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Jesse and Randy Looking Back
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Shortly after the beginning of the school year football season started and though Burwell could only field a small third division team back then, it was still fun to go to the school field and root for our mighty Broncos. Speaking of sports, the easiest school class was indeed physical education, P.E.

When I say easy, I mean it took no brains to do really, just effort. Pay attention, do what you're told and no horse-play, that includes in the locker room and showers. Screw around and Coach Stockwell would haul out his paddle. We're talking serious wood of the hard variety. It was a beauty about eighteen inches long, half an inch thick with two rows of holes to speed that sucker into your ass (always bare by the way) and send a boy howling back to mommy and with a note of action as well.

Even within the first week of P.E. with Coach Stockwell, I had witnessed a couple of bare butt paddlings. They were always public and I had to take care that I didn't get all riled up as I watched those hot looking country boys get their bottoms tanned right in front of us all. Neither was it any easier not getting riled up later as I watched them holding the dreaded note after leaving the locker rooms wondering if their Pa's would take them to task again later, maybe even in the family barn.

Then one night about two weeks after I had given Jesse his barn whipping on account of his disrespect issue I finally asked him about Coach's notes as we were doing homework side by side as usual in our bedroom upstairs,

"I seen me another couple guys get paddle swats in P.E. today, Coach gave 'em notes as usual. You ever get swats in P.E. like that Jesse and have to bring a note home to Pa?" I asked wondering why I had not asked him days ago.

He looked at me kind of impish, "And if I had, why would I want to give you such valuable information?"

"Sounds to me like you have. Come on Jesse, tell me," I said giving him my sweet innocent look.

"Let me off doing homework tonight and I'll tell you," he mocked my look with one of his own.

"Yea right, and then Pa finds out and gives my can a real dusting," I pouted.

"Tough titties then said the kitty when the milk went dry, " he quipped quite pleased with himself.

"Tough titties said the kitty to the boy who needs his ass kicked," I replied, pleased with myself.

"That was stupid, that's not how it goes and besides, if anyone is gonna do some ass kickin' it'll be me!" Jesse gave me a little glare.

"Oh, big tough Nebraskan cowpoke huh? Get back to work kitty-boy" and I leaned way over towards Jesse to stick out my tongue out at him along with my best mock-glare.

As I did his hand flashed out and he smacked my face, not hard, just enough to really annoy me. I tried to do the same, but he leaned way back and that made me reach all the further and he fell over chair and all making a big loud thudding sound on the floor.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Pa stuck his head inside, must have just happened by on his way downstairs. He saw Jesse on the floor looking like a fool,

"What the hell is goin' on? Randy, is he messin' around?"

"No Pa, just a little accident is all," I said and helped Jesse up.

"You boys keep to the grindstone. Randy, you're in charge, remember that son."

"Yes Pa," I said and Pa closed the door again as Jesse settled back down on his chair.

"And you remember that boy, I'm in charge," I said to Jesse while starting a new math problem.

"Screw you Wolcott, you're just power hungry," He grinned without looking at me as he was trying another math problem as well.

"Show me much more disrespect boy and I'll have your naked ass over my knee," I countered.

"Shut up. You're just getting me all riled up," Jesse complained next, his sexy response pleased me a bit too much and I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

"Blister that bare hot hide of yours, make it steamy hot red!" I said wagging my tongue, not even looking at him.

"Randy stop it, you're supposed to be helping me, not hindering me," he said with a small huff.

"Tell me if you ever brought home a note and I'll stop," I countered.

"In your dreams buckwheat," he said next.

"That's it. I'm gonna pull those boxers down after homework and work your ass over nice and slow, spank it good and then lick that hole of yours until you can't stand it!" I teased him.

"Quit it!" Jesse said lurching towards me to try and smack my face again, but I was ready for him this time. He reached across way too far and I leaned back way too far and this time we both went tumbling over in our chairs making three times the prior racket.

We both froze, didn't move a muscle. I looked at Jesse, he was pale with concern, me too. I gulped and then he gulped. We waited a moment and then he nodded, a finger to his lips for us to get up and then is when we heard Pa's loud (make that angry sounding) footfall coming up the stairs.

