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Job Perks


It definitely was not my career choice job but it paid well enough that I could have a small apartment only three-quarters of an hour from the center of the city by subway and eat regularly.  It was also a union job which meant that there were decent benefits but also strict seniority rules.  I was the new guy and got the shift the others did not want.  It was five graveyard shifts a week from eleven to seven.  At least by then the trains were ramping up for the rush hour and I always got a seat going home.

I was the night shift doorman in a so called luxury condo in the center of town.  All I had to do was smile at the residents coming and going, give them their packages and look sharp in the fancy uniform which seemed almost military like with brass buttons and epaulettes which they supplied.  Oh, and make sure everyone visiting was announced.  Some people rarely saw me because they did what nature expected older folks to do in the dark of night – sleep.  It was the younger ones that I saw returning from playing at night.  I also saw whom they brought home and how long they stayed.  I quickly learnt who was gay and who was straight and their age preferences for their guests.  There were even hints about their peccadilloes based on clothes and if they had commercial visitors.  Of course, all this was never ever to be discussed, especially with other residents.

One resident, Steve Shire, I found especially interesting.  It was clear that he liked playing for every weekend he managed to bring home young, leather studs.  I assumed they were studs because they looked like they came from a leather S&M bar, swaggered like they were in charge and showed off their endowments in tight leather jeans as they led the way in.  I have to confess that I thought about what these young studs did to the resident and how it would be nice for me to do that.  Needless to say, that provided me with lot of jerk off fodder.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was close to the end of my shift one night when Shire came in.  He was supported by a taxi driver who said he needed help to get upstairs.  I couldn't leave my post so I guided him to a lobby chair.  "I'll help him when my relief comes on duty in a few minutes." I told the taxi driver and helped him collect for his fare.  I gave Shire a bottle of water to reduce his dehydration from his over indulgence and told him to sit a few minutes.

Shortly after that the day man came on duty and I helped Shire up to his apartment.  I did not call on the porter because, I confess that, I had ulterior motives.  Shire was not as wasted as when he first came in for he regularly did this sort of stuff but he still needed help.  Beside, it would be a lot of bother if he collapsed in the hallway.  As we rode up in the elevator, he mistook my uniform as one that indicated some sort of authority.

"I'm sorry, Sir, for being such a naughty boy and needing so much help." he managed to say as we made the way down the hall to his door.  I certainly agreed with him and thought about what naughty boys got.  I would have loved to say some thing about his having earned a good hard spanking but I restrained myself.  I helped him with the keys to get the door open and decided I better make sure he gets to bed rather than falls on the floor.

"Here we are Mr. Shire.  You're home now." I said as I got him into the apartment.  My doubts about what I should do were quickly shooed away by Shire himself.

"Please don't spank me too hard, Sir.  I'm just a little naughty boy, Sir."  I was dumbfounded and he bumped me hard so I suddenly found myself sitting on the couch.  "I'm sorry, Sir." he said standing in front of me.  I probably should have hightailed it right out of there but my fantasies seem to be unfolding.  "Do you want the strap or the paddle, Sir?" he asked.

"The strap, boy.  Pronto!" I said.  He staggered off to get it and I removed my jacket and sat down again.  I was having trouble resolving the conflict between staying out of the residents' personal lives and providing all reasonable assistance requested.

"Here, Sir." he said returning with the strap.  I reached up and opened his belt and pants.  They dropped down easily.  His tighty-whites I yanked down and then I pulled him over my lap.  I started with my hand and soon had his bottom nice and red.  I switched to the strap and, obviously, it is far more effective implement.  With just a few spanks with the strap, I had achieved more than I had done with just my hand although it was less fun.  I was surprised that the boy started to cry.  I gave him several more and then stopped.

He cried for a bit and then started to apologize for his naughty conduct.  He got off my lap and knelt between my legs.  "Please, Sir, my I have my lollipop now?" And without waiting for an answer started to open my belt and pants to extract the lollipop.  He may have been wasted but he must have practiced this a great many times and did not have any trouble.  I just sat back and enjoyed his enjoying of the lollipop.  The boy was an expert.  The universe had been reduced to extreme pleasure he was giving me.  Eventually I exploded.  I was exhausted.

The next thing I realized was that he had pulled up his pants and was shaking me.  "Time to go, Stud." he said.  He did not seem recognize me, so I fixed up my clothes and left.

I replayed that hour over and over in my head as I rode the train home.  After I got to bed, I started to wonder about the future.  Was I in trouble?  Would Mr. Shire complain about the personal interaction even though he caused it?  If I got fired, would I be able to get another position or would I be blacklisted?

Worrying was useless.  I returned to thinking about spanking and getting blown.  That was a lot more pleasant.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a quiet midweek night a couple of weeks later with little to do except watch the occasional late returner.  Then the phone rang and it was a resident complaining about the noise from Mr. Shire apartment coming through the wall.  Before I could act, there was a second call.  This resident was not sure where the disturbing racket was from but I was quite sure since he was calling from the unit right about Mr. Shire's.  I tried to call but after a few rings got shifted to voice mail.  It was clear that the noise drowned out the phone.

Ordinarily, I would have just sent the night porter to bang on the offender's door but I wanted to deal with this naughty boy myself.  I got the porter to man the desk and I went upstairs.  I was very careful to be sure that my uniform was just right because it made me look more authoritative, which had impressed Shire in the past.  There was not any doubt about the source of the noise when I got to his door.  It took a batch of pounding and bell ringing before he answered.

"Turn that noise down, immediately.  You are disturbing the entire building, you naughty boy." I shouted to be heard over the din.

"Yes, Sir." he responded looking chagrined.  Had it been anyone else I would have simply turned around and left but this time I stepped into the unit as he scampered to the control panel and turned everything off.  "Sorry, Sir." he said.

"And well you should be, YOU NAUGHTY BOY." I snarled.  "I'm sure that the Managing Agent will make sure of that."  His distress at hearing that was evident so I knew that I could pounce.  "Unless, I deal with you like the naughty boy you are rather than filling out a report."

He perked up as soon as I said that.  I pressed forward.  "Get the paddle, boy." I commanded as I removed my jacket.  He fetched it immediately.  It was in a little protective case which I opened.  Along with the paddle were a couple of condom packets.  I gave the paddle a test swing.  It felt great.  "Drop 'em and get into position, boy." I snapped.  He obeyed and after dropping his pants lay over the end of the couch with his butt in exactly the proper position.

I swung the paddle.  It made a delightful crack as it struck the target which immediately started to turn red.  "Thank you, Sir.  Please may I have another one." he said.

Of course, I obliged him – after all he was the resident and I worked for him.  It was great fun and after a few more hard whacks his butt was bright red and even a bit swollen.  His requests were definitely weaker so I opened my pants and one of the condom packets.  It was nicely lubed so I went right at it.  He flexed his sphincter and I slipped right in.  I fucked him hard and all too soon filled the condom.  Shire was not going to have his lollipop today.

I cleaned up and returned to the living room.  "Now, Mr. Shire, remember no more disturbing the neighbors with your excessive loud music."

"Yes, Sir.  Sorry Sir." he replied.

I left sure that there would be a next time and probably without a building related reason.  I'm sure that he is looking forward to it also.

The End

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