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Jay's Tale

Part Three


Jay could only watch as Billy and Sean left him alone in his room, still handcuffed wrists and ankles to the bed, still gagged, and their cum cooling on his belly and chest. The view as they left his room was like nothing he had ever seen before. Sean's tighter, smaller, dark-haired butt next to Billy's softer, rounder, red-haired ass worked Jay's' libido. His erection was throbbing now, and that only added to his frustration. He pulled on the cuffs, knowing that it was useless.

He was torn again. The need to reach orgasm warred with his desire to be free. He liked the sense of danger and uncertainty that he was in, but he was also worried that it was more than he could handle. He also liked the feeling in his guts as his balls ached to explode. 

He could see the clock by his bed, and with over an hour and a half before his parents would be home, he wondered how long it would be before Billy and Sean would release him - one way or another.

He could hear the two of them laughing somewhere in the house. He wondered what they could possibly be doing, and how long they would be doing it.

He began worrying that maybe they were going to leave him there to be discovered by his parents. That fear was almost intolerable and he struggled to get free. He began to sweat and shiver, but now in worry and fear.

His breathing increased and his heart began to hammer in his chest. He pulled on the cuffs holding him to the bed, but began to hurt his wrists and ankles with the effort. Worse, now he had to use the bathroom. Sean's and Billy's cum cooled and trickled down his sides, and that sensation was causing his bladder to insist on being emptied. Even worse, he could feel his bowels working as well.

Being unable to move made the need to urinate worsen. He began to rock his legs side to side in the effort not to piss on himself. He whimpered into the red ball in his mouth, hoping Sean or Billy would hear him. When that failed, he began rocking on the bed, making it bang against the wall.

"Are we having a problem?" Sean asked from the door.

Jay nodded vigorously.

"Need out?"

Jay nodded again, even more enthusiastically.

Sean smiled as he sat on the edge of the bed. He ran his fingers up and down Jay's chest and belly, through the now cold cum. Jay's expression was frantic, and Sean noticed.

"Okay. Gotta use the john or what?"

Jay nodded violently.

 Billy unlocked the cuffs from the bed, but not Jay's wrists and ankles. Sean led Jay to the bathroom by the cuffs, where he held Jay's long dick for him. With the gag still in his mouth, it wasn't easy for Jay to relate his other need, but Sean understood and helped him sit down on the toilet.

Jay found it embarrassing to do what he needed to do with Sean standing there, but he managed. It was even more embarrassing when Sean pulled him up to his feet and handed him to Billy, who cleaned him up after having him bend over the sink.

The sensation was odd as Billy used first the toilet paper and then a warm washrag on his backside. Billy didn't just clean Jay, he explored him with the warm rag. He cleaned him from waist to thighs, front and back, and especially between and under. By the time Billy was done and Sean took him by the cuffs, Jay was hard again, and he could see that Billy and Sean were both erect, too, and obviously ready to get back to the fun.

He was led back to the bed where they cuffed him to it again, this time, on his front.

Nearly spread-eagle, and unable to watch what Sean and Billy were doing, Jay felt even more helpless and out of control. He shook all over, some out of worry.

He felt fingers trace down his back, from shoulders to buttocks, then two hands were massaging both cheeks. Another pair of hands were tickling between his thighs, barely touching the back of his ball sack from time to time. It was excruciating and highly erotic, and Jay's erection was nearly crushed beneath his own weight, as it wasn't placed comfortably.

Jay wriggled his hips, trying to find a more comfortable place for his long, hard cock, but he couldn't do so. The movements were adding to the sexual thrill, and Jay began shivering in that good way again. Until he saw Dexter near his face, one hand slowly spreading Vaseline along it. At that point, the shivers were no longer only sexual.

"I think he's afraid of Dex," Billy said with laughter in his voice.

"He should be, huh?" Sean replied.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Billy answered enthusiastically.

Jay silently agreed. His eyes followed the large dildo as it was taken out of his view behind him. He stretched his neck and craned his head to watch it as it neared his butt.

Sean moved so that he sat on his knees in front of Jay and pulled his head around, removed the ball, then stuffed his large dick into Jay's mouth.

"Dude, pay attention to my meat, or Billy is gonna shove Dex in, no getting you ready first. Get me?"

