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Jesse & Randy Looking Back
Making The Grade
PJ Franklin and Sidekick <>


Author's Note: Please welcome co-author, Sidekick, who has written the first story of a new spin-off series based on my original series, "Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son." ( archive location: The new series is entitled, "Jesse & Randy Looking Back," dedicated mostly to the boys' teen years before Part Six of the original.

Story Note: "Making The Grade" takes place between Parts 5 and 6 of the main series. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * *

My Mom flew back to California after spending a week at the ranch.  We all rode down to Omaha to see her off at the airport.  Since it was starting to get cool, Pa had put a camper top on the pick up.  Jesse and I didn't get any privacy on this trip. With three adults in the front all of us kids had to ride in the back.

It was tough watching Mom board the airplane.  I kept it in until Mama Matty gave me a hug.  I just lost it then.  As happy as I was to be living my new life with the McKenzies I just turned toward Ma and cried.

"There, there," she said, giving me a big hug,  "It's hard to let go."

We gathered at the big window and watched the plane take off. Pa put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze,

"You've started a new life here with us, and your Mom is flying to a new life too.  Your Mom is going to have a new beginning with her new boyfriend.  She's going to find the same happiness you've found with us ... and Jesse."

I reached across with my hand and placed it on Pa's,

"Thanks Pa.  That makes me feel better," I turned with a smile and gave him a big hug.  He hugged me back and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

Before leaving the airport, Mama Matty said we might as well make it an overnight trip and shop for school clothes and supplies.

"Now Ma, me and Randy don't need anything fancy for school.  Wranglers and T-shirts are good enough for us," Jesse said giving me a wink.

"I ain't havin' my kids go to school looking like ragamuffins," Papa said.  We are getting new clothes.  I want my beautiful girls to dress fine, and that includes you Matty.  And you two boys aren't going to school looking like pig farmers."

Jesse and I both giggled at that remembering my first week slopping the hogs. We got to the mall and let Ma and the girls out.

"I've got the boy's sizes, you men folk keep out of trouble," Matty said as she started to shut the door."

"Now Matty, make sure you get some drop dead gorgeous clothes for yourself. Alicia, you're in charge of Ma.  If she doesn't get at least one dress for herself, you're getting a spanking," Pa gave Alicia a quick hug.

"You lovable old fool," Ma said as she shut the door.

"Where to, Pa?" Jesse asked as we climbed into the front seat.

"We're gonna do some shoppin' too."

Jesse and I just looked over at each other suspiciously.  What was Pa going to shop for, farm machinery, a brood mare?  We drove out of the mall parking lot and ended up at a large strip mall.  There was the largest western wear and tack store I had ever seen.

Pa parked and then turned and looked at us,

"I'm damn proud of you guys.  You're both good boys and deserve some fine duds like I was talkin' about earlier.  Besides, the ranch has turned a pretty profit this year and I've got the money to spend."

We got out of the truck and followed Pa into the store. Jesse wanted to go back and look at the tack and saddles, but Pa dragged us over to the menswear section.  The first thing he did was make us try on boots.  We each got a new pair of work boots, but Pa insisted we try on some of the fancy buckaroo boots.

"Every cowboy deserves a pair of dress boots," he smiled.

We both found a pair of boots with fancy stitching on them.  Jesse got a pair of black boots, while I was partial to a reddish-brown pair.  Pa put all four pair of boots in a buggy and then took us to the hats.  Now we're talking.  I was still wearing a hand me down hat that Jesse had given me when during my first week in Nebraska.  It had been pretty well battered when he gave it to me.

Now it was just a formless hunk of felt that kept the sun out of my eyes and off my neck. We started to try some on but Pa said those weren't any good.  He lead us over to the Stetson aisle and insisted that we try those on.  Even I knew Stetsons were top of the line.  Jesse chose a gray Stetson with a leather and silver concho hat-band.  I eventually settled on a dun colored hat with a yellow braid hat-band.  I thought it looked like a cavalry hat.

"Well boys, get ya three shirts each," Pa ordered.

