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Jay's Tale

Part Six



"Cry uncle?" Paul asked, looking around at the three boys.

Jay snickered slightly and turned redder.

Sean coughed and threw a crust into the lid of the pizza box.

"You might not like the same thing Jay does. I get the feeling you wouldn't."

"What does Jay like?" Paul asked, his black eyes turning toward Jay questioningly.

Jay got even redder and looked down at his lap.

"Jay likes being... dominated," Sean said, watching Paul closely with his dark green eyes.

"Dominated? Like S and M?" Paul asked in obvious surprise.

"Not so much what you think," Sean said, leaning forward in the chair. "He likes being told what to do, and made to do it, and being a little worried and afraid he might be hurt. He's not into pain or anything."

"Well," Billy said with a small grin. "Not much pain, anyway."

"What are you guys into?" Paul asked, now looking a little worried.

"It's not what it sounds like," Jay said. "I... I just like, being a little scared. I guess."

He was obviously embarrassed, and he couldn't believe this conversation was taking place. It was strange enough to him that these three guys were in his house, let alone at the same time. But talking about sex, and not only just sex, but how he liked being scared and maybe a little hurt. He was about as embarrassed as he could remember being, at least, with his clothes on. He literally squirmed against Paul on the couch, still sitting almost in his lap.

"Jay just likes a little threat. And a little slapping and pinching. Nothing extreme. Just a little light fun, to keep him on his toes," Sean explained. "I'm wondering if you do, too."

"Hell no!" Paul said firmly.

Jay visibly deflated.

"No, I think he'd like being in charge," Billy said. "He's a butch type. Real power guy. I seen him wrestle. He likes getting his opponent down and owning him."

Paul grinned, but tried to hide it.

"Ah," Sean said, grinning wider now. "I see. You like knowing you're in charge, huh?"

"So?" Paul said, now the embarrassed one.

"I got an idea," Sean said gleefully. "You up for some fun this afternoon?"

"Like what?" Paul asked quickly.

Jay could feel Paul tensing, but wasn't sure why. He couldn't see behind him to Paul's face, not without some contortions and being obvious.

"You horny?" Sean asked.

"You're kidding?" Paul asked, understanding Sean's intent now. "The four of us?"

Jay had felt Paul's erection against his lower back earlier, and now he was sure it was rising again. He grinned.

"No, I'm not. I think it'd be fun. See, I'll take charge of Jay, 'cause I know what I'm doing, and you take charge of Bill, and he'll make sure you don't make any big mistakes. And you follow my lead. I think it'd be really fun."

"And do what?" Paul asked, obviously curious and interested.

"Play," Sean said simply. "And we brought interesting toys, today, too."

Billy laughed softly.

"What toys?" Paul asked.

"Now, don't ruin the surprise!" Sean said gleefully. "Just, are you interested?"

Jay could easily tell that he was, as his interest was poking against the small of his back as he reclined in Paul's lap.


"If you don't like it, we can stop and just get down to some standard stuff. Get each other off that way. I won't mind a bit. I'm curious to see what you've got in those jeans, anyway. Always wondered," Sean said with a big grin, his green eyes glinting.

Paul grinned wider, ran a hand through his black hair, and turned a little darker red.

"Come on, Paul. It's fun," Jay said, turning his head to look up and back at Paul.

Paul met his brown eyes and nodded.

"So long as I get to play with that monster of yours," he said, blushing even darker.

"We can switch once you get the idea," Sean said. "You can take over on Jay, and I'll show you how much Bill likes his pain."

"Are we really gonna do this?" Paul asked.

"Please?" Jay almost begged.

Jay stretched up and around, and managed to pull Paul's head down so that he could kiss him. It was the most daring thing he had ever done. But he had liked Paul for a long time, and this was too good to pass up. He would do anything to have Paul. He didn't mind if Sean was first, so long as he got to watch and be there. And the idea of switching, and having Paul in charge of him, had him tingling all over.

Their kisses went from light, exploratory briefness, to heavy, deep, long ones. Their breathing increased, and Sean and Billy could hear that. They grinned at each other and nodded.

"You guys warm up, we'll go set up," Sean said, standing.

"Set up?" Paul asked, pulling back from kissing Jay.

"Some things we want to get ready. You guys take a few minutes and make out. No taking anything off, or putting any hands inside any clothes, though."

Jay nodded, grinning widely, still breathing hard.

"Okay, I guess," Paul said.

As Billy stood, Jay and Paul laughed briefly, then returned to learning how to kiss each other.

Jay was excited and growing even more so. He felt his heart hammering, and his blood rushing through his neck. Kissing Paul was intensely thrilling, and he couldn't believe it was really happening. A part of his mind detached and looked back over the past few days, wondering at the luck and the pure happiness. Now, with Paul there too, it was beyond his wildest hopes and dreams.

Three guys at the same time! He thought in wonder. And one is Paul! Fucking awesome!

Paul's hands started roaming across his chest, and found his nipples. They were sensitive anyway, and were now hard and extremely sensitive. Paul's strong, blunt fingers rolled and pinched them, making Jay whimper and gasp.

Jay's hand unzipped Paul's coat and he helped him take it off. Jay turned so that he was nearly facing Paul now, and his hand then found Paul's nipple on his broad, powerful chest. He rubbed small circles around it as they returned to kissing deeply. Paul found that he liked that a great deal, especially from Jay. His breaths increased further.

