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Jay's Tale

Part Four


The three of them lay quietly, panting and sweating. After long minutes, Sean got up and used the bathroom. When he came back, Billy took his turn, and Sean toyed with Jay.

"You're not going to get to use the bathroom. Not yet. So don't go looking forward to it. You're staying right here. And you're gonna take it again, different this time."

Jay wasn't sure he could. He was torn again. His ass felt empty, and he wanted more, but his body didn't seem to. His hole ached, and Jay was sure that any more use would make it uncomfortably painful. But he wanted more.

"You're gonna take it again, and you're not gonna make a sound. Not a whimper. And I'll be listening. Close."

Sean slapped his ass hard enough to redden flesh. Jay flinched, but did so silently. He grinned even though his face was in the bed.

He knew he was going to take it again, whichever it that Sean intended, so he tried to look forward to it. As Sean's fingers traced along his spine and over his buttocks, he let himself enjoy it, hoping to get himself back into the mood.

It became even easier when Billy returned and his fingers joined Sean's on his skin. The soft mumblings between them were too low for Jay to understand, but he knew they were discussing what was coming next.

Jay found that he liked the tension of the unknown. It added to his growing excitement, and he was surprised to feel his almost sore penis stirring below him. There was no mistaking that the sheets were sticky as his cock began filling with hot blood again.

Sean and Billy giggled softly between them, and that raised Jay's level of excitement even higher. Their fingers roamed all over his back, butt, and thighs. When the first found their way between his crack, he shivered.

One of them moved his legs so that he must have resembled a frog, then someone positioned himself between his spread thighs. Fingers applied Vaseline to his slightly sore hole, one finger at a time, ending with three of them after less than a minute. Jay was enjoying it, more than he had suspected that he would. The pain was minimal, but hot, too.

When the fingers rotated and pushed into the hardness just behind his balls, Jay writhed on them. He had no idea that such sensations could be created. Intense, rapid vibrations seemed to swell outward from that point as the fingers massaged that spot. Jay bit down, refusing to make a noise.

The chains of the cuffs rattled as Jay bucked and bounced. His breath made far more noise than a whimper would have, but he was allowed to breathe.

"Jeeze. I think you found his calling," Billy said, laughter in his voice.

"No kiddin', huh?" Sean replied, also sounding amused. "First time I hit yours, you went nuts, too."

"Not like that," Billy said firmly.

"Maybe," Sean replied. "I bet he'll finish!"

"Oh, no shit! Make him!"

"I bet he will," Sean said as he began digging at Jay's prostate.

Jay convulsed in time with Sean's actions, unable to do anything else. He simply lost control of his body at the touch. The electrical waves of incredible pleasure were more than he could take. His cock throbbed with the motions, too, and what felt like the entire contents of his testicles began coursing up through the same area.

Jay gagged on his own breath as his body went into spasms timed to Sean's fingers on his prostate. His breath came in short gasps between those spasms. The pressure inside his groin grew to unbearable levels. His semen was forced through that bottleneck with a pressure he wasn't familiar with. It was as if the previous orgasms had only clogged his plumbing, and this one was scouring the path clear.

Every muscle drew taught, even his breathing stopped. Only Sean's fingers and that organ moved, but the movement created by that small organ caused further movement of his lengthy penis as the thick, heavy orgasm fired from his cock harder than he could remember it having done before.

He was unable to scream, not because of Sean's order, but because his entire body was locked and rigid. Jay thought he could hear the sound of his semen roaring through his cock. The orgasm was deep and strong, but slow and almost steady. Instead of individual powerful squirts, it was nearly one constant wash of fluid, despite the pulsing of his organ as it pumped it through him.

It also seemed to go on forever. By the time his body suddenly returned to his control, he was sweating and his sight was narrowed and blurred. His breath came back in deep, rapid, ragged gasps. He wasn't sure if the fingers were still in him or not, or if he had gone numb. Shrinking waves of pleasure washed down through him.

"Too bad it got wasted in the bed," Sean said sadly.

"No shit. Bet that was a nice, big one."

Jay nodded, then shivered violently.

"Man! Smells like heaven!" Billy exclaimed.

