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Jay's Tale

Part Two


Jay was  pacing. Now, at home, he was even more nervous than he had been all day at school. Sean had ignored him all day, as usual. He hadn't really expected anything different, but he knew now that he had hoped for something different.

He didn't have many friends, so it had been easy to be alone at home today, as Sean had ordered. Jay wished that Sean would be a friend, in a way, but he also felt that there was no way they could be friends.

Jay was torn. He wanted friends, of course, and he wanted what Sean had shown him yesterday, too, but he couldn't have both, he was sure.

Sean had left yesterday just minutes after they had finished. Jay had asked him if he wanted to stay and study, but Sean had made it clear that he didn't need to study at all. The only reason Sean had come over was for what they had done.

Jay was still a little sore. He had used his finger in himself before, until he had found a smooth-handled screwdriver that he had used ever since, but that hadn't prepared him for the size of an actual dick. It certainly hadn't prepared him for Sean's large, thick dick. And it couldn't have prepared him for taking Sean's large dick as quickly and forcefully as Sean had made him take it.

Sean had told him that his ass now belonged to him, so as he had jacked himself off last night, thinking and remembering the afternoon with Sean, he had not so much as touched it. He had badly wanted to, almost needed to, and it had taken so very long to finish without doing so, but he hadn't.

He had gotten ready for Sean today by changing into jeans, shirt, and a pair of good blue briefs, none of which he would miss, as Sean had ordered. He had changed after a fast but thorough shower, also as Sean had ordered.

Sean had also ordered him to have several things ready today. He had, and they waited on the table by his bed. He grinned, hoping he knew what they were intended for.

Jay wondered again what toy Sean was bringing. He had asked, but Sean had only grinned. That had made Jay even more excited.

Even this afternoon, the uncertainty of that and other things made him excited. He adjusted his erection yet again. It had been nearly constant since waking up that morning.

He walked into the bathroom and checked himself out in the mirror again.

The tall, skinny, geeky guy he saw in it made him grimace, as usual. He'd always wanted someone to take an interest in him sexually, and he'd long liked Sean and other jocks, but he had never really expected any one of them to ever be interested in him. The idea of Sean liking him enough to have sex with him still seemed impossible. The fact that Sean even knew his dark secret was even more impossible. He had no idea how Sean could have possibly known about his desire, almost need, to be afraid. He had hardly come to understand it himself.

He returned to the front room, to wait for Sean to arrive. He was anxious, nervous, and impatient. He couldn't wait for another session with Sean. The fear of what Sean would do to him make his heart race and his breath come quickly. The prospect of sex was more than enough to excite him, of course, but knowing that Sean knew about his particular sexual need made the anticipation almost unbearable.

He rubbed his groin, running his hand along his long erection, making himself sigh deeply. He had never felt so charged up and ready for sex before in his life. Not even yesterday as Sean had begun teaching him. He couldn't wait for today's lesson.

He hadn't known he liked feeling powerless until yesterday, or that he liked being told what to do. He had only recently discovered that he liked feeling afraid. He had found out that he liked jacking off in school, that the worry and fear of being caught made him harder, made his orgasms stronger. There was something about being afraid that increased Jay's excitement.

The doorbell rang. Jay ran to the front door and tore it open, a wide smile on his face.



Both grinned, while Jay also reddened deeply. He stepped back to allow room for Sean to come in. He was wearing tight jeans and a tight, black shirt. They showed off his body and his huge package well. He also carried a small overnight bag.

"You know why I didn't talk to you in school today, right?"

"I think so. I mean, this don't mean we're friends or anything."

"I knew you'd think that," Sean said as Jay closed the door, locking it. "But, you're wrong."

Jay's face now wore a confused expression.

"Let's go to your room, okay?" Sean asked.

Once there, they sat near each other on his bed.

"I see you got the things I told you to," Sean said, looking at the items on the small table by the bed.

"Yeah. Easy."

"Good. Look, before, well, look. I wanna talk to you, okay?"

"Sure," Jay replied, curious.

"I didn't talk to you in school because we never have. It would have looked funny. Raised suspicions. Got questions being asked."

