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Jay's Tale

Part Seven



"You're really..." Billy began, not sure what word to use.

Jay was breathing almost normally now, though small shudders still ran through his body at times.

"Sensitive?" Paul supplied, lying next to the shivering Jay.

"Yeah. I didn't think it'd get him off. Just that alone." Sean replied, his surprise still clear.

"I thought I was gonna, that first time." Billy said.

"Well, yeah, first time I messed with one, sorta. But, it was all it took for Jay." Sean added.

"Fucking rocked ass," Jay say said softly, shaking his head.

He could still feel small shudders in his muscles. It had been far beyond anything he could ever have dreamed up. His cock was sore and sensitive, and he had never known there were such sensitive nerves inside his urethra. They still sent signals to his brain, reminding him of their presence.

"He's very sensitive," Paul said, clearly meaning it in more ways than the obvious.

"Coming down?" Sean asked.

"Yeah," Jay breathed.

"Are you okay?" Paul asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Jay said, nodding quickly. "That was fuckin' amazing!"

"Your wad was fuckin' amazing!" Billy said appreciatively. "I never thought I'd see someone shoot like that."

Jay laughed in embarrassment, his partially engorged cock wobbling over his balls between his still spread thighs.

Sean drew up his legs and kneeled over Jay's almost smoking groin. He gently grasped the still fat and shiny cock and held it upright.

Jay groaned a long, deep, shaking, "Aw-w-w-w," at the touch and movement.

"Going to be really touchy for a while," Sean said.

"Wait 'till ya take a piss!" Billy laughed.

Sean said, "Paul, why don't you clean up his chest. Tickle and lick his nipples while you're at it. And Billy can get his belly."

Paul grinned embarrassedly, and hesitantly began after sharing a red-faced grin with Jay. Jay covered his eyes with his arm and bit his lower lip. Sean held the heavy cock upright and began cleaning the soft, pale skin around the base and the sandy bush, then moved on to his balls.

Every touch fired all along him as the three boys played. He giggled and writhed, unable to stand the massive overload of sensations that three mouths and six hands provided on his already tingling body.

He nearly flinched each time Paul touched one of his sensitive nipples, and any movement of his cock by Sean made him shudder. The inside of it still sent tingling sensations to his brain by rippling up through his balls, prostate, ass, and spine.

"Awww, Gawd!" he droned slowly and repeatedly, his breath speeding up again.

After a few minutes of the three boys licking, kissing, and tickling him, his cock was throbbingly hard and a first drop of pre-cum glistened at the dark red hole in the tip. The head was dark red as well, nearly purple. Sean still held it softly, never having moved it an inch, and not providing even one stroke.

"All clean?" Sean asked.

"Yup," from Billy and, "Yes," from Paul.

Paul still ran his hand over Jay's chest, and looked into Jay's brown eyes with his own nearly black ones. They grinned at each other, giggling.

"Okay, hands off," Sean said, then reached into the little overnight bag on the floor.

He held up two pairs of handcuffs, and handed them to Paul.

"One on his wrists, one on his ankles. Not too tight."

Paul moved to comply, laughing softly with Jay. Sean removed the black rubber tie-down straps and handed them to Billy. Once Paul had Jay cuffed, Billy connected the cuffs to the headboard and footboard of the bed on the far side near the wall. This stretched Paul out flat on the edge of the bed, near the wall.

It was an incredible sight to all three, but Paul nearly came as he soaked in Jay's naked, glistening body. He didn't know why he was so attracted to nerdy guys, or Jay in particular, but he was, and he knew it. Jay's long, lean, slim body, his curly blond hair, fair brows, deep brown eyes, pale skin, small, hard, pink nipples, and large, thick cock with its bushy blond pubes drove him crazy.

He thought the two buff jocks were hot, too, just not as much as Jay.

Sean's longish, black hair was shiny, his dark green eyes stood out against his pale complexion. He was slightly buff, slightly muscular, and well-developed, but nearly lean. And hung. It was nearly as long as Jay's, something around seven inches, but wasn't nearly as thick. It wasn't straight, either, but curved a little to the left. The hair at the base was so dark a brown it was nearly black. The head was prominent and heavily ridged, and with a large, oval, open hole in the tip. And was now darkly red and moist with large amounts of pre-cum. The balls hung low and were large, and dark hair showed clearly on the white skin of it and onto his thighs.