Jay's eyes were still rolled back when he opened the lids, but they managed to focus. His brain finally processed Billy's exclamation, and began wondering what smelled like heaven, when Sean's fingers rubbed across his lips then into his mouth.

It was cum, strong and pungent, and something else, very strong and pungent as well. He realized where Sean's fingers had been, and knew what the other smell was. He didn't care, though. By then he had already been sucking and licking Sean's fingers clean.

"Yeah, clean me up. This too," he said, as he took to his knees in front of Jay's face.

From his fingers to his cock, Jay moved like a cat. He forgot to remain silent, and gulped and moaned as he took nearly all of Sean's length. That earned him a sharp slap on his ass from Billy.

He winced, but never lost track of his tongue on Sean's cock. He needed it. He wanted it more than he wanted anything.

"Oh, God! He sucks so fucking good!"

Sean groaned and slid down lower, resting his upper body on his back-flung arms. He pumped his cock in and out of Jay's mouth with his hips. Jay's arms, still cuffed, were below Sean's folded legs.

With another growling groan, Sean slunk even lower and threw his head back, his body arching at his hips.

Jay locked his lips over the middle of Sean's long cock and sucked. His tongue slowly undulated along the under side of it. He moved as much as his neck allowed, taking more of Sean's cock than he had before. He craned his neck and forced more into his mouth. He felt the large head on the back of his throat and wanted more. He forced more in, and the gagging got in the way. He wouldn't let it. He bobbed, moving down as far as he could every time, trying to take more and more of it.

"Fucking hell! It's like he's sucking it right out! Fuck!"

Sean grabbed two hands full of Jay's hair and held on. His hips pumped his long cock through Jay's lips. Sean gasped and groaned. Both of his balls crept upward and his sack tightened up around them. They nearly vanished in minutes, and Sean became shiny with sweat.

Jay was lost. All that existed was his mouth and Sean's cock, and that's all that needed to exist. It was all that Jay ever needed. He would do anything for it. He would do anything it told him to do.

He crawled forward the best he could and shoved his head downward, taking Sean's cock all the way down his throat. He needed to swallow to do it, but he took it all, until Sean's dark brown, short, faint bush was pressed into his nose.

"Oh, God!" Sean repeated several times. "Fucking hell! That's amazing!"

Sean couldn't keep quiet. He groaned, moaned, cried out expletives, complimented Jay, or told Billy how good Jay was doing, at all times. It wasn't all that long a period of time, either. It was only a few minutes, but Sean looked as if he had just finished an overtime game. He panted rapidly between words.

Jay took the entire length of Sean's cock again and again. The need to gag when it entered his throat was easily ignored now, and the sensation of wrapping his throat around Sean's cock was pure bliss. The feeling of it twitching and pulsating in his throat was even more intimate than in his ass. Jay was lost. Or found.

Jay slid the entire way down Sean again, and Sean bucked, then cried out, "Awww, FUCK!"

Jay heard Sean's cry, and felt his body through his cock. He knew what was happening. The salty nectar came again, this time with a hint of musk, and he yearned for it. He slid down as far as he could onto Sean's long cock, his gag reflex now merely an annoyance he could forget.

Then Sean was quiet. He arched forward over Jay's head and held on tightly as his entire body convulsed repeatedly. His broken breath was the only sounds for long seconds. Sean jerked several times, silently, only gasps of breath between them.

"Awwwwww, fuuuuck," and Sean collapsed onto his back after pulling a reluctant Jay off of himself. "Holy, fucking, shit."

Sean lay back and panted, protecting his sore cock from Jay's attempts to reclaim it.

"He needs more, Billy. Get over here and take care of it."

Sean moved away, and Billy took his place. Jay inhaled Billy, and in mere seconds Billy was bucking and pumping, crying out and complimenting Jay.

Taking all of Billy's cock didn't even trigger a faint gag in Jay's throat. He slid down him and nearly remained there entirely, his nose buried in Billy's short, red bush. His tongue moved over and around Billy's cock, sending Billy into fits and starts.

"Oh, damn! Holy fucking shit, is right!"

After that, Billy wound into wordless expressions of adulation for Jay's abilities. He pumped his hips as fast and wildly as he liked. At first, his balls swung and slapped Jay's chin, but soon they were tucked up high and tight in the pink sack. Billy ended up in the same position as Sean had been when he finished. Billy even ended nearly as silently, curved over Jay's head, cock buried to the hilt in his mouth.

