Jake's tail part 3

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When I woke up, about an hour had passed. It was the middle of the night according to the clock on the wall. I was still on the floor, buried in the fag's cunt. No doubt about it, he had been busted open and now belonged to me. I was hard again. Damn, I enjoyed this fag's pussy. I needed to think about how to continue getting some of it while making sure he knew his place in life. In the mean time I wanted to empty another load in his hole. I started slow again, grinding my hips up and driving my cock into his pussy.

He stirred and started moaning. "umph, uhhhh Ow, oh, that hurts, I'm sore."

I laughed. "Who cares, shoulda thought about that before you were begging for it earlier. Now it's mine and I'll use it until I'm through with it, Jake." I lifted his leg up to get better access to his hole. His hole was sloppy now. He'd been clamping on my cock for the last hour, like it was his new butt plug and soaking in the seed I'd given him earlier. His hole was making squishy sounds as I picked up my pace. "I love the way your hole is all loose and wet now for me Jake. Your first night serving as a bitch and you've got a real pussy now. I should plug it like that for awhile and teach it to be ready for a cock at anytime."

He looked shocked that I would consider something like that. He didn't say anything because he knew I might do it too. I smacked his ass when he let his leg slip down, and I pulled that thong string out of the way again so I could get freer access to his hole. I moved my hand up to his crotch to see if he was hard. The pouch of his thong had dried and was crusty, his little dick was hard again, and brushing up against the dried loads he had filled it with an hour ago.

"Ugh, uh, oh, oh." He had a little high-pitched sound that he made when getting fucked. It was higher than his usual voice. I didn't mind a fag making noise. It actually told me I was getting it right. The more I slammed it home, the higher pitched it got. It told me I was making it hurt and that he was enjoying it at the same time, since I felt his hard little clit.

"Oh, god,  oh god, ungh, uh." I threw his legs up and put him on his back, so I could see what I was doing better.

"Look at that," I told him as I pulled out. "You hole just stays open now. You had my cock stretching it open the last couple hours and now it just stays open." Jake reached around to feel his open pussy. He slipped three fingers in without thinking about it and I saw the amazed look on his face. "Did I tell you, you could play with your pussy, boy?"

"No, uh, no Sir, sorry." He pulled his fingers out and I slipped back in, bottoming out no problem, hearing my balls smack up against his ass and hearing him grunt like a girl again.

"You sound like a girl, all that squealing noise you make, Jake. Can you hear yourself?"

I kept fucking and he listened to himself, because he turned red, I think over actually stopping and hearing himself moan and groan. I laughed and picked up my pace. I was going to get off again before I went to sleep.

"Best fuck I've had in a long time, bitch. You put out real well. Can't believe I waited so long to drop a load in you. I know you love it too now, so no telling how often you'll be over here begging for it."

"oooooOOOOoooo. Oh god. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Yes, Sir, ungh, ungh. Please, please cum, Sir. I don't know how much more I can take."

I raised up a hand and threatened to smack the bitch, trying to tell me to hurry. "Who's doing the fucking, bitch?"

"Oh, you are Sir, ungh.

"That's right, faggot, and I'll finish when I'm damn well ready. I really started pounding the little fag for getting demanding like that. It got to where his moaning just became one long growl from his little grunts and moans. "I hope you are hearing yourself, Jake, cuz it just gets me going, listening to you wail like that." I smacked his ass a couple times. "Squeeze me with your pussy muscles, boy. If you want me to cum, then learn to use those muscles and milk my big cock."

Damn if he didn't start in squeezing. It was like automatic with him once I told him to start. He would open that hole nice when I was pushing in and squeeze like hell as I was trying to pull back. It felt so damn good, it wasn't a minute or two of that action and I was ready to blow again.

Jake's was using his hands to play with my nipples and rubbing my chest. He was not playing with himself this time.  He had his eyes on mine and his mouth hung open slightly as he was still making noises. I was pounding hard and reaching the point of no return.

"Gonna fill it up, Jake. Going to make you take another load. You want it inside you again?"

"Oh, yes, yes, please, give it to me. Please, Sir. As he finished his voice squeaked higher and he kinda held a moan and I saw that his little pouch was getting all wet again.

"You love it faggot, take it. Empty your little dick and take my load instead." MMMmmm, FUUckkkkk, so tight, ugh UnGH UnGH UnGH," I pounded hard hammering his pussy, spewing my load as he squeezed tightly on my dick, milking all the cum out. I slowed and then stopped, shuddering, closing my eyes tight as I finished and could feel him clenching my cock. I dropped to my knees and slowly began pulling my dick out of his hole. Once I got my head all the way out of his hole, cum ran out. I was sure he didn't even have a clue. I reached down with a couple fingers and scooped up my load and his juices. I moved my finger up to his lips and they parted without even asking what it was. He sucked on my fingers.

