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Jay's Tale

Part Eight



Billy led Jay to the bathroom.

Sean bounced is eyebrows at Paul.

"What?" Paul asked suspiciously.

"Trust me yet?"

"Well, maybe. Some. Why?"

Sean leaned over the edge of the bed and held up two sets of handcuffs, grinning.

"I don't know," Paul said doubtfully. "One you get them on..."

"I know. If you're not ready, fine. There's other things to do."

"More? I don't think I can get hard again."

"Owww," came from the bathroom, then Jay's laughter. "Owww," again, and more laughter. Billy's laughter, too. "Oh, geeze! Owww!" Jay laughed. The sound of urine into the toilet came, then stopped as Jay groaned another, "Owww!"

Sean laughed. Paul looked a little worried, but grinned as well.

"Does it really hurt?"

"Really? No. Stings a lot, though."

"Owww!" and another short shot of urine into the toilet. More short runs of urine and more soft, laughing complaints from Jay. Finally, a long, steady stream, and Jay moaned, "Ahhh," in satisfaction.

Sean and Paul were grinning as Billy dragged Jay back into the bedroom. Jay grinned ear to ear, and was blushing more than slightly. His long cock was still more than soft, but far from hard.

"Bad?" Paul asked.

Jay shook his head, still grinning, and turning redder.

"Hope not. I got to go."

"So go," Sean said. "But I've got to see this."

"You want to watch?" Paul asked.

"Sure do. This can be entertaining."

"Me, too," Billy said.

Jay rattled his cuffs.

"In front of all of you?"

"If you're up to it," Sean said with a snicker.

"Geeze. I got to go."

They followed him, and stood around him as he aimed his soft dick.

"Ow! Damn it!"

The three giggled.


They laughed.

"Oh, man! Bitch!" Paul groaned.

A small, short squirt.


Another short squirt.

"Damn!" Paul laughed.

Another squirt and another expletive. Longer streams, more cusses.

"Oh, this is fucking ridiculous!" Paul complained, laughing.

Finally, a steady stream and a long, deep sigh.

"Ohhh, man," Paul groaned, shaking his penis. "Really wild."

"Drives ya crazy, huh?" Sean asked, then slapped his ass, firmly, but not hard.

"This has been one unforgettable afternoon," Paul said.

"Not over yet. Lot's more to come," Sean said with bouncing eyebrows.

"I won't get hard for hours," Paul said.

"Oh, I bet you're hard and drooling in the next half hour," Sean said.

"How? I came so hard, it hurt."

"Well, you're going to work a spike in me, then you're gonna do Billy."

"Oh, man," Paul groaned.

"He likes Billy's red pubes," Jay said, then presented his balls for Billy's punishment with a cute, almost shy grin.

Billy reached out, cupped them, then squeezed, hard and harder, until Jay winced. Then he squeezed just a little harder before he let them go, making Jay squeak. Jay's large cock began throbbing upward.

Sean and Billy, while never going completely soft, began enlarging as well. Paul was surprised to feel his own sore cock growing.

"You ever done anything but plain-jane jerking it?" Sean asked Paul as they returned to the bedroom.

Paul looked confused at the question, and watched as Billy placed Jay back on the edge of the bed near the wall and connected the black rubbers straps to the chains of the handcuffs on his wrists and ankles.

"You really like that, huh?" Paul asked at Jay.

Jay nodded, grinning wider, and blushing a bit.

The other three boys sat on the bed, and Sean motioned Paul to come close to Jay's prone body, along with himself and Billy.

"Might as well play with it while it's laying here," Sean said, reaching out to touch and caress Jay's body. "Just stay away from his dick and balls. Just play with his skin and make him crazy."

Jay whimpered, mostly in expectation, and bit down on his lower lip with all of his upper teeth as six hands began roaming across his body.

They continued to caress him as they talked.

"So, you just jack it?" Sean asked Paul.

Paul blushed further and shrugged.

"Ever stopped before you shot, then started again?"

Paul shook his head.

"Ever stuck a finger up your ass?"

Paul shook his head.

"How about at least massaged your prostate from outside?"

Paul shook his head, looking confused.

"That place I rubbed when I was pushing the lube in? Up under you balls? Made you jerk and shake?"

