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Jay's Tale

Part Nine



"Billy's gonna run out of pre-cum and get dehydrated if we don't get him off soon," Sean commented as he watched Billy and Jay stretch against their bonds to lick his cum from Paul's fingers.

"How long have you waited to get off before?" Paul asked.

"The longer, the better," Billy replied after cleaning Paul's fingers.

"He went all day for his birthday last month. Eleven times I got him close but stopped. Made him sweat like a fucking pig and shake like an earthquake. And when he came, it was the most I ever saw until Jay earlier. And it was so fucking' hot! Like steam!"

"And it huuuuurt!" Billy groaned. "I thought it wouldn't work ever again!"

"So, Paul, how about if you use the big sounder on him?"

"He can take that big one?" Paul asked, looking doubtful.

"Yup. Has. Usually work our way up, but I think today, we can just go right to it."

Billy blinked in surprise. He wasn't so sure he wanted the inexperienced Paul using the very largest on him, especially without one or two of the smaller ones first. But he knew Sean wouldn't have asked if he didn't think Paul had done well enough on himself first. Still, it was worrying.

Paul saw the concern on Billy's face. He wasn't so sure he should jump right to the largest one either, but Sean seemed to know what he was doing. Paul looked at Sean for a moment and thought of asking him if he was sure, but Sean nodded and grinned.

"I know he can take it, and without smaller ones first. It'll just be really intense. You'll have to go slow and careful. Like you did on me. It'll be fine. And Billy knows to call uncle if he can't do it. Right?"

Sean looked to Billy, who slowly nodded, still looking a bit concerned.

Paul asked, "Should we uncuff him so he can sit up?"

"Nope. Sit on his face and let him show you how good he is with his tongue while you probe his cock," Sean said as he arranged the items next to the prone Billy.

Paul liked the idea of playing with Billy's cock, and getting tongued while doing it. Jay had seemed to like it when Sean had done it to him, so he was looking forward to seeing what it felt like. But mostly, he was looking forward to playing with Billy's textbook-shaped, pink and red dick sticking out of his red pubes, and his smooth, scarlet-sacked balls.

"You okay with that?" Paul asked Billy.

Billy nodded.

"Don't matter what he's okay with, he belongs to me, and I say what he does and gets done to him," Sean said as he finished arranging the items next to Billy's hip. "Now, climb on and get busy, Paul."

Sean helped Paul get into position over Billy so that his legs were comfortable with his ass directly over Billy's face, and so that he was also comfortable hovering over Billy's throbbing dick. The six inches of pink and red meat was almost weaving in the air with Billy's heartbeat. The head was dark red, with nearly purple edges and a small hole. He had been circumcised, and the remaining foreskin was just enough to bunch up a small amount behind the edges of the head, and was puffy and dark red. The huge amount of pre-cum that had been produced over the last couple of hours had soaked his short, sparse, red pubes, and a trail of it led to his navel that was filled with the shining fluid.

Paul settled into a final position on his elbows, and Sean handed him the largest wand and held the lubricant out for Paul to rotate the wand as he applied a drop to the large, oval head of it.

"What the hell are these things called, anyway?" Paul asked, looking closely at the device.

"Bakes rosebud urethral dialator."

"Sounds like a medical device a doctor would use."

"I guess they're originally meant as a medical device, to stretch the urethra to make it easier to get a catheter in," Sean answered as he slid the tip of the tube of lubricant into Billy's small, tight hole. "Squeeze it down his dick."

"Ah. Use the smaller ones, go larger, until the poor guy can take a catheter all the way in?" Paul asked as he began working the lube down Billy's urethra with the fingers of his other hand, enjoying touching and playing with Billy's hot, very hard dick.

It could easily be used as a basis for a textbook picture of a penis. The head was cone-shaped, tapered slightly, with slightly flared edges. It was almost exactly six inches long, straight, regular, and fairly smooth. The urethral tube wasn't as pronounced as Sean's or Jay's. Even his scrotum and testes seemed right out of a textbook on anatomy. The only thing that wasn't typical was the color of the sparse, short hairs at the base and that sprouted over the sack. Billy's thick, strong legs were pale, and the red hairs there were faint, sparse, and hard to see.