"Fucking faggot. You love that don't you?" I reached back down again with my fingers and slipped them inside his sloppy hole. I scooped out some more cum and juice and held it back up to his mouth. His tongue slipped out and he tasted my fingers, then sucked them off for me making little noises of enjoyment.

"Who's bitch are you now, Jake," I asked?

"Yours, Sir"

"That's right. And who's rules are you going to follow now?

"Your rules Sir."

"Exactly, boy. You belong to me. Don't forget it." I smacked his ass again hard, drawing a squeal. Fuck, I liked this faggot.

"Get up, you need to go before any of my housemates show up, bitch. They'll be back sometime tonight." That got him moving, as least up and dressing.

I looked around the place, it was pretty messy and my clothes were scattered around, as were his. "I need you to pick up my clothes in here faggot. Take them into my room at the end of that hall." I pointed to the other side of the living area, where the bedrooms were located. "Put them in my laundry bag."

"Yes, Sir." He agreed and was running around pretty quickly, I guess hoping no one came back soon and saw him. He scooped up my underwear, pants and shirt and headed down the hall. I got up and followed after him. He had no trouble finding my laundry bag. It was already half full and there were more clothes scattered around my room. Sue me, okay? I can be a slob if I am busy with shit.

"Hey, pick up the other stuff in here too, fag. I need someone to clean it up regular and no one had been around at all." It was sorta true. Not since the last girl got pissed about doing my laundry. I never can figure out why it pisses off the girls to do a guys laundry. I'm giving them dick, at least they could do something instead of laying around begging for more. With the fag, I was going to see now much I had to instruct him in doing laundry. "When you get done picking it up, you can take off, Jake."

"Okay, Sir, thanks," he told me. Dumb fag was already thanking ME for letting him clean up my room. I didn't even prompt him on that. This could be good.

I collapsed on my bed. I was worn out. All that fucking face and ass had tired me out. Watching Jake run around the room grabbing old socks and jocks was looking pretty tiring too.

"Okay, Steve, Sir, uhm, I'm done picking up your clothes."

"Good, boy. Now get over here and kiss my cock before you leave. Let me know you appreciated getting it inside your pussy." I laughed and he blushed but he didn't really hesitate and came over to the bed, bent over and kissed my half hard cock. He then turned to leave and started walking.

"Hey faggot!, where do you think you are going?"

"He stopped and turned back. "I thought you wanted me to go, uh Sir."

"I do, bitch, but you can't leave without the laundry you just gathered up. What do you think I told you to pick it up for? So I could do it? I need that cleaned and folded before tomorrow night. You can't leave it there, who's going to do it for me?"

Jake looked at me for a few seconds and then caught on. "Oh, ohhhh, ok Sir, I can do that. I can take it home now and bring it back tomorrow for you."

"Good fag. Just close the door on your way out. I'm sleepy. Call tomorrow when you are ready to bring the laundry back, I'll be around," I told him. I lay back on my pillow and closed my eyes. I heard him pull the door shut and I was asleep soon after that, smiling at Jake taking my laundry with him.



I got up slow the next morning. I was in no hurry. The only thing besides studying for a class that I had planned was doing laundry and now that was being taken care of for me. Damn, it was nice to have a bitch around again.  It was just 11. I had plenty of time for study, so I made some coffee and ate something before I got started.

By about 3 though I had been studying long enough. I had gone over the stuff and it was beginning to look overly familiar. It was about the time I was digging in the frig looking for something to eat for lunch when the phone rang. I wasn't going to answer but something told me I should get it.


"Hi Steve, Sir, uhm it's me, Jake."

"Hey boy, what's up?" He was actually ahead of time as far as I was concerned. I had almost forgotten that I had sent him home with my laundry.

"I have your laundry done. Should I bring it over now?" Damn, I got hard hearing him calling me Sir and telling me he was finished with the laundry. I scratched myself to move my dick around in my shorts.

"Yeah, good job, faggot. Bring it on over, I'm home. I got a party tonight to go to and need some clean clothes."

"Okay, I will, Sir. I'll be there soon."

"Good, later" I hung up. I wasn't much for the phone. Yacking could go on forever if you didn't stop a call.

By the time I heard the door, I had grabbed some leftovers and was sitting on the sofa, the scene of some of last night's fun. I had a grin on my face when I hollered, "Yeah, it's open, come in." The fag came in with the laundry bag.

"Hi Sir." He had a big smile on his face. If I was any judge the faggot was happy to see me and probably hoping to get more of what I gave him last night. "You can put those away in my room," I told him. "Saves me from having to do it later."