Jay responded by licking and sucking Sean's dick as well as he could. He tried to remember what Sean had liked before and concentrated on repeating them. The threat of having the enormous dildo shoved into his unready ass was thrilling, and Jay found it very satisfying. He was sure they would if he didn't at least suck and lick Sean as well as he had before, but he was almost sure that they wouldn't hurt him, either. That conflict added even more to his thrills as Billy's fingers probed and traced around his hole.

Sean moved so that his thighs were under Jay's restrained arms, took a handful of Jay's hair, then shoved the entire length of his cock into Jay's mouth. Just as yesterday, Jay choked once the bulbous head passed into his throat. This time Sean relented, pulling enough of his dick out of Jay's mouth so that Jay could breathe again, then began fucking his mouth vigorously, now with two handfuls of his hair.

Jay applied all the suction he could create, and kept his tongue moving. He loved the feeling of a cock in his mouth, and having Sean's long, thick cock in his mouth was a long-time dream and fantasy come true. For the second day in a row, Jay let himself fall into a trance, only the cock in his mouth and his own movements and actions registering on his mind. Jay let the smell and taste of Sean fill his senses again, and a tense, powerful thrill filled him.

"Damn! He's gonna suck the skin off it!" Sean groaned.

"Man, his face full of your cock is so hot!" Billy crooned from next to Jay's face.

Jay didn't open his eyes, and hardly heard Billy at all. He was filled with the taste, smell, and sensations of Sean's cock on his tongue and in his mouth. The desire to use his hands to touch and feel Sean's cock, his balls, the rest of his body, was intense. Jay tried to get his hands free, but not consciously - it was mere instinct and desire. The cuffs didn't give an inch, and the struggle was useless.

Jay's mind forgot about the handcuffs when he felt fingers spreading the cheeks of his ass. At Sean's urging, Billy applied Vaseline to Jay's hole with a finger, and began sliding that finger in and out of Jay. Sean's order to Billy not to touch Jay's sweet spot made no sense to Jay, and he soon forgot it as he sank again into the sensations of Sean's cock in his mouth.

The first taste of pre-cum caused a low, deep groan from Jay. The way Sean's cock swelled and pulsed as the pre-cum was pushed through it made Jay feel weak all through his body. When the salty taste flowed over his tongue, Jay shuddered and was unable to stop the guttural groan. 

"Oh, he likes that," Billy crooned. "He's a natural cock sucker."

"Damned right he is," Sean agreed. "Not a single lesson, but he's doing great!"

"He's never, before? With anyone?"

"Have you?" Sean asked after pulling his long cock free of Jay's mouth.

Jay shook his head, his smile obvious. Sean shoved his cock against Jay's lips and then through them. Jay went happily back to work on it. Without Sean shoving it into his mouth, Jay bobbed on the top half of it, paying a lot of attention to the edges of the bulbous head with is tongue.

"Oh, fuck me! He's fucking awesome!"

Sean arched his back and shoved himself forward, groaning as Jay worked on his cock with suction, tongue, and lips.

Jay felt Billy inserting something larger than his finger into him. For a moment he was worried that it was Dexter. He wasn't sure what it was, only that it was slightly thicker or larger than the finger Billy had been using. Jay liked how it felt, and even lifted his ass toward it, wanting more of the sensation.

Billy was grinning widely as he watched both of his fingers disappear and reappear through Jay's tight, pink hole. His other hand cupped Jay's balls and played with them after tugging them back and down between Jay's thighs. They were larger than his own, and larger than Sean's, and BIlly couldn't keep himself from playing with them. He shoved both fingers into Jay's ass as deeply as he could, then flattened his hand against Jay's butt cheek so that he could get his face between Jay's thighs and his balls into his mouth.

Jay groaned around Sean's cock when he felt the warm, wet sensation on his sack. He wasn't sure what it was, but he liked it a lot. As his balls were bathed in the warmth, and Billy's tongue worked on them, Jay groaned nearly continually, and had to force himself not to writhe around and make it harder for Billy to do whatever he was doing to him.