"Yeah, guess so," Sean answered.

"That's gotta hurt. Having a tube go all the way up there."


"You know?"

"Sure. Did it to Billy and he's done it to me."

"Real catheters?"


"Where'd you get them?"

"Online. All kinds of places sell 'em."

"That's legal?"

"Sure. Guess so. You can buy 'em."

"What's it like?"

"Well, sorta the same, but when it gets in that deep, sorta past your prostate? It's not as fun. More just a kind of pressure."

"What about when it... you  know, goes in?"

"Feels weird. Nothing like a sounding does. Not as awesome, just a kind of little pressure. Nothing fun. The good feeling is just in your dick and a little past. For me and Billy, anyway. Maybe for others. Wanna try sometime?"

The expression Paul wore didn't look like he was particularly interested.

"Don't you piss everywhere?"

"You have to have the end in a bucket or the toilet or something, yeah. You can't not piss."

"Nothing more than what these do?" Paul asked, waving the sounding rod.

"Nope. Not for me and Billy anyway. Guess some guys like it though."

"I'll pass," Paul said with a small snicker.

"Don't blame ya. I'll take a sounding anytime over being cathed. Now, stop wasting time and start working that thing in."

"Is it even gonna go?" Paul asked doubtfully.

Billy's opening was small and tight, and it didn't look like the massive bead of the sounding rod was ever going to fit, even with the lube.

"Spread a little lube around the hole, and just keep working it in. Twist it, push, but not hard, and just keep working. Billy'll go nuts and probably leak a bunch of natural lube. If he says to stop, then stop. Otherwise, Billy, not a peep."

"Okay," Billy said.

"Now, Paul, rock back a bit so Billy can use his tongue, and start working that thing in. And every time I hear Billy make a noise, I'm gonna give Victor a nudge."

Billy gasped, and his breath washed over Paul's anus, making it twitch. Paul lowered his ass and felt the first touch of a warm, wet tongue on it. He felt the tingling begin down there instantly as his body reacted to the new sensation.

"Oh, wow," Paul breathed.

"Nice, isn't it?" Sean asked as he spread Billy's legs and bent his knees, arranging them like frog's legs

"Fucking nice!" Paul agreed, small shivers running up his thighs.

Sean applied lube to Billy's tight, pink hole, then slid a lubed finger inside and out several times. Then Sean then pulled the large, black dildo out of the overnight case and began applying lubricant to it.

"No way is that going in him," Paul said, almost gasped, as Billy licked harder and probed. "Oh, God! That's so awesome!"

"Billy's good at it, for sure. And yeah, he's taken it before. He don't like it much, though."

Sean finished applying lube to the large dildo and placed it against Billy's tight, pink hole. He snugged it up tightly there, and Paul had a clear view, which made his own dick bounce and the thrills from Billy's tongue rise higher.

Sean saw Paul's expression, and said, "Don't worry, he'll cry uncle if he has to. Now, get busy sliding that in his hole."

Paul let another series of shivers run through his thighs, then inhaled and exhaled, then placed the oval bead against the small, closed hole in Billy's dick.

Jay groaned softly. Jay's body cried for attention, but all he could do was stretch out or pull against the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. From where he lay, he could see Paul's ass on Billy's face, but not his hole or Billy's tongue. But he could see Billy's dick in one of Paul's hands, and the wand in his other hand. And he could see Paul's cock hanging and dancing beneath him, as well as Sean's entire package as Sean lay with his ass aimed at Jay. Sean lay on his side with one leg up and that knee bent, making his brown hole exposed, and Jay stared at it and his balls and dick as well. The views made Jay's long cock flex in regular beats with his pulse, and a string of pre-cum dribble from it to lay on his white skin next to his navel, soaking the sparse, light brown hairs around it. His head was dark red again, and the edges of his head turning nearly purple. His body trembled and sweat began all over it. His breaths were short and rapid.

The large, oval bead rested against the closed hole in Billy's head, and Paul applied a small amount of pressure as he twisted the rod. Billy's tongue worked in circles around his sphincter, making his body twitch at times and causing Paul to flinch at times. He hoped that Billy didn't do anything extreme to him while the wand was inside of Billy's dick.