We rushed over to the racks and it was a hard choice but we each found three western shirts we liked.  Another surprise from Pa was while we were choosing shirts he selected three matching bolo ties with identical silver and turquoise slides. Pa also bought himself a pair of dress boots, a Stetson, and a new shirt.

What Pa paid for all of this was down right robbery.  He just stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a roll of cash that would gag a horse and peeled off hundred dollar bills.  Me and Jesse just gawked silently.

"Thanks Pa!" Jesse said as we walked to the truck.  "I never thought I'd ever get to have a Stetson."

"Yeah, thanks Pa.  I didn't expect this," I grinned loving how the hats looked on Jesse and I.

"You boys deserve it.  Besides when the first and second divisional champions for next years calf ropin' are from the McKenzie Ranch ... well I want you boys to represent the family in style."

"You got that right, Pa" Jesse said excitedly.

"Me, first place?" I teased with a smirk.  Instantly I felt a smack on my ass from Jesse.

"No, me, silly.  Though if we work through the winter, I think you'll be good enough for second place."

"Yeah," agreed Pa,  "You actually had a respectable time in the three boy team ropin'.  It won't take much to get you up to the standard of the other boys in the division."

"I'll give it my best shot.  I'd sure like to win one of those buckles like Jesse has."

As we reached the truck Pa said, "Boys, I think we need to get duded up for our women folk."

Right there in the parking lot we stripped off our shirts and put on the new shirts.  I had never seen Pa with his shirt off and was amazed at his thick muscular arms and hairy barrel chest.  I took it all in, thinking that Jesse would look like that when he finished his growth. We took turns sitting on the tailgate to put on the dress boots, and Pa adjusted our new ties and got our collars to lay down just right. We checked our reflections in the truck windows.

"Whee doggies, don't we look like we just won the Pro Rodeo championship!" Jesse grinned proudly.

Jesse looked so handsome in his clothes.  I was damn proud of him.  Jesse looked at me and said, "Damn Wolcott, you look good enough to eat."

Pa looked over at us with a grin and winked, "None of that talk now, save it for later.  Mount up, we need to get."

We got into the truck with me in the middle.  A bit of a tight fit for three grown men, or at least mostly grown.  My shoulders were crunched in a bit and I threw my arms back and rested them on the seat back behind Pa and Jesse. I don't know what I felt.  I guess content.  Here I was riding with the two men I most respected in the whole world.  It felt like my heart would burst.

"What you grinnin' about?" Jesse asked, looking over at me.

"I can't put it into words.  Just happy I guess."

Pa knew however,  "Randy's on top of the world right now, and the top of the world is Burwell, Nebraska, safe in the arms of the McKenzies."

"No place better that I'd like'd to be," replied Jesse.

We drove back to the mall to pick up Ma and our sisters.  They were weighed down with bags. Ma and Alicia really made over us in our new clothes.  Jesse and I jumped out and helped load up the bed of the truck.  All of us kids jumped in the back.  Pa drove off and Alicia and the girls talked non-stop about their new clothes and shoes. It surprised all of us when Pa drove in to a Holiday Inn.

"If we tried to drive back tonight it would be early morning before we got home," he said, then added,  "Tonight the Mckenzies eat high on the hog."

Well Jesse and I didn't get our own room.  Drats.  Pa had reserved two rooms; a boys room and a girls room.  Matty gave us bags with our clothes to take into our room.

"There's new Wranglers, shirts, underwear and socks in there," Ma said, "shower up quick.  We're going out to eat."

Pa got his shower first and walked out buck naked to get dressed.  Another first.  I couldn't help but notice that Pa was hung bigger than Jesse.  A long uncut dick, and balls that looked like they belonged on a bull.

"You boys get in there and shower together.  It will save time, and no foolin' around either.  Don't want the women having to wait on us."

I think we might have fooled around, but all of this was so out of the ordinary from our regular routines for both Jesse and me, so we obeyed Pa and showered quickly.  I guess we would have obeyed him anyway.  My ass still remembered the sting from the last time he strapped us.

Pa was dressed and laying across the bed when we came out to get dressed.  I saw Pa's eyes look down at our equipment and nod,  "You studs get dressed now."

