywhere and smacked his ass hard.

"Ow, that hurt," he yelped

"Well stop squirming and be still, bitch and I wouldn't have to get your attention."

"But, I don't want to get fucked. You're too big. I've never done that, you'll rip me up."

"Dude, it's not that big. It's barely 8 inches. You didn't have any problem taking it in your throat, what makes you think you are going to have a problem in your other hole?" I grabbed one hand and then the other and held them in one of mine. I used my still wet finger to slip back inside his hole. I rolled it around, poking at his inner clit. Oh, sure, I know it's a prostate, but on a faggot it works just like a girl's clit. Finger it and they just go wild.

"I...no one...please Sir, please don't do this. I'll suck you as much as you want," he was starting to whimper again.

I moved to where a second finger was at the entrance and slowly inserted it. No need to hurt the fag, he was going to have to stretch more anyway for my dick to get inside him.

"mmmm, noooo, please, Sir, I don't want that. I just, I just wanted to suck your cock." I am as nice as the next guy at heart so I have to say that it was nice to hear that from the little faggot. I mean who doesn't like to hear someone say they want to blow you?  I moved my fingers in and out of his hole, which momentarily stopped his thrashing around. I could tell he was beginning to like the feeling of me exploring and poking at his insides. "Noooo, please stop. I don't want to get fucked."

I started stretching out on top of Jake, my legs holding his together, my arms holding his now, over his head, and my cock, hard as steel, running along his crack. I lowered myself down on top of him so he wouldn't go anywhere.

I started thrusting along his backside. Just teasing him. "Jake, you can't really say you never thought about this. I mean, I told you I was going to get some more later, when we were at the bar. You've begged me twice now to let you suck my dick, and you just said you WANTED to do it. You think I'm going to stop now? I'm going to fuck your hole, Jake. Just like you thought about for a long time. You can't tell me that being a faggot you never thought about a man fucking you."

He didn't say anything. He was just whimpering. I was going back and forth on his crack, just like I would with one of the girls I usually fucked, teasing his hole. "You probably have a big dildo you use on it anyway, Jake, don't you? Because, dude, you didn't have any problems with those two fingers going in. It wasn't nearly as tight as if you'd never shoved anything up there. Come on fess up, fag boy, tell me the truth." I was grinding along his backside, not ever pushing in, but teasing his hole. He needed to ask for this, before I went in. "Talk to me faggot, tell me the truth. You have a dildo you play with? You wear a pink thong, I'm sure you have a toy cock you play with. Don't lie. This is going to happen now whether you want it or not, so you might as well fess up to all your thoughts. Not like I couldn't tell anyway. The way you fag out when I'm around."

He didn't say anything, but I could tell his brain was working overtime on what I was telling him. "Come on, Jake. Just tell me the truth. You've dreamed of a man, hell you have probably jacked your little dick thinking of ME fucking your pussy, while you shoved your dildo in and out of it. Haven't you?"

"No, I, I can't, please don't do this."

"Yes, you can Jake. You need to ask for it to get it, though. Don't stop now, you're almost there, almost ready to get what you really have wanted all this time. A big guy like me, opening up your cunt." He wasn't struggling so much anymore, no more squirming under me. I could just hold his arms up over his head with one hand now.  "That's all it is really, Jake, just a cunt that I'm gonna fuck. I bet you even are getting off on how this is happening." I reached underneath him and grabbed for his dick. It was hard as a rock, and the damn thong pouch was wet with his drippings. "Yeah, I thought as much, faggot. You ARE enjoying this. Your little dick is like a rock and you've been leaking. Why deny it?"

"Please let me up, Sir."

At least he was still calling me Sir, remembering what I had told him earlier. "Good fag. You are getting the hang of it. I like that you can remember who's in charge. Now, tell me you haven't wanted this. Tell me about the times you've used me in your fantasies to fuck you. Tell me all about how I fuck you when you play with your little dick. DO IT." Something gave way and words tumbled from his lips underneath me.