Jay nodded as Sean talked. He had always liked how Sean looked. The longish black hair hung to just the top of his shoulders. Sean was shorter than Jay, but then most of the guys at school were. Sean was much sturdier, not stocky, but strong. Sean's dark green eyes under his black eyebrows glowed, as always, standing out against his pale face. Jay almost found it hard to hear Sean's words, having to concentrate to keep his mind on listening instead of soaking in Sean's beauty.

"So, at school, we're the same as before, okay?"

Jay nodded, confused. He didn't understand what Sean was saying until Sean put it forward, simply.

"I like you, Jay. Always have. Your eyes are something, man. So deep and soft a brown, and you've got that great, curly, blond hair. And, well, I don't know why, but I always liked tall guys. I mean..."

Sean sighed and grinned at Jay. Jay grinned back, starting to understand.

"I, just like you. And, I want, I want to be friends, okay? But, not at school. Not yet. In time, maybe. But we got to work it in, kinda. Get me?"

Jay nodded, turning redder, his grin growing wider.

"So, we should be friends, okay?"

Jay nodded more.

"I want to so you can trust me. Okay?"

Jay nodded more.

"You can talk. I didn't say you couldn't. When we're not messing around and shit, just be normal, okay?"

Jay laughed, then said, "I know. I just, I'm, not sure, what to say."

"Are you okay with being friends?"

Jay nodded vigorously, ginning widely, blushing violently.

"See, if we're friends, and we trust each other, there's things we can do."

"Like what?" Jay asked happily.

"Oh, don't ask. You'll see," Sean said, grinning lopsidedly.

That grin did things to Jay he had never felt before. He liked it.

"I have a couple of questions," Sean said, scooting closer to Jay, making Jay's heart beat harder and faster.

Jay nodded, nearly breathless suddenly.

"I've seen how you act and stuff, so I know you like being told what to do. I knew that easy. But, what I don't know, is, how much you like being hurt. You didn't do anything to make me hurt you yesterday. You just like being bossed?"

Jay nodded, turning brightly red.

"You can talk," Sean reminded him.

"I know. I..." he sighed deeply. "I just, don't know what to answer. I mean, uh, no, I don't think I like being hurt."

"So, you just like being told what to do?"

Jay nodded, then said, "Sorta, like, being, you know... not knowing if I'm gonna be hurt, I guess."

"Ah, you like being scared," Jay said, his eyes lighting up.

Jay nodded shyly.

"You like being worried you'll get hurt."

Jay shrugged, grinning wide, looking like an embarrassed child.

"So that way I know what you like. So I can give it to you."

Sean grinned and picked up his overnight bag. He pulled a pair of handcuffs out and held them up with a questioning grin. Jay grinned and smiled, then held out his hands together. His erection pulsed in reaction, and the rest of his body joined in the excitement. Sean applied the handcuffs, being careful not to over tighten them, even asking if they were too tight.

"Now, I want you to know what I like, so you can give it to me, okay?"

Jay nodded again, vigorously.

"I want to give you what you want," Jay said excitedly.

Sean leaned closer, then kissed him. Jay's dick began throbbing, and he almost melted into Sean's arms. Sean pulled them down so that they were laying on the bed on their sides, kissing, Sean's hands exploring. Soon Sean was laying over Jay, nearly holding him down as he had done yesterday. Sean ground his hard dick into Jay's, again and again as they kissed and Sean's hands roamed over Jay's shivering body.

Eventually, Sean pulled away and continued, "I like telling someone what to do. Control. Power. I'll be honest. I love bossing my slave around. Humiliating him. Making him hurt."

Jay's adoring grin weakened a little. Sean adjusted his position, making sure that Jay was under him, totally. Sean moved so that one thigh was in Jay's groin and then he jerked that leg upward, into Jay's balls.

Jay groaned and gasped, his grin weakened further.

Sean took hold of the short chain between the cuffs and pulled them until Jay's arms were above his head in an awkward and nearly painful position.

Jay's grin flattened.