Billy stopped far too soon, though. Jay was sure he was going to cum if Billy had kept doing what he had been, and was looking forward to it. The delicious pressure had been building up down there, finally, and Jay wanted that release badly. Now that Billy had stopped, Jay felt as if his balls were swelling, almost painfully.

If he didn't have his mouth full of Sean's long cock, Jay would have begged Billy to go back to work on him. Instead, Jay almost squirmed on the fingers as they slid into him now.

"He's pretty tight, Sean. I think we'll have to teach him how to make it easier," Billy said.

"You listen to BIll, and do what he says, or since he's in the perfect position, he'll have to spank you," Sean said, holding Jay's head so that they could see each other eye to eye.

Jay nodded, not slowing on Sean's dick one beat. Sean smiled and nodded at him, then  nodded at Billy.

Billy began giving Jay instructions on how to loosen himself. Jay followed them, and soon Billy was moving three fingers in and out of Jay's hole.

"Gettin' there," Billy said happily, then added another finger.

Jay groaned deeply around the near agony as the four fingers slid into him. He did as Billy had instructed him, and the fingers slid in without any further pain.

"Nice," Billy crooned. "Good job. You're gonna be one hot ass."

Jay wriggled gently as Billy shoved his fingers into him again and again, and as Sean's cock fucked his mouth, more and more forcefully. Jay was sure Sean was nearing his orgasm now, as Sean moved faster and with more energy. Sean also started groaning softly, and his head was thrown back. Sean tightened his grip on Jay's hair with both hands and pulled his face further down his long, thick cock. Jay gagged a bit as the thick head entered his throat, and Sean hovered there, teasing his throat with the threat of it.

Jay swallowed nervously. The sensation made Sean whimper and shiver. Jay noticed and swallowed again. Sean groaned an, "Oh, God!"

Jay loved it. He was giving Sean so much pleasure, and Jay found he loved knowing that. Jay could feel Sean's entire body shivering now, and he could hear Sean's breath coming rapidly and roughly. When Sean groaned, "Oh, fuck, I'm going to!" Jay stretched out his neck so that he could take in even more of Sean's very long cock, and sucked as hard as he could. His tongue lashed the underside of it.

Sean squealed like a girl and locked rigidly in place with his back arched and the fingers of both hands wrapped in Jay's curly, sandy hair. Barely half of his cock was in Jay's mouth as it began throbbing and twisting. Sean's balls literally shot upward and disappeared. 

Sean screamed, "Oh, fuck!" also in a high voice, then crumpled over Jay's head as his orgasm raced through his body. HIs breath stopped, and only short, sharp gasps escaped as he fired his cum into Jay's mouth. Each orgasmic expulsion was paired with a strong twitch of his cock, a small shove of his hips, and a small, quiet, high-pitched, "Oh!"

Jay was in bliss as he felt Sean's cock dance in his mouth. Each thick, hot, slimy, sticky, gooey, salty, musky expulsion of semen filled his mouth to nearly overflowing. He swallowed happily each time, ready for the next. Seven distinct shots and seven deep swallows later, Sean fell onto Jay's back with a gasp.

Jay didn't stop licking and sucking, and Sean's entire body began to shiver and twitch with the pleasure. Sean's cock was thrashing wildly under Jay's attentions, and Sean could barely contain the intense pleasure Jay was giving him.

"Give it to him," Sean was barely able to say past his panting breath.

Sean pulled apart Jay's ass cheeks and massaged them powerfully as Jay felt Billy moving around between his legs. Jay wanted to look over his shoulder and behind him, to see what Billy was going to do, but Sean's cock was still in his mouth and Sean's body draped over his head and back.

Jay felt Billy applying more cold Vaseline to his opening. It wasn't long before Jay knew what 'it' Billy was going to give him. His mind rapidly replayed all the tips and instructions Billy had taught him just a few minutes ago. He pushed and relaxed himself, preparing for the painful entry of Dexter.

"Hang on, lemme get it ready," Sean said.

Billy moved and Jay was sure that he was now sitting on his butt. He heard the familiar sounds of sucking. Very soon Billy began moaning. Jay was sure he could feel Billy's balls laying along the top of his butt crack. That excited him. When he felt Billy sliding forward and back, and his balls sliding along his crack, Jay felt himself climbing toward release. He moaned around Sean's thick cock still in his mouth. It had softened, but was still large and felt heavy. That it was soft didn't lessen how much Jay enjoyed having it in his mouth. His tongue still roamed over its surfaces, and it responded with a twitch now and then, Sean letting out a soft moan or gasp.