Once Billy collapsed, Jay lay there and panted, overjoyed. He didn't care if he came now or not. He had felt fulfilled after the earlier orgasm, the oral fun with Sean and then Billy had just been icing on the cake. What Sean had done to him from inside his ass had left him feeling as if he couldn't come again for days.

He wasn't even sure if he was hard or not. And he didn't think he really cared. He was happy.

"Hey, Billy, we gotta shower and get dressed. His folks'll be home too soon."

"Yeah, fine," Billy said with a groan, eventually standing. "What's the plan with him?"

"I think he should fill up Victoria before we let him out."

Billy's laugh caused Jay to suddenly worry. He wasn't sure how bad it was going to be, but it was obvious that if Billy liked the idea so much, it wasn't going to be great.

Jay turned his head to watch Sean, but Billy wrapped something around his head and eyes and then made sure the red ball was firmly in his mouth again. Jay was worn out. The sweat was drying on his body, and he wanted nothing more than to shower and sleep. He was startled when someone reached under him and groped for his cock.

"He's hard," Sean said, a grin in his voice.

"After that wad he blew into the bed? I'd be soft for hours!"

"Even after sucking off two dicks?"

"Oh, yeah. Guess that'd get it back up, huh?"

"Did him! Now, come hold his hips up while I put Victoria on him."

Billy held Jay's hips up while Sean slid something soft and cold around Billy's long cock. Jay couldn't tell what it was, but it felt very good, even though his cock complained a little at the further stimulation.

"Now, Jay, all you gotta do is fuck Victoria until you finish. If you don't finish, we don't take off the cuffs until your folks pull up the driveway. Maybe not even then. Maybe we'll just take off out the back door and leave you here."

Sean's voice was firm, but it held a little humor, too. Jay was sure they wouldn't leave him there like that. It would bring the whole thing to an end if his parents found him like that, and Jay was sure that Billy and Sean both wanted this to continue, but, Jay wasn't all that sure that they wouldn't wait until the last possible second to release him and leave.

Billy released his hips and Jay felt a smooth, soft, delicious feeling as his cock slid into something. His body tensed and shivered as the skin on his cock was pushed backward as it slid further into whatever it was.

Experimentally he slowly raised his hips, the sensation on his cock thrilling him deeply. He thrust forward, bringing his hips back down, and grunted behind the ball-gag as his cock slid back into the soft, smooth place that gripped it so wonderfully.

"That's it, Jay, just enjoy it. When I get back from the shower, I want to see you either going to town on her, or all done and a nice big load inside her. One or the other."

"I'll make sure he keeps going," Billy said enthusiastically, then softly slapped Jay's butt cheeks.

With a soft groan, Jay began thrusting his hips up and down, sliding his long dick through the mysterious Victoria. It felt like he imagined a vagina would. It was tight enough that the skin over his hard core was moved firmly front to back, yet yielding enough that it felt soft on it.

Several times he pushed as far into it as he could, and found there was room enough for his entire length. With his arms cuffed over his head and his ankles still cuffed, it was a little uncomfortable and awkward, but it felt so good.

Jay began to sweat again. He thrust again and again, varying as his muscles and his cock complained in fatigue. Billy's hands roamed over his butt, between his thighs, and around his hips. Jay's breath quickened again, and tremors began in his tired, weakened muscles.

Jay heard Sean come back from his shower and tell Billy to take his turn. Jay knew that the hands now roaming over his back, ass, and thighs were now Sean's. When Jay felt his balls cupped and fondled, he knew who it was. And when a tongue found its way between his cheeks and into his ass, he knew who's it was.

That tongue drove Jay insane. The sensations in his cock as it slid through Victoria was new and wonderful, and nearly overloaded Jay's senses again, but the addition of Sean's tongue on, around, and inside of his hole drove him further.

With waves of powerful sensations coursing through is body like never before, his tired, aching prostate performed yet again. As the convulsions began between his balls and his hole, the tongue vanished and was replaced by strong, solid, probing fingers that found the sensitive spot without fail and began massaging it again.