Paul watched the tip of Billy's head indent as he pushed more, twisting the rod, trying to insert it into Billy's tight meatus.

"How hard do I push?" Paul asked.

"As hard as it takes. Go slow, don't rush it, but it if hurts or something, Billy'll let ya know," Sean said.

The tip of Paul's tongue poked out between his lips as he worked the oval bead against the tip of Billy's head. The indentation grew deeper as Paul pushed more, and suddenly the oval bead spread the hole open and Billy's spread legs quivered. Paul felt Billy's hot breath on his wet hole, and heard the soft moan. Then he watched as Sean pushed the huge, black dildo against Billy's tight, pink asshole. Billy's legs tensed and his his back arched, and his tongue dove into Paul's rear, opening his sphincter and probing inside, making Paul gasp.

The opening of Billy's cock slowly spread around the bead like lips around a cock. Paul was fascinated at the sight. He applied a little more pressure. The soft skin around the opening stretched around the bead and it slid deeper. With a twist, it popped inside. Billy shuddered silently and waves ran along his thighs.

"I don't believe it," Paul gasped at the obvious bulge just where the two coronal edges met under Billy's head.. "I can see it making a huge bump under his head!"

"Cool, huh?" Sean asked, grinning.

"Fucking wild!" Paul agreed. "That doesn't hurt?"

Billy's tongue roamed over both cheeks of Paul's ass, left to right and back, but he was silent, using his tongue to demonstrate a negative shake of his head.

"He didn't cry uncle, so keep going," Sean said, smiling.

Paul's cock twitched powerfully and a drop of pre-cum began stretching downward from it toward Billy's chest. From the other side of the bed, Jay saw the string forming and lengthen, and he ached to be able to reach it. He'd experienced a lot of new and intense sensations over the last week, but this prolonged state of excitement and the sight of Paul's naked body being pleasured like that by Billy, as well as Sean's body, and what all was being done in front of him as he lay restrained, was pushing hid body and mind even further than before. The pool of fluid in and around his navel grew larger by the minute as more pre-cum joined it. His body was constantly trembling now, shining with sweat, and his breaths were nearly labored. He could do nothing to stop the soft groans with each breath.

Billy had to work hard to prevent himself from making any noises. The bead had pushed him to his limits as it had stretched his hole open at first. It had been almost the most intense moment of his life. He had taken the same bead before, but only after some of the smaller ones, working up to the largest. Taking the largest without that stretching was intense and nearly so painful he had cried uncle to make it stop. But he had persevered, and now it had gained entry and was stretching the inside of his cock, sending powerful waves of pleasure and pain through his cock and up his spine. His body shivered, and his chest shook from the effort to maintain his stationary position. The urge to pump his hips was strong. All he could do was work his tongue in Paul's smooth ass crack and into his tight, virgin hole.

Sean was intensely turned on. He and Billy had done many things together, but watching the inexperienced Paul probe Billy's little cock with the massive probe had his cock throbbing wildly. He stroked himself several times, gathered up the pre-cum at his hole with two fingers, and fed it to Paul. Jay groaned loudly, earning him a grin from Paul and Sean.

"He's gonna explode when he get back to him," Sean said, grinning wickedly at Jay.

Paul laughed softly, then gave Jay a long, gentle look. Jay felt himself tremble even more. His body yearned to move, and to feel someone touching him in any way.

"Back to Billy for now," Sean said, running a hand up and down Billy's thigh as his other kept the pressure on Billy's hole with the large dildo.

Paul nodded, then looked back at the silver wand in Billy's dick. He let go of the wand to allow it to slide deeper, but he ended up letting go of it entirely and with no movement of the wand.

"It's too big to go on its own," Sean said. "You'll have to help it. Gently and slow."

Paul nodded, then gave the wand a little assistance. It began moving downward, the bulge moving down Billy's urethra. Paul was amazed, and his cock pulsed again, severing the long string of pre-cum so that it fell onto Billy's chest. Billy felt it, and knew what it was, and wished that he could wipe it up with a finger and place that finger between his lips and Paul's hole, licking it clean and tickling Paul there with it at the same time. But all he could do was lick and probe Paul's dark, tight hole. He loved that he was licking a hole that had never felt it before, and that had never had anything inside of it. Billy shoved his tongue into it, and Paul shivered slightly and inhaled sharply.