"Oh. I know what the prostate is, I didn't know it felt..."

"Great to play with?" Billy asked.

Paul grinned and nodded.

"You at least play with your nuts while you jack off?"

Paul nodded, very red-faced, grinning shyly. He wasn't used to talking to someone about such things. And especially not with three other boys, all naked and hard, and one restrained as they all touched and tickled him. And it was Jay, at that. His heart raced at the realization of what he was doing, and with whom. His cock jerked, now fully hard again, and growing dark at the head. He looked down at his erection, surprised it was back so soon, and marveling at the tingling, tickling, prickling sensations the inside still sent to his brain. He found it completely unbelievable that he had taken a metal rod inside of it, and that Sean had moved it around inside of him, creating the most intense and incredible sensations of his life, until he had cum harder and more than he ever had before.

And now it was so hard it was throbbing and softly bobbing, and a drop of clear fluid now began growing at the tiny, tight, closed hole.

"Ever tried a little pain?" Sean asked. "You know, pinch your nipples while you jerk?"

Paul shook his head and looked up and away from his tingling erection.

"This dude is totally vanilla," Billy said almost unbelievingly.

"Ever tried sucking your own?"

Paul shook his head, looking completely disbelieving.

"Maybe you have to be long, like you," Billy said. "We regular guys just can't."

Paul looked confused, then asked, "You actually can?"

Sean nodded.

"No way," Paul said doubtfully.

Sean grinned, turned a little sideways, checked behind himself, then rolled so that his legs went over and behind his head until his knees were on the bed, putting his ass high in the air. Paul blinked, stunned, as Sean pulled his ass with his hands and stretched his neck up, and the head of his long cock slipped through his lips.

"Holy hell," Paul whispered in awe. "If I could do that, I'd never leave my bedroom!"

Everyone laughed, including Sean, who had to un-tuck a bit to do so. Paul looked at Jay, curiosity obvious. Jay snickered, turned red, then nodded.

"Really?" Billy asked.

Jay nodded more firmly.

"Wanna see?" Sean asked Billy and Paul.

Both nodded, and Sean unrolled. Billy unlocked the cuffs on Jay's ankles, and Jay promptly rolled his legs up until his knees were beside his ears and began sucking in his own cock, until the head's edges vanished. It was bliss, as far as Jay was concerned, and his body lit up with pleasure. It wasn't as good as someone else doing it to him, as he had learned during the previous week, but it was suction and lips and tongue on his aching, needing cock. It was something, and his body exploded with the pleasure at last.

"Holy fucking shit," Paul said admiringly. "That's the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

"He's hot. I love his ass," Billy said, then stuck a finger in his mouth and then quickly into Jay's upraised, exposed hole.

Jay shuddered visibly and groaned around his own cock in his mouth. Billy stuck the finger in deeply, rotated it, and pressed against the hard organ inside. Jay grunted loudly and all three boys saw his body shuddering.

"That's enough," Sean said.

Billy removed his finger, then had to pull Jay's legs down to stop him from sucking himself further. Jay was obviously let down.

"Roll him back up," Sean said, then said to Paul, "Keep his cock out of his mouth. I want to try something. And don't stroke it."

Paul blinked, then with a grin, he held Jay's long cock away from his mouth. Jay grinned and laughed at Paul, who giggled back. Sean moved so that he was directly behind Jay's back and ass, then licked from the small of Jay's back, through his crack and over his hole, then up and over his sack as far as Jay's legs would allow his face to go. Then he went back down, tongue trailing the way. Jay squeaked repeatedly. Sean's trips got shorter and shorter, and soon, he was concentrating on Jay's tan and brown hole with his tongue.

Jay was panting and whimpering, and Paul felt Jay's cock warping and twisting with nearly every movement of Sean's tongue. He had heard of analingus, but had never given it much thought. But watching Sean's pink tongue probe and lick Jay's hole made Paul's cock throb and ache, and drip. In fact, his whole body was trembling with the sight. His breath was coming rapidly, too.

Sean put his lips tightly around Jay's hole and pushed saliva inside it. Jay quivered and whimpered. Then he slid two fingers in at the same time. Jay shuddered, barely holding back the groans of intense pleasure. Sean pushed the fingers in all the way, then turned them, and found Jay's prostate.