Billy was even stronger and buffer than Sean. His red hair turned Paul on, especially his brightly red patch at the base of his six inch, pink cock. His gray eyes, freckles, and pale complexion also attracted Paul's taste. Billy's balls hung low, and were fairly large. The head of his cock was smooth, rounded, almost pointed, and furiously pinkish-red now, as pre-cum oozed out with every movement.

"Enjoying the sights," Sean asked.

Paul snapped his eyes upward and saw that both of them were watching him, smiling. He blushed furiously and tried not to grin.

"Great view from here, too," Billy said again, laughing.

Sean and Billy both liked Paul's compact and powerful frame. His body was hard from weight lifting and exercises, and wrestling every day. His short, black, straight hair and his black eyes in his round, brown face gave him a nearly Hispanic or American Indian appearance. Both boys wondered if either or both were in Paul's heritage. The thick black bush that his six inches of sturdy, textbook cock protruded from matched the hair on his chest between his large, brown nipples. His balls were smallish, and didn't hang far from his body. The darker skin on his scrotum couldn't hide the black hair that sprouted there thickly, and spread to his powerful thighs and legs.

"Ready for your turn?" Sean asked him.

"Uh, I'm not so sure I want to," Paul said hesitantly.

"Don't have to, but you don't know what you're missing," Sean said.

Paul looked to Jay, who nodded furiously, and said, "You got to, Paul!"

"You're on quiet time from now on," Sean said, then nodded at Billy.

Billy reached over and wrapped his fingers around Jay's balls with a leering grin. Jay hissed his breath inward with a grimacing grin. The threat of the pain fired all of his nerves.

"What if I don't like it?" Paul asked.

"Then we stop. But you saw Jay," Sean said, grinning. "I doubt you'll cum from it, I think Jay is sorta an exception that way."

"It's really weird and kinda painful, but you gotta stick with it," Billy advised.

Paul looked to Jay again, and Jay nodded vigorously with a huge grin.

Paul grinned, and nodded at Sean.

"Excellent! Sit like we did earlier, and we'll get started!"

Paul sat with his legs widely apart, and Sean moved to sit the same way, facing him, his knees over Paul's. Billy placed the antiseptic, lubricant, tissues, and the urethral sounds near Sean, then re-grasped Jay's balls.

Paul still wasn't sure he was going to let this happen, but Jay had loved it, clearly, and the desire to be at least as daring and brave as Jay was powerful. He leaned back onto his hands, as Jay had done, as Sean squeezed his head and licked away the pre-cum that rolled out. His body was tingling powerfully, and the long sexual thrill of the foreplay, then sucking Billy's cock, and then watching Sean bring Jay to such an incredible climax had built up an enormous pressure already. Paul wasn't sure how long he would last once any real pleasure was given him. He wondered briefly if he would cum from the stimulation of the probes, but sincerely doubted it.

Sean applied the antiseptic, making Paul's cock throb and dance. Paul panted for several breaths as the first real stimulation to his organ raced through his body.

Sean held up the small tube of lube and squeezed until a tiny drop formed and ran along the side. He rolled the tube so that the clear fluid coated the entire tiny cone that formed the tip of the tube.

"This is gonna feel weird," Sean said, then grasped Paul's rock hard and bouncing cock and placed the tube at the end. It was the first time someone else had touched him. He shuddered.

Paul's cock tried to pounce out of Sean's grip, but Sean held it firmly, then twisted the end of the tube against the tiny hole. At first, the end of Paul's cock indented, but as Sean applied more pressure, the opening gave and the tip of the tube went in.

Paul shuddered and leaned forward, off of his hands.

"Don't do that when I've got the spike in," Sean said. "You won't like that."

"It's fucking weird!" Paul complained.

"Just bear it," Billy advised. "If you do that again, I'll give Jay a real squeeze."

"You do and I'll come over there and-"

"Just take it, Paul. I loved it! Try it!" Jay said, cutting him off.