Paul reached down and followed Jay's thigh up to his groin, and easily found the length of his hardness inside of his jeans. Jay gasped softly as Paul's fingers explored its length and thickness. Hurriedly, Jay found Paul's erection, and toyed with it, too.

"Oh, gawd, I want you so bad!" Paul gasped. "You're so hot! I want to play with this thing so bad!"

He began unzipping Jay's jeans, but Jay slapped his hand and then pulled it away.

"No. He said not to."

"Fuck that. I want to see it at least."

"No!" Jay said firmly. "He said not to take anything off or reach inside."

"You're taking his orders seriously?" Paul asked, looking into Jay's brown eyes with nearly black ones.

"Yes. It makes it more fun. He knows what he's doing. Okay?"

Paul sighed, relenting.

"Better be worth it. I'm dying to get in your pants!"

"I can't wait, either. But we will."

Jay slammed his lips back onto Paul's.

They were still kissing when they heard a cough. They broke apart quickly to see Billy standing naked at the start of the hallway. His bare chest was nearly pure white, with small, pink nipples standing out like candies against his milky skin, just the barest visible red hair between them. He was lean and strong, and his pink and red cock pointed upward, his red sack hanging below. His bright red patch of pubic hair stood out against his very pale skin. His cock bounced slightly with each beat of his heart.

"Come on, it's time, noobs."

He grinned nicely, and waved at them to follow him. He turned, and both boys watched him, admiring his buttocks. They looked at each other, then grinned.

"He's got a nice ass," Paul said.

"His best feature. I could do without the red hair, though."

"I like it," Paul said with a short laugh.

"Come on," Jay said, standing up.

Paul looked directly at Jay's lap, grinning.

"Damn! What a cock!"

Jay's erection stretched to the side of his jeans, well into the area for the pocket. Jay laughed and put his hands over it.

"You can come and see it," he said, then turned to follow Billy.

"Damned right!"

They laughed as they ran down the hall and into Jay's room. Sean and Billy were both naked, standing together face to face, kissing and running their hands up and down each other's sides and backs.

"Oh, wow," Paul said softly.

"Hot, huh?" Jay asked him.

"Like, wow. I've never seen guys kissing before. And naked. And hot guys, too."

Sean and Billy separated.

"Woah!" Paul cried out, his eyes growing large.

"What?" Jay asked.

"Sean! He's almost as massive as you! I think."

"Thanks," Sean said.

He grabbed his long dick and waggled it.

"If you play nice, you'll get to play with it. But first, you get to play with Billy. And I get Jay. And both of you get undressed by us. Now, come stand here, Paul."

Sean indicated a spot just to the left of the middle of the bed, right at the edge, and directly in front of Billy as he sat down.

"You, here," Sean said to Jay as he sat down, pointing at the floor directly in front of himself, to the right of Billy.

Sean and Billy were inches apart, and waited as Jay and Paul obeyed. When Jay stood in front of Sean, and Paul in front of Billy, both Billy and Sean reached out and began touching and exploring the groins of the boys in front of them.

Jay and Paul grinned at each other, nearly laughing, neither of them easily believing what was happening.

"Now, the real secret to real fun is to take your time. Go slow and easy. Lots of teasing and touching," Sean said, as his hands explored Jay's erection and his butt.

"Take time to build up some energy. And a big load. And relax and enjoy it," Billy said, looking up at Paul. "I like strong, buff guys. You're hot. I loved watching you wrestle in gym class. And taking a shower. You have a great ass, and I can't wait to have some fun with it."

His hands slid around to cup and massage Paul's buttocks. Paul sighed deeply and audibly. He had never been touched before, not even on the few dates he had gone on with Nancy. The feeling of Billy's hands playing with his butt made him almost shiver. His cock was so hard it nearly hurt, and his balls ached.

Billy gave his cheeks a very firm squeeze, then a hard slap.

"If I hurt you too much, say so, otherwise I'm gonna go further as we go along. Until you say that's your limit. I might even go past that after you say so, just to test your real limits. Don't get offended or anything. I'm just trying to make this as fun as you want. Okay?"

"Okay. I get it, I think. You want to see how much I like, and you'll do more sometimes to make sure I wasn't kidding."

"And to make it hurt, too. Sometimes that really heats things up. But if I go too far, you let me know, without getting all bitchy. It's all meant to be fun, that's all."

"Okay. Just don't go getting crazy. Or I'll bust you one."

"I'd probably like that," Billy said, grinning widely.

"He does love his pain," Sean said, his hands running all over Jay's body. "He loves pain. You'll see."

"What kind of pain?" Paul asked.

"You'll see," Sean said in a sing-song.

"I don't think you'll be up to my level. But we'll find yours," Billy cooed, then slapped Paul's ass hard with both hands.

"If that's what you call pain, you're a wuss," Paul said.

"Just gettin' started. Like I said, we'll build up as we go," Billy said, then moved his hands to the front of Paul's pants and slapped Paul in the groin.


"Just gettin' started," Billy said with a leering grin.

Sean's hands had moved all over Jay, and now pushed his shirt up. Jay leaned down with his arms over his head so that Sean could remove the shirt. Paul and Billy did much the same.

"Oh, man, what a nice set of pecs," Billy said admiringly.

His hands roamed over Billy's big, brown nipples, and pinched and twisted them firmly. Paul winced but remained quiet, grinning as well.

"And a nice trail, too," Billy said, then began kissing and licking the dark, heavy trail, and the slightly thick patch around his navel.

Paul snickered and grinned. He looked at Jay as Sean did exactly the same things to him.

"Are we allowed to touch each other?" Paul asked.