I blushed and looked over a Jesse and he giggled. I felt my heart swell up hearing Pa call me a stud.  It was a kind of affirmation of essential manhood, that I was physically worthy of his son.

Blushing, I quickly fumbled trying to open a new package of underwear, and Jesse slapped my ass, "More than you know Pa."

Walking out to the truck later Jesse pulled me back and whispered in my ear, "Wait until you have to walk that morning hard-on to the bathroom tomorrow.  You'll really show Pa what a bull you are."Oh great, now I had something to worry about all night.

Well, we didn't have to rush.  It took the womenfolk at least an hour to get ready.  The three of us ended up watching rodeo reruns on cable TV until Ma knocked on the door saying they were ready.

Steak dinners all around.  Me and Jesse were in hog heaven, or should I say steer heaven.  There's nothing like a big Nebraska grown steak and a baked potato to put the period on the end of the day.  Well almost nothing.

When we got back to the hotel Pa pulled us aside,  "You boys look tired.  It's been a long day and it's almost your regular bedtime.  Why don't you go ahead and sack out.  I'm gonna spend an hour or so with the girls," he said with a wink.

Pa wasn't foolin' us any.  Jesse let out a whoop.  "Right Pa, I don't know about Randy, but I'm right tuckered out.  C'mon Wolcott, let's get to bed."

Well you didn't have to tell me twice.  I'd been having boners all day.  Almost every time I saw Jesse in his new cowboy clothes my dick would stand up and salute.

We ran to the room and were stripping almost before the door was closed.  Jesse surprised me,  he stripped down naked and put his hat, boots and bolo tie back on.  I just stood there with one leg in and one leg out of my Wranglers.  Now this was my image of a COWBOY.  That bolo tie hanging between the large muscular plates of his chest really accentuated his upper body.  His dick was so hard it was standing up tall and hugging his flat belly.

"Looks like you're ready to ride this here stud hoss, cowboy," I commented hopeful.

"I reckon you're right.  Nothing like a long ride in the saddle after a hard day of shopping," he confirmed.

I quickly finished stripping and literally jumped on Jesse as he was laying across our bed.  I just lay there on top of him and we kissed and groped each other for a bit.  I slowly slipped down his body sucking on his nipples, and licked along the thin treasure trail of hair that grew up toward his chest.

"I think I've trained that tongue too good," he said as I bypassed his cock and started licking and sucking on his balls.

After a minute or so on his balls, he lifted his legs and spread his thighs to let me into his ass.  I don't think there are words enough to describe that beautiful ass.  I ate it out until I thought my tongue would drop off.

When I came up for air, Jesse sat up and rolled me over for his turn.  He didn't spend much time with foreplay, but threw my legs into the air and started eating me out.  I could feel my hole opening up under the constant attention of his tongue.

Jesse's fingers replaced his tongue.  He started finger fucking me.  One finger, two, and then three fingers.

"Wanna make sure you're wide open tonight.  Can't have you howlin' to the coyotes and wake up all of the fine people staying here."

There was no worry about that.  Jesse took it slow, and lovingly pushed his cockhead in.  As I adjusted he slowly bottomed out in my ass.  With my legs hugging around his waist, he started a slow thrust.  "I sure do love you, Wolcott.  I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I'm not going anywhere.  I'll always be by your side," enjoying his manly attentions to me.

"Actually, I prefer you under me just now," he said with an ear-to-ear grin.

I humped up my ass to meet his stroke and really bore down on that cock to tighten my hole.  "Without me, you'd still be beating your meat in the barn," I teased.

Jesse's response was a couple of long strokes that almost popped out of my boyhole.  "Nah, I'd have ended up fucking Tornado."

That got us both laughing and rolling around and we almost fell out of that big bed. When we both settled down, Jesse looked me deep in the eyes, "We'd better get this done before Pa comes in and catches us."

That was an eye opener for me.  As much as Pa let our love be, and was even supportive of it, I didn't want to be caught fucking by him. We got serious about our making love.  I reached up and twisted Jesse's nipples, and that really turned him on.  He sped up his fuck thrusts and soon was shooting his wad up my ass.  I let my legs down and he took my cock right down to my pubes.  It didn't take long for his talented mouth to suck the cum out of my balls. We were all cleaned up and in bed watching TV when Pa came in,

"I was afraid I might catch you boys at something," he said as he closed and locked the door.