"Told ya, Billy knows what he's doing!" Sean said gleefully.

"No kiddin!"

Paul gave a little pressure to the wand, moving it deeper into Billy's dick, and watching the progress of the sizable lump visible in his urethra. Billy's body tensed again, and his hot breath washed over Paul's wet ass crack, making his body tingle again.

"Not even halfway yet," Sean said, reaching out to play with Billy's balls with his free hand, his other still maintaining the pressure on Billy's hole with Victor the dildo.

"I don't know how he stands it," Paul said, pushing the wand deeper.

"He's had it before," Sean said, rolling Billy's balls in his hand.

Billy licked upward from Paul's hole, then down along his taint, finally taking one of his balls in his mouth. Paul groaned and grimaced.

"That's fucking cool," he said, then pushed the wand gently.

Billy moaned around the nut in his mouth. Sean pushed Victor against Billy's pink hole, pushing the soft skin there inward noticeably, the hole not opening to allow the large thing in. Paul groaned in pleasure at what was being done to him, what he was doing to Billy, and at what he was seeing being done to Billy. Another string of pre-cum began hanging downward toward Billy's nearly bare, well-muscled chest.

Jay had been watching the wand disappear into Billy's dick, inch by inch. It was making his body shudder, and his dick throb powerfully. The sight was intense and fascinating, and he couldn't look away, except in short stints to take in what Billy was doing to Paul's ass, and short glances at Sean's ass, balls, and dick. All three of them were buff and well-muscled to differing degrees, and with different hair and skin tones. Jay couldn't ask for a hotter sight. His body told him that any hotter a sight would result in his achieving an orgasm.

It was the first time Billy had something pushing at his anus while a rod was inserted in his cock. It was intensely pleasurable, and the threat of Victor spreading him open too was making him quiver all over, sweat, and his breath come fast.

Paul wiggled the wand experimentally, and Billy let out a groan. Sean smiled and pushed Victor against Billy's hole. Paul saw Billy's pink hole being pushed inward and was sure the very tip of the large dildo was beginning to spread it open. That made Paul's cock twitch again, and the string of pre-cum grow even longer, nearly touching Billy's chest.

Jay's body was covered in sweat, and his breath came rapid gasps. Every muscle vibrated, and his groin and hips tensed and released in a slow, repetitive timing that he found irresistable. It was doing something to him like he had never felt before. His balls became nearly numb, and his cock felt as if it were stretching the skin covering it. The slow pulsing below them was nearly the same as when he was cumming, but there was nothing being done to his aching body. Nevertheless, he felt as if an enormous orgasm was growing close. He whimpered in extreme pleasure with each breath, quivering all over.

Paul twisted the rod slowly, applying light pressure, and the large, visible lump moved down the shaft, now nearly three-quarters of the way to the base.

"Will it go all the way?" Paul asked.

"It'll go 'till Billy says to stop," Sean said.

Paul gently pushed the wand deeper. The lump moved further down. He pushed more, but there was real resistance.

"I think that's as far as it goes," Paul said.

"Push just a little harder," Sean said.

"I don't think I should," Paul answered.

Billy was panting into Paul's ass, licking and probing with his tongue, and enjoying being the first one to do so to it. That was exciting enough, but having that same inexperienced boy probing him, and with the largest one at that, was incredible. And having Sean pushing Victor slowly into him was almost too much, even for the well-experienced Billy. But he wanted more, and Paul seemed hesitant to give him more of the large sounding wand. He pushed his hips upward.

"See, he wants more," Sean said. "Just hold it still, let him push up for it next time. "

Paul did so, and when Billy pushed his hips upward, he drove the wand deeper into himself.

"When he drops his hips, let the wand go so you don't pull it out," Sean said.

When Billy's hips fell back to the bed, Paul held the wand steady but didn't let it come out any. As Billy pushed upward again, Paul held the wand firmly, and ever so slowly, Billy fed the wand deeper into himself, then dropped his hips back onto the bed. Soon, Billy stopped doing so, and lay still.

