The New Boy Scout Chapter 3


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From the time I was very young I was infatuated with the Boy Scout movement and aspired to be one of those boys in green uniforms who were the experts in outdoors. My first exposure was attending a parent's night with my other next-door neighbor. Their son, which was several years older than I, was attending a 2-week long scout camp. Midway through the camp held a parent's night where the boys could demonstrate their newly learned skills to their parents and friends. Swimming skills, lifesaving skills, archery, canoeing, camp skills and other things they had learned during the week. The evening ended with a campfire where songs were sung, skits were acted out, stories were told. I loved every minute and made up my mind at the ripe age of 6 that I would one day be a scout and learn all those skills.

Editor's Note: Scouting was the main focus of my life from 11 to 18, and I am proud to say that I earned and I am an Eagle Scout. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

I had participated in the Cub Scout program, but it wasn't camping, swimming and all those neat things that the older Boy Scouts did. It was good but it wasn't what I craved. I really wanted the opportunity to prove myself, my strength, my independence, how brave I was and how I could master the skills to live in the outdoors.

Finally, I was 11 years old and I could join the local Boy Scout Troop. Mom took me down to the local Scout Shop and purchased the entire uniform, I was so excited to get the cool green uniform and neckerchief, the shorts, tall socks and uniform that marked me as a Boy Scout. I learned the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan and Moto and joined the local Scout Troop.

My two friends that I was with that one faithful morning earlier that summer had taught me to jerk off in the ditch joined at the same time. Of course, jerking off continued with all of us and circle jerks were one of our chief activities among the three of us.

One evening walking back from a Scout meeting Charlie challenged us to walk all the way home with our dicks and balls hanging outside of pants. It was exciting, exposing ourselves in public and the chance of getting caught in the headlights of a passing car. Then Jeff took it up a notch, he suggested that we jerk off as we were walking. None of us could turn down that challenge, if we had we would have been labeled chicken. So here was the 3 of use walking down the street, stiff young dicks in hand and jacking them off as we went. The rest of that experience was simple, we all shot our watery loads on the street as we tried not to miss a step. Quite an accomplishment for 3 young 11 year olds.

Each month the Troop would take a camping weekend, we would all load up in the scout leader's cars and head off to a wooded spot away from our small town. I'll admit the first couple of months were rough, home sickness would hit when it was time to crawl into our tents for bed. The fast pace action of the day was over and now there was time to think. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to experience this.

After the first year one of the scout leaders had a solution. I was moved into a different patrol, one comprised of boys of different ages. The idea was that the older boys would guide the younger ones, not only helping them with their scouting skills, but to keep their minds occupied at night so home sickness didn't have a chance to rear its ugly head.

The guys in my new patrol were fantastic. Our Patrol Leader was Kerry, he was the oldest and tallest at 14-year-old, a blond guy that showed great definition of his chest, and strong leadership skills. Sammy was our Assistant Patrol Leader, a hot red head that was soft spoken with freckles. At the age of 13, he was always encouraging us youngers with a pat on the shoulder or our behinds. Trevor was also 13, a wiry build with sandy blond hair he was the crazy wild man of the group that always had ideas that would get us in trouble if caught.

Kim 12, was Kerry's brother, and even at my early age I thought we was hot as they came. black hair, short compact body with zero fat, muscles showed through his chest and abdomen and dimples when he smiled. Soon I would discover he was also the first 12-year-old that I knew with a full crop of pubic hair. Todd was a quiet boy of 12, although tall for his age he was a skinny kid with light brown hair and a cute smile.

I was the final one in the patrol, 12 years old now, short and skinny for my age with brown hair that would lighten to blond during the summer. I also had one of those complexions that really darkened in the summer and always had a great summer tan. Although I never recognized it at the time I had some effeminate qualities and was usually very soft spoken not volunteering to speak out and came across as a shy boy.

