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Jay's Tale



Jay was a geek. Not a totally lost cause, but surely out of the mainstream. He had few friends, and no close ones. He hadn't had someone he considered a best friend since grade school. Now, as a sixteen year-old tenth-grader, he was mostly alone at school, and always alone at home.

Just another normal afternoon at home. Doing homework. Alone. He sat at the small desk he had been using since grade school, books open and pen and pencil at hand.

He rolled his dark brown eyes and threw down his pencil. He sat back in the chair and crossed his long arms. The well-worn t-shirt, solid blue, was baggy, but as it lay across his form it revealed the thin chest and nearly concave belly below it.

Jay stretched, his long legs out straight, arms over his head. Now the blue t-shirt rode upward and revealed that now deeply concave belly. A little navel with a few sandy-blond hairs was visible above the waistband of his tan khakis. Just peeking out of that waistband was a blue elastic waistband.

Stretched out as he was in that moment, the only noticeable outward bulge was at his groin, and that bulge was very noticeable. The cylindrical bulge that ran diagonally upward to nearly his hip pushed against the tan material.

Jay's smile widened as he ended his stretch. Both hands fell to the bulge so noticeable. He grinned a little more as both of his hands began moving, one tracing the length, the other cupping the mobile objects below.

The doorbell rang.

Jay sat up, his brown eyes now wide, the sandy-blond brows high. His narrow, pale lips mouthed, "Who the fuck?" as he adjusted that bulge to make it less noticeable.

Sighing, he headed down the hallway as the doorbell rang again.

"What?" he growled as he swung the door open.

"Fuck you, Jay."

"Sean? Miller? What? What do you want?"

"You said you would tutor me in physics. Remember?"

The jock held up a single book. He let it fall and it struck his solid thigh. The dark jeans tightly held that thigh, and everything else. Sean Miller shifted from one foot to the other impatiently, shifting his tightly clothed ass most noticeably. What Jay saw shifting in front of those dark jeans held his eyes locked.

"You gonna just stand there and check out my junk? I know you're a fag, but I need to pass the finals or my gee-pee-a is fucked. So can you stop checking me out and get me caught up on this shit?"

By the time Sean had finished, Jay's eyes had returned to Sean's face, and Jay's face was dark red. He blushed nicely, but Sean didn't seem impressed.

"So? Can you keep your eyes on the books and off my bod?"

"Oh, uh, yea. Sorry. Honest. I, uh, didn't expect you."

"Why not? Tomorrow's the tests."

"I meant to help out, during the year. And that was months ago. Why now? I can't teach you all the stuff from all year in one day!"

"Thought you was a brain?"

Jay laughed and moved aside so Sean could enter. Jay looked at the floor, though he took a long look as Sean's backside moved past. His deep brown eyes rolled again.

Jay led Sean to his room, worried and actually frightened. He had rarely spoken to senior before, and Sean had treated him politely. Even the day that Sean had convinced Jay to tutor him if he needed it. Jay hadn't expected him to show up suddenly on the day before finals.

Jay sat at his desk and motioned Sean to sit on the bed. Jay felt odd having someone sit on his bed, especially Sean, the soccer forward, the track star, the rich, popular senior.

And one of Jay's favorite masturbatory fantasies.

Jay picked up his own physics book and joined Sean on his bed.

"How long you got?"

"Maybe two hours, then folks get home, then dinner. You can stick around, we can keep going after. We could use the table in the dinning room if you wanna."

Sean snickered, making Jay nervous.

"No, just don't try to rape me or shit and it'll be fine. I just need to know what the fuck I'll need to pass tomorrow."

"You won't pass if you ain't studied all year, ya know."

"I know. But maybe I'll get enough I can talk my way into a better grade."

Jay shook his head and grinned lopsidedly. He tried to keep his eyes off Sean's groin on firmly on the books.

Sean was in Jay's gym class, and Sean knew what was hidden by those tight jeans and the letter jacket and red v-neck shirt. Sean was buff, muscular, well-developed, and limber. And hung. Jay was sure that Sean was more than seven inches when hard, and that rivaled his own nearly nine inches. The two of them were without doubt the longest boys in their class, and they both knew it. So did everyone else their class.

Everyone knew that Jay was gay, too. He stopped hiding it last year, and openly admitted to it since the start of this school year. He'd taken a few beatings, and the usual verbal assaults, and put up with the nearly total isolation.

"I don't have to ace it, just help me so I don't whiff it."

Jay sighed in exasperation.

"I'll go over the stuff I'm sure will be on the exams that aren't real hard. All I can do."