"I love to hurt my slave. Make him whine, and beg me to stop hurting him. I love it when my slave cries in pain and sweats from it."

Sean pulled Jay's hands higher above him, causing him a little pain. Jay whimpered and lost the last of his grin.

Sean moved back to his little pack and pulled out a little red ball on a strap. Jay began to wonder if he had bitten off more than he could chew as Sean inserted the ball into his mouth and buckled the strap, tightening it down. The excitement was still high, but Jay was also starting to worry a little.

"Not too tight?" Sean asked.

Jay shook his head, some of the worry abated by Sean's concern for him. Sean turned back to the little bag and pulled out another object. This one sent shivers through Jay. The dildo was far larger than even his own dick, and he knew without a doubt that it would hurt no matter how careful they were. He began to sweat. There was no hint of any smile in his eyes now, only fear.

Despite the fear, or maybe because of it, Jay felt his cock throbbing. His entire body felt as if little fires were licking along his nerves. He shivered faintly.

"Now, like I said, I like hurting my slave. I like being in charge, and making my slave hurt."

Sean laid the dildo on the bed next to Jay then patted it.

"Dexter here has hurt before. He's made me very happy before."

Now Jay knew what the Vaseline was for, and what the towels were for. He didn't know why Sean had asked for four towels, but he had gotten them ready. They waited with the Vaseline and the gauze pads and tape. Jay worried that now he knew what the bandages were for, too. He began to sweat more, and the shakes were no longer just from anticipation of sexual fulfillment.

Jay pulled on the handcuffs, hoping that they were fake and he could easily break the chain between them. He struggled as Sean laughed softly.

"They're real," Sean said as he began pulling Jay's socks off his feet. "You can struggle. I like that."

Sean sat on Jay's legs now, running his hand under Jay's shirt and over his stomach and chest. Jay put his cuffed hands on Sean's chest and pushed. Sean laughed.

"Even without the cuffs, you wouldn't have a chance. So don't bother."

When Jay didn't stop, Sean sighed and reached into his bag. This time he pulled out a black rubber strap with metal hooks on both ends. He manhandled Jay into laying lengthwise on the bed and passed one hook through the chain between the cuffs and the other end he wrapped around the bedpost and the strap itself.

"Now, Jay, don't struggle so much. I won't hurt you... too much. I won't use the dildo today, you can relax."

Sean sat on Jay's legs and unfastened the boy's jeans, then shoved his hand into his underwear.

"Sorta hard, but not all the way. Afraid?"

Jay nodded vigorously.

"Jay, listen to me close," Sean said, bending down so that his nose was touching Jay's. "Listen to me. Close. I won't hurt you. Not for real. Maybe a little, for the fun, but nothing for real. This is for fun. Enjoy it. I promise, promise, that I won't go too far. I won't really hurt you. I will only hurt you enough to make it fun. Do you get it?"

Jay seemed to relax, at least he stropped struggling as much.

"Good. Listen to me. I know you don't like pain. But I'm going to cause you some. So that you know the threat is real. So you know there will be pain if you don't do just as I say. You understand?"

Jay nodded.

"Good. I won't really hurt you. Not bad. Just if you don't do what I say. If you don't, I'll hurt you. But only then. So do what I say, and you won't feel any real pain."

Sean twisted one of Jay's nipples, more than enough to hurt him. Jay winced and grimaced.

"Not too much?"

Jay shook his head slowly.


Sean twisted the other nipple with more force. Jay arced his back and clamped his eyes closed in a grimace of pain.

"Too much?"

Jay nodded.

"Good to know. Now, like I said, I'm not going to hurt you a lot. Some guys like that. Some guys like pain, and a lot of it. But you don't, so I won't do that. What you like is the threat of it. Being scared of it. So I have to give you some pain, so you know I will if you don't do what I say. Understand?"

Jay nodded. It was what he wanted, and what he thought he liked, but he wasn't sure.


Sean slapped him.

"Now, remember that. That wasn't hard. I'll give you much more than that if you don't' listen to me and do exactly what I say. Understand?"

Before Jay could answer, Sean slapped him again. Jay nodded.