My first campout with my new patrol was great. All day long all of us worked hard on swimming, canoeing, fire building, hiking, orienteering and our other scout skills. Then after dinner and a campfire we would head for our patrol tent. A good size wall tent that had no problem accommodating all six of us with room to spare. I was sure hoping that my homesickness would disappear in this new patrol.

"Don't anyone fall asleep", Kerry told us, "we just have to wait for things to get quiet".

We laid there listening for the camp to turn quiet and for the adults to stop talking around the campfire and head off to their tents. When it appeared that the coast was clear out would come our flashlights and a deck of cards. Five card draw, duces wild, was the name of the game, and the bargaining chips were our clothes. There was little doubt in my mind that the idea had to be Trevor's.

Everyone was dealt 5 cards, then the dealer would go around and ask if anyone wanted to replace any of their cards, we could replace no more than 3 cards. Then came the time of truth, who had the winning hand and which ones of us were going to lose clothing.

Socks were the first to lose, and they had to be removed in pairs. Then shirts, and all shirts counted as one. That way no one could wear 3 or 4 shirts and have an advantage. After you were sitting there in a circle bare chested and being checked out by the other five boys you knew the next loss would mean the only piece of clothing you would have would be your white jockey shorts. Not only would you be down to your jockey shorts but with an evident hard dick pressing and attempting to escape.

Crap there I was, just lost my pants and had to stand up and strip them off. All flashlights were focused on me as I stood up and slowly opened my belt, manipulated the snap and then reluctantly slowly lowered my zipper. I wished it would have taken an hour for my pants to lower, but it was all too fast. Naked except my white jockey underwear with my little 4-inch dock standing straight out and causing a tent in my remaining piece of clothing.

The cards were dealt, 2-4's a queen, a 5, and a jack. I laid 3 of my cards face down, "I'll take 3 cards", I told Kim who was dealing. One, two, three, I turned them over, super I got another 4, three of a kind, strong hand. Kim went around the circle passing out fresh cards to those who requested them. "Time for the truth, who's going to be naked", Kim said as it was time to lay our cards out and see who won and who would be missing more clothing. Since I was the only one down to my underwear Kim's comment was directed at me.

I laid down my 3-4's with confidence and beat everyone else, I was safe, at least until the next hand of cards was dealt. Shirts came off and bare chests exposed, Kim and Todd both lost their pants and had to strip in the spotlights created by the flashlights. There were now 3 of us sitting cross legged in our underwear. Someone was going to be completely naked on the next hand, no question about it, someone was going to be completely exposed and everyone was going to see their hard dick. I was more nervous, I had to win or I would be the naked one and everyone would see my most private part, my dick, how embarrassing.

Sammy shuffled the cards, then started around the circle dealing cards one at a time. I picked up each card and studied them, I had to win. A queen, a jack, a three, I was starting to get really scared now, please give me some good cards. A five, crap, and an ace. Maybe I had a chance but it would all depend on the three cards that I could throw down and have replaced with 3 fresh cards. I decided to trade the three, five, and the jack. "I'll take three", I said in a low shaky voice. "Ha, ha somebody is going to be naked", Sammy said while pointing at me.

"One, two, three", Sammy counted out as he dropped the cards at my feet. These must be good or I'm going to be standing naked in front of all these guys. A 6, that does nothing for me, a 9, crap, I've had it and a queen, ah a pair of queens, that might just be enough.

"Show them and weep", Sammy announced. I was first to have to lay my cards down. "A pair of queens", I said with a half-smile on my face. Kerry laid down, he had a pair of nines, I'm still good. Kim threw his cards down, he had nothing. Trevor with that grin he always had on his face laid down a pair of threes. I was still the highest hand so far and only one other guy to go. Todd without saying a think laid down first a 2, then another 2, then with hesitation laid down a third 2. "Todd wins", Kerry announced, then looked at Kim and myself, "strip boys".

Kim got right to his feet while I was hesitant. I guess Kim had no problem with these guys seeing him naked "Sit down Kim", Kerry instructed, "Randy, you go first". Kim sat back down and I slowly stood up, there's no way I'm going to strip and show all these guys that my dick was standing straight up and throbbing. As all the flashlights focused on me standing there in my jockey shorts. I looked right into Kerry's eyes, "you got to be kidding me, right"? "No, we're not kidding, now get them off, strip", Kerry said in a voice that left no questions that this wasn't a joke.