"Huh, Pa?" asked Jesse.  "Don't know what you're talking about."

Pa just grinned and grunted a bit,  "Turn off the TV.  We got a long drive home tomorrow."

Pa turned off the lights, leaving the bathroom light on.  He took a leak and I watched in the half-light as he stripped to go to bed.  Pa slept naked like me and Jesse.  I got to see another glimpse of his fine McKenzie cock.  My dreams that night were of Pa, but with Jesse's face.  I couldn't wait to see what Jesse was going to look like when he grew up.

The next morning I didn't have to worry about my morning hard-on. Pa was already up, showered and dressed before he woke us up.  As we sat there in bed, with the sheets covering our erections he told us he was going to the service station to fill up the truck and check the oil.

The two of us got up, showered, and dressed.  It didn't take long to get the truck loaded up and headed for home.  I was ready to get back to the ranch.  It had been two long days and I was horny again and needed some quality time in my lover's arms.

* * * * * * * * * *

We got home just in time for Ma to make supper that night.  Pa insisted we just have sandwiches since we had a big lunch on the road.  Honestly, I think he just wanted to give Ma another break from cooking.  While we were eating, the subject of school came up.

"What were your grades like last year, Randy?" Ma asked.

"I got 2 A's and 4 B's," I replied.

"That's good," she replied,  "I think you will find school out here a little harder in a way.  With smaller classes, you get more attention from the teacher.  No hiding at the back of the classroom."

Jesse groaned, "You're gonna make me look bad, Wolcott.  I got four C's a B and an A, last year," he replied.

"Don't brag about the A," Alicia teased,  "it was in phys. ed."

"I'm just no good in school," Jesse said hanging his head,  "wish I could drop out and work the ranch."

Well you should have heard the commotion.  Ma, Pa, and Alicia all lit into him at once.

When it all settled down I asked, "What were the C's in?"

"English, science, history, and math."

"I'm pretty good in all those subjects.  I could help tutor you this year," I offered.

"I'd like that Randy," Jesse smiled.

"How 'bout five B's and an A this year?" I asked.

"Jesse," Papa said, "if you can promise those grades, I'll lessen up your chores during the school year."

Jesse quickly stuck out his hand and shook Pa's, "It's a deal!"

"Not so quick there young buck, for a little motivation, if you don't make your goal, or, Randy if your grades slip you get whippin's at the end of the semester."

"Sounds fair to me, Pa."

"And Randy, if Jesse don't make the grades, you get whupped too because you're his tutor."

"I'll take that responsibility, Pa," I said solemnly.  We both shook hands with Pa, finalizing our verbal contract and so it was.

Now that was one tough semester.  I had to do my schoolwork and learn Jesse's too.  At first Jesse didn't want to study, just make out after afternoon chores.  He just wasn't taking school seriously.

Well let me tell you, I was pretty pissed off by the end of the first week.  I had to take matters in hand.  I knew the feel of Pa's leather strap on my butt, and I had been the recipient of one of Ma's hour-long scoldings.  I don't know which was worse.  I honestly think I'd prefer Pa to take me out to the barn than to have Ma tell me how disappointed I had made her.  She could sure work that guilt card.

On Saturday after we had cleaned out the horse stalls and finished our chores, I headed over to the far side of the barn where Pa's strap was.  I knew Jesse would follow me.

"You wanting a whupping?" he asked giving my denim covered butt a playful spank.

I put on my most serious face and whirled around to face him, "No, Jesse, you need one.  You're not taking school seriously."

"What's to be serious about?  I can get a diploma with C's and D's and when I graduate, work the farm with Pa."

That made me spitting mad.  "You gotta have some smarts to run an operation like this.  Don't you even know what Pa does half the time?"

"Well when he's not whuppin' you or me, he's out on a tractor or working with the hands."

"He spends almost as much time with the accounting, reading the commodities market in the paper, and keeping up on current events."