Jay winced as Billy applied pressure to his balls.

"Damn it!" Paul said angrily.

"It's okay!" Jay said quickly.

Billy didn't apply pressure again, but gave Jay a warning look.

"Back off a second," Jay said almost questioningly to Billy. "Let me talk."

Billy looked to Sean, who nodded, still holding the small tube inside Paul's hole.

"Paul, don't worry if they hurt me. I'm not really being hurt. Okay? It's part of the fun. They won't really hurt me. Just making it fun. Relax. Enjoy it. It's fun. Okay?"

Paul visibly relaxed a little, then nodded.

"But if you really hurt him, you'll fucking regret it," Paul said to Billy.

"If I really hurt him, I'll regret it because I did, not because of what you might try do to me. Okay? I like Jay, he's a great guy. I'll only hurt him enough so he's scared. It might really hurt him, but that's what he likes. So relax, get into it, and let yourself have some fun. Unwind, damn."

"I know you don't have any reason to trust us, not yet, anyway, but try to. Jay does. What does that tell you?" Sean asked.

Paul shrugged.

"This isn't a competitive sport. It's a cooperative one. We give each other what the other wants. Jay wants to worry he might be hurt, so he has to be hurt sometimes to make it a real threat. He gets off on it. We don't hurt him to hurt him. We hurt him rarely, but hurt him a tiny bit a lot. He gets off on it. If you don't, fine, but let him have what he likes. I'll try to give you what you like. But if Jay likes the threat of pain, he has to know the pain can really come, or else it's a hollow threat and he don't enjoy it. Okay?"

"Is that true?" Paul asked Jay.

Jay nodded so vigorously, Paul no longer had any doubts. Paul nodded.

"So don't worry if Billy hurts Jay some. Jay wants it, or he'd tell us no to. And he wouldn't talk during quiet time. Right, Jay?'

Jay nodded vigorously, then said, "I like some pain, just the, being scared of it, it's such a turn on! Ouch! Damn it! Yeah!"

Billy had squeezed and tugged Jay's balls, and now grinned at Jay, then Paul.

"I knew that was coming, Paul. See? Ouch!"

Billy and Jay giggled.

Paul grinned, then looked at Sean and nodded.

"Okay," Sean said with a nod. "This is gonna feel weird."

Sean gently squeezed the tube. Paul tensed. The pressure and cold from the incoming lubricant made him hiss his breath inward. Sean removed the tip of the tube and kept the end of Paul's cock pinched closed, then once he had put the tube down, he began massaging the lubricant down Paul's urethra with his fingers.

"Fuck," Paul hissed.

"Weird, huh?" Sean asked with a grin.

Paul nodded. The sensation was the strangest thing he had ever felt. As Sean's fingers worked the lubricant deeper, his breath increased and his body tensed. He felt his balls rising and his sack tightening.

"Wow," he said softly.

"Nice?" Sean asked.

Paul nodded, grinning.

Sean's fingers continued massaging Paul's urethra, moving down his six inches and then continuing to follow the tube behind Paul's tight sack. Paul's balls were tightly constrained and it required careful work to follow the tube between and above them. Paul shivered a little as Sean's fingers moved along his tube until it vanished deep inside of him. Sean massaged the hard organ there, sending strong shivers through Paul's legs and back. A large drop of pre-cum appeared at the hole, thick and shiny, mixed with lubricant.

"So weird!"

"Like it?"

"Sorta, I guess."

"You're hard as an iron rod, so you don't not like it."

Paul snickered.

Sean reached for the metal rods, and removed the smallest one. He applied some lubricant to the tiny bead at the tip, and let it spread over it as he rotated it.

"Fuck," Paul whispered, not believing he was going to let Sean insert it into his dick.

Sean held onto Paul's cock so that his fingertips were along the small tube beneath it, then positioned the tip of the wand against his small, closed hole. He rotated the wand, and wiggled it, spreading the thick mixture of pre-cum and lubricant there. The cold metal sent shivers up Paul's cock and through his ass and up his spine.

"Oh, my God," Paul nearly whispered.

"Remember, stay still. Move and it can hurt like hell. If it gets really painful, say so, otherwise bear it like a man," Sean said directly into Paul's face.