 Having the largest probe already in him, and the enormous dildo beginning to spread him open was incredible. He had gotten the probe as deep as it could go, and slowly moved his hips in tiny increments, sliding the bead inside of himself.

"That's as far as he wants it," Sean said. "Twist it, like you did for me, while he fucks himself with the wand."

Paul held it steady as Billy began working the wand in and out of himself very slowly. Billy's legs quivered, waves rolling along the soft skin of the insides of them. Paul's cock dribbled more pre-cum onto Billy's chest. Paul moaned softly, watching the wand sliding in Billy's urethra, gently twisting it, and wiggling it. Billy trembled violently and let out another soft moan. Sean pushed against his hole with the large, black dildo, and Paul watched Billy's pink sphincter begin to open around the end of it. Paul groaned and began rocking back and forth, amplifying the motion of Billy's tongue on his sphincter.

Jay's cock was now purple, dark, and wet with a nearly constant stream of pre-cum that formed a large puddle around his navel. His sandy brown bush was all dark and wet with sweat, and plastered flat in the center by the copious flow of pre-cum.

"Hold the wand with your teeth and bob up and down, like you're blowing him," Sean said to Paul.

Paul did so, and rested his weight on his hands. Billy's rapid breaths began making whining noises, and Sean pushed the dildo into him further, until the edged of the dildo's head held Billy's pink hole open.

The sight made Paul groan and shiver, and his cock pulsate repeatedly, slapping Billy's chest. A string of sticky fluid connected Billy's chest and Paul's cock, stretching as his cock bobbed upward, making a wet slapping sound as the head slapped Billy's chest.

Billy could barely hold back more moans as Victor began entering him. Because it had been pushing against him for some time, his hole had begun spreading for it, and there was almost no pain, but there was a lot of pleasure. Especially as the soft edges of the head entered. With that, and the large wand deep in his urethra, his body trembled powerfully. Having Paul's balls in his mouth when he wasn't licking the virgin hole, and his nice cock drooling onto his chest and slapping against it, all was more pleasure than he had experienced before. 

As Paul pulled the wand upward a small amount, cloudy fluid poured from the small, tight hole, pushed upward by the large bead of the wand. Billy gasped around Paul's balls, and Sean pushed Victor further into Billy's pink hole. Paul groaned at the sight, and at what he was doing to Billy himself, as well as what Billy's mouth was doing to his ass and nuts. Sean stroked himself a few times again, and again wiped up the pre-cum the few strokes produced and let Paul suck it off his fingers.

This was too much for Jay. He had been pumping his hips in that irresistible rhythm for long minutes now, and his body had borne all it could, and with a heavy grunt, he began having an orgasm that wracked his body. He strained against the cuffs on his wrist and ankles as his body was wracked, trying to curl up over his aching and throbbing balls, then his back arcing the other way, thrusting his hips upward. A small spray of droplets spat out of his dick to land midway up his chest, and with another loud grunt that got the attention of the other three boys, he began spurting semen in a low arc that ended on his own face. It was nearly a constant stream, broken only momentarily from time to time. At first, the other boys thought he was urinating on himself with some force, but as they saw that the stream was white and thick, and landed with audible plops and splashes that spread across his face, they were stunned. Jay groaned loudly again and again, low, deep, loud grunts that matched the timing of the short pauses in the long stream of white.

Jay's back continued to whip his body back and forth between trying to curl over his nearly painful groin to thrusting his hips high off the surface of the bed. The chains of the cuffs rattled loudly, but were nearly drowned by Jay's cries. It was the most intense pleasure yet, and was so strong it caused pain to rise between his balls and his cock. His sack was merely a small, curved, wrinkled bump between his tensing and stammering thighs as they emptied through his long, thick, pulsating cock.

The long, almost constant stream of semen first shot onto his face, but lower with each pulsation, the thick fluid now splashing onto his neck, then his heaving chest, then his straining belly. As his body locked upright, his ass inches above the bed, his straining cock throbbed a last few times, oozing thick, almost chunky cum out just far enough to fall from his dark purple head, overflowing his already pre-cum filled navel and rolling down his side in a heavy trail of bumpy white.