"Well, he just likes to know which country is at war, and relive his World War 2 experiences," Jesse countered.

I don't know what made me madder, Jesse's flippancy or his disrespect for Pa.  I lashed out, grabbed a handful of his shirt and slammed him up against the barn wall.

"Now you listen here, McKenzie, I'll not have you talking bad about Pa. There's no finer man in Nebraska!"

Jesse hung his head, and wouldn't meet my eyes, "I know, Jesse.  Pa is my hero too.  I'm sorry."

"Do you know who Nebraska sells its corn to?"

"I don't know and don't care, the granary I guess," Jesse sassed.

"At least half of the wheat and corn in Nebraska and the U.S. goes overseas and a lot of it to Russia too.  They've had another bad year with wheat this year.  Now what happens if Pa reads that Russia is going to have a good year in wheat?  Well, I guess maybe he's not going to plant as much wheat and going to plant something else like soybeans or something, or look for other markets for his corn, and maybe raise more beef."

"Since when did a California boy learn more about farming than me?" Jesse asked looking genuinely surprised.

"I keep my ears open when Pa talks about what he's read in the paper. Besides, I'm a Cornhusker now, and Cornhuskers need to know these things.  You're not stupid, Jesse.  You can reel off the calf ropin' times for most of the Pro Rodeo riders off the top of your head without thinking about it."

"Yeah, did you hear that Clark Wooley got a..."

"Don't change the subject!"  I chastised Jesse and he pouted a bit as I changed it back to school.

"I love and admire you Jesse and I ain't about to have a dummy as a boyfriend."

"I'm not a dummy," Jesse said fiercely, "I hate being called stupid."

"And like I said you aren't.  We shook on a deal with Pa, and I am not gonna let him down.  Now strip down, you need to learn your lesson."

"My lesson to study in school?"

"Your lesson is not to make fun of Pa, and the other lesson is to take your education seriously."

Jesse just stood there and stared at me as he reached for the top button of his shirt and started unbuttoning,  "I think I've created a monster."

"A monster that loves you with all his heart and wants to see you be the best you can be, like you wanted me to be serious and do my best at calf roping."

"Yes sir, Mr. Wolcott," Jesse replied in quite a serious fashion as he lay his naked body across the bale of hay,  "I was kinda afraid that whuppin' I gave you would come back to bite me on the ass."

I took note of his comment and couldn't resist to I bend down and give Jesse a playful nip on each ass cheek.

"I didn't mean for real!" Jesse replied.

"Shut up McKenzie and take your punishment," I said as I stood back up.

"Yes sir," he replied as I swung the strap for my first hard stroke.

I really hated having to punish Jesse, but this was important.  Besides if I had let him go on with the way he was thinking, Pa would have had us both in the barn at the end of the semester.  I didn't want no whippin' and I sure didn't want to disappoint Pa.

After twenty hard strokes Jesse started to break.  He was crying a little and I could hear him breathing hard and trying to sniff back the snot. I paused,

"You learn your lesson, boy?"

"Yes sir!" he said looking back up at me with a red, wet and sincere face.

"And what was that lesson?"

"Well to study more in school."

"Nope, the lesson is to take school seriously, and be respectful of Pa.  Ten more strokes."

Jesse nodded and I lit his tail up with another ten cuts of the leather strap.

"Have you learned that lesson, now?"

"Yes sir Mr. Wolcott!  I've learned not to disrespect Pa in your hearing, be serious about school, and to never, ever cross you about something you take serious."

I hoisted the strap one more time and gave him a playful half power sting with it. "You'd better believe it!"

I sat down on the bale beside Jesse and lightly rubbed the pain out of those beautiful reddened ass cheeks,  "One more thing, Mr. McKenzie.  Every Saturday I'm going to give you a grade of pass or fail on your school work.  If it's fail you are going to find yourself back over this hay bail."

"And if it's a pass?"

"I'll grease up Tornado and let you have a go at her."

"You're a hard man Wolcott."

"Yes I am," I said as I dove down to lick and kiss that hot red ass of his.

I let Jesse get up and put an old horse blanket down to lay on, while I stripped down to just boots and hat and returned my tongue to his ass.