"Awww, fuck!" Jay cried out as Sean massaged.

Sean withdrew his fingers and grinned as he said, "That's that for now," and slapped Jay's exposed, taut ass cheeks hard enough to turn them red and make Jay flinch strongly. "Tie him back down."

Jay groaned sadly, like a kid who'd just been told he couldn't play with his new toy.

"Don't worry, you guys can do whatever you want with each other when we're not around. Unless you want to be my bitches and I tell you not to touch each other unless I'm here."

Paul didn't seem to enthusiastic about that idea.

"Yeah, you're not gonna be anyone's bitch, are ya?" he asked Paul.

"I don't think so," he said firmly.

"But you might make a good master for Jay," Sean said thoughtfully. "You like wrestling your opponent down? Having the power?"

Paul nodded, blushing, understanding where Sean was leading.

"I like owning him, yeah. I like knowing I can bend him into a fucking pretzel and there ain't nothing he can do about it but take it."

"Oooh, daddy," Billy crooned. "I told ya, Sean, he'd be a good master."

"Do ya think you can make Jay go all day without letting him get off? Play with him, fuck his ass, make him suck you, lick your ass, fuck you, suck him, but not let him cum all day?"

Oh, God! Jay thought with such glee he thought his heart might rupture! Please! Let Sean and Billy just be the opening act! Please, Paul! Make me do whatever you want! Make me yours! Be my master! Own me! Please!

Jay's thoughts were clear on his face, his expression. Paul couldn't miss it. And the idea raced through Paul like wildfire. The thought of controlling and pleasing Jay at the same time, of making him wait all day, driving him insane with desire and pleasure, drove him insane with the desire to do so.

Paul grinned hugely and nodded.

"Billy, cuff yourself," Sean said without looking away from Paul's face.

Billy dove off the bed and for the overnight bag, then rapidly applied the cuffs to his ankles then his wrists. He stood beside the bed, waiting, as Sean waved Paul to join him in the middle of the bed and then arranged the bag of sounding rods, antiseptic, tissues, and lube between them.

Sean looked at Billy then pointed at the bed. Billy sat down, then lay down. Sean reached over him, leaning down over the edge of the bed, his elbow in Billy's stomach, and pulled out two more black rubber straps, then pushed himself upright with the elbow in Billy's gut. Billy grunted loudly, and nodded. Sean then connected the black straps to Billy's cuffs and the bed, stretching him out on the edge of the mattress.

Jay was now stretched out against the wall, Billy on the other side, and Paul and Sean sat between them, facing each other, the supplies between them.

"I don't want you skewering poor Jay here, so you're gonna practice on me and Billy. We ain't had any fun today yet, anyway. So, you remember some of what I said about how to use 'em? And how I did it?"

"Don't push, let it slide in. Don't force it. Don't let it touch anything before you use it. Use the antiseptic first, then lube inside, then the probe. And go slow. And ask if it's okay a lot."

Sean sat back on his arms, grinning, waiting, his long dick aimed almost at Paul's face.

Paul snickered, remembering where his own explosive orgasm had landed, and almost hoping that he managed to have Sean's do the same to him. He wrapped his fingers around Sean's long, thick cock, just behind the pronounced, outturned edges of his head, and applied the antiseptic to Sean's open, oval, dark hole. Sean gently hissed his breath inward at the mind sting.

"Work it in some," Sean directed.

Paul rubbed the tissue against the tip of Sean's cock, spreading the dark red fluid around the end and into the nearly gaping hole. Sean's head was heavy and blunt, with prominent edges and contours. It was noticeably wider than the slightly curved, nearly eight inch shaft that aimed it to Sean's left. 

"Is this thing gonna go around the curve. I mean, it's got that curve in it," Paul asked.

"It'll go. It bends a little, and my cock will straighten a bit, too. You have to make my dick go straight by holding it tight. I'll show you how. Trust me. If it hurts, it'll be my fault, okay?"