Paul nodded.

"Here goes," Sean said, and began twisting the rod.

The little bud pushed the end of Paul's cock inward, then suddenly the hole spread and the metal tip popped inside. Paul shuddered and bit off a gasp. His cock jumped, and the movement made the little bead send shocks of both pleasure and pain through him.

"Oh, shit," Paul gasped and gripped Sean's hand. "Stop it."

"Does it hurt?" Sean asked, looking at Paul's face, judging.

"Yes. No. Sort of. I don't think I like it," Paul said quickly.

"If you can get past that, it'll feel really good," Sean advised.

"I did it," Jay said, flinching as Billy applied pressure to his nuts.

"Take the pain like the burn when you're lifting weights," Billy said. "Make it yours. Own it."

Paul nodded. He understood exactly what Billy meant. He intended to take the entire thing, if it fit, so long as it didn't hurt too much. He stared down at the rod poking out of his penis. It was a bizarre sight, and he couldn't believe he was allowing it to happen. But the mixture of pain and pleasure was alluring, and very different, and very exciting. His whole body was alive with exquisite shivering tension.

Sean's fingertips followed the little bead as it slid in nearly an inch, then slowed and stopped. Paul's cock twitched in his hand.

"First bend," Sean said. "Okay?"

"Fucking bizarre!" Paul replied.

The thing caused the sensitive nerves inside of Paul's cock to fire up, forcing intense waves of pulsing pleasure and pain to roll through it.

Sean turned the wand, and Paul shivered. Sean let his finger rest on the end of it. It began sliding downward again. Paul shuddered and gasped. The small thing was creating sensations far too big for its size. It felt as if it were far larger. The wild tingling ran deeply through his cock and ass and up his spine, clear to the base of his skull, where it spread through his brain like sparkling fireworks. His head went back on his neck and he groaned deep from his chest. His legs turned inward as he fought the urge to move his hips.

Jay knew what he was feeling, and watching it happen was incredibly erotic. His own cock was hard, throbbing, and leaking pre-cum onto his belly above his navel. Billy had released his balls, and without even that input, his body screamed for any touch at all.

"Second bend," Sean said as the wand stopped.

He let it rest there and watched Paul's body tremble. Tiny wakes of movement ran through Paul's thick thighs. He could feel the little bead as it rested just past the halfway point of Paul's pulsing cock. The head was nearly purple, and his balls were tightly against his body.

"How is it?" Sean asked.

"Man. Like Jay said. Tiny little hurts, but so many, and they all add up to fucking awesome!"

"Going to help it past the bend. Gonna multiply now, not just add!"

"Oh, fuck."

Paul shuddered in anticipation. It wasn't like he had thought, and was far better than he had. The thing caused such powerful sensations. It was like the first time he had discovered masturbation, raised to the power of ten.

Sean turned the wand, and Paul gasped loudly, more shudders wracking his body. Even his shoulders shook. As the wand began sliding deeper again, Paul groaned at the intensity of it. His shoulders visibly shook, so much that even Jay could see their movement.

Paul's cock pulsed and throbbed, and each time, the wand slid deeper. Sean followed the bead as it slid past the front fold of Paul's scrotum, and moved his fingers so that he could follow its progress deeper. Paul shook from knees to shoulders, shuddering and shivering.

"Jesus Christ! It's fucking awesome!" Paul nearly shouted.

He ached to thrust his hips, to take more of the device in deeply, but Sean's warning rang in his head. It was all he could do to keep from forcing his hips up and off the bed. He was panting and staring at the ceiling, mouth open.

Sean allowed the rod to slide the rest of the way, until it stopped. About the same amount of the rod still remained outside of Paul's cock that did when Billy took as much as he could before it bottomed out. He let it rest there for a few moments, then scraped his fingernail over the rough side of the handle again.

"Shit!" Paul said loudly "Fuck!"

Tremors ran along his arms and shoulders, even his pectoral muscles across his chest. His breath vibrated with those tremors, they were so deep and powerful. He had never felt anything like it.

"Have a look, it's bottomed out," Sean said.