Sean removed another pair of handcuffs from his bag, and soon had Jay cuffed to the bed by his feet as well. Jay wasn't sure this was what he wanted. It was frightening, and he kind of liked that, but he wasn't enjoying it as much as he hoped he would, or as much as he had the things they had done yesterday.

"Now that you can't struggle, I want to tell you something else. See, I lied. I do love hurting my slave, but I don't care if you like pain or not. I'm going to hurt you as much as I want to. And you're going to get hard, and you're going to fuck me, or I'm going to hurt you so bad!"

Sean slapped him again.

"Now, if I were you, I'd close my eyes and think dirty thoughts, and get me a nice, hard dick to sit on, or you're gonna see what pain is all about. Hear me?"

Sean slapped him again. Jay nodded.

Sean reached into his pack again, this time removing a pocket knife. Jay's eyes widened, and he started sweating again. He pulled at the cuffs on his hands and ankles, but they didn't give an inch. Now Jay truly began to worry.

"This little puppy is so sharp, I could cut your ball sack and you won't feel it until I rub the Ben Gay into it."

Sean smiled down at Jay as he opened the knife.

"Oh, yeah, I brought it," Sean said threateningly, then removed a large tube from his pack.

Jay swallowed. This was far more than he had hoped for, and now he regretted it. He had always known that he was a nobody to people like Sean.

Sean put the tube down, then moved off of Jay's legs. He slid the knife under the cuff of Jay's jeans and began sawing through the seam. Soon he was sliding the knife up Jay's legs, cutting through the leg of the jeans.

The cold steel on the back of the knife blade slid along Jay's thigh, making him shudder. When the knife came to the waistband, Sean sawed through them. Soon the other jean leg was split, and the jeans were tugged forcefully away and thrown aside.

Jay's erection had hardened with his fear. Sean massaged it, playing with it and his balls with his other hand. Sean placed the tip of the knife between the leg seam of Jay's briefs and his skin. He began slowly moving the blade back and forth, slowly cutting through the material, the dull side of the blade rubbing against Jay's tender skin dangerously close to his erection.

Jay shivered and stretched upward in ecstasy, careful not to move too much and put himself at risk.

Sean cut through the leg-band of the briefs, then started on the other side. He grinned when Jay whimpered softly as the blade scratched Jay's skin. When that leg-band gave, the front half of the briefs flapped upward, letting the eight-plus inches of Jay's dick pop free. Jay's balls dropped, free of the constraint of the briefs.

"Damn, Jay, you got the meat!" Sean said with glee. "I usually don't like being hurt, but I think I'm gonna love being hurt by this monster cock!"

Sean wrapped his hand around Jay's cock and squeezed it. Even before then, pre-cum had beaded at the hole, but now a trail of it formed as a large, clear bead of the fluid rolled down the top of the head. Sean trapped it, wiped it up, and placed the fingers into his mouth. Sean smiled around his fingers.

"Mmmm, so good," he sighed. "I want more. I'm gonna get it, too. If I have to keep you tied up until just before your folks get home, I'm gonna get as much of that as I can get."

Sean pulled Jay's shirt up by the tail and began cutting upward. Once he cut through the neck, he pushed the two halves apart then leaned closer to Jay's face, the knife blade between their eyes.

Sean saw that Jay's eyes were full of fear, but a glance at his groin proved it wasn't the right kind. Sean put the knife on the table and picked up the dildo. He traced the tip of it along Jay's brow and down along his cheek. Jay shivered.

"You know Dexter here wants in you, right?"

Jay nodded.

"You know it's gonna hurt, don't you?"

Jay nodded, his eyes widening a little.

"Do you want Dexter inside you?"

Jay didn't respond. He wasn't sure if he did or not. He wanted fucked again, like yesterday, but not by something so huge. It had been all he could do to take Sean's dick, but the dildo was large enough to certainly hurt, no matter how slowly and carefully they went.

Jay shook his head.

"Then there's one way to keep Dexter from splitting you wide open. And that's if you fuck me right, just the way I want, and don't cum until I do. Understand?"

Jay nodded.