Paul nodded, taking a glance at Jay lying next to him and Sean. Jay was watching closely, just able to see what Paul was doing to Sean's dick by sitting up against the headboard as much as he could by pulling against the cuffs on his ankles. Jay grinned at him, making Paul grin back at him. Jay's longer, thicker cock lay on his belly, the thick tube prominent along its length. Paul couldn't wait to please and tease Jay, and the thought sent a ripple through his groin and down the length of his six inches.

"In time," Sean said playfully. "Now back to me. I'm fuckin' dyin' for it."

Paul turned back to Sean's seven-plus curved inches and bulky head. The tube down the underside wasn't nearly as large and obvious as the one beneath Jay's. With the more than a slight curve along its length, Paul wasn't sure that he long metal rod would go easily or comfortably down it. But he knew Sean had taken it before, and wanted it now.

Paul picked up the tube of lube and uncapped it.

"You don't need to insert the whole tip. My hole is open, like Jay's, just put the very tip in and squeeze some in, then work it down like I did to you. Let a little get on your finger or thumb, the one you're gonna work my tube with. Makes it easier if your finger is slick."

Paul followed the instructions, and worked the lubricant down the length of Sean's long cock. He liked doing it. He liked holding Sean's cock, and rubbing his fingers down it, pushing the lube downward. It throbbed and swelled in his hand, and he liked that too. The heat, the softness over the the hardness inside, the texture of the skin and the contours of the curving length.

"Do me a solid, Paul," Sean said, taking the lube from him. He held Paul's hand, and ran a small bead of the lube along the inside of his thumb, across the webbing to his first finger, and along the side of that finger to the tip. "Make a ring, like an 'okay' sign. Right. Now, keep the finger and thumb touching all the time, and push it over the end of my dick and all the way down, then stroke me like that. End to base, all the way. Over and over. Let your fingers open and close, to keep them tight as you go over my head, but never come apart. Make sure you rub the whole head both ways."

Paul looked a little confused, but followed these instructions, too. The loop of his finger and thumb was too small to easily go over the thick, bulbous head, but he applied pressure and force, and Sean gasped and shook a little as the tight loop deformed his head and pushed it back, then slid over it and down the curved shaft.

"Fuck, yes!" Sean groaned. "Like that. Over and over. Nice and slow."

The tight loop had to be forced over the head each time, going up and going down, and Sean gasped each time in both directions.

"Okay stop!" Sean said quickly. "That can me blow like that. Try it."

Paul did, and found that his smaller dick slid through easier, but it did feel incredible.

"Nice, huh?"

"Yeah!" Paul answered, then looked at Jay.

"No. You're doing me right now. Billy next. He has to suffer and wait for now."

Paul nodded.

"Lube the rod. Use the smallest one on the large side."

Paul removed the rod with the smallest bud at the tip from the side with all the largest sized ones. It was at least three times larger than the one Sean had used on Jay, and about four times as large as the one that Paul had endured. He knew it wouldn't go into his tiny hole without considerable discomfort at least, if not real pain. If at all.

Paul dropped a dollop of lubricant onto it and spun it, coating the entire little oval bud.

"Hold it up, and add a drop that will down the shaft, too," Sean directed.

Paul watched as the clear fluid ran the entire length of the thin metal rod as he rotated it.

"Now hold it down, so the lube runs to the little bead, and put it at my hole."

Paul followed the directions, his hand beginning to shake as he placed the little bead at the entry to Sean's penis. The bead was larger than the opening.

"Dude, calm down. The shakes might actually feel pretty good, but I don't want you shoving it too hard."

Paul snickered once Billy had.

"Hold my dick tight, take some of the curve out of it. Don't pinch off the tube, though. Right, like that. You catch on quick. Now, aim it straight down my cock. No angle. Don't let go, but let the weight of the spike pull it inside. Ohhh, man!'

Jay shuddered and moaned as he watched the rather large oval disappear into Sean's hole. He could only imagine the intensity of the pleasure as the large thing entered and slid deeper. His cock shuddered and more fluid increased the size of the pool of pre-cum above and inside of his navel. He stretched himself out, popping a few joints, his body tingling with anticipation and empathetic sexual tension and pleasure.

Billy softly moaned and stretch out against the cuffs as well. He knew what that size felt like, and liked it, but he now preferred the larger ones, nearly the largest, even though his dick was much smaller than Sean's, and thinner, and his hole and urethra smaller as well.