"Uhm, ok, Sir." He looked around as if he thought there might be other people around. He didn't need to know that I didn't have any housemates that weekend. I wasn't going to say anything. He picked up the laundry bag and headed down the hall. I stayed there on the sofa. I could hear him opening drawers, hanging things in the closet. It made me smile. He didn't ask any questions so he must have been doing ok. By the time he had finished and returned to the living room, I had finished my lunch. I held the plate up for him and without saying anything he took it and went to the kitchen area. Damn, I was beginning to like this.

"uhm, Sir. The sink is full. What should I do with this?" he asked.

"Well, Jake, if the sink is full it must be time to do the dishes. Why don't you get to work? I'm sure you can see the soap and scrubber somewhere near the sink there." I chuckled.

I heard the water start to run. Nice! The fag is going to do the dishes. If he was going to be so cooperative I might be able to use some help around here, I thought to myself. After a couple minutes I got up and went to the kitchen area. Jake was dressed in some worn jeans, ripped at the knees. He had a polo style shirt on and it was hanging out, not tucked in. A little preppy but not bad I thought. I wondered if he had on a thong. I walked over behind him at the sink and pulled back the waist of his jeans to have a look.

"Nice, a black thong today. You got any real underwear, or just thongs?" I had startled him, but he kept working on the stuff in the sink.

He looked a little nervous with me standing there staring down at his ass. "Yes, Sir. I have some boxers and some briefs too. I have a bunch of different kinds." He had turned his head to look at me, kinda sheepishly.

"Pay attention, I don't want you breaking anything," I told him. He turned his head back front to the sink. "Your girlfriend know you wear thongs all the time?

"Uhm, no Sir. I...I don't uhm, usually wear thongs when we go out." Now I could see him turning red. God, I loved making him squirm, I don't know why, but I just loved to see a fag get all embarrassed over something I said. I slipped my hand into the back of his jeans and ran a finger along his pussy crack. He squirmed but kept his face to the sink and was trying to keep doing the dishes while I was playing.

"I didn't figure as much, Jake. I can't really believe she doesn't know about you, know what a fag you really are. How long are you going to lead her on like that? I mean, you don't really want any of what she's got, do you?"

"I...I never did anything before with a guy, till, until uhm, last night...Sir. She...she doesn't know I did that"

"I want you to throw out all your underwear except for your thongs. I want you to do that when you go home today. Get rid of them, you hear me?"

"But...but I can't wear them all the time."

I smacked the back of his head. "Don't tell me what you can't do. I know what you can do, faggot. You can follow my directions. You gonna do as I tell you?" He nodded after thinking for a few seconds. "Speak up, boy, I didn't hear you. Answer me when I ask you something."

"Yes, Sir. I will throw them out."

That made me smile. I would have to check everyday for awhile to make sure he hadn't just agreed to get me to stop smacking his head. I moved the thong string away from his crack and placed my finger on the hole I had broken in last night. I started rubbing it and he started squirming again. "Hold still fag!" he stopped moving his ass. "Look at the way you move though when something gets near that pussy, Jake. Hard to believe you never had a dick in there till last night. I know you thought about it though. As queer as you've been the whole time I have known you, you can't say you never thought about it or shoved some vibrator up your hole."

He didn't say anything. I pulled my finger out of his pants and stuck it in front of his face. "Wet my finger up. I want to see how my fag's pussy is doing today." He stuck his tongue out and licked my finger then took it in his mouth. "Yeah, get it slick, you know where it's going next. Better be clean too, cause you'll lick it off when I'm done fingering you, bitch." I pulled it out after he had sucked on it a bit and stuck my hand back down his jeans, rubbing my wet finger on his hole. It clenched the second I tried to enter though.

I smacked the back of his head with my other hand. "You don't clench down, bitch. You open that up and let me put my finger where I want to put it."

"But..it's sore...Sir."

"I don't care if it is sore or not. I'm going to do what I want to it and you are going to get used to that if you want any of my cock. Got it?"

"yeah...Yes, Sir"

"Good fag," I told him. He was finishing up most of the stuff in the sink. I had one hand holding his head toward the sink and the other cupped around his ass, my finger slowly slipping inside. Nice, it was warm, wet, and clean. I fingered him as he cleaned the rest of the dishes, poking at his g-spot, making him jump every once in awhile. He was squirming and making these little noises like he was getting all hot and bothered. Fuck, he was easy to manipulate like this. When he turned the water off, I pulled my finger out and put it in front of his face again. "Clean if off!"

He did just as I instructed, licking then taking it all in after that, cleaning his funky smell from it.  I brought my other hand around to the front of his jeans and felt his hard little dick. I chuckled.

"Nice. I like that Jake. You get hard just from me fingering that pussy of yours. I don't think you are straight at all, boy. Your dick reacts to anything related to me. You are going to have to dump that girl because you won't be able to think about doing her while you are busy with my cock."