Sean nodded and grinned. He leaned over and picked up the Vaseline from the table. He applied some to the tip and middle of Dexter, then turned around so that his back was to Jay, and told him to spread his legs. Jay did, as far as he could with his ankles cuffed to the bed frame. Sean pressed the tip of Dexter to the crack below Jay's ball sack and nestled Dexter up against Jay's hole.

"Now, if you can't or don't give me what I want just as I want it, Dexter is gonna get what he wants."

Sean stood up on the bed, straddling Jay. He took his shirt off and threw it aside. Then he removed his jeans and threw them to the side. The sight of Sean's long, hard dick pushing against his briefs made Jay's dick dance in reaction. Then, as slowly as a strip-tease artist, he slid his underwear down his legs. His long erection stood out proudly, aimed just a little upward from horizontal.

The doorbell rang.

Jay jerked violently against the cuffs. Sean grinned widely.

"Don't worry, I'll get it," Sean said, stepping down to the floor.

Sean watched Jay's struggles as he walked slowly out of the bedroom. Jay struggled fiercely against the cuffs, but there was no use. He was horrified. He wasn't sure who it could be, he had only a very few friends, and none of them ever came over without calling or talking about coming over first. Whoever it was, Sean answering the door naked was a nightmare. The only thing that could make it worse was if they got into his room and saw his situation.

Jay strained to listen and hear what was going on at the front door, but he could only hear faint voices. He shivered in horror and fear, dread, and shame. It seemed to be forever as Jay waited, horrified at what Sean could be doing, talking to someone at the door, naked and probably with his huge erection poking out. The voices grew louder. At first he was sure they were beginning to argue, but then he noticed they were actually growing closer.

When Sean walked in through the door, someone with him, Jay nearly fainted.

"Hey, there, Jay," the other said happily. "See you're busy."

He and Sean laughed. Jay felt his entire body blush and his erection, long gone, now shrinking up inside of him. He began to shake in fear and shame.

Billy Williams put a hand on Sean's shoulder as they approached the bed. Jay began to wonder what was going on. The two of them sat on the bed and began kissing.

Jay watched in shock as Sean began undressing Billy as they kissed passionately.

Again, Jay was torn. He liked Sean, a lot, but having him sitting on his bed and making out and undressing Billy was bizarre. He wanted Sean, but to himself, not to share with someone else. Not just anyone, but Billy Williams at that.

Not that Billy was bad looking at all, just that Jay wasn't all that attracted to him. Well, he was, somewhat, but nothing like he was attracted to Sean. Billy was another jock who had always ignored Jay, and was even stronger and buffer than Sean. His red hair wasn't great as far as Jay was concerned, either. And Jay didn't care for Billy's gray eyes, freckles, or pale complexion.

But obviously that wasn't going to matter, and Jay knew it.

The boys ignored Jay as they kissed and Billy was stripped naked by Sean. They kissed and played with each other as if Jay wasn't there. Jay's dick began throbbing its way back to harness as he watched them. They lay down and continued kissing and touching each other, next to Jay, ignoring him.

It began to drive Jay crazy. He could clearly see every inch of them both as they explored each other. When they turned so that they could sixty-nine each other, and began doing so, Jay's cock began to drip pre-cum into his navel.

Billy was upside down to Jay, and Jay could see between the cheeks of his ass and under and behind his balls, places Jay had never seen on another boy before. That made his cock jump and twitch, and drool more pre-cum into his navel. His body trembled now.

He had a clear view as Sean's fingers spread Billy's cheeks. The pink pucker inside looked like a hard candy there as Sean's middle finger circled, then entered it. Jay's dick danced on his belly, his breath coming faster, his entire body now trembling with lust.

Jay could see Sean's face below Billy's groin, and Billy's cock sliding in and out of Sean's mouth. Billy's balls hung low, and were fairly large, obscuring the view of Sean's face a little.

He watched as Sean fingered Billy, then pushed a second finger in, spreading Billy's hole. Billy's groans, and Sean's, sent waves through Jay's body. He wanted to do what Sean was, or what Billy was, anything but lay there cuffed, stationary and unable to have fun too.