Paul was entranced, watching and feeling what he was doing to Sean's large cock. He liked Sean's cock and his body, but he liked Billy's more, and he couldn't wait to touch and play with Billy's attractive, red-haired, pink cock next.

But now, he had his hand full of Sean's big dick, and his other was busy following the wand as it slid slowly into the long thing. The dark head seemed to swallow it in turns as it pulsed and bobbed in time as the wand slid deeper. Sean's breathing sped up, and his thighs shuddered slightly.

"Doing really good, Paul. It's gonna slow down and stop here in a sec. My dick has that curve in it, so it needs some encouragement. Not like on you or Jay. More. But be gentle. Just let your finger lay on it, to add a little weight. That's all."

The probe slowed and stopped. Paul could feel where the little bud was, nearly halfway down the long cock. He own cock throbbed and released another drop of pre-cum. It rolled down his shaft, joining the rest along the top of his tight sack. He laid a finger on top of the flat handle. It didn't move. He looked up at Sean's face. He was grinning and red-faced, biting his lower lip.

"Twist, slow and careful, and let your finger push really easy," Sean advised him.

Paul did, and the wand slid in deeper. Sean gasped, and his cock pulsed thicker with each beat of his heart. His own cock jumped.

"Sooo, good," Sean groaned.

Jay's body trembled and his cock shot more pre-cum onto his belly. Watching Paul do that to Sean was possibly the hottest thing he had seen yet. Paul looked so absorbed, so careful. And Sean was obviously enjoying it a lot. The sight of Paul's cock leaking pre-cum down onto his balls made Jay's cock throb each time he looked there, away from what Paul's hands were doing to Sean's cock.

Billy's breathing was rapid, and his body warm with sexual energy. He loved doing that to Sean, and watching a new boy do it for his first time was very hot, aside from the fact that it was the sexy, buff, Paul. He couldn't wait for Paul to do it to him.

Sean was enjoying it immensely. The worry and fear that Paul would mess up added to it, but wasn't much of a real worry. Paul was careful and sure, and far from clumsy or awkward. And he followed Sean's instructions well. When the wand stalled again, due to the long curve of his cock, he told Paul to push gently. The worry that Paul would push too hard increased his pleasure.

Paul gave the wand a push, and felt it slip in deeper. Sean's cock pulsed and throbbed, swelling with each beat of his heart. The long curve meant that the shaft of the rod was now pushing against the side of Sean's hole, noticeably, misshaping the hole quite a bit. He knew Sean was used to it, and liked it, or he would have him removed the thing, not tell him to apply more pressure.

Paul felt the resistance against the wand's further intrusion, and wondered how much harder he should push against it. There was only an inch or so of shaft left outside of Sean's hole.

"That's it," Sean gasped. "Bottomed out. Fucking nice. Now, like we did to you and Jay, move it in and out. Twist it. Like giving head, you use your tongue and don't let me guess what's next. This, too. Okay?"

Paul moved it in and out of Sean's long cock, giving it twists and scraping his nail across the rough, flat edge from time to time.

"Think I can get you off with it?" Paul asked.

"No way, but go right ahead and try!" Sean answered.

Paul did. He moved the rod in and out, spun it, twirled it, allowed Sean's curve to return and then straightened it again, moving the rod in various depths and ways. Sean began sweating and shivering, grinning widely.

"Think so still?" Paul asked.

"You're not gonna get me off that way. You can try all day. Go ahead. I won't mind a fucking bit!"

Billy laughed, which convinced Paul more than anything Sean had said. He nodded, and began working the wand inside of Sean's cock. It was a huge turn on. He was in charge of Sean's pleasure, and he knew that he could hurt him if he wanted to. He didn't though. He wanted to make Sean cum, like he had done to him earlier. He wanted to work Sean's cock and drive him insane.

He experimentally loosened his grip on Sean's cock, allowing the curve to return. Sean gasped and shivered as the wand slid in and out, spun, and Paul rasped his thumbnail over the pebbled, textured side of the flat handle.

"Fuckin' A! Nice touch!" Sean crooned. "You're a natural at this! Take it out."