Jay's dark brown eyes met Sean's dark green ones. Sean nodded, his nearly black hair weaving around his ears as he flashed one of his winning, jock smiles.

Jay snickered and fought it down immediately.

"Sorry, I wasn't laughing at you, I was-"

"Don't worry about it. I'm not gonna start a fight with you or something. Okay?"

Sean seemed honest enough, and Jay relaxed a little, even smiled a bit, then nodded.

Jay began with the first things he could think of that he could possibly help Sean with in one afternoon. Sean nodded now and then, but it was soon obvious that he wasn't following.

"You're just too far behind! I mean, I can't teach you later stuff if you don't get the stuff from early this year."

"Dude, you gotta help me out here! You know what happens if I don't pass, right?"

Jay nodded.

"But I can't just inject you with the knowledge."

Sean laughed.

"What?" Jay asked, curious.

Sean hesitated, then put his book down on the floor. He turned on the bed and took the book from Jay's hands. He set it on the floor. As he returned his eyes to Jay's, those brown eyes were wide and the sandy-blond brows high again. His pale lips were slightly open.

"Jay, I'm not here to be tutored."

"Then why?" Jay squeaked, immediately crossing his arms defensively.

He knew he was about to be beaten. Probably badly. Maybe really badly.

"I'm not here to be taught. I'm here to teach."

Sean leaned closer to Jay, ever so slightly.

Jay leaned back, his eyes widening.

"You're so smart, but you're so stupid, too."

"Huh?" Jay squeaked.

"You just don't see. All the looks I give you at school. All the jokes. All the hints. You just... it's like you're blind."


"I bet you think about me doing this. And I bet you think about me making you do stuff. Don't you?"

Jay stammered a few vowels.

"I seen you looking sometimes. The showers. Locker room. I bet you think about it when you jerk it, don't ya?"

More stammered vowels, staccato this time. Jay was paralyzed.

"I know what you're like. What you like. You want someone to take charge. Tell you what to do. How to do it. And make you do it."

Sean's face was close to Jay's now, and Jay had little space left to retreat to.

"I won't make it hurt a lot if you don't try to fight me."

"What?" Jay got out before Sean was on him.

Sean pressed one hand over Jay's mouth as his other hand pressed into Jay's throat, forcing him backward onto his back.

Jay began to struggle, but Sean was already completely over him. Sean pinned Jay's legs with his own, and put his full weight on Jay's chest and hips.

Jay was taller, but far slimmer. Sean was stronger and quicker.

"Sh-h-h-h," Sean hissed loudly as he held Jay still despite Jay's efforts. "Sh-h-h-h, quiet, you'll like it that way. Like you like it in school. Being told. Right? Well, I'm sure you'd like it that way."

Sean stared into Jay's eyes. Jay had no choice but to be bared to the bone on Sean's gaze. Sean gyrated his hips over Jay's, pushing his erection into Jay's groin with force.

Jay's arms were free and both hands were pushing against Sean's chest, but he had no chance of pushing him off. He pounded Sean's chest, but Sean just smiled and pushed harder against his throat.

"I can gank you out, and do it while you're out. I won't like it as much, but... maybe, I might like it more that way." Sean grinned. "I won't have to worry you might scream or something. Hmm?"

Jay shook his head side to side violently.

"You want it while you're awake, don't ya?"

Jay waited for an answer for several seconds, then asked again.

Jay relented and let his arms fall to his side.

"Good boy. Take it like a man, not a little girl. Right? Yeah?"

Jay nodded.

"Good," Sean said, pushing his hard dick into Jay's groin with each word, "boy. Gonna, like, this."

Sean paused, glanced down between them, then back up at Jay's face. He smiled wider at the boy he held captive below him, then ground his groin into Jay's again with every word.

"Yeah! Nice, and, hard, too! Gonna, so-o-o, love, this!"

Sean shifted his arms in a quick movement, and suddenly he held Jay's hands down on the bed. Now the smile on Jay's face was no longer hidden under Sean's hand.

Sean smiled wider, then crushed his lips onto Jay's. Jay whimpered, but it was smothered by Sean's mouth and tongue, and Sean's own growl of lust.

They began gyrating with each other, kissing, Sean nearly crushing Jay's hands with his own.

"You're gonna do everything I tell you. Right?"

Jay nodded, grinning.

"Just what I say, and just the way I say. Right?"

Sean bit Jay's smiling lips. Jay nodded.

"You're not gonna make a sound. Not a peep. Right?"

Sean squeezed Jay's hands until joints popped.

Jay hissed his breath inward, grinning wider, blushing darker.