Suddenly, as if he had been struck, Jay's body fell onto the bed and his breath whooshed from him. A final wave of trembling muscles and he lay still, except for his heavy panting. His eyes were closed and his expression empty and slack.

"That looked like it hurt!" Sean said, laughing.

"Fucking awesome!" Billy crooned.

"Jay? You okay?" Paul asked.

When there was no response, Jay asked again.

"I think he passed out again," Billy offered.

"He does that," Paul said. "He used to a lot, anyway. He never even got touched. How'd he shoot off?"

"He was pushing his hips the right way. And was really turned on. It can be done. Guess he learned how," Sean answered.

"You can really cum without at least jerking it?"

"If you're turned on enough, and work your hips and the muscles down there the right way. I've read about it before."

"Fuckin' amazing!" Paul said, looking at Jay's cum-covered face and front. "I'm not wasting that."

"So, go ahead. I can't let go of Victor, or I'll have to start over. I'll have some fun with the stick while you clean up Jay," Sean said. "Hey, Billy, no freebies!"

Sean grinned, Billy smiled, grimaced, then flinched. Then Billy bit down a loud groan of near pain as Sean applied more pressure to Victor, sliding it further into him. Billy groaned in a way that sounded like pain to Paul, and Sean pushed again.

Paul watched a full inch of the massive dildo invade Billy's pink hole as it gripped it tightly, turning darker, almost red. Billy's cock tensed and throbbed, forcing the wand upward nearly an inch. His body shook and his balls retracted, the sack wrinkling up around them.

Billy was close to cumming, but he didn't want to yet. The wand deep in his urethra, Sean caressing his thighs and playing with his balls, Paul's virgin ass and his balls to lick, and watching Jay explode all brought him perilously close. Victor inside of his ass, and going deeper, nearly finished him.

"Stop or I'll go off," Billy said.

Paul grinned, then crawled to Jay. He was shining with sweat, and breathing deeply and slowly. Paul felt his pulse in his neck, smiled, then leaned down to kiss his lips, where some cum had landed. After the soft, gentle, salty kiss, Paul began licking and kissing all of Jay's face, cleaning away the thick, warm cum. It was heavily musky, and slightly bitter. Paul moved slowly around Jay's face, cleaning carefully and slowly, before slowly moving down to his neck, his chest, his belly, and lower, taking quite a while to clean the large pool in and around his navel. Then Paul took his time at licking and cleaning the soft, thick cock, milking it with his hand to get the last drops from it.

Meanwhile, Sean began working the spike inside of Billy again, making him twist and heave. Sean kept Victor inside Billy's pink pucker, moving it ever so gently.

Paul arranged Jay so that his arms and legs weren't so awkward and the cuffs weren't putting any stress on his wrists or ankles. Jay never woke. He kissed him again, softly and gently, one hand on his forehead, the other over his still hammering heart.

When Paul turned back to Billy and Sean, Sean was looking at him closely.

"What?" Paul asked, turning red.

"You're really into him, ain't ya?"

Paul darkened even further, trying to hide the grin that only grew instead.

"Don't bug it. If you do, that's great. And it's obvious you do," Sean said softly.

Paul laughed softly, still grinning and red-faced. He shrugged.

"Well, you ready to get back to working Billy here?" Sean asked with a nod at the handle of the wand he held, slowly twisting and moving it.

Paul grinned more, then moved to take back the sounding wand from Sean once he was back in position over Billy. As soon as he began moving the wand again, Billy began licking from the back of his sack up over his hole, then over his balls and cock and then back over his hole. The few black hairs around Paul's hole were plastered flat by Billy's saliva, and his dark hole quivered in the middle of them as Billy's tongue licked over it.

As Paul moved the wand up and down, turning it from time to time, the bead pushed cloudy fluid out of Billy's small hole. Paul licked it away, liking the almost salty and almost sweet flavor of Billy's pre-cum. He didn't know why he liked Billy's red hair and pubes, or his average six inches of meat, but it was very attractive to Paul, and turned him on quite a bit. Billy's pink, almost tender-looking ball sack was nearly exquisite to him. But Jay's lean body, and Jay in general, was far more attractive to Paul than Sean's large, dark-haired body, and even his large, thick cock, as Jay's was even longer and thicker, and had sandy blond hairs around it instead of the dark, almost black ones around Sean's.