Paul obeyed, and removed the rod, pushing pre-cum and lubricant out of the hole ahead of the bead. The bead nearly popped out of the hole.

Jay shivered and nearly growled. Billy's breath shuddered through him. Paul sighed deeply. Sean grunted.

"Wipe it clean with a tissue, then use the antiseptic on it, then put it back," Sean said, shaking his body on purpose. Once that was done, he pulled the next to largest wand from the case and handed it to Paul. "Lube it, then me, then put it in."

"You sure?" Paul asked.

"Do what I say," Sean said forcefully.

Once he had lube inside Sean's cock, and had used a hand to work it down, he applied the lube to the bead. The bead on this wand was easily five times the size of the one Sean had used on him earlier, and he wasn't sure anyone could take it without pain. As he lubed it, he wondered if it would even go into Sean's hole. The hole in Sean's cock was open, an oval gap, but even the smaller one he had just used had popped through it both ways. Paul let the next drop of lube roll up the shaft of the device, then back down over the bead, and held it above Sean's open hole.

Sean's head was dark red, nearly purple, and the entire cock throbbed with his pulse. Paul grasped the long cock firmly, straightening the curve from it, then placed the bead against the hole. The device didn't go in, and Paul let his finger rest against it. He rotated it, but it still did not enter.

"Give it some encouragement," Sean said, leaning back onto his hands again, his body starting to shine with sweat.

Paul wiggled the wand, then pushed. The end of Sean's cock depressed around the hole, but the bead didn't go inside. He gently rotated it and pushed. Suddenly the bead was cocooned in the soft edges of the hole, and with only a slight touch, it slipped inside. Sean shuddered and groaned deeply. Tremors ran though his thighs as he fought to hold his hips steady and still.

"Fu-u-u-u-ck," Sean laughed.

"Okay?" Paul asked.

"Fuck yes, okay!" Sean said.

Jay's body shuddered powerfully, and a loud whimper escaped. His body was crying for any sensation at all. Just a quick touch, anything. His cock had filled his navel with pre-cum, and more formed a large pool around it. His head was deeply purple, and the entire length of it flexed periodically. His balls were so tightly against his body they hurt and were merely a slight hemispherical curve between his thighs.

Billy's pink six inch cock had turned violet, and even the shaft had darkened. The small amount of foreskin was puffy and bunched behind his smallish, almost delicate looking, though nearly purple, head. His pink scrotum was tight to his body. The red bush was dark and wet with pre-cum.

Paul's short cock was dark as well. His head was nearly purple, and the hole red. It poked out of his dark bush, pointed upward, throbbing constantly.

Sean's long cock was dark and wet, dancing in Paul's grip. The first inch of the rod was inside now, and Paul could follow the progress of the huge bead with his eyes. Sean shuddered and grunted, and told Paul to push.

"Won't it hurt?" Paul asked.

"Do what I tell you and don't ask questions," Sean ordered. "Just don't shove it, is all. Encourage it... firmly."

Paul obliged, twisting the rod as well. It didn't go easily, and he knew it was hurting Sean, but Sean liked it. Sean asked him to do it. Sean told him to.

"Fucking awesome!" Sean groaned. "Make it go. Not hard, just make it go!"

The large bead showed clearly, making a bulge in the thick tube as it passed the halfway point. The sight made Paul's cock twitch and bob. It was incredible. Paul felt his balls warm and that growing urge. A large wash of pre-cum oozed out as his cock swelled powerfully. The tingle inside was undeniable. He was sure it wouldn't take much at all for him to finish, and finish powerfully.

"Let it go," Sean ordered.

Paul did.

"Let go of my dick," Sean ordered.

Paul wasn't sure that was a good idea, but Sean told him to again, so he did.

Sean's cock regained most its curve, pushing against the straight rod. Sean groaned. More than half of the rod was inside him, and the bead was visible just past the halfway point. Sean shuddered, panting.

"You going to?" Paul asked.

"So close," Sean grunted, obviously trying to prevent it.

He shuddered for long moments, the sweat breaking out all over him, his eyes tightly closed and grimacing. Finally, he panted loudly once and shivered violently, then released a long, "Ahhh."

He opened his eyes and visibly relaxed.

"Close," he said softly, and grinned wider. "Now, go back to it."