He nodded.

"It's gonna hurt, and you're gonna take it. Like a man. And silently. Right?"

Jay bit his own smiling lip, then nodded.

Sean rolled them onto their sides.

"You're gonna take off all my clothes, and you're gonna lick everywhere as the light hits it. Got it? So slow, kiss it before the light does, or else."

Jay nodded. When Sean released his hands and rolled onto his back, Jay moved so that he could begin by moving the t-shirt upward, kissing side to side, rolling the shirt upward. When Sean's nipples were being licked as well as kissed, Sean slapped the back of Jay's head smartly.

"I didn't say lick anything. That was one. Each one's gonna be harder. Get me?"


Another, harder smack on the back of Jay's head.

"I said silence!"

Jay nodded, cowed, smiling.

"Back to work."

Jay obeyed. His pulse raced. His breath came rapidly. He whimpered softly, so softly that Sean couldn't be sure. He couldn't help it. He had never been so turned on before. Not only was there someone else involved in something sexual, it was in a way he had been fantasizing for some time. It wasn't as he'd dreamed and thought as he jerked himself off, but it was certainly a lot like it.

After long minutes, after Jay had removed one arm then the other from the t-shirt, Jay finally pulled it over Sean's head and placed it on the table.

"Now, shoes and sox. And keep using those lips before the light."

Jay nodded and did as he was told. He wasn't too into kissing Sean's feet, but being forced to was a huge turn-on. He made sure each toe was kissed before the sox was removed and placed carefully into a shoe.

"Now, lay on me."

Sean held the back of Jay's head as they kissed. When Jay let a small groan grow too loud, a sharp crack on the back of his head reminded him to remain quiet. That slap only increased Jay's gyrations against Sean's body below him.

"Now, jeans. And don't touch my dick or balls, or I slap yours. So lay so I can reach 'em."

Jay did as ordered, taking a sixty-nine position on his side. Sean massaged Jay's buttocks as Jay kissed his way down both of Sean's legs and feet. It took several minutes despite Jay's desire to move more quickly. Except when he could smell Sean's groin. The aroma there did something inside of Jay that he instantly loved.

It had been difficult to move around the contents of Sean's briefs, kissing the thighs, but not touching it. He wanted more than anything to at least graze the sack with his nose, but he knew what would come. He didn't like the pain, but he liked being afraid of it. He liked the threat of it.

His cock was pulsing in slow waves, almost as if he were cumming. His balls ached, too. His whole body felt like his stomach did during an orgasm - tense, charged, quivering. Having someone else's hands caressing his ass was intensely erotic, and Sean was exploring all he could through the jeans.

Sean's cock was thick and long, and Jay knew it was nearly as long as his own. He loved the length of it, wanted it in his hands, his mouth, and his ass.

"Now, stand over me and take off everything."

Jay did as told. When he was down to his briefs, Sean told him to stop. Sean reached up and followed the long arc of Jay's cock several times, end to end. He followed the contours of the ridges on the head, making Jay shiver and his balls rise up high.

"Fucking amazing. Now, lay down."

 Sean rolled so that he was half over Jay with his knee in Jay's groin.

"I know you're longer than me, but I'll take it all if you want. Tomorrow. But first, today, you're gonna take all of me. Quietly. And without stopping. Now, on your hands and knees over me, sixty-nine."

Once Jay was in place, Sean pulled the white briefs down, wiped Jay's crack with them thoroughly, then tore them off. He then pushed a finger into them, spat on the cloth covering the tip of his finger, and then shoved it into Jay's hole with more than a little force. 

Jay bit down the whimper of pain, his face red.

"This is now mine. No one else can touch it. Not even yourself. Not even when you're alone. Understand?"

Jay nodded. Sean finished with the briefs and then attacked Jay's ass with his tongue. Jay fought back gasps and groans as Sean's tongue went places that Jay had never considered before. Jay wriggled as Sean's tongue licked and probed his pink pucker. He could feel Sean spitting through his hole, into him. Jay could feel Sean's tongue pushing its way into him. Soon, Sean was pushing a finger in.

"So, my finger's not the first thing in you, is it?"

"No," Jay admitted with a snicker.

A sharp slap to Jay's dangling testicles reminded him to remain quiet. That was followed by three fingers forcing their way into him. He bit back a yell of pain, allowing only a small grunt to escape.

"I'll let that one pass," Sean said.

He told Jay to remove his briefs with his teeth, but not to touch his cock or balls in any way. Once the white briefs were gone after several long minutes of awkward maneuvering, Sean's long, thick cock lay on his belly, reaching up past his navel.