"How about we get started?" Sean asked.

Billy got up, allowing Sean up as well. They both looked at Jay.

"So, you think he's ready to join us?" Billy asked.

"I don't know for sure. I know he likes being told what to do, and he likes being afraid of being hurt. He don't mind some hurt, too, but not much."

"Ah, a lightweight, huh? Well, I think I can handle that. So, what do we with him?"

"Well, I think you should sit on his face, while I sit on his dick. For starters."

"Sounds great!" Billy said enthusiastically, then removed the ball from Jay's mouth. He swung one leg over Jay's face and sat down forcefully, facing Sean as Sean sat down on Jay's hips facing him. "Now, little one, I want to feel that tongue working like crazy. And if I don't like what you're doin', I'll ask Sean to punish you."

Jay could smell Billy's body, and his ass, and it wasn't so bad. In a way it was almost as pleasant as Sean's smells yesterday. Jay only wished it was Sean on his face, not Billy.

Jay sighed as he felt Sean smearing his cock with Vaseline. He was using just two fingers, making sure to excite Jay as little as possible. He applied it quickly, too.

"I don't feel anything," Billy said, a warning clear in his tone.

Jay grunted when a fist met his stomach. He stuck his tongue out and directly into Billy's hole. He began to lick around it, like he remembered it felt Sean did to him yesterday. It wasn't bad, and Jay found himself enjoying it. He moved his tongue in circles again and again, and heard Billy groaning and telling him he was doing well.

"God damn! You really gonna take that monster?" Billy asked.

"Just watch," Sean said, moving so that he was squatting over Jay's long dick.

Jay felt Sean grab his dick, and then the warmth of Sean's ass as it began to press against the tip of his cock. He trembled even more now. It was difficult to breathe with Billy's ass pressed firmly down on his face, but it was exciting, too. Jay pushed his tongue firmly against Billy's pucker and felt it open around it. The musky taste wasn't nearly as bad as Jay had worried, and he was soon wriggling his tongue inside of Billy, shoving it as deeply into it as he could.

Billy wriggled on his face, groaning and complimenting. Jay's body trembled intensely, and his heart hammered inside of him. The pressure on his dick increased as Sean put more weight onto it. It was almost painful.

Jay could not believe this was happening. It was beyond what he had dreamed, and more than he had fantasized. He had imagined being with two guys before, and more than once, one of them was Sean, but he had never imagined having someone sitting on his face with someone else sitting on his dick, all while he was handcuffed and being made to do what they wanted.

 Jay felt great pressure on the head of his dick, so much that he wondered if Sean was going to open up enough to let him in or not. He began to wonder what would happen if he couldn't.

Billy seemed to notice too, and asked Sean if he was going to be man enough to take it or not.

"I will," Sean said firmly, and let more of his weight rest on the tip of Jay's cock. "Oh, fuck! I will!"

Jay began to whimper against Billy's asshole, the pressure of Sean's weight becoming painful now. He tried again to free his hands, but he didn't know why, as he knew well that there was no use.

"Just concentrate on my hole," Billy said.

Someone began twisting one of his nipples. Not very roughly, but enough to act as a warning. Jay redoubled his efforts against Billy's hole.

"That's the good boy," Billy cooed, squirming.

"Oh, shit!" Sean said loudly.

Jay felt Sean's hole opening around him finally. The hot hole spread open and Jay's cock began entering. Jay gasped against Billy's hole. Billy sat down, letting most of his weight rest on Jay's face. Jay was finding it hard to breathe, but he liked what he was doing now, and what Sean was doing on his cock. He couldn't stop. He would have been angry if Billy moved off of him now.

The circle of Sean's ass began sliding down Jay's cock. It felt warm, and silky, smooth, and tight. Jay shivered strongly all over.

"Hey, now!" Sean said loudly after yet another loud gasp. "Remember, little one, you cum before I do, and you'll pay!"

Sean grabbed both of Jay's balls and firmly squeezed them, then firmly pulled them down and away.

"Yes, master!" Jay said seriously around Billy's hole.