"Nope. Keep your hands to yourself," Sean said between tonguing Jay's navel and kissing his stomach.

"Damn," Paul said firmly. "This could suck."

"Not yet, just hands and lips right now," Billy said, using his on Paul's abdomen. "You are fucking buff, dude!"

Paul snickered and then said, "Thanks. You ain't bad yourself, what I've seen in gym."

"You looked, huh?"

"Oh, hell yeah. Nice fuckin' bod, man."

"Thanks," Billy said, then bit the edge of Paul's navel.

"Yeow!" Paul snapped.

"That didn't hurt that much," Billy said, as if scolding a child.

"Surprised, mostly."

"I bet your cock jumped, though," Sean said, laughing. "Probably squeezed out a nice drop of pre-jizz."

Paul laughed and turned red.

"You're right," Billy said, grinning up at Paul.

"Geeze. You guys that experienced?"

"We've been fucking each other since sixth grade," Billy said, obviously bragging.

"No fucking way!" Paul exclaimed.

"Hell yes, fucking way," Sean declared.

Sean then sucked Jay's navel firmly, making squeaking sounds. Jay snickered and bent forward.

"Can I put my hands on your shoulders?" Jay asked.

"Go ahead. And get ready for something weird," Sean said with a leer.

Jay made a half-grimace of fear, then grinned widely. He was shivering inside, and they were beginning to move through his body and become obvious. He loved that shiver, and knew it came only from the fear that Sean was so good at giving him.

Sean kissed and sucked his navel and treasure trail, and Jay loved it. The tickling felt great. Sean's hot breath on his wet skin also felt very good. And Sean's hands roamed, often playing with one or another of his sensitive nipples. They were very hard now, and even the slightest touch sent strong, nearly electric waves deep into his gut and through to his spine.

Sean's hands tugged upward on the waist of his jeans, rotating them side to side slightly. Then again. And again. Each time pulling them higher and tighter around his cock and balls. Then Sean stood up and pulled the jeans up so hard that he lifted Jay's feet off the ground.

"Aw, fuck!" Jay cried out.

One of his balls had been caught and was pinched by the seam, and it hurt. A lot.

"You crushed a nut!" Jay complained.

Sean kept snugging the jeans upward, turning them as well, and his nut slipped sideways. The sudden relief and the weird sensation made Jay shudder and groan.

"Oh, God! Ow!" Jay groaned around a laugh.

Sean released his jeans and sat back down.

"Back in place, and hands to your sides," Sean said firmly, grinning.

Jay stepped gingerly back into place, and dropped his arms, grinning.

"Still hurt?" Sean asked.

"Sort of. Going to a while, I think. Ouch."

"Not bad, though?"

"Sort of. Man."

"How hard are you now?"

Jay noticed that his dick was pulsing in rapid time.

"What the hell?"

Sean laughed softly then placed his hand over the obvious erection for a few moments.

"Nice. Throbbing like a clock," he said.

"How the hell did you learn that?" Jay asked.

"Here and there. Online mostly. And you have to do it just right, or it fucking kills."

"And it does!" Billy attested. "But, I like it either way."

When he looked back at Paul, he saw a frown.

"He didn't really hurt him, dude. You really like Jay, don't you?"

Paul turned a dark red and hid a grin.

"Jay," Billy said. "This guy is really into you."

"Shut the hell up," Paul said in a weakly angry tone.

Jay turned nearly as darkly red as Paul.

"Hey, it's okay. He should know that," Sean said gently. "You got a real admirer," he told Jay.

"Stop it," Jay said weakly, taking short glances at Paul.

Paul took the same short glances at Jay. Billy and Sean glanced at each other, grinning.

Jay was ecstatic to learn that Paul liked him so much. It made him fell wonderful. He had never felt the sense of being wanted like that before. While Sean and Billy had been friends now, they hadn't shown that kind of attraction to Jay, not that he had recognized. The warmth of knowing that Paul really liked him spread through him like a rising tide.

"Don't worry, I won't really hurt him," Sean said to Paul. "I'll just give him what he likes. And you pay attention so you can give it to him too."

Paul sighed in exasperation. Jay laughed softly in embarrassment.

"Stage two," Sean said to Billy.

They unfastened and unzipped their charges, slowly. They pulled their jeans down and motioned for them to step out of them. Both boys were wearing white briefs, and both boys tented them. While Jay made a long, sideways bulge, nearly to the waistband of his shorts, at nearly a forty-five degree angle and against his body, Paul made a shorter, blunter tent, outward, and almost directly upward. At the end of both tents, a wet spot was apparent, though Paul obviously made a much larger one. Both boys filled the bottom of their shorts with their balls, which Sean and Billy cupped and weighed.

Jay's tall, narrow, lean frame contrasted with Paul's shorter, compact and powerful one. While Jay's light hair was sparse and hardly noticeable, Paul's dark hair was thicker and heavier. Jay was pale, too, while Paul had a naturally darker complexion, and was tanned everywhere except at the top of his thighs, the last inch or two there lighter, but still darker than Jay.

Sean and Billy nuzzled their faces into the white material. Jay and Paul breathed heavily, nearly gasping. They grinned at each other often. And both of them yearned to touch each other.

Their cocks were jumping and bouncing in their shorts under the mouths of Billy and Sean, who moved from cock to balls, and back again, repeatedly. Their wet spots grew in the passing minutes, and their breaths began to race along with their pulses.