I wasn't going to have a fag spending any time on a girl if he was mine. He was going to have plenty of things to stay busy with keeping me happy. I had found guys like him in high school. Ready to do whatever I wanted if they knew they MIGHT get some dick from me. Keep them on a proverbial leash and they stick right with you whatever you want them to do. A good fag was better than a puppy. I could keep him busy enough to get the girl to dump him. I chuckled at the thought. It was a matter of him wanting to do things for me more than he wanted to go out with her.

"I need to piss Jake," I told him turning him around from the sink, staring down into his eyes. I brought my hand to his shoulder and started pushing him to his knees. "Why don't you get down there and pull my cock out and take care of that for me?"

"No, no...I don't want to do that...I mean, I can't do that. I..I'm..."

I used both hands to push on his shoulders. Jake slowly went to his knees. "You did it last night Jake. You didn't know it was happening, but it did. You liked it."

"I...I did? I don't remember that."

"Hell, yeah, All fags like you like that shit. Any thing from a man's cock is good for ya. Come on, what are you waiting for, get my cock out, before I Piss on myself or over you. It has to go somewhere," I said. We stared at each other for a few seconds. I nodded at him and smiled. Finally I just said the magic words. "Do it. Now"

That's all it took. An order. Jake's hands moved up to my zipper and he pulled it down. He reached in and pulled my cock out. It was in semi hard state. I can't help it. Getting a guy to do what I want gets me excited. He looked up at me, but kept moving and placed the head inside his mouth. I let lose almost immediately; a nice long piss that I had been saving up for Jake.

"Yeeeaahhhhh, that's nice." Jake had a funky look on his face. "Better swallow, or you'll be cleaning it up off the floor, boy." Jake swallowed. He didn't get it all of course, but he tried. I don't think he wanted to be cleaning the floor. He didn't gag at all and I was actually pretty pleased with how he handled it. He kept up the pace and swallowed several times. A bit was coming out his mouth and running down his shirt. He was looking up at me trying to figure when I was going to stop pissing and I was looking down at him watching him trying to keep up. He never lost eye contact. My grin must have been wide because I just love that control love watching a fag on his knees, drinking my piss. Fuck it's hot just sitting here thinking about it. When it was obvious that the last of the piss was done, Jake started in bobbing his headup and down, thinking he was going to blow me. I just backed off from him, left him on his knees.

"Please. Please let me suck your cock? Please, I want to do it, now"

"Well, hell, of course you do Jake. Your queer, it makes sense you want to suck a man's cock. But, no, I never said you were going to do that today. All I said was for you to take my piss. I have a date later. Got to save some of that seed for my girl. What would she think if I didn't give her some too?" I took hold of my cock, shook a few drops off in Jake's direction, and then tucked it back in and zipped up. "Time to go Jake. I have things to do and you need to get going."

He got a confused look on his face but didn't say anything right off. He pulled himself to his feet. He looked down at his shirt. There was piss on it from where he could swallow all of my water. I smiled.

"I can't go home like this," he stated. "I smell like piss and someone will see me."

"Well, that gives you something to work on next time doesn't it Jake. Quicker swallowing will take care of that. Make sure you get some practice so you can do that and not look sloppy and smell bad."

"Please, don't make me go like this. It's embarrassing."

"Embarrassing? Hell, its humiliating Jake." He was turning red as I continued. "A grown guy on his knees sucking the piss out of another man's dick. Doing his laundry, asking to suck his cock. But you do what you need to do. I'm a nice guy and don't mind letting a friend do that if it is what helps him get by. You are lucky you have a friend like me, nice enough to let you do all that to me. You get off doing that sort of stuff, and I like having a fag around to do that stuff for me. Now come on, out," I emphasized.

"Please, I can't go home like this." His whining was annoying. I did want him out. I had things to do before my date later, and I had played with him long enough. I started removing my ratty t-shirt I had on.

"Here, wear this then. Just don't wreck it," I said. "Its one of my favorites." I made it sound like the old piece of shit was important. I figured he would wear nothing else for the rest of the weekend, trying to sniff me on it for days. Jake pulled his shirt off. He was about to set it down but I smacked him. "Don't set that pissed clothing on my floor. You hang on to it, take it home and clean it at your place. Geez."

"Yes, Sir, sorry."

"Just think, faggot, what do I want your old pissy shirt for? I couldn't fit in it anyway."

Once Jake was in my shirt, I went to the door and opened it. He headed out. My shirt was way to big on him, but he was smiling.

"Thanks,  Steve, uhm, I mean Sir.  Uhhhhhmmm, Can we...can we....you know, get together some time soon?"

"We'll see faggot, I told him." He looked around to see if anyone was there to hear me calling him names. "I'll let you know when I need you." I shut the door behind him before he could say anything else. I don't mind a little begging but when its time to go, they need to just get going. I had a big smile on my face as I did it. I couldn't help it. Things with the fag were going well.