With a scream, even behind the red ball, Jay's body convulsed powerfully. The chains of the handcuffs rattled on all four corners of the bed as Jay thrashed and bucked. Each orgasmic spasm closed his aching hole around Sean's figners, nearly painfully, and so incredibly pleasurably. His cries of mixed pleasure and pain filled the room as Billy arrived.

"Holy fuck, Sean!"

"He's having the time of his life," Sean said, his fingers stabbing and stroking Jay's insides.

Over and over, Jay's body convulsed, tugging the chains tight each time. At the same time, his grunting groan rang out loudly.

"Damn!" Billy cried out, sitting on the bed and reaching out and under Sean's hand to cup Jay's balls and play with them, trying to follow the sudden, sharp movements of Jay's body as it released wave after wave of semen. "I think he's gonna pump dry!"

"No shit!" Sean agreed gleefully.

The both of them continued working Jay's body as it emptied his balls into the bed. Even after Jay's orgasm ended, his body jerked as spasms rang through it like shadows of his orgasm. For long minutes Billy and Sean played with Jay's sweating, heaving, shivering body.

Jay's breath was ragged and quick, snot and sweat soaking his upper lip and the red ball strapped into his mouth. Jay's hair was plastered to his forehead and around his ears.

Billy removed the red ball and then the blindfold. Jay's eyes were rolled upward and seemed to be stuck there, the lids barely fluttering open on rare occasions. 

"I think you broke him," Billy said with a giggle.

"He'll heal. Might take a while," Sean said with a giggle as well.

A series of sounds caught their attention. Billy grabbed the blindfold and red ball and straps and jogged to the window.

"Ah-h-h, I don't he's got the time," Billy said warningly. "His folks just pulled in."

"Shit!" Sean exclaimed, then removed his fingers from inside of Jay.

The sudden removal of those fingers caused Jay to shudder and grunt. Sean and Billy didn't notice, though, as they began retrieving clothing from the floor and dressing rapidly. Jay remained fairly motionless on his bed, seemingly unaware.

"Crap! Did we leave anything out there?" Billy asked, worry clear in his voice.

"Dunno! Shit! Too late to worry about it! Just get dressed and unlock the cuffs!"

"Where's the key?"

"Don't you have it?" Sean asked.

"Fuck!" Billy exclaimed violently.

The two boys began rummaging through their pockets, once they had their pants on, then they searched their coats.

The sound of voices came through the door.

"Fuck!" Billy hissed quietly.

"Jay, hun, we're home!"

The sound of his mother's voice brought Jay back from the warm, wonderful place he had gone. He realized that he was still cuffed, wrist and ankle, to the bed, naked, sweaty, ass in the air, and a something he still didn't know what wrapped snuggly around his flaccid, wet, sticky cock.

"Damn!" Sean declared. "Where the fuck is the fucking key?"

"Sean! Did you even grab it when we left my place?"

The two stared at each other, open-mouthed. Jay, in his condition - nearly exhausted, nearly dehydrated, nearly paralyzed with sudden fear - did the only thing he could.

He passed out.



At first Jay wondered how long he had fallen asleep for. Then he remembered that he hadn't fallen asleep at all. The fear and worry came rushing back and caused him to flinch and try to move. The cuffs on his wrists and ankles reminded him instantly that he couldn't. That worsened the fear and worry, which grew even worse as his mind settled back into place and recalled that he had heard his parents call as they had come home. Then the fact that the precious key to the handcuffs was lost nearly caused him to urinate on the bed.

He opened his eyes but it was dark. He struggled to move, fighting against the cuffs.

Sean said, "Easy! Don't move!" in a loud whisper.

The words helped Jay to relax somewhat.

Now he could tell that he was covered, and Sean was sitting next to him on the bed.

"My parents?"

"They think you went to Bill's for something. He went to get the key. He'll be back in a few minutes. Just be quiet. I got the door closed, your folks think I'm studying and waiting for you and Bill to get back. Just wait. And be quiet."

"Oh, God," Jay sighed, the tension in his body releasing enough  that he could now lay comfortably. The ache in his groin and his ass wasn't painful, was even a little pleasant again.

Sean snickered nervously, which caused Jay to follow suit.

"How long?" Jay asked.