Jay wasn't sure how close he could get to cumming without actually doing it, but he knew he was close to finishing as he had ever been without actually shooting. His cock felt as if it were pumped up beyond normal fullness, almost as if it were about to split open. The pressure inside of it was almost painful. Each heartbeat threatened to rupture it like a balloon. If Billy weren't sitting on his buttocks, making it impossible to do so, Jay would have humped his hips against the bed and surely soaked the sheet with his wad. Jay almost cried out with the need to cum.

For long minutes Jay lay there, on the very edge of orgasm, as Sean sucked Billy's dick and Billy's balls slid teasingly along the crack of Jay's ass. The taste and aroma of Sean's cum was gone now, and Jay wanted more of it. He continued to lick and suck on Sean's cock, which began to harden and lengthen again. Sean shivered from time to time, but kept sucking on Billy's dick until Billy warned him.

"If you keep goin', man, I'm gonna blast a huge load!"

Jay heard Billy's cock slip out of Sean's mouth. Billy moved, and soon Jay felt something against his hole. It was warm and solid, and Jay wasn't so sure it was Dexter. As it pushed against his hole, he felt Billy's legs against his own, and was now sure it was Billy that was about to enter him.

Billy's cock was shorter and thinner than Sean's, and Jay had taken Sean's long, thick cock yesterday, so Jay's fears of pain receded. It was still painful though as Billy pushed against his hole and began to enter him. Jay remembered the lessons a few minutes ago and did what he could to make it easier.

Billy's head pushed into him, and Jay almost came. The pressure and pain raised his state of sexual tension even higher. Billy's cooing and Sean's groans of encouragement urged Jay to an even higher level of sexual tension. As Billy's cock slid deeper and deeper into him, Jay twisted in extreme pleasure. Between the long, thick cock in his mouth and the cock entering his ass, Jay felt a thrill he had never before.

Not only were his balls aching to explode, but something else down there, behind his balls and in front of his asshole ached, too, nearly painfully. The sensation was new to Jay. He liked it, it was pleasurable, but it was almost painful, too. Something down there wanted something, and Jay wasn't sure what it was, or what to do about it. He only knew it felt intense, nearly painful, pleasurable to an extreme. It made his whole body thrum with delicious agony and expectation.

Billy's every movement sent thrills through Jay, centered in and returning to the point between his balls and hole. Powerful shivers ran through his body along with what felt like electrical sparks all along his nerves.

Sean began thrusting in and out of his mouth again, seemingly in time with Billy's thrusts in and out of his ass. The movements of the two boys made Jay feel as if he were being pulled apart and then crushed back together between them. His breathing had no choice but to match the timing of the two boys as they filled and emptied him again and again.

Long, long minutes passed as Billy fucked his ass and Sean fucked his mouth. Jay could hear them kissing behind and above him. Their moans and groans were timed between kisses and gasps for breath. Jay was lost in the sensations that ruled his body and mind. The pressure in his groin began moving outward, into his gut and back. It almost felt as if his body were expanding from a central point between his balls and hole, the skin covering the rest of his body having to stretch to accommodate his growing size. Every muscle in his body seemed to be shivering as they struggled to contain the extreme pleasure.

"Sean, oh, man, gonna!"

"Fill him up!"

"Oh, fuck!"

Jay felt Billy's cock thrust deep into him, deeper than before, and hold there, quivering, throbbing, pulsating. It hurt at first, but almost instantly turned into a deep, heavy, warm pleasure. Jay could feel Billy's pubes against the cheeks of his ass, and his balls between his thighs. He was sure he could feel warm fluid filling his bowels as Billy groaned wordlessly and shivered against him.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Billy panted again and again.

Jay could feel the heat of Billy's body against his ass and back, the sweat on his skin, the trembling of his muscles. Billy slowly slumped until he rested his weight on Jay's back. He shivered repeatedly as he panted and softly groaned in pleasure. Billy's rapid, heavy breath blew across the back of Jay's neck.