"Oh shit," Jesse said and we stood pulling up our chairs with us. Maybe we only thought it was Pa but that flew out the window when the bedroom door flew open. There stood Pa,

"Tell me that was on accident and I'll buy me a swamp in the Everglades. What's exactly is going on?" Pa said to both of us, but he was looking hard at me.

I sighed, "I'm sorry Pa. That was my fault. I let some tomfoolery go on longer than I should."

"I wondered. OK, since you were in charge Randy, you just march yourself downstairs as you are and bring the hairbrush with you."

"Downstairs? But Pa, there's Ma and the some of the girls maybe in the front room," I commented softly most concerned about my sisters seeing my bare butt get a blistering.

"And that's too God damn bad boy, you best not make me wait and you mister, you keep your behind in this room, you hear?" Pa referenced Jesse.

"Yes Pa," Jesse said properly and Pa closed the door quite firmly.

"I'm sorry Randy, that wasn't fair, I should be going with you," Jesse tried trying to reconcile and soothe hurt feelings.

I scowled at him, fetched the hairbrush from our dresser and bulled past him saying nothing, half-slamming the bedroom door shut behind me. I stopped at the top of the stairs and knew I should not have reacted that way to Jesse but it was too late now, I had to get downstairs and pronto.

There was Ma and all three girls still in the front room with Pa and the only thing I was wearing was my boxers, bare otherwise.

"Get in here boy, don't you dare dawdle," Pa said sitting a bit forward in his easy chair, his big knee scooted out and ready to host a young man's upturned and sorry behind.

I swear I blushed from head to toe, eyes cast down trying to avoid eye contact with Ma and the girls as I stepped to Pa's side and handed him the dreaded brush, my heart beating in a fury. I felt Pa's hands at my boxer elastic and closed my eyes. Down they went to my ankles and the cool air exposed my naked behind for the girls and Ma to see, my stuff only for Pa to see, a small but significant relief.

"Over my knee Randy, you need a reminder as to your responsibility upstairs," he said calmly.

I moved fast and slid across his knees, hiding my stuff between them, glad once again that Ma and the girls were directly behind and not to the side. I kept my legs ramrod straight back, ankles crossed and palms to the floor. I closed my eyes sort of like a little boy does to make the boogieman go away.

"When I ask for you boys to stop foolin' about, I expect to be heard the first time," and then Pa lit up my cheeks with ten hard licks that brought mist to my eyes, "Yes Pa!" I answered gritting my teeth.

"I expect better of you Randy, you need to set the example up there for school work!" he said next and this time Pa blistered me good with twenty hard stinging smacks all over but concentrating on my sit-spots, good God that hurt! I nearly got to tears running,

"I will Pa!!" I yelped in a voice not very manly.

"Now maybe this will help your memory, son," Pa said next and I tried to get ready for it. Pa launched into me again, twenty more times, the last five I swear launched from a cannon. I could not hold back,

"Pa! Pa! OK! I'm sorry! Please Pa!" I begged him, my legs thrashing about some and I no longer cared what Ma and the girls saw or not!

"That's enough this time Randy. Next time we go to the barn, now let me help you up," he said and I slowly got off his lap and had to wipe my face of tears.

I felt ashamed for letting Pa down and also a bit sorry for myself having to do all this in front of the women folk whom I still couldn't look at. I just stood there, head down. Suddenly Ma moved. I looked over at her as she put her sewing stuff down and stood up,

"You girls get to the kitchen or to your own rooms, right now please," she said firmly.

They all answered politely and brushed past me without saying a word, Ma last. Now we were alone, Pa and me. He gave me a small smile, "Come here son, sit on my knee," his hand wave beckoned.

Pa had never done this with me and I don't ever recall seeing Jesse sit on Pa's knee either and at first I didn't know how to do it. He held out his hand and gently guided me and I sat, kind of awkwardly at first on account of my freshly tanned hide, but as soon as I did he cuddled me into his broad chest rumpling up his shirt. He wrapped his big arms around me, but not tight,

"I used to do this with Jesse when he was younger. When he finally complained some, I stopped. I miss it. I miss holding my son like this. Hope you don't mind Randy, 'cause you're ever bit as important to me as Jesse."