My head and eyes dropped, tears started to enter the edges of my eyes. I couldn't look at these guys that were going to see my naked body. I slowly hooked my thumbs inside the elastic waist of my jockeys. SHIT, I was thinking, I'll be made fun of, my body just doesn't have the build most of these guys have, I'm only 12, what were they going to say. Would they try to touch my dick? I was scared to death.

Slowly I eased the elastic band down. There was nothing that I could do about it, I was going to be naked standing in the spotlight of the other's flashlights. Just as the elastic passed my hips my 4-inch dick that was bent down, slapped up against my stomach. Okay, there it is I was thinking, take a good look boys.

"Not bad", Trevor said. "Nice size and hard as a rock", Sammy mentioned. "Yeah and not a single hair", Todd had to add in. I was still embarrassed, this was the first time I was naked in front of anyone since I was 5 years old, and that was Mom.

"Okay Kim, now you", Kerry instructed. Kim had no hesitation, he was on his feet, doing a little striptease as he lowered first one side of his jockeys then the other side. Then he turned around, bent over and showed everyone his bare ass. Spinning around Kim stripped his jockeys all the way down and stepped out of them. Then he moved his hips around making his soft dick swing in midair and slapping his hips.

My eyes bugged out as I looked at how free and proud Kim was of his naked body. He had damn good reason to be too. At 12 years old, he had a good 5-inch dick, hanging balls and had a full growth of dark pubic hair. I had no doubt that he could probably shoot a massive cum load too. We were the same age, but Kim was so much ahead of me when it came to sexual things.

"Okay boys sit down", Kerry told us, "the game isn't over with yet". I guess I looked at him with questions in my face. I was naked, Kim was naked, we were both the losers and out of the game, wasn't it bad enough that we were sitting there naked while everyone else had at least some form of clothing on.

"Standard rules, you are both still in the game and will have cards dealt to you", Kerry explained, "if you lose before everyone else is stripped then you have to do a sex thing that the group comes up with". Oh, shit I loved sucking dick, and loved jacking off, but there was no way I wanted them to know those facts. I would be known as the troop queer, and if word got out not only hassled to death but probably kicked out by the adults.

The next hand wasn't good to either Kim or myself, we both lost, Todd also lost and had to strip, Trevor lost his pants as did Sammy. Kerry pointed at me, "okay you and Kim climb in the same sleeping bag, you have to face each other and the full length of your bodies have to touch for three minutes". I was thinking, well that's not too bad, at least I wasn't being told to suck him off or anything like that.

Kim was already climbing into his sleeping bag and holding it open for me. I climbed in facing him, he moved over so that our chests were touching and then wow, we were touching our dicks together. As we laid there Kim would push his dick into mine and it wasn't long before he was as hard as I was. When our 3 minutes were up they opened the sleeping bag to see both of us hard as steel and rubbing our dicks together. I really admired Kim's full growth of pubic hair and couldn't wait until I was just like him.

Before the game was over I had 2 more sex things that I had to do. Sammy and I had to kiss for 2 minutes. That was a new one for me, the only other person that I had kissed was my Mom and it sure wasn't kissing like Sammy and I did that night. Todd and I also were subject to what they titled ball busing. We had to lay on our backs, legs spread wide, while each boy in turn took their index finger and flipped our balls 3 quick times.

Well that was my first night with my new patrol. Although at the first of the game I thought I would be embarrassed by my little undeveloped naked body, I really did enjoy the evening, it was new, it was naughty, it was a challenge, and I got to see everyone else fully naked. My homesickness wasn't even a thought, I didn't even miss home, I had a new home and it was about sex things.

Each campout we would play strip poker and then sex play. As the campouts went on the sex challenges got naughtier and naughtier. What a place for a horny 12-year-old boy.