Paul looked down to see  two or three inches of the metal rod sticking out of the hole of his cock, stunned. The sight made even more waves of pleasure wash through him, and made his cock bounce. That sent even more waves through him.

"Oh-h-h-h, man!"

Sean gently gripped the flat handle and turned it. Paul shuddered as powerfully as he had so far and grunted. Sean pulled the wand upward just an inche, then let it slide down again. Up, then down, again and again.

Paul nearly screamed, "Fuck! Oh, fuck!"

"Is it going to finish you off?" Billy asked in awe.

"Oh, God! I think so! Fukin' A!"

The most intense waves of pleasure he had ever felt rushed through him, mixing with the strange near-pain, making all of his muscles contract and relax in pulses out of his control. He was helpless to stop them, and that was another new sensation to him. He was used to having complete control over his body, but now he had nearly none.

Jay shivered as he watched. His body thrummed, aching for any touch at all, anything, even a soft breath across his skin.

Billy watched, engrossed, his cock bouncing and dripping.

Sean pulled the wand upward until he felt the resistance of the deepest bend, and then he bobbed it up and down there.

"Shit! Fuck! Damn!" Paul blurted. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"

Sean pulled the wand upward, and clear fluid mixed with white flowed out of the tight hole around the metal rod. He felt Paul's cock swell and thrust upward. He pulled the rod out as quickly as he dared.

Paul's breath caught, stopped, and his body tensed and held.

As the rod exited, a large flow of mixed clear and white fluids preceding it, Paul's cock swelled again and throbbed powerfully, then Sean felt the heavy flow of semen through Paul's urethra near his sack as his prostate pumped.

Sean saw a white blur, and felt something strike his cheek and nose. He laughed as more fired from Paul's cock, most of it hitting him in the face.

Paul twisted and gasped as he felt the most powerful orgasm of his life squirt from him with a pressure he didn't know his body could create. He grunted, "Fuck," over and over as he fired onto Sean's face. He'd never cum with someone else before, but to see his own semen splashing onto Sean's face was too much. He was sure it prolonged and intensified his orgasm. His cock felt as if burning coals were being pushed up through it.

"Six," Billy counted, "Seven. Eight. Nine. I guess ten, no, eleven. Wow. The rest are just leftovers being squeezed out, but I'd still say an even dozen was fair. And four all over Sean's face. Fuckin' hot!"

"Awww, shit!" Paul exclaimed and fell onto his back across Jay's legs, panting rapidly.

Billy crawled to Sean and began kissing and licking his face clean.

Jay nearly groaned, his body demanding release, or at least some kind of sensation. Paul's warm shoulders and head on his shins were merely an agonizing tease. He stretched his legs, popping his knee and hip joints. It was the only thing he could do to stave off the tension. It was driving him crazy, watching, but not taking part.

The sight of Paul's ecstatic face as he recovered was hot, and Jay wanted nothing more than to rush over and lick and suck his cock clean. But he couldn't move. Paul's deeply purple cock quivered and dripped white in a string onto his tan skin, shrinking into the black bush, pulling the sting longer and longer. Jay drooled at the sight.

Paul turned his head to look up Jay's legs to his face. Jay grinned happily at him.

"You were right. Man, fuckin' A!"

Jay nodded quickly, remembering to remain quiet. Paul slid up his legs, brushing Jay's swollen cock with his lips far too briefly, then up his belly, chest, and finally kissing him deeply.

"Hey, hey, none of that," Sean said firmly, Billy now cleaning his chest and belly.

Paul stopped kissing Jay, but only after another long, slow one. He sat up and shivered violently.


"Guess you're sensitive, too," Billy said with a grin.

Paul laughed and turned a little redder.

"I think it was just that he's never had anything happen but jacking himself off," Sean said.

"Well, sure beats jacking off, that's for sure," Billy said. "How about it, Paul? How'd you like it?"

"That was..."

"The best thing since your first jack-off?" Billy asked.

"Hell yes!" Paul agreed with a laugh.

"Just wait until you have to piss, though," Billy laughed. "Won't be so much fun, I think. But I love it."

Jay shook his arms and legs against the cuffs, rattling them loudly.

"I guess Jay's about to find out," Sean laughed.


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