"Oh, shit. Jay, you got a great ass!" Billy groaned into Jay's ear.

"Climb off, I wanna tap that again before I blow," Sean said quickly.

Jay hated it when Sean removed his cock from his mouth. He wanted it to stay there forever. It was the most incredible experience of his life. He loved sucking cock, he knew it yesterday, but today he needed it.

Billy and Sean traded places quickly, and before he knew it, Jay was sucking a greasy, shitty cock. He didn't care. It was his own ass he tasted, beside the flavor of Billy's cum and the Vaseline. He sucked and licked the smaller, thinner cock just as ardently as he had Sean's.

He felt Sean sitting on his thighs, and he knew he was smearing Vaseline on himself by the sounds he heard. Jay's hole twitched and tingled, ready and wanting more, but knowing what was coming was longer and thicker.

The sensation of the cold Vaseline covering the tip of Sean's cock made Jay's hole slam shut. He didn't want it to, and had to concentrate to relax it. His mind was losing the battle as Sean began pushing against his hole. It remained clenched, and Jay had to concentrate solely on his sphincter, ignoring the cock in his mouth.

Sean pushed, and Jay winced. In that movement, he took control and willed the muscles to loosen. As Sean pushed further, the pain and tension increased. Jay willed those muscles to relax with all his thoughts. Sean pushed and his wide head spread open Jay and slid into him.

Sean grunted as his head vanished, and Jay shivered beneath his hands. Jay's little whimpers were lost around Billy's cock. Billy was being patent, knowing and feeling how much Sean was doing to him. Billy waited as Jay struggled to take Sean, slowly and gently sliding his dick in and out of Jay's nearly open mouth.

Sean moved on the bed, closing the distance between his dark pubes and Jay's white ass cheeks. His long dick slid further into Jay, nearly half of it now between the slim cheeks. Sean slowly lowered his body, pushing more of himself inside of Jay. Jay shivered strongly below him, the light sweat from Billy's fucking now heavier and covering all of Jay's tall, slim, white body.

Sean came to rest on Jay's buttocks with a sigh. With a long sigh of his own, Jay relaxed.

"Oh, yes!" Sean crooned. "I can feel your hot cum inside him!"

 Sean remained motionless, enjoying the warm silky insides wrapped tightly around him. Jay shivered violently, then began working enthusiastically on Billy with his mouth.

Billy sighed deeply as Jay's lips closed around him, his tongue began moving over him, and the suction began. Billy moved his hips gently as Jay bobbed up and down on him.

Jay felt his body burning. The pain of Sean's thick, long cock deeply in him again was far less than yesterday, and today was more a deep ache than real pain. The intense, lingering desire to cum coupled with that was overwhelming. Added to that was the pleasure of a cock in his mouth. Billy felt like he never had before.

When Sean began making small, short movements, Jay ground his hips backward, onto him. Doing so moved his cock against the bed and caused waves of pleasure to race from the tip of his cock down deep into his groin. Waves of pleasure, as if he were cumming, tore through him. His cock danced and pounded against the bed, and his hole clamped down on Sean's thick cock. The pain caused by Sean's dick in his hole as the spasm occurred nearly caused Jay to cry out. When Sean adjusted his position and thrust deeply into him, hitting something inside of him that caused an incredible new sensation, Jay did cry out.  

"No stopping!" Billy said loudly, then slapped Jay hard.

Jay jerked in surprise and at the pain. That caused his hole to clamp down on Sean's thick cock again. Between that, and the new sensation when Sean pushed deeply and against that something again, caused him to nearly whimper again. Fighting that urge, and the pain on his face and in his ass, and the new, powerful, tingling sensation deep inside of him behind his balls, and all the other sensations together, did something new to Jay.

With a rush of hot pain in his ass, his cock jerked against the bed and began releasing an orgasm that had been held back for far too long. Again and again Jay's hole clamped down on Sean's cock as cum rushed up and through him. Jay couldn't have paid any attention to Billy's cock now if he had to. His entire body and mind were being crushed together and torn apart at the same time.