Jay began moving his hips, the instinct hard to resist. When Paul saw that, he did the same thing, and found it added to the sexual satisfaction that filled him. He was shuddering now, too, and at times, his head fell back and his eyes rolled up for brief moments as he groaned deeply in his chest. Paul loved seeing Jay's body, and watched it as often as he could, but the sexual charge overruled his desires at times, making his loll back.

"Stage three," Sean said, and then he and Billy helped the other boys out of their underwear.

Jay's long, thick cock bounced at first, then steadied, angled slightly upward. Paul's shorter cock hardly moved, and pointed almost directly horizontal, but bounced with his racing heart rate. 

Jay's cock was long, thick, and pale, with a rumpled fold of foreskin behind his smooth head. His balls were large and hung from his body, the skin of the sack pale, with light, sandy blond hairs.

Paul's cock was about six inches, blunt-headed, with prominent coronal edges, and a small, tightly closed opening His thick head was darkly red, and glistening with leaked fluid. It had a short area behind it, reddish in color, and then a pale, thick shaft into his dense, black bush. His balls were small, the sack reddish and wrinkled, nearly up tight to his body. Black hairs spread out to this thighs, and down to his calves, where they were heavy and dense. 

Sean and Billy leaned back, looking at both boys, but taking in the new vista of Paul's naked body the most. Paul's eyes were locked onto Jay's very long and thick cock. He shivered at the sight, and ached to reach out and touch it. He didn't like abiding by Sean's rules, but since Jay liked to, he went along. Jay gazed longingly at Paul's body and his erection, and also wanted very badly to reach out and play with it. He wasn't disappointed at all the size, and was glad that it wasn't as large as Sean's. He knew it would be easier to take in, and immediately  began imagining what it would feel like in his ass.

Sean and Billy began running their hands along the sides of the boys' hips, just grazing along the sides of their bushes. Two cocks jumped and twitched, and soon had clear fluids beading at the holes. While Jay had a fairly large opening, dark, oval, and slightly open, Paul had a small, tight hole, round and closed. Jay's leaked fluid slowly gathered before running under the end of his head. Paul's drops were smaller and fell faster. Each one of each boys' excretions were licked up before they fell away, but no lips touched their sensitive skin, and so no suction was given. Both cocks danced and jumped at the touch of tongues.

"God! How long does this go on for?" Paul asked, his frustration clear.

"As long as we want," Sean answered. "But it's time for stage four."

Sean and Billy stood, their cocks hard. Sean's much longer and thicker cock protruded from his dark patch of hair almost at a forty-five degree angle upward, while Billy's shorter, pinker cock stood out from his red bush almost horizontally. Both bounced and jumped, and were wet with fluid.

"On your knees, gentlemen," Sean said.

Jay and Paul snickered, grinning at each other, then obeyed.

"Get to it," Billy said. "No hands. And not on yourself, either."

Jay gobbled down Sean's length, moaning around it, bobbing from the start. He loved giving head, and fell into with gusto, shivering. Sean gasped and placed his hands on Jay's shoulders.

"God damn it! He's good," Sean crowed.

Paul leaned tentatively forward, and placed his lips over Billy's pink head. He instantly loved it. He sucked gently, tasting someone else's pre-cum for the first time. He liked it, and with those first hurdles passed, he moved further down the length of the dick. Billy pushed forward, until all of his six inches were inside Paul's mouth. He began humping Paul's mouth slowly.

"Suck it, harder, and change it up. Soft, hard, in between, don't let me guess what's next. And move that tongue," Billy demanded.

Paul obeyed, and soon found himself bobbing and sucking, liking it, and liking the smell and taste. He licked around, finding that the velvety softness of Billy's head was a great sensation. The hardness behind it seemed impossible.

"That's right. Move that tongue. Push it in the hole and swab inside."

Paul did, and sucked as hard as he could.

"Nice!" Billy crooned. "That's right. Get into it. Suck a nice hard cock."

Billy pumped his hips, Paul's lips making loud sucking noises.

"Not bad at all," Billy said encouragingly.

"Jeeze, I'm getting the cum sucked right out of me!" Sean gasped. "Fucking hold up, Jay."

Jay reluctantly stopped. He watched Paul bob up and down on Billy's thrusting cock, and his own cock released a large tide of pre-cum as it twitched and jumped. His body warped as a wave of warm sexual energy washed thought it. He was breathing hard and fast, and wanted nothing as badly as he wanted to reach out and down and grab hold of Paul's dick, or caress his ass cheeks.

"He's hot, huh?" Sean asked him.

Jay snapped his head to see Sean watching him. He laughed and nodded.

"He sure is. I can't wait!"

"Awww, man," Billy said, the shudders in his voice coming across clearly. "He's not bad at all, especially for his first head."

Billy thrust a few more times, then said, "Okay, hold up."

Paul slid off the narrow, pink cock and grinned up at Billy. Then he looked at Sean and Jay. He couldn't believe this. He was as turned on as he had ever been. His body shivered and his insides felt like boiling lava. He panted and grinned. He thought Jay had never looked so cute. His soft lips were wet and dark, fuller than normal, and his sparkling brown eyes were deep and warm. He moved his eyes down Jay's body, loving everything he saw. The leanness, the smoothness, the largeness between his thighs.

"Okay, guys. Let's have some real fun," Sean said.

He and Billy positioned the other two boys on the bed, side by side, just further back from the edge than half way. Then Sean picked up a small overnight bag and sat in front of Jay. Billy sat in front of Paul, and they arranged Paul and Jay with their legs out straight, widely apart. Sean and Billy sat the same way, their knees over the knees of the other boys.