So with real relish, Paul began stroking the wand, and the massive bead on the end of it, through Billy's average cock, the large bead showing clearly in the urethra beneath his dick as it moved back into view before it disappeared again behind Billy's scrotum. When the wand came mostly up the short cock, a small amount of cloudy fluid washed out of the hole around the stem of the wand, and Paul gladly licked it up.

Billy's cock flexed, and the head was now almost entirely purple.

"You getting close again?" Sean asked.

Billy grunted, "Close!"

Sean pushed Victor deeper, making Billy grunt and his cock swell in Paul's hand. More pre-cum washed up, more than previously, and Paul cleaned it away with his lips and tongue.

"Pull it out, slow," Sean said to Paul.

Paul began withdrawing the rod, a large trail of pre-cum rolling down the top of his head and into the web between Paul's thumb and finger. Billy shuddered violently as the large, oval bead popped out of his tight, red hole, creating another trail of pre-cum.

"Suck him off," Sean said. "Both of you."

The two of them began doing so, the sounds of eager blow-jobs filling the room. Paul was able to push his nose into Billy's sack, taking all of his six inches, his tongue working on the top of Billy's head. Billy easily took all of Paul's almost seven inches, and Paul's smallish balls hung, almost banging against his nose or forehead as he bobbed upward.

Both began moaning deeply, and Billy nearly screamed as Victor was pushed further into him. His cock flexed in Paul's mouth, and then filled his mouth with pre-cum. Sean began moving Victor is short strokes, not moving it through Billy's tight, now red hole, but merely moving the soft flesh back and forth. Billy squirmed and shivered, panting around Paul's cock.

In mere moments, Paul's balls began pulling upward and into him, and Billy tasted the large flow of salty pre-cum. Paul felt that pressure beneath him expand and grow, seeming to fill him up from there to the top of his head in pulsing waves. His toes curled almost painfully, and his ankles popped as his muscles sought some kind of relief from the incredible pleasure and pressure.

Paul grunted, "Going off!" then gulped Billy's cock again.

They both groaned as Paul began pushing himself deeply into Billy's mouth. Paul's body was nearly tortured by another orgasm, and it being an oral one, and the practiced and knowledgeable Billy working his cock professionally, it was the most intense one yet, torturing his body and mind with levels of pleasure he had never felt before. He barely managed to continue sucking and licking Billy's cock as his body tensed and vibrated strongly with the mere beginning of the orgasm. He forgot Billy's cock and balls in his hands as his vision darkened and his breath stopped. He held on, shaking, grunting, as the orgasm turned his balls inside, out over and over.

Billy was experienced, and swallowed it as fast as Paul provided it, sucking and licking. Paul's skin prickled and his mind went blank, filled with only the blindingly powerful throes of the most intense orgasm of his life so far.

His body locked rigid, his breath caught, his eyes tightly closed, his balls pushing thick, heavy cum through him. Paul was lost. The suction that Billy kept providing, and his tongue working the sensitive head, put Paul somewhere he had never gone before.

Sean watched, enthralled, as Paul seemed to pass out, his body locked rigid and trembling like an earthquake shook the entire planet around him. No breath passed through him, and the expression on his face resembled one he had seen on someone who had just broken his leg.

Finally, Paul realized he was alive, and that the things his mind were telling him that his body was feeling were real, and not some kind of unbelievably pleasurable torture. The pressure between his balls and ass lessened, and the pleasure that Billy's mouth and tongue were giving him increased even further. With another light scream, he pulled himself from Billy's mouth and rolled onto his side, grabbing his sore and hot cock and balls.

"Holy fuck!" Paul groaned, shaking, eyes closed, curled around his middle, panting for breath.

His face was dark red, and sweat beaded there. He shivered powerfully as he softly moaned.