"Yessss, okay, yes, I...I have a dildo that I, I play with it. It's not as big as your cock. I...I don't think I can take your cock, it's too big. Please, Sir. I told you Steve, okay, please don't do this. Okay? I admit it, I think about it, but I don't think I can do it now." He started crying, I mean not like balling or anything, just like a few tears started coming down his cheeks. How can you not be a bit moved by a couple tears? Okay, so it really just made me harder than I already was. I swear my cock got bigger watching the fag get all choked up about this.

"That's fucking hot, bitch! Look at those tears. You dick is so hard and you got tears running down your face and you are telling me you want me to fuck you aren't you, faggot? Say it, go on, tell me what you want."

He sniffed. I got up close to his ear and kept whispering to him. "Come on faggot, tell me you want my dick in you. You know that is what I want too. Want to get in there in open that pussy up, Jake. Want to make your fantasy real. Going to get off inside you and take that cherry. It will always be mine hole after this" I was licking his ear, whispering all sorts of shit to him, cause I wanted him to ask for it, wanted to hear him tell me he wanted it. He needed to KNOW he had asked for my cock.  I licked up one of his tears. "Come on, baby, give it up for me. Give me that pussy cherry"

That did it. "Yes...please...okay, I'll try. I, I want you to uhm...Please...fuck me. Please fuck me, Steve...Sir...please?"

I'm telling you, that was all it took. I was ready. FUCK, I loved hearing the little guy ask me for it. BEGGED me to take his cherry. DAMN, fags were easy. I lined my cock up at his hole. I had been rubbing up and down his crack so I knew where it was, didn't even take my hands off his, holding them above his head. Okay, I started slow. I wanted to feel this, opening him up for cock. I sure wasn't going to be the last dick inside him, but I was going to be the first.

"Yeah," I whispered in his ear. "you are gonna love this, bitch. Gonna remember your first fuck for a long time Jake. It's me gonna open you up and you are gonna want it from me all the time once I do it too.

"Oh, god, please fuck me, I...I want it, please, Sir. I can't believe you made me say it, but I have wanted it." One more tear ran down his cheek, how appropriate, I thought.

"Yeah, here we go, Jake, time to give it up." I know I said I was gonna go slow, but once I started, the faggot just gave in and loosened up and in one stroke I was balls deep in faggot pussy. "FUCK, you are warm and tight! Damn that feels good." He gasped as I slid in but with the spit from his blow and the precum leaking from my dick, he was ripe and ready for it.

"Oh, oh god, oh god, that hurt, ohhh." Jake was back to whimpering.

For a while I just lay on top of him. It felt fucking great to be inside the bitch and knowing I had busted her open. I started moving my hips, thrusting in and out a little, just getting warmed up for a good fuck, letting Jake adjust to my cock.

"Damn, how's that feel to you, faggot? It feels damn good to me. You asked me to fuck you and I'm gonna do just that."

"Oh, ugh, oh god, I feel so full. It feels like you split me open."

"Shut up, bitch. Here, let me stuff a sock in your mouth, you'll enjoy the taste to go with the smell." I reached over to where Jake has tossed my socks and grabbed one. I stuffed it in his mouth before he could complain too much more.  I hate when a fag, or a girl for that matter, want you to fuck them then whine about it. I loosened up on his hands and propped myself on my arms. It gave me more room to start in with a good fuck.

I pulled back part way out of Jake's hole and then shoved back in. I was working up to it now. I wanted to be able to slide all the way out and plunge back in before I finished with him. He was grunting into the sock when I was deep. I was working up a good motion, before I knew it Jake was moaning as I was fucking.

"What did I tell you. You wanted this, fuck. Been teasing me at the bar all night, and then followed me back home just to get this, didn't you?" I moved an arm around his neck and pulled him back up towards me, so his back was arched and I was on my knees now. He nodded his head up and down.

"I figured. A fag like you was just waiting for some cock."

"MMMMmmmmmhhhmmmmm" more nodding, I was grinning ear to ear.

"Get on your hands and knees. I want to focus on my fuck, boy." He went right to it this time, propping himself up and sticking his ass back towards me. I was pulling out more and driving home harder now. He was grunting when I bottomed out and squeezing on me as I tried to pull back. "Little bitch likes that, don't you. I can feel you grabbing at my dick already. You hate to feel that pulling back, don't you? You all done squealing, I'll pull out that sock so I can hear your answer, Jake." He nodded again, so I pulled him back by the hair and removed my sock.