Sean opened the bag and pulled out another bag, flat and with a zipper. Then a tube of antiseptic, a tube of lubricant, and a small package of tissues. He placed these things between himself and Billy.

"The spikes of joy," Billy said with reverence.

"The what?" Paul asked.

Sean picked up the little case, and unzipped the long zipper all the way around three sides of it. He flipped it open to reveal twelve shiny metal rods. Each had a small, oval tip, each a different size, ranging from tiny, about the size of a orange seed, to the largest, something the size of a very large pill. They were round and oval, and on the end of thin, straight rods that ended in what looked like a flat handle.

"These," Sean said, removing one, "Are called sounders. They're made just for what we're going to use them for. And they kick ass."

"Maybe my favorite toys," Billy said with a huge grin.

"What do you do with them?" Paul predictably asked.

"You will soon see," Sean said, placing the stick back in its loops inside the case.

He and Billy got more comfortable, and told Paul and Jay to do the same. Sean opened the tissues, and after wiping the pre-cum from Paul's hole and licking his finger clean, he wiped the end of Paul's cock one. Then he opened the tube of antiseptic and looked at Jay.

"This stings a little. Not much, and not for long."

He applied a large drop to the tip of Jay's cock, rubbing it into the hole gently.

"It stings all right," Jay said. "Oooh." He visibly shivered.

"Like it?"

"It's actually kinda nice."

Sean and Billy grinned at each other.

"You're gonna love the spikes," Sean said with a wide grin.

 Sean examined Jay's dick closely, squeezing the tip to open the hole, then looked closely at the heavily protruding tube on the underside.

"I think he'll take the number two easy," Sean said.

"Yup. Gotta go with the number one for Paul here," Billy agreed.

Sean removed a rod from one side of the case, and held it up by the flat handle. It had the smallest sized bead on its end on that side of the case, but they were all the larger ones. The other side of the case held the rods with the smaller beads on the ends of the rods. He held it out for Jay to examine closely. The thin, round, shiny metal rod was about the thickness of a heavy lead core of a pencil. The bead on the end of it was oval, the length along the axis of the metal rod. The bead was polished smooth, but had tiny, smoothly polished grooves running the length of it.  

"This is the number seven. Billy uses it on me. So, Jay you're going to use it on me today. But later."

He slid the rod back into its holders.

Billy pulled the next one out of the case, and said, "This is the number eight. It's just a tiny bit larger than the seven Sean just showed you," Billy said as he let Paul examine it up close.

Paul wondered if his hunch was correct, and doubting he would be willing to try this out for anything.

Sean removed the first rod from the other side and held it up.

"This is the number one. The smallest. This one is for Paul, since it's his first time and he has a small opening."

He put it back in the case.

"This," Billy said, "Is the number two. You get it, Jay, because your cock has a nice, wide hole, and your tube is thick, so it'll fit easy."

Billy added a drop of lubricant to the oval bead on the end of it.

Paul's erection started drooping.

"Do you guys think you're going to do what I think you think you're going to do with these?" Paul asked.

Sean and Billy laughed.

"It doesn't hurt. Not a real hurt. Stings some, but man, when you get used to it, it fucking rocks," Billy said.

"I love it, too. Fucking kicks ass," Sean said enthusiastically.

"The hell," Paul said, grimacing.

"Sean and me can do each other first, so you see," Billy offered.

"I'm game," Jay said.

The idea frightened him, so it turned him on intensely. The idea of having something inserted into his urethra was foreign and scary. He knew it couldn't hurt much, or Sean wouldn't like it as much as he said he did. He knew Billy would, but he knew Billy probably preferred the largest one, too. His cock was dancing constantly.

"You're serious?" Paul asked him.

Jay nodded.

"You can wait and see how the three of us, Jay especially, take it before your turn. Okay?" Sean offered.

Paul nodded. He wasn't keen on this at all, and was sure he'd pass even if Jay liked it.

Sean asked Jay, "You want to be first? It'd be better if you saw and felt how it was done before you tried on me. There's a couple of tricks to it, and I'd be happier if you understood them before you go shoving it me like a skewer."

Jay laughed hard, finding it hilarious, and nodded.

"First, I'm going to lube you. I'll stick the end of the tube into your hole, and push a little lube in. You'll feel a weird feeling, and it'll sort of let you know what to expect when the spike goes in, okay?"

Jay nodded, his body filled with a shivering expectation. He was more than a little ready, even impatient to try it.

"Do, not, move, your, hips. Understand? Do not move your hips or your dick. Not even a millimeter. Hold fucking still, or it can move around inside and hurt like a fucking bitch!" Sean said, staring directly into Jay's eyes. "Get me?"

Jay nodded, looking a little concerned now.

"Just don't move it. Stay very still," Sean advised one last time.

"If you move, and Sean has a grip on it, it will hurt like nothing before. Even I don't move at all," Billy said.

Paul watched closely, moving his eyes from Jay's long, thick cock and what Sean was doing to it, to Jay's cute face and his grinning, slightly grimacing expression. He was tensed to jerk Sean's hand away if Jay yelled or complained, and ready for a fight if needed.

Sean placed the little tip of the tube against Jay's hole and wiggled it inside. It was the strangest feeling Jay had ever felt. It was nothing like he thought it would be. It was pure pleasure, only a hint of discomfort, until Sean squeezed the tube. Then a heavy pressure grew, as if he were trying to pee but the end of his dick was pinched closed. And as the lubricant moved deeper into his urethra, the sensation grew and intensified. He shivered and gasped. Sean removed the tube and the pressure left, but the weird feeling deeper in his dick remained.