"Twenty minutes," Sean said flatly. "Uh, been gone. If that's what you mean."

"Meant how long did I..."

"About ten. Maybe a little less. Hard to tell. Seemed like forever!"

"Embarrassing," Jay said into the mattress.

"What? Passing out? Or being strapped to your bed, ass up? Or that your folks are right outside and can come find out any second?"

"Shut up!" Jay hissed, mostly laughing.

He was shocked to feel his penis engorging. His entire body responded with a weak but persistent sexual charge. He cautiously pumped his hips and found that whatever he had fucked earlier was still in place; tight, wet, and slippery. His hole twitched and reminded him just what it had put up with already today. That didn't slow his movements at all, and even added to his desire.

"Holy shit! You humping Victoria?"

Jay snickered and stopped.

"Sorry. Just... "

Sean laughed, then said, "It's okay. I just didn't think you'd be all up and shit. Not right now, anyway. Especially after earlier."

Sean's hand slid under the crumpled blankets used to hide Jay's form on the bed, finding the still sweat-damp, hot skin of Jay's ass. He fondled and caressed the cheeks. Soon the muscles moved, lifting and dropping Jay's hips again.

Jay sighed deeply and shuddered. His cock was almost sore, and moving it through the fake vagina was almost painful, but it was more pleasurable than painful. In moments, Jay's body was filled with sexual energy and his skin and muscles were tingling again.

Sean moved slightly on the bed so that he could have his arm and hand under the blanket without it being too obvious if the door opened suddenly. He moved the book and notebook a little so that they wouldn't fall off the side of the bed and still look as if he were using them. He slid his hand up and down Jay's buttocks and back, giving Jay intense thrills.

"Not too fast or loud," Sean warned.

That, too, increased Jay's thrill. The reminder that his parents could open the door and find them was incredibly exciting. He was fairly sure that Sean had things hidden well, but he didn't know, and that uncertainty as well as the risk of discovery raised Jay's excitement level to another new high.

Jay panted now as he fucked Victoria and Sean's hand roamed over his buttocks. When Sean's hand slid between his thighs, Jay shuddered and gasped, and his cock released a wave or pre-cum.

Sean tickled the soft, hot, sweaty skin between Jay's thighs, making Jay shudder so powerfully that Sean saw the blankets vibrate momentarily. Jay's cock twitched and throbbed again, and Jay was sure more pre-cum washed out into the fake vagina.

"Please! I want your fingers in!" Jay hissed.

"No," Sean said firmly, grinning.

Jay groaned in disappointment, but his hips didn't slow. Sean continued stroking the soft, tender skin between Jay's thighs, running over his buttocks, and caressing his thighs and then his lower back. Jay was shivering all over, new sweat breaking out all over his body. It was hot and stuffy under the blankets, and Jay felt nearly suffocated.

"Air!" Jay complained.

In moments, Sean had moved the blankets from his face enough that he could see light and feel cool, fresh air.

"Oh, fuck, thanks!" Jay blurted.


Sean suddenly moved his hand, and in a matter of a couple of seconds had pushed his thumb inside Jay's pucker, aided by the lubricant still coating the area. Jay bit into the blanket and held back the cry of near pain and pleasure. Jay pushed his hips up and his legs apart, inviting the digit as deeply as possible. Only after holding there a few moments did he thrust his hips forward, shoving his long cock deeply into the fake vagina.

Sean's expert thumb found the sensitive spot and pushed, his fingers cupping it from outside, and Jay groaned deep in his chest. Suddenly his body went into overdrive and tensed tightly. He was unable to move as an urgent, powerful orgasm took over his body.

His prostate pulsed, his cock pulsed, his body tensed. Again and again. Jay struggled not to cry out as each powerful ejaculation released more cum into the tight, wet grasp of the fake vagina. The new, warm fluid changed the feel of the device on Jay's cock, which intensified the sensation and only added more to Jay's orgasm.

Sean's thumb inside of him and his fingers outside, worked Jay's prostate as his orgasm screamed through him. Sean pushed and released in time with Jay's orgasm, Jay's long cock bottoming out in the soft, warm, wet, fake vagina.

Jay groaned, "Fuck!" softly but firmly through his teeth with each ejaculation.