I can't explain it, don't need too as the floodgates opened wide. I buried my face into his shoulder and my arms curled around his neck and I cut loose with hard racking sobs.

"Just let it flow like a river of peace honey, don't hold back, it's a real man that can cry without shame," Pa said quietly and kissed me on the side of my forehead and rocked me gently a short while until the sobs went away.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Yes Pa," I sighed. He was right, a great peace did come to me though I didn't yet understand it.

"Good, now get back upstairs and do what you can for the rest of the night or go to bed, your choice," he instructed.

I didn't want to get off his lap. I wanted to stay and let the wonderful feeling linger, but I got up and stood a moment. Then I leaned over and kissed Pa in the center of his forehead. He smiled some and so did I. He handed me the hairbrush and I took it, grabbed my boxers not bothering to put them back on and headed for the staircase feeling like a new man.

I looked up as I started to climb and saw movement away from the top railing. It had to be Jesse and I figured he had been listening to all or part of the downstairs proceedings. When I got back inside the bedroom, he was sitting at his desk at least pretending to do homework. He turned his head,

"So how did it go?" looking real sheepish, but I said nothing for a moment and walking over to him, turned to show him my blistered bottom.

"Whooee, that's a might sore looking behind," he said without touching, I still said nothing.

I wasn't angry with Jesse for daring to leave the room against Pa's instruction, I might have tried the same thing, still, I felt just a little betrayed. I slipped my boxers back on and sat down gingerly on my study desk chair and then looked at my homework papers.

I didn't feel like doing homework any more. My mind went back to Pa and how he held me like a little boy, rocking me gently in his lap. Just the thought of it made me tear up again. I sat there and covered my face.

"What's wrong Randy?" Jesse asked sincerely.

"Nothing, that's what's wrong, now finish your homework and stop asking questions!" I snapped at him.

There was a long silence between us, nobody doing any homework, nobody looking at the other.

"Twice last year, " Jesse started, " I got paddle swats from Coach. The first time he did it, I was so stupid. He gave me a note to take to Pa. I thought I was gonna outsmart the both of them and tossed the damn thing in a trash can on the way to the school bus. Thought I was being real clever and all," he paused. He had my interest, but I still didn't look at him.

"Well, Pa happened to talk to Coach a week later. Guess what come up in conversation and guess who got the lickin' of his young life that evening. Pa told me he was far more steamed at me for not showing him the note honestly than what I done to deserve it in the first place. I didn't make that mistake again," he finished.

I sighed, sat back and stood up and held my hand out. Jesse stood, I hugged him close,

"Randy, I shouldn't have gone out to the railing and listened, I'm sorry. I'll take a good hard beatin' from you if it will help," he offered.

I parted the hug and held my lover out to arm's length,

"As much as I would love to take you to task Jesse, Pa put the fault on me, not you and as far as you sneaking out to listen, I would have done the same thing, so I ain't gonna go be a hypocrite. The truth is, it makes me proud that Pa trusts me and holds me to my promises," and I finally smiled.

Jesse looked at me, not grinning, just a warm smile, "Damn Wolcott, you've changed, you've all grown up over the summer. Makes me proud to know you."

"I'm tuckered. Let's forget homework and go to bed, cuddle. That would make me happy," I said.

So that's what we did that night. I cuddled Jesse into myself, the man on top as it were and yes, my cock did harden into his deep wonderful ass cleft as we did. I felt over his side at his hard cock,

"What's got you all riled up?" I asked.

"Oh, just a fancy. I was picturing myself bent over your knee, getting a big hard tannin' on account of being a bad boy and not doing my homework, you taking me to task."

I hugged Jesse close, proud I could be in his fantasy and make him harden,

"Maybe next time," I said and kissed his cheek.

I was sure that Jesse had heard me crying on Pa's lap, but you know what? He never did ask me about it. I just figured that Jesse allowed me to feel that Pa was just as much mine as his and that private moments like those are rare and to be cherished only by their owner.

The End

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