His body tensed, his hole clamped down, his muscles beneath his testicles throbbed as something there sent waves of an intense, strange sensation through him, and his hot semen flowed onto the sheets. Again and again, and with each one, Jay groaned loudly, from deeply within. Pain and pleasure mixed, overwhelming Jay as he had never felt before. Each wave of cum through him felt as if it were on fire. He couldn't breathe, except between convulsions of his orgasm. Sean's cock was ripping his hole open with each one.

Jay didn't hear Sean saying, "Holy shit!" over and over. Nor did he hear Billy's words of admiration. Jay only convulsed around his groin, pulling the chains of the handcuffs taught each time. His body wanted to curl into a tight ball, but the cuffs on his wrists and ankles wouldn't allow it. The hard, thick cock in his ass felt like a steel bar. Billy's cock was still in his mouth, but he couldn't close his lips around it and still breathe.

After what felt like several minutes of endless, unbearable pain and pleasure, Jay's body relaxed. He was able to breathe again, and did so by panting rapidly. In only seconds, Sean began moving in and out of him again, and Billy shoved his dick all the way into his mouth.

Jay knew what they expected, and he knew he had to give it. His body was still coming down from the incredible sensations of the most powerful orgasm of his life, and he wanted to relax, but he wasn't done so long as Billy and Sean weren't done, and he knew it.

Jay returned to Billy's cock, enjoying it all that much more. Billy hardly moved, sitting on his knees and legs, letting Jay bob up and down on his cock. Sean began moving quickly, the sensation of his large cock moving in and out of him causing Jay to wriggle on it uncontrollably. From time to time, Sean hit that special spot again, and Jay's entire body jerked uncontrollably. 

All three boys groaned and gasped loudly, joining the sound of the bed springs, the Vaseline on Sean's cock as it moved through Jay's hole, and Jay's lips on Billy's cock, filling the room. It wasn't long before Sean was moving quickly and deeply enough to slap his skin against the skin of Jay's ass.

"Oh, fuck! He's so tight!"

"He sucks like a pro!"

"I'm gonna so soon!"

"Me too!"


"Fuck yeah!"

Jay was being fucked hard enough now that his cock was being pushed against the bed. Despite the incredible orgasm of just two minutes ago, Jay felt as if he were going to have another. He found a way to let his hips move even more, and using Sean's movements to increase his own pleasure. He heard Sean and Billy giving each other cues, warning each other that they were going to cum. Jay knew he was going to as well, if only he could before Sean finished.

Jay moved his hips in odd ways, into unusual positions, and found one that caused Sean's cock to hit that special new place more often. It was all Jay could to not to scream in pleasure each time Sean's cock hit it.

Billy warned Sean that he was going to finish very soon, and Sean began fucking Jay even harder. Sean asked Billy to slow down, and Billy responded by removing most of his cock from Jay's mouth.

Jay worked the smooth, rounded, almost pointed head of Billy's cock, admiring the red pubic hair up close. Billy's six inches slid smoothly back into Jay's mouth just as Sean cried out.

Sean pushed deeply into Jay, crushing Jay's cock between him and the bed, pulling the skin of his penis further back than it was accustomed to. That slight pain was enough to send Jay over the edge, and another round of powerful orgasmic convulsions ran through Jay. He could feel Sean's cock pulsing and swelling as hot cum flowed into him as well as out of him. Then suddenly Billy was pushing his cock all the way into Jay's mouth as it swelled and pulsed. The hot cum from Billy, the taste, feel, smell of it, sent Jay even further into his own orgasmic state.

Sean pumped his hot cum into Jay's ass, Billy pumped his own thick wad into Jay's mouth, and Jay spilled his own steaming semen into the sheets.

Jay sucked and licked Billy's head as he came, making Billy thrash in pleasure. Sean grunted repeatedly as he emptied himself into Jay, the pulsating hole increasing Sean's pleasure considerably. Jay released huge waves of cum into the sheets.

Jay came back to himself eventually. He realized that Sean was laying on his back, their sweat mingling, and Billy lay on his side next to him. Jay could hear them panting, even around his own ragged, loud breaths.

Jay was so exhausted that he didn't care that he was still cuffed wrists and ankles to the bed. He was too tired to move anyway. The pressure of Sean's cock in his hole was lessened as Sean moved and his long, softening cock plopped out of him. The sudden change was unpleasant, and Jay wanted it back. But he knew he had to wait.




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