Once Jesse's hole had opened up I asked,  "You ready for your ride, hoss?"

"Cowboy up!" Jesse grinned.

As I entered his tight hole, Jesse hollered out, "Ride 'em Cowboy!" and bucked back taking my cock in one long stroke.

"Don't expect an 8 second ride, bronc," I replied as I fell into my rhythm.  We actually didn't time it, but I rode that ass for a good long time.  Jesse and me were in sync and came almost at the same time.  I just laid across his muscular back as we got our breath back.  Finally he squeezed my soft dick out of his asshole.

"Cowboy, I think you just won yourself a rodeo buckle."

"Couldn't have done it without a prime hoss to ride I said," and slid off to clean out his ass with my tongue.

Jesse had indeed learned his lesson.  I worked with him that week and explained the things to him that he didn't understand in his books or class. One of Jesse's problems was that he took poor notes.  I showed him the notes I had taken that week and gave him some tips that helped me.  Another thing that Jesse did was to not read his textbooks, but just slid along making C's by listening to his teacher's lectures.  That got changed real quick.  Jesse could read just fine, he was just lazy about it.  I stayed on him nightly about reading his text, and I guess it took.  After a week, he always knew his lesson when I quizzed him from his texts.

Now once I get to sleep, I don't wake up for nothing short of World War III. It was sometime in October when I woke up one night and had to take a leak bad.  I was in bed by myself.  Well I got up figurin' I'd find Jesse in the bathroom and join him pissing.  The bathroom was empty so when I finished, I put a robe on and went downstairs to look for him.  I was a little worried.  Jesse had been looking worn out and a little sickly lately.

I got down stairs and saw a light on in the kitchen.  I just figured Jesse had come down for a snack.  As I walked in I had one of the biggest surprises of my life.  There was Jesse at the table bent over working on his English essay about Shakespeare.  He hadn't heard me come in, and had his tongue out the side of his mouth like he usually did when he was in deep concentration.


He jumped like a rabbit being chased by an ol' hound dog,  "What!"

"It's almost three in the morning.  Is that paper due today?"

"Sshhh.  Don't wake Ma and Pa.  No, its not due until next week," he whispered.

"Why the late hours?"

"Well..." and he looked down sheepishly, "I've been getting up every night after you fall asleep and doing work."

"Why? You're not doing that bad in school."

"I ... I was ashamed having to take tutoring from you when I should be able to make the grades myself."

"I don't mind helping out."

"That's not the point, I need to do this myself, for me.  I need to prove to myself I'm not stupid.  If you help too much, then it's not me doing it.  And it's also you."

"Me?" I almost shouted, remembering at the last minute that Ma and Pa's bedroom was within hearing distance.

"Yeah, I can't have my boyfriend being ashamed of his stupid lover.  Look at how hard you worked to please me calf roping.  While you might not be able to win the PBRA championship next week, you can hold you own in our division of the local rodeo.  That's what I want for me.  To be able to hold my own in class, to make you as proud of me as I was with you after the three boy team roping."

A couple of tears came to my eyes, to hear and see how much Jesse loved me. "Does Pa know?"

"Yes, he and Ma caught me at it almost as soon as I started.  I think they have a way of knowing everything that goes on around here."

"And Pa lets you stay up?" I said incredulously.

"Yeah, he's not happy about it but he said he understands.  Ma said that I need to learn how to study better.  She's been talking with some teacher friends to get tips for me.  Pa has been letting me out of most of my chores.  If I'm still having to stay up late by the end of the semester, we are all going to sit down and have a talk.  We agreed that this can't continue indefinitely."

"Damn Jesse, I feel so guilty now.  I got you into this with all my big talk a couple of weeks ago about bringing your grades up and a whippin' if they don't."

"Pa said there'd be no whipping when he saw the late night effort I was putting in. Without that talk, Randy, I would have probably flunked out this semester, never having tested myself.  This way, I can find out if I am really stupid or not.  It's something I have to prove to myself!"

I yawned.  "I see your point.  Can we talk about it tomorrow?  I can't hardly keep my eyes open, I'm going back to bed."