Paul grinned and said, "I thought you said it wouldn't get you off?"

"Not that one. I never took this one before, though."

"Really?" Paul asked.

Sean nodded, then nodded at the wand sticking out of his hole.

Paul grasped it and twisted it, encouraging it deeper. It slid in. Sean shook and grunted. Paul encouraged it further.

"Shit, yeah!" Sean panted. "You're gettin' it! Like that!"

Sean began breathing harder and faster again, and his body broke out in a heavy sweat. He shuddered and grunted.

"Jack me. Like I showed you earlier."

Paul lubed the side of his finger, the webbing between the finger and his thumb, and the inside of his thumb. Then he formed a tight circle and began forcing it up and down Sean's thick cock. Each time he forced his fingers over the prominent edges of Sean's head, Sean grunted and jerked, and his cock flexed along its entire length. Sean panted now, nearly covered with sweat, his body trembling almost constantly.

"God! Shit, yes! Fucking awesome!" Sean groaned around his rapid breaths.

All three other boys moaned softly in sympathy and their own pleasures.

"Ugh. Shit! Get it out! Not too fast! But get it out!"

"You goin' off?"

"Fuckin' hell I am!"

Paul felt Sean's cock throb and swell. He began pulling the rod out, but not sure how fast he could without hurting him. Sean's hand grabbed his and he pulled.

"Don't stop jacking me! Fuck!"

The bead popped out, making a corresponding noise. Paul continued to stroke his tight cirlced finger and thumb along Sean's thick, long cock.

"Fucking cool!" Sean said happily as he thrust his hips forward and his cock through the circle of Paul's fingers.

Then cum flew from his cock, spraying out of it and splashing across Paul's belly, cock, ballsm and thighs.

"Nice!" Billy said, admiring the sight.

The noises of Paul's fingers squeezing Sean's cock as it was lubricated by the thick cum filled the room, accompanied by the soft groans of Jay.

"Four, five, six, seven, eight, oh man!" Billy counted, grinning. "Most he's shot in a while!"

Sean groaned wordlessly, his eyes tightly closed in a grimace of combined pain and ecstasy.

Jay groaned deeply, his entire body trembling as muscles rapidly clenched and released. His body threatened to ejaculate, but only threatened. It was near, and wanted to, but it lacked input.

Paul smiled and enjoyed the feeling of the hot semen landing on him and squishing between his hand and Sean's cock. It wasn't his face, but it was good enough. And the hot cum that landed on his own cock made it pulse and threaten to explode.

Paul watched the semen spray out of Sean. No thick ropes, no long strings, but rapid pulses of groups of beads and droplets. They spread out and covered a considerable area of his groin and thighs. The smell was heavy in the air and made Paul's jaws ache. He kept stroking Sean's thick, long cock, paying attention to forcing his finger and thumb across the prominent edges of his head. Sean bucked and groaned each time.

For nearly a minute, Sean bore the near pain of it, then grabbed Paul's hand and explosively exhaled, finally opening his eyes, grinning.

Paul began wiping up the droplets on his skin with his fingers, rapidly licking them clean and going for more.

Sean nearly collapsed onto his back with a loud whoosh.

"Man! Paul, you did fucking great!" Sean said once he had his breath slowed.

Paul was still wiping semen from his body and his cock, and licking his fingers. He grinned, and looked up to see Sean's large cock softening and drooping down over his balls, between his thighs. It made his cock twitch and his body tingle. He saw Billy looking longingly at both Sean's sated body and his erect, throbbing cock, and licking his lips as Paul licked his fingers. Then Paul saw Jay nearly pulling his arms and legs off, yearning to join him in any way.

Paul used both hands to wipe and gather some of Sean's cum from his own cock and balls, and then held each hand out so that Jay and Billy could barely reach his fingers. They licked and sucked his fingers energetically. Paul wiped more cum from Sean's cock, milking more from inside it, then held his fingers so that both boys had to stretch to the limits allowed by their restraints to lick his fingers.

Paul pulled his hands too far for either boy to reach, and laughed. He wiped the last of the semen from himself and Sean, then teased both boys with his fingers as they stretched to the limit of their restraints before letting them have them.

"You're learning fast," Sean laughed.

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