Sean grinned at him, then turned to Billy and began licking up from the base of Billy's dick to the very tip, which was now purple. Billy bucked as Sean's lips closed over his head and he sucked momentarily. Sean kept moving Victor gently, making Billy writhe.

After all the play and sexual tension, Billy was preparing for an extreme orgasm. The pulsing pleasure between his balls and where Victor spread him open grew, washing through his entire body. Muscles began tensing everywhere. He grunted a warning.

Sean stopped and then gave Billy an evil grin. Billy grinned back, knowing it wasn't going to happen this time, either. Sean began slowly pulling Victor from him. Billy exhaled loudly when the pressure of the massive thing finally left him, then he shuddered again with another heavy sigh.

Sean stretched out next to the still cuffed Billy, sharing a knowing grin with him. Sean ground his erection against Billy's thigh, spreading his pre-cum on Billy's pale skin. He traced his finger over Billy's nipples and belly, often following the curves and bulges of the well-defined muscles all over his body. The faint, red hairs were few and light, and ordinarily hard to see, except that now they were dark and plastered to his skin with sweat. Billy shivered, his cock throbbing with his pulse, his balls tight in their wrinkled, nearly scarlet sack.

 "Can I unlock his cuffs?" Paul asked from behind him.

"Sure, if you want," Sean said, moving to get it from the overnight bag.

He tossed it to Paul, and watched as Paul removed the cuffs from Jay's wrists and ankles. Paul then handed the cuffs to Sean along with the key.

"He might want them back on later," Sean said, holding them.

"Then we'll put them back on. But until he wakes up, no," Paul said as he arranged himself next to Jay and pulled him into a hug, sitting next to him, holding him up with his body leaning against his own.

Paul brushed the sweat-damp hair from Jay's forehead, and cradled his head with his arm around him.

Sean saw how tender and gently that Paul handled and held Jay, and knew what it meant. He wondered if what he felt for Billy was the same or not. He doubted it. He cared for Billy a great deal, considered him his best friend, and more, and enjoyed what they did together, but he didn't have the same kind of need or desire for tenderness for Billy. He loved making Billy sweat and groan, shiver and shudder, and making him wait as long as possible for release, but they rarely held each other, or hugged. They never kissed after, only before, just to warm up, and rarely during. He loved hurting Billy, and he knew Billy loved being hurt, which made it even better to hurt him. He didn't like really hurting Billy, only giving him what he liked and wanted.

They had been friends since childhood, and had grown up as best friends. Neither one of them had another friend they were as close to, not even before they had discovered sex, and that they both liked sex with each other. That had begun in sixth grade, when they were both thirteen, after an overnight visit by Paul's uncle while his parents went out for the night together for their fifteenth anniversary. Uncle Roy had been fun, and had let them have beers with him as they watched movies. After they boys had finished a couple of beers, Paul's uncle had put on a different kind of movie and then sat down between the boys. As it played, Uncle Roy's hands strayed, and before too long, all three of them were naked on the bed in the guest room.

Over the next nearly two years, Uncle Roy had been requested by Paul whenever his parents went out or away for the night, and his parents were glad to have a relative watching him for free. During those nearly two years, Uncle Roy had taught the two boys so many things, they had forgotten some of them. He had bought them the very sounding rods they had just used with Jay and Paul, and given them other toys as well, including Victor and Victoria. When they needed lube or other supplies, Uncle Roy was just a phone call away, and now that Sean had a car, a short drive away. For his last birthday, Uncle Roy had given Sean the device he intended to introduce Jay and Paul to tomorrow.

Sean looked at Billy, who was also looking at Paul and how he held Jay. Billy's expression told Sean that Billy wanted that, too. When Billy looked at Sean and saw him looking at him, he blushed furiously and grinned.

"Not what we got, is it?" Billy asked.

"Sure isn't. You like what we got?"

"Hell yes! Wouldn't trade it for anything!" Billy said emphatically.

Billy looked at Paul and Jay again, then back at Sean, then with a small loss of his smile, said, "Maybe except for what they got."

Sean nodded, his grin also weakening a little.

"Well, until then, if we find someone like that, we got each other."

"And Uncle Roy's lessons," Billy said with a wide grin.

"And his toys!" Sean said with a matching grin.

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