He returned to Billy's hole with gusto, and began working it with his tongue, pushing it in and swirling it around the outside, over and over. He began to love it, began to enjoy it as much as he had ever enjoyed anything before. Between Billy sitting on his face and Sean sitting on his cock, Jay felt wonderful.

"Half!" Billy said gleefully. "Gonna make it?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" Sean said enthusiastically as he slid further down Jay's pole.

Sean grunted with the effort, Jay too. Billy growled deep inside as he wriggled on Jay's tongue. Jay couldn't see that Sean and Billy were kissing and jacking off each other, but he could hear the sounds of hands stroking slick, greased cocks. Even if he could have seen, he was too far into what he was doing to notice anyway.

Jay let time fly past as he ate Billy's pink hole and Sean's ass finally came to rest on his hips. Jay heard them groaning, and he felt Billy's hole repeatedly spasm around his tongue. Billy grunted, and Jay felt something warm and wet hit his belly. He knew what it was almost instantly, and before the second shot landed.

"Holy shit," Billy groaned.

Jay didn't relent as Billy came, instead he worked his hole even harder with his tongue. It was incredible to Jay, feeling Billy's orgasm through his asshole with his tongue. Billy groaned, wriggled on Jay's face even more, and shuddered.

"Oh, damn! Yes! That's the shit!" Billy crooned.

"Oh, tell me!" Sean groaned. "Oh, man, gettin' close!"

Jay heard the sounds of Billy stroking Sean off, the Vaseline making a noise that Jay was familiar with on his own.

"Yeah, show me that cum!" Billy said smoothly. "Show me that wad! Cum like the pro you are!"

"Oh, shit! Keep jackin' like that! Like I like! Oh, fuck!"

Jay felt Sean's hole tighten on his cock and knew Sean was finishing. The repeated pulses of Sean's hole around his cock was so exciting that he almost finished too. He was surprised he hadn't already, the waves of pleasure rolling through him were so intense.

"Yes!" Sean cried, and Jay felt the pucker tighten on his cock in waves, the timing matching the timing of the plops of warm fluid onto his chest.

"Nice!" Billy said. "Good one! Man!"

"Oh, fuck!" Sean repeated several times.

Jay panted into Billy's ass, still licking and probing.  He was proud of himself for not cumming, but he knew he wasn't going to last much longer at all. The waves of pleasure were meeting up between his legs and behind his balls, and he knew that soon he would be filling Sean's ass with his own waves of release.

Sean's orgasm wound down to its end, his hole still gripping Jay's cock tightly. Sean rested for a few moments, and Jay could hear them kissing and groaning together. He wanted in on it, badly.

Sean began rising, leaving Jay's cock. Jay wasn't far from cumming now, and wasn't sure if Sean was going to get off of him first, or if he was going to get off first. Jay's long cock popped out of Sean's ass and dropped to lay against his belly with a slap.

Billy and Sean climbed off of him and looked down at him with satisfied grins. Jay grinned back, waiting for his turn. The vision of the two of them, arm in arm, nearly over him, made Jay's cock pulse and push more pre-cum out and into his navel.

Billy's dick hung limp, shiny with Vaseline and cum. The patch of red hair was bright against his pale skin. HIs balls hung low, covered with red fuzz. His muscular frame was more rugged and strong than Jay preferred.

The smaller, less developed Sean was more attractive to Jay. His longer, thicker cock was also hanging, shiny with Vaseline and his cum. His larger balls hung lower, too, and were darker with his black hair.

The two still breathed a little quickly as they stood arm in arm, looking down at Jay.

He wondered what they would do to finish him. He wanted Sean to sit on his cock again, and ride him until he blasted his hot wad deep into his ass. If not that, he wanted to be blown off. He would accept a hand-job, anything. He just needed off. And soon.

"How long do we have?" Billy asked as he picked up the red ball with its strap.

"He said they don't get home for almost two hours yet."

"Cool," Billy said, his grin turning a little sadistic as he replaced the ball and fastened the strap.

Jay knew he wasn't going to get off soon. He began to wonder if he was going to be gotten off at all.



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