We both stood up, and he took me into his arms and gave me a big hug, "You go back upstairs and get your beauty sleep," he whispered in my ear, "I'll be up in a bit.  Just remember I love you, and don't worry or feel guilty.  You are the bedrock that supports me.  We'll talk about it tomorrow."

I don't know how much longer Jesse kept late hours.  I didn't ask because I didn't want to embarrass him.  Ma bought him a set of his own school books and showed him how to use a highlighter to mark the important parts.  I know by Thanksgiving Jesse was back to his old chipper self and I figured he had stopped the late hours.  There was a series of tests just before Thanksgiving and we both did well.  I made several A's and B's, and Jesse made all B's on them.  It was still a long time until the semester ended in January, however.

When the grades came out at the end of the semester we were on pins and needles. We both thought we had done well.  All of our test scores were good.  The report cards were mailed out, not handed out at school.  That meant that Ma and Pa would know before we knew.

Pa was waiting for us as we walked up the gravel road from the school bus.  He had one of those looks where you couldn't tell if you were in trouble or not.  As we got closer we saw he was holding two envelopes.

"Those our report cards?" Jesse asked when we got close enough to talk with him.

"Yep.  And you boys just keep on walking to the barn."

As we walked ahead of Pa through the snow and mud, we talked quietly, "I thought we did good," I said with a little frustration.

"I must have failed that last essay I turned in," Jesse replied.  "My English grades were a shaky low B and that would have pulled it down to a C."

"But you did that extra credit project, and it should have made up for a poor grade on the essay."

"I guess I'm just a dumb pig farmer."

"Well if you are, then I'm one too."

Pa must have been listening, "You boys sure like to throw the pig slop around.  That's always a good punishment."

We both groaned at that.  There was a week of vacation at the end of the semester and we both figured we would be slopping the pigs every morning.

We entered the barn and went back towards our whippin' corner.  All of a sudden Pa threw the breaker that flooded the whole barn with light.  There was Ma and our sisters, a party table, streamers and a hand colored banner that said, "Congratulations Jesse."

I just stood there in shock. Jesse whirled around, "Pa?"

"Congratulations boys!"  he handed us the opened envelopes with our report cards.  I had my 2 A's and 4 B's. Jesse about croaked when he opened the envelope and saw he had 2 A's and 4 B's also.

Ma and the girls ran over to hug us and Pa joined it into a joyous McKenzie hug.  When they settled down, Pa pointed over to a couple of hay bales that had been set up, "Jesse, now didn't we contract for 5 B's and an A?"

"Yes sir, but I did better than that," Jesse smiled proudly.

"Yes you did, but you didn't fulfill your exact contract with me.  How about one over-the-jeans stroke with the leather strap?"

"Why?  What's my lesson?" Jesse asked puzzled.

"If you're going to negotiate a contract you need to be precise with the terms,"  Pa replied.

"Oh OK, Pa," Jesse shrugged a little.

Jesse laid across the bale, and Pa drew back his arm like he was going to lay down a hard stroke across the Wranglers.  By the time leather contacted denim there was almost no power to it.

Jesse jumped up and we all were laughing and there was another round of hugs.  Ma had baked one of her homemade cakes, and there was so much foo that by supper time Ma didn't have to cook.  We all just nibbled some snacks.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later that night in our bed, Jesse was spooning me, his soft cock nestled between my bare bottom cheeks.

"Well, I sure am glad all that is settled," I said and squeezed his arms to hug me tighter. He did and asked, "What was settled?"

"That you are not stupid, you never were. I don't ever want to hear that word again."

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid," he said quickly and giggled at the end. I reached around and pinched him hard on his bare thigh.

"Ouch!" Jesse yelped a little.

"Keep it up McKensie and I'll have you over my knee if not back in the barn," I said smiling in the darkness.

"Promise?" he replied.

"Damn right I promise," I said half expecting him to say the word again for spite.

"Randy, thank you for caring and loving me," he said instead and hugged me all the tighter.

"You're welcome, cowboy," I replied, grinned heartily to myself and then wiggled my ass back into Jesse, closed my eyes and let the night take over.

The End

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