"Fucking wild," Jay said with a grin.

Sean held the end of his cock pinched closed, then began firmly rubbing his thick tube downward, pushing the lubricant deeper.

"That doesn't hurt?" Paul asked.

"Yes, but not bad. Almost nothing. Weird as fuck, kinda nice."

Paul was surprised.

Sean moved his fingers repeatedly down the underside of Jay's long cock. He began at the tip each time, encouraging the lubricant deeper and deeper. When he reached the place where the thick tube continued beneath the front of Jay's sack, Jay wriggled and gasped. Sean continued, working the thick tube through Jay's scrotum until he began working along the tube behind Jay's sack. He followed it as far as he could, and Jay squirmed and gasped.

"Okay, now, we're going to take this slow. And it's going to be cold at first. No moving at all! So get comfortable. Lean back a bit, onto your hands. Put them behind you. Like that, yeah."

Jay nodded, wiggled down in place, and nodded again.

Sean held Jay's cock with his free hand, and pointed it directly upward. It throbbed gently with Jay's heartbeat. He placed the rounded tip at the slightly open hole in Jay's head and rotated the wand. Jay sighed loudly as the little oval bead on the end began entering his hole.

Paul nearly gasped as it began to disappear inside of Jay's opening. Jay did gasp, but not in pain, and his grin turned into a near grimace. Paul readied to pull the thing out of Jay and shove it into Sean's eye if Jay cried out in pain.

"The trick is to always let it go on its own, never push it except the tiniest little bit, so fucking careful. It's sensitive in there and you have to be careful not to push much at all," Billy explained. "Sean's a master at it, so don't worry," he added to Paul's concerned expression.

The entire oval tip vanished, and Jay gasped an, "Oh-my-God-so-cool!" very softly as visible tremors ran trough his thighs. His back arched. He gasped more as the visible length of the thin rod began getting shorter. Sean's fingers followed the progress of the tip down the length of Jay's long cock, and when more than an inch was inside and he felt the first resistance at the first bending, he stopped.

"How's that?" he asked.

"Fucking wild as hell!" Jay exclaimed, his voice quivering.

"Doesn't hurt?" Paul asked again, looking concerned.

"Fuck yes! Tiny little stings, like! Wild! Love it! Oh, man!"

"It gets more sensitive from here. There's a little bend in your tube, and I'm right at it. This might sting more, so let me know if it's too much."

Jay nodded enthusiastically.

With the fingers of the hand holding Jay's large cock, Sean could feel the exact location of the little bead through Jay's thick tube. He all but let go of the handle with his other hand, letting the full weight of the object rest inside of Jay's urethra. It barely moved, so Sean ever so slightly rotated the flat handle. It slid almost immediately and Sean let the weight of it drag it down, feeling it's progress with his other fingers.

"Fucking master," Billy sighed.

"Ho-o-oly... shi-i-i-it," Jay groaned from deep inside.

Delicious tingles fired outward from the depths of his cock like he had never known. The strange and intense pressure and sensation seemed to cause he whole body to fill with those incredible shivers.

All three boys could easily see Jay's body shuddering powerfully as his head flopped backward.

"Aw-w-w-w-w," Jay gasped, long and shivering.

His shoulders shuddered as if he were on the edge of freezing to death. Even his biceps and thighs shuddered deeply along with his breaths.

"Okay?" Sean asked.

"Oh... God... yes!" Jay panted.

Most of the instrument was inside now, and Paul goggled. It was amazing to watch, and his cock began surging upward.

Jay was deep in pleasure. He had luxuriated in the sensations of his prostate being massaged before, but this was even more intense and incredibly powerful. The slight pain and the extreme pleasure were mixing in huge proportions, and his body was quivering from head to toes. The cold metal sent shivers through the inside of his thick, long cock, and as it slid deeper, it was as if it fired a set of nerves he never knew existed. Nerves that were exquisitely sensitive and wildly erotic. His cock swelled as if it were in mid-orgasm every second, pulsing tightly. He couldn't control his breathing, and his entire body shuddered from inside out. His major muscles shivered, as if he were in a deep freezer, naked and wet. The stinging, burning, stretching feeling of the bead sliding into him was easily the best thing he had ever felt.

Sean felt the rod halt at the next slight bend. He saw Jay jerk.

"Oh-my-God!" Jay gasped.

"Hurt?" Paul asked again.

"Yes! But it hurts so good! Fuckin' yes!"

"It hurts?" Paul asked yet again.

"It's not really hurting. It just feels so fucking incredible! It feels so wild and so fuckin' great that it hurts how much it feels so good!"

Sean snickered.

"It's just fucking incredible," Billy said. "Don't worry. We won't hurt him. Or you. It's not about that. It's about how fucking awesome it feels."

Paul still was concerned. The very idea was almost insane. He didn't see how it could feel anything but uncomfortable, at least, if not just plain painful.

"It's at another bend, Jay. Need to encourage it again. Okay?"


Sean and Billy laughed. Paul looked confused and worried. Jay felt the delicious pressure begin behind his balls. His long, thick cock twitched around the object in it as Sean held it very still.

"Aw, I'm gonna," Jay grunted deeply.

"No, just hold still," Sean advised him, not moving the long cock or the wand.