"Oh, yes Sir, I love it. Please fuck me more. Ugh, ohhhh, ugh"

"Nice to hear that, Jake. You are turning this night into your faggot coming out party. Hahahahaha." I reached around and felt his dick again. Still rock hard and leaking. "Seems you are enjoying this, bitch. I knew the minute I saw you a couple years ago that you wanted cock. You just needed some time to figure it out, and my lack of a girlfriend to make it happen."

I was propped on my hands, like I was doing push ups. I started pulling all the way out now. His little pussy hole would stay open when I was out and then close up just before I popped it back in. I pulled out and slapped his ass a couple times, leaving a handprint on each cheek. "Flip over faggot. I want you to see my face. Look in my eyes while I fuck you. I want you to watch me as I empty these balls inside you soon."

Jake flipped over and lay on his back, I yanked his legs up over his head and got his hole up in the air, where it was pulsing at me. "That hole is just starting to look like a pussy now, Jake. That's wehat I am going to use it as when I want to. You understand?"

"Oh yes, yes Sir. I want you back inside me. Please?"

I slapped his hole with my cock. Damn it was hard, knowing I had the bitch where I wanted him. Smacking his cunt with my dick, watching it all pink, the same color as his thong that still covered his little hard dick. "Beg me bitch. Tell me more about what you need," I told him.

"Please, feed me your cock, Sir. I really do love it. I really am a...a...a fag. Okay? I said it, Sir. I am a fag and I...I want your cock in me." He blushed very red and I laughed at him.

"Slut. What a whore. 15 minutes ago you were whining about this happening and now you are begging me to put it back. Now you need my cock."

"Yes, I do. I need it." Jake was thrashing around. "Please, please put it back."

I slammed it back in all the way, harder than ever, but back in deep like the first stroke. His legs were propped on my shoulders and I was on my hands and toes again, fucking. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Like he was meant to be fucked hard. No girl lets you fuck this hard, only a faggot could handle a rough fuck like this and not be complaining about it.

I noticed then that Jake's hand was on his dick again. I pulled up one of my hands and smacked him for the third time this evening.  He looked directly at me. "I told you, no touching your dick. Focus on my cock. If you cum while I'm fucking fine you can cum but I'm not interested in seeing a faggot play with himself. Do that on your own time."

"I'm, I'm sorry, Sir. I...it just feels so good, I forgot."

"Well don't forget again. I will keep doing it harder until you listen to me. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir, yes."

After that is wasn't long. He started really moaning and then his pussy started grabbing tighter and I knew he was close. I could see in those blue eyes that were staring he was trying to not cum, but all the fucking was getting to him.

"I'm gonna cum, Sir, I can't stop it. Oh, oh god, ooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmnnnnnmmmmmm" The little fucker actually arched his back off the floor while my weight was on him pounding his hole good. He was spurting into his thong, staining it darker pink. And the squeezing was FUCKING tremendous. So much so that I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Fuck, you little slut. Your pussy muscles are squeezing so tight. You are gonna pull this load out of me. I'm gonna breed you now, faggot. Going to donate some of my DNA to you. "

"Ohhhh yes, oooohhhhhh, god please cum in me, Sir, please." Who can resist a little begging at the end of a fuck. That was all I needed. The fag begging me to spray his insides down and empty my balls. I let lose then and there.

"Arrrrggghhhhh, Take it bitch." I drove ball deep and ground it around. The fag was still clenching tight and squeezing my load out and I was forcing it as deep as I could get it. "Cummmmminngggg, FFuuucCCkkk. Ugh. Take it all" I bounced a few more times as I spurted, I don't know, eight, nine shots of my seed in Jake's pussy.  I collapsed on top of him. His legs wrapped around my back. Eventually he slid them down to the floor and I rolled over. I didn't leave his hole. I stayed inside, plugging him, making him keep my seed. I remember him saying, "Thank you, Steve, Thank you, Sir." A couple times and then I fell asleep holding the little fag, still balls deep, his head on my arm and mine on the floor.