Sean spit on his fingers and moved then in and out of Jay's tight, pink pucker. Jay tried not to groan, and had to fight the urge with all his concentration. It helped keep his mind off of the eight inch cock that pointed directly at him. He almost ached to at least touch it. The smell coming from it made his mouth water. It was so close, but he knew not to touch it without instructions to do so first.

That didn't mean he couldn't admire the massive thing. It was closer than he had ever been to anyone else's dick, and he was almost burning with the need to touch it, lick it, suck it. It wasn't straight, but curved a little to the left. The hair at the base was so dark a brown it was black. The head was prominent and heavily ridged, and with a large, oval, open hole in the tip. The balls hung low and were large, and dark hair showed clearly on the white skin.

Jay's cock jumped and another ropey string of pre-cum dangled from it. Jay felt as if he sneezed he would blow off a wad so large he would end up with a rupture.

"On your back."

Jay complied. Sean straddled his face and pushed his cock into Jay's lips. Jay moved his head forward to take the cock, but Sean pulled it back.

"Only the tip. Only the head. Go past it..." Sean warned vaguely.

Sean reached behind him and gave Jay's balls a rough squeeze. Jay gasped and nodded, then followed directions.

Finally, Jay felt a cock in his mouth that wasn't his own. The taste made his saliva flow freely. He sighed around the thick head as Sean pushed it into his mouth.

"Suck, and suck like your balls depended on it!" Sean said firmly as he gave a firm squeeze to Jay's balls. "Ah! Yes!"

Sean moved his head in and out of Jay's lips, groaning and giving directions. He played with Jay's cock and balls, but never stroked it or touched the head. Jay gyrated wildly.

"They say you got the biggest dick in school. How long is it?"

Jay was unsure whether to speak, until Jay slapped his head after pulling his dick from his mouth.

"Answer me."

"Eight inches and three quarters."


Jay nodded.

"Fuck! What a mutant cock! When did it get so huge?"

Jay turned scarlet and grinned.

"When?" Sean asked again and slapped Jay's head again, harder.

"When I was thirteen. It started growing. Just got long."

"Monster! And I will take all of it from you. Every last inch. But first you gotta take me, and not cum first. And it's time. Get up."

Sean laid down and directed Jay over him.

"Sit on my cock and take it all. Like a man. Now!"

Jay positioned himself, positioned Sean's cock, and began trying to impale himself. It was awkward, but Jay had put other things in himself before. Within a couple of moments, Jay was sweating as he hovered over Sean and forced the thick hardness into himself.

With directions from Sean, soon Jay was lowering himself. It hurt, and Jay did all he could to remain silent, but Sean was urging him downward sooner than he was comfortable with. The pain and pressure in that sensitive area was overwhelming Jay, and he was frightened as well as incredibly turned on. His whole body thrummed with the intensity of the moment.

When Sean placed his hands on Jay's thighs and pulled him down while he thrust upward, Jay squealed. Sean slapped his erection sharply, making Jay jolt in pain.

Sean pushed upward and pulled Jay downward. Jay was covered with sweat and shaking as his ass finally came to rest on Sean's lap.

"Good boy. Now fuck me. Fuck me!"

Sean thrust upward, then pulled down, then waited for Jay to take over. Jay began moving up and down, slowly. Sean demanded more speed.

"Not enough!" Sean said, then threw Jay over on his side.

Sean pushed Jay's legs up to his chest, then spat onto and into him, then several times into his own hand which he rubbed over his large cock. He positioned himself, then slowly pushed himself all the way into Jay in one movement. Jay groaned in pain, and again when Sean slapped his face.

"Silence! This is gonna hurt!"

Sean began thrusting, quickly and deeply. He groaned with each thrust, pressing Jay's legs into his chest, constricting his breathing.

Sean began to pant, his own sweat dripping down onto Jay's body and face. The sound of slapping skin drowned out Jay's little whimpers.

Both of the boys were sweating and panting now, Sean slamming his body down onto Jay's.

"Oh, fuck, yes! Nice, tight, ass! Oh, fuck, ain't, gonna, be, long! Fuck!"

Faster and faster, Sean pounded Jay, forcing a small grunt out of Jay with each crushing thrust.

"Oh, fuck, yes! Oh, man, I'm gonna, fill, you, up! Yes!"

Sean began repeating, "Yes!" with each breath and thrust. Then, "Fuck!" as Sean pushed all the way inside of Jay, held there trembling, and groaned out a long, slow groan.