More than a minute passed as Jay quivered strongly, on the edge of a strong orgasm. It welled up and threatened, his body shivering and expecting release. But it slowed, ebbed, and receded over that long minute. His cock twitched less and less, and his body began a slower, steady vibration.

When Jay's breath steadied and his cock stabilized, Sean asked, "Pass?"

Jay nodded, grinning expansively, and shuddered once.

"Fuckin' thought I was gonna."

"Oh, you were. But we put it off for now. But not for long. Ready to go again?"

Jay nodded vigorously.

"We're at a bend, so I have to encourage it a little," Sean explained.

"Fucking shove the thing in!" Jay almost screamed.

"Not gonna do that. Just gonna let my finger rest on the top of it. And remember, hold very, very still. Especially now that it's half in."

 Sean turned the flat handle and Jay shuddered violently with a loud gasp, his head going back on his neck. Sean released the wand, and it stayed where it was. He twisted it slowly, then let his finger rest on the end of the flat handle, and the instrument slid further in. Jay gasped in a deep, shuddering breath. That pressure mounted and his body jerked.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho," Jay shuddered, then sucked in another loud, gasping breath.

The instrument slid in deeper, slowly, and with each shudder of Jays' body and each pulsing throb of his long cock. Sean felt the little bud nearing the base of Jay's long cock through the heavy tube on the underside.

Jay's head was still back on his neck, and his body shuddered deeply still. His breath shook with the convulsions of his major muscles. His skin broke out in heavy goose bumps.

"It just slides in like that?" Paul asked incredulously.

"Mostly. You seen me help it some. But yeah, as long as you don't use a bigger one, it goes right in on its own. You just need to guide it and sometimes help it," Sean explained.

As Jay's cock pulsed deeply, again and again, in time with his rapid heartbeat, the metal rod slid deeper with each one.

"Oh-my-God!" Jay gasped when his cock throbbed deeply and his head darkened. "Going to!"

Sean stopped the wand and held the fat, long cock steady.

"Breathe deep and try not to," he told Jay.

Jay nodded and whimpered, trying to relax and prevent the swelling and rising tide. The sensation of the bud deep in his cock was overwhelmingly pleasant and nearly painful, and he knew any motion of it would cause him to explode. He held still, and Sean held his cock and the wand still, and the growing pressure relented over another long, slow minute.

When he relaxed a bit, and his cock no longer throbbed and bent, he sighed deeply.

"Over?" Sean asked.

Jay nodded, his head still back on his neck. He was filled with delicious tingles and waves, and slid deeper inside of himself and the wonderful sensations.

Sean relaxed his grip on the flat handle and the wand slowly slid downward again, making Jay shudder deeply and let out a long, deep, shuddering moan. Slowly, with each swelling and warping of Jay's massive cock, the device slid deeper. Over a minute later, the flat handle came to rest at the opening of his hole, and Sean moved his fingers away from it. With his other fingers, he felt the little bud behind the base of Jay's cock through his scrotum. He was amazed. Even with his long cock, he had never taken the whole length of a sounding rod before hitting the tight bend behind his balls.

"All in," he said in awe.

Billy whispered, "So fucking cool!"

Jay's head snapped down and he opened his eyes. The sight of the handle at the end of his dick was startling and bizarre.

"Wow," he breathed.

"What's it like?" Paul asked.

"Paul! You got to do this! It's like nothing else! Wow!"


Jay grinned ear to ear, nodding.

"Check this," Sean said, then gingerly slid a fingernail along the rough, wide side of the handle, sending vibrations through it.

"Oh, yes!" Jay grunted. "Fuckin' A!"

Jay felt his balls retract and his anus clench. The pressure began building again. His outstretched legs below Sean's tensed and relaxed in waves that were out of his control.

Sean gently gripped the handle and slowly rotated it.

"Oh my God!" Jay nearly screamed as his upper body twisted.

"Remember to keep your hips and dick stationary," Sean warned.

Jay nodded, almost too far gone to hear him.

Sean pulled very gently and slowly on the handle, pulling and inch of the instrument out of Jay.

"Don't take it out!" Jay pleaded.

"Not all the way. Relax and enjoy this."

Sean pulled slowly, watching Jay's body shudder even more in reaction, until the bead came to the last bend again. Then he let it slide back in under its own weight.

Jay threw his head back again and groaned gutturally, his entire body visibly shuddering.

Sean pulled it slowly out, through that last bend, driving Jay into wracking shudders. He released it and let it glide back down until it stopped at that bend, then he turned it and let it slide fully in again. Jay nearly convulsed. Sean pulled it out a couple of inches again, until it was in the middle of that bend, held it there, and rotated it. Jay groaned gutturally as his body shuddered. Sean released it, but the wand remained stationary. Jay was panting. The goose bump were gone, but sweat broke out all over his body. Every muscle shuddered so powerfully that he couldn't talk when Sean asked how he liked it. All he could manage was a weak grunt.

"Nod if you want me to keep going," Sean told him.

Jay nodded vigorously, mostly by letting his shuddering muscles do the work.

Sean's fingers felt the little bead deep in Jay's cock, stuck in that last bending just within the beginning of his sack. He felt the bead slide as he moved the rod up and down, slowly, twisting and turning it. Jay panted heavily and muscles all over his body twitched and shivered.

Sean pulled the wand gently upward, feeling the bead moving inside the thick tube. He loved feeling its movement behind the skin of Jay's cock. He continued pulling more and more of the wand out of Jay each time he pulled upward. A large wash of clear pre-cum with little swirls of white rushed out each time Sean pulled the rod upward further than before. The fluids ran down the underside of Jay's cock and around Sean's fingers as they probed and followed the bead's progress.