Sean laughed softly as he felt the mechanics of Jay's orgasm with his thumb and fingers. He was fascinated by the sensations of Jay's anus and prostate as Jay's orgasm occurred.

When Jay's body tensed even tighter and held that tension even longer, Sean knew Jay's orgasm was ending and he slowly but firmly removed his thumb.

The last few convulsions of Jay's hole, now without Sean's thumb in it, intensified the last waves of his orgasm. Jay cried out softly, holding back as much as he could.

The weird sensation of the fluids squelching around the head of his cock inside the tight, slick embrace of the fake vagina was another entirely new sensation that Jay loved.

Shivers and shudders ran though Jay, powerful and persistent. They seemed to take complete control for long seconds, even his breathing now ragged and irregular.

Finally his body relaxed and Jay exhaled loudly, shivers still running through him.

"Oh-my-God," he whispered repeatedly.

Sean slapped Jay's butt firmly under the blankets then withdrew.

"You can really go to town! That's what? Four?"

"I won't be able to again for ever!" Jay laughed.

"Shhh!" Sean reminded him again.

"Shit," Jay replied, softly. "How long is he gonna be?"

"Any time now."

"Hope he hurries!" Jay laughed. "I got a fucking mess to clean up under here!"

"I bet!" Sean said as softly as he could around the laughter.

A knock on the window startled them both.

"It's Bill," Sean said, getting up and heading toward the window, where he took the key from him.

In moments, Jay was finally free. His muscles complained at nearly any movement, causing him to groan and moan more, but differently now. He was advised to dress quickly and climb out the window and then enter the house through the front door with Bill.

Once dressed and outside, Bill explained the story and they walked around to the front of the house. Feeling as if his parents wouldn't believe him for a second, Jay told them he was back and going to study in his room. His parents seemed oblivious.

Back in his room, he first noticed that it smelled like sex and sweat. Then he noticed that his bed looked like a murder scene, lacking only blood.

Sean came out of the bathroom holding a vinyl, tube-shaped object the size of a forearm. He was shaking water from it after obviously having just washed it. He knew it must have been the item he had been fucking all afternoon.

"You about split Victoria open! I never seen so much cum in it before!" Sean said softly and with a laugh.

"Waste," Billy said with a grin.

"What waste?" Sean asked, licking his lips.

"And you didn't share?" Billy complained.

"Next time, maybe. Not like we had a lot of time."

"Next time?" Jay asked with a groan as he sat on the very edge of the bed.

The large wet spot was obvious. So were the sweat stains where he had lain so long.

"No way am I not getting some of that huge cock tomorrow! Hear me?" Sean said commandingly.

"Oh, gawd," Jay groaned, putting his face in his hands.

"Not tomorrow, Sean. Practice and sign-ups, remember? He'll have to beat the meat alone tomorrow," Billy said.

"No he won't. He won't get hard again for days, " Jay moaned into his hands, both saddened and relieved he would have tomorrow off.

His tone caused both Sean and Billy to laugh.

Over the next few minutes, Billy helped Jay to flip the mattress and put clean sheets on the bed. Sean continued to look like he was doing homework, in case one of Jay's parents came to check on them. Once his room looked like the usual chaotic mess, Jay relaxed somewhat.

"How ya fellin'?" Sean asked.

"Like you do after soccer practice, I guess" Jay replied with a half-grin.

"That worn out, huh? Well, you better clean your plate and take your vitamins, 'cause next time, I'm gonna test your endurance."

Jay quailed at that prospect. He was exhausted right then, and if that wasn't what Sean called testing his endurance, he wasn't sure he wanted his endurance tested.

"Wish we didn't have practice and shit tomorrow. You're fuckin' fun, Jay," Billy said a little sadly.

Jay laughed a bit nervously and blushed darkly. He wasn't used to being talked to so nicely by others, let alone being complimented. Having a new friend, or at least a friend of a new friend, talk to him that way was new, and felt wonderful.

"We have to figure out when we can do stuff over the weekend," Sean said.

"Oh, my God!" Jay suddenly snapped loudly.

"What the hell?" Sean and Billy asked at the same time.

"My parents go to Waukeegan Saturday morning! They won't be back until Sunday night!"

Three huge grins lit up the room.




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