Jay felt Sean's cock pumping inside of him. It felt as if this was the real reason for the existence of his anus, this was what it was really for. The wetness spreading inside of him seemed to spread further than possible. Sean's little movements as he came sent waves of pleasure through Jay's entire body.

Jay watched as Sean's eyes rolled upward, his lips parted in a grimace of ecstasy, as his face turned red. He had never seen another boy cum before, and watching Sean's attractive features convulsed in an orgasm nearly put Jay into his own final approach.

The swelling of his cock was painful now. His balls hurt, actually hurt, and his rectum hurt with Sean's thick, hard cock still throbbing as it finished pumping his hot semen into him.

When Sean stopped moving, then opened his eyes, Jay was smiling up at him. Sean stretched down and kissed him powerfully.

When Sean moved and pulled himself from inside of Jay, Jay let his legs straighten out with a groan of pain at their aches. Jay flinched, waiting for the slap. Instead, Sean took one of Jay's balls into each of his hands, then grinned at Jay.

Jay trembled, waiting for the pain he knew was coming, that he deserved. It came, and Sean grinned. Jay smiled as he grimaced. Then he looked worried, scared.

Jay opened his mouth to say something, but remembered his instructions and bit it back. Sean knew what he was going to say.

Sean slammed his mouth over Jay's cock just as it began jerking.

"OH GOD!" Jay screamed.

Sean slapped his balls smartly, which made Jay's cock feel as if it were ripping open from the inside outward as his balls pushed through his urethra.

As he pumped his hot semen into another's mouth for the first time, Jay lost his breath. His eyes closed tightly, his lips curled, his body tensed and joints popped.

Finally he collapsed. He struggled to pull out of Sean's mouth, but Sean held his cock in his mouth, sucking and licking, driving Jay into convulsions.

"Please!" Jay begged, knowing it wouldn't do any good, but unable not to.

Sean slapped his balls again, making Jay curl even tighter.

It went on forever to Jay. He needed Sean to stop, but he wasn't. The sensations were growing so powerful that Jay was afraid he would pass out. Tension rose from between his thighs and seemed to rob him of breath and strength. When Sean began moving up and down his cock, still sucking, Jay curled up around Sean and tried to stay conscious.

Jay felt as if it went on for hours. He was spent, exhausted, cramping, but Sean kept sucking and licking, bobbing up and down, and stroking his long cock.

It became bearable, but barely. And it went on. And on. Jay felt as if he had been in bed with Sean for days. His body felt as if he were drained of blood and merely alive on will alone. Only the extreme pleasure kept him alive.

Sean began sucking Jay's head and stroking his long cock loosely with both hands, running over the edges of his head, and Jay screamed.

"Sean! OH, GOD DAMN!"

Sean felt Jay's cum slam into the back of his throat with so much force it made him cough. He lost the rest of the hot cum as he moved away to breathe and cough to clear his throat. Jet after jet of white fired into the air, arced over and landed on Jay's belly with audible slaps.

Jay's breath was caught in his throat, his pulse pounded in his ears and cock. The orgasm pulled his body apart and sent waves through him that halted his breath and wracked his muscles.

Jay gasped and fell limp like a rag doll, panting and sweating.

"You're not done. I want off again, right now. And you'll swallow it all. Miss a drop and I smack you."

Sean slid up Jay's body and slid his cock into Jay's mouth. Jay took it despite the smell and taste of his own ass, and worked it as Sean instructed him. When he was told to, he cupped Sean's balls, massaged them, licked and sucked at Sean's head, and used his tongue as commanded.

Long minutes Sean thrust his long cock in and out of Jay's mouth. Without warning he shoved himself all the way down Jay's throat, gagging him. Sean didn't relent, and his cum rolled down the back of Jay's throat as Jay gagged and coughed the cum out through his nose.

"Take it all! Every last fucking drop! One spilled drop out of your lips and I crush one of these to pulp!"

Sean grabbed Jay's testicles and squeezed them tightly. Jay shivered and did his best, but some white drips formed at the corners of his mouth along with the streams from his nose. He was still coughing through his nose, doing his best not to do so into Sean's cock.

Sean pulled his cock from Jay's mouth and lay down on top of him.

Once Jay was breathing smoothly, Sean kissed him.

"You okay now?"

Jay nodded, a grin returning to his lips.

"Was it too rough?"

Jay shook his head, still grinning.

"Good. Then can I come over tomorrow?'

Jay nodded and snickered, blushing again.

"Good. Tomorrow I'll bring something with me, and you're gonna use it how I tell you to. Or else."

Jay smiled, and nodded, happier than he had been for over a year.

"You can talk now."

"Thank you. Master."

"Good boy."




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