Jay was lost in ecstasy. It was an order of a magnitude more intense and satisfying than anything before. His body began rocketing toward climax. He tried to tell them, but all he could do was grunt faintly in time with the movements of the rod inside of his urethra.

His anus clenched, his balls ached, his hips begged to thrust. It was all he could do to hold them still. His cock pulsed powerfully, and Sean began pulling the instrument out of Jay, knowing what was about to happen. With the last inch still inside, Sean let it slide back in an inch, against that first bend, tapped the side of it, then twisted it.

Jay growled from deep in his throat at every slight movement of the wand, but those actions exploded across his body. He was beyond speech, and even thought. The sensations inside his cock, racing deeply into the base of it and through to his ass and his spine wracked his body.

Sean pulled nearly all of the wand out, pushing more mixed clear and white fluids to run out and down across his fingers. He began turning it as he dipped it in deeper and pulled it nearly out, pushing and pulling the bead through the first bending, his fingers closely following the movements. He felt Jay's cock swell fully, and pulse, and Jay's breath break. He saw the flex run through Jay's entire cock. He let the wand slip as far is could, back past the first bend down to the second, where it slowed and stopped. Then he spun it as he pulled it upward.

Jay screamed. Paul reacted and reached for Sean's hand. Billy grabbed him in a bear-hug.

"Just wait," Billy said firmly. "He'd just blowing his wad."

Paul watched closely for any sign that Jay was in pain, and wasn't sure that Billy was right. He wondered if he could break Billy's hold if Jay screamed like that again. But Jay's next scream was obviously one that wasn't from severe pain. It was guttural and nearly hoarse, and his shuddering body convulsed. Sean pulled the rod upward and bobbed it up and down inside the very end of Jay's cock, holding his cock still with his other hand. The thick, long cock warped and bent and twisted.

Sean pulled the rod out of Jay's cock and a large amount of clear fluid welled up and out and began running down the underside of Jay's long, thick cock. Sean pulled the skin of Jay's cock back tight to the base, sending deep flexing ripples through it. Paul watched, amazed, as pre-cum began flowing out of the reddened hole in an amount that was astounding.

Sean said loudly, "Thrust your hips, Jay! Fuck my fist!"

Jay thrust upward once and screamed again, then stopped moving, his breath stopped as well. Sean stroked his cock once, then paused, then again. Then a large, thick, white streamer shot high into the air, above all of their heads. Jay screamed. Sean pulled the skin of Jay's cock back tight and held it there firmly. Before the first huge wad fell onto the bed, another fired upward, twisting and twirling. Another arced high before the second one landed. Another. Another. These arced just as high, and were just as huge and thick.

Jay's body convulsed in time now with the shots of semen. Not that he meant to, it was instinct. He was beyond thinking of doing so. He had barely heard Sean's shouted order to thrust, but then had fallen deep into a place where he was consumed by the most incredible sensations. He didn't know anything but his body's functions and the overwhelming pleasure. Pleasure so intense, it went beyond pain.

More cum launched from Jay's red hole. Another. Lower, but still huge and thick. Then suddenly more, in rapid succession, rising as high as Jay's mid-chest, landing there, firing so close together they almost seemed to be a constant stream, lower with each outburst, but so much of it. Jay's cock flexed with each ejaculation. Still more, but lower in speed and distance, leaving Jay's angry looking head in a nearly steady stream. More, and more still, now nearly a spray and no longer thick streamers, barely pumping out, landing on his belly and spreading out, and running down the underside of his heavy cock in thick, slow-moving streams of white.

Jay's entire body suddenly tensed and locked, then convulsed powerfully, as if he had been struck by someone. He howled in air and collapsed backward. His breaths rasped roughly, rapidly, worrying Paul. Sean let go of his cock, sliding his hand upward to capture as much of the hot, sticky semen as he could.

Billy let go of Paul, and he almost fell on top of Jay.

"Jay?" he asked, on his hands and knees, his face directly over Jay's deeply red and vacant face.

Jay didn't react at all. His eyes were half-closed, his breath loudly rushing in and out of him, his body shuddering, his chest heaving.

"Jay?" Paul asked again, not as concerned now that he saw Jay's face form an enormous grin.

"H-h-u-u-h?" Jay groaned around the still quivering muscles of his body.

"Okay?" Paul asked gently.

"Fu-u-u-ck-king..." ragged breath, "b-e-e-etter..." panting breath, "t-t-than..." shivering intake of air, "o-o-o-kay."

More convulsions ran though his thin body, and Paul placed a hand on his chest. It was hot and sweaty, and slick with cum, and Jay's pounding heart hammered there, behind his heaving breaths.

"T-t-that...  w-w-was... f-f-fucking... amaz-z-zing!"

Jay opened his eyes and saw Paul directly over him. Paul's dark eyes looked worried, and Jay could barely process that information. But once he did, he grinned wider and stretched up and kissed Paul deeply. Paul held Jay's head up with both of his hands and returned the kiss.

Jay's arms went around Paul's neck and he pulled himself up and Paul down.

"Great view from over here," Billy said to Sean, leaning onto his side with his face behind Paul's ass and slightly lower than his dark brown hole peeking through his cheeks. They were spread widely as Paul was on his knees with his arms under and around Jay on the bed, and his balls hung and swayed with the motions of his passionate kisses with Jay.

"I bet!" Sean said, still licking his hand clean.


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